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  1. Carvik


    Thank uuu
  2. Carvik


    Oh I was in another month. My bad. So the answer to my question is, as long as the sign is present the description is valid for any of the days. Thanks.
  3. Carvik


    Hello Brothers! Question about our Satanic Calendar. (Super useful, I thank very much everyone behind it) Can someone clarify why the elements that are favorable doing in the date are listed in the last day of the sign and not in the first? Is it better to start the working on that Last day (may...
  4. Carvik

    I have a problem

    I thank all of you brothers, sincerely. Let's keep fighting. Much love and the gods bleess you for helping a brother.
  5. Carvik

    I have a problem

    I have super productive periods in my life, (excercise, meditation, advancement, no bullshit, useful things) and then one day I feel tired and sleepy, I can't think very straight, I start to feel upset about everything and get really annoying and annoyable. I can't and I don't want meditate in...
  6. Carvik

    About Trance — An Alternate Approach [MEDITATION]

    This brought to my mind something briefly writen by HP Maxine, that feeling the exterior of your body, then the interior, then the exterior and so on... Was a good way to enter a Trance.
  7. Carvik

    JoS Projects : New JOS Site Annoucement [https://jos-projects.com]

    A question, we can use this tool to translate with the translator and edit the translation right?? I don't know other languages but Spanish translations with deepL when translated still need lots of adjustments and corrections.
  8. Carvik

    Joy of Satan NEW Guardians: Announcement

    Also I'm a Naked Pluto fan so it's great to see him there 8-)
  9. Carvik

    Joy of Satan NEW Guardians: Announcement

    Congrats brothers!!! I have received Help in one way or another from all of you and is well appreciated! Gods bless you and keep growing!!
  10. Carvik

    Sobre la meditación de la Flama

    Muchas gracias Sister! Había estado pensando hace unos días en eso, necesito mejorar en varios aspectos y me venía a la mente esa meditación, pero no tengo velas jaja tengo q hacer compras. Gracias por recordarnos esta y sus beneficios :D
  11. Carvik

    Thank you HoodedCobra⚡

    Yeah bro, I sent the Spanish translations to spine and he didn't responded, I emailed twice, asking him to confirm, but nothing, I See why now, I knew this fcker was up to something
  12. Carvik

    JOS downloading

    That's an impressive job you are doing bro!
  13. Carvik

    HPs Lydia: Día de reajuste espiritual, Desintoxicación de Dopamina

    Día de reajuste espiritual / Día de desintoxicación de dopamina Es muy común en estos días quedar atrapado en vidas ocupadas, notificaciones del celular, correos electrónicos, etc.; y descuidar o postergar la espiritualidad. Esto forma el hábito de no prestar atención a las prioridades. Las...
  14. Carvik

    I have a bone to pick with Cobra

    Ban this MF already: WhiteFoos
  15. Carvik

    Bless Up My Family: Spiritual Schedule Nov 12 to Nov 25

    Our best wishes with you bro. Get better.
  16. Carvik

    what EXACTLY happens in the exchange of energies and connection in sex?

    I'm not advanced, I have felt my bioelectricity and I'm improving in this, but I'm not in a level where I have any real discernment so I keep myself cool. But when me and my GF started I felt somehow that my soul cleansed hers, which is dirtier as she don't do meditations right now. But that's...
  17. Carvik

    what EXACTLY happens in the exchange of energies and connection in sex?

    I would love to know this too. If you get a good answer pleeeeaaasssseeeeee quote me.
  18. Carvik

    Seeing someone’s name whilst meditating

    If advanced, read his posts. If not advanced read the answer to his questions. I dunno that's what I Would do. :)
  19. Carvik

    Which doesnt kill me...

    I had answered yesterday but idk what happened. Bro, I'm super happy for you, for your progress and specially in the fact that you are giving proper recognition to how you have been helped. I wish all Satanist shared the good things that happen to them, that I know are many, as you do...
  20. Carvik

    Nature Of The Chakras

    Oh, I see, I hadn't seen the post times. That's back in 22. Maybe someone downloaded it already, I wouldn't read it though.
  21. Carvik

    Some thoughts on Franz Bardon's second book "The Practice of Magical Evocation"

    Yeah, it was very good that Maxine warned us about how Bardon STOLE the work of true, satanic occultists, and corrupted it with the typical yadayada the enemy loves.
  22. Carvik

    The True Face Of Israel - Holocaust Of The Palestenians

    I totally agree with this, specially the last you wrote, that those horrible things they convinced the world the Nazis did to them is a projection of what they would and want to do to Us, it's their nature and grosse command. It's sickening the way they impose a vision of madness and...
  23. Carvik

    Nature Of The Chakras

    Oh no, what happened?
  24. Carvik

    Random Thoughts - He Who Laments his own Powerlessness cannot Change Anything

    I'm very thankful I met and looked for the JoS without knowing it since I was a child. Even the times I failed and acted like a regular, andrapoda person I felt an underlying shame that reminded me that I could do better under the flames of Lucifer. I'm glad I'm on the right side, that one of...
  25. Carvik

    Why were my cleaning meditations so powerful in August and December...

    Don't take my word for a fact, but as a "newbie" so to speak in meditation (not actually new, but now I'm consistent) I can tell that are periods, maybe astrological when it's easier to do a lot of things. Also, try to remember if you did something specifical in those months, for example...
  26. Carvik

    Request for Musical Talent

    I forgot to mention that I'm a tenor, Im a male, I can go to E above High C for the males, if someone needs me to sing something email me.
  27. Carvik

    How to send energy or help

    Thank you very much for responding him. Your answer not only helps him if that was the case, it also helps future people that will use the search function to find that answer. It may be useful to me too in the future.
  28. Carvik

    Ganesha - Powerful Mantra

    Thank U bro. It's good to see you are helping to spread the knowledge on safe Mantras.
  29. Carvik

    Biblioteca Astrologica: Enlace de la nube

    Buenísimo hermana. Super útil. Si necesitas ayuda con esto y más ya sabes. Y para traducir JosAstro estoy más que dispuesto :P
  30. Carvik

    JosAstrology Idea

    Hey brother, can you send me your email? I am a translator. JoS astro is very Important and should be fully translated, so I would love to talk to the ones that are translating it if any or start to slowly doing it myself.
  31. Carvik

    JosAstrology Idea

    Thank you for the reply, even if it's late. Curiously I thought about this last week.
  32. Carvik

    Introspection and enemy attacks

    People, I'm seeing some events of friction between some members of the community, some of them very good members. You all should remember that we are in a war, and the enemy IS attacking you. Feelings of hatred, anger, or situations that seem to grow and then explode in THIS time if the...
  33. Carvik

    The JoS Has A New High Priestess

    Duuuude wtf, do you oust in mercury retrogades or something hahaha, nah I'm joking. Maybe you guys are from different horary uses or something, and someone answers first, so your post doesn't appear in the unreaponed topics. She has answered pretty much all the posts I've made, and I'm not very...
  34. Carvik

    Translators for the SS Calendar!

    Check Your Proton Mail, Bro.
  35. Carvik

    Square vs normal mantra question

    As I understand it the Aums are for tuning and awakening., which with proper focus directs the energies to the chakras and that is empowering enough for the begginer stages. I think that the begginer stage is the longest and we have to avoid jumping steps. Once you truly feel and sense in trance...
  36. Carvik

    The JoS Has A New High Priestess

    May she be blessed in all her endeavors. Congratulations High Priestess.
  37. Carvik

    Short question

    Thank you sisters. I do my Hatha 2 hours after cleaning usually. As I am in the process of opening, I think it can be that, the accumulation and concentration of energy in the sixth Chakra, and as I have only cleansed it consistently for less than 2 months maybe energies are unable to express...
  38. Carvik

    Short question

    Short question because I'm doing yoga I finished yesterday night my opening of the sixth chakra, with no bliss or other blatant signs, no worries, I'm not in a hurry for advancement, I've learned my lessons The thing is, while performing the wheel in hatha yoga (as I understand that asana is...
  39. Carvik

    Revisión de la Alegria de Satanás

    Bro te escribí a tu email, no se si es que lo escribi mal o algo, confirmame si te llego un mail o escríbeme a [email protected]
  40. Carvik

    Translators for the SS Calendar!

    I emailed you from [email protected]
  41. Carvik

    Translators for the SS Calendar!

    Hey sister. I know that we Have WotanWarrior and Yeye in the spanish forums, who are very willing to help and do a lot. If they are very busy I could hep with this too.
  42. Carvik

    HoodedCobra needs to go on X

    I figured it out yesterday, quite a revelation for me haha
  43. Carvik

    HoodedCobra needs to go on X

    Hahaha, somehow you both managed to show each other love and ignore the real question, but is ok, is good that the most advanced members to clear misunderstandings. I already discovered how to see only the posts started by members, so Ive been enyoing your posts and Jack's, that was yesterday...
  44. Carvik

    HoodedCobra needs to go on X

    Yes, i just dont know how to see only the topics created by them, (your topics are also of my interest.) I think Im about to figure it out. Besides I would prefeer that they have it somewhere on pdfs so I can focus on the reading.
  45. Carvik

    Question #1752: Can i destroy fear with Munyaka

    Where are those mantras? Id like to study them.
  46. Carvik

    HoodedCobra needs to go on X

    Hey Brother! Would you be so kind to provide a link or something where you store all (i mean all, from your previous accounts) writings and knowledge, if you do??? Im in the forums since 2019 and Ive always felt interested in your person, as well as NakedPluto.(i know you 2 are not the best...
  47. Carvik


    Thank You JG Lydia and Egon!! 3 repetitions Will be then.
  48. Carvik


    Hey family. I am reading all posts uploaded from the clergy in the forums and I see that RTRs where, lets say pushed or spammed, obviously I find this positive. I have the doubt on why that is not the situation now. I gess is astrological, right? Should we all be doing the RTRs? Im sorry I dont...
  49. Carvik

    Rune working for awareness: Help me out.

    Ups, my bad, I may have mixed up something. My experience with runes is cero, good Thing I asked, Brother, how did you gain Such an insight of the energies of the runes and similarities to the planets? So, The best is just Laguz, and maybe Eihwaz? Then an specific number can be chanted right...
  50. Carvik

    Request for Musical Talent

    That is a big responsability, I understand the pressure. Im only a begginer, I will obtain a Piano on december, and will start my studies then. Its unfortunate that we have to keep and extreme secrecy here, since we cant make a song collaborating real time too, if a solution to this problem...
  51. Carvik

    Rune working for awareness: Help me out.

    Hello, future Heroes of the gods. Im in need of help of those more experienced with rune working, Im thinking of a working, protagonized by EHWAZ, but also including Lögr, Perthro and Dagaz, with the main objetive of becoming more aware on the energies, the auras, my own chakras, and my...
  52. Carvik

    Poem to ENKI

    Aplausse for you bro!! Beautiful poem from a beautiful allegorie.
  53. Carvik


    Ya lo pusiste en los foros de Alegría de Enki???
  54. Carvik

    A proposal

    Like a Modern Idea of kinda a sigil, I guess thats your sigil now, Vira. I like the Idea, but I find confusing the fact that it keeps up and up and has no end in the image, my brain is unresponsive to "unfinished" figures, altough satanism is an infinite ladder itself.
  55. Carvik

    My Solo Band - True Satanist Themed

    Yeaah broo thats Coool!! Yoo maybe less reverb on the voice :D I like it, Too bad SoundCloud is blocked here (app) I cant really support you!! Keep it going you rock
  56. Carvik

    Página Caída

    Alegria de Enki está inaccesible :cry:
  57. Carvik

    Self Knowledge And Other People

    When I was new, some members here would spread their pesimism out to the world, affectint overall new people, that should be reading things as: I ve been here 4 years and never felt the energy, I think this is just imagination, and stuff. Of course I walked my own path and my soul is manefisting...
  58. Carvik

    Kickstart to Learning Astrology

    Thank Uuuu
  59. Carvik

    JosAstrology Idea

    Hey Satanic Family!! I have an Idea, if admins and programmers want to take it, and have the time. It would be really helpfull to get a planet fixed in the same house and sign, so when a person that doesnt know his exact time of birth can look for it with more acurracy. I dont know if i...
  60. Carvik

    Creating a good list of books, thoughts?

    Thats a great Idea, Im sure it will grow over time!
  61. Carvik

    Small Acts? I don't think so.

    HPHoodedCobra, first of all, thank U, very much Second, the link has Seatan, so its broken, removing the e sends you to the page
  62. Carvik

    Creating a good list of books, thoughts?

    Nope, Im just a mad reader, and as we cant spend all our time meditating Without getting burned, at least id rather to spend my valuable time reading or working on something, right now Im just ReReading HP HoodedCobra sermons and The Path to holistic life (satanist eye, obviusly) and for...
  63. Carvik

    Creating a good list of books, thoughts?

    Hey broo!!! Did you make that list or nah?
  64. Carvik

    ¡Haga todas sus preguntas aquí! Nuevos miembros

    Hola, supongo q has seguido meditando y ya sabes la respuesta, pero por si las dudas respondo, Es mejor hacerlo separados, y puedes hacerlo a las horas que prefieras, Lo mejor es hacer kundalini por la mañana y hatha por la tarde noche.
  65. Carvik

    The Devil Is Your Friend

    When I was doing the Satan Ritual I got a glimpse of his Image, maybe my Imagination only, Him, kinda in space, surrounded by golden light, so beautiful, then I realize why rituals are so important, I realized I had never felt a connection of Him as an actual being despite of "knowing" he is...
  66. Carvik

    Something about Purification

    Yes! Indeed keeping notes is super important, in april I was complaining about how hard was to clean and visualize, in may I could see the light better and today I had to put in my diary how wonderful my cleaning session was!!! Finally seen golden light, and I could visualize my chakras...
  67. Carvik

    Just keep up with the meditations!

    Been there, within the quitters, I gess it is what you say, not feeling much, and a wrong mindset of Expecting major outcomes in 2 months. I lacked maturity too, as a lot of newbs, I think that growing as a person makes you grow as Satanist too, and the other way around. Thank you for your...
  68. Carvik

    SS Group Ritual Schedule: 28th of May - 12th of June

    :lol: :lol: :lol: You wouldn't burn a dried shit even with a firetruck loaded with gasoline and a flamethrower, because you are a little bitch, bitch. And pray to your alien toughtform to save you from the Hits youre gonna get.
  69. Carvik


    You clearly didnt even read my post :roll:
  70. Carvik


    :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: Bro! If you read the whole text you understand :lol: Yes I started meditating _again_ 40 days ago, each year I have meditated and quited like a pussy.
  71. Carvik

    A lesson from the Gods part 2

    This is very valuable. This is also the reason why I keep track of things in a diary, as advised, then you can notice how you grow, and realize your evolution. If I compare, for example, my visualization skills, I could say I have greatly improve it, since I could barely see anything back then...
  72. Carvik


    Greetings Fam! Guys I started Meditating like 40+ days ago, hatha, void, cleaning, and slowly incorporate more things, because I have felt overwhelmed other times, and mess things up, Since 2020 actually :| Im actually more centered in trance and void, or at least is what I want, cuz trance...
  73. Carvik

    How people perceive you when you are SS?

    Duh! Yes, Sr. I've been a satanist almost 4 years now, Not the best one, started very inmature, and until now I havent done the things like I should, but always, definetly Ive felt the huge difference that ocurres when you clean the external dross. Something to note now that Im more reflexive...
  74. Carvik

    On the Lakshmi Money Meditation

    Hey brother, I will start one in may 25, I will let you know my outcome then.
  75. Carvik

    Joy of Satan Anthem – Directions For Creation Of Our Noble Anthem

    Hello brothers!!! There are runes that improve imagination and visualization, I wonder if that includes musical creativity. For this major project this could be the cherry on top of the cake for even good musicians, imagine the benefits of it.
  76. Carvik

    App for RtRs?

    Great tool xlnt, too bad I cant do RtRs where my pc is, see I have a lil cat and my girlfriend that are most of the time in that room, so I dont do any meditations near them, you know, not wanna drain them or push the dross on them, and as other issues just prevent me from moving my pc, I just...
  77. Carvik

    App for RtRs?

    Ooohhh i see! I just had to try it on a pc, I was trying on my phone, and there was no html option, bro, you were enlightening there haha, thanks Henu.
  78. Carvik

    App for RtRs?

    This is it brother, What I was looking for!!! Ignorance is just lack of knowledge, not always intentional, but its a satanic sin to need this and not knowing theres already there for us to use, I think that this has to be spammed a lil more, When we talk bout runes and rtrs this have to be...
  79. Carvik

    App for RtRs?

    Yes bro I have downloaded tons of Jos Pages and sermons of our Commander as well, but for the Paintable Rtrs it downloads it as a plain pdf, so you Can't paint on it, unless we do as Larissa says (thank u Larissa) and get a tool to edit pdfs (Painting it)
  80. Carvik

    App for RtRs?

    Thank u Vey, very, very much!!
  81. Carvik

    App for RtRs?

    Has someone created an app to do RtRs and I missed it? The paintable rtrs require internet connection and the Pages to be functioning, now with that disgusting attack I kinda see that I need a way to have it on our devices without internet, specially the newbies. Maybe theres a way to blot...
  82. Carvik

    Ask All Questions Here! New members

    Hey, silly question here, are we doing daily fRTR or waiting for a schedule?
  83. Carvik

    Mind Over Body And Matter

    Wow, thanks, Im saving this for studying later, great post!
  84. Carvik

    Money working?

    Great!!! Thank U very much!
  85. Carvik

    Money working?

    Thank you all brothers, I was thinking of 24 or 25, according to the SS Calendar, Lakshmi and Fehu+Sowilo, kinda needed confirmation, thank U very much, lots of love.
  86. Carvik

    Money working?

    I was reading my chart, and just looking at the future and I realize I need to start a money working, several money workings actually, as my saturn grants long life poverty, debts, and sexual hangups, etc, and I won the battle against the sexual hangups parts already. So I wonder the closest...
  87. Carvik

    Awareness meditation

    Thanks bro, I often read that sermon, You ansewered me anyway (Certain pages are under construction) wich was my doubt, if there were more of it. Thank you Korpi.
  88. Carvik

    Awareness meditation

    Hey! In the JoS page seems to be that Awareness meditation section is empty (gives a 404) I have great interest in increasing my awareness as it seems to be the foundation of a good steady and beautiful development, I have the awareness med from our HP, wich I thank a lot, I just wonder if...
  89. Carvik

    A Few Mudras for Meditation

    Thank you, I already use the first one, putting fingers together and separating them helps realizing that theres something like a circuit and its on/off
  90. Carvik


    Gracias bro, sigo los foros en inglés, pero es bueno tener el ritual traducido.
  91. Carvik

    Follow Your Heart

    Thanks you, HP I've walked this Path for a while now, with the wrong mindset all along, the typical "why Im not advancing super fast right now Im so dissapointed" and I realize that I was not even relaxing and breathing, nor when doing yoga, neither when practicing void meditation, I was just...
  92. Carvik

    Question #1052: this is strange

    Hey! I dunno bout how do you do your things in your culture, but I think is a common thing to say to a sexual partner that you need the lights to be off, as simple as that, just admit youre ashamed, simple, but works, after a few sexual encounters you will notice your self confidence growing...

Al Jilwah: Chapter IV

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