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  1. OwltheD

    A Collection of Prayers & Phrases From My Black Book

    These are so beautiful! They touch my heart. I would like to translate this post into my native language. Thank you for sharing.
  2. OwltheD

    How To Be A Man? - It's Actually Rather Simple [Update: Working Out?]

    My 8 year old son got tired of being afraid of violent upperclassman and started learning kickboxing. It's a good thing. I am interested in how masculinity manifests in women and how femininity manifests in men. HPHC briefly explained to me that masculinity is emission and femininity is...
  3. OwltheD


    Thank you for your reply. I am amazed at the deeper information than I expected. I now understand what you meant when you said "much of Shinto is already Spiritual Satanism by default." Again, thank you.
  4. OwltheD


    I am continuing AZAZEL'S RITUAL during the schedule. HPHC, you mentioned that AZAZEL is called Susanoo in Japan. I have been thinking deeply about it. "In Egypt, you are the Hidden Sun of Re". I thought the same could be said of the Japanese Susanoo. In the old Japanese texts (Kojiki and...
  5. OwltheD


    It's wonderful! Thank you, everyone involved. This brought me back to the work of editing the translated articles. Is it possible to be added translated articles here? I began to think that this might be better than making a Japanese language website. Of course, either is fine.
  6. OwltheD

    “But What Does Yoga Actually Do?”

    Wonderful! Thank you for this post. Many people feel that the body is a prison, but in fact the opposite is true: the body is the liberator of the soul (karma)?
  7. OwltheD

    Movies, games, series

    Much of Japanese animation comes from a weekly manga magazine called Weekly "Shonen Jump". The theme of this magazine is "friendship, effort, and victory. And "excitement". It is very interesting to note that when we pursue these four things, we are getting closer to Satanism. This is where...
  8. OwltheD

    Satan And Lilith Head God and Goddess Of Japan

    I have reread this article many times since it was posted. I feel like I'm finally starting to understand. Speaking of the goddess Lilith, I was focused on her nobility and strength as a woman, so I was disapprove of the idea that Kannon was her. However, when I tried to listen to the "sound"...
  9. OwltheD

    What martial art should I go for?

    Traditionally, in Japanese martial arts, the "lower abdomen" is emphasized. This area is called "Tanden". Tanden is located in the center of the body, below the navel, which is the location of the second chakra. In martial arts, both punches and kicks are trained to move around this point as the...
  10. OwltheD

    What martial art should I go for?

    I am Japanese and I practiced martial arts as a teenager. Nihon Kempo (a martial art used by the Japanese Self-Defense Forces), Judo, Jujitsu, and Kendo. I was young and I wanted to protect myself and what I cared about. But eventually I came to see that there was no point in fighting physically...
  11. OwltheD


    Thanks for the reply. Hmmm, Camel pose...I don't like that. But it's what I can't do that has value.
  12. OwltheD


    I am one of your fans of your posts on yoga! Thank you for sharing your knowledge. I have a daily routine of Kundalini Yoga kriyas that alternating between cobra pose and triangle pose. Does this help to balance the pranic and the apanic? Or is it better to do deeper forward and backward bends?
  13. OwltheD

    Happy New Unstoppable Year - Advancing Into 2022

    Happy New Year, Everyone! Translation into Japanese has been started for all sections, some are finished and now being proofread. Some sections will be submitted before the satanic new year in spring. I am grateful to you Alchemist7 and HPHC for your effort and all the Japanese translators.
  14. OwltheD

    SATAN'S DAY RITUAL - 23rd to 29th Of December - Happy Yule Wishes!

    Happy Yule, everyone! A beautiful ritual! Can I display this sigil in my room or carry it with me? Hail Satan!
  15. OwltheD


    Thank you so much HP Hooded Cobra! Maat is Athena...I had felt Athena in Astarte, too. "Morax works under Astarte." I see. On a different subject, isn't Astarte the Amaterasu of Japanese mythology? Because Apollo[Azazel] and Artemis[Astarte] are brother and sister. Azazel is Susanoo, so I...
  16. OwltheD


    Wonderful! There are so many articles to translate, I never get bored! Thank you to all concerned. Hail Satan! Hail Azazel!
  17. OwltheD


    I was hesitant to translate this article into Japanese, because of the amount of information in it. I was translating a series of "Death of Communism", but it occurred to me that I should translate this first. Then I learned that Azazel is known as Japanese Susanoo-No-Mikoto. This excited me a...
  18. OwltheD

    Japanese Translation Thread

    Thank you for waiting. This is a link to the JoS Main Website translation. The rest will be uploaded sequentially by category. https://mega.nz/folder/p04GTKrA#O5k0ujbr-pPuqmapYKWgcg
  19. OwltheD

    Japanese Translation Thread

    From "Joy of Satan Main Website" The top page and some related pages. Joy of SatanTopPage.docx Here is a link to MEGA https://mega.nz/file/AlAnSYIb#d5UEpeFWKCgdkZ-9FBItpylmmC1m5xSYHTFvJF_mU5M If there are no problems with this, I will continue this.
  20. OwltheD

    Please state how you want to help here

    I'll take care of the translation into Japanese. I already have a website. https://josjapan.hatenablog.com/ I have completed about 80% of the translation except for the Satanic Library. I will work on the rest.
  21. OwltheD

    Japanese Translation Thread

    まず初めに、オフィシャルサイトにかかわることができて光栄に思います。 JoS運営側が翻訳を受け取る時、どういう形なら一番うれしいだろうかということを考えると、HTML形式がベストだろうと判断しました。 そこで、すでにある私のサイトにミラーサイトを完成させていき、同時にHTMLファイルを作成していこうと思います。 賛同いただける方がいましたら、ここに返信してください。 すでに翻訳済みの記事を提供してくださる場合、ここにリンクのURLを貼っていただければ、転載の許可をいただいたものとしてコピペさせていただきます。 多くの方の協力が必要です。よろしくお願いいたします。...
  22. OwltheD

    [ JOS TRANSLATION FORUM NOW LIVE ] Expanding Joy of Satan - my proposal

    We already have a translating team into Japanese. We've been working on the translation for months. But articles are divided into some sites. I'd be glad to integrate them here. Please create a Japanese thread as well.

Al Jilwah: Chapter IV

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