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    The Rising Serpent (Art)

    It looks really nice. :)
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    The JoS Has A New High Priestess

    I am happy to see it. Congratulations High Priestess Lydia! Well deserved.
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    Glorifying Beelzebul: Happy New Satanic Year

    Happy Beltane to all! Hail Satan Hail Beelzebul
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    I realized to never give up - my progress

    That's a good spirit, Satanists should never give up. Keep going forward and you will be fine, I believe. Good luck.
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    Any former athiests now SS here?

    I've been an atheist since childhood and to be honest I was very sceptical after founding jos. But then I dedicated and started a meditation program, I know what I saw and heard and I also know, that I don't have schizophrenia. Everything written here was true. I don't know what stage...
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    Attack on titan is completely jewish

    This post. It's good to see that people think alike, the similarities are literally so obvious here... and yet there are people, who favor characters like Eren and Levi. And don't forget this Eren and Mikasa's weird incestuous, mixed relationship.. I know they are not real brother and sister by...
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    i am losing my mind

    There is a hope for you, because you're here in the right place for help. Did you happen to read jos website, dedicate? Did you start meditate? Once I was in similar position like you, depressed with suicidal though, blamed for everything etc., but after dedication, meditation, healing...
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    2023 - SS CALENDARS [Update: Hungaryan Calendars Ready]

    Thank you all very much for your hard and amazing work. These calendars are always very helpful. Hail Satan!
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    For The Strong Of Spirit

    I enjoyed reading this sermon, thank you. Hail Satan!
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    How Is A Real Cult? The Story Of A Real Cult - Post By Tabby

    It was hard to read about your terrifying experience. You both have been through a lot. Thank you for your courage in writing this, it will help many people for sure. You are strong. Hail Satan!
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    Sexuality & Balance, what is "natural"

    Thank you for this post.
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    This was beautiful, thank you! Hail Azazel!
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    Good luck. I hope we will see you soon.
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    What To Do When You Make A Big Mistake As A Satanist?

    Thank you for this sermon, it is very helpful. I'm sure a lot of people needed it. Hail Satan!
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    Share Your Artwork

    This is beautiful. :)
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    Does Satan's energy feels like ice?

    I remember once, when I started to draw one of the Gods based on the given description. After that, I felt such a wonderful energy. I don't even know how to specifically define it, but at that moment I felt safe. It was the first time I felt something like this, just such a sense of security...
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    Feeling "Yes/No" During Astral Communication (Method)

    Sure, I sent you a message.
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    Feeling "Yes/No" During Astral Communication (Method)

    I wish I had known before. Thank you, Sister Lydia, you are the best. 💙
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    Name of our Father's 5 Wives ?

    I understand this is simply just curiosity, but what for? This is their private affair and they don't wish to share it.
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    Making clothes at home - For Meteor

    In my case, the problem with finding time for it (not only with sewing, but also with other activities) resulted from several factors. When I managed to find free time, I preferred to spend it on meditation etc. and especially cleaning, because this is something I pay special attention to. A few...
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    1 year

    Happy anniversary to you, Serbon! And good luck in further advancing. You are an inspiration for others and has a lot of potential here. Hail Satan!
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    This made me laugh. :lol: In any case, I feel sorry for the people who devoted their precious time to him. On the other hand, as Hp.HoodedCobra wrote, this shows how helpful and understandable our SS are. Now it doesn't matter if he is really a kike, trolling or whatever, he is finished...
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    Happy Birthday To The Maha Siddha - Adolf Hitler - April 20th 2022

    The site looks nice and clear, it's beautiful. Happy Birthday to our beloved Fuhrer! Hail Satan! Hail Hitler!
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    I'm leaving an account

    Good luck sister.
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    Deleting account

    Goodbye and good luck Sundara
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    Making clothes at home - For Meteor

    Hello sister Tabby. Indeed, it has been a while since our previous conversation. Thank you for taking your time and finding some tutorials for me. I am amazed that you actually remembered about it. I would like to find more time to devote to my new hobby, which is sewing, but surely someday...
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    Serbons Astrology Readings - NEW! [Not verified yet]

    Congratulations Serbon! And good luck. :D
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    The Best Thing You Can Do For Yourself....

    Thank you Lydia! :)
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    “But What Does Yoga Actually Do?”

    Thanks for writing this post. :D I love doing yoga and I always use the examples you provided. Practising yoga has helped me a lot. Hail Satan!
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    A very beautiful ritual. After doing it, I felt extremely positive. Thank you HP Cobra for your hard work and for providing knowledge and wisdom to us. Hail Satan! Hail Astarte!
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    The Three Requierments Of Spiritual Satanism - The Proper Easy Way

    Besides developing and doing fRTR, is additionally, for example, creating something artistic for them, such as drawing, music etc., and spreading the truth about them count as doing something good/offering service for the Gods? Thank you for the sermon.
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    I hate being a women.

    Thank you for the yoga advice, I will take that into account. It's good to know about it. As for the rest of your statement, I agree, especially on the subject of security. You need to take care of your own safety. The Gods helped me a lot, with words I cannot describe my great gratitude...
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    I hate being a women.

    Thank you, Henu. As for your suggestion, if this could be beneficial/helpful or could inspire our Brothers and Sisters here, then of course I will consider this.
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    Astrology: About signs on houses

    Awesome. Thank you for this. :)
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    I hate being a women.

    After so long, I didn't expect anyone else to answer this thread. Thank you very much dear brother. In fact, my past trauma recovery process is fruitful thanks to other people's advice, meditation, cleansing, etc. It's not perfect, but it's much, much better than when I first appeared on the...
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    Stop Hating Yourself!

    I don't tend to comment here much, but I must say I like to read your posts. Hail Satan!
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    I'm grieving my sister - but I'm trying to love everyone

    Sorry for your loss. Stay strong.
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    Re-post: Fate and the Soul

    Interesting. Thank you for this re-post.
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    Thank you for sharing this. :)
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    Announcement: Joy Of Satan Guardians [First Announcement Made]

    Congratulations to the chosen Guardians of the JoS community. Good luck! Hail Satan
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    Happy New Unstoppable Year - Advancing Into 2022

    Happy New Year to all. :) Hail Satan!
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    SATAN'S DAY RITUAL - 23rd to 29th Of December - Happy Yule Wishes!

    Thank you and Happy Yule to everyone. :) Hail Satan!
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    Hell And The Afterlife For Advanced Souls

    Well written sermon, thank you for this.
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    Receiving Help From The Gods: An Introduction

    Thank you for this sermon. I feel like I'm growing up every day, cleaning and void also help. Besides, we have many healing working here, there is so mamy ways to help yourself. I learned a lot from here and I want to learn even more. This is not a spiritual matter, but there have been many...
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    When Will This All End?

    I recently have caught myself about worrying too much, after seeing what is happening not only in my country, but the whole world, to the point I was getting stressed and striking like crazy with a lot of RTR, which caused me to burn out, so I had to slower down. It wasn't the wisest thing I...
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    I'm sorry for what happened to you. He should die in the most painful way. I hope you will overcome every bad things.
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    Forums Back Up Again - Are You Sad Lizards?

    Good to see the forum back, thank you HP.
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    Thank you Azazel

    Yes, he for sure is really amazing. He has done so much for humanity, I am so grateful to him for that. Azazel is wonderful. In any case, our enemy will get what they deserve for everything they did to us, as well as for slandering our beloved Gods. Fuck the jews. Hail Azazel!
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    [UPDATED: NEW ASTRO FEATURES 11 SEP 2022] - 2022 Joy of Satan Calendar & Joy of Satan Astrology Website NOW LIVE!

    This is so amazing! Thanks to all people, who where involved with this project. You are all amazing! Thank you. Hail Satan! Hail Azazel!
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    Welcome. :)
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    Thanks you Lord Satan for manifesting my Dream Partner (proof that there is someone out there for you)

    Congratulations, I am happy for you and your hapiness. :D Hail Satan!
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    For YULE, make your own scented candles !

    Beautiful candles, amazing piece of art. Stunning work. :)
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    Feeling misguided and and kinda a failure

    It's a long period of time. Everyone develops differently, some people notice and make progress slower, others may see the effects more quickly. One question arises, as you didn't write whether you meditate: Have you meditated daily? Have you started the 40-day program and continued your...
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    Yoga: Easy & Rest Days; Anti-Anxiety Bedtime Routine

    This looks relaxing, I will try this today. Thank you, sister Lydia, for all yoga posts you making, these helped me so much. :)
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    Our Gods Protect, Guide, Bless all of us

    Very good post NakedPluto, thank you. Hail Satan!
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    Yoga Posts

    Thank you sister Lydia! This is really helpful.
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    JoS Africa Is Now Live!

    Wow, this is amazing! Great job!
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    The Ten Year Plan: Charter For The Next Decade Of The Joy Of Satan

    What a shame that I didn't found JOS earlier, but being here today and dedication to father Satan was the best thing which happened to me. Thank you so much, I look forward to it. Hail Satan!
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    Expanding Consciousness: Physical Meditation

    Thank you sister for this, I will add this to my routine.
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    Thank you HP Hoodedcobra for providing us information about our Gods. Thank you so much for this! Hail Azazel!
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    A Collection of Quotes From the Gods

    Thank you for this.
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    Recent Attacks Against HPHC

    I doubt any of SS would fall for something like this as the facts are clearly seen. Anyway they must be really scared, if they thought this stupid attempt to slander our HPHC would work. I never once has doubted him and I suppose this is the case of everyone here. He is the most trustworthy...
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    Feeling down...

    Hang on brother. Remember, you are not alone. You have the Gods and us. You can use wunjo or munka. See how and when to use it and its pronunciation here: https://ancient-forums.com/viewtopic.php?f=3&t=54768&p=242350&hilit=Lydia+healing#p242350 I hope you will get better soon.
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    I made a poem!

    I saw the drawing thread here, it would also be nice to create a poetry thread for our people who likes making a poetry, so I agree with you. Very nice poetry you made, by the way. :)
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    I made a poem!

    I have zero knowledge of poetry, but it was a pleasure reading this. Very nice. :)
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    Share Your Artwork

    This is excellent. I like how you drew the body, there is a lot of detail and you blended the colours quite nicely. The wings are beautiful. A big plus for the feet and hands. The stones also came out nice. I would only work on the face, but everything else was amazing. I have seen before some...
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    Making Mistakes And The Gods, Reaching Our Human Perfection

    Thank you for this sermon, it's really helpful. Hail Satan!
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    JOY OF SATAN Website Update is LIVE!

    Sorry, it takes me so long to respond. I am busy with private life and schedule, so I only visit here from time to time. I am doing fine. Have a good day / night, sister!
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    Into Satan's Great Upcoming Aeon

    Beautiful sermon, we have an amazing commander. Thank you for leading us, your words always gives me more strenght and courage to keep moving forward and to fight. I will follow you till the end and thank you again for your hard work. Hail Satan!
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    JOY OF SATAN Website Update is LIVE!

    Hello sister, I hope you are doing well. :)
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    Yoga: 6th; 3rd Eye; Crown

    Thank you for your hard work, sister Lydia!
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    Hi Brothers and Sisters

    Welcome Brother. :)
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    JOY OF SATAN Website Update is LIVE!

    It's looks great! Thank you HPHoodedcobra, Soaring Eagle 666 and Lydia!
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    Being "Stuck" With Meditation, Patience, Overcoming Obstacles

    Thank you for this post, it's really motivating.
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    Making clothes at home - For Meteor

    Oh, I swear they appeared properly in the preview, I don't know what went wrong, but anyway, they are delicious. I think it's probably a recipe from my country, so that's why you may not have heard of it. Truth. When my sister got such an octopus, I joked that I would also sew a similar one. I...
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    Making clothes at home - For Meteor

    Thank you, both of you, tabby and jvran. I appreciate it. :) Haha, you know what...you are not wrong. There actually is a cake version of Shrek! And it looks like this: And here is Fiona: They are similar to each other, but have a few differences. Shrek has a gooseberry or kiwi flavor...
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    Making clothes at home - For Meteor

    Thank you for giving me advice. I thought a lot about it and started looking at it from a different angle. I still feel embarrassed to write now after all this, but I also want to develop further and get stronger and running away won't solve it. Yummy! You made me want to bake something now. I...
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    Making clothes at home - For Meteor

    In fact, it was kind of my fault. I went off-topic and started talking to another person about him, so I'm not really surprised that he reacted to it. Thank you, I wish you the best.
  79. R

    Making clothes at home - For Meteor

    Well, I want to move on, but thank you for protecting me to the end, when I was too weak to do it myself and run away like a coward. If someday I could repay you for it, I would gladly do it.
  80. R

    Making clothes at home - For Meteor

    I didn't take this short break to whine about this situation, and I never intended to leave Satan. I would never leave him. I was doing more RTR, meditating, yoga etc. so it come for the better for me. This what happened here was a good lesson for me. Thank you for all your advice.
  81. R

    Making clothes at home - For Meteor

    Yes, I am aware of that. I don't want to hurt people, but that's not always possible. Maybe I won't be very active here, but I will still visit this forum from time to time. There is a lot of helpful information here that I want to use, since I want to develop more and to read announcements...
  82. R

    Making clothes at home - For Meteor

    I decided to stay away from this site. I don't know for how long, or I'll just act alone. It might sound funny to you, but it stressed me a lot, as if I couldn't even sleep. ^^" Stressing won't fix my health, so it'll be better this way. It's not anyone's fault, that I made this decision, I'm...
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    Making clothes at home - For Meteor

    I see, it was like this. It's better now for you, so it's a good thing. Now it can only get better. Besides, you don't have to be open to all people either. If someone has a negative attitude towards you, it is not worth worrying about it. Unless such a person is starting to attack you, then it...
  84. R

    Making clothes at home - For Meteor

    I don't think he is a bad person either. This comment which he mades towards me, it could be my fault too. Maybe I provoked him, or he helt attacked by my words, but it wasn't my intention. It's looks like he is making fun of my feelings, but I don't believe he did that without proper reason...
  85. R

    Making clothes at home - For Meteor

    What you wrote now was immature. Besides, I didn't intented to attack you, only commented about my feelings towards some of yours post. I don't know, if you're feeling attacked by me or others here, but you need to understand, it's not only me who is thinking this way. Lots of people have...
  86. R

    Making clothes at home - For Meteor

    Good to know this, thank you. I should learn more from you. Actually, there was a time, when I had a strong mentality. Even my friends back then were considering me to be ''strong'', but someday people has broke me. Several years have passed and I am still recovering from some things, which...
  87. R

    Making clothes at home - For Meteor

    Exactly, I understand you! The joy on other people face, when you making something nice to them, priceless. For example, I like to bake for my brother and sister-in-law sometimes. They really enjoying this, so me as well. Recently, I sewed his favorite cartoon character for him for Christmas...
  88. R

    Making clothes at home - For Meteor

    Good to know that here is an option to do it, thank you for letting me know. I will consider whether I will block him later. When I was a child, I never really had that thought. When someone annoyed me, I just ignored or didn't respond. I only reacted when someone tried to attack me physically...
  89. R

    Making clothes at home - For Meteor

    Yes, I remember having read this as well. This was weird to read. But what can you do about this? Right now he won't change his view no matter how many people would try to talk to him. You see for yourself how things turned out. Yeah, I'm like this too. When I think I'm right on something, but...
  90. R

    40 Day Challenge! (August 1st)

    I will join you too. :)
  91. R

    My introduction

  92. R

    Is there a way to improve health?

    I see, so it's a normal thing. Thanks for letting me know this.
  93. R

    Making clothes at home - For Meteor

    You are right. After reading some of his stuff, I believe it just broke me, but now I see it's not really worth my nerves. I was observing this forum for a very long time, maybe two years. Still remember some things he was writing, so I know what you're saying. It's not the first time, when he...
  94. R

    Is there a way to improve health?

    I will search for this capsule. Thank you for help, you are so kind. If I'll get better, I'll let you know.
  95. R

    Making clothes at home - For Meteor

    Yes, I know there is a lot of kind and wise people here. I don't comment too much, but I was observing this forum from a really long time. Thank you for this topic, someone already shared this with me, so I had read this already. I know you're right. Sometimes I am just being sensitive, so don't...
  96. R

    Is there a way to improve health?

    Yes, I am already taking it, I just forgot to mention it in my post. It's only been a week since taking them. Thank you, Henu. :)
  97. R

    Is there a way to improve health?

    Thank you very much! Yes, I have been meditating for a very long time, actually. Trying to meditate everyday and not skipping days. Sometimes it's just gets annoying when I meditate and some memories from childhood about my father or uncle pops out. I guess I didn't recover yet after all this...
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    Is there a way to improve health?

    I forgotten to mention that I already taking vitamins and minerals, it's been a week already. Thank you for your help and advice. This is exactly what I need.
  99. R

    Is there a way to improve health?

    I have anemia, which often makes me feel dizzy, bleed and faint. I am often tired and also have asthma. I wanted to finally start training, but I cannot when I even have a problem opening the bottle. Is there anything I can use to improve my health? I have one more question. I was suffering...
  100. R


    Congratulation! It's wonderful.
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    Making clothes at home - For Meteor

    Maybe it's off-topic, which I am sorry, but nobody makes me feel worse as a woman in this forum than him, I swear. I try to avoid him here, since he makes me feel bad and there is a lot of helpful information here too, but it is hard to do. I feel like he is really questioning my worth and my...
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    About animal sacrifice

    This is an answer I was looking for. Thank you for this information. Now everything is clear to me.
  103. R

    About animal sacrifice

    I will do as you say. Thank you for reply.
  104. R

    About animal sacrifice

    Thank you! I came to the same conclusion. I'd rather stay here, than be in their group reading all that crap. The only reason I went there was because of the language, but I found more crap and misinformation there. Some of them are even pro-Jews. That's why I will stay here. Thank you for your...
  105. R

    About animal sacrifice

    Yes, I got a weird feeling from her, but honestly? I am not sure, if she is really a jew. I remember her saying that she has talking with people who teach her this. Maybe this is a true reason for her behavior, but who knows. She didn't say anything else of them. Anyway, good thing that you...
  106. R

    About animal sacrifice

    Just wanted to share with you what I found yesterday. There is a new girl on polish group, which was talking about demonolatry. She said something about animal sacrifice. (her example, when creating voodoo). She was saying that not every demon is soft and sometimes they require a sacrifice. When...
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    I hate being a women.

    Sorry for late reply. I would like to thank everyone who responded to my post. I really aprecciate your help. I am doing everything to improve myself thanks to your advices. Honestly, I didn't expect that I would receive so many replies. There is a lot of good people here. When I was writing...
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    I hate being a women.

    Thank you everyone for all yours important answers. I thought about it a lot yesterday and come to some conclusion. Today I will check everything you posted and improve myself, so I will get stronger and keep myself safe. Thanks again, it was really helpful.
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    I hate being a women.

    I know I shouldn't feel this way, but I am. I have a weak body, so I can't even protect myself and I will never able to. And this is happening since I was a child. I was in a lot of dangerous situation. I had to escape from men, when I was a child (he was chasing me). Five men was yelling at me...

Al Jilwah: Chapter IV

"It is my desire that all my followers unite in a bond of unity, lest those who are without prevail against them." - Satan