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    if i suicide can i still go to hell

    If you're a Dedicated Satanist via the Dedication Ritual on The Joy of Satan main website (joyofsatan.org) then yes, through all causes of death, you will be escorted to Hell.
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    Incan Elongated Skulls

    What do you people know about the long skulled humanoid looking ?race/species? NOT ''greys''. I'm talking about the long skulls found in Peru.
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    Donations FAQ

    Frendly banter..? M'kay First: My existence shouldn't make you this mad - or even a little mad, or mad at all - (I'm not saying turn the other cheek or other bs like that but you're a smart guy/girl so I think you can figure that out) so what is it? Bad day? BUT MUH ATTACKS AND jewish...
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    3rd Eye Question

    When I close my eyes, I can see the physical world and physical objects like I would with my eyes open. I can even see my hand moving and it manifests - with my eyes closed - as a, either, green or blue silhouette or my hand/ hand + fingers moving. Anyone else do this?
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    Donations FAQ

    Okay, Mr. Cobra, you win this round. No, but in all actuality thanks for providing transparency as to where donations go - the who, the what and the how. FIne. I'll start posting again
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    For Those Who Don’t Like, Or Don’t Know How, To Exercise

    I have an uncle who really knows his stuff and he is into calisthenics which is basically training/exercising with only your own body weight. He uses an app called THENX and it shows you video clips on how to do specific exercises. I took Lydia's advice and tried pilates. It took 10 minutes...
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    IMPORTANT! - Problem With The SS War Room/Settings App

    I have a Xiaomi Redmi Note and I can, yes install the SS war room app. But every time I launch it the screen goes gray and my phone automatically restarts. How to fix? Anyone else have this problem? Please, I need a way to do RTR's when/if the internet goes offline.
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    What makes someone mean to someone else?

    My friends have always been kind of bad to me attitude wise. But when I dedicated they stopped being mean to me.. for a while. Then they started again only this time they were more horrible to me then ever before? Why is that? Also what can I do to get a stronger ''heart'' so to say. I'm...
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    About Maxine (not a rant or insult)

    If it's not too much to ask and if it is my business to know, I've read before that Maxine, although she's not in the forums anymore, is still around and helping. I'd like to get a confirmation or something (for lack of a better word) is she still active in the projects done and in progress by...
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    Ley Lines Map?

    You probably want to look to the oldest possible printing of a map with ley lines. Most likely in black and white. I surfed around and came across a man and got positive Satan energy vibes from a picture of him. Through him I found a book on google and when focusing on said book I felt Satanic...
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    Meme warfare

    Okay, a better one
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    Meme warfare

    Not that I'm insinuating that Satan kills his own. This meme doesn't really work as warfare, however, more internally. Don't Demons become more strict or disciplined as time goes on? Pushing you and helping you discover? + the war was only for a season (2000-ish years) I see the gun as a sort...
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    Hi. I've just recently started my first period and I don't know anything about periods. What if it stops early? What do I do? I've had horrible cramps and mood swings Can some experienced women SS give me a whole ''download'' on periods or something? A list of all knowledge about periods I...

Al Jilwah: Chapter IV

"It is my desire that all my followers unite in a bond of unity, lest those who are without prevail against them." - Satan