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  1. Blitzkreig [JG]

    Experiment: Doing All the Planetary Squares,Every Day...

    The problem is not just the power of these workings, as you actually have a problem if they are all powerful, too. This is because workings are transformations, so you are subjecting yourself to multiple different and powerful transformations of your life simultaneously, likely leading to a...
  2. Blitzkreig [JG]

    Dating: Lies Told to Men [part 1]

    I think if there is a problem of lack of respect, like from these girls, or if you are after sexual attention and a need to develop your musculature, and also if you are accused of being boring, then you need to work more on your fire side. While the Moon and Venus impact how we get along with...
  3. Blitzkreig [JG]

    Sharing practices

    In my opinion, besides being mindful not to expose yourself as an SS, you have to be cautious not to empower them in the wrong way. For example, if someone is a Christian and you convince them to do yoga, now they are directing even more energy into their self-destruction. Additionally, there...
  4. Blitzkreig [JG]

    I'm having a hard time dedicating to Satan

    Lastly, also remember that it is much easier to destroy than to create. The enemy simply destroys and enslaves as a means to fast power. Christianity is a slave religion and this is how it grew. Satan and the Gods never forced anyone, plus they spend their time teaching and growing us. So to...
  5. Blitzkreig [JG]

    I'm having a hard time dedicating to Satan

    Many of these questions have better answers that can be found through searching on the forums, however I can try to give something: I believe the main answer to all of your concerns of binding of the demons or jew/gentile war have to do with understanding localization of power (amid the many...
  6. Blitzkreig [JG]

    Biblical Numbering Is NOT for Witchcraft

    I don't have enough information on hand to answer every single one of your questions or examples, however I think the premise of your argument is based on undermining gematria and its presence in the bible in order to attack it more. However, I don't think this is the right move because it is...
  7. Blitzkreig [JG]

    Как получить больше "спасибо"? How to get more "thanks"?

    In my opinion, this is connected with the solar realm of reality and creation of value. If you create something of value that a person wants, they will be grateful and thank you. Businesses that tailor their products to a specific audience and do well at this create loyal customers, because they...
  8. Blitzkreig [JG]

    Energy attack on my mother.

  9. Blitzkreig [JG]

    Question #5269: !need help.! Mars improving working

    In my opinion, the Moon sign is what you use to support your working. Your own natal chart reflects more of how it may manifest, but this is different from the environment within which you start the working. So if you want to improve Mars energies within your soul, then a Scorpio moon would be...
  10. Blitzkreig [JG]

    Biblical Numbering Is NOT for Witchcraft

    I think you provided evidence that some of the verses were subject to changes in numerology, but you are using that to conclude that any sort of numerology does not exist, despite that being a cornerstone of magick, even on a beginner level. The Bible was intended as a spiritual weapon, and...
  11. Blitzkreig [JG]

    Sperm/Egg donors, a viable alternative to marriage?

    This topic has been covered many times in the past. While Satanism allows exploration of different expressions of genders, such as a man wearing a dress, this is totally different from trying to change one's gender, which can only be done in self-destructive manners. Please stop commenting on...
  12. Blitzkreig [JG]

    [翻訳][HPHC] 「サタン」という名前と一般大衆について

    Please don't post spam or strange jokes like that, because the first time you did this I wondered if you were just a troll or bot and almost banned you.
  13. Blitzkreig [JG]

    Dating: Lies Told to Men [part 1]

    You called her posts "Christian" again, so of course she was right to delete them. We had told you over and over that you insult and that is the reason for deletion, not necessarily being critical. We need development in all areas of life. Life and spirituality intertwine. Having successful...
  14. Blitzkreig [JG]

    Dating: Lies Told to Men [part 1]

    For someone who believes in some incoming war and details its violence, it is strange you are focused on verbal obscenities, also strange to directly attack HP's words for that, which there was nothing wrong with. Pleasure and Venus are a part of life. Venus and childbirth is what provides...
  15. Blitzkreig [JG]

    I Struggle to commit to Satan

    Here are some posts which may help you, directly or indirectly: https://satanisgod.org/TRADITIONAL.html https://satanisgod.org/LettingGo.html https://joswiki.org/index.php/Omni:Who_are_Demons%3F#Daemon...
  16. Blitzkreig [JG]

    How to become sexually healthy?

    It is not pointless pleasure. When the yang energy of your sexual arousal is connected to the yin material of a woman or your hand, the resulting orgasm is like a Plutonic (yin+yang) creation. This stimulates the Kundalini and spins the chakras. Yes, some sexual yin and yang energy is spent...
  17. Blitzkreig [JG]

    Organising Translations: Present & Future

    Is it possible for you to tag or mark any posts which have not been officially proofread or translated? I do believe Deepl has benefit, too, but also we have to be careful not to lose context, nuance, and so on, from HPS Maxine's original words. Obviously, this won't ever be perfect and has to...
  18. Blitzkreig [JG]

    How to become sexually healthy?

    No need for this. Please read the following post and article: https://ancient-forums.com/members/blitzkreig-jg.21286/#profile-post-932 https://joswiki.org/index.php/Omni:How_Satanism_looks_at_straight,_gay,_bi-sexual,_group_sex%3F#Sexual_Energy,_Celibacy,_No_Fap_November
  19. Blitzkreig [JG]

    How to become sexually healthy?

    Also, I forget about this! One of the biggest points of getting over addictions or other shameful habits is to not beat yourself up over relapses. Instead of setting the bar super high and thinking you totally failed, instead give yourself a bit of praise for going even 1 or 2 days, which still...
  20. Blitzkreig [JG]

    How to become sexually healthy?

    Over-masturbation could prevent you from finding a partner if it causes a loss of vitality or simply a lack of drive to approach a girl, or attract her. It is also likely continuing your feelings of weakness, which if that leads to more unhappiness, can create a loop of self-destruction...
  21. Blitzkreig [JG]

    How to become sexually healthy?

    If you don't mind sharing, what do you think would happen if you let your sexual energy build and release in a more natural fashion? Do you think it would lead to more porn use or other self-destructive behaviors?
  22. Blitzkreig [JG]

    How to become sexually healthy?

    Try to think more deeply about what you are trying to recreate with porn. It could be a specific fetish or maybe you are after intimacy with a type of person, and so on. Instead of blocking it, you have to replace it. These distraction-based methods are only partial solutions, although helpful...
  23. Blitzkreig [JG]

    Amanita Muscaria

    Your post was well-written and I knew you intended it to be responsible, but because it concludes on a point that could ultimately lead someone to do it, that is why it was deleted with the above reason.
  24. Blitzkreig [JG]

    Amanita Muscaria

    Censorship is never an ideal option and I can understand your frustration, however we have to balance this with protecting people from being led to do harmful things. Because our community is a spiritual one and therefore both it and drugs share a relationship to Pisces energy, we wish to avoid...
  25. Blitzkreig [JG]

    About Disease And Healing

    I am glad you had written this. Instead of trying to visualize something specific that may not be useful for healing, one can instead focus on their body glowing and raising in health, as a whole. As you described, our body works as a whole. Someone may try to put fire energy here, or water...
  26. Blitzkreig [JG]

    About Guardian Demons

    Building a relationship with a GD helps with advancement, especially when someone is new and can be easily confused, scared, not as powerful or knowledgeable, etc. You do not need astral senses to just meditate on their sigil and pray to them, nor do you need divination skills to discover...
  27. Blitzkreig [JG]

    Saturn: Satan, Golden Age & Lord of Time

    Try Nauthiz instead first, as I believe Saturn has an association with Hagl and this is where some of this harshness of teaching lessons can occur from. Nauthiz appears to give the benefits of discipline and realism without first creating obstacles or other contractions in your life.
  28. Blitzkreig [JG]

    man confront race mixing couple

    People do many things out of ignorance that destroy them, but these are not crimes in the current legal sense. Further, we have to evaluate the intentions here. Saying this girl is being "raped" is really pushing the definition, because the average person has this IQ or less, but are recognized...
  29. Blitzkreig [JG]

    IBS ...

    The bowels themselves are ruled by the Moon, so you can do a Moon Square or use Berkano for this. General or directed healing workings will also help, such as Uruz or a Sun Square. For immediate relief, try the Large Intestine 4 point: https://mendacupuncture.com/li4-our-great-eliminator/ Also...
  30. Blitzkreig [JG]

    Accepting Lack Of Knowledge: To Not Spread Confusion

    You can use Kenaz to fuel studying and insight, as well as Mannaz to improve mental faculties, especially if you view this as a limit to your advancement. We all have skills in some areas and some deficiencies in others, but this can be corrected so we advance more quickly.
  31. Blitzkreig [JG]

    Question #5118: fear of women (timidity); fear of sex; fear of love

    This girl should not have touched you like this, as it sounds like she pushed you outside your comfort zone. That being said, your comfort zone would naturally expand as you gain in experience with women, so this like a solar problem. The girl highlighted inner feelings of lack of confidence...
  32. Blitzkreig [JG]

    I should urgently pray to Father Satan...

    In an emergency you should not necessarily always wait just to send a message. In my opinion, using his sigil is strong enough for sending the message. Before or after this, then you can spend time doing his rituals as a way to show thanks and effort on his behalf. There is difference between...
  33. Blitzkreig [JG]

    Recording Communications with the Gods [ATTACH] It is a good habit for your own growth, as...

    Recording Communications with the Gods It is a good habit for your own growth, as well as to pay respect to the efforts of the Gods, that one details any interactions with them. Remember, the Gods work in purposeful manners, and if the signs they give must be concise in order to not be...
  34. Blitzkreig [JG]

    Offering energies to Gods

    This is too much. You have to balance this with other responsibilities, including both spiritual and material life needs. If you are doing an average 12 RTR's in one day, it is likely you are neglecting other areas. Also remember you need to maintain a higher AOP in times of high warfare, so...
  35. Blitzkreig [JG]

    feeling deadlocked

    The effects of your meditations are not short-lived necessarily because you feel this. If you are upset beforehand, then this is your mood influencing how you view the success of your actions. You say you are crying for "no reason", but that is not true. Our emotions are all coming from...
  36. Blitzkreig [JG]

    Dibujo de Maat

    Nice drawing! As far as HPS Maxine, I don't know her will, but I would make sure you are not encroaching on any privacy concerns here. In my opinion, you can make a drawing intending to represent and celebrate her, even if it is not fully accurate. For more inspiration on this, you can look at...
  37. Blitzkreig [JG]

    Workings for Language Fluency?

    I have not personally used them together, but I do not see why not. You can see from many JoS rituals how runes are used. I am not familiar with specific cases of runes actually clashing, but in my opinion, I would do some thinking about them and pick the best ones for your situation. More is...
  38. Blitzkreig [JG]

    Delete account compromised email serious issue

    If this is the case, you can change your email within your account settings. If that is not an option, then your account can be banned to prevent unauthorized usage.
  39. Blitzkreig [JG]

    Workings for Language Fluency?

    Ansuz deals with communications themselves, whereas Kenaz deals with insight and studying. Mannaz can also be useful, but I feel it is less related to language than Ansuz is. Additionally, while Mercury has left Gemini, it will re-enter Virgo and this can be used, too.
  40. Blitzkreig [JG]

    How to make a pact with a demon?

    No. Satanism is a student-teacher relationship with the Gods. Please see more: https://joswiki.org/index.php/Omni:Can_I_sell_my_soul_for_wealth_to_be_popular%3F#Spiritual_Satanism https://joswiki.org/index.php/Omni:Does_Satan_demands_slavish_worship%3F...
  41. Blitzkreig [JG]

    Accepting Lack Of Knowledge: To Not Spread Confusion

    The other day I was speculating about people who are mentally sensitive or impressionable and thought about the kind of damage some random person can create by forcefully issuing some statement about something they know nothing about. I had seen this before a few years ago when I saw one person...
  42. Blitzkreig [JG]

    New God Rituals Now LIVE: Maat & Dagan - Demon Section Future Updates

    It was deleted because this conflicts with Satanism. If we allowed this, what happens when people want to do rituals for Cthulhu, for example? Of course we cannot allow this. Just because some people believe something doesn't necessarily make it true, with Christianity being a prime example of...
  43. Blitzkreig [JG]

    Race, Nationality, Wars & Peace

    As you say, people unite when they perceive a greater return than otherwise. They also divide when they feel the threat of loss is too intense or unable to be resolved. Further, people within a community may feel they can "win" within their own community by taking a swipe at their neighbors. In...
  44. Blitzkreig [JG]

    I want different POV on working magic with deep feelings

    This correlates with the moon. From a prior post you had made to me, and now reading this, it seems to me like you are attempting to understand and control the aspects of reality with pertain to the moon. The creation from magic comes from Pluto, but within each field of reality Pluto has its...
  45. Blitzkreig [JG]

    Question #5049: Postpartum depression

    Not sure, but fire pertains to optimism and health and the moon pertains to motherhood and emotions. Therefore, both Sowilo and Berkano could help in their own ways. https://joswiki.org/index.php/Runes#BJ%C3%96RK https://joswiki.org/index.php/Runes#SOWILO
  46. Blitzkreig [JG]

    Question #5055: Control/deprivation of the power of evil/impulsive desires

    Feeling like something is out of control or impulsive means there is a lack of yin to balance this. For some solutions to this, please read: https://joswiki.org/index.php/Omni:Balance_and_rapid_advancement,_how%3F#How_to_Attain_Balance_and_Advance_Fast While the above solution talks about...
  47. Blitzkreig [JG]


    Look at the specific placements, not just the total elemental sum. An Aries Sun and Aries Moon are two very different placements. If you have lots of energy, but cannot sit still to work, then this is likely an earth-related deficiency. If you are tired, slow, sluggish, not caring of much, then...
  48. Blitzkreig [JG]

    Beginner asking about Jews

    It is not sad when you realize that the only reason such qualities exist on a racial level is the fact that they have been doing it for thousands of years as a group of people. It is not like your uncle who was drunk driving one time and now you are culpable, but entire lineages of major crimes...
  49. Blitzkreig [JG]

    I need a good revenge

    Hello. Are you sure you want all these details in here, as this can be pretty revealing since it talks about a specific circumstance.
  50. Blitzkreig [JG]

    Good luck, brother.

    Good luck, brother.
  51. Blitzkreig [JG]

    About Human Perception Of Time

    He is giving information on an abstract topic that appears like he recently read. Then he takes time out of his day to present this to people in its current form, being honest that he cannot go further, and your response is to attack him for this? If there was someone who holds the aggressive...
  52. Blitzkreig [JG]

    Hello Nazi (for restoring earth)

    Please let the Clergy organize these things, as they have a much higher knowledge of spell work. You had made other posts which seem to be a combination of random mantras or other exercises, however this can be dangerous if there is not an understanding of what is taking place. It is fine to...
  53. Blitzkreig [JG]


    At this point, you have claimed to be a person who meditates for 10 hours and a self-professed warrior of the Gods of 4 years, yet have seen no signs of the Gods. You say you opened your mind and can dream reality, yet also you say your spells had failed you. Either you are exaggerating many...
  54. Blitzkreig [JG]


    I don't think you are a "spoiled child", but rather confused about the relationship our Gods have with us. They cannot just drop a bag of gold onto our head, but they can help accelerate your progress in achieving wealth on your own. It takes a long time to make larger karmic changes so the...
  55. Blitzkreig [JG]


    How do you know they are not helping you, exactly? Maybe they were guiding you, but because nothing immediately happened you assumed nothing happened. Also, if your astral senses are not open, then it is normal to have limited perceptions of them. In the past I had gone through stressful...
  56. Blitzkreig [JG]


    I would agree here except for the part "Satanism isn't for materialistic people, obviously, and Satan doesn't like these types of people." I don't believe this is true and maybe you had actually worded your message incorrectly. The material realm is part of our spiritual advancement and the...
  57. Blitzkreig [JG]

    Life is a disaster, trying to fix it one step at a time.

    If you are assuming you are not strong enough, this can inadvertently sabotage other elements of both health and work, because both of these are related to solar energy. Of course, it is hard to say "just feel strong" when you are simultaneously in pain, but you can also remind yourself that...
  58. Blitzkreig [JG]

    Life is a disaster, trying to fix it one step at a time.

    By the way, the Raidho rune is connected with this, like finding success in an unknown situation. You could pair it with something like Fehu or Sowilo into a success working, which can implicitly include wealth generation, but also other factors of your situation.
  59. Blitzkreig [JG]

    Life is a disaster, trying to fix it one step at a time.

    If you have to be present at home, not just for the sake of your relatives, but also your own health, then to me that points more at doing freelance work or building your own apps. Otherwise, if you have an inflexible job, it seems like you would need to hire a caregiver or other help, as doing...
  60. Blitzkreig [JG]

    Where do you know Gods have physical body?

    The way you distinguish a God from a thoughtform, elemental, one's one mind, or any of these lesser creations, is you judge their ability. If you ask Satan for guidance on a matter and you receive a wise response, then you know this cannot merely be some sort of thoughtform or whatever. This is...
  61. Blitzkreig [JG]

    Babies, Lies Told to Women

    None of this is relevant. The problem is that you shove your opinions at full intensity and aggression at the slightest hint that someone differs from you.
  62. Blitzkreig [JG]

    Saturn: Satan, Golden Age & Lord of Time

    You are also assuming here that HPS Maxine, wherever she is, is somehow totally powerless against someone hijacking the forums from her, or that she had no foresight when installing HPHC to run things on her behalf, and so on. Similarly, there was no word from HPS Maxine asking for help, like...
  63. Blitzkreig [JG]

    Saturn: Satan, Golden Age & Lord of Time

    It is really crazy to me to see a person of 3 months experience thinking they know better than others with decades. It is clear you are just distressed because what is written here doesn't match want YOU want it to say, so you instead attack it, rather than try to understand. Instead of trying...
  64. Blitzkreig [JG]

    О материальном благополучии/about material wealth

    It is normal for soldiers to suffer from PTSD and other feelings of worthlessness given the horrors of their profession and what this does to the soul. Further, people spend years in the military, then may leave suddenly, further causing identity and value problems as they transition...
  65. Blitzkreig [JG]

    Black satanist

    Don't get too hung up on percentages of DNA exactly. The important difference is in the soul, which then manifests into the DNA. Someone who has Jewish DNA has a Jewish soul by definition and this is still very small relative to the whole Gentile population. It is not like you would just...
  66. Blitzkreig [JG]

    Проблема с дисциплиной.

    Discipline relates to doing what you have to do because otherwise a negative result will occur. If I don't take out the trash, eventually it will pile up and cause bad smells, or even an insect infestation, etc. Yet, we wish to do otherwise because we have not directly experienced the stress...
  67. Blitzkreig [JG]

    How does someone Heal OCD

    If you are using an energy to build up positive energies of the soul, then this is best suited with a waxing working. If you are trying to reduce the presence of a negative condition, then waning is better suited. However, there is some overlap here, which can be a little confusing, but if...
  68. Blitzkreig [JG]

    Black satanist

    When these people have directly created the worst attacks on Satanism it would be wise to disregard them, even if there are certain ones who appear to be "good" or "helpful", until the point where their racial connections to the enemies of Satan influence them otherwise. There are many other...
  69. Blitzkreig [JG]

    Focalor / Lucifuge Rofocal Ritual Now LIVE!

    This is unfortunate, but sometimes we have to face our karma in a way that may be uncomfortable. I cannot directly comment on what happened, but if you had taken certain actions which resulted in this event, the Gods are limited in how they can help, because you yourself would have to learn...
  70. Blitzkreig [JG]

    Focalor / Lucifuge Rofocal Ritual Now LIVE!

    How can you assume or believe your spells are failing? This violates/stresses the basic rules of witchcraft if you are carrying this belief into your subsequent work. None of our problems are solved overnight. In regards to wealth, this can involve any karma on the Sun, Jupiter, and Venus and...
  71. Blitzkreig [JG]

    May Hagenti be angry with me for this?

    No, the Gods are understanding of this, and in this case you are drawn to him for your own reasons. As you state, you have subconscious reasons which influence your behavior, of which your GD has known about from the start, including knowing how it would manifest. Sure, you should certainly...
  72. Blitzkreig [JG]

    Question #4913: Sex drive disappeared after doing Mars Square

    Any action of energy is based on your intention. You cannot unknowingly empower negative elements of yourself (literally devolving yourself) unless you will this to occur somehow. Energy does what it is programmed to do. Don't be scared, especially if you are following already tested methods.
  73. Blitzkreig [JG]

    Question #4919: do you think this is a bad thing?

    If your concern is just about value, then it is certainly more valuable to coordinate with a partner, especially someone who has a powerful soul and knows how to connect with you for the best sexual expression. It is possible you have minor obstacles towards intimacy, or perhaps a lack of...
  74. Blitzkreig [JG]

    Question #4891: I am afraid that I may not turn out to be a full Satanist in the eyes of Gods

    This is just panic and nothing substantial. If you are concerned here, ask the Gods for guidance in facilitating what they desire of you, so that you can feel happy instead of nervous. There are reasons unknown to us why you don't do other spiritual work, whether lack of time, motivation, or...
  75. Blitzkreig [JG]

    Question #4911: Square inquiry

    I don't believe so, however if there are doubts here, just void the energy and restart some time later. See this information for more: https://joswiki.org/index.php/Omni:How_do_I_use_planetary_Squares%3F#Some_Questions_About_Planetary_Squares_Answered
  76. Blitzkreig [JG]

    Question #4913: Sex drive disappeared after doing Mars Square

    Some element of backlash is normal with workings (including reduced libido), plus solutions exist for this: https://ancient-forums.com/threads/reminders-and-solutions-regarding-workings.158938/ However, the time extent of this is a little too long than I would expect. I wouldn't panic, given the...
  77. Blitzkreig [JG]

    Question #4920: What could cause this change?

    Sounds like hard transits. Also, these workings shouldn't be thought of as nothing having happened, but as further developments towards your goal. If there are obstacles and lessons you need to overcome for a programmed event to occur, the working is going to help you overcome these first, in a...
  78. Blitzkreig [JG]

    Question #4923: question for women, having children is a must?

    Not a woman, but I must state here that free will is important for this reason alone. People's opinions can only be guides for what they think is right, not laws. There are other ways you can fulfill your duties without being forced into something that depresses you. If this problem is big...
  79. Blitzkreig [JG]

    Question #4924: I want to curse my stepfather to death. He is a sycophant of the Jews

    Before you do anything hasty here, why not at least first use Ansuz to free yourself from his negative influence/behaviors. This directly and more efficiently solves your problem without the risk of going overboard.
  80. Blitzkreig [JG]

    Question #4882: Sun square during pregnancy

    For bigger problems we will start to understand the process of correction or growth over time. Also, in my opinion, some of this should feel automatic, just because the energy was applied and already part of your soul, then these other occurrences are the physical manifestation of that...
  81. Blitzkreig [JG]

    Growing in discipline

    JG NP is being stern, but I don't believe he is being an asshole. He is strongly and clearly saying that the information is incorrect and/or won't be used properly. To me, that is the opposite of arrogant, but also self-reflective as he can see the fault in his past. What is the reason now for...
  82. Blitzkreig [JG]

    Question #4882: Sun square during pregnancy

    A full working is like a magical operation where you are altering the energies in your soul. This creates new positive karma, but also requires the destruction of old negativity. This is not related necessarily to Saturn's contractions as much as it is related to Pluto's extremes of life and...
  83. Blitzkreig [JG]

    Imagine having to build the entire Satanic knowledge base and community, as well as manage your...

    Imagine having to build the entire Satanic knowledge base and community, as well as manage your own spiritual advancement, starting with nothing and facing enemy attacks or other corruptions. HPS Maxine had to rely on her own inherent skills of the soul to guide her, alongside the Gods, for...
  84. Blitzkreig [JG]

    Saturn: Satan, Golden Age & Lord of Time

    I had tried some in Pisces and it felt like the lessons were definitely about subconscious themes, as well as developing a bit of realism towards compassion, like public programs. However, I believe Saturn Squares have some sort of Hagalaz-like element to them, whereas Nauthiz gives the...
  85. Blitzkreig [JG]

    Question #4882: Sun square during pregnancy

    A Sun Square or any health working is a transformational process which can include periods of low energy, so you have to be careful about this. That doesn't mean you cannot do it, but we cannot personally evaluate all the factors in your life to determine if you can handle this without problems...
  86. Blitzkreig [JG]

    Question #4871: love hurts so much

    The same lack of self-esteem which can allow this disrespect is what can also make it difficult to forgive oneself. Life is about learning and growing, so mistakes can happen. However, sometimes people can unknowingly assign blame to themselves for something that was not their fault, or in other...
  87. Blitzkreig [JG]

    Feminists, Incels, MGTOW, GBLTQAI

    Your idea about nonbinary stuff is correct, although it doesn't necessarily mean they are "shamans" or anything. It just has to do with the expression of energies in the soul, masculine or female. The way in which you convey your questions or messages, even if true, can still possibly offend...
  88. Blitzkreig [JG]

    Taking The Blue Pill: About The Time It Will Be Too Late

    Run out of time for what, exactly? If there is an area of your life, soul, body, or mind that you feel is weak and needs attention, you can plan out some actions here that will grow the area, like practicing training exercises, cleaning that chakra, working with associated runes. Look up the...
  89. Blitzkreig [JG]

    Taking The Blue Pill: About The Time It Will Be Too Late

    This statement here is particularly impactful and to me elucidates a more tangible example of this concept. When I read HPS Maxine's original statement, it can create a mental image of someone willingly refusing Satanism, but we also have to remember how many people will be unknowingly and...
  90. Blitzkreig [JG]

    Question #4858: which chakra rules teeth

    Do a normal working and focus on the problem area itself, not necessarily the planet or chakra behind it, which although is related, can also complicate the treatment plan. Normal healing workings are more specific to healing itself, but also can flow into the nadis required. While Saturn may...
  91. Blitzkreig [JG]

    In addition to this, remember to raise and restore one's energy, as this can be very tiring when...

    In addition to this, remember to raise and restore one's energy, as this can be very tiring when done in large amounts. There were times that I had nearly knocked myself asleep by overdoing this and not maintaining my energy properly. Not fun!
  92. Blitzkreig [JG]

    Feeling Overwhelmed in Life? / Accomplishing Goals

    Please everyone take these tips to heart as what HPS Lydia is describing are some of the basic mechanisms of creation of motivation. On the surface they may seem like common sense or simple in comparison to magic, but what is written here is like the mechanics themselves of which your workings...
  93. Blitzkreig [JG]

    Have I been doing things ineffectively, incorrectly?

    We don't necessarily need to pander to random people, whether Nationalists or not. The primary focus is on the Gods and spirituality, not the politics, which comes as a reflection of that. If someone avoids or devalues any spiritual knowledge just over a political opinion (especially of a...
  94. Blitzkreig [JG]

    Question #4856: Selfishness regarding the Gods

    There is a misunderstanding here where you are conflating your past experiences and karma with human society onto the Gods, despite compassion and social integration being upheld at extremely advanced states by the Gods. You have to objectively recognize how your opinions on compassion can be...
  95. Blitzkreig [JG]

    Question #4857: what does satanism say on womanisers

    I don't appreciate the implication of HPS Maxine supports this negativity, however I approved it so you could learn. As others have stated, you are assuming that consent does not apply, when in reality Satanism is about developing this aspect of social behavior, as well as all others, to the...
  96. Blitzkreig [JG]

    Question #4851: Motivation

    Any of the energies of the lower chakras and the planets and runes they are associated with will help you. Saturn/Nauthiz: Creates restraint and discipline Mars/Thurisaz: Pushing force Sun/Sowilo: Ambition/Creative drive Each of these works well in their own right, but also if you work on...
  97. Blitzkreig [JG]


    The enemy built their fictional characters and stories around pre-existing Pagan ones for the purpose of tricking people into believing them. So that can be what is confusing you, as Jesus is painted as some sort of good guy solar god, which tries to supplant the actual Gods in the minds of...
  98. Blitzkreig [JG]

    Have I been doing things ineffectively, incorrectly?

    Personally, I don't post on these other threads you had linked because I don't find them interesting, but that is just me. I like to get to the point with news events and this can limit my own discussions of them. Regarding your editing abilities in these projects, how could you make them...
  99. Blitzkreig [JG]

    Seeking Guidance: Can Interrupted Meditation Still Be Effective?

    Doing something is better than nothing and you will still gain some benefit. As others alluded to, certain meditations or spiritual actions need full focus, however it is my opinion that you can do some smaller and shorter ones with less, such as cleaning or simple empowerment. My advice would...
  100. Blitzkreig [JG]

    Memes deleted

    Yes, although it is not done without consideration that the whole thread will be gone.
  101. Blitzkreig [JG]

    Memes deleted

    When the forum data was transferred over, some sort of translation glitch occurred and resulted in seemingly random deletions that are somewhat associated with justly removed content. If this is found, it can simply be restored as needed. Providing a link of this would be very helpful...
  102. Blitzkreig [JG]

    Passion Is The Key: What Are You Waiting For?

    Some people may assume that what we do is not as valuable as it may actually be. For example, that they are "only" cleaning their aura, or "only" doing the same empowerment meditation, etc. Video games and other more visible activities give us clear feedback which creates a perception of...
  103. Blitzkreig [JG]

    About love / relationships

    Maybe JG VoE said more than directly answering the question, but I don't think he is wrong in his overall concerns nor do I believe he was rude in voicing them, and in some ways he could be obligated to speak his mind. Despite your experience, I had also seen that you had asked a lot of...
  104. Blitzkreig [JG]

    About The Name "Satan" & The General Public

    We start with the people who are open to receive, then this increase in Satanic activity spreads and permeates out into society, creating new people who are open to receive, especially as more souls are incarnated into Satanic families and communities. Therefore, it is only a matter of time...
  105. Blitzkreig [JG]

    Question #4785: Stye Remedy HEALTH

    That doesn't mean one will totally fail at the other's use case necessarily, but it is just about the highest efficiency.
  106. Blitzkreig [JG]

    Question #4828: Sun square affirmation

    Because the mantra itself relates to the Sun Square. That was the reason for saying or focusing on "the energies of the Sun Square", because this is different, although related, to other solar magic. Each mantra within "AUM HRAAM HRIM HRAUM SAU SURYAE NAMA" has its own unique energy, with words...
  107. Blitzkreig [JG]

    Question #4818: Acne at the age of 16

    It can be caused by allergies, but these are exacerbated by a lack of yin energies, such as Venusian energies, which I assume may be disturbed by puberty's androgenic effects. For any minor allergies, I would first look at the body's condition itself, as the body should be able to handle this...
  108. Blitzkreig [JG]

    Question #4825: Sketchy jos freind

    Provide his username so he can be banned.
  109. Blitzkreig [JG]

    Question #4785: Stye Remedy HEALTH

    For health purposes, it appears that these are a function of the spiritual squares, as described by HPS Maxine, whereas material squares are usually for "denser" items, such as career or luxury items. https://joswiki.org/index.php/Satan%27s_Magickal_Squares#Venus_1225
  110. Blitzkreig [JG]

    anything from the astral

    I don't think JG PoJ is misunderstanding anything in the way you may assume, but rather he is talking about probability. He isn't only thinking in spiritual terms, and actually what you have written here shows some of the many meanings to the word spiritual, which can mean "astral-related", but...
  111. Blitzkreig [JG]

    Reminders and Solutions Regarding Workings

    Introduction This is a common topic, but also important, so that is why I felt it should be revisited. Workings are discussed and attempted frequently, but they can create problems that may be especially troubling to new people. Below I wish to give some background info and techniques which can...
  112. Blitzkreig [JG]

    About the change of Satan image on Jos main website

    Our opinion is influenced by our experience and knowledge of the world, so if someone is hypothetically asking you to imagine yourself as an engineer, this means to reflect more deeply on the work involved and factor that into your opinion. If your opinion is putting a high standard on the work...
  113. Blitzkreig [JG]

    About the change of Satan image on Jos main website

    Why? What other limitations do you have for holy art? Are other digital tools off limits besides AI? Is only papyrus allowed for this? Personally I don't see anything wrong with it if the accuracy and other metrics for success are met. Further, as HPHC explained, there was not an immediately...
  114. Blitzkreig [JG]

    Pluton Square

    No offense, but this is a little silly. You might think there is a reward that comes with the risk here, but that is not really the case. If you want to increase the power of your workings, focus on the quality of your soul (its cleanliness and power), as well as your skill as a mage, which the...
  115. Blitzkreig [JG]

    Why is there no more love between humans?

    I agree with this and if I was to add my own perception: Many people do not even try to date due to these reasons of video games, and so on, as although they have some benefits, they are also like a corruption of the 5th house, and therefore ruins social interactions and dating. Many people...
  116. Blitzkreig [JG]

    Is vaping hemp/full spectrum CBD harmful?

    I don't know much about the downsides of CBD in particular, but regardless of this, the Marijuana industry or also Western Medicine may pretend that that plant is the only herbal medicine available, when in reality there are many which can be used for this, such as chamomile. You can research...
  117. Blitzkreig [JG]

    About Iceland

    Yes, I saw, and that is why I replied to him in order to avert some a disaster. From my perception, he is taking out his perceived powerlessness on someone who holds what he deeply covets. Therefore, he should focus on restoring what he believes is missing, in order to avoid such drastic reactions.
  118. Blitzkreig [JG]

    Conversations with snakes

    I approved some of your posts so you would have an opportunity to converse with others and hopefully gain insight and grow, but instead it seems like you are doubling down on your delusions. As others took the time out of their day to explain to you, most of these thoughts you are having are not...
  119. Blitzkreig [JG]

    Updates: New JoS Guardian, JoS Donors System, Site Updates, Outreach etc

    Congrats to everyone listed here, and also to those who may not be directly listed, yet still support the community. All of this is laying the groundwork for victorious expansion to follow.
  120. Blitzkreig [JG]

    About Iceland

    The Mediterranean sub-race, as well as all other races, are valid in their own right. The phenotypes correlate with the elemental nature, which reflects in predisposed skills. For example, Mediterraneans are stereotyped as more fun and loving, whereas Nordics are more cold. Whether true or not...
  121. Blitzkreig [JG]

    Conversations with snakes

    Just that is it not likely or reasonable to be having these 24/7, multi-way conversations, with multiple Gods, including some of the other things you stated, like that the Gods had cursed you, or that you will be on Mount Olympus with the Gods and you foresaw this for another SS, too, and so on...
  122. Blitzkreig [JG]

    Question #4677: Space travel/ Fractions/Enemies

    The other comment of yours was deleted alongside that thread because it talks about a person who we shouldn't give attention to. This is standard practice in all of these cases. Regarding your other comments here, they were deleted because they were false allegations. However, I reply publicly...
  123. Blitzkreig [JG]

    Question #4677: Space travel/ Fractions/Enemies

    This is within the normal time frame and nothing specific to you, as discussed before. There can be tens of comments after a few hours, for example, and modding is not done 24/7, but rather when a moderator fits in the time to process the queue.
  124. Blitzkreig [JG]


    Ok, I understand. However, you can still fix this through normal medicine. Sometimes spiritual solutions are hard, especially if we are troubled and cannot concentrate on our work. Although you described some trouble with the doctors before, I still think this is your best option, alongside...
  125. Blitzkreig [JG]


    Do you have schizophrenia? This can cause you to feel overly sensitive to the enemy, including having these strange thoughts. It can also make your magic difficult because it changes your perceptions of reality. This can explain why you were having problems. If this is the case, you first need...
  126. Blitzkreig [JG]


    It would be easier to establish control of yourself, and/or protecting yourself from the enemy, then it would be to somehow put yourself into a dream. Also, I have concerns about your mental health which may be leading you to these conclusions.
  127. Blitzkreig [JG]

    Porn use and what is making me go back constantly?

    Use Munka as a freeing working to remove this. Combine this with workings like with Kenaz to improve and restore the sex life with your partner. This can be done even on a temporary basis, like if you use red energy on her to incite arousal. Make sure you have her consent for this; it can...
  128. Blitzkreig [JG]

    Question #4712: Ideas/more money spells

    Each type of money working does something different. If you are stuck on the idea phase of this, then I would instead look at runes which give insight, drive, or a mixture of both, like Dagaz, Kenaz, or Raidho, and so on. In this case, it sounds like you want to work from home on your own...
  129. Blitzkreig [JG]

    Spiritual Support Thread - Never Give Up!

    If you are new then not having a sensitivity to energy is normal. Having some sort of paranormal experience where the lights blow out is not. The testimonials are by people who have practiced for years, or in past lives, and so on. This is why new people are encouraged to focus on building up...
  130. Blitzkreig [JG]

    Question #4753: Can negative feelings get chanelled into square

    While it is not good to be in this state, your willpower and outlook also matter here. I have done spiritual work when upset or frustrated about something, but I never assumed the outcome would be negative because I felt like I focused well enough on the outcome. If you are this fearful, you...
  131. Blitzkreig [JG]

    What shoud I give in return?

    Hello, these articles may be of use to you: https://joswiki.org/index.php/Omni:What_do_the_gods_like_as_gifts%3F#Satanic_Thanksgiving_Ritual https://joswiki.org/index.php/Omni:How_to_talk_to_the_Gods%3F#How_To_Interpret_&_Understand_The_Messages_Of_The_Gods
  132. Blitzkreig [JG]

    How to deal with intense emotions and flashes

    I would agree that you shouldn't ignore them, but rather try to reflect and process. With a journal, you can catalogue and analyze your feelings and understand on a better level why you feel a certain way. Sometimes this is enough to calm down on your own, but other times you may realize you...
  133. Blitzkreig [JG]

    Hi I need help

    Please be very careful with these kinds of things and remove any other indicators of this if you have them. I think your best bet would be to wait for it to smooth over and pretend you didn't really know what you were doing. Unfortunately, it is true that we cannot be ourselves in this way, and...
  134. Blitzkreig [JG]

    Relationships with demons and earthly partners.

    HPHC explained why in the links you had posted. The argument isn't whether that Succubi do not exist or not for SS, but about the reality of interaction itself. For example, if Uerteru had said that he asked for a succubus and felt a feeling of love, then this is more believable than if he had...
  135. Blitzkreig [JG]

    Question #4708: Fear

    As we advance, we grow in confidence, rather than the other way around. What you were doing is actually good, as HPS Lydia described, as you gained experience and competency. This is how we resolve our fears by conquering them. Instead of stopping, keep trying until the experience doesn't bother...
  136. Blitzkreig [JG]

    Spiritual Support Thread - Never Give Up!

    You can try venting in private, like as you do now. Pretend you are writing a letter to them and use this to unleash your anger. I would look online for more solutions to this. The reality about raging at people though, is that often times they will just ignore or block this. So it doesn't...
  137. Blitzkreig [JG]


    Brother, how do you know that this woman is even interested in you as a romantic partner? Remember that you paid her for her time and attention, so it is normal for her to be nice to you as her customer. That doesn't mean she wants to be your girlfriend, necessarily. Further, how are you going...
  138. Blitzkreig [JG]

    not to be reincarnated

    This can be treated, especially if you are spiritually capable, but even through conventional therapy and exercise. Such pain can come either from a past life or this life. Speaking very generally, a loss of happiness or excitement is associated with a lack of the fire element. We know that...
  139. Blitzkreig [JG]

    Diabetes and my near death experience

    I hope you are doing better and are in a position where you can take action against any health symptoms. Please book an appointment with Centralforce so you can gain some options to balance your health before it gets this bad. For example, the Kidney 3 acupoint is one point known to help...
  140. Blitzkreig [JG]

    Egyptian god sobek

    Please be aware how our own soul can project or incorrectly interpret what we may be trying to sense. We know from the Clergy that the entity of Sobek is not an enemy reptilian, but rather a God of Satan. Always use the provided sigils when you are interacting with the Gods for maximum safety.
  141. Blitzkreig [JG]

    I have recurring dreams about a girl I know.

    https://joswiki.org/index.php/Runes#ISA You can use this rune to calm passionate feelings and make it easier to stop. Although there may be synastry and other existing connections which may amplify feelings towards one another, at least you have one tool here to control the situation.
  142. Blitzkreig [JG]

    Group & Teamwork First: How The Gods Work With Us

    Many people have never had a proper organization or family to belong to, therefore this concept can be foreign to them. We can look around and see how some jobs treat you like a slave, rather than a valuable part of their operation. If someone attempts to only stay on their own, I believe...
  143. Blitzkreig [JG]

    Life Long Suffering. Looking for a solution.

    And what were the results of your workings? Even though these major problems can take time to fully fix, there should be incremental progress. I wouldn't say nothing has happened. Sometimes the conditions of the situation can strain one's energy, despite of if you have better health than...
  144. Blitzkreig [JG]

    I have recurring dreams about a girl I know.

    If he is doing magic to create strong romantic bonds on someone who he knows is married with someone else, without permission of either the wife or husband, or based on another way to judge the intentions of the people being influenced, then that would be unethical because it goes against their...
  145. Blitzkreig [JG]

    I have recurring dreams about a girl I know.

    I know you already know there are ethical problems with this, however you also have to calm yourself down here. Framing this as "irresistible, shameful" and so on are on Plutonic themes that can create or fuel a sense of powerlessness. You have to remind yourself that the intensity is strong...
  146. Blitzkreig [JG]

    Spiritual Support Thread - Never Give Up!

    The relationship between you and Satan should be thought of as like teacher and student. Some situations require you to try on your own, as the stress of them is what will help you grow. Although they may feel bad, they are not actually as out of control as they may seem. Furthermore, the Gods...
  147. Blitzkreig [JG]

    Artificial Intelligence: Thinking Positive & Without Fear

    I think many people still only understand AI within the scope of just Chatbots, which itself can be powerful, especially if they are specialized, however I think the full potential comes when it is paired with a variety of different systems, like integration with tools, robots, voice/visual...
  148. Blitzkreig [JG]

    About manifesting a car from my parents

    If I can assume on the behalf of others, probably because it contained personal info, as well as professing that we should do illegal things.
  149. Blitzkreig [JG]

    Question #4737: Weird beliefs

    Yes, you should be worried about your friend, because these are the types of things you tell someone if you want to sabotage them, not help them. As he is your friend, I personally believe you are obligated to try to help him here, but you can only do so much if he starts resisting. Most of...
  150. Blitzkreig [JG]

    Spiritual Support Thread - Never Give Up!

    Everyone starts with their own strengths and weaknesses of the soul. You cannot compare yourself with a person that was destined to be a High Priest. The sensitivity to the Gods, energy, and our own souls develops over time, not instantly. It is not the Gods which are the limit in regards to...
  151. Blitzkreig [JG]

    Your Relation With The Gods & Communicating Properly

    People need to understand that HPHC is not being rude when he corrects and guides us on these matters, nor are the Gods "withholding" things, or any of these reasons of which people may become upset. The elements of Saturn and hierarchy that both HPHC and the Gods are instructing us here are...
  152. Blitzkreig [JG]

    Why is prophet Muhammad such a whore And might christ be a child of a whore?

    I believe some of these stories about Jesus are not literal, but just copies of Pagan myths, like that of Isis and the baby Horus, rather than "mother mary". So it is not as simple as just the characters involved being promiscuous, but rather that they were stealing and corrupting Satanic...
  153. Blitzkreig [JG]

    About manifesting a car from my parents

    Nobody likes working, but that isn't an excuse for your actions hurting other people or causing other problems. That is usually why it was made illegal, because it is immoral. If someone was making money off your suffering, you and your family would be extremely upset, so how can you do the...
  154. Blitzkreig [JG]

    About manifesting a car from my parents

    In most cases you are just setting yourself up for failure here, as you can get caught and face a larger punishment than what you gained. If you go to jail this will be a mark on your record and could ruin future opportunities for you. Further, you make yourself look immature or unstable to the...
  155. Blitzkreig [JG]

    Question #4694: Pay attention to this, should we be worried? Brazilian Jew with great influence throughout Latin America

    There is really no reason to concern yourself with these random people, no feel worried about them or anything. The manner in which you are reported these facts appears to me almost as if you partially believe it or something. However, what this guy says are just ramblings relative to what you...
  156. Blitzkreig [JG]

    Question #4702: No Structure

    Nauthiz is the rune most directly connected to work and discipline, like applying your energies towards what needs to be done. This can be used on an immediate basis, but also as part of a long-term working, such as started on this upcoming Virgo or next month's Capricorn Esbat moon. Further...
  157. Blitzkreig [JG]

    Does raising your bioelectricity cure mental illnesses?

    Depression is linked more to feelings of lack of capability, lack of power, unable to see a way forward, etc, so in this sense more bio-electricity helps. However, your other disorders are more related to your perceptions and feelings, as well as energy balance. You would want to focus more on...
  158. Blitzkreig [JG]

    About manifesting a car from my parents

    While Fehu and Sowilo broadly relate to empowerment or an increasing in personal power and wealth, Gebo rules gifting, as this makes you an "attractive recipient" in a sense. Further, Berkano relates to the family and nurturing, and can be used if your family doesn't normally support you, or...
  159. Blitzkreig [JG]

    When registering, I wrote my date of birth, where can I find out my astrological data with a transcript?

    Keep your natal information private, as this is like a map of your soul. You can use https://ask-satan.net/ to ask specific questions about your chart.
  160. Blitzkreig [JG]

    Question #4691: I feel a connection to reptiles.

    Even the Gods wouldn't make you feel safe with only one person. The enemy is using that feeling to create isolation on purpose, similar to how even abused people feel strange feelings of safety or other positive feelings towards their attackers. Deep bonds can always be recreated with others...
  161. Blitzkreig [JG]

    The Grand Ritual [Schedule Concluded]

    Even without knowing the full depth of the mantras (of which we can always learn more), intent is still supplied by the affirmation. You don't necessarily need to know the metal of a tool just to swing it.
  162. Blitzkreig [JG]

    Question #4386: Autoandrophile

    Isn't the generative aspect of sexuality what would lead to her building positive expressions of masculinity. I agree that she needs to practice this, but I am not sure if she actually needs to de-sexualize this, so to speak. In other words, couldn't she focus her sexual desires into sex magic...
  163. Blitzkreig [JG]

    Question #4682: Mental and Spiritual burnout

    You could be falsely applying onto the Gods the same feelings of resentment or anger which you may have experienced towards humans in your past, even a past life. Just as a further assumption, as you mention not feeling supported, this could be a Moon problem, which deals with feelings of...
  164. Blitzkreig [JG]

    Question #4685: hello again guys

    At the end of the day, if he treated you poorly, then you were correct to pressure him in some sense, even break up if necessary. Some force is needed as otherwise people will take advantage of you or may even not know what you feel. Personally, I believe you should text for an apology because...
  165. Blitzkreig [JG]

    Question #4690: Intrusive disrespectful thoughts

    I've had this before and it is not a big deal in the sense that it is just an errant thought. By nature, some people have more active or aggressive thoughts, but as you yourself know this is not reflective of the entirety of your feelings. It is better to relax and not freak out; instead focus...
  166. Blitzkreig [JG]

    Moderation problem

    There is no problem here, as like I said you would've already been informed if there was. No, the moderators, including myself, do not take 2 hours to decide. Instead, we may be working on something else, or even eating and sleeping, then we return and check the forums and clear the queue. We...
  167. Blitzkreig [JG]

    Important Notice: Members Allowed to Apply

    Hello. I cannot speak on behalf of JG NP as he decides who is suitable here. However, from the words of HPHC earlier in the thread, this is specific to online warfare, which can be very communication heavy and therefore not suitable for everyone. However, there are other ways to prove your...
  168. Blitzkreig [JG]

    Moderation problem

    This is not personal. Your messages go into a queue and they are approved in order alongside everyone else, which may explain why you see others' messages going up before yours. If there was a problem with your post, it would either be deleted or edited and usually you would receive a message...
  169. Blitzkreig [JG]

    Important Notice: Members Allowed to Apply

    I am sorry to tell you this, but you are not a God or Lucifer. You are human like me, and we are both on the path of spiritual advancement. One day we will be Gods, but for now we must be realistic about our current situation. What sort of meditations are you practicing? Have you completed the...
  170. Blitzkreig [JG]

    Important Notice: Members Allowed to Apply

    In our beliefs, Lucifer is our God and the God of all Gods, even. Therefore, we do not claim that our own identity is Lucifer. Similarly, we don't associate with Christian or Jewish beliefs, like replacing Satan's name with Samael or associating with the "angels" they have created. We follow the...
  171. Blitzkreig [JG]

    Ancient Romanian Culture?

    Please try to study satanisgod.org a bit so you can understand our beliefs, as there is some confusion here. For example, on the question of "What is Satanism?" Please read the following collection of articles by our Clergy: https://joswiki.org/index.php/Omni:What_is_Satanism%3F#Joy_of_Satan...
  172. Blitzkreig [JG]


    Try the acupoint called GB 20:
  173. Blitzkreig [JG]

    I need guidance on how to help my mother.

    There is only so much you can do to help her without sacrificing too much of your own energy. I would tell her to look into therapy, like for PTSD or other emotional issues. If she is willing, there are resources online for this.
  174. Blitzkreig [JG]

    Question #4642: Plan B recovery or another option.

    In all cases of medicines and supplements you have to weigh the odds. I would hope the Plan B's impact on health is less than the impact caused by an unplanned pregnancy, as therefore it would be worth it. If she is doing things to raise her energy, like hatha yoga, then this will help offset...
  175. Blitzkreig [JG]

    I need guidance on how to help my mother.

    Berkano for calmness, both physical or emotional, through its lunar association. Waking up during sleep can indicate that her emotional processing is disturbed, as normally this is the time the body reflects and recharges. This would be hindered if she has a high "backlog" of things to process...
  176. Blitzkreig [JG]

    Question #4650: What does it mean to have an 8th house stellium?

    The fact that you have a craving here to me looks like you have the correct "seeds" of these placements which would drive mastery to manifest over time. You have to look at the specific placements of Water signs and planets to see spiritual activity. There is a big difference between having...
  177. Blitzkreig [JG]

    Question #4665: Mental health working?

    The working itself is a continuous process and transformation, but magick works based on the principle of realization. Therefore you raise and direct the energy, affirming it has healed you. The visualizations of this can show the process, but the end goal should be feeling and focusing on what...
  178. Blitzkreig [JG]

    not to be reincarnated

    Yes, life is for everyone. It is not fair or right for you to have to undergo the suffering which has resulted in your current mindset, but that doesn't define the entirety of life. Some hope is needed here, as well as understanding that we are building a more positive reality for ourselves...
  179. Blitzkreig [JG]

    How efficient is RTR? Can it be practiced by non-Satanist?

    Satanism is not about worship in the traditional context. Just to speak very broadly, the Gods wish to develop us as our own powerful souls, because this gives them powerful allies. It is reciprocal in this way. Some may ask why this must occur if the Gods are so powerful, but the answer to that...
  180. Blitzkreig [JG]

    How efficient is RTR? Can it be practiced by non-Satanist?

    Another complementary point is to remember that the Rabbis themselves also use spiritual warfare and declare it is the conflict or action which precedes physical warfare. It is not like the FRTR's were created based on nothing, you can read the relevant Biblical or Torah passages which state...
  181. Blitzkreig [JG]

    Doubt & Disbelief: Spiritual Satanism

    To add to this, and as described by the exercise analogy given by HPHC, we build ourselves up over time, but also by purposefully starting small, as otherwise this can destroy motivation. The beginner meditation exercises are designed to help new people receive feedback and validation with their...
  182. Blitzkreig [JG]

    Question #4462: Satan

    Another thing that may seem obvious but is actually relevant is the fact that Satan and our Gods are the entities that are most similar to us and also most likely to help us. Similar to how HPHC described the development cycle of another species, even if we found a "highly advanced" frog-like...
  183. Blitzkreig [JG]

    How efficient is RTR? Can it be practiced by non-Satanist?

    Reality is like a matrix or sea of different energies, both spiritual and material, which can produce a variety of outcomes. In this case, the RTR created or supported the conditions which lead the opponents of Israel to having greater success over them, both seen or unseen. Maybe the ongoing...
  184. Blitzkreig [JG]

    How efficient is RTR? Can it be practiced by non-Satanist?

    Hellenic SS gave a more comprehensive answer here, although your initial idea was pretty much accurate. All energy can be created and countered, and this is seen even with our own runes, as we can chant Fehu or its opposite. The FRTR is a broad reversal, whereas the others are specific to...
  185. Blitzkreig [JG]

    How efficient is RTR? Can it be practiced by non-Satanist?

    Who said that we do not understand how it works, or that it is not guaranteed? HPS Maxine was personally instructed and guided by the Gods in the research and motivation behind the RTR's. Further, any magick is enforced by your own will as the operator, whether you are performing the RTR or any...
  186. Blitzkreig [JG]

    Question #4647: square affirmations

    No; affirmation count is not an essential aspect of the working, although still meaningful. Please read: https://joswiki.org/index.php/Omni:How_do_I_use_planetary_Squares%3F#Some_Questions_About_Planetary_Squares_Answered
  187. Blitzkreig [JG]

    I have a problem

    Feeling a lack of achievement, feeling low motivation and vitality, and feeling fear pertaining to failing are all solar related problems, as far as my perception goes. Discipline will help prevent this, but so will proper motivation from the solar aspect of us. In reality, you are advancing...
  188. Blitzkreig [JG]

    Concentration issues & trouble with trance

    This is normal if you are both new, and/or if your soul's disposition is more yang-oriented. The important part here is to practice, not necessarily get upset at where you think you should be. By feeling like a disappointment you are eroding your sense of value through the unrealistic...
  189. Blitzkreig [JG]

    Whispering affirmations

    I looked back and saw what he said. It is a little unclear what he means by that, but I think you are fine because you said you got all the syllables correct. I assume he means like if you mess up what you are affirming. He had also talked above that about "muffling" the mantra, which I believe...
  190. Blitzkreig [JG]

    Whispering affirmations

    The affirmation is only a guide for directing your will. What matters more is the the intent which you were impressing upon reality, not just reading the affirmation. Therefore, I think you are fine. It is only when people forgo the affirmation and intend a different result that this can cause...
  191. Blitzkreig [JG]

    Question #4610: upcoming venus square

    Look at Libra and Taurus. On a surface level, Libra is neutralizing and Taurus is formative. Within the body, this can be seen through a reduction in inflammation, therefore reduced redness in the skin and dryness (alongside liquid from the moon). Through Taurus, we see the formative aspect...
  192. Blitzkreig [JG]


    Here is a strong AOP to help with that, in addition to what others have already said: https://ancient-forums.com/index.php?threads/warfare-specific-aop-updated.77900/#post-388765 Furthermore, you can direct a 3x FRTR at yourself, then clean yourself after with solar energy. Do this with the...
  193. Blitzkreig [JG]

    It seems that my account is in trouble.

    The limit is actually 30, not 100. I just checked with JG AA.
  194. Blitzkreig [JG]

    Demoness Unsere

    Thank you for clarifying it for me.
  195. Blitzkreig [JG]

    Demoness Unsere

    https://joswiki.org/index.php/Gods_S_-_Z#SEERE See the list of Gods here, as well as their sigils. Yes, Seere is a God and listed as a man. Prince of Hell is a title within the realm of the Gods; they aren't exclusive concepts.
  196. Blitzkreig [JG]

    Demoness Unsere

    Brother, our relationships with the Gods are personal. Even if it is hard for you to communicate, you can still voice your questions to the Sigils of the Gods. Connect with their energy and feel them to build a relationship and sense of them. There is no reason to go through other people...
  197. Blitzkreig [JG]

    Thoughts On Magick And Getting What You Want

    One of the most important concept people must understand is that the magic we do is a transformation. Although our will must function through the concept of immediately impressing upon reality our wishes, the manifestations themselves can take time to unfold. For example, you do a working for...
  198. Blitzkreig [JG]

    How To Control Addictions, Passions, Animal Drives

    I think what HP has said is broad advice to make people aware that big problems can require big effort, but the exact nature of the timing is subjective to the problem, your own power, and the scope of the working itself. Some of these specifics should therefore really only be asked to one's GD...
  199. Blitzkreig [JG]

    Is this a sound strategy?

    I would disagree on this, especially if this is your "life strategy", which sounds like you would spend years in one phase. In reality each of these "phases" support the other and are needed together. To effectively do anything, you need power, but to have stable power you must clean and...

Al Jilwah: Chapter IV

"It is my desire that all my followers unite in a bond of unity, lest those who are without prevail against them." - Satan