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    Confusions, delusions and anxiety.

    Hi, I firstly want to start of by saying I’m getting better at the meditations and seeing the light of my aura. Very happy about it to. What isn’t great is I get these thoughts that have been programmed into my aura that come up from when I was younger that have to do with angels. It’s like I...
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    How I Became A Spiritual Satanist: About My Studies Of Other Religions

    Thank you hphc! You’re articulate and wise writings are a complete blessing upon the community and I always am grateful and thankful for your hard work! It’s much appreciated! May the gods bless you! By the way I’m getting better at meditating! And healing myself through my own thoughts and...
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    NEW GOD RITUALS LIVE: Lilith, Anubis, Furfur

    Thank you hphc I was just wondering if when you do meditations are they still working even when you don’t feel or see anything? Thanks!
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    Feeling frustrated

    Thank you everyone much appreciated
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    Feeling frustrated

    I try my hardest to meditate and it’s been 5 years of this and I only see the light every now and then ☹️
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    Feeling frustrated

    I’ve done the dedication ritual twice and banishing rituals many times I just can’t seem to tolerate the attacks anymore the meditations feel impossible if followed by thoughts of love towards the gods! The attacks can be of the nature of seeing baphomet but the Christian baphomet, and hearing...
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    Feeling frustrated

    Hi, I was wondering if anyone could give me some advice regarding a problem I’ve been having? Whenever I think anything about father Satan whether it be how he is god or the good guy or amazing (which he is) I get attacked my aura goes grey and I see spooks. It’s getting rather difficult to...
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    Zarathustra's Wheel.

    I have held the wheel, in you and everyone here’s honour. For the gods are my focus and my friends, for better or worse. I love them no matter what happens!
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    Could someone help me with mediating issues thank you :)

    Any advice would be appreciated! I find it hard to mediate, always have. I seem to see grey and brown energy when I try to visualise the light, the more I try to see the light the greyer it gets. There doesn’t seem to be anything I can do about it? I have seen the light before but how do see...
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    Staying Focused On The Gods

    Thanks to you hp I have cured a cancer that dwelt in my heart, the cancer of meaninglessness, hopelessness, confusion and weakness. All you have done, is truly inspiring and remarkable. Keep fighting the good fight. I know in my deepest core that I would be dead if it wasn’t for this path and so...
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    Concerning “who dares deny”

    I cant seem to fully program from Christianity. The fears of hell and satan is in my subconscious and they some times come up as a feeling, not a belief. To clarify I’m a schizophrenic who does see and hear things that aren’t real. However I see and hear things I believe to be real. Dark blue...
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    Ask The Gods: "But I Cannot"

    Hi I made a donation of 32 dollars the other day and was just wondering how I could get my reward! :) thank you Hphc! Your works are valuable! I really appreciate what you and everyone here does!!
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    Free JoS Donor Article: The Month Of January: The Message of Janus

    I made a donation a few days ago it was 32 American! Glad I support this community! :) it was through ethereum! Was just wondering what my reward is going to be.. and how to obtain it! very excited. But mainly just happy to donate to jos! Thank you for the works you do!
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    Anger Against Christians/Jews/Muslims: Managing That

    Hi hoodedcobra just sent through 32$ donation (about 60$ au) just wanted to say you’ve really made a positive impact on my life and may the gods bless you! Thank you all! It was my pleasure!
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    Happy New Year - 2024!

    Happy new year Lydia, all the high priests, and everyone dedicated! Wishing you all the best! And thank you Lydia for everything you do! Bring on 2024!
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    I love father Satan! Thank you so much for these enlightening posts that you provide. It means the world to me what you and everyone here does and fights for. I see more and more truths as I follow this path and I’m beginning to realise.. this is the true path. I wish and bless all of you! I...
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    Pseudo-Satanism Will Be A Thing Of The Past

    Oh 1 one more thing the enemy is pushing Christianity on me severely! Whenever I meditate they push their silly ideas and beliefs on to me! They trigger me a bit I know it’s a psychic attack and I also get anxiety becuase I get scared I’m going to believe in Christianity (even though I don’t)...
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    Pseudo-Satanism Will Be A Thing Of The Past

    Hail Satan! My guardian demon is bune I see her sometimes it’s so cool! And blue lights all around me! Mm so lucky to have you as a high priest! Thank you for all you do! I spend some time in my day just loving the gods and demons and father Satan I just feel my heart open to them! Hail Satan!
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    THE NEW JOY OF SATAN WEBSITE LAYOUT IS NOW LIVE! [Update 2 - Changelog 15/Dec/2023]

    Love it! Thanks for all the effort you put in to this, and Lydia too! Hail Satan!
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    Decorating the Yule Tree, Handmade Ornaments

    Thank you Lydia! :) very interesting! I was wondering also, does burning incense and sage work? I tried it and it made me feel so relaxed but maybe it was psychological.. does it affect your soul too? :)
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    Elon Musk: Short Message About Jews

    Hail Satan! Thank you for all the posts hphc!
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    The Right And Wrong Spirit Of The World

    Great! I will do another rtr, keep my aura clean and work on my base chakra! Thanks heaps!
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    The Right And Wrong Spirit Of The World

    Thank you hphc! I have a few questions I’d like to ask: So I have diagnosed paranoid schizophrenia, was raised causally Christian and I get hallucinations that match what the bible says about demons. I love father Satan, but how do I overcome these delusions that make me feel (not believe)...
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    The JoS Has A New High Priestess

    Congratulations Lydia! Such a nice name too!
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    Israel Does It Again: Europe & United States Under Threat Of Terror Attacks

    Thank you for all you do with such enlightened posts! It’s very serious indeed! There are lunatics. I’m so grateful for all you do! Satan is perfect hail Satan! And bune! :) she’s my guardian demon!
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    Moderation, Site Maintenance And Order

    Thank you so much hphc! Thanks to your help and the other high priests I have awoken! Blessed is you and may the gods love shine down upon all us spiritual satanists! I really do appreciate the posts and all the work you do! I’ve had some psychic experiences and well.. it’s great! But holy...
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    Humbling The Warmongering Israel - RTR Schedule - Oct 18 to Oct 30 [Schedule Extended]

    Hi I’m just posting here becuase I feel a little confused, im seeing blue lights sometimes and pentagrams in my head. It’s really great! But the thing the blue light has darkness behind it and so does the pentagram.. was just wondering what that means and should I surround myself in darkness...
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    Free JoS Donors Article - Spiritual Satanism: You Shall Not Fear God

    Hi I’ve received gnosis, I can comprehend the danger and atrocities of Abrahamic religions upon this world.. repression of science, stunted intellect brainwashing, repressing childrens wonder, imagination and creativity. It warps your whole perception of life. And it’s not okay! I’m mad at the...
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    Magick, Meditation & Your Destiny

    Thank you so much for your sermons hphc! They bring awareness of the true spiritual essence of what spiritual satanism is all about! It’s very enlightening and I hope everyone here appreciates alll you do! Hail satan! He is perfect! And hail the gods of hell! THANK YOU!
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    Highs And Lows In Life

    Oh and what is Satan like when you meet him :) what’s he like to hear him or see him
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    Highs And Lows In Life

    Very inspiring and thoughtful, thank you hoodedcobra. I have been struggling with the reality that god is real, and demons are our real gods.. I see my guardian demon sometimes I also see dark blue lights around me sometimes to.. but it’s just… taking this red pill can feel really overwhelming...
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    Joy Of Satan - Ritual Schedule March 6 to March 17 [SECOND RITUAL UP]

    Need help! I am a paranoid schizophrenic and I know the gods can hear my thoughts and it said we’re supposed to be revered in regards to the gods and be polite and everything but it’s just a little bit to intense for me. I see my guardian demon sometimes but knowing god can read all my thought...
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    "I Want To Do This...But The Jews..." - STOP THIS: WAKING YOU UP

    Please please I beg you to those who haven’t awoken! LISTEN to hp hoodedcobra! READ what joy of Satan has to say! It’s the truth. The gods are REAL! I’ve experienced certain things, I’ve become more adept in learning how to think properly, becoming more free and wise. You can see the...
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    Thank You, ChatGPT : The Famous AI Understands JoS Better Than Humans

    That’s awesome! On a unrelated question… what pleases the gods and how do we give back to them?
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    The Gods Are In Control

    May the gods be with you. And may you be with the gods. Satan is perfect and has shown me many times the illogical of that regrading mainstream religion. I love him. And seeing my demon and blue energy around me makes me feel absolutely sublime. I hope anyone on this path understands that it is...
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    The Beauty & Purpose Of Spiritual Satanism - Next Generations

    This path that we walk as spiritual satanist has been enlightening.. everything has gotten a bit better in my own thoughts and perception of life. through the gods I have acquired some real gifts and I love father Satan.. it’s not easy but it’s infinitely more rewarding and meaningful… this path...
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    The Beauty & Purpose Of Spiritual Satanism - Next Generations

    This path that we walk as spiritual satanist has been enlightening.. everything has gotten a bit better in my own thoughts and perception of life. through the gods I have acquired some real gifts and I love father Satan.. it’s not easy but it’s infinitely more rewarding and meaningful… this path...
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    Experiences With The Gods: Levels of Experiences

    Thank you hp for your posts! I see my demon sometimes and it really lifts my mood, she’s beautiful.. I make sure to always be polite and respectful and it’s so satisfying to know in making progress! Thank you goddess and the gods! I’ve also seen an eye in the sky? Does anyone know What does...
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    Some Hard Talk

    Extremely enlightening! You’re posts have empowered me! And I thank you! I feel as though I’m on this path, and I think maybe… just maybe… I’m waking up. Slowly of course. The gods have been giving me knowledge lately… it’s almost like this intuition and inconceivable intelligence from the...
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    Have To Say The Truth: I Am NOT Sorry

    You have given me many wonderful sermons! And I thank you! I love satanism, even as a kid I was always at heart a satanist. I love him and the gods! It’s a pretty hard path and sometimes I feel like giving up, and I find it difficult to deprogram from Christianity. And I think that’s in part...
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    Why Do We Do What We Do?

    Excellent post hooded cobra! Extremely true and enlightening! I would like to say that the gods have been helping me see these truths more and more! I feel I can understand what horrible things Christianity, Islam ect. Have bought into this world! It’s like a revelation! It’s hard to describe...
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    How To Treat Certain "Heavier" Facts In JoS, Like Aliens/Greys/Reptilians

    I’ve actually seen a grey before in my head and it made this weird creepy noise and then left! I also see blue lights so I’m guessing I’m kinda psychic then! Yay! :) great post as usual thank you hp Hc!
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    If You Know, You Know: More About Mistakes

    Thank you hp hc! I would just like to share some of my experiences, I see my guardian demon sometimes covered in blue, she’s extremely pretty and it’s actually amazing how i can see her at all! I sometimes also see these blue lights and it can be really interesting and cool! With that said I...
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    Solving The Enemy Problem - RTR Schedule 5th of August to 9th of August [Concluded]

    Thank you hphc! You’re a blessing! Satan has been a brilliant god to me! Even though times have been hard here and there, I’m smarter have more knowledge and can see the truth more and more! Blessings to all spiritual satanists!
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    How To Be A Man? - It's Actually Rather Simple [Update: Working Out?]

    Very eye opening, and confronting in a good way! I’ll try and apply this more! Do you think if your schizophrenic this could be a little harder to achieve? Just wondering
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    Will Satan Do Your Laundry?

    Hello beautiful satanic family and greatest high priestess/priest great sermon! Just wanted to ask something. What should I do when I feel really happy as a satanist and love the gods and accept them as our true gods! But still get triggered by things of a Christian nature? Because I love...

Al Jilwah: Chapter IV

"It is my desire that all my followers unite in a bond of unity, lest those who are without prevail against them." - Satan