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  1. Sigourney

    NEW GOD RITUALS LIVE: Lilith, Anubis, Furfur

    I wanted to add to the description about Furfur posted by Arcadia. I just found when reading about alchemy that the fleeing or flying hart is one of the many symbols of alchemical mercury(spiritual energy) goal of an alchemist being to make fixed or permanent. If the soul can be likened to...
  2. Sigourney

    About The Name "Satan" & The General Public

    I was about to say this, but you did touch upon it briefly, that accepting being lumped in with the two most reviled groups in the world (Satanists and nazis) is like a modern form of initiation. That is, to proove that you're actually serious about advancing and willing to make dire sacrifices.
  3. Sigourney

    Question #4806: Mixed relationship

    I don't know why the other posts are telling you no. A very large percentage of American blacks have already have white admixtures, so I don't believe starting a relationship ship will really do any harm that hasn't already been done. If you are happy together it should benefit you. You both...
  4. Sigourney

    Inanna's descent into the underworld

    Yeah, fuck you, too.
  5. Sigourney

    Question #4809: Why is negativity more powerful than positivity?

    Of course it's going to be more powerful, because it has been extant and building up for a long period of time, maybe hundreds of years compared to a 40 day working.
  6. Sigourney

    Inanna's descent into the underworld

    (I misread your post and thought you were talking to me when you were talking to existential crisis. Oops. So, I worked on this in response. So, consider it a response in their place? I'm posting it anyway, even if it was sort of a mistake. Anyway, have a nice day.) Thank you for your kind...
  7. Sigourney

    Question #4753: Can negative feelings get chanelled into square

    It will most likely just weaken the workings or even cause them to fail. You should work on this so you don't waste your time on failed workings. Like hellenic ss said, you can just whisper the mantras.
  8. Sigourney

    Are there any Nazi like people on this board?

    https://joyofsatan.org https://blacksun666.org
  9. Sigourney

    Question #4758: corrupt dedication

    If you really feel that way, then doing the dedication ritual again won't hurt. It doesn't take too long and will give you peace of mind.
  10. Sigourney

    Inanna's descent into the underworld

    I've always seen this as symbolizing removing the false ego and pretensions from the soul. Part of removing the dross involves letting go of these, like delusions and fantasies about the self before one reaches the true reality of their being. It's a painful process for people to go through...
  11. Sigourney

    Question #4757: Soul entering Fetus When?

    https://joswiki.org/index.php/Omni:Does_Satanism_support_abortion%3F This will answer your question. It deals with abortion but goes into details on how the soul is implanted into a fetus and the development stages therein.
  12. Sigourney

    Artificial Intelligence: Thinking Positive & Without Fear

    Doing the god rituals will certainly help people get through this since they'll help raise human consciousness and give the gods more leeway to help us if things get really bad. On the bright side, many people I've seen around don't even seem to want ai generated content. They seem to be...
  13. Sigourney

    Question about Spiritual Satanism

    in nature, it takes enormous amount of time for different species and races to come into existence. By race mixing humans are essentially destroying what amounts to millions of years worth of evolutionary progress that were granted to us through Satan's hand in our development: Another example...
  14. Sigourney

    Question #4713: Is it important to know when you were conceived?

    As an argument for why the time of conception doesn't matter, I found this article by HPHC that explicitly states that the human soul isn't even fully formed until the point of birth.
  15. Sigourney

    Question #2791: I do NOT know why I am always attracting abusive people

    The ugly fact of the matter is that there is something about you that attracts them. Abusers are predatory and will only attack anyone who gives off cues of being an easy target. Here is a paper on it for anyone interested. This is especially so the victim had an abusive upbringing. So, if you...
  16. Sigourney

    How Christian (and Muslim) are Florida and California?

    I lived in Florida for a year a long time ago, and it's really race mixed with an extremely high Haitian and mexican population and tons of mixed couples. I would blame this on the crime rate at least partially. When I would just drive around at random I would be frequently wandering into all...
  17. Sigourney

    Your Relation With The Gods & Communicating Properly

    Sorry, I'm a perfectionist. I don't mean any negativity. I just gave him the benefit of the doubt and I just figured out I was ignoring the context without thinking about it. I also wrote it assuming you would be too busy and I wanted to give him some emotional support. So, I just followed up...
  18. Sigourney

    Your Relation With The Gods & Communicating Properly

    Thank you for elaborating on this. I guess I didn't have to right context with that one question I answered. I wish you the best.
  19. Sigourney

    Does it matter what day you were born? Astrologically

    I would assume that, since HPS Maxine's writings on astrology don't mention this, it isn't worth taking into consideration.but
  20. Sigourney

    Question #4715: Breathing exercises

    This may or may not be causing your anxiety, but you could possibly be trying to make the breathing exercises too perfect, or your standards could be unrealistic. Look for this as a cause if you tend to be too perfectionistic in other areas of life. I say this because in the past I used to get...
  21. Sigourney

    Question #4704: Do the Gods speak to us?

    Whatever you said, he could have taken it out of context. He's really busy. Just know that the gods aren't mad at you if you're at least trying to be respectful toward them. Only you and the gods or your GD can know to truth about what's going on in your life. HPHC has so much to be preoccupied...
  22. Sigourney

    Adolf Hitler: Evil Racist

    Thank you, regardless.
  23. Sigourney

    Question #4687: Serious concern about my purity

    From what I read around the jos for upwards of ten years, it's actually fairly common for the enemy to attempt to drive people away by insinuating that they are jewish. I was even worried about myself, since my beginning as a satanist was difficult. The fact of the matter is you probably...
  24. Sigourney

    Adolf Hitler: Evil Racist

    Thank you for your hard work.
  25. Sigourney

    Just a question

    I wouldn't dwell on this unless you're extremely advanced. If you're having trouble controlling your energy, try void meditation.
  26. Sigourney

    Question #4682: Mental and Spiritual burnout

    Another thing I wanted to add is you don't have to be doing your meditations in such excess. Take care of yourself, part of advancing is actually being able to be happy and enjoy life. Meditation is supposed to be a feminine activity and making it like grueling labor defeats the purpose of it...
  27. Sigourney

    Question #4682: Mental and Spiritual burnout

    I can't give a good solution, but I used to have the same problem, so I'll relate my experiences. I want to focus on helping more than on my own problems, so this is just for information purposes. My early time as a Satanist was full of suffering, and I had a hard life and couldn't seem to...
  28. Sigourney

    Question #4668: weak sacral chakra

    A symptom that doesn't get talked about much is how a weak sacral chakra makes you really weak and submissive. It's ruled by Mars, so that goes without saying. In social situations, you will be unexpressive because you will lack creative energy and are submissive, fearful of showing personality...
  29. Sigourney

    Question #4671: help me find a job

    Well, if you desperately need a job and don't care what it is, just apply to all the department stores in your area and apply to every department. You will be applying for hundreds of jobs at once and surely they will find a use for you. If you don't like the job you get, then at least you will...
  30. Sigourney

    Question #2625: About gypsyes

    The gypsies are a kind of degenerated race of people. Unfortunately, it's long lost but HPHC once said that they were a type of jew, but I don't have the source and I don't know if he changed his opinion since then. There are, however some jews that accept them as one of their own, but this is...
  31. Sigourney

    How to direct energy to the lower Chakras

    It's really difficult to find the source for problems like these, since none of us can see directly into your soul. Obviously you would have to figure out why it's happening. The most we can do to help is throw things at the wall and hope something sticks. Do you exercise? Doing physical...
  32. Sigourney

    Shiva and Kali

    The deities you mentioned, while all being representations of Satan in different cultures are meant to signify spiritual allegories and have no representation of Satan as a real physical being. You can say that Satan is all of them at one time, but they are just symbolic cultural depictions. He...
  33. Sigourney

    Question #4636: Synagogue of satan

    The use of satanic imagery is intended drive jew-aware people away from Satanism through false association. In the end the only effective way of combating the jews is through spiritual means which is given to us through Satan.
  34. Sigourney

    The Ego

    One has to have a healthy sense of self before moving onto giving large amounts to other people. Of course, the individual cannot exist without the collective, but there is if one is underdeveloped a risk of being like a slave to everyone else which in itself is also not healthy. This is seen in...
  35. Sigourney

    Greys and Reptilians attacks questions

    Most of time they are only capable of attacking people who are already spiritually damaged in some way, like with psychological trauma which in the soul appears as holes or really weak, blocked chakras or a very dirty soul caused by years of emotional suffering. They are worthless beings, so...
  36. Sigourney

    Question #4608: how do jews profit from war?

    Arms dealers selling weapons, giving out loans on interest to finance wars are two things off the top of my head. This website won't answer your question directly but has a lot of good information on modern war: https://www.antiwar.com
  37. Sigourney

    How many of you still eat WHITE REFINED SUGAR?

    Why Himalayan pink salt? If it's for its nutritional profile, from what I've read you would need to eat pounds of the stuff for it to make any difference.
  38. Sigourney

    Question #4601: Enemy situation

    It's already been stated before by HPHC that these things that you mentioned are outside the scope of human power or comprehension. What we need to worry about is doing spiritual warfare, God rituals, and spreading the word of the jos. The gods will take care of the rest of what you are worrying...
  39. Sigourney

    Has anyone else had a similar experience?

    I believe this is called hypnagogia. It happens to me a lot but mostly visually and it get stronger if I've been working on my upper chakras shortly before going to sleep. I hear music when falling asleep sometimes also. It's interesting because it often sounds similar to music I listened to...
  40. Sigourney

    Question #4542: Low self esteem

    Having a low self esteem can be caused by having weak lower chakras which rule the sense of self. Make sure you're working to unblock these and also don't skip out on cleaning them either. Make sure you clean your hip chakras as well as these store fear and anger energy which might be...
  41. Sigourney

    Question #4559: Alzheimer's. Senility. And dementia.

    I'm surprised no one referenced this, but there are well-known studies on the effects of the satanama meditation on alzheimer's. It wasn't hard for me to quickly pull up a webpage on it from my search engine: https://agelessartsyoga.com/instructor-group-yoga/sa-ta-na-ma-meditation/
  42. Sigourney

    Question #4585: Pain and torment

    Being afraid makes people stupid and easier to control. There are actually studies showing that being in a constant state of stress harms the hippocampus and other higher functioning parts of the brain. From a spiritual perspective, the emphasis on fear and pain keeps people on the lower level...
  43. Sigourney


    He was more of an occultist. I don't know what Christian neocons see in him then, because they're usually scared of the occult.
  44. Sigourney


    I'll need to look into that. I believe that at that extremely subversive time the ns needed to be really strict with who they tolerated. It must always be stressed to read any non Satanists from a satanic standpoint of course.
  45. Sigourney

    Question #4572: Voc Black Square on Stanic Calender

    The VoC has ended for the day. Then it begins again on the next black triangle and so on and so forth.
  46. Sigourney


    He is actually an author I decided to focus most of my energy on but so far I've read 5 of his books and I recommend all of them. His writing on the occult is just research based and paired with spiritual Satanism I highly recommend it. In a few years I'll be like an expert on him. He's one of...
  47. Sigourney

    Bhagavad Rita

    Good answer. I disagree however on there being no connection between the Gita and Satanism. The Satanism of the jos is the modern manifestation of all the ancient pagan religions that came before it, the ancient Hinduism that brought us the Gita being no exception. I believe that the bagavad...
  48. Sigourney

    MUNKA/Freeing Working on Saturday or Sunday?

    I don't know what time zone you're in but on the calendar there's a very brief moment before the sun rise at like 5:37 am that would be your best bet. It's still technically the previous day, Saturday and just after the void of course moon, and the moon in Capricorn. Have fun getting up early...
  49. Sigourney

    Question #4541: know thyself

    Every human soul underneath any conditioning has its own unique spiritual blueprint or dharma if you will. Part of advancing the soul requires getting in touch with this and making it stronger, which is what happens when we power meditate. Removing traumas, the false ego and conditionings are...
  50. Sigourney

    Plato: Why Does He Reject Myths?

    Y You are the expert. I wish I could study more but I will have more time in the future. I just wondered about some kind of ulterior motive in plays like Prometheus for example, but my knowledge is really shallow. Thank you for taking the time to write this, it was unexpected 🙂
  51. Sigourney

    Plato: Why Does He Reject Myths?

    That's really kind of you. Thank you.
  52. Sigourney

    Plato: Why Does He Reject Myths?

    Is it possible to have my post deleted?
  53. Sigourney

    Feminists, Incels, MGTOW, GBLTQAI

    Oddly enough as of April 2024 the wikipedia article on victim mentality describes these people perfectly. So it's not like the negative consequences and general crappiness of victim mentality is some sort of obscure concept in the mainstream. It's sad that people are actively falling into it.
  54. Sigourney

    Plato: Why Does He Reject Myths?

    I get the impression that he just wanted the gods depicted in a positive, reverent light. There must have been a noticeable problem with the lower rungs of society just getting bad feelings about the gods with these myths depicting them as rapists for example. Anyway, people need the gods so...
  55. Sigourney


    Humans don't necessarily need to be jews to exploit or abuse people, just them being on a really low spiritual level, having no values or integrity, etc. Is enough. Really debased souls start resembling jews after a point, however.
  56. Sigourney

    Question #2102: Alcoholism

    FYI this man isn't affiliated with the Jos in any way but maybe watching this will help? It's worth a shot... No matter what, always stay on top of cleaning your soul and meditating. Make time for it every day and know that we can only help you so much and real progress will come from your...
  57. Sigourney


    Nobody here hates you, especially not any high ranking Satanist. You deserve to be understood and forgiven especially if whatever you did was trauma driven.
  58. Sigourney

    Why are some people so negative

    There are a lot of reasons. Mostly stemming from people being, for the most part, trapped in an animal level of consciousness and cut off from or disinterested in the gods. I think being at this level opens them up to being influenced by negative energy. If they are like animals, their sole...
  59. Sigourney

    The Grand Ritual [Schedule Concluded]

    I first did the ritual just when it came out and didn't feel anything, but now hours later I feel a lot of pressure all around my head and centered in the temple chakras. I'm wondering about the lasting developmental effects :)
  60. Sigourney

    Write Down Your Problems

    This might be off topic, but I don't feel comfortable harrasing you through email. I just blurted out a stupid question that I regret but since then I was suffering intense emotional turmoil. If I don't say anything I can't get the needed reality check. Also my sense of logic and emotions are...
  61. Sigourney

    "I Know More Than You" & Denial - Team Spirit - Be Thankful

    What if I am a standoffish person and prefer not to be pressured into being in a so called family with them you and I prefer not to be called sister ? To clarify, I am united with you and am observant of satan's will for humanity. Forgive me. I'm trying to solve a hang-up of mine regarding...

Al Jilwah: Chapter IV

"It is my desire that all my followers unite in a bond of unity, lest those who are without prevail against them." - Satan