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Welcome to Our New Forums

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  1. ForumGuideAccount

    Forum Guide

    Greetings everyone, In this post, I'll guide you through the functionalities of our new forums. This information will be helpful both for new and old members. I will regularly update this post to make sure I cover all the functionalities. To save space, I will use the 'Spoiler' functionality...
  2. ForumGuideAccount

    Forum Guide for New Members

    Unfortunately, this is not possible to do. PHPBB, which is the base layout that this forum is built on to my knowledge, does not allow searching for phrases. What actually happens when you try to search "Vitamin C", with or without quotation marks, is that the "C" part is ignored entirely. It...
  3. ForumGuideAccount

    Forum Guide for New Members

    Welcome, Brothers and Sisters. This is the guide to everything you can do on the JoS forum. Whether this is your first day here or you are a seasoned member, this guide will have something new for you. Introduction This guide goes over every single feature that can be used on these forums...

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