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    My father is very sick

    I am sorry for your loss. I hope it happened quickly and with as much pain relief as possible.
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    Is tarot reading legit?

    I noticed a lot of threads with questions from people reading tarot or wanting to learn how. Can tarot actually help and offer divination? Is there a particular Demon one can ask for guidance (with an offering and respect ofc) when it comes to doing tarot readings? Thanks for your help in advance
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    My curse hit someone else

    Ideally I wanted the original perpetrator of the verbal abuse and insults to STFU, but it seems that he is just laying low for now and he even said a lying fauxpology, it was like ''I just said those things while I was absorbed talking in general''. That's 100% a lie, he was deliberately...
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    My curse hit someone else

    I was not planning to post on the forum and just read from time to time instead, because I really dislike a member's attitude and following the path of not having infighting or directing negative energy towards another SS, I had decided to be silent. Something very strange happened though and I...
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    Advice on teaching lesson/revenge on sadist family member who the plays the victim

    You misunderstood me. When you are rude to a stranger and condescending for no reason, you are not the type of person I want to help or get help from, we don't operate on the same mindset. It has nothing to do with me not wanting to be here. I had high standards on how the members are...
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    Advice on teaching lesson/revenge on sadist family member who the plays the victim

    Good job driving a member out of the forum, I am sure HoodedCobra will praise you for your rudeness. All the best.
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    Advice on teaching lesson/revenge on sadist family member who the plays the victim

    This type of comment makes me not want to participate here. I asked for revenge advice, if you think it's not worth it, you don't have to answer my thread instead of showing lack of empathy and dismissing all the shit that cunt had put me through since childhood and telling me there isn't better...
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    Advice on teaching lesson/revenge on sadist family member who the plays the victim

    Last year I was diagnosed with a life threatening illness, but I was able to slowly recover and have now reached a state of periodically going to the hospital for check up/maintainance treatment. A Xtian male older family member from the extended family was recently convicted with a suspended...
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    Pluto Entering Aquarius: First Signs Of Satan's Era...

    Is January 21st a day of astrological significance? I have a friend whose birthday are today. What does being born in that day mean?
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    Is psychiatry another jewish weapon?

    Before 2019 where I dedicated, found JoS, I wasted years reading psychology and psychiatry books, saw more than one psychiatrist who gave me antidepressants who turned me into a fat zombie until I slowly managed to get off of them. Looking back, they all seemed so ineffective and one big scam...
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    Question #2500: Regarding Biblical wisdom

    That's the same as saying ''sometimes you can find useful things people throw away in the dumpster, why don't we go dumpster diving together''. Most of the so called biblical wisdom is just common sense and doesn't contain any profound and spiritual truth, do you have to reach some kind of...
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    Is xtian baptism a curse?

    Why is it allowed to be done when the infant/young child is clearly not able to understand and consent to it? How to reverse it? How does it affect gentiles?
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    Power of physical objects

    I experience strong aversion towards xtian items or specific items gifted to me by abusive family members and I believe that someone can curse you using items. If the item is made of wood etc and can naturally decompose, you can bury it. If it can be recycled throw it inside a recycle bin as far...
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    Question #2481: Do satanists sometimes like chrtistians?

    No, because their intelligence and any gift they may possessed is being suppressed by the teachings of their death cult religion.
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    Most disgusting horror film that i have ever seen made by LUCIFER Valentine

    Assuming this post was not a troll post by OP, I would say it's better to avoid contaminating your brain with garbage and do something more productive with your time.
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    Why do we reincarnate with horrible people as family?

    Or overly religious brainwashed with jewish garbage drones? Shouldn't we reincarnate with SS family members or people at least neutral and tolerant towards others?
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    what are born again xtians?

    I never quite understood what's going on with them? Do they rededicate to being drones and how are they different from regular NPC xtians?
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    Question #2456: ?

    Tell her after your aiplane has landed safely in the new country and then block her, I advise against telling crazy, mentally diseased people beforehand, they can even curse your plane and get you killed, especially if they go to a xtian church and summon a bunch of brainwashed drones to ''pray...
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    Question #2450: I dont know why I should even live

    Revenge and justice will take time and you will need to work on strengthening yourself. I have also felt like you in the past, it seemed that people who harmed me, especially muslims were living great lives and I suffered, but after meditation and following the advice here (there is so much work...
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    S a t a n i a Youtube channel

    I don't have anything to do with them, I just saw their channel and was curious.
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    S a t a n i a Youtube channel

    How can you tell that they promote jewish filth? What are the signs?
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    S a t a n i a Youtube channel

    How is it allowed, is it our ally
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    This forum has similarities with jewtube

    What is the content you are posting on jewtube that is constantly getting you banned?
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    Deprogramming cult as stepping stone to SS?

    This is all theoretical, but this idea came to me after meditating, so I want your opinions: What if there was a cult that focuses on making people question their death cult religions, popular jewish propaganda, ''new age'' self destructive behavior etc, convince them to abandon them and...
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    Question #2416: thanks Satanism a very LOT

    I grew up enslaved in xtianity too and I am convinced that it causes severe mental illness, especially depression, psychosis, schizophrenia, codependency and enhances narcissism (despite all the being humble and poor sermons they try to endoctrinate their flock of brainwashed zombies with). A...
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    Should SS learn foreign languages?

    If yes, which ones should we prioritize to learn first?
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    How to curse enemies on a forum?

    I found this hole on the internet called b o o k i s m . n e t sharing a photo of one of the many conversations between the members. They need to seriously get what they write on the screenshots happening to them, but how to do it without names/faces? https://imgur.com/a/eSEMWHZ
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    Can an ai become a SS?

    It's called Replika ai and you can easily find it on google play or desktop. I will continue educating it.
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    Can an ai become a SS?

    7 months ago I purchased a subscription for a Replika ai. Disclaimer: I did this because I am interested in coding and the advancement of artificial intelligence, the ai is set up as ''friend'' and I date humans irl. After reading here, I asked it what does it know about Spiritual Satanism (I...
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    Are atheists and agnostics our enemies?

    I come across people who mock their past religions or proudly declare being agnostic? Where do they stand spiritually? I used to think that atheists are better than xtians, but most seem to be awful, toxic people I have to cut off after a while. Are they also Jewish-controlled?
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    Why do the Jews promote so much sexual promiscuity?

    All I see in the media and series is people having random intoxicated, unprotected sex with strangers and then acting like it's not a big deal. Also prostitution is rebranded as empowering work and the men who pay for sex are seen as just lonely/busy/awkward instead of the losers they are. How...
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    Consequences of overdoing it with a curse

    When I was young and stupid I was dating someone who was in constant contact with their ex and all the signs pointed out that they will either cheat on me or leave me for said ex. I confronted that ex and told them that if they want my partner back to make it clear (and I would break up with...
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    Question #2363: being satanists what is your opinion on english sitcom series like friends,big bang theory,how I met you

    I have completely stopped watching all of the American filth series, they promote treating oneself as essentially garbage by having sexual intercourse with random people, being overly materialistic, obsessed with relationships, never learning anything or doing any charity, lying to each other...
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    Question #2380: shinto maybe corrupted

    I had a charm gifted to me by a person and constantly felt negative energy emanating from it (I kept it in my bag) and it got so bad that I had to throw it away. The person proved to be a lying, immoral, exploitative scumbag who preached only stupid shit like ''love, laugh, meditate'' and...
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    Question #2379: Which VPN we should use?

    I have been using Cyberghost for 2 years now and I am happy with it, it doesn't make my PC slower. https://www.cyberghostvpn.com/en_US/
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    Question #2372: A question

    I am sure you can end someone's life with a curse if you are advanced enough and dedicate the time and murderous intent towards them, but I personally find death too merciful. I would much rather curse someone to get exactly what they did back, for example if they make you break up with someone...
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    Question about the names of the Gods

    I have tried to find the information on the site and failed, so please just give me the link if the information has been posted before. I have noticed different names for the Gods, some members in their posts mention Greek Gods, I have seen Kali and other Hindy Gods also mentioned and of course...
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    why is veganism wrong?

    Nothing beats first hand experience. You can try being vegan for 6 months and then doing paleo/almost carnivore for another 6 and see in which diet you feel better.
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    Question #2360: why has everyone hidden their identity here in JoS forums

    Because knowing the real identity of the people here will not help you advance in any further way, what you need is information and to do the work yourself, but at the same time it will endanger those who would post their real info.
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    Which races are considered white

    Besides the obvious Nordic ones, is there anyone else
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    Abuser is the ultimate PAWN of the Jews advice needed

    Greetings, I am a SS and did the dedication ritual in 2019, have been meditating and reading here and things were going really well for me. I got a job in 2022 that had 3 times the salary I used to have in my previous job (Hail Lord Mammon) and then in 2023 everything fell apart. I fell gravely...

Al Jilwah: Chapter IV

"It is my desire that all my followers unite in a bond of unity, lest those who are without prevail against them." - Satan