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    small town, stupid and uninteresting people - lower the level?

    There would be nothing morally wrong with being a (granny snatcher, ha ha). No really you're not ageist now and you may be very happy with a senior citizen. There is the drawback that they may soon have failing health and the inevitable loss. You know with advanced age friends you get to see...
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    Feeling of fatigue

    Well they say a person burns calories during lovemaking so maybe it's the energy spent from muscular tension? Or another idea is the chakras open and bond with the others upon orgasm. If the other is lower spiritually energized maybe you're draining energy on him to equalize the energies.
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    Happy New Year - 2024!

    Happy New Year and many happy returns.
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    Happy Yule!

    There is a similarity between the posts of Lydia and Maxine's in they are direct and to the point. Not too complicated but imparting exquisite info. I'm listening to some Sacred Hindu Chants and Mantras. And as we know it's the same Gods represented in other cultures, I wonder who is who. Like...
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    Happy Yule!

    Very good information about the Yule season and Winter Solstice. Blessings to all. Happy Winter Solstice and Yule.
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    I'm sorry I cannot answer what the nature of the darkness is... But if I may just say the principle of Ying and Yang. That the dark is necessary for the light to shine through. I know that plants grow in the dark so without the balance of light and dark nothing would grow and we would cease...
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    I'm just tired after work, the ritual is not longer. It's a great honour to get to meet and know Lord Set. I like to meditate and memorise the Sigil. Etch it into the mind. And the Iron Crosses show exactly how they are the shape of the soul and energy up takers. As they are linked from the...
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    This power ritual seems longer than the others. Hail Set!
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    How does one meditate if busy?

    Ha ha, so you're bored and take naps. I don't have time for such luxuries. I don't have time to do like trance work. But I try and not daydream. I practice mindfulness meditation as they say you should not only meditate for a few minutes. But always be meditating. It's all to do with the minds...
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    Thoughts in the head

    It's your intuition. You're lucky. I get a sick feeling in my stomach if I shouldn't do something.
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    hard to clean after RTR

    It's not easy because you want to be accepted and fit in. And being too dismissive will make them focus on you as someone not nice that they don't like. We need to fly under the radar and try to keep moving past and away from those that are narrow minded only drawing attention to the useless and...
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    Joy of Satan NEW Guardians: Announcement

    Well done, congratulations. Keep up the good work.
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    THE NEW JOY OF SATAN WEBSITE LAYOUT IS NOW LIVE! [Update 2 - Changelog 15/Dec/2023]

    I was panicking that it would be this new technology. That my old iPhone cannot read. But it looks great and works fine with the old pages still working in the links.
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    hard to clean after RTR

    I used to get drained also from others negativity and it's because you're emphasising with them. He harder, more closed and self absorbed. I'm not saying be unapproachable but have a guard up to not feeling the rubbish people spew. Most people just moan anyway. Your aim is to not tie into it...
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    The choice we have to make

    Good choice.
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    Ganesha - Powerful Mantra

    This mantra has had Gaum added to it.
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    Question #3163: Public Nudity

    I think it's a good thing if it's clean and non sexual. I don't believe in being exhibitionist. Naturism is done at a certain time and place. It's a discreet practice. But looking into it like most things the research has been done and there are lots of benefits people don't know about it. I am...
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    Bless Up My Family: Spiritual Schedule Nov 12 to Nov 25

    This is the link: https://old.josrituals.org/
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    Bless Up My Family: Spiritual Schedule Nov 12 to Nov 25

    Now who would complain about doing a few blessings for themselves as a group. Bless up brothers and sisters
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    Question #3050: are people who are born or settle in western countries like USA ,UK the only lucky people on this earth

    I'm South African now living in UK. It's life changing because SA would be too stressful and dangerous. I do consider myself lucky.
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    DEAD birds in my balcony. Need insight and suggestions.

    Doubt it's an omen. Probably the increased wifi levels or pollution. I've often seen birds just dropping down and dying rapidly. People say it's from pollution.
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    The True Face Of Israel - Holocaust Of The Palestenians

    Building a holy land on a fake history, stolen land and mass baby and children's graves doesn't sound like the wisest thing to do.
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    Humbling The Warmongering Israel - RTR Schedule - Oct 18 to Oct 30 [Schedule Extended]

    I wouldn't strain my voice. Rest the voice and recover fully. But slowly read the rituals with focus and intent. Remember thought is an energy and a force as well. What good is an army if the army is on its knees. Look after yourself to fight harder another day.
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    The JoS Has A New High Priestess

    I did get an astrology reading off her before. And very good communication and quick to the mark. We have a few similarities in that we both took a time out to be on our own to study. To find a person needs balance in that one has to interact and do worldly things as well not just spiritual...
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    So Israel Went Boom Again

    Aye oh aye. And that's why they're saying they're purging it of Nazi's. If Jews are going there they will want to get rid of any Nazi types there first.
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    Moderation, Site Maintenance And Order

    I've never had a problem and we need moderators to maintain the quality of the forum. We have a standard to maintain. Kudos to the moderators because moderating this forum is a full time job. Remember we don't see all the junk that tries to get posted here.
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    Humbling The Warmongering Israel - RTR Schedule - Oct 18 to Oct 30 [Schedule Extended]

    Each round. It makes it two AUM's in succession. Sometimes I do it like that. But I also like to do Aum nine times once at the end of the affirmation.
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    So Israel Went Boom Again

    Thank you and yes I was watching on Bitchute on how they were out in force in Ukraine for their most recent celebrations. And the piles of mess they leave on the streets.
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    Humbling The Warmongering Israel - RTR Schedule - Oct 18 to Oct 30 [Schedule Extended]

    I saw in the free newspaper today that the UK and US pledge to support Israel by sending troops if needed. That made me very angry dragging us in. In my opinion the poor people in the Gaza Strip are only really impoverished youngsters. And it's terrible because besides having nothing they...
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    So Israel Went Boom Again

    As things are not going so well for them there that's why they're depopulating Ukraine. So they can move in there next.
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    Question #2668: How do you strengthen your nervous system?

    Slow deep rhythmic breathing. Emotions react upon function of/ through the nerves. Rhythmic breathing calms nerves.
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    Please tell me what he looks like? I read Marbas has spiked black hair. Brown eyes, small ears and is of medium height. Orobas can appear as a small unusual looking dark haired man, or as a boy with medium blonde ring curls. And all I see for Naberius is that he's a three headed dog. But he's...
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    I thought wow this ritual is for a long time span over a month. But then as mentioned it's part of our meditation schedules to draw near, learn and advance. I was looking forward to the next demon ritual because I've been reading a Buddhist book and I feel it's been making me a bit nilistic...
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    Can you have sex with non satanic or other religions or others, I heard that sex is a spiritual union between two beings

    That's great but my reaction is why even go there. It's like creating more work for yourself to clean up after.
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    Can you have sex with non satanic or other religions or others, I heard that sex is a spiritual union between two beings

    Sexual intercourse is getting so close and intimate that you connect souls. You go inside each other's soul. And on the orgasm your chakras open and you bond. Hence the saying that you give a piece of yourself away with each partner and you bond with them. The risk in my opinion sleeping with...
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    JoS Donors Free Article: A Story About HPS Maxine

    Those with too happy smiley faces are the ones to watch out for. Always saw the substance of Maxine. We are real and Maxine is exceptional. ....when doing pull ups drop all the way down and pull up from a straight arm. I always thought Maxine hard core giving that advice and me struggling to...
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    Self Knowledge And Other People

    Pride comes before a fall. Beware of spiritual pride. Years ago I started developing a focused mind and started looking judgementally at others how they fumbled, how they were unconscious and hung while their brain slowly found it's footing. Long story short I was losing myself in egotism and...
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    Question #2613: why should I exactly do RTR or F-RTR

    "A rising tide raises all boats." Are you separate from this world or are you in it and of it? The effect works both ways, us on it and the outer affecting us. If there are groups that read curses against the gentile people's....you can do something about it! At the end of the day by doing...
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    Lunar Dance I was deleting things and it wasn't opening any space up. So what happened as the phone was not even working as a phone. It was too full to receive text messages or leave a missed call record so I wouldn't know anyone called. Long story short I erased the whole phone content and...
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    Do (((they))) love pushing Alice in Wonderland?

    I have two old copies of Alice in Wonderland and I think it's good stuff. I don't know about the powers that be pushing these films though. Maybe with their films they can make it depraved. The media is full is subliminals and so is the book but the book in a good way. Lewis Carroll (Charles...
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    As we are getting to know our other Gods here through these blessing rituals it gives us more options to call on other Gods instead of mainly Satan. Like Orobas looks like a great God to call for help from psychic attacks.
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    Thank you ApolloAbove and Spine for the old site rituals. It makes it much more pertinent for me because I can do them on my old iPhone 4s. Otherwise I'd have to get the laptop out and I hardly ever use it. Slow and cumbersome thing the laptop. Well pleased with old version site. Thanks once...
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    Nice a new one to approach in humility and to get to know.
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    I like the Blessings on this honouring ritual to Marbas. I feel like I want to carry on a couple more days after this schedule to draw closer.
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    Thank you for the original links without the JavaScript.
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    Kundalini-Tool Major Update - 3.0

    This too shall pass.... Every thing is in constant motion. I think you've got some great skills with this tool you've created. It's too technical for me to even consider. So we all have our differences and you have some useful knowledge. Keep strong and focused my Bru. You bring a lot...
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    Three Days For Father Satan 31 Aug - 2 Sept 2023

    Thank you for letting me know what it is.
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    Three Days For Father Satan 31 Aug - 2 Sept 2023

    I don't know about that but I once looked at bed positioning regarding feng shui. And as it said I now like my beds head to face South or East.
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    Three Days For Father Satan 31 Aug - 2 Sept 2023

    I don't want to moan but I cannot use this new josrituals site because the technology is too new for my i-phone 4S. It's like the touch screen doesn't register the touch. And following the link just shows the heading and rest is blank. The reason I keep an old phone that probably goes back to...
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    Feeling invincible? Becoming naive?

    True I been there before meditating and feeling superior. Thing was the mind became stable and focused. And then looking at others they were all unconscious. And I didn't like them for being all slow and clumsy.
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    Three Days For Father Satan 31 Aug - 2 Sept 2023

    We are very lucky to be awake among those without. It will be good to do some honouring to our true God.
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    Being a nudist?

    Ah looking at the book the Author of Nudism in a cold climate. Is Annebella Pollen. I messed her surname up before. Do look into naturism I think it has some value.
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    Being a nudist?

    Naturism is a lovely philosophy so I do recommend it. There is a difference in the terms though. A nudist tries to be naked all the time. And a naturist is more recreational in it as there is a time and a place. I have a book about Naturism by Annabella Poulton. "Nudism in a cold climate.' The...
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    Small Acts? I don't think so.

    Joyofseatan misspell in link at bottom of article makes link not work.
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    Silence Is Golden - About Outsiders

    I tell people I'm a Buddhist. I can still talk about energy, matter and meditation. Spiritual things I'm interested in because Buddhism incorporates them. Luckily I've taken heed of the warning in the past about flying under the radar as far as Spiritual Satanism goes. You don't really know...
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    Do We Hate Jews?

    The proof of jewish power is the fact you arn't allowed to question it. We will have to deal with them in the natural course of life, but we must definitely try not to associate with them. They can bring bother on a person and I find my stomach tells me by turning and making me feel sick.
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    Joy of Satan Must Succeed: A Look Into The Future Ahead

    Okay but with your link I still just see a blank page. What it is this I-phone is archaic and well over ten years. Which means it doesn't have the upgrades and doesn't do upgrades anymore. So there are things my old phone won't pick up for me. Thanks anyway
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    Joy of Satan Must Succeed: A Look Into The Future Ahead

    Here's a link that still has the three part rituals I'm them: https://web.archive.org/web/20210622175035id_/https://relaxed-fermat-a62e4f.netlify.app/
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    Question #2115: Regarding the post on hating all jews

    I love that. What I did do was move out. Really just don't get involved with them. They do prey on our sense of kindness and decentness. But it will be to our detriment.
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    Joy of Satan Must Succeed: A Look Into The Future Ahead

    I just completed my three parts of the RTR's. And when I refreshed it the josrituals site only had the Demons Blessings rituals.
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    Certain Problems That Cannot Resolve

    Staying focused here helps the world as a whole come out from the curses it's under. And for the self we tie into the occultic and group energy vortex.
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    Question #2115: Regarding the post on hating all jews

    I didn't know when I got involved but if you keep aware you must be careful when you think you might be around one. I've had terrible drama and they can be truly evil and get possessed and taken over by their thought form they're connected to at the soul level. We are not able to live...
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    Question #2115: Regarding the post on hating all jews

    If the soul is in the body and they are our enemies yes all Jews are incompatible to Gentiles. I have a Jew in my life and she's the most annoying thing ever. So only have associations with that are absolutely necessary. This ex of mine proves now to be very loyal but I keep her at arms...
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    Azazel's Day: Three Days Of Honor

    I took screenshots onto my iPhone of our gods and had them printed out as A4 sized photographs. I keep them on a laminated folder with their sigil photos. Hail Lord Azazel/ Apollo.
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    About When You Have Jews In Your Close Family

    She needs me. They use our compassion. But I have no friends or anyone else to call on if anything ever happened. Yes we've tied up certain things we help each other with. But it's toxic because I have a strong away from reaction to her. Don't worry she's not in here with me just someone in...
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    About When You Have Jews In Your Close Family

    I believe my ex girlfriend is a jewess. What she did was be a total distraction. I still don't want to practice trance because her constant interruptions still make me think of it as painful to be like a computer offline because it's running a program. And then suddenly being spoken to or...
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    Ayahuasca + Celibacy

    I wouldn't try any mind altering substances. But so far I've failed in celibacy. Celibacy does seem to come up in a lot of ancient eastern teachings. They say for the man you lose life force because it's a live giving energy sperm. I don't know what to believe. But I feel like my self...
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    SS Group Ritual Schedule: 28th of May - 12th of June

    In the eighteenth century, Voltaire wrote that, 'One can resist the invasion of an army, but one cannot resist the invasion of ideas.' This is positive in setting our energy and individual enterprise against totalitarianism.
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    The Chosen One: The "Messiah" Concept

    It truly is an honour to be aligned with the good people of the JOS in this spirtual effort. We are working to help and put things right in this enslaved society. And I see a mistake I make with the direction of my energy. If we are creating this reality with our perceptions and awareness. I...
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    Mind Over Body And Matter

    I read a bit about this in the book, 'The Trap', David Icke. He says like the Matrix film we live in a simulation. That this world is a fake copy of the real world. And we keep reincarnating here because we haven't raised our vibrations. To escape the trap, this matrix reality and reincarnate...
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    Mind Over Body And Matter

    It really is revolutionary information this that we are the ether. That's why it's said everything is connected. We are the universe. But we are consciousness and that's what it is.
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    Still here, but less active

    Good luck.
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    First Things First...To Succeed Truly

    Thank you. I'm getting interested in Ancient Greece and Rome because our Gods were there. The information posted here comes from the 'Greek Gazette', magazine. They have an article on the Spartans in issue 4758. Yes we need ourselves to have balance and yes one cannot trust wholly what one...
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    First Things First...To Succeed Truly

    Back in 613BC, The Spartans are tired after suffering 17 years of defeat. So they get their act together and become fit and tough soldiers. 1. Be born healthy. Sickly kids are thrown into a ravine. 2. Go to school. Learn everything about life in barracks - fighting, athletics, more fighting...
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    Lord Janus in his symbolism has two faces so that he can see into the past with one face and into the future with the other face. So very apt that we seek his support through the transition of our societies from one phase into another. Nice ritual and lovely blessing for everyone and self.
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    Sorry to hear that. Good luck and I trust you will land on your feet at the end of that period. We only grow through challanges.
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    Happy New Satanic Year. And Hail Janus. Remember 1970's Wicker Man is the film for the Eve of Beltane.
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    Happy Ostara To Every Spiritual Satanist - 3 Day Homage To Astarte

    Our Gods and Godesses are one thing the other lots rip off gods arn't. And that's... Kind. It's so refreshing to feel real tender kindness.
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    Make Peace With Satan / Lucifer - A Message To Our Enemies

    It's quite something to get your head around how we are made. That the proverbs of us being like a drop of the ocean but we are also one with the ocean. Or when a blade of grass is cut the whole universe quivers. It's because our consciousness isn't inside our bodies. Our consciousness is out...
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    Happy Ostara To Every Spiritual Satanist - 3 Day Homage To Astarte

    To be honest it's actually taken me a while to really absorb the gravity of our Gods. I mean with all of the talk of us being "Family", with the Gods. I tended to associate them more casually as one would associate with a family member. But looking at their Hieretic information it dawns that...
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    Happy Women's Day - To Our Women

    Salutations to our glorious women. That's one reason I'm here doing my bit. To fight for a better future for humanity and our women. I do adore women. Their feminine caring, gentleness and intuition. Hail our beautiful women.
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    Porn is jewish warfare and why you should quit

    If testosterone takes seven days to build how can I cum every day? I am very aware of all of these celibacy preachers. But Maxine has said its a need and should be channeled. I don't know about just ignoring erections and dismissing the energy. Can this energy be transmuted into the soul and...
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    The Subconscious Mind And Its Role In Manifesting Our Reality

    The enemy wanting to sink humanity controls the education systems and news/advertising media. And with that the perceptions of society. With all of their negativity about the cost of living crises and the economy black hole from lockdowns. They're making the populations feeding on their media...
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    Your financial patterns are keeping you poor...

    I got it effort is commensurate with results. I did the Necronomicon money spell today which is a one shot. But I think I will continue it for a 40 day working. And double up in that I will also do the 40 day Shreem Maha Lakshmi Yayee Swaha working alongside it.
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    Was just thinking when I die one day. I will meet the Gods on the astral. It's an honour to be doing these Rituals to our Gods. When I am in spirit form. I can feel like I did something for the Gods I then will be standing before.
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    Your financial patterns are keeping you poor...

    When I do the Necronomicon money spell. The one with gigimanpa and ziku. I do tend to find or win small amounts of money. There is something there. At the end of the day they say it takes the same amount of energy to create a big or a small win.
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    Feeling Worse from Energy Workings?

    Workings aside. What I've found is that meditation by going inside the quiet and stillness, it sharpens the senses. I don't know but it makes me more introverted. In that I find the noises people make annoying. I just want peace and quiet. But yes my ears do become sensitive to noise from...
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    Preliminary Ritual Schedule Before New Release - 29th Jan / 2nd of February

    When looking at the Gods Palaces they had a great Kingdom on this Earth. Just looking at the Majestic structures the Gods left behind it's clearly a no match between what the enemy now has on this world. And the Gods they're trying to come up against. What we have here is like the saying of...
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    Just Wanted To Say Something About The Situation

    I remember Shannon from the Yahoo Groups. And thought the questions she asks shows she's on the same wave length as me. And once again same with me. Yes we are committed and will always do our daily reversal vibrations and cleaning and protection. I check here daily and am starting to read...
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    Demotion Of Clergy - New Rules

    That's right Clergy must be active and of substance and calibre.
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    What drives you? Our gift from Satan

    When you are awake to what is happening to this planet. When you see a possible blissful future with purity, harmony, balance and that's because of humanity being spiritual beings. There is a saying that once someone joins Satanism they can never leave. Well we know about the curses and we...
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    Unknown Stomach Problems

    Cheers mate. And I have an easy way to press both sides simultaneously easily. You see I saw an advert online for the squatty potty. The premise is that Victorian era seated toilets are unnatural for defecating because standing and sitting the anus gland has a closing pressure on it. But...
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    What is the difference between self-awareness and consciousness

    You are not your mind. Your mind is a tool to use for working out problems. In void meditation you are the consciousness that watches your mind. Our consciousness is not inside of our bodies. There is no part of the brain that stores memories. Our consciousness is out in the field. We are...
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    Advancing Properly: Bring Yourself To A State For Meditation

    I think meditating before bed raises energy and activates the mind causing sleeplessness. So in my opinion meditating right before sleeping is not the best time. Also as the mind is a conditioning mechanism one shouldn't meditate in their bed because meditation is relaxing the body but keeping...
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    Unknown Stomach Problems

    I take it this pressure point the crest of the tibia can be used on the left leg as well because all pictures are of the right knee. Do you just do the left or right crest of the tibia at a time. Or hold both crest of tibias at the same time? Or do we only work on one knee the right?
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    Circumcised Baby Foreskins sold to be used to Grow Brains in Lab

    Yep you know your stuff that's all correct and I'm suffering with all of that. Circumcising babies is rape. Its commercialised as well which is truly atrocious.
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    Circumcised Baby Foreskins sold to be used to Grow Brains in Lab

    I know about foresking having the most nerve cells out of all the skin. And that its harvested to use in skin grafts for burns victims for example. And it's used in upper range face creams. All I can say is this thing happening as a baby leaves a huge trauma. A hangup for what was taken. Talk...
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    When Satan Speaks He Says The Truth - The GOLDEN Opportunity

    I'm just reading an old 'Law of Attraction' book which is good to be reminded. Everything is governed by Laws. And with energy like attracts like. So we are all creators of our experience by our thoughts, beliefs and personal vibration. The two keys I'm reminded of in the book is first the...
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    I think it has to do with time. Although in time they may collapse under their own weight of nonsense. The enemy is flooding Western countries with Islamic refugees. The Islamics will change the culture of previously Xian countries to the more volatile and agressive Islam which might restrict...
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    Book on posture

    The Alexander Technique. The head weighs about 10 pounds. 4.5kg. Slouching and hanging over a mobile phone puts huge stresses down the spine. I once had severe back pain and the doctors wanted to operate fusing vertebrae together. Never had any operation and by minding what Im doing to...
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    Questions and Thoughts on RTRs

    This is not from my experience but it makes sense. I read that in a book called: 'The Medical Mafia', by Ghislaine Saint-Pierre Lanctot. She said the location of the soul is the spine.
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    Questions and Thoughts on RTRs

    The location of the human soul in the body is the spine. So I'd say the chakras are on the spine which is in the middle of the body.
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    Overcoming Major SS Limitations: Gaining Free Time

    I had to look the meaning of two of your words up: Austere and Patrician. Austere is to be very strict and firm. And Patrician is to come from a fine background like part of an aristocracy. So to be a person having refined tastes and mannerisms. Mate just be yourself. I find with all I have...
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    Overcoming Major SS Limitations: Gaining Free Time

    I've actually started it right away already. I will lay off and start again on the 7th then. Cheers
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    Overcoming Major SS Limitations: Gaining Free Time

    It's the principle of momentum and inertia. If you don't keep busy you will be lazy to get doing things. So you need to get the ball rolling and get the momentum going. But not only spiritual and mental. You should move the body by walking and practicing yoga, etc I'm similar to you...
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    Overcoming Major SS Limitations: Gaining Free Time

    I can top that: "The best way to do a job, is to get someone else to do it." It's a joke.
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    Overcoming Major SS Limitations: Gaining Free Time

    I visited a spiritualist church a few years back. Speaking to the people there I found I had a lot to tell them about the soul and meditation. Of course those spiritualist churches still have the Xian buybull and cross on the wall. But the people were interested in chakras and meditation. I...
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    Maxine is a day Demoness and love Dogs

    Shame the poor dog is going through a lot by his family leaving him there in uncertainty. Yes please do show the dog that he will still be cared for. People don't seem to realise the dog is family and he's just been abandoned. Shame show him some love. I think Maxine has earned it. Good on her.
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    Cyberattacks Against The Forum: Password Change Necessitated

    Was just thinking how my gmail account has my mobile number for account verification. Gotcha. Well it's not the inquisition and what we do is lawful.
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    Cyberattacks Against The Forum: Password Change Necessitated

    Thought it was strange I had to reset my passwords. Anyway good to be back in my profile.
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    Rituals of destruction

    Yes was looking at JOS under evocation and invocation. When done in hate you will be emotionally connecting. It's very important to be in control and non emotional to keep it seperate and away from yourself.
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    Rituals of destruction

    That ex girlfriend of mine left her little chihuahua dog with me to look after. And I saw a guy I know and his big dog. So I went over. His dog is like a clumsy weak soft sissy type of dog. So I never imagined that it could be so vicious to other dogs. Anyway his dog was off the lead and...
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    Happy Samhain - Satan Is God & Doing Work For Him As "God's Work"

    Happy Samhein 31st evening until 01 November dawn. Apparently the veil between the two worlds is thin during this period. So I wish my brothers and sisters who are more open to enjoy communing with the Gods during this time. Oh how I remember the 2008 recession. How people started to stop...
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    Is it true?

    To reply directly to the original post now. I've never seen either but imagine ghosts would still look like the person as they did when alive. Don't know about clothes because I'd technically think they should be unclothed. But I think you hear ghost stories of people in old style clothes so...
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    Is it true?

    I call these things 'Watchers'. They're like a dark shape of a person but the shape is like if it were a person they would have a sheet over them. So there's no human features just that sheet covered shape. I've always known it to be some unwanted entity by the feeling of dread. Some...
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    Overcoming Major SS Limitations: Gaining Free Time

    I think after looking at Beelzebul's hieratic information during our latest schedule. I think Beelzebul's name was corrupted by the enemy by placing a b on the end. I think in your footer in turquoise there is a b at the end of Beelzebul's name which should be a L. Might be worth having a...
  117. T

    You're Not Taking Advantage of Your Power as a Satanist

    Powerful post bro. Very true and motivational. I must too must take heed because for years I've been into Personal Growth but the years just fly by without progress. Life is too short for procrastination. And in reality nature is harsh. So in this war let those who want to live fight. We are...
  118. T

    Walking Into Enlightenment

    I thought there was going to be mention about the health benefits of walking without any distractions. There is a book that talks about going for walks and not having any phone or music or anything. That the movement of the body and quiet to think is great for mental health. To think. Anyway...
  119. T

    I think the best position to meditate is sitting in a chair suitable for meditation. What do you think?

    Oh how my knees and ankles stiffen and seize up. I do move about some and sit with differing leg positions for the circulation. But we're not talking about material circulation here. It's energy flow being cut off by crossing ankles. I don't have it for crossed legs because of Yoga and Yoga...
  120. T

    I think the best position to meditate is sitting in a chair suitable for meditation. What do you think?

    As Henu The Great said, it's true I don't tend to use backrests when sitting. I mind my posture and seat backrests seem to curve my spine where it's upright with natural curves without the back rest messing my posture up. But for meditation it's necessary to relax and be supported. So I have a...
  121. T

    Short Ritual Schedule & Hindu Diwali [4 Days Schedule - Bless Up]

    I'm just reviewing Astarte's (AS-TAR-TEE's) info. Of course if anyone isn't familiar I do recommend looking at the Gods information as part of the mediation part of the ritual: https://satanisgod.org/www.angelfire.com/empire/serpentis666/AstarteHC.html
  122. T

    Short Ritual Schedule & Hindu Diwali [4 Days Schedule - Bless Up]

    Just looking at Lady Astarte's advanced info on JOS. Happy to finally see how to pronounce her name properly. Astarte's name is actually pronounced: AS-TAR-TEE.
  123. T

    Hz frequency/Affirmations for a productive sleep

    That's right you don't really know what the subliminals are because you can't hear them. Remember that energy takes the easiest route. It might be a better idea to just work on yourself the old fashioned way. By doing it yourself you are in control.
  124. T

    How Angels Really Look Like According to Their Bible

    I take comfort in the knowledge that those disgusting energy forms only have a life span of a day. They are xian prayer energy.
  125. T

    An Open Message To Andrew Tate: Stop Slandering Satan

    I don't know this Andrew Tate, but he needs to learn to live and let live. It's not wise to go about attacking other people's belief systems. I'm not forcing my religion on anyone so I expect respect as I will respect others that have their own beliefs. If Mr. Tate has been slandering Satan...
  126. T

    Dedication and Devotion to Father Satan

    The best investment a person can make is in themselves. Your soul is the one thing they cannot take from you. So work on cleaning and developing it.
  127. T

    Feeling this energy again

    Meditation sessions do have varying experiences. It's not always the same.
  128. T

    Paypal: 2500$ Fine To All Who Spread "Disinformation" - RITUALS VICTORY - Why Crypto Donations

    What is the saying....'Expect the best, prepare for the worst'. And that's what you've done. Yes let's not worry too much because we don't want to put our energy into that. We are doing our work here to stop their advances. So just carry on with life and as you said carry on doing your bit...
  129. T

    Paypal: 2500$ Fine To All Who Spread "Disinformation" - RITUALS VICTORY - Why Crypto Donations

    David Icke also made a clip about paypal on how they're demonetizing free speech and closing the accounts of certain groups - https://www.bitchute.com/video/hWSD3WnusVGy/
  130. T

    Paypal: 2500$ Fine To All Who Spread "Disinformation" - RITUALS VICTORY - Why Crypto Donations

    The UK Govt. is working on it's own Central Bank Digital Currency that they will have full control over. Smart money - https://www.bitchute.com/video/F8LmmDbGyOdm/
  131. T

    Paypal: 2500$ Fine To All Who Spread "Disinformation" - RITUALS VICTORY - Why Crypto Donations

    Shocking and that company will have difficult customer service having to do everything online. I used before and thought their fees were very high. People have been saying that people are changing. That they're becoming selfish little me, me'sss. In the past before all of these...
  132. T

    RE-Read-It WEEKLIES: Looking back at Important Material [Week 39]

    In the last part about Communism explained. The last bit about the National Socialists wealth. Okay I believe and do get it that the National Socialist society of Germany pre WW2 was thriving because of their policies. That they created the wealth, health and freedom the Germans enjoyed under...
  133. T

    RTR Schedule - Oct 6 to Oct 15 [Yom Kippur Counterattack] - [Schedule Finished]

    Ive been feeling apprehensive about what they might try and pull again as we go into winter. This may thwart their plans. I'm in, got to push them back.
  134. T

    Introduction to Astrology, Lesson 4: The Signs and Constellations

    I once got an Astrology book from the library and returned it without learning much. Too much effort I thought. I can't believe it. I'm learning Astrology here just by reading like a story. Thanks for posting this it's getting absorbed automatically just by reading. Easy. Well so far easy.
  135. T

    For Those Who Really Want Diversity: Here's How

    We need to work with all the worlds people's. We all have the same consciousness within us. Fighting each other is counterproductive to our survival. Humanity is not free enough to know because of the controlled media and centuries of programs to enslave. But humanity at a whole is under...
  136. T

    I'm trying to get clues as to why I am the way I am.

    I used to before the Internet be much more mentally acute. I think social media although lots of inspiring things to see does sabotage a persons focus and concentration. Some senior citizens have wisdom. And they say they get it from looking about and reading. Reading is something I want to...
  137. T

    I'm trying to get clues as to why I am the way I am.

    I think you're lucky to be a deep thinker. Lots of people cannot think. Philosophy is asking questions and thinking for yourself. You're intelligent and deep being an old soul. Nice one my man.
  138. T

    Woman Beat To Death And Killed By Police In Iran Over ... Improper Hijab

    Yes and it has changed so quickly as well. The area was lovely and safe with mutual respect and harmony not that long ago. But some how they just everywhere so quickly. They have masses of children that hang about in groups and are show off to each other how they have macho attitude. Very...
  139. T

    Woman Beat To Death And Killed By Police In Iran Over ... Improper Hijab

    I have a dog and with some of the muslims around here I feel defensive because of the hate vibes I feel off them for the dog. A person can just pick up energetically their angry, hateful and potentially violent vibrations. That's with the men the dog mostly. With their women I find them very...
  140. T

    Why Christians Are So Retarded: The Real Reasons - Satan Could Help You...

    Yes that hits the nail on the head. Thanks to JOS I now have an insight into my toxic and abusive relationship with my very xian mother. She always said she loves me but would fly into rages physically attacking me. It was a material relationship but otherwise she was very narcisstic. I could...
  141. T

    Re read it : Spiritual Satanism: Healing, Cleaning, Dealing With Life Negativity

    Thanks for re-posting. This is sage spiritual knowledge that only the JOS imparts.
  142. T

    USA Hospital May Be Caught Castrating Children

    You have an insight there. I haven't really had any experience with the he shes's. Or as they're called tramsfemmes. But I do sense a weakness of persona or something there. They don't like to be looked at as a man looks at a woman. They get uncomfortable. Im talking about that flirtatious...
  143. T

    USA Hospital May Be Caught Castrating Children

    I feel pain at the child abuse. Children haven't discovered themselves yet. A child may feel scared about the changes their body will go through and opt to avoid it. But then later on once the young confused states of adolescence passes they may want their bits back but the damage would have...
  144. T

    GROUP RITUAL: HONORING ABRASAX [July 23rd to August 3rd]

    So I take it we start today the 23rd. And the last day is 01 August.
  145. T

    Jehovah Witnesses Showing Their Reptilian Programming

    My extremely Xtian mother had a very hard streak to her. Where she would regularly just violently physically attack me. On relevant posts here it made clear that her mind taken over by the jehova thoughtforms made her psychotic. That although maybe she loved me which she always said. I find it...
  146. T

    "Former Jehovah's Witness/Catholic seeking the truth" - HP Cobra Answers

    When you think about it. These ghosts are not naked. They do carry clothes for example over into the astral.
  147. T

    "Former Jehovah's Witness/Catholic seeking the truth" - HP Cobra Answers

    The chair that goes back and forward that had the old woman ghost on is called a, "Rocking Chair."
  148. T

    The Collapse Is Real: Economy Goes Down The Drain [+Crypto Update] - Reminder - "Here We Are"...

    As I haven't stopped the JOS Ritual of Protection, Wealth and Prosperity from the last schedule. I've decided I will just carry on with that instead of starting anything new.
  149. T

    The Collapse Is Real: Economy Goes Down The Drain [+Crypto Update] - Reminder - "Here We Are"...

    I thought it was a magical square for Jupiter. Over 16 days and 136 vibrations of the mantra: AUM GRAAM GRIM GRAUM SAU GURUAVE NAMA.
  150. T

    Is Everyone Entitled To All Knowledge?

    You can lead a horse to water but you can't make it drink. Aye we are not all equals. We may have equal potentiality. But some just invest their energy and focus on developing where others don't. So everyone comes out at different levels. I've found it can be like I'm talking another language...
  151. T

    BEELZEBUL'S RITUAL: BLESS UP FOR THE SATANIC NEW YEAR! (30th April - 10th of May Ritual Schedule)

    And here's a link to the online book, 'Marcus Aurelius, Meditations.' Just for anyone else who wants it: http://classics.mit.edu/Antoninus/meditations.html
  152. T

    One Year as a Spiritual Satanist

    The best investment you can make is in yourself. Spiritual Satanism is the best self development system around.
  153. T

    BEELZEBUL'S RITUAL: BLESS UP FOR THE SATANIC NEW YEAR! (30th April - 10th of May Ritual Schedule)

    Happy New Satanic Year! Here's to always levelling up. Hail Beelzebul, Lord over All that flies.
  154. T

    what to think when doing foundation meditation?

    I must confess I am not too knowledgeable about that but this is what I think. If your room has negative energy see on JOS website if you can do a banishing ritual to get rid of the negative energy. I've never felt I'm absorbing negative energy. It's just neutral not positive or negative...
  155. T

    what to think when doing foundation meditation?

    Sorry I made a mistake actually I do use the in breath to focus on absorbing. And the out breath on letting it pool, build and expand. My focus is not on the breath but I use it. My focus is on the fact that there is energy in the air around me and I'm charging my soul up with it. So...
  156. T

    The Best Thing You Can Do For Yourself....

    As Above, So Below. Oh yes it's a brain twister. Our consciousness is not inside our body. Our consciousness is out there. But our body is an antenna to download our experience that we create with our consciousness. And all is light, all is vibration. So working on the metaphysical works...
  157. T

    The Best Thing You Can Do For Yourself....

    Cleaning is paramount. People like to empower but if there's dirt in there they empower the dirt and bring problems to themselves. Cleaning is first priority. Only once clean and have controlled mind should one empower chakras.
  158. T

    what to think when doing foundation meditation?

    Say you're cleaning your aura and imagining it get brighter and brighter. You can imagine you're absorbing energy from the ether around you into your aura. That you're empowering your aura by taking energy into and building and strengthening your aura. I don't necessarily combine the absorption...
  159. T

    All about the Immune System and how to Improve it

    There is a theory that there is no such thing as catching air borne viruses. It's called exosome theory. It's the opposite of germ theory. It goes back to the 1918 plague where experiments were done. The sick breathing onto the healthy and them not falling ill. Going as far as putting snot up...
  160. T

    Social Problems - What Is The Fate Of Humanity?

    The Scottish Government has just announced they're not drawing back on the mask mandates on 21 March because of this new strand out. And will review the mask mandate in April now. But England has dropped their mask mandates and society looks normal without masks in England. No mask mandates in...
  161. T

    Spiritual Warfare Schedule: March 12th to March 23rd 2022 [Astarte's Ritual Added]

    Interesting how the War Room at Evilgoy is down with the new schedule here!
  162. T

    Spiritual Warfare Schedule: March 12th to March 23rd 2022 [Astarte's Ritual Added]

    My thoughts are with our brothers and sisters in the affected regions. Before the light comes the darkest dawn.
  163. T

    Social Problems - What Is The Fate Of Humanity?

    In the UK we enter spring in just over a week. The cold and flu season ends. They can bring it back in the autumn. After they've made laws to shut down dissenting voices like video sharing platforms. They're also changing laws to take away our individual rights to refuse the jab for the...
  164. T

    For how long will gas prices stay this high?

    Electric is the future I think. Gas prices I imagine are planned to get so high no one can afford it and to stay at that high level. My associate says there is a film you can watch Online for free called: 'Under the Dome.' It's a serial Netflix production where all agendas one after the other...
  165. T

    Hail Astarte, My Mother, My Queen!

    Hi Mate, I like your Munka and Ansuz Satanic career and obstacle removing working. Any date to start it or just any time. I also struggle to get stuck in because of my work which I need to keep. Your affirmation made me think no more job makes the time and energy I lose to work up. But coming...
  166. T

    Next Steps In This Russia/Ukraine War: THE LIKELY OUTCOMES OF THIS WAR [Updated 21 April 2022]

    The Convid Hoax disappeared and now the Media is only Russia/ Ukraine conflict. Such a fast disappearance of the last crises of the previous two years. It's hard for me to work out what's really happening there. The Ukraine military apparently bombing their own citizens. And they using crises...
  167. T

    Hail Astarte, My Mother, My Queen!

    You are right it's just that I have stamina for the rituals now and find them easy like reading. In my mind I'm doing what we were told not to.... In my mind I'm thinking the Gods will help me because I work so hard on the Spiritual Warfare front. Now although I like others have had blatant...
  168. T

    What are ways to improve better meditation.

    You don't need anything but yourself. To have the time put aside for it and that you won't be disturbed. It's like a computer running a program. It's busy doing an update and not available while doing its reboot. Think along those lines for yourself. Your meditation program is when you're...
  169. T

    “But What Does Yoga Actually Do?”

    I used to go to Hatha Yoga classes four times a week and was very flexible. Just tried some Yoga. And I've found after years of not stretching that it's something you can lose. From being very flexible you can become very stiff. Don't worry I will be persevering. There was a nice hot energy...
  170. T

    How To Always Stay Positive As a Spiritual Satanist

    Ah I made I reply and now scrolling further see it's already been replied to. More on the positivity post. I found with meditation you become detached and do not really pick up on the drama going on around you. And with aura cleaning you can feel clean, light and happy from inside. And I've...
  171. T

    How To Always Stay Positive As a Spiritual Satanist

    In my opinion you may have made Goddess Astartes Power Ritual a little harder than it really is. I wrote the whole ritual out and it covered three pages. But it's actually a very quick and easy ritual to do which was surprising looking at its written length. Firstly you don't have to be in...
  172. T

    Hail Astarte, My Mother, My Queen!

    I mentioned this here before. That once out walking I passed a skip outside a property and I spotted this painting lying on top of the stuff they were throwing out. I happened to pick it up and liked it so I took it home. It was nude art with a woman with very long dark hair surrounded by...
  173. T

    My life long crisis as a spiritual satanist (don't want to hear it then don't read it) because its the same old stuff

    I don't think you should have talked down your challange as a Spiritual Satanist as in brackets in the title. It kind of detracted from a very valuable insight. Many people may suffer from getting drained and they'd not have any idea on helping themselves. Getting drained is something I suffer...
  174. T

    If forced to wear a ffp2 mask by jewish sadists

    I pull my nose out once I'm past security or whoever is checking. And fellow citizens seem to turn a blind eye if my nose is out. If my mouth only is covered there is protection from droplets spraying. England is dropping all of these mandates at the end of February. So shouldn't be a problem.
  175. T

    The NPC = The Andrapoda - Spiritual Satanism And Levels Of Humanity

    Me too only because there is a clash at the soul level. And they're stuck in the mundane. I came across this edited clip of some rabbi swaying and preaching how they are going to erase our spirituality right down to the last individual. That said not everyone will blindly follow because we...
  176. T

    Whats your take on love? Are you waiting for the miraculous SS partner

    Balance is extremely important. We need to have people around us as a support mechanism. I've found my mental health suffering by being isolated. I've been working on finding friends but my time is limited. Time and energy. It has been said that to be in Love is actually a handicap. That...
  177. T

    Holding the Enemy Accountable MANIFESTS - Canadian truckers occupy Capital in protest of Vaccine Mandates

    Yes they are real men driving for twelve hours a day. They look really clever also with what they're doing and achieving. Another good news is that the covid vax mandates for NHS and care workers is scrapped in the UK. We and everyone fighting are doing a tremendous good job. But of course...
  178. T

    The United States - Pluto Return & 2/22/2022

    I know this is a USA thread but this is proof of the slave surveillance state they're working on but it's an England example. Okay this is a UK gov agency video for the UK social credit scoring and their app. It smacks of control and domination. I hate it I'm freedom loving. Everything we...
  179. T

    TAKING OUR COUNTRIES BACK FROM THE CONSPIRACY: Time To Deliver Punishments - RTRS for Jan 20th to Jan 30th

    Just some rabbi admitting they're trying to take over the world: https://brandnewtube.com/watch/how-jews-have-taken-control-of-the-whole-world-in-stages_WEkyIOLwkM98OrV.html Of course they will segway in the meantime into Climate lockdowns. They can set off some small nuclear explosions in the...
  180. T

    TAKING OUR COUNTRIES BACK FROM THE CONSPIRACY: Time To Deliver Punishments - RTRS for Jan 20th to Jan 30th

    In relation to the first video clip posted with Boris in the UK Parliament announcing a retraction of all recent impositions well.... I'd venture the scenario is predicted that they're pulling all the mandates and restrictions now because deaths are going up from the jabs. Apparently the blood...
  181. T

    Be careful with your kindness. It opens your soul.

    Just remember the saying: You don't leave a job until you've landed a new job.
  182. T

    TAKING OUR COUNTRIES BACK FROM THE CONSPIRACY: Time To Deliver Punishments - RTRS for Jan 20th to Jan 30th

    I think you definitely can focus your mind on different aspects of the situation. Like when I see some decay in society that I don't like I think of myself working to help solve that problem in society that upset me that day. Like watching the above video clip I was thinking of the drug...
  183. T

    This site is a trap!

    HP Hooded Cobra, the three part reversal RTR ritual links are not working at the bottom of the evil goy count down page. Says it's the host website failure.
  184. T

    Can I get some advise and truthfulness of how I can improve myself to write good posts

    Are you here or are you banned? If you are here and posting you are accepted. I think that's a lot of personal reflection you're putting out there. Know Thyself. And the first thing in knowing is that we actually know nothing at all. In the great scheme of things we know very little...
  185. T

    Can I get some advise and truthfulness of how I can improve myself to write good posts

    Read. Read books. And look up words you don't understand.
  186. T

    Is suffering necessary for enlightenment?

    I think you must not cry over time wasted because at your age you are still very young. I'm about double your age. And I don't feel old. So you stop thinking you're over the hill. At 25 you still have your youth. I resonated fully with your situation. I have a same type of mother. Very...
  187. T

    Lack of sleep destroying me.

    I also get up a couple times to empty my bladder. Go to the toilet but stay in the sleepy state without waking up. We had piss pots under the bed for that when I was young. When I get up to empty my bladder I make sure before that toilet seat is down with lid up. I know the layout of the...
  188. T

    Implanted CoVID-19 vaccine microchips coming 'whether we like it or not'

    https://brandnewtube.com/watch/important-this-is-whats-going-to-happen-next_pzFgi9S8gZUSimF.html Yes David Icke talks first and the second half is Max Igan. Only eight minute clip.
  189. T

    Happy New Unstoppable Year - Advancing Into 2022

    That was a nice read, we are old souls and were searching. Welcome. And Happy New Year to all. And again in April when the real New Year comes round.

Al Jilwah: Chapter IV

"It is my desire that all my followers unite in a bond of unity, lest those who are without prevail against them." - Satan