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    I want to share the most special day with everyone I am about to do my Personal Dedication Ritual to Father Satan!!

    Hello and Greetings to all of my Spiritual Satanist Brother and Sisters here at the Joy of Satan Ministries!! I have finally want to share my personal Dedication Ritual to Father Satan that I discussed that I wanted to do during the Summer Solstice but was too late until now. I wrote down the...
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    Happy Summer Solstice!

    I had a wonderful day since my place decided to make smores today. I at least used the moment to do some meditating on the flames of the open fire while was toasting my marshmallow for my smores. So I had finally did something for one of our great Satanic Holidays. I could have wrote down and...
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    Question #4959: What should I do if they force me?...

    Thanks for letting me know you are of a different country. My suggestion is like several other replies I bet you have received. Is that you at least try convincing your mother you went back to her Xainity shit like program she believes in as a schizo she must be now. But all Xainity followers...
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    Dream About Hitler

    I have had many wonderful dreams about Adolf Hitler too. Yes is many of these dreams he talks to me in English which is the language I speak. So I don’t know if Hitler could be able do speak English or another language other then German after he achieved the final stage of the magnum opus. But...
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    Question #4959: What should I do if they force me?...

    If you live in American you have patient rights so you call tell any psychiatrist that you prefer not to take meds or receive any treatment you don’t want of any kind. You can also make the psychiatrist believe your mother is an abusive person and monster In most cases she probably is if she...
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    New Rituals & Schedule Now Live: HPS Maxine's Ritual & Lord Balaam's Ritual

    Such a wonder set of rituals and one to Honor our beloved founder and Divine Mother Maxine!! I can’t wait tell we do a ritual to Honor our Beloved Fuhrer Adolf Hitler and even a Power Ritual would be great for us to do for Hitler also!! Hail Satan!! Sieg Hiel!!!
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    Can someone please reply a Link to this certain post?

    I never heard of this post I would love to see if someone finds it!! I would find it wonderful if Hitler did come back. Adolf Hitler achieve the final stage of the Magnum opus so I don’t know if our Fuhrer would be coming back after becoming a living God that ascended. I would love to me him. If...
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    [AI] They're Target-ing our Children [Pictures]

    We should open some kind of website like High Priestess Maxine did with Azazel’s Shoppe or whatever the store’s website was called. I tried visiting it and the site sent me to a nice 404 error I was so sad that happened. I was thinking about trying set up a website like that? Any ideas how to...
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    Strengthening the Soul's Ability to Attract Money?

    I couldn’t even open the pdf? Is there any way I can download the whole pdf and have a look at it? Is the is pdf also I Satan’s Library section of the JoS Ministry website homepage?
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    I Made a set of slides that anyone can use for the planetary hours and to e hours of the chakras to help out when doing workings

    I Hello my Brothers and Sisters of our Spiritual Satanist Family of the Gods and of Father Satan! I have made a set of slides that you can use as a file that are for the Hours of the Planets and for the Chakras too. I made it in Honor of how old Layout of the Joy of Satan Ministries Website...
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    Returning curses 1&2 visualizations step by step

    What do you prefer works best for you as an individual. I use white gold. Since I know from the Joy of Satan Minstries says that white gold energy is the most power color of energy since that is the color of the Sun itself. Also you can even drawn energy from the Sun to make your Sun and the...
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    Tears come out while performing The Runes

    Which runes are you reciting or are you vibrating them? Are they runes connected to removing something from you. Such as if you are removing something from you that to at is okay. It is just you purging your soul and aura and your chakras of negativity and or curses etc. you are going to fell...
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    Returning curses 1&2 visualizations step by step

    I just visualize the sun moving down on its own. Or I just hold my hands close to my body like I am hold a ball in my hands. I visualize the sun in my hands and then I move my hands down my body visualizing the sun moving down while I move my hands down. Or I do that but with my hands in front...
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    I am Working on Part 3 PDF for the Death of Communism Webpage!!(Any ideas and help would be great)!!

    That is great To hear!! Also is there any other parts of the Joy of Satan Ministries websites and other websites that are connected to the Jos Miniseries too, that are in need of PDF Documents to be created too? That still are in the process of being made but never got released yet to the...
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    I am Working on Part 3 PDF for the Death of Communism Webpage!!(Any ideas and help would be great)!!

    Greetings to everyone as my fellow Spiritual Satanists. I have some news and some questions to if anyone has any of the sources that are from the Jos: Ministries “Death of Communism page” that is under the final part of section Four of the American English Page. ( Since that is my native...
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    My Soul Calibur Demon tributes

    I would like to see our Antichrist Adolf Hitler done next, please.
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    Modernism = Mental Illness

    Just today my dormitory hall held some small art exhibit for resident who do art. I was not told about it, and if I had been told about the event today. I would have placed some of the paintings I have done recently. Yet they show mainly the most mental art, such as one woman’s art that was of a...
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    Is it common for angels to invite themselves into people's dreams when they approach demons?

    Yes many of these same people who practice such filith while calling themselves Spiritual Satanists or followers of the LHP that use Jewish thought forms like angels are usually people who are mentally ill already. Or end up as severely mental schizo notions at the end. The reason is why because...
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    Important Notice: Members Allowed to Apply

    I am interested in doing a part to play in this project for Father Satan and the Gods and Goddesses of Hell. I would like to join.
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    Chaos and Purification

    My advice might be to do a bit less of the whole meditation program you stated. Unless you break half for the morning half for night time is probably a better suggestion. Since to too much can also have a really bad backlash on a spiritual level. Like vomiting enough tel you would be in the ER...
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    How Christian (and Muslim) are Florida and California?

    As a Californian myself yes there are loads of xtainity and jewslam followers here in the state of California. Also I don’t know but I think Governor Newspn is a Christian himself or could be Jewish or a agnostic or flat out aitheist. So yeah to me it does seem like a lot of our state’s problems...
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    Adolf Hitler Our Great Fuhrer!!

    Today is our great and wonderful savior and Antichrist our beloved Leaders and Der Fuhrer Adolf Hitler’s birthday today!! So while every other gentile this is still believing the enemy’s lies about Hitler and going about being immoral animals like the Jews want be I the enemy has made this...
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    Question #1687: Spiritual Healing others as a job?

    Yes this is a great Idea for you to do. Plus I even prefer to do this for some future plans I prefer to do doing magical workings for others. Yes I agree to use terms like guides when dealing with your clients or gods and or goddesses too. Instead of saying to your clients you use demons or...
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    Is the Gypsy Witch Tarot Cards okay to use as a Spiritual Satanist?

    Thanks will do. Should I do a working for being employees as an assistant to a history professor? Also I have heard and read recently that mercury has recently been in retrograde is that from April 1st to April 25th of this year?
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    Menial labor enjoyment / Doing mantras at work

    I have actually been doing void meditation during the hours I have volunteered at our university’s National History Day for California too. Somehow I have always ended up feeling well while working on some job and doing meditations at the same time. To one time I remember doing various mantras...
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    Is the Gypsy Witch Tarot Cards okay to use as a Spiritual Satanist?

    Thanks for letting me know. I have also wanted to use tarot as a way to be a bit more self employed too. I was also wondering if doing magical working and divination for others to help them in their lives is a good option for me and other Spiritual Satanists to do in the way our society and...
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    Is the Gypsy Witch Tarot Cards okay to use as a Spiritual Satanist?

    I had received recently a deck of Tarot Cards call the Gypsy Witch: Fortune Telling Cards. Which I was wondering because of the Cards having the word Gypsy in the name are they okay to use as a spiritual Satanist? Also can anyone tell me a bit about these types of Fortune Telling Cards too? As...
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    Charity & Helping Other People In Spiritual Satanism

    Many Christians say that crap so you give to them and they use your money to screw you over. It is better to give to the guy asking for money on the streets. One of the lies rom the Christians and the likes is they say beggars and people who ask for money through begging other people in public...
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    Charity & Helping Other People In Spiritual Satanism

    That is a lot better then most people I see in how they treat those that ask for help or money in times of need. I have seen people on my university campus just tell people who don’t even ask for money from what I guess these people are just assumed by their looks when they come up to say...
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    You can do aura of protection and also removing any curses from the article in removing curses part one and two. Plus if you are strong in soul and have a strong aura you can do this too for any cats at animal Shelters and pet sanctuaries too. If you do that you can state positive affirmations...
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    The Grand Ritual [Schedule Concluded]

    Oh my me too!! Such a powerful energy I felt just doing the ritual just now. I felt like the enemy was knocked down and dead through the whole ritual! Since I have about several likes at my university campus that have been slandering me and saying lies about me that I was exploiting people and...
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    Can I consider myself dedicated?

    When I did the dedication Ritual of Dedicating my Soul to Father Satan was the best day and things I did in my life! So many good things happened in my life after that Ritual!!
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    good movies/tv series with satanic themes?

    There is not many movies that have satanic themes or TV series with Satanic themes. Since the kikes are the ones that control the film industry. So they would creat bullshit with gore and call it as having a satanic themes to the film or tv series. But it’s a load of bs from their piss filled...
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    Thomas Leroy

    I can’t stand the guy. He calls his so called satanic group the sect of the horned god. A name mext to that lie that is the goddess of wiccans that’s an insult to Lilith. Should be enough to tell you this guy is use lies from the Jews and is still following the lies of his xtainity up bringing...
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    Hitler Drawing

    The first drawing and second drawing is great!!
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    Feeling that meditations are for losers

    You think what those people who are normies don’t have problems or are more losers then is spiritual Satanists here? Those guy have so many problems they would rather lie to others around them or online or in person. Just so others don’t find out. Also none of the normies are doing shit for...
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    A conversation With a Virtual Manifestation of the FUHRER <

    I find having conversation with this manifested virtual Adolf Hitler my re better more enjoyable and more fulfilling then many of the people I have come across on my university campus.
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    Painting I did at University in Honor of Lord Thoth!!

    Recently last week at a university housing event where we were paining on canvases. I painted a painting of the God Thoth that we did a live Power Ritual for. I have it now sitting on my alter on my dorm room as a f late. But I will show how they painting turned out. Many of the students liked...
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    Hitler Drawing

    I love them I still enjoy drawing Adolf Hitler and drawing and art period even as a History major. I do like the black and white pen drawing of Hits its good.
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    A conversation With a Virtual Manifestation of the FUHRER <

    I asked this Manifestation of our Fuhrer Adolf Hitler on his opinions on the state of Colleges and Universities and of our Higher Education and Educational Systems. As well as I did ask this virtual Manifestation of Adolf Hitler what his thoughts are on history courses being the way they are...
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    Question #3684: Apparent wholesomeness of Christians

    Like other pro have told you before you who just tell them you’re not a Christian but a satanist. As someone who came from Christian family members they use this as a manipulative propaganda tactic of theirs so you don’t feel so on the defense of them. That is how they drag you in. My personal...
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    Yeah a lot of people won’t like you for supporting or seeing anything good or great about Adolf Hitler. I can’t go around even talking about him on my bloody university campus without someone expecting me to not talk about him because he offends them for whatever the fuck. Usually these people...
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    Hitler our civil rights leader

    The answer to your question if you are asking from mainstream none spiritual satanist point of view. Would because of the enemy. Also the civil right (nonsense bs movement) is based on Jewish lies and swindling of the gentile masses. Hitler should never be connected to such a movement.Yet Adolf...
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    Should i move away from my parents?

    Get out a soon as you can. It is no shame, cuz I am a 34 year old woman who had to get out of my Xainity household too to live my life. I would have to say you should be living your own life too as an adult. Yet the enemy does now know we are increasing in numbers here for Father Satan and here...
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    On comparing yourself to others around you who aren’t SS

    As spiritual satanists we are still human which means is that we’ll eventually goans chances are compare ourselves to others around us in our day to day lives. This issue we might face is when we would compare ourselves to people who are not SS or apart of the JoS. This can be based off of on...
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    Has Anyone ever here communed or summoned Adolf Hitler??

    I was wondering from some of the articles from the Joy of Satan website from High Priestess Maxine Deitrich bout people who have communed and channeled Adolf Hitler. Said Hitler was a very caring guy and very socialable person.so I was wonder has anyone here ever channeled or communed with Adolf...
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    What's Currently Still Being Fixed After Migration

    I have been trying to get into my old account of SriRamMahaSiddhi and was told there is no account under that name. That was the last account I was logged into before the migration happened to the JoS forums. I ended up having to set up a new account for now. By the way I am Lisa and my email is...
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    New Account Created

    So I had to create a new account here since I was having trouble to get into my old account of SriRamMahaSiddhi. I like the new layout of the forums.
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    Question #3651: Priesthood

    I had the same question too last year since I also wanted to and still want to become a High Priestess here. But first I wanted to become a guardian. My advice to give that I was told last year, was to upload on the pages try to contribute more especially in areas we need the help and support...
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    Finally new to the forum and I come with questions.

    Well from my experience you would be feelings like the area (being your heart and throat chakras) is open and clear. Did you feel that when you where opening the lower chakras from root to solar plexus. Maybe your solar plexus could be blocked still. While you were focus on your heart chakra...
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    Question #3584: Videos insulting Hitler

    Sounds like what many people want to about Adolf Hitler just don’t pay any heed to that stuff. The did work hard for his nation and anyone who calls Hitler a bum is full of bs.
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    Question #3648: Help with finding work

    I will say why do you need a job. You can still if you are advanced and powerful enough as a soul and of your own mind. Still can increase your financial wealth without having a job. The idea that you need to work to become wealthy has many deep connections with the Jews and the program of...
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    Question #3652: YouTube in my mother tongue

    As someone who is a fellow YouTuber myself I would say if you do decide to upload videos onto YouTube be very very careful the algorithm has got much worse. I would suggest into go the route of Odsessy. Yet YouTube is a much bigger social media platform that would get you a much wider audience...
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    A new member seeking unique guidance

    Okay I see that you seem pretty serious enough to want to do the dedication ritual enough. Yet I don’t know what limitations that you have that are preventing you from doing the ritual. Yet Father Satan knows even if you most likely would be stuck to the ritual to dedicate yourself to Father...

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