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  1. NakedPluto [JG]

    Unberable external pressure from environment

    The perception of sound and atmosphere affects your brain waves as you are probably a sensitive (in a positive way) person. The way to deal with this is to focus on whatever you do in that time and adapt to these spatial changes, while keeping focus either mentally or internally. You can also...
  2. NakedPluto [JG]

    New Rituals & Schedule Now Live: HPS Maxine's Ritual & Lord Balaam's Ritual

    I have finished HPS Maxine Apotheosis ritual and it was extremely powerful. By this one can see for themselves the Godly power HPS Maxine possesses and is! Will be the proof that humanity is not forgotten in the lost souls, never was, it is here to eat the apple and ascend to the highest forms...
  3. NakedPluto [JG]

    Levels Of The Magnum Opus: Clarified

    Thank you High Priest for detailing more about this. In general, everyone should understand that these extremely high, mystical, sacred aspects of existence are to be entertained in silence, wonder and mystery. The "not knowing" that is the keeping of the secrets of the Gods is what drives a...
  4. NakedPluto [JG]

    Growing in discipline

    You are proving my points, and you are wildly inappropriate in everything. Listen, you have mostly no idea about anything, and you seem like a lost boy in a bad world. In general, people like you are borderline crazy for talking to me like this or making weird demands of others, when I would've...
  5. NakedPluto [JG]

    About the reality

  6. NakedPluto [JG]

    Growing in discipline

    Spirituality is not a business neither a game. Thank you for teaching me about my own post and what you should get from me. I think you have too many pretensions about things you clearly have no idea about in functional reality, yet seem to have great convictions as this being something to be...
  7. NakedPluto [JG]

    Growing in discipline

    It contained no real value for you or wisdom that would help anyone, just sensationalism that, at the time, thought was valuable, yet there's none in it. These things do not really help anyone.
  8. NakedPluto [JG]

    Growing in discipline

    I asked to be deleted as it is not a good post.
  9. NakedPluto [JG]

    Gods' rituals, healing, Shared Global Consciousness.

    Absolutely, doing what I said literally benefits them + community, I do not see the negative about this or any wild situation at play.
  10. NakedPluto [JG]

    Gods' rituals, healing, Shared Global Consciousness.

    Yes, I woke up today and choose to come here and say to you something that will benefit you and the community. Meanwhile, you pretend why and how while behaving and skipping some steps in regards how this "relationship" of "ours" should be, completely showcasing the issues that should be...
  11. NakedPluto [JG]

    Gods' rituals, healing, Shared Global Consciousness.

    Thank you for your life's work resume, you may give the proper respect to the Gods by capitalizing the first letter, so it fits with the praising content you do as well your good intents. Thanks. Xians didn't define what God is in the Universe neither the "nouns" are related the correct...
  12. NakedPluto [JG]

    Gods' rituals, healing, Shared Global Consciousness.

    Of course you did, like you do now, but we will pretend not. After all, we are all decorated here and meaning only positive things here, right?
  13. NakedPluto [JG]

    Updates: New JoS Guardian, JoS Donors System, Site Updates, Outreach etc

    We are growing phenomenal powers, the enemy cries in pain for this. HAHA! Great power and wisdom, JG Karnonnos, very glad you are here for us!
  14. NakedPluto [JG]

    Artificial Intelligence: Thinking Positive & Without Fear

    I love the Image of this Sermon. AI is a tool for now, like with the Internet, many people became dumber by laziness and replacing the effort of their own mind with some tasks, but also other people used this to train and learn more than in any part of our known history. I am optimistic about...
  15. NakedPluto [JG]

    Spiritual Satanism: An Aristocratic Religion

    Exceptionally direct wisdom, High Priest. This part, all humans have inside them an aspect of higher intelligence, or just intelligence, that could save someone or guide them towards better paths. Only those who ignore this purposefully and deny it, many times and repeatedly, lose their...
  16. NakedPluto [JG]

    Important Notice: Members Allowed to Apply

    I will message all today who cannot message me. Be ready.🌤️
  17. NakedPluto [JG]

    Marriage & Baptism in Spiritual Satanism: About Love

    This is so beautiful. I am very glad to be here during these updates and openings in our lives.
  18. NakedPluto [JG]

    Important Notice: Members Allowed to Apply

    I reply and get back to all of you, brothers and sisters. I know it takes time, but I reply to all. Thank you.
  19. NakedPluto [JG]

    NEW GOD RITUALS LIVE: Lilith, Anubis, Furfur

    After doing the Goddess Lilith ritual today, I must thank you and Her, to say the least, for allowing us to do this ritual.
  20. NakedPluto [JG]

    Important Notice: Members Allowed to Apply

    Some of you have to change the settings to allow me to send you a message. All who messaged me I replied, if I didn't, please send again a message. Thank you!
  21. NakedPluto [JG]

    Important Notice: Members Allowed to Apply

    I have about 200 direct messages, I will get to you. We don't do anything on our own, but we are part of an organized force.
  22. NakedPluto [JG]

    Important Notice: Members Allowed to Apply

    Thank you all who messaged me. I have a lot of messages to reply to, and as I am organizing some things and other things have to happen first, I will get to you in little time. I will also message those who cannot. We need more people as well, so please reply/message.
  23. NakedPluto [JG]

    Happy New Satanic Year: 2024

    Was this made by you? You should join the project.
  24. NakedPluto [JG]

    Important Notice: Members Allowed to Apply

    We will have no worries about safety here since it will be guaranteed for all members that join 100%. With that said, there are positions that are not Field Operations that you can help with.
  25. NakedPluto [JG]

    Important Notice: Members Allowed to Apply

    I messaged all and replied to those who did message me, thank you very much. If there is anyone I missed, please alert me. I am waiting for more SS to join this wonderful ship we are building. It is all about creating our image and spreading the truth in the world. I am patiently waiting for you.
  26. NakedPluto [JG]

    Important Notice: Members Allowed to Apply

    I see that your messages are disabled and can't message you neither. Do you have an email? JoS Africa needs satanic presence as well and you must involve yourself for this. I am waiting.
  27. NakedPluto [JG]

    Important Notice: Members Allowed to Apply

    I replied, Thank you for messaging ♥️
  28. NakedPluto [JG]

    Important Notice: Members Allowed to Apply

    I have sent direct messages to those who cannot message me, I will also catch up with all the messages in a short time. Thank you
  29. NakedPluto [JG]

    Important Notice: Members Allowed to Apply

    Reclaiming our power in the real world. Joy of Satan is the only and most powerful authority related to all spiritual arts, occultism, religion and system on this whole Planet, created and maintained by Gods and their direct and beloved High Priests, also, much loved community. Members are...
  30. NakedPluto [JG]

    Happy New Satanic Year: 2024

    This is proof that Joy of Satan is the only and most powerful religion, occult organization, and helper of humanity, lead by the most wise and powerful High Priest the planet saw only in the very ancient Golden Ages. This is truly magical, thank you for this.
  31. NakedPluto [JG]

    Question #4579: Header

    The Universe gives you bad energy and "vibes"? That is not something reasonable to feel about this.
  32. NakedPluto [JG]

    Question #4584: Laziness and Depression

    Seek doing quality meditations, like an important and enjoyable event. Your mind will remember and seek more of this in time, you don't have to chase "regular" and "obligatory routines" at first, but develop this by quality and important moments you give to yourself for this. You can plan...
  33. NakedPluto [JG]

    Question #4587: if i do a square but do not remove negative karma in that planet is it still worth doing?

    Don't waste opportunities about important things. Freeing working is also very important and essential, you can start this as well in small steps at first.
  34. NakedPluto [JG]

    Happy Beltane, Hail Baalzebul!

    Hail Baalzebul! What I can describe of Beelzebul energy during his ritual is that it is "all-encompassing" and present, everywhere and encircling, and yet also a focused presence of the most formidable power. A defined uniformity, with holy mystical energy embedded into the fabric of reality...
  35. NakedPluto [JG]

    Domestic Violence.Physical/Verbal/Emotional/Psychological Abuse

    Are you sure she wasn't practicing Islam in secret? Yes, you can bind her and protect yourself. In the mean time, do yourself a working for physical well-being and integrity with Algiz and Sowilo, just in case. Don't be afraid to man up, but also be careful not to kill yourselves over this...
  36. NakedPluto [JG]

    Nightmares: enough is enough!

    When you do your cleaning, focus on cleaning this dream too, visualize what you remember and dissolve it, move on with your mind.
  37. NakedPluto [JG]

    Managing Deceit in the Workplace

    Use magic, that's why you are SS, don't let fuckwits fuck you over for no reason. Fuck them up, too, reasonably, of course.
  38. NakedPluto [JG]

    Has anyone else had a similar experience?

    If it is not intrusive, you can ease in and fall asleep to it through relaxation and soft focus. This happens and is natural. It can be a gate towards more experiences while in deep trance. Ease in to it, slow and soft.
  39. NakedPluto [JG]

    Nightmares: enough is enough!

    Protection and cleaning, it might be astral pollution. Do these have any symbolism to you or are just random? Do they repeat?
  40. NakedPluto [JG]

    Question #4273: smoking can heal with some of Yoga?

    Get nicotine gums and stop inhaling any kind of smoke or vaping. Tobacco is to never be inhaled, that is guaranteed death. The practices will help to cease this habit, at the same time some stimulation will happen and your emotional attachments to these can challenge you a lot. This is because...
  41. NakedPluto [JG]

    A thank you

    Beautiful to hear this!
  42. NakedPluto [JG]

    dealing with overwhelm

    For example, and you can experiment with this, if you are having a flu or a cold, exposure to negative news will prolong the cold and also enter your subconscious more easily. Part of why medicine is also ultra advertised on TV non stop in some places of the planet. During stressful times ...
  43. NakedPluto [JG]

    About New Born Souls

    That's why you went by them, to teach your children and guide them better. Having children can be argued to be a advancement in itself, as it matures a soul and is the natural path of existence. Do not deny this due to spiritual reasoning, but make sure you are able to welcome this child in the...
  44. NakedPluto [JG]

    Egyptian Astrology?

    What knowledge about yourself have you got from there? All of these things have been lost and destroyed by the enemy, what remains are some instagram posts about entitled "feel good" new age stupidity. I am a "Thoth" sign. All of this, in the context of our modern world, is just blasphemy and...
  45. NakedPluto [JG]

    About New Born Souls

    The child will be imparted by both parents, the father should reflect more on the physical (outer) while the mother more on the soul (inner) if I'm not mistaken. An advanced SS will "give out" the best genes potential and impart more "harmoniously". This affects the mother and the children, and...
  46. NakedPluto [JG]

    About New Born Souls

    What you refer to as human is different from the ancient, and descriptive enough, "mythical" times. What Joy Of Satan states on this is true. Humans nowadays are very degenerated from the natural baseline state they should have been "born" and start with, and in this thought frame, one cannot...
  47. NakedPluto [JG]

    dealing with overwhelm

    Introduce a "habit" of applying logic to all that you do daily, including starting more physical routines, material effort and practicality. A notebook will help. Stop completely, do not only moderate, watching negative news, as these were fabricated in this way since the beginning of time to...
  48. NakedPluto [JG]

    Question #4547: The pulse quickens from the trance...

    Unawareness of tension in the body by a sudden focus shift. This can come even from mental blockages, pursuit of a certain feeling, or tensioning and suspending the breath without awareness while in a trance or entering the trance. The solution is to breathe, relax, and ease slowly into all of...
  49. NakedPluto [JG]

    Question #4557: Powerful Voice

    Speak like you vibrate for your Root Chakra, from your deep belly, slow and calm. Don't be in a perceptive state, focus on the concepts and mental, emotional, or practical reality when you speak. Something must lead you while you speak to lead others, until you establish yourself as a "force"...
  50. NakedPluto [JG]

    Question #4555: Jupiter square affirmation

    Your intent and understanding are embedded in the creation and performance of the affirmation. Part of learning is implementing, as you go, what can be made better.
  51. NakedPluto [JG]

    Question #4559: Alzheimer's. Senility. And dementia.

    Being close to the Gods, yes, this can be prevented or eased up. In practical reality, it is all due to timing, knowledge and actions to prevent and heal this. For some people, this cannot be avoided, due to extreme DNA karma, but again, the extent of Gods power far surpasses any human issue. It...
  52. NakedPluto [JG]

    About New Born Souls

    You won't bring a child that is at the level of andrapoda, that is for sure.
  53. NakedPluto [JG]

    About New Born Souls

    Your child will inherit part of your positive karma, as well as be a default host of powers of the soul and some aspects of advancements you developed and passed down. A soul will fit this level or you will bring a powerful soul into the world.
  54. NakedPluto [JG]

    Question #4523: What if a spell manifest in the opposite way after 40 days?

    Are you together with this girl, brother? This is just a backlash, keep doing the work and taking action and attitude towards what you want here. It depends, do you want a better relationship, or to start a relationship? Create stronger love? Because, in some cases, the backlash in itself can be...
  55. NakedPluto [JG]

    Question #4523: What if a spell manifest in the opposite way after 40 days?

    This is very good, it means that you encountered resistance, which is a sign that your magic works and is valid. What spell was this about? This is our work here, advancing and strategizing to overcome these resistances and obstacles.
  56. NakedPluto [JG]

    Question #4525: Is Tarot afffected by squares

    You could have a tendency to obverse and see the energy governance of the square in tarot readings, although, this can be more psychological than "magical" for most people.
  57. NakedPluto [JG]

    Question #4532: Best number of affirmations for squares?

    When you operate something very specific, you can try to relate the number to the subject and aim you have in the affirmation.
  58. NakedPluto [JG]

    Question #4533: Should I raise my energies first, and THEN do a Square?

    Ideally, your meditations and other routines should remain the same for all the duration of the square, so that you have the most stable energy output. If you raise your energies by vibration before the square, you must do this every day for the duration of the square, and also for the same...
  59. NakedPluto [JG]

    Question #4530: hp hc deep voice

    Because he is the most awesome Commander ever.
  60. NakedPluto [JG]

    Question #4535: do gods help prevent suicide?

    They can help, but up to a point, if someone is denying all the gifts and signs the Gods send to them, no human or God can do much about someone that will commit suicide and made up their mind. We are individual and self-willed humans. That said, all of this is under the control of the...
  61. NakedPluto [JG]

    feeling kind of hopeless?

    The Gods know about humans and human nature, and they also see and understand more than any being existent in all of the worlds. This should make it understood that, as you had the internal desire to become a Spiritual Satanist, and also proved this by the first step, the dedication, as much...
  62. NakedPluto [JG]

    Sins and rules

    Yes, absolutely, you can ponder on this here: https://www.joyofsatan.org/Satanic-Ethics.html Your consciousness, can follow the above, in a natural and honest way, as far as your ability and nature can go.
  63. NakedPluto [JG]

    About Lucifer and Satan

    This is caused by your psychological state, the mind is more open to the notion of "Lucifer" than the very probable negative association you have with the name Satan, even if this comes from a lack of conscious non-familiarity. Lucifer, as a name to some people, may have been advertised more...
  64. NakedPluto [JG]

    Question #4511: advice here how to love yourself when you think you are garbage

    You don't have to look "good" to like and feel good in your own skin. The first step is to stop objectifying and separating a judgment of yourself here. This is all bullshit most of the time, just a cynical mind trying to find faults where there are none or unimportant, to just produce worry as...
  65. NakedPluto [JG]

    Feminists, Incels, MGTOW, GBLTQAI

    The image is funny and disturbing at the same time 😂
  66. NakedPluto [JG]

    Andrew Tate Is Not An Ally of the White Race

    I do not agree with the public sentiment that is against Tate. Some form of impartiality, judgement, respect and "attacking and agreeing" on points must happen MORE than reactiveness in regards to subjects of this magnitude. This goes beyond him, but any public figure of influence or worth of...
  67. NakedPluto [JG]

    Question #4471: Christian cross and saturn

    Yes, they relate to a limitation and boxing in a certain mindset of enslavement in the Xian and Muslim context. Saturn is impersonal, all of the negative conotations are about enemy influence and missmanagement of humans.
  68. NakedPluto [JG]

    Question #4470: Can i Back?

    Leave the bullshit in the past and proceed with your advancement. Yes, Satan welcomes back all loving and good souls.
  69. NakedPluto [JG]

    Question #4468: please some help

    Look, If he wants to look at naked women and also cheat on you, he will do it while keeping it secret and with a clean image regardless if he unfollows hoes on Instagram and so on. So do not worry as much about these things that you can see and have a form of knowdlege about. It is more...
  70. NakedPluto [JG]

    Question #4473: Satan's parents

    This is a story for undergoing initiation humans that need relatable forms and stories of avatars, and while this is true , it is true in the impersonal form of how existence must unfold for US, the mortals that become immortals. On a personal sphere regarding Satan, this form of story as much...
  71. NakedPluto [JG]

    Question #4473: Satan's parents

    The coming in Existence of Supreme Satan and the Rulers of Existence Gods is not by the same frame of existence that you have in your third dimensionality. The dimensions of Satan that He creates and is born in, has no beginning nor end, He was, He is , He will be and this has happened for...
  72. NakedPluto [JG]

    Question #4413: Anubis - my Guardian?

    Beautiful. Have no doubts!
  73. NakedPluto [JG]

    Question #4410: Cant slice my finger.

    Get a needle and tap quickly a little bit your finger. No slicing! If the wound isn't infected and the blood is not dead, sure but better to not use negative associations with this from wounds.
  74. NakedPluto [JG]

    Irreversible hebrew letters?

    They are not, the context of the ritual of reversal as a whole plus your intent and affirmations are doing the reversal and deletion, not only individual permutations. These fears are only about revealing that you do not understand the foundations of the whole of a ritual, segments and how...
  75. NakedPluto [JG]

    Just waiting for a nice chess game, nothing else :coffee:

    Just waiting for a nice chess game, nothing else :coffee:
  76. NakedPluto [JG]

    Thank you brother, I'm quite obsessed with it!

    Thank you brother, I'm quite obsessed with it!
  77. NakedPluto [JG]

    Question #4367: Fame working

    Plan with astrology and workings. Venus Square and Sun Square can be done on this.
  78. NakedPluto [JG]

    Question #4377: Serious before 30

    You can't, you have to experience life in the many aspects it has. Serious now to you is having a little bit of intended focus and emotion invested, serious later in life will mean a more complex behavior, developed traits and clarity of life, away from the delusion.
  79. NakedPluto [JG]

    Question #4363: is this normal?

    Spiritual hygiene and control is very important when you do these things. Always detach and clean as WiseDragon stated. If you know certain people have negative qualities that are weaponized, it is best also to get them out of your life fully, so-called "friends". By abilities of your soul, you...
  80. NakedPluto [JG]

    broken blood vessels

    Has nothing to do with workings or spirituality, look into material reasoning here.
  81. NakedPluto [JG]

    Trance | Meditation Challenge 1

    1 hour is too much for many people. They can start at 20 minutes which is very good already. 21-25 minutes is a sweet spot for trance. How it is going after a week?
  82. NakedPluto [JG]

    Block behind 3rd eye (Behind right side of head)

    Practice Alternate Nostril as to keep a balanced state and vibrate AUM for a few minutes a day. Keep cleaning and do not rush these things at all!!
  83. NakedPluto [JG]

    Small Question - AOP vs Cleaning

    The mind over thinks because it has nothing else to do but worry and search. Give it work by doing the work you planned, immerse yourself. The enemy of this will be distractions and changes of focal points thorough the day. These must be unmercifully killed in your life to leave the purpose and...
  84. NakedPluto [JG]

    Question #4355: Seeking advice

    As opposed to base your discipline routine on motivation and late night thoughts, you need to base and plan based on your needs, fears and desires. Do this in the morning. The truth is that it is a fight with yourself here, but to win you have to find the purpose of all of this. Nauthiz rune...
  85. NakedPluto [JG]

    Question #4316: Should women go to war

    The question often arises because of a psyop that is expected to be existent in our world. Women going to war, men are more likely to go and enrol in war. In reality it is just a marketing scheme to influence men to go to war. The females are rarely deployed in the armed conflict, but should be...
  86. NakedPluto [JG]


    Yes, she is Goddess Astarte known in Sumer as INANNA.
  87. NakedPluto [JG]


    In regard to grounding it is actually very true, but only with real tobacco. Cigarettes do not contain any real tobacco, only chemicals. Back in the older days, this was the case and now in some cigars and pipe blends. Tobacco is also not supposed to be inhaled ever, but only puffed, but jews...
  88. NakedPluto [JG]

    Something is off

    You are suffering mental illnesses and need help and a supportive family. Do not read anything spiritual based as you are not capable to process this, you need to cut off this from your life and create a stable emotional and material life to journey your lifetime. After a new-found sense of...
  89. NakedPluto [JG]

    Questions about magickal workings

    Do what you can, of course it has power. Cutting short a working does NOT negate the working, as a most negative scenario: the energy becomes unsustainable in time and depleting, not powerful enough but will affect and influence based on the quality it was enacted each day. A "permanent"...
  90. NakedPluto [JG]

    Advancing Infinitely. Shiny rainbow come after rough storm.

    Advancing Infinitely. Shiny rainbow come after rough storm.
  91. NakedPluto [JG]

    Small Question - AOP vs Cleaning

    I have a cup. I have some drinks in this cup, some poison, some water and some elixir of life. These get poured in this cup, sometimes a few drops of poison get in the cup, sometimes some drops of life. Protection is putting a lid, a filter on the cup, so that only good things get poured it...
  92. NakedPluto [JG]

    Write Down Your Problems

    Financial Power I believe is most needed in general for us to become immortalized in every way on this earth, and this will help people advance massively as well. Freedom in this sense is a problem for many people. This can help with most problems in life. I personally would love to have updated...
  93. NakedPluto [JG]

    Saturn Square for Spiritual Warfare purposes?

    The Saturn Square of Joy of Satan is not for cursing the enemy in this way, when the nature of a backlash or misfire can be very harsh to deal with in the context of Saturn. The Gods Rituals are very important, their energies on Earth are the greatest and most terrorizing force for our enemies...
  94. NakedPluto [JG]

    About yoga

    As a dedicated Spiritual Satanist you need to meditate and also maintain at least a form of spiritual practice every day that will advance you and bring you closer to the Gods. What's the context of your question? You cannot do anything else?
  95. NakedPluto [JG]

    I began to hate humanity more because of mixed marriages

    Humanity is not represented by a bunch of animalism brainwashing. These things happen rarely, yet when they are amplified and covertly funneled by non-stop brainwashing and manipulation, that's the problem. The source of these problems are fixed by mass understanding, collective progress, enemy...
  96. NakedPluto [JG]

    About Other Religions

    They should know the source they come from, which is Satan and the Gods. What they do afterward, knowing this, can be an act of bravery (leading to dedication and resolve) or foolishness (misusing power and denying the Gods) - depending on their attitude and actions. The Joy Of Satan contains...
  97. NakedPluto [JG]

    Deprogramming from atheism

    It means to appreciate the value of life, and that what you do here matters and has weight as opposed to a false sense of nihilism. What you feel is because of a lack of purposes, so that your mind creates a chronology to seed itself and regulate. Seek purpose in everything you do, leave the...
  98. NakedPluto [JG]

    Block behind 3rd eye (Behind right side of head)

    Focus on the Right Hemisphere of the brain, then the Left Hemisphere, then focus on both at the same time following a focus on your 3rd eye. Alternate Nostril after this. The advanced form of this is with the breath prana. Also, why do you breathe the color Red in your 3rd eye?
  99. NakedPluto [JG]


    If something affects your health negatively, logically it does affect your spiritual progress and well-being. Stop the addiction as fast as possible; any addiction that gathers roots in your mind and body must be dealt with as early as one recognizes this. Slight addiction in your case can be...
  100. NakedPluto [JG]

    Every human by design, as beings of primordial harmony the Gods invested in us, have the ability...

    Every human by design, as beings of primordial harmony the Gods invested in us, have the ability to create order out of chaos. This can and should happen in all levels. Your current life and level has laws of hierarchy, and this is an impersonal nature. There are set rules that can constrict or...
  101. NakedPluto [JG]

    Deprogramming from atheism

    Find the Gods in your life, by looking at the positive and what you can bring about positive in your life. As you advance and mature in life, you will see life as not only very precious, but become fond of the delicate nature it has. You will then become a holder and creator. As you build your...
  102. NakedPluto [JG]

    Karma simplified as a bunch of energies?

    All of Karma is you (as you know yourself), what is your IMMEDIATE YOU or your IMMEDIATE LIFE? A set of outcomes based on moving energies and directions, that make all of this what it is, that compromises the future as well. Knowing the self implies going deeper than this part of what is you...
  103. NakedPluto [JG]

    I want to undo my dedication

    They should send an SMS to Satan, of course. Better if added emojis and a "bro", to make it less mystical and as much as casual if possible.
  104. NakedPluto [JG]

    I want to undo my dedication

    Hello, if you want to "undedicate", clearly you believe that the dedication had some real value in it. What went wrong? Everything has an answer and a resolve, give yourself patience and understanding, all will unfold in time in your life, you must love yourself and allow this to happen.
  105. NakedPluto [JG]

    SaTaNaMa meditation makes me tired

    You have to vibrate a few breaths and then meditate. SATANAMA is extremely powerful and can open a soul like a flower, you will tap into yourself instantly.
  106. NakedPluto [JG]

    Adolf Hitler - She Doesn't Mind(Ai Cover And Video)

    No one started this to glorify or anything else but to play a joke on this, as a meme. Therefore, it is nothing to be happy about this here. At least, I hope the people and AI will replicate and inundate the whole internet with elements of this kind, to remind the collective consciousness, so no...
  107. NakedPluto [JG]

    Question #4325: Working lengths

    Of course, you can, as you can do anything you want. But about if this has sufficient impact, what you want to achieve and your experience will determine 100% success or not. Anyway you look at this, you should act in all the ways you can magically, to all aspects of life, even if this improves...
  108. NakedPluto [JG]

    Question #4321: my ex and I.

    Your dream was about some guilt you are feeling. Just clear any guilt by communicating and creating order in your mind, thoughts and emotions. If this persists beyond this, do some cleaning meditation or working as you see fit.
  109. NakedPluto [JG]

    Question #4332: numberof repetitions munka

    There's an app, Just Counter Pro, and it has served me better than any other way of counting repetitions.
  110. NakedPluto [JG]

    Question #4331: Can I do both?: Munka + Program Solar Chakra, Taurus-Saturn 8th House

    Proceed with this, of course. Look into doing lots of money and wealth workings. You can start with 100 days and repeat this as much as you can. Always condition the workings with something like "in a positive and healthy way for me spiritually and materially". Look at each
  111. NakedPluto [JG]

    Question #4327: rreply e question

    Yes, this happens and the fact that you are aware of how this dynamic works means that you are capable of controlling this and mature enough to manage your relationships in a real way. I had some incidents of this kind in my life, being slandered as some very cold hearted man, and funny enough...
  112. NakedPluto [JG]

    While imagining instead of pretending you are there how do you actually become your soul while imagining and not be in your body anymore

    Your intent is what matters, then align this with your imagination, then if possible the senses.
  113. NakedPluto [JG]

    Stay or leave university - please help!

    This question is very late 4 years into your studies and most importantly it comes from a place of needing rest, clarity and detachment. How much of this is truly unbearable or bearable and uncomfortable? Show your mind that you can do it. Finishing what you started will add to your internal...
  114. NakedPluto [JG]

    Abnormal tinnitus <

    Your focus amplifies it, ignore, move on with doing things.
  115. NakedPluto [JG]

    These exist and are entry level, as the technique is lesser than becoming a powerful being or...

    These exist and are entry level, as the technique is lesser than becoming a powerful being or advancing your physic power in general. But be careful using them in life and death situations, like an animal attack. The best way to do these things, is to become a person that really has that power...
  116. NakedPluto [JG]

    Zarathustra's Wheel.

    People do not realize. This sermon is one of those: in need of a holy inscription in stone, in wood and in paper, held in a museum for the next thousands civilisation to read and learn, admire and hold close to heart. Out of human bounds, a holy intervention for humanity. Thank you.
  117. NakedPluto [JG]

    Hypnosis as a word has been created by James Braid in 1840, in his unpublished “Practical Essay...

    Hypnosis as a word has been created by James Braid in 1840, in his unpublished “Practical Essay on the Curative Agency of NeuroHypnotism” as an abbreviation for neuro-hypnotism, which means “sleep of the nerves.” Before this term was aligned for this, the term was known as "Mesmerism", which...
  118. NakedPluto [JG]

    Boring Workings, Feeling Obliged

    When you design a working and start it, you will be excited or looking forward to bringing these energies in motion, to seeing manifestation and to advance. You will have a perfect or less view of the results, or as you go into the motions of the energies, in time, you will get inspired to bring...
  119. NakedPluto [JG]


    Desire as a feeling and as an understanding of wanting the affirmation to be true - manifest, is always needed.
  120. NakedPluto [JG]

    Astarte: Eternal Queen and Mother / Spring Equinox

    Thank you for this beautiful sermon. I will read it many times from now on, it gives a lot of hope.
  121. NakedPluto [JG]

    Ganesha - Powerful Mantra

    Create your working to your liking; do not be limited or concerned about this. The number 6 is also tied with your 6th chakra, which this mantra works by, changing the wiring of your "habits", of the "forms" it has ie. karma. Here Ganesha is a mirror of the spiritual and the material, in a way...
  122. NakedPluto [JG]

    Question #4174: Location of the shoulder chakras

    Between the Thyroid and the Thymus glands, there is no angle, perpendicular.
  123. NakedPluto [JG]

    Ganesha - Powerful Mantra

    Definitely learn about what you want and can, and you can ask and share with us here.
  124. NakedPluto [JG]

    NPCs are real, 50-75% of people have no thoughts

    Severely underdeveloped souls. Shows probably also the opposite of how many are actually reincarnate and older souls, the rest of the percentage.
  125. NakedPluto [JG]

    Revelation - My solo music project - New songs

    Do also a Bandcamp profile or something, where can I buy your album if I want it? Release it by Apple, Google, all of that after you master them, I want also Power Meditation.
  126. NakedPluto [JG]

    Revelation - My solo music project - New songs

    You need to learn to mix better and get them to an engineer to be mastered. The voice, with some work as well, can be made something unique. "Letzter Kreuzzug" is phenomenal. Change your name, the "-Canada" thing is dumb. You are not a country. You have real talent and vision here, and there is...
  127. NakedPluto [JG]

    Bullying, Physical Abuse (for students etc)

    Call an Ambulance! But not for me!
  128. NakedPluto [JG]

    Help about branding myself

    This will not link or mean you anything but psychological effects, and this kind of artificial non sense has no weight. Rather than mauling your skin for the pleasure of it like a primitive person, see about tattoos or simple markers if you want to attest something to yourself. Branding...
  129. NakedPluto [JG]

    Significance of Ramadan

    In this case, starving creates suggestibility in the mind, and makes the mind open. It is used as a tactic for hypnosis by many negative programs in the world. In regards to where this was stolen from, probably a period of focused cleaning, that is highly sensitive and specific.
  130. NakedPluto [JG]

    Stumped at my options.

    Brother, you are confident in your knowledge and skill, and this being a technical field, you are also self-taught from what I understand, constantly striving for better and fighting and protecting and loving your family. Do not be afraid to be more "aggressive" in your resume, or to "touch" it...
  131. NakedPluto [JG]


    This is mostly worry and fear of unknown, more than any actual stimulation from meditation. As long as you paced it out and do it in your terms, feel safe, taking it very slow, nothing bad will happen. Breathing exercises for inhaling energy would give you some energy boost, meditation after...
  132. NakedPluto [JG]

    Feeling that meditations are for losers

    This is normal, your mind wants to fight you and find excuses or "reasoning" why this would not be the path. This is because of programming and having an imprisoned mind, which again, most people will encounter this at first. Resolve these things one by one, and in this case, knowledge will...
  133. NakedPluto [JG]


  134. NakedPluto [JG]

    Question #4174: Location of the shoulder chakras

    Shoulder chakras are felt electric in the upper bone and then pouring down from the shoulder muscle. You can focus the light on the most upper part of the shoulder.
  135. NakedPluto [JG]

    Question #3684: Apparent wholesomeness of Christians

    A lot of priests and certain xians have a charisma that is imbued from their thoughtforms they deal with, and that is a simple magic trick to make people interested. It is a false one and this is done on the most useful puppets. At the "higher" levels of xian priests and so on, due to real...
  136. NakedPluto [JG]


    Yes, however be sure to not falsely perceive some elements of life as evil, as the work of humans is to figure out the path of advancement in the circumstances of life. Evil implies a "personality", the nature of life's most negative parts are impersonal in nature, they are not evil but...
  137. NakedPluto [JG]

    What did Nietzsche mean when he said that "Convictions are more dangerous foes of truth than lies?"

    Change and adaptation are necessary, and this will work to reveal. To change and adapt is always thought in a single dimensional line, change is seen as from truth to lie, but the change that must come must happen on the exclusive dimension of truth. That means change of perspective, acquiring...
  138. NakedPluto [JG]

    Thank you for sharing Sublime! For the IBS, did you follow a restrictive diet to see what...

    Thank you for sharing Sublime! For the IBS, did you follow a restrictive diet to see what bothers you? Do also test to see if you are also intolerant to gluten and other things. Planing and eating routinely, each day at a fixed time, will help. In time, you can control all of this, and you will...
  139. NakedPluto [JG]

    Daemon Ritual - Exhaustion

    It is WORKING and healing the issue you do it for. The God works with you on this and the energy does what is supposed to do. Rest plenty, have good food and water and continue.
  140. NakedPluto [JG]

    Ganesha - Powerful Mantra

    Yantras are different types of squares and how energy can be structured at the same time. Not sure if you should focus on these as some are definitely corrupted, you can use the traditional planning of days and vibrations in the meantime.
  141. NakedPluto [JG]

    Misconceptions about Artistic Creation Part 1 & 2

    I know The Weeknd music from when he had a few thousands views, I am also glad he matured and achieved world fame, popularity and some genuine genius songs. I think he has one of the best teams in the industry as well. True artistic value that is very hard to come to this level continuously in...
  142. NakedPluto [JG]

    small treatise on reality shifting

    Telling someone else to get their shit together while they also tried to help you from your inability to get "your shit together" should make you at least feel weird or a little bit of shame. Regardless, you have to listen and read more of our sites, not Neville who teaches you to unite with the...
  143. NakedPluto [JG]

    small treatise on reality shifting

    "reality shifting" aka. This course on how to create schizophrenia and insanity. Then you are wondering why you are fucked up and weak while you imagine and force yourself into delusion and the territory of being a schizo. Yes my guy, do this and try very hard, at one point you will succeed...
  144. NakedPluto [JG]

    i genuinely fucked up

    There is energy, you eat as you survive (although this needs to be improved), you write, you ask for help, you are awake. Definitely under optimal but only because you have adopted this. Getting up and doing something is not even in the realm of easy or hard, is just a default state of being...
  145. NakedPluto [JG]

    i genuinely fucked up

    For the lazy people, the most dangerous thing is to imagine future scenarios and derive joy and happiness from this. What ifs. What will they do with this? Live inside their imagination more than in reality. So it is good that you do not feel ultra happy because of your imagination, as you have...
  146. NakedPluto [JG]

    Misconceptions about Artistic Creation Part 1 & 2

    Part 2 Let’s lay some ground shaking truths about all of the arts. This is necessary to be listened to and accepted, as art is a process of understanding that: you exist, you validate your existence, you transcend your existence, you influence and manifest existence. This is a lifelong process...
  147. NakedPluto [JG]

    Misconceptions about Artistic Creation Part 1 & 2

    Part 1 A lot of aspiring artists can bring on themselves delusions, and this happens to be either a situation of propulsion or damnation. The proper path is to minimize delusions and leave room to grow the hope and motivation, playing a greater role here. A certain internal conviction of...
  148. NakedPluto [JG]

    Thank you HPS!

    Thank you HPS!
  149. NakedPluto [JG]

    About New Meditation Section

    You cannot transcend and expand too much your consciousness without having proceeded and done powerful cleanings of the soul, and this requires a lot of time and patience, living your life. The feel good after meditation should come even after a trance, and this is not about the meditations as...
  150. NakedPluto [JG]

    How important is astrological timing in runic and empowerment workings?

    Waiting for some weeks is not a lot, sometimes it is worth it. The longer the working also, the best to wait for a proper timing. It can be also a matter of success or not. As much as you want to find a good date, a perspective to have, first you must realize that there can be bad dates too...
  151. NakedPluto [JG]

    A lot of aspiring artists can bring on themselves delusions, and this happens to be either a...

    A lot of aspiring artists can bring on themselves delusions, and this happens to be either a situation of propulsion or damnation. The proper path is to minimize delusions and leave room to grow the hope and motivation, playing a greater role here. A certain internal conviction of artistic love...
  152. NakedPluto [JG]

    Question #4047: Negative energy on something

    Cleaning as you would do on yourself, you do on the item.
  153. NakedPluto [JG]

    How important is astrological timing in runic and empowerment workings?

    Astrological timing is very important. Are you sure Thurisaz is safe enough for strength? What kind of strenght are we talking about, physical?
  154. NakedPluto [JG]

    Question #4019: Aura of revulsion

    Do an aura of protection on her, it can work that way as well.
  155. NakedPluto [JG]

    Question #3977: How do I know? If a demon is present in my bedroom?

    Then it wasn't a Demon. Simply ignore, it is not a big deal, do Satan Psalm and usual cleaning and protection. If this entity comes back verifiable (not your belief or fear), ask the Demons to get it out of your house. Search the forum for house protections you can do. Be careful also, entities...
  156. NakedPluto [JG]

    Question #3966: " stop controlling everything, and just let go "

    Cleaning workings and regiments. Do you feel stuck or incomplete without them? This can be managed by being selective and understanding why and getting to know yourself. Be aware of the other extreme. The message of new age people of letting everything go, surrendering, is synonymous with...
  157. NakedPluto [JG]

    Question #3939: Question 2 why do people like murder?

    Simply because this is about intensity and unalterable outcome that you see in case of death. Violence and death are very much idealized in the minds of people, reality is far from this. You could be attracted to the element of dominance and intensity, it can be an internal need. Some girls...
  158. NakedPluto [JG]

    Is tarot reading legit?

    Yes, Tarot can be a very powerful tool of divination and inquiring about most things. This is learned in time like any other thing in life, and you must approach this with humility. Divination in general must not be used for the false ego as a side note, because it will lead to dangerous...
  159. NakedPluto [JG]

    Question #3898: blitzkrieg, nakedpluto or any high level ss can help me?

    Thank you Existential, I will try to expand on this in the future and maybe make it a post.
  160. NakedPluto [JG]

    Question #3898: blitzkrieg, nakedpluto or any high level ss can help me?

    Thank you brother but I take no credit for the wording of the definition of discipline here, it is something I learned myself in the best wording as well. How we see things matters a lot, because for me, instant gratification versus delayed one, is logical and all, but didn't made me apply it...
  161. NakedPluto [JG]

    Ganesha - Powerful Mantra

    Try and vibrate it how you read it, there is not at the moment any mp3, maybe in the close future.
  162. NakedPluto [JG]

    Ganesha - Powerful Mantra

    Thank you very much, no worries!
  163. NakedPluto [JG]

    Question #3898: blitzkrieg, nakedpluto or any high level ss can help me?

    Your will and motivation are built in time. Motivation is a momentary stimulation, that is just a natural mechanic of your brain and body, which is not always available and also is not enough to sustain yourself on its own. What you seek is a creative inspiration that births hope inside...
  164. NakedPluto [JG]

    Regarding the pain and sufferings of life

    I wasn't aware Phi3 is a female, although it doesn't chance much but my agreement that a softer lense should be applied by the female element in life. It is not needed for a female to know and inspect the depth of the world's misery, rather protect others from this in other spiritual and...
  165. NakedPluto [JG]

    People reveal and give out secrets and sensitive information, the important information, based...

    People reveal and give out secrets and sensitive information, the important information, based not on pressure, questions or TV dramas of betrayals, which indeed can happen and have happened. In our day and age, our own stupidity and lack of control over what we are, know, can be a nail in the...
  166. NakedPluto [JG]

    Regarding the pain and sufferings of life

    Desire being "suffering" is science. The proper word is pain, and how your body processes pain from a punch is similar to how your brain processes desire for an ice cream. It is not a philosophy statement, but a statement on how the dual nature of existence works. In order for something to be...
  167. NakedPluto [JG]

    Regarding the pain and sufferings of life

    Funny enough, as a kid, I remember perfectly, I was told to not touch the boiling wth oil hot pan. Be sure, I put my whole hand on it, having then needing medical assistance for a month. Surely, I didn't put my hand anywhere I was told not to. Life works because of trials and failures, this is...
  168. NakedPluto [JG]

    Regarding the pain and sufferings of life

    I understand you are emotionally invested in this, but try to keep a clear head and not strawman me or put words in my mouth, or for that fact, what you think people believe in. No one said rape, illness, accidents are needed or are any way shape or form good. Quite the opposite. The example...
  169. NakedPluto [JG]

    What do you think about today's music?

    Aside from the overly commercial available music, promoted endlessly and so on (due to taste), the music in our age and day is extremely profound, magnificent, deep and nuanced. There are limitless artists with instrumentation on a level that wasn't possible before, with more complexity in...
  170. NakedPluto [JG]

    Question #3861: Mother abuse

    Your judgement may not be whole now, and parents can appear bad, but might not be at all in reality. When this is indeed the case, it can be a true pain in life, and this happens for most people in all ways, but not really to the level of being overly concerned. Unmet needs, conflicts and so on...
  171. NakedPluto [JG]

    ı want to commit suicide

    Start loving yourself and looking out for yourself. You have to become a little bit independent in your emotional needs and gather enough self care to motion yourself in healing and growth. Your needs are valid and they need addressing, because they haven't been meet in the past, it doesn't mean...
  172. NakedPluto [JG]

    Question #3809: Does it matter if my meditation times aren't consistent?

    It matters as it is best and better to do it on a fixed time. Also, much of our daily activities if done on a routine fixed time will have much more power and importance. From eating to spiritual work, your body and mind learns and expects in time, it will create fruitful sessions, prepare...
  173. NakedPluto [JG]

    Astrology is Nonsense

    Astrology is extremely correct to the point of being outright frightening sometimes, but for SS, should not. With time, maturity, interest, development and study you will find your acknowledgment of this. For example, when I first started as a SS, astrology was a way to verify something I was...
  174. NakedPluto [JG]

    Regarding the pain and sufferings of life

    There is a misunderstanding in the middle here. One part is that belief here plays only a positive impact when it is adjusted to the reality. Reality is based on creation and destruction and in dual nature this is seen in suffering as well. For you to have been born, creation and suffering has...
  175. NakedPluto [JG]

    Your friendly neighborhood spy along with the enemy waiting at the corner, have few basic things...

    Your friendly neighborhood spy along with the enemy waiting at the corner, have few basic things to look for when trying to establish something in regards to you or their victims (only if you are a key person however). Be these people are scam salesmen, enemies, parasites, ugly politicians...
  176. NakedPluto [JG]

    When we vibrate the mantra/rune, does our chin also need to vibrate?

    Look at how the piano keys are tuned, how at light dispersion is as well. All of this corresponds. But your focus and intent defines more than the frequency itself where mantras are concerned, and then if you want, you can focus on the frequency separate from your vibrations, in the soul...
  177. NakedPluto [JG]

    Andrew Tate Questions the Holocaust and gets 8 million Views - The Breaking Of The Dam

    This is good and expected. Hopefully more to see from him and others, it is after all, an universal duty as a human regardless of anything else.
  178. NakedPluto [JG]

    I wanted for over 10 years to get a telescope and still haven't got to do it. My plan is to get...

    I wanted for over 10 years to get a telescope and still haven't got to do it. My plan is to get on a clear sky rural area (not polluted) and just look at the sky for nights on end.
  179. NakedPluto [JG]

    In-depth look: Authority is PERMISION. Authority is wielding this permission. Giving or not...

    In-depth look: Authority is PERMISION. Authority is wielding this permission. Giving or not giving this permission. This translates into our internal power, influence of reality, materially and spiritually. The human who has authority over life is the one that allows for life to exist...
  180. NakedPluto [JG]

    When we vibrate the mantra/rune, does our chin also need to vibrate?

    No, If you focus your vibration on a place and it resonates, it will vibrate. Your focus and tuning decides what and where it vibrates. In general and not specific on chakras, you can focus your vibration from your deep belly, lungs or chest. Again, depends on the spiritual work that you do. The...
  181. NakedPluto [JG]

    Meditating before/after food

    Depends on your energies and much more things, the actual meditation and so on. Take a break and rest from spiritual things when you have a full stomach, a half an hour to one hour seems alright after you ate. I personally prefer even 2 hours.
  182. NakedPluto [JG]

    Start with like 3 or 5 repetitions and focus on one to two chakras on a given day not more.

    Start with like 3 or 5 repetitions and focus on one to two chakras on a given day not more.
  183. NakedPluto [JG]

    "Nothing so conclusively proves a man's ability to lead others as what he does from day to day...

    "Nothing so conclusively proves a man's ability to lead others as what he does from day to day to lead himself" - Thomas J. Watson Sr. Developing your character is the goal, not pretending to. One cannot persuade others, control, assess, help, build, create - without doing this FIRST ON AND...
  184. NakedPluto [JG]

    Yes, the word here is deception which includes lies but also that one is hiding, whether...

    Yes, the word here is deception which includes lies but also that one is hiding, whether conscious or not, by personality or not, but it is a definite sign that the interaction or situation is intently or subconsciously constructed. If it is for bad intents or not, that's another depth to go...
  185. NakedPluto [JG]

    Things are extremely complex, yet the above can be taken as a sign that more can be acknowledged...

    Things are extremely complex, yet the above can be taken as a sign that more can be acknowledged from a social situation, from a person, as they reveal patterns that we all partake in, direct and simple , or complex and with in depth motives. Reality is made up by systems, patterns and we have...
  186. NakedPluto [JG]

    PT.2 FEARS: 1. Significance: Abandonment, social ridicule, feeling small, being ignored. 2...

    PT.2 FEARS: 1. Significance: Abandonment, social ridicule, feeling small, being ignored. 2. Approval: dismissal, disapproval, contempt, feeling left out. 3. Acceptance: social criticism, gossip, peer mismatch 4. Intelligence: being seen as dumb, being called out, questioned 5. Pity. - being...
  187. NakedPluto [JG]

    Warning, this information is based on the material reality we all partake in whether we like it...

    Warning, this information is based on the material reality we all partake in whether we like it or not, and it is a point of overcoming and dealing with, guard against and sail forth in life. This is not a nihilistic view or tool. If you are misunderstanding or are sensitive about subjects such...
  188. NakedPluto [JG]

    Deception Signs in Human Behaviour. We all lied in our lives or have been lied to, whether...

    Deception Signs in Human Behaviour. We all lied in our lives or have been lied to, whether necessary or not, such as even to "ethically" (to the best of ability) save someone from the truth, and this can happen. I know of an autistic kid whose mother has died unfortunately by cancer, and the...
  189. NakedPluto [JG]

    As above, so below. The same applies to the inner and the outer. I think it is a good way to...

    As above, so below. The same applies to the inner and the outer. I think it is a good way to make people understand that actual cleaning of their mind, soul must happen, yet obviously this is related in an indirect and very soft way for these outsiders.
  190. NakedPluto [JG]

    Help me

    First, you have to now differentiate between your drives in life, and what you need for yourself and life, and be prepared to work, judge, and change as much as you can. Be open to criticism, build your self-reliance, build good friendships, and learn to behave and trust yourself. It is a time...
  191. NakedPluto [JG]

    People In Our Life: Cases To Avoid

    I had some very low-level friends a lot of time ago, and I cut them off my life in a very harsh manner when I saw that this was degrading to me. After I developed my abilities, years later, I could also see what they thought of me and their perception, and all of it revealed the danger and low...
  192. NakedPluto [JG]

    Has Anyone ever here communed or summoned Adolf Hitler??

    I had more than two, very powerful and impressive visions about our Antichrist, Adolf Hitler. Unimaginable bond and love there, a power I have never touched again since then. I think the word fitting for this would be the meaning of Brotherhood. Definitely meditate on him and you can approach...
  193. NakedPluto [JG]

    Stupidity and magic

    I saw some videos about some dumbfucks killing 🐓 for magic and so on. A lot of places in this world practice this, from all places and yes, it is a criminal practice that will get only the attention of very low and vicious, aggressive entities that in return will destroy your life in the most...
  194. NakedPluto [JG]

    What is beneath this? What is above this? All of this is the nature of being alive and a human...

    What is beneath this? What is above this? All of this is the nature of being alive and a human, ie. all the beings of the earth here have these systems of existence in them, meaning that all of this given for all, it is a material you are given to shape and create yourself. You , that you think...
  195. NakedPluto [JG]

    Desire is absolutely beautiful and it is an actual joyful pain one necessitates. Desiring is a...

    Desire is absolutely beautiful and it is an actual joyful pain one necessitates. Desiring is a mechanism of existence here. There is a secret however here, the polarity of desire is: you don't have "it", you lack "it". The opposite? You have it and you don't care, or better yet you don't...
  196. NakedPluto [JG]

    Here you have to establish authority over yourself and in face of yourself: Self-accountability...

    Here you have to establish authority over yourself and in face of yourself: Self-accountability. No one else outside of you, you are the judge of your own character here and you must address your own existence as either valuable or of no value. Does your word to yourself, in your inner monologue...

Al Jilwah: Chapter IV

"It is my desire that all my followers unite in a bond of unity, lest those who are without prevail against them." - Satan