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  1. hailourtruegod

    Question #4949: Coffee fortune telling

    Sometimes when you look at a black surface and look away, like towards a white background one can see the outline of the black object but in a greenish tone. I think this is all you saw. For guidance, do His ritual and meditate on His sigil. In the coming days or so one might get an answer in...
  2. hailourtruegod

    I haven't experienced the feeling called love

    Before doing the obvious workings to attract love from a suitable partner you should clean and empower yourself. Sometimes doing this will be enough to start attracting better people as people will subconsciously flock to you and or be friendly with you as you empower yourself. At least the...
  3. hailourtruegod

    Question #4954: instrusive thougts - square

    You must always KNOW the working is doing it's job 100%. Never doubt as doing that, especially constantly will get in the way. Practice void and as mentioned, ignore those thoughts.
  4. hailourtruegod

    Question #4937: Why jews covers their head

    Disgusting... thank you for sharing. Lol. The hive mind and little hat and them dressing all the same makes more sense now. The younger ones having very ugly hair cuts like only patches of long hair on some areas of the head because of not washing and lice makes sense as well.
  5. hailourtruegod

    New Rituals & Schedule Now Live: HPS Maxine's Ritual & Lord Balaam's Ritual

    Emotionally charged after doing High Priestess Maxine Dietrich's ritual. I don't know how else to describe it. Thank you for blessing us with this ritual and thank you High Priestess Maxine Dietrich for blessing us with the Joy of Satan! May the Gods bless both of you eternally.
  6. hailourtruegod

    Question #4844: Devolution

    There are runes for building up discipline. Stay away from processed white sugar altogether as that's damaging your cells and organs. Among fat gain. Keep practicing discipline while doing workings that empower your solar and martial energies.
  7. hailourtruegod

    Question #4832: How to get rid of koran

    Rip out some pages so it's not salvageable if you just throw it in the garbage.
  8. hailourtruegod

    JoS Rituals Website - Old VS New

    I'm on the same boat with Ol argedco luciftias. I didn't know any reason why anyone would rather use the old one besides looks but he mentioned one and if that's the only reason then it's better not to so we don't have anyone left behind or cause them troubles. If everyone can have no problem...
  9. hailourtruegod

    The arua and being extra naturally liked

    It'll depend more on your soul's energies than the aura but a clean(er) aura will also help in attracting others towards you.
  10. hailourtruegod

    Filing Formal Complaints To The Joy of Satan

    We're living in societies where even basic human to human respect is seen as weak or "beta like" behavior. So some people are too brain dead to act other wise because they think that's how they should be acting towards someone they never met even if they're speaking to someone with higher status...
  11. hailourtruegod

    Question #4776: Hollywood

    There are runes that help you in this. I'm still learning about them thru a site provided here by JG Blitzkreig so I don't know which ones on top of my head. You could also do ritual to a specific Demon who is attributed to this topic. Having a strong personality and knowing how to express...
  12. hailourtruegod

    Updates: New JoS Guardian, JoS Donors System, Site Updates, Outreach etc

    Congratulations JG Karnonnos! Definitely one of the those here I always enjoy reading their feedback in posts. Very well deserved. The amount of progress the Joy of Satan is having always brings great joy and feels like a fresh of breath air. Let's continue doing our best.
  13. hailourtruegod

    Question #4767: reincarnation for xians

    Majority of xians are not into their cult 100%. Many of them just take what's good, which is just stolen virtues from Pagan religions that were put into that cult to lure them in, and would never go into the worst parts of their cult. Satan above all know and understands this so He doesn't e...
  14. hailourtruegod

    Question #4750: Martial Arts

    It's unfortunate you were swindled out of your money. This is what I meant by bad teachers. If one is young and inexperienced then spotting this early can be difficult.   You have not met all teachers all over the world and letting your anecdotal evidence cloud your judgment while at the...
  15. hailourtruegod

    Question #4750: Martial Arts

    There are old martial artists who have trained since children and are masters What matters is the teacher one gets for these types of styles. Modern times has proven kickboxing to be more affective than what you've stated, granted those types of fighting styles you mentioned are hard to find...
  16. hailourtruegod

    Hiiiiiiiii everyone hope y'all having a good day

    My advice for anyone who is under 30 and wants a tattoo, wait until your late 20s-early 30s to get one. You'll have a more mature mind and less likely to get one out of impulse. That's just my opinion.
  17. hailourtruegod

    Body modification while being an ss

    The best body modification one can do is thru consistent exercise, great diet and yoga. Nothing else will give you the sense of pleasure and confidence of seeing the beauty of your own body than when you do the above for years.
  18. hailourtruegod

    Question #4675: World War 3

    Don't put these thoughts in your head. Stay positive especially when we do warfare. The Joy of Satan is definitely making a huge difference compared to if the Joy of Satan didn't exist.
  19. hailourtruegod

    Question #4681: anonymity beng an SS

    For now, you should. Help us with the ritual schedules and other projects so the sooner SS can be known to the whole world instead of hiding our beliefs for our safety.
  20. hailourtruegod

    Learning Respect and Freedom

    Goes without saying, the above doesn't relate to you or others here who have proved to be in their positions.
  21. hailourtruegod

    Learning Respect and Freedom

    Because of the decay of today's society one can go from growing up respecting their elders and it starts with their parents but eventually the one who gave respect to elders starts having higher cognitive skills as they get older and starts seeing that many of these people are still acting like...
  22. hailourtruegod

    NEW GOD RITUALS LIVE: Lilith, Anubis, Furfur

    Goes without saying this place is what it is today and going to be in the future thanks to our Commader. Didn't want to make it seem like I was leaving him out!
  23. hailourtruegod

    NEW GOD RITUALS LIVE: Lilith, Anubis, Furfur

    While meditating on my throat chakra thoughts about the meaning behind "demons" and "demonic forces" cane to mind. Lilith and Lady Maxine are similar in terms of like the allegory of Lilith being the "Mother of demonic forces" so to Maxine with the power of creation a woman has to build the Joy...
  24. hailourtruegod

    NEW GOD RITUALS LIVE: Lilith, Anubis, Furfur

    Amazing! What I felt for Lilith's ritual was a familiar motherly feeling one gets as they're young who have a loving and caring mother and mixed with the feeling one gets when they unravel a puzzle and in the process of understanding something they were in the process of figuring out. The mind...
  25. hailourtruegod

    NEW GOD RITUALS LIVE: Lilith, Anubis, Furfur

    I was excited for Anubis' ritual but we also get to do Lilith's as well?! This comes at a great and interesting time for myself for personal reasons. I'm very excited to partake in these.
  26. hailourtruegod

    Happy New Satanic Year: 2024

    With just the first few words, I felt much exhilaration and then a surge of inspiration throughout the whole video and feel it long after. You are a powerful leader, High Priest. It's no wonder why I saw in a dream, years ago, "HoodedCobra" written in a book that which I believe was a God...
  27. hailourtruegod

    I look like a 14-year-old boy.

    The sun will do way less damage if one's diet is good. By good I mean staying away from large excessive amounts of salts, alcohol and the the biggest problem of the western world: processed sugar. The latter includes high fructose corn syrup and other processed sweetners like dextrose etc...
  28. hailourtruegod

    Feminists, Incels, MGTOW, GBLTQAI

    I've seen Berserk and read a bit on it and of course Dragon Ball. Those have good messages. Someone close to me who is that way you explained. Reading what you wrote gives me hope for them. They tend to stay away from the weird stuff as well and isn't spouting senseless hatred of the other...
  29. hailourtruegod

    Feminists, Incels, MGTOW, GBLTQAI

    Maybe, but I feel like most people in Japan understand better to not procreate if they are low quality people. Unlike most of the world where the lowest of the low are having babies. Add it with too much consumerism and people wanting an over abundance of comfort/lack or responsibilities then...
  30. hailourtruegod

    Question #4577: How

    Sounds like you are expecting specific signs and contact that someone who is advance has a higher chance at getting. Do you see the problem? Even if you don't think so, a sign from the Gods CAN come as simple as a video recommended to you or someone random around you saying something...
  31. hailourtruegod

    Question #4571: Iran-Israel War

    That could be a misconstrued version of Iran just wanting to show to their citizens they aren't weak and will just sit there not doing anything. The bombs they sent was for show for their own citizens if they purposely didn't hit anything important. Although even makes israel look bad because...
  32. hailourtruegod

    Will I reincarnate with the same ethnicity, hair and eye color?

    My above point to Havoc's reply was about this current life. We are what we are so we make the best version of it. In regards to a similar case; after still no 100% clarity where I am racially even after cleaning and Othal workings, albeit signs throughout my life and recently ones, I am more...
  33. hailourtruegod

    Will I reincarnate with the same ethnicity, hair and eye color?

    This subject is still not very clear when it comes to those who are SLIGHTLY mixed but it is clear enough that one won't become more pure race by meditating. This has been covered before where we had a member saying she was becoming more White abour a decade ago then years later admitted she...
  34. hailourtruegod

    Will I reincarnate with the same ethnicity, hair and eye color?

    I was able to read the post by her. I should have clarified myself. What I meant was that the race traitor in question wasn't mentioned to have gone from a White soul to a Black soul. Just that she reincarnated into a Black raced individual.
  35. hailourtruegod

    Question #4560: What are the meditations against depression (caused by overtraining with meditation)?

    Depression has been linked to low brain activity or in our terms low bio-electricity. Make sure to stay consistent in your daily routine. Don't do them in a half asses manner and make sure you're doing enough but without over doing it. It's pretty simple figuring out what to do. The problem...
  36. hailourtruegod

    Question #4554: summoning demons while intoxicated?

    Imagine yourself as someone as wise as Aristotle and fit as an Olympic gymnast who is also 40+ years and a late teen to early 20s year old initiate calls you over for some advice on his life but he's drunk/high. Would you really see this person in the right state to listen to your words? How...
  37. hailourtruegod

    Will I reincarnate with the same ethnicity, hair and eye color?

    I do not recall of any mention that her soul was turned into a black race soul but like Anton Lavey, the Gods can make these type of rare incendents happen if they choose to. The rest of your message is an interesting take. :)
  38. hailourtruegod

    TIKTOK BANNED & The Anti Israel College Protests are the MOST IMPORTANT TURNING POINT of the Century against Israeli Occupation of the US

    The jewish owned Left are reaping what they sowed. They pushed this cult like mentality and unleashed it on regular working people and now this monster have turned around on them. Lol
  39. hailourtruegod

    RTR Ritual Schedule April 14th to April 30th [SCHEDULE FINISHED]

    These students, albeit believe in idiotic anti-white nonsense, are specifically vocally being against the jews with power who are supporting the genocide of Palestinians and NOT attacking regular jews minding their own business. The Trump supporting independent journalists are believing the...
  40. hailourtruegod

    TIKTOK BANNED & The Anti Israel College Protests are the MOST IMPORTANT TURNING POINT of the Century against Israeli Occupation of the US

    These students, albeit believe in idiotic anti-white nonsense, are specifically vocally being against the jews with power who are supporting the genocide of Palestinians and NOT attacking regular jews minding their own business. The Trump supporting independent journalists are believing the...
  41. hailourtruegod

    Question #4477: Are green eyes and red hair an inferior race?

    The only inferior race by spiritual standards are the jews. Some Gentiles start at a higher level than others but each individual has the capability inside their soul to advance themselves in an unlimited manner.
  42. hailourtruegod

    RTR Ritual Schedule April 14th to April 30th [SCHEDULE FINISHED]

    The only links working, so far, are the ones @Person posted:
  43. hailourtruegod

    Question #4411: about Fuhrer

    I never felt animosity towards this man. It felt odd always seeing people react so emotionally when his name was brought up. To the point society made me feel like something was wrong with me for not feeling hate or fear when seeing clips of Nazi marches and celebrations. I always had a...
  44. hailourtruegod

    Let Us Save The Goddamn World!

    In regards to the financial part, I am now seeing I need to do freeing workings to get out of this rut. Nothing else has worked and recently looking over my karmic energies, this seems to be the root of the problem for me. Hopefully by the end of this year it will be exceptionally better for me...
  45. hailourtruegod

    Question #4379: Excess Intelligence

    This is basically jewish brainwashing telling those they see as goys that it's bad to be exceptionally intelligent. I have heard from many low IQ people that being "too smart" (no such thing) makes someone crazy and they point to how the jewish cartoon Rick and Morty proves this. Lol. Or the...
  46. hailourtruegod

    Final Eclipse: Destroying Nazarene and Lies

    Would also add the reversing blood sacrifice RTR in there.
  47. hailourtruegod

    Final Eclipse: Destroying Nazarene and Lies

    Maybe a few Cursing Israel RTRs would be good. All we Gentiles have ever done was use these animals for sustenance and pay them respect for what they provide for us. Even animals in the wild don't go around doing these type of barbaric things but of course look at what these bastards do to these...
  48. hailourtruegod

    Write Down Your Problems

    Thank you. Thinking back with this context, it does seem to be the case. This is something I'll keep in mind from now on.
  49. hailourtruegod

    Write Down Your Problems

    I want to know how to better my tone when speaking to people about serious/important issues when they don't necessarily agree with my view. I could have all the facts on my side so be 100% objectively correct but my tone at times can become my own obstacle. I can come out as sounding...
  50. hailourtruegod

    Question #4356: What is going on?

    By Demons I think you mean your own unwanted/intrusive thoughts? Makes no sense why an actual Demon would be giving you strife. So no, it's not actual Demons doing that. If you're referring to Demons saying actual truths of races that aren't meant to be insults then this is the case of...
  51. hailourtruegod

    Fair Treatment Of Knowledge

    A different structure than what we have now does makes sense. In a manner you already alluded to. I'm sure the ancients did this way if not the Greeks that started it. In America, if not all over the world, we follow the same structure when learning a skill. We are taught the theory and we have...
  52. hailourtruegod

    How do I become immortal and become a god in this very life

    I think the problem lies in miscommunication. The OP never said in one life-time but it's understandable to be perceived in that manner when they said they're a new Satanist. It should be noted that just because they're new to this place it doesn't mean they're new to spirituality and that's...
  53. hailourtruegod

    Project 2025

    So the psyop (((qanon))) fell flat, very hard at that, and now this seems to be the replacement for the xian idiots. Seems to be more extreme this time around. Desperate attempts all around from the sides the jews hold most power in.
  54. hailourtruegod

    Question #4336: Thyroid problem

    The above info I gave is correct. I would also add low impact exercise along with yoga that should already be done. Research castor oil packs to help stimulate circulation. As always the spiritual route is great as well and I recommend to follow the instructions of JG Power of Justice along...
  55. hailourtruegod

    Question #4336: Thyroid problem

    I might have mixed the info above.
  56. hailourtruegod

    Question #4340: Global war?

    Follow the warfare schedules and do FRTRs/Demon rituals when you can to blunt the blow of the enemy towards the rest of humanity who don't have a SS in their family who can do protection and other stuff for them personally.
  57. hailourtruegod

    Question #4336: Thyroid problem

    Look into stimulating your lymph nodes around the area where swelling occurs. Lymphatic massages do a great job at bringing down the swelling. Try your best to eat healthy, specifically avoiding processed sugar as much as possible if not altogether. I might have more info on this for you...
  58. hailourtruegod

    Question #4319: Why hate Furies? And if they, NS, haha)

    You must have missed the replies in the very recent past that these types of things need to be addressed so there will be a chance for people to rise above these type of things. It's not that hard to understand. Unlike society that just shuns away mental illness or makes fun of it, we here...
  59. hailourtruegod

    Question #4313: Women Giving birth to other races without any cause?!?!?

    White/fair skin isn't the only indicator for being White. If it was then most Koreans and Japanese would be considered White. All black albinos still have black facial features, black hair type and black bone structure. Any White woman who gives birth to a black child is because she slept...
  60. hailourtruegod

    Katt Williams exposing black Hollywood

    Nothing conclusive on him leaving America but if there still isn't an arrest then more than likely he did leave. Glad that it's over for another evil PoS.
  61. hailourtruegod

    Question #4301: Mexican Cartels

    Majority of Aztecs and conquistadors were Gentiles who were brainwashed to the max by the time and leading up to the church invasion. They mixed and now you have a mixture of the lower end of two races furthering their degenerated souls by continuing to believe in abrahamic cults while being...
  62. hailourtruegod

    Question #4212: Meeting people?

    Along with the advice above, you can program your aura and do workings with runs to attract like minded friends and acquaintances. As an adult I did find it difficult to make new friends once I left the low consciousness level NPCs behind but over time as one advances they naturally attract...
  63. hailourtruegod

    Question #3141: sterilizing animals

    So are lions and wild dogs sacred to our Gods. This doesn't mean we shouldn't be aware of the dangers they pose to other living things or to the environment if not regulated by higher beings. Also, in my opinion, there is no connection here between being informed and what the abrahamic cults...
  64. hailourtruegod

    Abnormal tinnitus <

    I do believe it's also something physical. I have had this problem for decades and also have experience it become louder with recent meditations that are stronger. More specifically when I work on the higher chakras. Being fit and eating healthy does not seem to affect it either in any way...
  65. hailourtruegod

    It's interesting how Candace, a xian conservative, is more aware of the israeli horrific actions...

    It's interesting how Candace, a xian conservative, is more aware of the israeli horrific actions and the ones in control of hollywood along with being more vocal about it than someone like Tim Pool. He didn't even cover the context behind her firing when he brought her being fired during his...
  66. hailourtruegod

    Bullying, Physical Abuse (for students etc)

    A bag is just a stationary object. The only good thing a bag helps with for a person with no experience in fighting is not throwing noodle arms in a fight. That's it. Someone with experience utilizes a bag way different. I agree with at least starting on some self learning in the start and...
  67. hailourtruegod

    Question #3141: sterilizing animals

    Of all people HPS Maxine, during the time of her initial statement, would have been able to SEE for herself if the cat's sacral chakra would become damage after this. So the only thing that could even be possible to be outdated would be scientific research. Not the spiritual part, in this...
  68. hailourtruegod

    Question #3141: sterilizing animals

    I'll be the one to say it, and it's of no disrespect to anyone, but I'll wait for someone with more credibility to say that HPS Maxine was wrong on this or at the very least that she had outdated information. I hope that's understandable. If others are going to throw their morals on this...
  69. hailourtruegod

    Question #3141: sterilizing animals

    I find it silly not just comparing animals to humans in this regard but generalizing all animals to act the exact same way (an extreme at that) after sterilizing. One isn't looking at the owner of said animals like they should be. In major cities in the USA, plenty of street cats are...
  70. hailourtruegod

    NPCs are real, 50-75% of people have no thoughts

    @FancyMancy I wouldn't base his religious beliefs on one video. Been watching him for years now and what Ol said is pretty spot on. Although if you said he leans towards believing the false stories of the xians than anything else then you wouldn't be wrong. He is logical so if finally provided...
  71. hailourtruegod

    Question #4248: World map

    The map is based on biblical scriptures or other words complete fantasy with little to no historical proof outside of the abrahamic writings.
  72. hailourtruegod

    NPCs are real, 50-75% of people have no thoughts

    I also was thinking in this manner but I ran out of patience and I've been watching his videos since late 2017. First of all, watching the video above I realized I have become too harsh on him. He is intelligent and deserves credit. Now, the reason I couldn't watch him anymore for the past...
  73. hailourtruegod

    NPCs are real, 50-75% of people have no thoughts

    I saw the video but didn't watch all of it before seeing it posted here. At first I was thinking no way but then immediately thought the spiritual aspect of it and thought the better way was how it was explained already that it's the mass of those who are at he lower level of consciousness...
  74. hailourtruegod

    Adrew Tate arrested after jew friend rats him out.

    Not posting any link to this as there's already a lot of videos and articles on this. Feel free to look it up and I recommend watching his kike friend ratting him out. It's kind of amusing, in my opinion. I do want to vent a bit about how this is well deserved and not surprising at all when...
  75. hailourtruegod

    Obsessing Over Physical Looks; Personality

    The ones you speak of are people who are at a very low conscious level and are people who will not benefit any good man or woman in any way. If these are the ones you are going after then the problem isn't them, but you or whoever is going for these low consciousness level men/women. When...
  76. hailourtruegod

    Question about satan and witchcraft.

    There is no "luring" a xian into Satanism. This path is done purely by the individual's free will and personal choice. Even then it would also depend if they are ready for this path in this life. If you want to help those close to you who are without from deprogramming then you can do the...
  77. hailourtruegod

    The Origins of the Word "Shalom/Jeru-SHALIM" - More Exposing of Jewish Spiritual Thievery + Ancient Ugaritic Ritual/Poem

    Didn't you make a post about redneck culture before? You made interesting points that I want to go over again but I can't find the thread. Is it possible for you to link it to me? Please and thank you.
  78. hailourtruegod

    it's really necessary to empower the planets that i have removed all natal negative karma?

    Nothing great comes without hard work. Even the blessing of the Gods come after proving ourselves to them. That's the beauty of this path. The work we do actually feels like progression. No matter how far away our individual goals are, we need to acknowledge that we're on the straight path...
  79. hailourtruegod

    Problems in anyway? Call Me At :(+1)666-COBRA'S-FAULT

    A part of my reply got deleted before I sent it. In regards to those who come here pretending they are the reincarnation of a great Pharoah; I was recently talking to someone about how more and more people want to label or self diagnose themselves as an autistic but gifted individual. These...
  80. hailourtruegod

    Problems in anyway? Call Me At :(+1)666-COBRA'S-FAULT

    Goes without saying but you have proved yourself beyond a shadow of a doubt a great man and way above the sea of both ignorance and arrogance. You and others here motivate me to keep advancing so I too can be a great man thru my own actions same, as should others. Maybe they seemed 15 thru...
  81. hailourtruegod

    Katt Williams exposing black Hollywood

    @Ol argedco luciftias Check out the Rogan and Katt Williams interview. I'm like half way thru and have to leave it for later but 30 minutes into it Thoth is brought up in a good light along with the emerald tablets. Seeing this is after the Thoth ritual I'm not surprised they both see Him as...
  82. hailourtruegod

    Ritual Schedule Feb 29 to March 15

    Not sure if mentioned before and apologies if so but is the FRTR3in1 part of the schedule or are we being recommended to stick with the one where we destroy their alphabet only? I don't mind doing the 3in1. Just want to be clear.
  83. hailourtruegod

    How to convince your wife to join RTR?

    You'll have to accept that everyone here goes in their own pace. On the individual level we need to understand how important every part of our path is. Although far from ideal, until then doing yoga here and there with a small meditation routine is a great start for any NEW SS. The only person...
  84. hailourtruegod

    Obsessing Over Physical Looks; Personality

    True beauty is an above average looking women with a good, advanced AND clean soul that shines thru in their actions and personality. As opposed to a women who has a perfectly symmetrical face and fit body but at the lowest level of consciousness. Sure, the latter might be objectively...
  85. hailourtruegod

    ✡︎Rothschild✡︎ Has Died

    Rest in piss to this disgusting looking bastard. It's a great day anytime a self proclaimed enemy of the our Gods (and therefore enemy of humanity/Gentiles) can no loner push their parasitic policies on nations. Hail Satan, our Holy and beautiful God!
  86. hailourtruegod

    The Gods are true to Their word

    Best of luck to you and stay strong/consistent in your meditations. They're worth it and can't be reiterated enough.
  87. hailourtruegod

    Question #3884: Couldn't Father Satan/The Gods have freed the Demons who were bound themselves?

    I don't see anywhere in the examples he wrote that it's literal and can be easily seen as how JG Blitzkreig mentioned. No offense to him/her. Only mentioning what I see.
  88. hailourtruegod

    Chlormequat pesticide found in many fpods in America leading to infertility, delaying puberty and more.

    ------ ----- Plastics have been found I'm these foods over the years, but now that Pluto is in Aquarius, these new studies will no doubt have a bigger impact. ------ This video is from a year and a half ago concerning the cereal above, ---- Never let these news outlets scare you...
  89. hailourtruegod

    Using no Shampoo

    Was literally going to ask HPS Lydia how to make it not smell like eggs lol. Thanks for the tip
  90. hailourtruegod

    Question #3680: Happiness and Love

    A main takeaway point from this is that no one here who is a serious SS is doing love spells for nefarious reasons. It's up to the individual who visits the JoS what they choose to practice even it comes to spirituality, divinity and the occult. The problem is those here who, in the first...
  91. hailourtruegod

    Question #3680: Happiness and Love

    Karnonnos reply was to make a point and he was also going off of what another skeptical member said which was an outrage claim to make but it can easily be seen like you were alluding to the false "artificial" narrative. I asked politely for you to explain yourself as you keep only putting in...
  92. hailourtruegod

    Question #3680: Happiness and Love

    I'm sure it was understood but just in case
  93. hailourtruegod

    Katt Williams exposing black Hollywood

    From probably too much experience and also paying attention, Ol argedco luciftias and Hellenic SS are complet correct. The worst of the worst of black people are are going even lower while the "middle side" sees petty theft as an everyday thing but the good side is completely leaving the dross...
  94. hailourtruegod

    Question #3680: Happiness and Love

    Again this same logic would perfectly go with flirting and seduction. Without it in many cases (not all) the person who you are interested in wouldn't consider you until you started opening her/him to the idea of you two being together. Maybe you're seeing love and attraction as something...
  95. hailourtruegod

    Question #3680: Happiness and Love

    But with that logic you can literally say the same thing about courtship(flirting and seduction). Why court a women if she's destined to love you then there's no point in flirting with her or seducing her because she'll already feel that way and influencing her to like you more and wanting to...
  96. hailourtruegod

    Question #3680: Happiness and Love

    I think people are getting their results of a love spell thru movies. From years of experience it is anything but. If sweet talking and showing your nice fit physique to the said interest to attract them even if they aren't showing any interest isn't bad then how is the spell bad? Besides the...
  97. hailourtruegod

    Question #3680: Happiness and Love

    Great reply! I would of replied but this a suffice explanation and all I wanted to add was that even with the money spell we don't just make something appear out of nowhere. The energies have to go thru a practical outlet. In this case it's not forcing someone to like you when the same...
  98. hailourtruegod

    Katt Williams exposing black Hollywood

    Goes to show that everyone was in the right who felt P Diddy had something to do with Biggie Smalls death. Gang violence or not its telling when a lot of people feel he had something to do with it regardless.
  99. hailourtruegod

    Katt Williams exposing black Hollywood

    Agreed and so far of what I've seen from the full interview I also second that recommendation.
  100. hailourtruegod

    What do you think about today's music?

    While music has become much easier to make and has become easier to learn an instrument than several hundred years ago the soul of the average musician has degraded at the same time so even if we we have Gen Z kids playing the piano professionally the songs they come up with are completely void...
  101. hailourtruegod

    Katt Williams exposing black Hollywood

    Interesting turn of events with how Katt Williams has come out and exposed many black celebrities and many of these celebrities are the same ones pushing anti-white propaganda or thug culture on black Americans. The same ones promoting voting but obviously the vote goes one way when you start...
  102. hailourtruegod

    Article trying to find the outcome of CBD and THC mixed accidentally(?) admits THC does cause "psychotic symptoms"

    https://www.healthline.com/health-news/adding-cbd-to-thc-doesnt-reduce-effects-of-cannabis#Impact-of-CBD-on-THC-effects Article is just an easy 10 minute read. I have never seen the pro weed "researchers" outright admit but have always alluded to it vaguely. Then they say the same slogan "it...
  103. hailourtruegod

    First spiritual progress update/testimonial in 10+ years

    No problem! I hope to be at least of the same amount indirect and direct help as others have been. Wish you the best :)
  104. hailourtruegod

    First spiritual progress update/testimonial in 10+ years

    Greatly appreciated, brother. I learned what no to do from watching those that have fallen off to those with us still who have made mistakes in the past but have moved beyond it and shown progress. I wanted to make sure I was grounded enough before getting into higher practices. All and...
  105. hailourtruegod

    What's Currently Still Being Fixed After Migration

    Sorry if this has been mentioned but it would be nice to have a notification when our posts have been approved by moderators. I know you guys are working on putting the prior ones off-mod again but the above would still be convenient for those still on mod.
  106. hailourtruegod

    First spiritual progress update/testimonial in 10+ years

    Since I joined I have 90%-95% done only beginner meditations. There's many reasons to this from being simple things like being careful, wanting to build a strong foundation to the more extreme of over thinking/worrying if I moved into higher level meditations, etc Regardless the intense anxiety...
  107. hailourtruegod

    Christianity and Islam Shall Be Cast Out

    This is what I have been saying to those outside of here for years now. It is not considered borrowed or adopted when the perpetrators first got their hands on this information after a genocidal war against the innocents who didn't believe the same way. There was zero peaceful exchange of...
  108. hailourtruegod

    Fitness from a Satanic Point of View

    Yoga by itself wouldn't even be enough. More than a handful of women out there who I met or seen who are yoga teachers but are not slim but not fat fat either. High body % and not the good fat, either. These people would tell me they don't care for cardio and just get their exercise from...
  109. hailourtruegod

    Munka Audio

    The audio seems to be correct and the website explains it well but I think your just confused on what was said. It is not pronounced as envay. It is clearly written as Enyey which was in reference to the letter ñ. In the audio I do hear Black Onyx pronounce yay correctly right after...
  110. hailourtruegod

    why can't most people accept the truth

    You're not at the level to be speaking about our cause face to face with your peers. I speak from experience. I was like this in the beginning. I now cringe in the fact that that was me acting in that manner. It's a beautiful and amazing path but it's heartbreaking knowing you can't just go out...
  111. hailourtruegod

    My wife cheated on me

    For the future, maybe reevaluate yourself to make sure it's not you at all why she did what you claim so you won't put yourself in this situation again. Reevaluate not just the type of women you hang it with but also if you're not at fault here at all. Porn has affected a lot of men really...
  112. hailourtruegod

    Where is the base chakra located?

    For this reason I have focused on the middle area more than the base of the spine which the latter would mean it's directly under the back extension sacral Chakra as stated. Saying it's at the base might have been general advice and specifically it's between the anus and genitals. I'm just...
  113. hailourtruegod


    Will reply more later but so far it looks really good! Glad I read a bit thru this thread to understand better the functionality and looking forward to going thru the new stuff. Thank you!
  114. hailourtruegod

    How much should we love animals?

    With that context, an unbalanced Virgo energies can most certainly do that stuff you mentioned before,I agree. Thanks for clearing that up. I see what you meant now :)
  115. hailourtruegod

    How much should we love animals?

    Can you explain how this is Virgo energies going wild? I have to disagree and say it's a lack of Virgo/mercury. Although you recommending mercury energy is something I agree with but confused a bit on your reasoning. I would assume if there was too much Virgo/mercury energies wouldn't that...
  116. hailourtruegod

    Joy of Satan CALENDARS for 2024 NOW LIVE!

    Wasn't expecting an announcement on this but glad for the reminder of the site and the people behind this work always deserve the recognition. Thank you all! Very much appreciated!
  117. hailourtruegod

    Satan Lucifer Poseidon – Lord of the Seas

    It's almost as if the options choose themselves by how obvious it becomes as we go on to learn more about spirituality and our Gods. I read the rest of the thread and like clockwork, the trolls came out on a topic made by HPS Lydia. I was slightly surprised it didn't reply right away and...
  118. hailourtruegod

    Question #3551: Celebrities death during December

    That's what I was thinking too. To add a bit, it's people in general that tend to pass away more in the winter for the reasons you mentioned and not some weird conspiracy going on for the most part.
  119. hailourtruegod

    One of the strongest meditations I've found

    That's what I understood as well. Speaking of the Breath of Fire. If done it correctly where the bottom lungs are expanding from all areas including the bottom then after the final breath where there's a full inhale, blows to the area between the lungs and stomach are less intense when...
  120. hailourtruegod

    Satan Lucifer Poseidon – Lord of the Seas

    It's always pleasant to read from the view point of the more advanced members. Thank you for sharing! Very interesting read for sure and shows how our Gods are the real Gods. One can see this with how in tune they are with science and nature. Also, great time to post this on Satan's day. May...
  121. hailourtruegod

    One of the strongest meditations I've found

    There's definitely something to this practice but I felt like I was wasting time with the sources I was using. Either watered down or a scam to keep buying more of an author's books while he gives limited knowledge if he has any in the first place. The breath of fire seems to be connected to...
  122. hailourtruegod


    Glory to Father Satan on His day! Happy Yule SS family!
  123. hailourtruegod

    Question #3500: I have dreams in which I meditate, am I really meditating in my dreams?

    If one is lucid dreaming and has the mastery of focus it makes sense that there will be something of benefit there. From personal experience I have felt the energies very clear when meditating in my dreams/sleep. Few instances with limited time. Although, one will have to be very adept at...
  124. hailourtruegod

    Is X Jewish. ASK HERE

    Maybe hoping to use your time better in the forums would be better for you. This long here and you're still doing the same mundane posts... come on now.
  125. hailourtruegod

    Happy Yule!

    Happy Yule to the legit SS. Remember that we are important and valuable to this world so keep staying strong and becoming stronger every day. :)
  126. hailourtruegod

    Spiritual Satanism: The True Religion That Is Pro Humanity

    As time goes by I understand more and more the work cut out for us when it comes to spreading our message to the world. Even with diet and exercise, when it comes to things that actually work in these areas, a lot of humans don't want to listen because it means changing up their lives to...
  127. hailourtruegod

    Protection Advice Needed

    This does produce the same results for me when I have done the same. While I recommend always calling on our Gods for guidance and help we should remember that we are meant to eventually take full care of ourselves so in conclusion it's okay to do what was mentioned above but I'm sure you'll...
  128. hailourtruegod

    The new face of Joy of Satan

    It's interesting how logical replies by Blitz or a very few others always go completely ignored and only the things that can be twisted and prolonged are mentioned and pushed by people who act in similar manners as you who turn out to expose themselves later. I'm not saying for sure you have bad...
  129. hailourtruegod

    Masculine women and feminine men

    Behold the self admitted incel who also has admitted to hating his own race's women over and over thinks he will fool anyone that he has experience with women to be able to pass off as wisdom. :lol: Lying to no one else but yourself, little guy. Besides the familiar ramblings of what you'll...
  130. hailourtruegod

    Elon Musk: Short Message About Jews

    Yes, there's constant rumors and drama about celebrities being jewish at times here and you should expect better but that's where we are and I, And it seems others, only seem to chime in on these rumors when necessary like now. It's just a reality that many prominent Gentiles will resemble...
  131. hailourtruegod

    Masculine women and feminine men

    I highly agree with this pov. As long as you and the other person are mature then communicating this part shouldn't be that difficult but even communication between people is none existent these days and people start assuming and imagining things and letting themselves believe things that aren't...
  132. hailourtruegod

    Absorbing Greys Question

    Why would you need to absorb anything in the first place? Real power comes from the individual's soul and how much they empower it on their own. We don't act as parasites but the Satan's enemies do and we can see how easily that backfires on them when faced against those who have achieved...
  133. hailourtruegod

    Leaving the JoS

    You should really consider Blitz's advice. Many here including me had to bind others around us for bugger or smaller problems. It works. Consider doing it. Don't even need a poppet either. Very simple and even quicker or as quick as RTRs.
  134. hailourtruegod

    Decorating the Yule Tree, Handmade Ornaments

    This is a beautiful idea! I never knew this was a thing. Thank you HPS Lydia :)
  135. hailourtruegod

    Question #3141: sterilizing animals

    Pets, unlike humans, mate only to have offspring and only certain times in their life while humans do also do it for offspring its also at same time for the pleasure of the act and that shows by logic that getting fix wouldn't damage a pet like it would for humans for reasons that becomes...
  136. hailourtruegod

    The JoS Has A New High Priestess

    Haven't had a chance to, so congratulations Lydia. It's of no surprise and we'll deserved for you to hold this title. Best of luck and good will :)
  137. hailourtruegod

    Why do we not have a Discord server?

    I figured that out since I wrote that. Within the 5 years since I posted it. :lol: I appreciate the answer though , bro.
  138. hailourtruegod

    Open a german sub forum

    In other words if we so desired to waste time on a tiny shrimp then on top of him getting in trouble the whole book can be thrown at him and then some with the added curses. He's welcome to FOFA but I rather him start on the 8-fold path for his own sake since there's really no need for any...
  139. hailourtruegod

    Question #2586: Jewish occupation

    100s upon 100s of years of jewish magick with no to hardly any pushback on them and they've been losing power in the couple of decades since the birth of the JoS and moreso since the beginning of the RTRs but how can you expect total victory within this context? If you were open enough and...
  140. hailourtruegod

    Question #2590: Can I dedicate my soul again to Satan?

    Best way to prove you are serious in this path and respect the Gods is to follow the 8 fold path as mentioned as these teachings come from the Gods themselves. As well as participating in the rituals of the Gods and doing other spiritual warfare.
  141. hailourtruegod

    There are no forests on earth! - Docu

    With all due respect sister, I think you should of stopped once you knew this was aligned with flat earth nonsense. Their arguments are the same in just twisting everything around to confuse isntead of logically and scientifically explaining their beliefs. The same goes for xians when they...
  142. hailourtruegod

    Are the Chinese human?

    Many of the people who do are very civilized people who have great skills. They just haven't been able to read or study the facts about who Mao really is. This is obviously because of the lack of freedom of information. Saying they idolize him and that makes them close to being greys is a...
  143. hailourtruegod

    Are the Chinese human?

    Oh okay you totally convinced me not to eat meat with your hatred attitude. Thanks to your rudeness and not giving any data but only give a sperg you have surpassed the highest of intellects in proving me of my wrongs ways. /sarcasm Now try again in a more civil manner and we will return the...
  144. hailourtruegod

    Question #2506: Its really hard to accept yourself when you are race mixed

    Start a Odhal working when the time is right. Do it as many times as necessary. This has worked for me who is mixed as well. At the end of the day you'll at least will love the way you yourself looks and be a proud top Gentile no matter what race you belong to. As a side note, this shows...
  145. hailourtruegod

    Question #2498: how to work with what you have

    Have you ever looked at Greek statues or naked paintings of older times and see the body type of a lot of women? They are more aligned with your body type but since they are fit it looks very beautiful and I agree that that type of body is pleasing as well. Ballerinas, gymnasts, ice skaters...
  146. hailourtruegod

    Question #2498: how to work with what you have

    Ideal body type is totally subjective. The only people who believe there is a specific body type that's ideal (and let's be honest it's the type pushed by the jews) are people who are brainwashed by jewish propaganda and these are people you should stay away from in the first place. Many but...
  147. hailourtruegod

    Why is Japan so resistant

    The degeneacy found in Japan is the same as with America, that it's only in concentrated areas and when compared to the general population it isn't prolific. This degenarcy in both places keeps being pushed as normal but in both places the average person silently disagrees with the status quo...
  148. hailourtruegod

    Question #2445: White energy make me feel sick

    Is there a reason you were using white? The best to cleanse is white-gold. White is more for reflecting energies. This can even reflect from people interacting with you among other things.
  149. hailourtruegod

    Question #2437: A doubt with VOID meditation

    There are no negative effects to void meditation. It will increase focus and you'll be able to not just halt intrusive thoughts but also have control of your mind overall. This will take years of practice to become proficient but you will still see benefits from it doing it consistently as a...
  150. hailourtruegod

    Question #2430: problem with rasing energy

    Look into yoga positions that help open the 6th chakra and make sure to clean and empower it as well everyday.
  151. hailourtruegod

    Movies, games, series

    I've hearing and seeing titles of videos of people trashing the new Diablo game. Apparently the game is already on discount for 25% off. Serves these stupid devs right. I hope both Lilith and Satan were behind this punishment. The latter because they dared to mock His wife. Plus goes to show...
  152. hailourtruegod

    Question #2432: yoga

    You can achieve having a fit body and muscle growth in the areas you want with just body weight workouts. For you, go with squats. High reps but do them in sets. Some people see 3 sets as good and you can start low reps and finish with high reps. Cardio and core workouts for a toned torso...
  153. hailourtruegod

    Humanity Will Understand: But We Know Now

    There is no other solution and but thru the teachings of Father Satan and we here are the epitome of what He wants done. We will ascend with the blessings of the Gods and no one will ever get in our way. Hail Satan
  154. hailourtruegod

    Small Acts? I don't think so.

    Very good example. Incredibly inspirational. :)
  155. hailourtruegod

    Question #2426: why did I go through so much worst phase in my life

    Start slow if you're a begginer and eventually you will be stronger to give out a stronger punishment to the creature that did that to you. Others gave good advice to follow. My condolences.
  156. hailourtruegod

    Question #2420: confusion regarding moderate alcohol usage

    Pammy and Ol said the best answers. Having even 2 beers each weekend has shown to have some negative impact but having a drink or two like once or twice a month or less than that hasn't shown any lasting negative impact.
  157. hailourtruegod

    Why do the Jews promote so much sexual promiscuity?

    You don't know what you're talking about. You need to chill our little buddy.
  158. hailourtruegod

    Why do the Jews promote so much sexual promiscuity?

    It's obvious you're not the type to look at simple things like the rules of this place. That is why posts don't get approved or get deleted later. I'm glad your posts like this last one was approved so the majority of people here know what type of person you are and how they should take your...
  159. hailourtruegod

    What do you think of RFK Jr?

    This extremist view is only for those who don't think for themselves and feds trying to demoralize regular people who are already too busy to look into more than voting when it comes to presidents. As mentioned above, voting for local politicians is just as important. Maybe thinking on your...
  160. hailourtruegod

    Cleaning and unblocking chakras along the spine

    Doing the cleaning meditation that Lydia posted while ago does a good job at cleaning all the extensions. Instead of doing extra cleaning mediations you can knock it all out in one go with that type of mediation. You just have to focus on all "dirt" coming off from these areas as well.
  161. hailourtruegod

    Why do the Jews promote so much sexual promiscuity?

    Not what I'm saying at all but good advice. In an ideal world partners are meant to help each other grow but can end the relationship in a mutual manner if the "spark" between them goes away which I believe happens naturally. The above is the case for some people and not all of course.
  162. hailourtruegod

    Why do the Jews promote so much sexual promiscuity?

    Just because it's not the extreme jewish way it doesn't mean the way people in question do it is the only and ideal way. It's good people here have found what they rather have and look down at the jewish type of promiscuity but people's desires will always be complex. What matters more is as...
  163. hailourtruegod

    Why do the Jews promote so much sexual promiscuity?

    I am saying even if people took synastry into consideration this doesn't mean they will stay with their first partner as it can be seen in some people's chart they like to date around before settling down. This is what I meant by nuances. I believe it will always be a complex situation and...
  164. hailourtruegod

    Why do the Jews promote so much sexual promiscuity?

    I think it's only nuance cases where this would work for the first person they hook up with and go thru their relationship even with astrology in mind. I wouldn't call it ideal for two virgins to be together and then spend their whole lives together even if they took into astrology into...
  165. hailourtruegod

    Question #2390: what is the reason the gods created planets ,since these planets are the reason for bad things to happen

    Satan and the Gods did not make the planets in our system. They have been around for hundreds of millions of years. The gods are said to be tens to a few hundred of thousand of years. Do not take what you have learned thru the jewish/abrahamic false claims that their false god invented every...
  166. hailourtruegod

    Why do the Jews promote so much sexual promiscuity?

    It makes more sense for both to have a bit of experience before finding the one they want to settle down with if sex is important factor for both parties. Especially if they want to enjoy sex. Instead of having sex with tens of people the experience to know how to please your partner can be...
  167. hailourtruegod

    Question #1409: Munyaka while Im drunk

    I typed in the name of the source you gave in a search engine and viewed multiple links that had the source you posted as their title. From what I remember, even though there were multiple results they all quoted the orginal article/source more or less the same. So I'm not sure if I found...
  168. hailourtruegod

    Question #868: Help with my dysphoria

    Bettering one's appearance and doing workings to gain confidence to go out and have real world experience helps to better understand the problems of the world. This route is more of a benefactor than to believe in things that are pushed by incels and those with inferiority complexes that resort...
  169. hailourtruegod

    Question #868: Help with my dysphoria

    Finding the remedy can be the easiest part. The only "hard" part about fixing ourselves as SS is the application. We can make our own obstacles and make them grand. Ways of this can be things like not accepting we have a problem thus when doing workings the results are weak because our will...
  170. hailourtruegod

    Foundation meditation with eyes opened?

    The instructions on the JoS are very thorough in my opinion. Don't doubt yourself brother. If you're meditating with your eyes slightly open but can still feel the energy then there's nothing to worry about. Reason why eyes are usually shown closed when people meditate is because we close...
  171. hailourtruegod

    Redefining Search: Contribute to An Extra Search Engine For The Joy of Satan

    Holy shit... you really are the epitome of the bucktooth nerd emoji... But yes if you can help out somehow instead of the idiocy you've portrayed then go ahead.
  172. hailourtruegod

    Foundation meditation with eyes opened?

    Sorry, I mistook the foundation meditation with another meditation and that's why I mentioned the visualizing thing. That part isn't relevant to the foundation meditation but it is for when color of specific energy is used.
  173. hailourtruegod

    Foundation meditation with eyes opened?

    If it's easier for you to do meditations with your eyes slightly open then that's fine. Do what feels more comfortable and let's you easily visualize and feel
  174. hailourtruegod

    Redefining Search: Contribute to An Extra Search Engine For The Joy of Satan

    Well, good thing no one here, from newbies to the advanced members, takes your words seriously thanks to your sperg outs. :)
  175. hailourtruegod

    Non-Whites Attacking Belgian Kids

    No one disagreed with what you're troubled with. Not even (((Abitchsus))) / the chihuahua can point to where anyone disagreed with the points you're making about racial injustice towards Whites or statistical information. We were merely speaking about the video itself, brother. Examples were...
  176. hailourtruegod

    I have a bone to pick with Cobra

    Well said. Every respectable racially aware man I've met has always had a masculine and mature disposition about themselves and never acted like loud mouth degenerates spewing racial insults since they don't have any inferior complexes and try to cover it with acting out in stupid ways.
  177. hailourtruegod

    Ask All Questions Here! New members

    Algo mismo me pasava antes tambiem. Pero ya nunca. Años de limpiar las chakras y el aura y tambien haciendo el aura de pretecíon a ayudado bien mucho. Has estas cosas cada dia y vas a ver que ya nunca te pase esos sueños y tambien con mucho mas beneficios.
  178. hailourtruegod

    What does wim hof breathing do

    Breath of Fire > wim hof breath by far. Not even a comparison as the first even done at the begginer level will feel the positive affects during and after and even more at 60 reps for the more advanced levels. The latter technique looks very uncomfortable by just watching the instructions and...
  179. hailourtruegod

    Question #2300: I want to remain anonymous... Why does love hurt?

    If he's a SS and you're saying he went after a jew, are you saying this as a fact or just calling her that as an insult? I don't want to gaslight you if you're being 100% honest. So I say find someone better who won't put your thru that much pain. We don't know the whole situation, so you need...
  180. hailourtruegod

    Non-Whites Attacking Belgian Kids

    Years ago I used to talk to Russian people on discord and they would posts of similar instances in Russia but all the people involved being White Russians. The second video which was the only one I was able to see seems to be the case where it's just a bunch of street kids doing street kid shit...
  181. hailourtruegod

    Question #2305: alternatives to porn

    If you're only looking for sex which might not be as easy for a person in your situation then if you tried to get into a serious relationship then understand even that isn't impossible as women especially western normie women can also be "subhuman and shallow" people. You're giving up too...
  182. hailourtruegod

    Ask All Questions Here! New members

    That is Joseph Goebbels, sir..... He was in charge of the propaganda side for the Nazis. I'm surprised you haven't heard of him. He is the one who made the famous quote of "If you continue to tell a lie it will eventually become true" or something of that manner. Which he was referring to the...
  183. hailourtruegod


    No one really cares about your opinion about us and you seem to think we do because you're projecting. Understand we don't need to prove anything to anyone with external toys. The proof of what we do here is thru one doing the practices that we do. Those who are strong willed and choose to be...
  184. hailourtruegod

    Question #2216: Gay

    Ah, I see that now. Especially with their other posts. Thanks for the heads up.
  185. hailourtruegod

    Question #2242: Cats

    Why not take it upon yourself to build some little houses for them? It would be a fun project and you'll be giving back to the earthly animals of this world specifically ones so sacred to our Gods and our ancestors. If you visit these cats a lot maybe it would be a good idea to build a fence...
  186. hailourtruegod

    Question #2216: Gay

    You've been here for 3 years and still have the audacity to call this religion a cult? Smh.. How Is A Real Cult? The Story Of A Real Cult - Post By Tabby https://ancient-forums.com/viewtopic.php?f=24&t=77211
  187. hailourtruegod

    Question #2213: How much should I meditate?

    It'll depend on the person but hardly anyone would get anywhere with a short meditation routine. An hour or even 2 should be seen as the minimum if one has already been meditating constantly.
  188. hailourtruegod

    Question #2202: Forget the phone password

    I feel like this is half of it. It helps as well to do as you explained AND THEN ask yourself a question about the situation for example in this case "What is my password for my phone". Specific and direct. It's key to not stress about the answer and let your brain tell you when it's ready so no...
  189. hailourtruegod

    Certain Problems That Cannot Resolve

    This is a hard pill to swallow for people who are naturally inclined to want to help out people in general to get ahead and stop the toxic crap they are into. It can get really frustrating and sad seeing the people in need not want to get out of the rut and continue doing the negative actions...
  190. hailourtruegod

    Ask All Questions Here! New members

    Did you mean you're waking up at these times purposely? Or is it random? If you're doing it purposely then avoid my reply. Others have given a reply if it's on purpose.
  191. hailourtruegod

    Ask All Questions Here! New members

    What about the rest of your activities that aren't spiritual? How's your diet? Your sleep schedule. Are you eating enough? Or too much? Or more on the spiritual side, are you using up more energy than taking in? Make sure to scrutinize the detailed aspects of your daily life and see where...
  192. hailourtruegod

    Question #2161: I think there has been an infiltration

    Next time write out in a logical manner how something so miniscule equals something as grand as infiltration. Think about the reason why it was changed as well without the paranoia.
  193. hailourtruegod

    Question #2120: Incest Dreams

    You mentioned in another thread that you watch porn. Perhaps this has to do with it? More of a reason for you to stop watching on top of what I shared.
  194. hailourtruegod

    Question #2166: How to turn down interracial relationships politely?

    On top of just replying with something simple as not being interested it is the unfortunate truth that Whites can't get away with saying they don't want to date outside their race publicly when living in Western countries the same way non-Whites can get away with saying something similar. I...
  195. hailourtruegod

    On Porn

    jewish owned porn or not, the brain gets affected by watching videos on a screen and jerking off to it. Losing intimacy with your partner, not being as turned or at all during sexual activity with another person, oversexualizing almost anything etc etc. Maybe erotica and erotic photos are...
  196. hailourtruegod

    Might seem like a weird question but uhh

    I have heard from many Japanese people that they see the Chinese as no different than themselves. This means the lighter skinned Chinese I believe. They have a very similar past before communist filth erased most of it. As for subraces to mix with the main race for the most part most...
  197. hailourtruegod

    Endurance on this Path: Should I give up?

    Very motivational JG Blitzkreig. This is the stuff I think about that keeps my vigor to keep fighting for our common cause here. As time goes by I'll keep doing my best to give back to the community as much as as I have taken from it as in the knowledge, advice and support I get. Thank you...

Al Jilwah: Chapter IV

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