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  1. ZaZaz

    Mars, Phaeton And Earth

    What has Father, the Progenitor told the priest hood about this matter? More given extreme nature of this it might be wise to point out the capabilities in proficiency manifesting functional ships our side has as well. Star wars deathstars aside. :oops: The more evolved ones have not abandoned...
  2. ZaZaz

    Mudras needed for Astaroth's 8 fold path ''On topic: ''Satan and his Daemons;; inc ofc ''Lady Astaroth's teachings''

    I thank him and you, one wonders why this has not been copy pasted into the 8 fold path section off Library. :o
  3. ZaZaz

    California's de-criminaliziation of petty theft Disaster

    So King Piccaolo was taken over California? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=u_LvwrBytVI
  4. ZaZaz

    Mudras needed for Astaroth's 8 fold path ''On topic: ''Satan and his Daemons;; inc ofc ''Lady Astaroth's teachings''

    Need Daemonic Mudras: Hands signs, to use with the Mantras of the 8 fold path such as with Satanama, Satanas and Astaroth's name herself has a Mantra.
  5. ZaZaz

    Repost on How the Jews Use Nuclear War to Destroy Planets They Fail to Take Control Of

    A esoterically defeated enemy with alot of money and resources, back to the wall. Scary, but not unbeatable. Well say they are denied occult power amplification...maybe further esoteric curses are needed, and I believe its not just them, ''makes not tactical sense'' there are traitors ''without...
  6. ZaZaz

    Complete SS Calendar for 2020

    Thank you, most contextually astrologically useful.
  7. ZaZaz

    UK: NHS Denying Healthcare to People Deemed "Racist or Sexist"

    In my statement of opinion I would ask: So now they are trying to essentially ''let them die'' that differ from there politics. In other words are they using a a loop hole or technicality, to misapply laws? With perhaps, the real pragmatic result of possible deaths over thoughts and ideas...
  8. ZaZaz

    Upholding The White Race - Abolishing White Guilt

    I first heard this concept mentioned on an episode of a sitcom called: third rock from the sun years ago, it was so ludicrous I felt distaste, disgust and gave way to uncontrollable laughter, the concept is simply one of the stupidest things I ever heard. Never mind that its not justified...
  9. ZaZaz

    Ten Thousand Camels to be Killed in Australia by their Government

    I quote: The sleep of reason breeds monsters. This seems apt.
  10. ZaZaz

    Satanic Attitude/priorities/Loyalties...what it all means to me.

    I am...as I intend to give spiritual aid/how could I not in alignment? Yes Training is vital, so is self-interaction. Hail Satan, Hail Father!
  11. ZaZaz

    Is isochronic tones and binaural beats safe?

    It aids in it 3 ways, and causes some effect. Vibration and structure. I am still studying this are also right about it helping imagination ie visualization and creative thinking. One of the above mentioned 3 ways it helps.
  12. ZaZaz

    Is isochronic tones and binaural beats safe?

    I thought I saw it recommend ''in library'' by HP Maxine, or some HP.... then I remembered the music, from the Omen, and a rpg Video game called Phantasmagoria, I read something in the libary here so got a copy. I think it said Demons manifested when it was being composed. Its Ironic when JOS...
  13. ZaZaz

    Ten Thousand Camels to be Killed in Australia by their Government

    Its disgusting, so called good people, feel they need to cut down every tree, ''usually dog, not cat people, silly to point out here but true'' kill every living thing, just because its there. Why are many human beings hostile to any living thing on the whole? What glaring flaw of primate...
  14. ZaZaz

    Delusions, Detachment and Reality

    Sympathy is necessary in acknowledgment aspects of reality, ''things are linked'' for existing in the world, empathy can be mental and spiritual suicide, just as quickly as lack of sympathy. If others look at you and see nothing there for them. They wont just turn away if they are close to you...
  15. ZaZaz

    Satanic Attitude/priorities/Loyalties...what it all means to me.

    I have reasons to say certain things, and others are simple statements of pleasure, all energy subtly effects everything else concerned. Think of it as a creative Hail Satan. Speaking of vibes and bad thoughts: Your not always speaking to a God with every word you say. (Though the...
  16. ZaZaz

    Satanic Attitude/priorities/Loyalties...what it all means to me.

    Infiltrator and deluded? Nether one, a public declaration of loyalty to Satan, who I view as my Ancestral genetic Father ect, ect... its a fact by any of his names/titles... also in other ways IE spiritually. I am proud of this. I have no other motivation here. As for my words it depends on the...
  17. ZaZaz

    Satanic Attitude/priorities/Loyalties...what it all means to me.

    Its called an ''text rant'' outburst of annoyance, at too much silliness, and on a bad day.
  18. ZaZaz

    Is isochronic tones and binaural beats safe?

    Obviously not, or I wouldn't listen nor advise others likewise.
  19. ZaZaz

    Run an advert ad in fate Magzine and the like?

    Print media also, Occult/esoteric mags?!
  20. ZaZaz

    Run an advert ad in fate Magzine and the like?

    Run an advert ad in fate Magazine. its cheap and you could get them to interview HP probably. Also I cold look for a list of similar and e zines? Thoughts?
  21. ZaZaz

    A little help getting started

    https://www.satanslibrary.org/ it should be located in here.
  22. ZaZaz

    Succubus, a warning.

    If that is you in your siggie, then have fun! You're a fool for identifying yourself. Also spelling things backwards reverses it and gives the opposite meaning, and spelling Satan backwards is also highly blasphemous. For the first one, I am not afraid of anyone identifying me. I am a Satanist...
  23. ZaZaz

    Experience from High Priests

    Muses: I could tell from the first time I heard that she was the real thing, I would be fascinated to hear her voice now and how its changed by how shes changed in her spiritual evolution?. Is she by any chance connected to the woman who did the audio version of the black book, that voice was...
  24. ZaZaz

    Satanic Attitude/priorities/Loyalties...what it all means to me.

    I was relating a story I heard from an occult friend, I am not deluded. Please change my screen name, it could be eldrich tree for all of me. I have not read the entire Xian bible and really just made it up. Freak coincidence. I do have blond hair and blue eyes, want me to lie and say I don't? I...
  25. ZaZaz


    Its the laws they would pass after that should worry one the most, if they found a way to a convolution to support a odd hybridization of fake ultra right-communism with PC elements tossed in here and there....well, the country would be a mess, laws build on laws. Might take a bit though, and...
  26. ZaZaz

    Experience from High Priests

    How much for a consultation and adversary session with Maxine.about my life and occult projects. Astrology and advice, answer a few mailed in questions? 100-500, donation? I don't know if she dose readings anymore or ever offered advice, but I respect her skill also.No Email or pm system to ask...
  27. ZaZaz

    On the Third Reich and Satanism

    I posted that to second the High priestess Maxine's warning to stay safe and keep the JOS safe so focusing on Satan one would act only with Sorcery and stay out of enemy hands, it was from the mind and heart, not a distraction.Much spiritual truth of a practical occult nature is being reviled...
  28. ZaZaz

    Is this forum only for Nordic blondes or for anyone with white skin?

    All I know not speaking to politics, at all but my circumstances of birth I am Nordic, and damn proud but this is because my ancestral God ''my progenitor, my father, is also Blond hair blue eyes. Its natural for me to take pride in this. This is about That. No other context. Honest love and...
  29. ZaZaz

    Is isochronic tones and binaural beats safe?

    King Diamond is a musician, he dose Satanic rock Opera. Carmina is a famous piece of classical music that is pleasing To Daemon and man for good reason. Do my best writing when playing it.
  30. ZaZaz

    Succubus, a warning.

    I made that name up from A-z a to to then z to a to Z of the top of my head, I am of Nordic descent and take pride in the resonance to father, should have chosen a better screen name. If you only knew. I give all here connected energy to aid the all the time. I am warn some here much as HP dose...
  31. ZaZaz

    Is this forum only for Nordic blondes or for anyone with white skin?

    He has blond hair and blue eyes this resonates with father. Clarification is sought by me as to the intended ''public'' meaning, what is trying to be said, in what sense?
  32. ZaZaz

    Psychiatry & The "Thought Police"

    The others, the [esoteric] aside can no longer be trusted to teach and ''any'' in the piratical manners of there tribes, purely. The universities teach no knowledge but chaos and subversion of the mind and of self under any system or tribe. *Genetics* truth' pragmatism logic, history. No...
  33. ZaZaz

    Satanic Attitude/priorities/Loyalties...what it all means to me.

    My first loyalty as one with my loyalty to self and personal evolution is to The progenitor, my father, the Daemonic world. Secondly to that of him that is in men and women seeking and in resonance and evolution by directly proxy of the first. Thirdly to the beautiful things inspired from this...
  34. ZaZaz

    OH MY!!!

    I second third and forth this in my Opinion...Shes a wise Priestess, listen to her and Others...mind and sorcery is key, in evolution....play into none of there propaganda. Do not undermine Fathers work by doing so. Nor incite others into physical violence. Don't be teased into it, not even by...
  35. ZaZaz

    Is isochronic tones and binaural beats safe?

    Listen to King Diamond, Carmina and the like fore awesome occult effect on your mind, its structured like a formula to effect the brain in a satanic way, with the tones, variances, crescendos and downward spirals, the tensions and modulating dissidence. Its not so much what being said or...
  36. ZaZaz

    On the Third Reich and Satanism

    I think the focus should be on Satanism, as it is. People associate TR with nostalgia, and old forms, or worse violent actions out side of magic. This is not true of Spiritual Satanism. Satanama-Darma should be the focus without abandoning valid points related to TR from an occult point of...
  37. ZaZaz

    Succubus, a warning.

    Another Waring is you can anger them without meaning to, they fully manifest once so you can see them like any other but if your confused and screw it up, lead a fantasy life, they may be confused or angered. Its sad and troubling. One mistake when they first come one slip and they are...
  38. ZaZaz

    OH MY!!!

    In essence if you know the truth of what is being said here (support the effects of communism) and still support it by intent and from the heart as a processes in itself....If you like living in a world where these effects are present wallowing in it like a pig in, well you know, then this...
  39. ZaZaz

    Dealing With Astral Entities: Immortality Of The Soul

    Also: With a simple man or woman without much mental substance likewise or with so much there response is easy to stir by holding it in your mind. Perhaps, that is the real vitality to these delusions about someone being with you at heart. ''Beyond the platitudes and justification''. Why do...
  40. ZaZaz

    Infiltration And Negative Advocacy

    Mental distinctions are vital but only when they reflect reality, gender is real, and everything is a construct, what of it? Gender, sex and quantum physics, and desks and airplanes. All constructs. A true transformation cannot occur without at least a metaphorically indicative death that...
  41. ZaZaz

    Satan And Lilith Head God and Goddess Of Japan

    This is why it has been ''mostly'' a culture of beauty such as there anime, and classic art. A unique variation. Everything inspired to be. Its why its naturally treasured by those off good taste in a personalized contextual way, based on there nature, and who they are. Why others seek to...
  42. ZaZaz

    I'm mixed race and I'm against race mixing

    This is very wise, it is good to see people that understand. Care about themselves, and can be contextually objective, it shows basic sanity. Some black people for example don't get that they also are just getting bread out and that all minority are simply being used and destroyed. See: Gay...
  43. ZaZaz

    Pro-White Books Disappearing from Amazon's Shelves

    In essence if One is possessed of the same communist beliefs sufficiently corrupted, there are two ways to go about it and really its the same thing. It is against the original plan of the founding fathers of the west, it brings a nation or a people down from within without overt war. There is...
  44. ZaZaz

    Is there a reason to like Russia?

    Ivan Drago in rocky. What he hits he destroys. Also his wife if she would fix her hair so she would be more evocative....still wow.
  45. ZaZaz

    Is this forum only for Nordic blondes or for anyone with white skin?

    It dose with a special type of woman, they are in my experience relatively tall 5,9 to 6 feet, ''some are not yet they look drawn out as if they are proportionate but should be tall.... yet delicate, buxom yet angular features, small waists impressive hips a bit fox-fey like ''slightly pointy...
  46. ZaZaz

    white mixing awareness photo for online warfare.

    Self defense by speaking against the scorn and racism against whites, and those who wish a real marriage of commitment and of the same race and to produce the correct children is not evil. It is a genetic imperative a Luciferian virtue in action as well as self defense of right to preference...
  47. ZaZaz

    Where is any proof that Satan made nonwhites?

    I think that everything is in a sense as this applies an evolutionary mechanism and this is behind many actions and prefrences, it just is. So from that point of view my blood tells me from instinctual desire evolved level ''aside from varations listed: 1. White female A.Blond hair blue eyes...
  48. ZaZaz

    How To Achieve Your Satanic Goals - New Year Gift

    Well written, Esoterically one can become damned confused however, within there mind and heart, miscommunication happens as your balls bounce of the wall to reach there target ''eventually'' However that deaf dumb and blind kid, dose indeed, play a mean pinball....and others can too. It dose...
  49. ZaZaz

    Jews Are Good People You Said? Let's Examine.

    Genetic racial memory from a former war causes an upsurge of hatred for a specialized branch of a bloodline, people maybe confused because except for self conditioning this dose not always trigger in a blanket sense, because some of them don't have ''that'' whatever it is, power, it also shows...
  50. ZaZaz

    Coming To The Singularity

    Wild idea: The answer is to micro chip ourselves, do the same thing but maintain exclusivity ''based on the inviolability of anyone else to use it as it would be accurately painful, ''like brain hemorrhage painful'' on the technology based on a differently configured technology....the legion...
  51. ZaZaz

    Pro-White Books Disappearing from Amazon's Shelves

    Ironically given what they profess to believe, anti-white racism, sexist anti-male, and attempted socially enforced mixed mating, (forcing preference) like arranged mating is an issue. More over Imprinting of homosexuality ''more truly bisexuality/transgender on children in the years where...

Al Jilwah: Chapter IV

"It is my desire that all my followers unite in a bond of unity, lest those who are without prevail against them." - Satan