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    The Absolute State Of The United States - Going Into 2024

    im trying to leave the country but its hard to save in this economy
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    To Stay In The Battle: Success As A Satanist

    Im just saying morningstar doesnt have the same stigma as other names associated with satan
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    To Stay In The Battle: Success As A Satanist

    True morningstar has alot of different meanings. Not saying hes not named after venus but i doubt most people know that or that Venus is even connected to him in anyway.
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    To Stay In The Battle: Success As A Satanist

    One thing i learned about religions is names play a big part in religion. if someone is named muhammed its muslim michael is a christian named after the angel etc.. In the bible they say lucifers name is morningstar which sounds more like a native name and they did lose their land but i dont...
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    Why I Trust Only In Joy of Satan and Satan Himself, and the Gods, Brothers and Sisters

    Long story about me and jos Ive known about jos for a long time. I use to talk to maxine a few years back before the whole thing with people making assumptions about here were going on. I didnt know there was a forum but since then i changed my name and joined the army and a voice told me to...
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    Christianity diminishing in US

    I believe the only true way to end a religion is to force them to change their name. Names have power and thats why they forced africans and natives to change their name. I been on reservations before and the only ones that really new their culture/language went by names of their culture but...

Al Jilwah: Chapter IV

"It is my desire that all my followers unite in a bond of unity, lest those who are without prevail against them." - Satan