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  1. Matt.TheEnvoyOfSol

    Returning curses 1&2 visualizations step by step

    It can be difficult to say what exactly is giving you trouble but I’ll list a few things you can try -Don’t focus on the resistance itself, this makes it worse focus on the ball of light and the sensation of pushing water - don’t spread your focus too thin, it’s better to just focus on ball of...
  2. Matt.TheEnvoyOfSol

    Happy New Satanic Year: 2024

    Happy new year everyone! let us reach even greater heights. Together, for our Gods and our future! Good luck and best wishes dearest family.
  3. Matt.TheEnvoyOfSol

    Need help/advice badly

    Seemed like both to be honest. He’s had these type of delusions before never this bad though I think it’s to reason away his own guilt but who can say I guess.
  4. Matt.TheEnvoyOfSol

    Need help/advice badly

    Ok thank you I appreciate it
  5. Matt.TheEnvoyOfSol

    Need help/advice badly

    Hey everyone. Sooo I’m kinda in a rough spot. My father is suffering from pretty severe psychosis atm. He’s done a bunch of drugs and is convinced there is someone in the house he’s convinced everyone is lying and it’s all a conspiracy threatening suicide whole nine yards type deal. Cops...
  6. Matt.TheEnvoyOfSol

    Feeling Sick from Yoga? + Spiritual Purity

    Interesting I’ve been having problems lately with my feet since starting KY physically it feels like my feet are slightly vibrating astrally it feels covered with dark energy right till the ankle. So it might not be greys causing it. So then which is best then, Laguz I would assume?
  7. Matt.TheEnvoyOfSol

    Splitting and doubling a working?

    Interesting so your saying that your spells manifest mid working… huh can’t say that’s been the norm for me, usually not until I’ve finished. Although now that you mention it, something happened recently that I was doing a working for thought it was a coincidence. Thank you for the insight ^.^...
  8. Matt.TheEnvoyOfSol

    Splitting and doubling a working?

    Thank you both ^.^ I greatly appreciate it
  9. Matt.TheEnvoyOfSol

    Splitting and doubling a working?

    While I appreciate the input I’m pretty sure your not supposed to change the reps drastically mid working but thank you
  10. Matt.TheEnvoyOfSol

    Advancing The Cause: Joy Of Satan Donation Tiers [Update 36: 8th PDF being written + Improvements]

    Unfortunately No I have not. This is Strange perhaps I should have it sent elsewhere from now on?
  11. Matt.TheEnvoyOfSol

    Splitting and doubling a working?

    Hi everyone, as the title says I wanted to confirm if this was okay? Can’t quite remember. Essentially I started a working for inheritance on Yule and I wanted to give the working more power right now I’m doing kundalini yoga (basic series) then my working, I want to cut it in half and do...
  12. Matt.TheEnvoyOfSol


    This is awesome!! Thank you ApolloAbove. Thank you Commander. can’t wait for more updates :)
  13. Matt.TheEnvoyOfSol

    Returning curses - visualize

    Yeah that’s fine but, do it in a somewhat isolated area from people and always close your chakras afterwards and do a tiny amount of AOP.
  14. Matt.TheEnvoyOfSol

    An Elemental Meditation on the Gods

    If you don’t mind. What’s your take on this Mantra then? https://www.ancient-forums.com/viewtopic.php?f=35&t=89296&p=473418#p473418 It’s the reply quoting karnonos. Similar to the enochian keys, whereas the power is in what’s said not so much the mantra itself? I’m curious
  15. Matt.TheEnvoyOfSol

    Joy of Satan CALENDARS for 2024 NOW LIVE!

    Thank you to everyone involved for continuing to support the community with One of the most Powerful resources for any SS! Hail Satan!!
  16. Matt.TheEnvoyOfSol

    Returning curses - visualize

    Yes you can say it in your mind, as far as I understand the only time you must say the words out loud is the highlighted and quoted portions of the Gods Power rituals.You can omit that part of the prayer if your confident that you can return the curses on your own. Also you may want to look...
  17. Matt.TheEnvoyOfSol

    Returning curses - visualize

    Okay, so if you’ve only just started doing returning curses It can feel rather difficult in the beginning I would say 20 minutes is fine it’s about practice there is a lot of dirt that builds of the years. Secondly it’s important to use white gold light perhaps it’s just a particular shade...
  18. Matt.TheEnvoyOfSol

    Returning curses - visualize

    Interesting Idea, now that you mention it… I don’t think it’s necessarily bad it’s more about intent. I think it’s of similar nature to the Blue sky more or less Whereas you don’t see beyond it. I don’t think it’s turning of the soul but it’s not past a certain “layer” if that makes sense.
  19. Matt.TheEnvoyOfSol

    Returning curses - visualize

    Visualizing the aura can get in the way sometimes, just focus on the light body if you have difficulty with both. The only black you should be visualizing is the dirt being pushed down and building until fully pushed out of the light body but it’s secondary to visualizing the soul getting...
  20. Matt.TheEnvoyOfSol

    Happy Yule!

    :D Happy Yule everyone!
  21. Matt.TheEnvoyOfSol

    Davy Jones and the Hearth of the Depths.

    Interesting, thank you for sharing. Lately I’ve made similar conclusions to the nature of pirates as well.
  22. Matt.TheEnvoyOfSol


    AWESOME! Thank you Commander, Can’t wait. Hail Satan!!
  23. Matt.TheEnvoyOfSol

    Thank you, with a question.

    Hi hi. Just wanted to thank everyone who participated in the last blessing schedule, didn’t want to say anything till I had the property in hand so I waited. I was able to buy 2 vehicles one for use ( and in pretty good condition) and one for parts for about a 1000 bucks. that’s pretty cool...
  24. Matt.TheEnvoyOfSol

    The Matrix?

    That’s very interesting, thank you.
  25. Matt.TheEnvoyOfSol

    Protection Advice Needed

    Based on my own understanding thors is better for reflection and nullification rather than general protection it can be used as for protection, but I Would say Algis is much better for protection and overall well being substitute thors for algis both are considered solar workings. As far as...
  26. Matt.TheEnvoyOfSol

    THE NEW JOY OF SATAN WEBSITE LAYOUT IS NOW LIVE! [Update 2 - Changelog 15/Dec/2023]

    Thank you! to Everyone who was involved with making the new layout :) Hail Satan!
  27. Matt.TheEnvoyOfSol

    Baal Sigil's Analysis

    As far as Sigils go these are for individuals SS to figure out. certain things can be shared yes but each and Every demonic sigil represents a step or level of Spiritual achievement, keep that in mind. As far as meditative purposes Baalzebul’s sigil helps increase Control as well as...
  28. Matt.TheEnvoyOfSol

    Reverse Torah Ritual Schedule: Dec 7 to Dec 12

    Well.. time for unrelenting destruction of their jewtrix when these dates roll around. may the Gods lift are Rituals to even greater heights! Let us all do our part.
  29. Matt.TheEnvoyOfSol

    My half sister doesn't want a relationship - help

    Welcome, refer to this thread for forum usage https://ancient-forums.com/viewtopic.php?f=3&t=43293
  30. Matt.TheEnvoyOfSol

    AMON RA DEMON POWER RITUAL NOW LIVE! - Dec 2 to Dec 6 2023

    Yay!!! More progress. Can’t wait for the others
  31. Matt.TheEnvoyOfSol

    Suggest me the Runes which can help to understand my true aspirations better and stick to them

    In my opinion Sun square is best for this kind of thing. Although if I were to say I think those runes would work well. Ansuz would be something to consider as well as it is the rune of freedom.
  32. Matt.TheEnvoyOfSol

    Solar Magic

    Wait no that wrong, god damnit x.x I’m good at numerology I swear :lol:
  33. Matt.TheEnvoyOfSol

    Solar Magic

    Could you possibly explain why 74 is a Solar number?this number is very relevant to me. Also were you listing the most relevant Solar numbers? I ask because the Sun has the highest amount of numbers under its influence, Like 4 for example because 4 is of life. Great post I’ll be sure to...
  34. Matt.TheEnvoyOfSol

    Effects of meditation

    It probably has to do with consistency of energy and waves. In nature everything is sort of like a trickle down system. It takes more time for environments to progress upwards because it builds and is layered. Its similar with meditation you build layers and pathways that your psyche becomes...
  35. Matt.TheEnvoyOfSol

    Living in here and now

    Void meditation is focusing your attention on one point, This can be tricky depending on the individual, it doesn’t need to be one thing to start. for example when I started I really couldn’t do it until I created a bunch of “conditions” for focusing. So when I would start I imagined my...
  36. Matt.TheEnvoyOfSol

    Sharing some useful books

    Also just to clarify, some of your posts have been helpful to me, but my point still stands. For example the mantra praising Satan that you asked about is very useful to me. However you didn’t post the actual mantra or elaborate leading to initial confusion. Also some meditations and mantras...
  37. Matt.TheEnvoyOfSol

    Sharing some useful books

    There is a difference between wanting to understand things and posting about everything that pops into your head, that’s what I mean when I say half baked. you don't consider your questions thoroughly or even formulate it in an understandable way. Listen i can be guilty of that too sometimes...
  38. Matt.TheEnvoyOfSol

    What is the third part/phase of the RTR?

    That sounds interesting probably true. I’ve always thought of the Tetragrammaton as a purveyor of Jewish bulwark carrying their curses making them smarter whilst also stupefying gentiles. For part 3 ya I would assume numerology and planetary influence the 9 planets, The 9 realms so that RtR...
  39. Matt.TheEnvoyOfSol

    Sharing some useful books

    you seem very keen to correct others whilst also flooding the forums with half baked questions frequently. Read the whole conversation I said this already and I hadn’t realized obviously that this mantra is listed on the site
  40. Matt.TheEnvoyOfSol

    Studies show that family karma patterns are real

    I figured it was something like this I mean coincidences are far and few between in the grand scheme of things though I wonder how far exactly these sorts of things run and if things like adoption are also integrated in (haven’t read the article yet)
  41. Matt.TheEnvoyOfSol

    I'm so fucking Pissed off, depressed, annoyed..

    I think I Laughed a little too hard at this. the fox literally sounds like they’re faking it :lol:
  42. Matt.TheEnvoyOfSol

    Colours that aid learning?

    BladeSmithing, thought it’d be a cool hobby although I’m not experienced in making things in general which is why I though yellow might be good :?
  43. Matt.TheEnvoyOfSol

    I'm so fucking Pissed off, depressed, annoyed..

    For what it’s worth, it’s not uncommon for SS to go through these sort of motions granted you did some uncommon things, but at the end of the day it’s our mistakes that make us who we are. Not to scorned but to see how far we’ve come. Not to be overly regretful because now you can help others...
  44. Matt.TheEnvoyOfSol

    Colours that aid learning?

    Thank you, I appreciate the input. Yes, though the learning I was referring to is more learning from experience probably should’ve mentioned that at least x.x :lol: although overall better than what I would’ve done alone I think I’ll with golden Orange shimmering yellow
  45. Matt.TheEnvoyOfSol

    Colours that aid learning?

    Thank you, I appreciate it :)
  46. Matt.TheEnvoyOfSol

    Colours that aid learning?

    Ah okay… need to refresh myself on old materials apparently :lol: forgot about that page. by the way NinRick, how do I overwrite the url links (what the link says) in the signature?? Is it like a permission granted or something I overlooked? I can’t figure it out. :|
  47. Matt.TheEnvoyOfSol

    Needing some help + some venting...

    No worries, good to see your doing better. :)
  48. Matt.TheEnvoyOfSol

    About a rune working

    Ok first this is kinda hard to understand. You’re saying that the above affirmation is the one you stuck with after trying a few different ones correct? If so yes it’s fine You cannot change the affirmation after starting unless it’s a very minor change On the second day and even then...
  49. Matt.TheEnvoyOfSol

    Colours that aid learning?

    Good tidings, everyone. I am currently doing a runic working for learning and I was wondering what sort of colour is best. Is it based on on the particular thing you are trying to learn? So like orange for skills and indigo for more thought based stuff? I’m curious since I can’t seem to...
  50. Matt.TheEnvoyOfSol

    The importance of mantras

    My research has pointed to this as well. The periodic table symbol for gold is AU of course it wasn’t random as true alchemists understood it on a fundamental level. Though AU itself isn’t directed. Perhaps other forms also hold merit as well such as - AUB-AUN but that’s more of a theory...
  51. Matt.TheEnvoyOfSol

    Returning curses 1&2 visualizations step by step

    Salutations. These are my visualizations for Returning curses, this post is for newer members or those in need of better visualizations. Returning curses 2 and the aura The most important aspect when visualizing (in no particular order) is as follows. 1. Intensity (brightness) 2. Intent...
  52. Matt.TheEnvoyOfSol

    Sinus pressure

    Cool name. You can always use the ask Satan forum. Just type in a different way, if you’re worried about it.
  53. Matt.TheEnvoyOfSol

    Cursed knife

    I mean it’s stated that an athame that has been significantly empowered is worth using in rituals blades are of the air quality which helps carry and direct intent however never infuse with NEGATIVE ENERGY the energy could rebound on to you, always positive shining Gold. The energy empowers...
  54. Matt.TheEnvoyOfSol

    Bless Up My Family: Spiritual Schedule Nov 12 to Nov 25

    I’m really looking forward to this one. Almost read it wrong the first six days are both of the newest blessing rituals, what a shame that would’ve been :lol:… its the morning leave me alone :oops: :lol:
  55. Matt.TheEnvoyOfSol

    Needing some help + some venting...

    It can be hard to break through loops, life is about them after all so I understand that you are worried you might face criticism when it can seem simple for some. Not for everyone though. I do hope that one day the storm surrounding you clears and the blue sky seems more heavenly for trials...
  56. Matt.TheEnvoyOfSol

    Seeing someone’s name whilst meditating

    The thought has crossed my mind though I don’t think now is a good time, I’ll keep an eye out. Thanks NinRick, hope you’re doing well. :)
  57. Matt.TheEnvoyOfSol

    Why were my cleaning meditations so powerful in August and December...

    That could be true. At the time I had taken a long break from Satanism so perhaps I was more sensitive. Although the energies aren’t quite as intense I’m still not doing everything I did back then It was something like RC1 then yoga ,curse Isreal RC1 again Cleaning. I use Surya I prefer the...
  58. Matt.TheEnvoyOfSol

    Seeing someone’s name whilst meditating

    I recently saw a member’s name while meditating Wondering what you guys thought of this? Do you think it’s enemy influence or.. dunno What’s your policy on this for a lack of better words? :lol:
  59. Matt.TheEnvoyOfSol

    Suggest me books on numerology.

    Regarding music any kind is fine. However don’t overly listen to techno or electronic, It has a negative effect on the soul from my experience. The number 111 is a strong positive number. Although 1111 is more ambiguous it depends on context, usually it’s more negative than positive. like if...
  60. Matt.TheEnvoyOfSol

    Why were my cleaning meditations so powerful in August and December...

    For my experience if your not near 100% focus and intent the first day it hinders the working a lot. energy builds off itself so if your start point is low it’s hard to raise it to where it should be.
  61. Matt.TheEnvoyOfSol

    What can you share about Nergal?

    He is NOT to be summoned Some of his symbols are the mace and the Cerberus He is quite reserved and advises on matters that are important to him. he is also Hades, and Pluto, as well as Yam. More information can be found by searching his names although, A Satanic mindset definitely helps...
  62. Matt.TheEnvoyOfSol

    I feel we need another Schedule

    Patience is a virtue. Rest is necessary. Work on yourself in the meantime. If you have time for rituals, do extra yoga and void. bolster yourself for the next schedule
  63. Matt.TheEnvoyOfSol

    Let's all do some extra RTR's to support our gentile Palestinians

    Right. but, other members don’t necessarily feel that way this was the first schedule I dedicated every ounce of willpower I had to adjust my pitch multiple times a day to keep my voice from being damaged and I was absolutely spent towards the end. Some others weren’t so lucky. What I’m...
  64. Matt.TheEnvoyOfSol

    Sharing some useful books

    With respect, I am NOT a newer member. My profile doesn’t reflect this because I wanted a fresh start. It doesn’t matter who I was because I contributed very little over the years. I’ve seen many who did meditations they thought were safe and weeks later they’re in the shit. It has been stated...
  65. Matt.TheEnvoyOfSol

    Sharing some useful books

    You’ve done this mantra for two days at most and you think it’s safe… really The enemy can send positive energy to you know. for all you know it could be creating a vacuum that channels more energy, good for now until the sends a truckload into you. If you’re going to try these at least wait...
  66. Matt.TheEnvoyOfSol

    Let's all do some extra RTR's to support our gentile Palestinians

    I’m all for it, However. To the members who are tired. Don’t worry the workings we did this month felt unparalleled to me. take your time and rest. And to those continuing Do not push yourself there is a rest period for a reason and I bet we’ll soon be getting that Muslim rtr we’ve been...
  67. Matt.TheEnvoyOfSol

    Ganesha - Powerful Mantra

    WOW!! that’s something. If only I had this a month ago :cry: ah well next time :lol: :lol: Do you still have access to your old email? There is something(s) I would like to discuss. :geek:
  68. Matt.TheEnvoyOfSol

    Sharing some useful books

    Wow, thank you for the keen insight.
  69. Matt.TheEnvoyOfSol


    Othal is listed as being petrified wood RaeTh is literally movement
  70. Matt.TheEnvoyOfSol

    I need Help

    Ya definitely one needs to be very cautious. Cobra said it himself, the enemy will try and manifest in almost all forms of communication. (paraphrasing) so one needs to take extra care. The gods can manifest as whispers usually when they are busy or sometimes it’s convenient depending on the...
  71. Matt.TheEnvoyOfSol

    Israeli Plan to Displace Palestinians EXPOSED by Wikileaks

    I appreciate you posting these really fuels my fire. I’ll be finishing at well over a hundred reps of curse Isreal tonight. Just as before they will try and they will fail.
  72. Matt.TheEnvoyOfSol

    Humbling The Warmongering Israel - RTR Schedule - Oct 18 to Oct 30 [Schedule Extended]

    I’ve had this happen recently . When you feel your voice weaken lower your voice, do some rtrs mentally, drink water in between reps. Also camomile tea helps soothe the muscles Avoid the damage before it happens when your voice starts cracking its a clear sign to change the approach...
  73. Matt.TheEnvoyOfSol

    Accelerating the 10 Year-Plan | Individual Country Effort | Requesting feedback from Members and Clergy =)

    If you want to accelerate the process learn a something that can be valuable to the community.
  74. Matt.TheEnvoyOfSol

    I need Help

    No need to be rash, people make mistakes. Lots of people returned last month mercury wisdom, style coin, myself and others. is it really that far fetched? I remember one of Sly’s last posts he asked for the Pluto mantra. Henu warned him to be careful as well. Granted I’m not saying he...
  75. Matt.TheEnvoyOfSol

    The JoS Has A New High Priestess

    Awesome! and here I thought I missed the memo :lol: Congratulations Lydia, and thank you for your sacrifice!
  76. Matt.TheEnvoyOfSol


    Having read though most of this I can say this is a really good refresher and great for newer members, however it might be in best interest to make it a bit more digestible. People get discouraged when they see a giant wall of text and don’t necessarily have time to read it all. Maybe segment...
  77. Matt.TheEnvoyOfSol

    Reminder for witches Sabbat

    Ahhh dangit totally forgot to mention that :lol: Thanks Lydia, Hp?! Yay :lol:
  78. Matt.TheEnvoyOfSol

    Reminder for witches Sabbat

    I’m pretty sure eclipse energies remain for sometime after so Start on full moon.
  79. Matt.TheEnvoyOfSol

    Reminder for witches Sabbat

    Hey everyone. Just reminding everyone that the Curse Isreal Rtr acts as an accelerant whilst performing Cleaning one can imagine their chakras lighting up and bolting wings whilst affirming “those who curse Israel are blessed.” This can be a major boon to especially to newer members of one...
  80. Matt.TheEnvoyOfSol

    Psychotic Jewish Genocide causes Shia Sunni Moslems (Hamas and Hezbollah) to join hands to Fight these Jews

    This is great news. Glad we extended the schedule. I feel motivated to remain full speed ahead now. Thanks.
  81. Matt.TheEnvoyOfSol

    Im trying to fix my natal houses

    Ok first wherever the line is drawn on your chart is the affairs ruled by that house. Example. If your 6th house line begins on Leo it is ruled by the sun, period. I had trouble with this to but simple google searches cleared it up. Self study is important and pretty easy when it comes to...
  82. Matt.TheEnvoyOfSol

    Accepting limitations to be overcome.

    It think it’s worth mentioning that Vibrating Saulo 10 times and starring in the mirror with the affirmation “I am always Becoming my ideal self in the best way for me at all times and in every way” feel the energy of your gaze then void meditating on it. Just be sure your ideal includes...

Al Jilwah: Chapter IV

"It is my desire that all my followers unite in a bond of unity, lest those who are without prevail against them." - Satan