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  1. Yagami Light

    About Envy, Greed, Hate, Anger, Lust, Gluttony

    Of course, I have caught myself being like that with other people, as well (doing a good action not really out of kindness, but in order to be liked by them). Even with kids (making jokes to make them like me, rather than to actually entertain them). Surely this is related to some kind of...
  2. Yagami Light

    About Envy, Greed, Hate, Anger, Lust, Gluttony

    Thank you for this sermon. I have a personal issue regarding being egocentric/self- centered. Lord Balaam's Power Ritual made me think of that. From his ritual, I felt that he was entirely "selfless" when it came to his faith to the Gods and to helping other human beings - which is healthy...
  3. Yagami Light


    Χαίρετε. Θα ήθελα να ρωτήσω κάτι σχετικά με μία λέξη που συνήθως βρίσκω ήδη μεταφρασμένη στα άρθρα που έχω να μεταφράσω. Αυτή η λέξη είναι το High Priestess, που έχει μεταφραστεί ως αρχιερέας. Έκανα μια έρευνα στο Google, και μου βγάζει πως η λέξη "αρχιέρεια" υπάρχει κανονικά (δηλαδή πως έχει...
  4. Yagami Light

    Υποψίαζομαι πως οι γείτονες μου χρησιμοποιούν μαγεία εναντίον μου

    Καλησπέρα. Για ποιο λόγο είσαι τόσο σίγουρος πως είναι οι γείτονες σου που το προκαλούν αυτό; Έχω τσακωθεί κι εγώ με γείτονες, αλλά οι πιθανότητες να μπορούν να κάνουν μαγεία είναι όχι απλώς ελάχιστες, αλλά μηδαμινές. Κάνεις καθαρισμό αύρας, καθαρισμό τσάκρα, και αύρα προστασίας σε καθημερινή...
  5. Yagami Light

    a dream i had literally 2 days after my dedication (and some other problems)

    *Actually, this is the link to exposingchristianity: https://satanslibrary.org/ExposingChristianity/EXPOSING_CHRISTIANITY_MAIN.html
  6. Yagami Light

    a dream i had literally 2 days after my dedication (and some other problems)

    I remember when I was new, and I was also afraid that my dedication may not have worked. I also remember one occasion when I was with another Brother, and we were listening to a song that had a Satanic meaning, and as we were commenting about it (we were also happy that this song started...
  7. Yagami Light

    Babies, Lies Told to Women

    I would love to have children. I love the thought of raising happy and strong kids. That's all I want. To raise children that will shine for themselves and for the world around them. To be thoughtful, courageous, to challenge themselves and to receive pleasure out of challenges (not stress). To...
  8. Yagami Light

    New Rituals & Schedule Now Live: HPS Maxine's Ritual & Lord Balaam's Ritual

    HP Maxine's ritual is incredible and very, very beautiful. To think that none of us would be here today, none of us would have changed our lives like we have, and none of us would have been able to affect the world en mass. (do you remember when we were doing the communications RTR and all the...
  9. Yagami Light


    Καλημέρα. Διαβάζω αργά το thread αυτό. Πριν πολλά χρόνια, είχα λάβει μέρος σε μεταφράσεις των σάιτς (με βάση τις γνώσεις των αγγλικών μου), αλλά λόγω έλλειψης χρόνου στο σήμερα, καθώς και τα άπειρα συντακτικά μου λάθη, δεν προθυμοποιήθηκα να ξαναβοηθήσω με τις μεταφράσεις. Παρόλα αυτά, με το...
  10. Yagami Light


    Μου θύμισες πριν πολλά χρόνια που είχα ένα όνειρο σχετικά με τον σταυρό και πως "μπλοκάρει" τα τσάκρα/την ανθρώπινη ψυχή. Δεν είχα δει κάποιες λεπτομέρειες στο όνειρό μου πέρα απ' αυτή τη πληροφορία, και προσπαθούσα να σκεφτώ πως γίνεται αυτό. Πολύ ενδιαφέρον η απάντησή σου σχετικά με αυτό, σ'...
  11. Yagami Light

    Is this related to intelligence?

    Thank you everyone for the responses. Regarding my astrological placements, no, I do not have a retrograde Mercury, but I do have a pronounced Mercury in my chart. However, this is not affected by Saturn in any significant way. I'm also 100% sure that this is not xtian programming. I mean...
  12. Yagami Light

    Fleas at house from birds

    Hello. Whoever has had experience with fleas, you must know that they're a nightmare. I don't own any pets, but my house got fleas because I was hanging my clothes at the balcony, and some birds that had fleas were hanging around in the balconies. I'm not the only one who has this problem - all...
  13. Yagami Light

    Is this related to intelligence?

    Hello. There's an issue I have had all my life. I'm not sure if it's a result of lack of intelligence or something else - hence I'm not sure what working to do to solve it. In very few words, I tend to misunderstand what others are saying to me. Someone may be insulting me to my face (in a...
  14. Yagami Light

    3 Body Problem series on Netflix

    Thank you, Egon. I read that it was a Chinese novel but didn't know the details of it (about the messages the creator wanted to give). This is interesting. Also, regarding the interracial couples, 9/10 TV shows in Hollywood have that - Netflix or not. I don't pay for Netflix as there are sites...
  15. Yagami Light

    3 Body Problem series on Netflix

    In addition, the concept of "making a connection and knowing everything at once," while at the same time being a warmongering, manipulating alien race, and having "pacifists" among them is contradictory into itself. If you can see the whole Truth, unfiltered, then you wouldn't have both...
  16. Yagami Light

    3 Body Problem series on Netflix

    Brother, I didn't join spiritual Satanism yesterday. I'm aware of what you're saying, and I'm studying the movies/shows I'm watching - not so much for their spiritual aspect, but storytelling and plot-wise. As for my connecting the monstrosity of an alien race they're depicting with our Gods...
  17. Yagami Light

    3 Body Problem series on Netflix

    Hello everyone. There's this new series on Netflix with the title "3 Body Problem". It is based off of a Chinese novel series. The summary from Wikipedia: "Ye Wenjie, an astrophysicist who sees her father beaten to death during a struggle session in the Chinese Cultural Revolution, is...
  18. Yagami Light

    Feeling Overwhelmed in Life? / Accomplishing Goals

    Thank you for this sermon. I've always been very organized, but one problem I've been having as of late is that my personal goals are a lot, and life doesn't give much time to do things... Work, cooking, and house chores make it rather difficult to work on the things I desire - and which would...
  19. Yagami Light

    Question #4789: I don't know what to do

    Finding a job can help you meet new people and make your life more interesting. You can also search for events near where you live (such as board game events, free dance events, etc) - these can make you meet new people and also try something new. :)
  20. Yagami Light

    Updates: New JoS Guardian, JoS Donors System, Site Updates, Outreach etc

    First of all, congratulations JG Karnonnos! 😁 Thank you for accepting this role, and I hope the best in this journey. 🙏 May the Gods bless you always for your help and guidance to our Brothers and Sisters. I would like to note that I have messaged JG NakedPluto but haven't received a response...
  21. Yagami Light

    Focalor / Lucifuge Rofocal Ritual Now LIVE!

    Thank you for this ritual. 🙏🙏 I am very happy that we get to know our Gods and Goddesses' true names, as well as their incredible and wonderful, magical nature. Upon focusing on Focalor's sigil, I saw a forest of fir trees. Are they related to him in any way?
  22. Yagami Light

    Important Notice: Members Allowed to Apply

    Hey, Brother. I have also messaged you - I'm unaware if you received my message.
  23. Yagami Light

    NEW GOD RITUALS LIVE: Lilith, Anubis, Furfur

    Hey. If you scroll up, you will read HP's response:
  24. Yagami Light

    Greek Translation Thread

    Hellenic SS, thank you very much for the work that you're doing. 🙏🙏 I have two small suggestions if you don't mind. Shouldn't μεταθάνατος ζωή be μεταθανάτια ζωή? Also, would Ιερατείο be better than Διακονία; I am in great doubt about the second suggestion, but quite positive about the first...
  25. Yagami Light

    Problems with forums

    But the signatures are useful, especially if I want to find, eg, HP Lydia's yoga posts, or other useful posts that some members have in their signatures. ☹
  26. Yagami Light

    Problems with forums

    Hello. I am unable to see anyone's signatures in the forums (viewing from my phone). I already have enabled the option to see people's signatures. I can see them just fine from my computer, but not from my phone. :(
  27. Yagami Light

    NEW GOD RITUALS LIVE: Lilith, Anubis, Furfur

    The Power Rituals will now be published in 3 each time?? Wooow, these are great news!! Thank you very much for all your hard work. 🙏🙏🙏
  28. Yagami Light

    Energy pooling at my feet

    Hello. I don't know if I worded it strangely, but I couldn't find any information about this problem on the forums, so I'm finally posting it here. This doesn't happen very often - it's rather random, and it's VERY annoying. Today I cleaned my chakras and aura with Visudhi because I felt like...
  29. Yagami Light

    Happy New Satanic Year: 2024

    Happy Satanic New Year!!! The year beginning with such great news! 😁😁😁
  30. Yagami Light

    Death & Funerary Rites In Spiritual Satanism

    This is a very interesting topic, thank you very much for sharing. What about cultures or people who wish to be burned instead of buried? Does this affect their afterlife and reincarnation in any way? I assume that it could make the following generations "forget" about that person, unless they...
  31. Yagami Light

    Destroying thought forms

    I've never hissed the S in Sananda. Also, Satanama (which is another Sanskrit mantra) doesn't have a hissed S (HP Lydia had written about it in a response to another member).
  32. Yagami Light

    TIKTOK BANNED & The Anti Israel College Protests are the MOST IMPORTANT TURNING POINT of the Century against Israeli Occupation of the US

    General Yeager, thank you very much for this post! It gave me the shivers. What is surprising and extremely satisfying, is the fact that TikTok was always known as the most deprived media to promote whatever filthy jewish ideology (from sex addicts to race mixing, to dehumanizing women, to...
  33. Yagami Light

    Caution Regarding Divinatory Readings

    Thank you for this post. I purchased tarot cards for my own use. Indeed, my first readings (very simple, how is my week going to go) were accurate, but when I wanted to ask something serious (about my relationship with X person), I hesitated. I'm afraid I'll be influenced by my own reading...
  34. Yagami Light

    The Science Behind Kundalini Yoga

    This is extremely interesting and very well presented, so that people who have the bare minimum knowledge in science can understand. Thank you very much for sharing!
  35. Yagami Light

    The Grand Ritual [Schedule Concluded]

    This part of the ritual: "...their hands are filled with the blood of the innocent and the weak. They are evil maniacs with ill intents who want to destroy humanity only for their ends." I actually feel quite uncomfortable saying it, for some reason. The first time I did it, I didn't fully...
  36. Yagami Light

    Getting to know Lady Astarte a little more.

    Thank you so, so much for this post. I've read it more than once. I became closer to Lady Astarte when I started doing a creative project, in which she suddenly appeared. I hadn't planned to include a specific God/Goddess to this project, but she suddenly appeared in my mind as I was working on...
  37. Yagami Light

    The Grand Ritual [Schedule Concluded]

    Hello. Could you clarify the pronunciation of the following? Nemedth - is "th" like "there" or "thing"? Azach and echet - is "ch" like the German "ich" or like "chair?" Thank you.
  38. Yagami Light

    Write Down Your Problems

    I would also like some information on how to work with crystals (the article that's on JoS Witchcraft doesn't give much practical information. How do we store eg anger energy in a crystal? And how do we use it afterward? How can we use the crystals to further open or empower our chakras? Etc).
  39. Yagami Light

    Munka in light body

    Hello. Is it a good idea to vibrate munka (or Ansuz) in the light body instead of the aura? Is it more powerful? How can the light body generally be used?
  40. Yagami Light

    Write Down Your Problems

    I would also love for a spell to attract love/a partner. I know there's the Venus square, but we can't do it all year long. There are no runes for this purpose, either, so it would be nice if a mantra existed to attract love/a romantic partner.
  41. Yagami Light

    Write Down Your Problems

    One: There is a specific meditation that I have found of extreme importance in a person's life, but is not emphasized on JoS. This is the severing links with other people, like so: https://www.joyofsatan.org/Detaching.html Personally, I only do the visualization of the white knife cutting off...
  42. Yagami Light

    SaTaNaMa meditation makes me tired

    Hello! I began doing the SaTaNaMa meditation for regenerating and healing my cells, telomeres and DNA. I started doing this for 7 minutes. But then, I felt like doing it for 10 minutes. In the beginning, it made me feel very, very good. However, in time, even when I was just 2 minutes in, I...
  43. Yagami Light

    Can I consider myself dedicated?

    Welcome to the Family, Brother. 🙂
  44. Yagami Light

    Zarathustra's Wheel.

    Thank you, thank you very much for this. 🙏 I feel very inspired. The only way to go is forward.
  45. Yagami Light

    Crypto for Europe?

    By the way, I'm trying Kraken now, and it says that the minimum amount I can buy is 10 euros. Exodus wallet has a similar thing with 30 euros minimum amount you can buy (in ANY coin). What if I want to experiment with buying 4 euros of an X coin and then 3 euros of another X coin?
  46. Yagami Light

    Crypto for Europe?

    But this website allows to buy/sell only the monero coin, and nothing else. I want a variety. Perhaps, a bank transfer feels more... "direct/less safe" to me. :/ I just checked the reviews on Kraken, and oh dear... if I'd ever need help/customer support, I would have a very difficult time. :/...
  47. Yagami Light

    What is your origin story?

    My story may be the most random one. 😆 I found the JoS when I was 13 or so. I had taken a silly photo (back then, the phones with cameras were sooo coooool), in which I was holding a knife in an "attacker" pose. Someone told me that I looked like a Satanist. I laughed, but then I got online...
  48. Yagami Light

    What is your origin story?

    Hey, I don't think that your post was downcast. On the contrary, I think it's pretty exciting because you're just starting up on this path, and you have yet so many beautiful things to experience! 😁 I'm happy for you! Keep it up. 😎
  49. Yagami Light

    Genuine v Artificial LGB Things Thread

    I am very surprised to read a comment like that by you, since you've been a long-time member. Traumas can certainly affect a person's sexuality, but not all gays/lesbians/bi had a trauma. Of course, we can't know about their previous lives, but this is a very far-fetched assumption. I'm not...
  50. Yagami Light

    Genuine v Artificial LGB Things Thread

    I don't know if you're right about ancient Greeks' views on homosexuality. In the end, let's not forget that despite how "close" ancient Greeks were to the Gods/Goddesses, women hardly held any rights, destined only to bear children and raise them. I'm not talking about going to politics or the...
  51. Yagami Light

    Crypto for Europe?

    Hello. What crypto exchange platform do you folks from Europe use? I recently found out that Binance doesn't accept euros (actually, it doesn't accept European debit cards). I read about a certain method to buy directly from your bank account, but I don't like how complicated this becomes...
  52. Yagami Light

    Life Experiences: cosmetic surgeries

    Thank you very much for sharing your experience. I cannot imagine the kind of pain that both you and your sister went through, but I am happy that this experience helped you grow stronger and with a better mental clarity and self-awareness than before.
  53. Yagami Light

    Bullying, Physical Abuse (for students etc)

    There *are* good therapists. Something that I recently discovered is that one needs to have at least some amount of self-knowledge before going there. Asking questions to ourselves (by ourselves) first, before going to another person (even if it's a professional) and expecting them to magically...
  54. Yagami Light

    Ritual Schedule Feb 29 to March 15

    I'm happy to see a new ritual schedule after so long! I just finished the FRTR for the day, and... wow. I hadn't done it in a long time, but I remember that this ritual always made me feel tired afterward (no matter how much I had raised my energies beforehand). This time, I feel... strong. I...
  55. Yagami Light

    They try to make ancient Greek disappear

    This topic is about ancient Greek, but I'm sure many old languages may share a similar fate. I researched on Google "origins of the name Helias." I already knew it was Greek, but I wanted to find out more about the etymology of the word. However, the first results showed that Helias is... a...
  56. Yagami Light

    Staying Focused On The Gods

    Thank you, Brother. You emit such a beautiful energy. :) When you said that all those people who are seemingly in opposition with one another, are actually all against the Gods, against Satan, and against the Truth, I felt strong. I am blessed to be a part of this Family, and I wish the best...
  57. Yagami Light

    Thoth's Power Ritual: NOW LIVE!!! [Jan 28th to Feb 5th 2024]

    What a great treat to have this ritual!! I was really looking forward to Thoth's ritual! I always believed his ritual would be of immense importance to us and humanity as a whole. The God of knowledge! What a fascinating title (among so many others that were attributed to him)! In spite of...
  58. Yagami Light

    A Message To Those Who Give Us Courage: Keep Blossoming!

    Truly, thank  you for continuing from where HP Maxine left off, and for giving us all these great blessings in so many different forms (the Gods' power rituals, the JoS Guardians, the new layout of our websites and the numerous side projects, among others). You are inspiring us to be better, to...
  59. Yagami Light

    Information about Dimensions?

    Thank you very much for the response. I will search for this book for more information.
  60. Yagami Light

    Pluto Enters Aquarius on January 20th

    This is a great post, thank you so much for sharing! :)
  61. Yagami Light

    Pluto Entering Aquarius: First Signs Of Satan's Era...

    I'm so so happy to be reading this!! I am always extremely happy to be reading about future events, especially knowing the Satanic Era we're going into, and even more so to know details such as these! We are strong! We need to keep fighting and fighting until the entire world knows about us...
  62. Yagami Light

    Information about Dimensions?

    Hello. I'd like to learn more information about the dimensions of our world (planes of existence) and how to empower our bodies connected to them. All I have is a few Greek articles about it, but I need more information. Does anyone have any knowledge about that, or do you have any...
  63. Yagami Light


    This is a late response, but I really like the new forums! 😁 Thank you to everyone for their hard efforts, and for making the moving so quickly!
  64. Yagami Light

    Advanced brothers and sisters. Which meditations of ours I can offer to do for non-dedicated

    Hello Brother/Sister. :) Throughout the years, I have met many people with extremely spiritually potential astrological charts. However, I have come to understand that this isn't necessarily a reason/factor for someone to join our path (or if they would even be fitting for our path). One of...
  65. Yagami Light

    Anger Against Christians/Jews/Muslims: Managing That

    I wish I could reach this state, HP. I feel like I'm a healthy person in a world filled with disease. And I know that many people don't consider themselves sick, but I can see their sadness, their pain. The closer I get to the truth, the saddest I become for them. I feel blessed within me, but...
  66. Yagami Light

    Anger Against Christians/Jews/Muslims: Managing That

    I was friends with a muslim guy once. We still keep in touch, but I feel mostly sorry for him than anything else. When I had told him about the pedophilia stuff of his religion, he justified it by saying "have you thought that maybe children were different back then?"... He kept calling islam a...
  67. Yagami Light

    THE NEW JOY OF SATAN WEBSITE LAYOUT IS NOW LIVE! [Update 2 - Changelog 15/Dec/2023]

    The previous version wasn't good either though, because I always had to zoom in to find what I was looking for.
  68. Yagami Light

    THE NEW JOY OF SATAN WEBSITE LAYOUT IS NOW LIVE! [Update 2 - Changelog 15/Dec/2023]

    An idea I have regarding the mobile version of the Meditations and Witchcraft pages is to make clickable links (of, eg, Beginner, Intermediate etc). So, someone clicks on "Beginner", and instead of loading a new page, a list will open on the right of the page, or below the link (basically...
  69. Yagami Light

    Wim Hof Method

    Sorry, I reread your message more carefully. Spiritual practices will help balance you, regarding depression. Hatha yoga will increase your energies and make you feel better as well. I wouldn't do this breathing for depression, but I would start cleaning my aura and chakras in order to remove...
  70. Yagami Light

    Wim Hof Method

    I recently found about this breathing, and a lot of scientific evidence seems to support it. I started doing it yesterday, when I started having a cold. The cold is almost gone with just one time doing it. It releases adrenaline which helps in speeding up your immune system. I can't recall...
  71. Yagami Light

    Joy of Satan CALENDARS for 2024 NOW LIVE!

    Thank you to everyone who has helped in the creation of the calendars! :mrgreen: :mrgreen: :mrgreen: A toast to another great, Satanic, and fulfilling year! 🥂
  72. Yagami Light

    THE NEW JOY OF SATAN WEBSITE LAYOUT IS NOW LIVE! [Update 2 - Changelog 15/Dec/2023]

    Hello again. :) I would like to mention another little problem regarding the forums, and someone tell me if I'm the only one who has this issue. I have noticed that the pages take forever to load. Whenever I click on a link/topic, it takes a long time to load. I am using the Samsung Internet...
  73. Yagami Light

    Katina's tarrot Deck and Witches of Smyrne?

    Hello. I'd like to ask what tarot deck you would suggest that is not influenced by the enemy. I would also like to ask about Katina's tarot deck. Anyone who has used it (supposedly, Katina was a Witch from Smyrne) has had bad things happening to them...
  74. Yagami Light

    THE NEW JOY OF SATAN WEBSITE LAYOUT IS NOW LIVE! [Update 2 - Changelog 15/Dec/2023]

    I am very happy about these changes and love the new layout. However, the meditations link isn't comfortable to use. This is how I see it: The "Beginner", "Intermediate", etc, are not clickable. They are just written on the top of the pages, and then the meditations are divided with a...
  75. Yagami Light

    Joy of Satan NEW Guardians: Announcement

    Congratulations to everyone!! I wish, from the bottom of my heart, the best and warmest blessings to all of you. May the Gods and Goddesses keep you strong and safe on this path so that you can elevate to a higher state of being, and you can keep guiding and helping so many Satanic souls that...
  76. Yagami Light

    JoS Projects : New JOS Site Annoucement [https://jos-projects.com]

    I am beyond words. Both for these projects and the JoS Wiki project. Such beautiful and infinitely valuable projects. Everything will be so much easier to research, find, translate, and so on. So much easier to promote, as well! Thank you so, so much. :mrgreen: :mrgreen:
  77. Yagami Light

    Unable to fall in love

    Thank you both for responding. I tried to reason my issue with your answers, and I believe I realized the problem, although it's far from what I thought was the issue. I believe it's the people that I had these interactions with (these potential partners) that are really the problem, and not...
  78. Yagami Light

    Unable to fall in love

    Hello. As the title explains, I think I'm unable to fall in love. I have actually noticed that if I'm interested in someone, and they return those feelings in some way, I seem to lose interest. But I have never felt genuine love (romantic/erotic love) towards anyone. I don't think that my...
  79. Yagami Light

    Spiritual Reset Day / Dopamine Detox Day

    Music can be great inspiration for many things. It can stir you up during a workout, or create the anger you need for an RTR ritual, or even relax you while doing your meditations. However, I have found that, sometimes, complete stillness can work wonders, as well. I wouldn't consider music an...
  80. Yagami Light

    Some Questions About Planetary Squares Answered

    Shouldn't you also add "in a positive way for me"? 🤔
  81. Yagami Light

    Bless Up My Family: Spiritual Schedule Nov 12 to Nov 25

    Great! :mrgreen: :mrgreen: Just to make sure... "Wealth and Protection" = https://josrituals.org/ritual/blessing/blessings-for-employment-financial-safety-protection "Wealth and Prosperity" = https://josrituals.org/ritual/blessing/wealth-and-prosperity ?
  82. Yagami Light

    Advancing The Cause: Joy Of Satan Donation Tiers [Update 36: 8th PDF being written + Improvements]

    If this scenario occurs: "you contribute a large amount of money but someone beats you by a few dollars you might give up on supporting the JOS", then people are not in the right place mentally to understand the importance of JoS and our Gods and Goddesses. I personally have limited time, so I...
  83. Yagami Light

    Banishing Restaurants

    Hello everyone and thank you for responding to this topic. For those of you who said that the reason I feel that way (about being stressed on the job) is because I probably don't enjoy working in this department, I'd like to note that I am a cashier. I do not work in the kitchen - I've tried it...
  84. Yagami Light

    Banishing Restaurants

    Hello everyone. This message is not a suggestion but a topic for discussion. I recently started working in a fast food restaurant and I am beat. It is the most stressful job I've ever done in my life - and from what I've heard from cooks and other people (not working in fast food but other...
  85. Yagami Light

    Reflection on the Air Element and Advancement

    A million thank you for this helpful and enlightening article. What is your opinion about both Gemini and Virgo being ruled by Mercury, yet being so different with one another? Gemini is all about change, whereas Virgo prefers routine. Or perhaps this is irrelevant to their planet? I know...
  86. Yagami Light


    Hi. :) Yes, this is one of my videos. I'm happy you like them. :mrgreen: Unfortunately, there are other priorities in my life right now. I do wish to get back to making these videos, eventually, but the time is not right for it, yet.
  87. Yagami Light

    Understanding Death

    First of all, Karnonnos, thank you for this post. This specific virtue had stuck in my mind for a while simply because I couldn't accept it. The absoluteness of death freaks me out immensely. I had lost my mother and overcame it, but I strongly think of it as being unfair (not just my mother's...
  88. Yagami Light


    As far as experiences go, in the beginning the energies were very faint, I had to question if I actually felt anything. Then, rather than faint, I realized they were very peaceful. I meditated on the sigil for 7 or so minutes, then on myself for 6 or so minutes, and it was just calmness. When...
  89. Yagami Light


    Thank you very much for this ritual. I would like to ask if it's normal to feel a small headache a few times while doing these rituals. I've noticed this with Marbas's ritual as well.
  90. Yagami Light


    Aaah... This ritual makes me feel so happy and excited! :o :mrgreen: I'm not familiar with Lord Marbas at all. I wish to know him more through this ritual. Thank you very much for creating and sharing this.
  91. Yagami Light

    Global Forest "Fires" That Are Ongoing

    But when?? When everything will be burnt to the ground? This kind of words remind me of the xtian promises of "heaven". Can we not do anything spiritually to change the situation? Will all the forests have to be burnt before any justice takes place? And will the justice ever be permanent??? So...
  92. Yagami Light


    Wow!!! This is incredible! And SO beautiful!! Thank you so much to the SS who have made this happen!
  93. Yagami Light

    Joy of Satan Updates: Ethics & Virtues Section [BEELZEBUL'S VIRTUES: UPDATED]

    Thank you very much for sharing this with us! :o I'm really looking forward to reading all of these articles when they're ready, and to try to understand them further.
  94. Yagami Light

    Greek Translation Thread

    About Astarte's page in Greek. I'm reading about her, and there are a few issues that would be nice if you could correct them (whoever is responsible for it). https://satanismos.gr/www.angelfire.com/empire/serpentis666/Astaroth.html In the English page...
  95. Yagami Light

    Not blind positivity, but...!

    Hello everyone. This post is about something I realized, and I hope it can be helpful or make others think about it and share their insights if they wish. There have been two occasions as of late when I was engulfed in "negative thinking". One of them had to do about a personal decision for my...
  96. Yagami Light

    Advancing The Cause: Joy Of Satan Donation Tiers [Update 36: 8th PDF being written + Improvements]

    Hahahaha that gif cracked me up!! :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: But it was exactly my expression. 😂 I also really like how the gift categories for the Tiers were divided! I find it very thoughtful and proper.
  97. Yagami Light

    Happy Solstice & Free JoS Donor Article - Satan Inside Ourselves: The “King Of Hell” & Kundalini Serpent"

    Thank you for sharing this article with everyone. I must confess, this PDF was incredibly interesting, and an eye-opener for me. I had to re-read some parts, and I felt how "things finally make sense" regarding to the enemy's fables and the truth (or lies/distorted truth) behind them. At the...
  98. Yagami Light

    As I Sat On Top Of Ruins: Let Us Prove Ourselves

    This sermon made me emotional. It reminded me of when I had visited Knossos, in Crete. I immediately started crying when I saw the ancient belongings of people, and how everything now is dust, broken pottery... So many great civilizations that are gone, and along with them, so much spiritual...
  99. Yagami Light

    Conquering the defeatist mind

    I think that I should finally address the fact that I've read your post a number of times. It makes me feel excited and powerful for knowing I hold this power within myself, but at the same time, these emotions go in vain when I realize that some part of me doesn't want to accept this strength...
  100. Yagami Light

    Useless Junk: How to Have a More Spiritual Material Life

    You can have just one drawer, or one folder dedicated for just new papers, and arrange then when time allows it (just don't let it overflow, and then you'll have to store new papers on the desk instead :P ).
  101. Yagami Light

    SS Group Ritual Schedule: 28th of May - 12th of June

    I've been having incredible experiences with the current schedule... My emotions have also gone through a roller-coaster (being extremely angry for no reason, crying very hard for no reason), and today I had a most amazing and beautiful experience with Astarte's Power Ritual. Thank you very...
  102. Yagami Light

    Useless Junk: How to Have a More Spiritual Material Life

    What I have found helpful for me personally, is to immediately put things in their place after I use them. So, after I have tidied up my desk, if I need a notebook for something, write on it, then put it back to its place again. Otherwise, it's very easy for clutter to build up without my...
  103. Yagami Light

    How to believe in yourself, when circumstances are doubtful?

    Hello. I have decided to make a big change in my life, which entails many risks and uncertainty. I want, from the bottom of my heart, to look at everything in a positive light, and I intend to do many, many workings to make sure that this change will be for the best, with the best outcome and...
  104. Yagami Light

    Useless Junk: How to Have a More Spiritual Material Life

    This is a great post, thank you for writing it! :) I also want to note that it's also very good to get rid of digital "clutter". Oftentimes, people don't realize how much it affects them. I've been in the process of clearing everything out lately (taking notes of what I need, downloading...
  105. Yagami Light

    Speech about A.I.

    Hi. I found a very interesting speech about the technology of A.I. and where this can lead to (and where it's ALREADY leading to). The information in the video is simple for people who are not so familiar or expert on the subject. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xoVJKj8lcNQ
  106. Yagami Light

    You Must Give Before You Can Receive

    If you really think about it, this is also what we're doing with the Power Rituals. We are giving something to the Gods and Goddesses (we are asking for them to be blessed, we are empowering them, we are removing any and all curses from them, we are restoring their memory to people's minds) and...
  107. Yagami Light


    Also... And this is silly, but one day, when I had done Biffron's ritual, I was thinking in my mind that I want to get to know him. It was late at night and I was half-asleep. I also didn't have enough time to do the aura of protection. Either way, suddenly in my mind I hear the word "shabby"...
  108. Yagami Light


    For some peculiar reason, I initially had strong and stupid doubts of whether Janus was an actual being. Somehow it was stuck in my head that this name is an allegory of sorts and not a literal creature (Demon) at all! I had this for the first 2-3 days I did the ritual. As I like to find the...
  109. Yagami Light

    Glorifying Beelzebul: Happy New Satanic Year

    Happy New Satanic Year to everyone!! Hail Baalzebul, Hail Zeus!!! I'm looking forward to the new ritual! :D
  110. Yagami Light

    Advancing The Cause: Joy Of Satan Donation Tiers [Update 36: 8th PDF being written + Improvements]

    I thought I had commented about the PDF here, but I did not. I received the PDF early on, and I must confess that I feel *blessed* for having the opportunity to read the information written within it. Without getting into the details about it, I truly believe that these PDFs are invaluable and...
  111. Yagami Light

    Follow Your Heart

    Thank you very much for this post, it made me tear up. Whenever I've visited ancient temples, I always feel extremely touched and sad, knowing that we had built such great monuments for our Gods and Goddesses, but so little has remained... Many times I've thought that the Gods are so far away...
  112. Yagami Light

    Joy of Satan Website Updates - New Aesthetics

    Wow!!!! It looks amazing!!! :O I really love the new style, the better graphics, and the white page too, it makes reading easier. Thank you to everyone who has helped in this, it looks amazing!!! If I were to make a few notices, I noticed that in the webpages translated in other languages...
  113. Yagami Light

    SS Calendars FAQ & Information

    Hello. :) I'd like to ask something about the Daylight Saving Time of the calendars, because I am awfully confused. Let's say that I download the calendar that writes my country, and it says "Entries in this calendar do observe Daylight Saving Time". And it is (for example) UTC+3. Now, the...
  114. Yagami Light

    We Are Building Satan's Empire, Fellow Satanists

    This was a very inspiring sermon, thank you very much for writing it.
  115. Yagami Light

    We Are Building Satan's Empire, Fellow Satanists

    I had read something from you in the past, I don't remember what, but I remember that it had made a very good impression on me. Unfortunately, I don't remember what it was, but for some reason I had connected your username to something very positive. Nevertheless, I see that many of your last...
  116. Yagami Light

    About the Power Rituals - why not Nordic names?

    Thank you for the answer, and sorry for being immature. I didn't even consider the runes that we actually use in the rituals. :roll:
  117. Yagami Light

    About the Power Rituals - why not Nordic names?

    Hello. I'd like to ask something, out of curiosity. How come there's never any mention of the Nordic names of our Gods and Goddesses in the Power Rituals? It surprises me because the Nordic people are the closest appearance-wise to our Nordic Gods and Goddesses (we know that not all of our...
  118. Yagami Light

    Question #941: Doubts about handling of the donations topic

    I deeply agree with Ol argedco luciftias's response. If you don't have the money to donate, you can still contribute in different ways. I am the kind of person who is not very comfortable in answering people's questions (unless I really feel the need to) and I know that there are other things I...
  119. Yagami Light

    Happy Ostara To Every Spiritual Satanist - 3 Day Homage To Astarte

    I really love Astarte's energy, it is so calm and beautiful. :) I had only one occasion (other than her Power Ritual) where I felt her energy, and it was again so peaceful... And she appeared to me (talked to me) unexpectedly while I was doing something, and I was very happy that she found...
  120. Yagami Light

    Joy Of Satan - Ritual Schedule March 6 to March 17 [SECOND RITUAL UP]

    I have two questions regarding the rituals. In the Ritual for Protection, Wealth and Prosperity, it is written to vibrate the runes either 10, 40, 60 or 80 etc times. But Anzus is written to be vibrated only 10 times. Is this a typo? In all Power Rituals of our Gods, when we vibrate towards...
  121. Yagami Light

    Having nightmares when pursuing my goals

    Because I always get nightmares when I start actively pursuing my goals.
  122. Yagami Light

    Having nightmares when pursuing my goals

    Hello. For all my life, whenever I have decided on a career path, or for example to work out a few times a week and put an alarm clock (at a reasonable time) to make sure I start by doing that early in the day, I always have nightmares at night. I do *not* ask insane things of myself. I make...
  123. Yagami Light

    I need help getting started

    Hello and welcome here. :) Fuchs has already given all the links you need to get started (begin with the initiation ritual and then start meditating with the meditations written in the 40 days meditation program by High Priest HoodedCobra). I just wanted to let you know that there is no reason...
  124. Yagami Light

    Advancing The Cause: Joy Of Satan Donation Tiers [Update 36: 8th PDF being written + Improvements]

    Hey. I am also in a transitory period, and it is crucial for me to save a lot of money. However, even as little as 10 or 20 or 30 euros/dollars (whatever your currency :P) per month, it is a great move to make. It will not be a grand amount, but it is still helpful (imagine if all SS donated...
  125. Yagami Light

    Your financial patterns are keeping you poor...

    That was exactly my thought as well! Today I finally had some free time and I analyzed certain things other than money that are pestering me in my life. This article is priceless for me. Dagrr666, a million thank you for your post.
  126. Yagami Light

    Excitement and lack of control

    Wow, very quick responses, thank you. I would like to note that I wasn't aware of what a manic phase was, so I did some research about it. However, my excitement doesn't last a week (just a day) nor is it followed by depression (extreme lows). I just wish I could solve it without a working, on...
  127. Yagami Light

    Problem with JoS site & Yoga Question

    Hellooo again. :? I wish to say irrelevant things in one post. :lol: Problems with JoS site/forums: 1. I got locked out of my account and the forums said to contact admin, but there was no admin (HP HoodedCobra's) contact information. I had to search for his email in the forums' messages...
  128. Yagami Light

    Excitement and lack of control

    Hello everyone. At this moment I am very, very happy. And when I am very, very happy, I feel like my heart is beating faster, and I simply cannot control my thoughts. I am utterly unable to focus. I will do a breathing exercise which will calm me down instantly, but soon enough, the loss of...
  129. Yagami Light

    Charity & Helping Other People In Spiritual Satanism

    Thank you for posting this sermon. I don't want to divert from the topic, but I would appreciate an answer here. What can we do when we see people abusing their children or their pet on the street? It is not always easy to interfere (especially with a dog, as the dog would attack us if their...
  130. Yagami Light

    2023 - SS CALENDARS [Update: Hungaryan Calendars Ready]

    Yesssss!! Thank you SO much for these calendars, and thank you everyone for your hard work! They are always life saving for myself and many, many people. 🥰🥰
  131. Yagami Light


    Hello and happy Yule to everyone!! 🥰🥰🥰🤗🤗 HP HC, thank you very much for the psalm and for all your help, responses, and guidance throughout the years. Also, thank you to the many JoS members who are helping one another, and special thanks to the JG who earned that place with a lot of effort...
  132. Yagami Light

    Loss of taste and smell due to covid-19.

    Hiiii, after two years... 😳 I wanted to ask how long it took for you to regain your smell and taste after all, as well as if you tried the garlic method.
  133. Yagami Light

    Be careful with your kindness. It opens your soul.

    Shadowcat, thank you very much for this post. I also strongly agree with Dahaarkan that working on one's intuition will save them in many ways, especially regarding such issues of trust and deciding whether to open up to others.
  134. Yagami Light

    love failure

    Sure, go ahead. [email protected]
  135. Yagami Light

    Get fucked?

    When-did-all-that-happen? :shock: I haven't been very active in the forums, other than reading HP's sermons and announcements, but when did this chronologically happen? Are the photos still online? I have had so many conversations with him in the distant past. If what is being said here is...
  136. Yagami Light

    Introduction to Astrology, Lesson 5: Understanding the Signs

    You had commented on another article that was posted by HP HoodeedCobra and said a similar thing "You did not tell me anything new"... If you have nothing of value to say, then don't say anything at all.
  137. Yagami Light

    Necronomicon Meditations For The Year

    I don't know what results you may be expecting. 😋 I did feel the energy in the respective chakras. Nothing "changed" since I did the meditations.
  138. Yagami Light

    manifestation of works after removal of karma?

    You can always do more wealth workings after removing the karma. Wealth workings are always useful. 😁
  139. Yagami Light

    love failure

    I would suggest you do the munka meditation for past life love vows but also for sexual relations and hangups: https://www.satanisgod.org/www.angelfire.com/empire/serpentis666/Words-of-Power.html I've done this meditation many times for myself and it's interesting the things I have discovered...
  140. Yagami Light

    manifestation of works after removal of karma?

    What do you mean "if you added before removing"? Do you mean, if you did a wealth working before removing bad karma relating to wealth? I believe if you first remove the bad karma, then the energies will be easier and stronger to manifest. Of course, that doesn't mean that your wealth working...
  141. Yagami Light

    Calendar - All dates for the Necronomicon money Spell

    There are two spells for this - the #2 spell is for one day but the #1 spell is for 40 days. Whenever I did the #2 spell I *always* had some kind of short income out of nowhere. Whenever I did spell #1, I am not quite sure. 😓 Maybe the effects of this spell can be seen in the long run, but it...
  142. Yagami Light

    Necronomicon Meditations For The Year

    Today marked the last day for me doing the Necronomicon meditations (just finished with the Base chakra). I honestly don't think I'd have ever done all of them by myself (even less so in the span of just one year!) because searching for the appropriate dates requires a bit too much time and...
  143. Yagami Light

    When to start Career clarity working?

    Hi Blitzkreig. Sorry for responding so late. I did actually start your working and I'm open to see where it takes me. Quite a few times when I did it, I thought that the runes you have chosen have very positive enegies, and I'm focusing on those. I did ask from the Gods' guidance many times...
  144. Yagami Light

    What Do You Want To See From JoS?

    1. Satanism has affected tremendously the way I view the world and myself. Realizing my own limitations and self-inflicted obstacles I put to myself has been the biggest part of my advancement. Maybe a section with only freeing the soul workings and theory/informative articles could help people...
  145. Yagami Light

    Healing working days

    Hello. I have a question that frustrates me a lot. Are we supposed to ONLY do 40 days workings for healing? The thing is I keep on having minor but very annoying issues (eg hurting my fingers in places that is difficult to heal because I use my fingers all the time, especially at my work)...
  146. Yagami Light

    When to start Career clarity working?

    To be honest, I never consciously considered the amount of money I want to make because I think any big figure could be unrealistic... Of course, that's a very self-defeating way of looking at it. My top priority is to be happy, rather than to be rich. If I could have both, that would be...
  147. Yagami Light

    When to start Career clarity working?

    Thank you and I agree with your point. I'm not going to do any rush movements, but I wish to prepare myself and set the foundations for a better life. :) (of course, without quitting from my current job etc)
  148. Yagami Light

    When to start Career clarity working?

    Thank you for the response. I actually wanted to avoid asking for their help as I thought that "I have the means to get an answer myself, why bother the Gods?"... But after reading the first response I got here and thinking of this and that, I ended up crying and talked to Satan. I decided what...
  149. Yagami Light

    When to start Career clarity working?

    I don't know if you misunderstood my message or if I misunderstood yours. I don't think I'm superior or special and shouldn't work for anyone. I have worked for many different people and businesses and regardless of the position I was in, I could never bring myself to care about the business...
  150. Yagami Light

    When to start Career clarity working?

    Hey, thank you very much for the reply. I can't disagree about overthinking, and it is indeed one of my biggest weaknesses as a person. However, the reason I am so terribly troubled is because there are a few options for me and I'm not sure which path to follow - and whatever I decide, I will...
  151. Yagami Light

    When to start Career clarity working?

    Hi. I wish to start a working with runes (Kenaz, Mannaz, Dagaz) in order to "have complete awareness, clarity, knowledge and intuition regarding myself and the career that matches me and makes me happy, now and forever, in a positive way for me". I am very confused on when I should start it...
  152. Yagami Light

    Overcoming Major SS Limitations: Gaining Free Time

    Thank you very much for responding! It seems like I was looking at the moon signs in a wrong way this whole time. 😓 I'd like to ask you one more thing. Your post inspired me to start a working about *realizing* what my ideal career is; so I'll be using runes such as Kenaz, Mannaz and Dagaz (to...
  153. Yagami Light

    Overcoming Major SS Limitations: Gaining Free Time

    I had read one of Kiyosaki's books when I was younger and I just dropped it as it was very unrealistic. You can't just "take a loan" if you don't have a job that offers you enough money so that the bank is certain you can pay them back (WITH interest, of course, which means that in the long run...
  154. Yagami Light

    You're Not Taking Advantage of Your Power as a Satanist

    Thank you very much for this post... I am actually in tears. It's been a long time now since I've been questioning the reason of my existence. I'm still here, of course, because I know that any "drastic desicion" would just lead to another lifetime of problems, residues from past lives; in other...
  155. Yagami Light

    Overcoming Major SS Limitations: Gaining Free Time

    Sorry for the double message, but I would also like to ask how you perceive the term "Satanic career" in your mind. It is interesting what you said about "being paid to do Satan's work" so to speak, but how would that ever be possible? Unless someone has the knowledge and skills to do freelance...
  156. Yagami Light

    Overcoming Major SS Limitations: Gaining Free Time

    Hey, thank you very much for this post! :) I want to ask, why do you not include Capricorn in the good signs to start these workings? For example, today is Sunday waxing Capricorn moon. Isn't it good for career workings?
  157. Yagami Light

    Kanye West: Shut Down For Being "Anti-Semitic" [UPDATE: Kanye Missing?]

    I am extreeeeemely excited about this course of events!! We are basically going through a period of time in which the jews """atone""" for their crimes and they can get away with advancing their agenda but THE EXACT OPPOSITE HAPPENS!!! This is just insane!! This is 100% our rituals at work and...
  158. Yagami Light


    Thank you for the suggestion. Truth be told, this is one way to make things easier for me specifically, but I do insist on adding the number to the article where it is explained how to donate with crypto in order to make it easier for everyone. I mean, since the coding of the website is on JoS...
  159. Yagami Light


    I personally think I would keep putting off donating to JoS without this guide as every guide I found online about buying crypto was too complicated. However, I would like to request something that could make things a bit easier (quicker) for us. If possible HP HoodeedCobra, can you put a link...
  160. Yagami Light

    A Secret About Satan's Name : Satan Is God

    This is very interesting, thank you for sharing it. Whenever I have (had) tried to find the origin of certain Greek words, I always came across countless disputes about them in Greek forums. Everyone has different knowledge on the matter and they can never find a common answer (or rather, the...
  161. Yagami Light

    For those who still don't get it: The Reality of China

    That was literally two lines at the end of his entire post and did not affect me in the slightest in reading and understanding. (Even if they were placed at the beginning of the post, they still wouldn't have affected me) After all, is it not true that as we reach our own goal in this world...
  162. Yagami Light

    What good did you do for yourself today?

    I refused my desire to make negative thoughts and despite my very limited amount of time I managed to workout (for 8 minutes! :mrgreen: ) and to ground myself (lied down on the grass for 15 minutes).
  163. Yagami Light

    The Benefits of Trance

    What can someone do if they tend to fall asleep each time they try to do trance (or even simple void)? :P It's not like I lack sleep. Even when I've slept as much as needed and I am not tired/working etc, I have a tendency of falling asleep while trying trance/void (doing void always makes me...
  164. Yagami Light

    GROUP RITUAL: HONORING VALEFOR - 26th of August to September 1st [Finished]

    I'm very happy to know that they have helped my Brothers and Sisters in Satan. :) :mrgreen:
  165. Yagami Light

    GROUP RITUAL: HONORING VALEFOR - 26th of August to September 1st [Finished]

    What a lovely ritual! I never had any relationship with Valefor, not to my awareness. This ritual made me feel like he is a kind, understanding friend and that he has "soft" energies. (Not sure how to explain it) In the beginning of the ritual, during the first affirmation I "automatically"...
  166. Yagami Light

    What's the best country for work and living.

    Hey! :) No problem for the long reply, I am happy to actually read a Norwegian person's honest opinion about all this. Perhaps it is indeed Oslo that is the "problematic" area, especially regarding the blacks/whites ratio. As for the yelling at children, I've heard aboiut this once too many...
  167. Yagami Light

    What's the best country for work and living.

    Lol. Well, I have come to Oslo and nearby areas. Perhaps you could see what it's like in other areas, such as north Norway (half year day, half year night), or Stavanger or other areas outside of Oslo. I am NOT talking about areas such as Viken, that is neighborhing to Oslo. Search further away.
  168. Yagami Light

    What is the one thing you think a nonbeliever could go through.That would make them a believer?

    I know someone who had started meditating with his at the time girlfriend. And the girlfriend started actually being fucking possessed because she had done jewish magic when she was a teenager (completely oblivious about what she was doing, just being led by this (((guy))) she knew) and she had...
  169. Yagami Light

    What's the best country for work and living.

    I want to note here, since I've been living in Norway for a few months now, things aren't really "perfect". The law is very strict, which is good, but then you have laws such as being unable to yell to your children otherwise the state will take them from you. I'm not talking about abusing your...
  170. Yagami Light

    About The "We Are With JoS But..." - Enemy Groups

    Some years ago I had also joined a group outside of JOS for "SS"... There were very few people in that group (less than 10) and it remained like that. I do believe 1-2 of these people were legit SS (one of them being the person who created this group) and we were discussing about the things we...
  171. Yagami Light

    Hierarchy in races & Equality

    I had no idea that Australia is race-aware! :O
  172. Yagami Light

    GROUP RITUAL: HONORING ABRASAX [July 23rd to August 3rd]

    I have noticed that I have a problem with this ritual (and possibly with the next ones as well). Whenever I say words of praise towards Abraxas I feel *bad* as if I doubt Satan and as if I worship Abrasax more than Satan. This is not my intention at all, but this feeling prevents me from giving...
  173. Yagami Light

    GROUP RITUAL: HONORING ABRASAX [July 23rd to August 3rd]

    I haven't done the ritual yet, but I thought that these rituals would be done only for the Four Crowned Princes of Hell, so I am EXTREMELY happy that we will do them for more Gods and Goddesses!!! I so much want to grow closer to them!! Thank you so much HP HC! May Satan and the Gods eternally...
  174. Yagami Light

    Will Satan Do Your Laundry?

    What do you mean "for his protection "? As for the lady you mentioned, she's just crazy. Please meditate more so that you can tell reality from delusion and lies. Also, avoid reading other people's crap, because everyone has something to say about spirituality but too few have decent and true...
  175. Yagami Light

    How can I find my calling?

    https://www.satanisgod.org/www.angelfire.com/empire/serpentis666/RITUALS.html You might also want to reread the JoyofSatan website, as I think that knowing what the Standard ritual is, is a very basic knowledge. Just click on all links from joyofSatan.org and study. :)
  176. Yagami Light

    Why invest in crypto currencies?

    Hello. This is not a guide on why you should do that, this is a heartfelt question lol. In the country I'm in right now, the banks have some... regulations when it comes to crypto currencies, and you basically need to inform them about every little bit that you buy, or that you return as a...
  177. Yagami Light

    Deep Cleaning

    Lydia, if you (or anyone else who has tried it!) could answer me, I'd appreciate it. I've done this meditation twice already. Needless to say how amazing it feels. However, I did notice that I got a small headache both times when moving to the throat chakra (but I don't think it's because of...
  178. Yagami Light

    Being magically affected by a non-SS BITCH

    Thank you SO much for this response. You have no idea how much it helped. I really was anxious about all of it (past life residues and when I would reach my destination in this lifetime) that I forgot to appreciate the fact that I was given this opportunity in this lifetime and to just take a...
  179. Yagami Light

    How can I find my calling?

    Hi Nero! I recently experienced the same thing and I hope that my comment will be useful to you. To start off, at the age of 27-30 everyone experiences their first Saturn return (next one happens after 27 years). This has to do with astrology. You should read HC's latest post about this, but...
  180. Yagami Light

    Fostering The Satanic Mentality: Your Actions and The Gods

    Oooooh, this hit home so badly! :? :roll: Thank you very much for this sermon, it was helpful and reassuring in more ways than one. It was exactly the same way for me! I had a considerable amount of money in the corner that I could donate, but this irrational fear made me keep postponing...
  181. Yagami Light

    Rune Working Selfexpression, Improvement suggestions welcome

    Oh, I am very happy for you! :mrgreen: I am also very guarded with other people. Yes, as long as I see that I need more than 40 days (most likely) I will continue it. Although I want to do other workings too, such as money etc. I will see when the time comes. A first experience I had with...
  182. Yagami Light

    Being magically affected by a non-SS BITCH

    This reminds me of something HP HC had told me about my chart - how the oppressing relationship with my mother must have been a past life residue. And then when I did munka for past life love vows, I kept having dreams that I was forced to kill someone and felt horrible about it. That someone...
  183. Yagami Light

    Work at the computer - brain fog

    Hello everyone. I have noticed how my mind becomes completely unfocused and it keeps making endless pointless thoughts after I have sat for many hours at the computer. However, my desired profession is graphic design or having my own blog (somehow making noney from it :P) and in general, things...
  184. Yagami Light

    Rune Working Selfexpression, Improvement suggestions welcome

    Oh, what a coincidence! I also started a working for that purpose. I started it sort of like a munka, on a Sunday, waning Pisces moon, good for endings (Aquarius would have been even better but oh well). I use Anzus for 90 reps and then affirm x9: "The energies of Anzus rune liberate me and...
  185. Yagami Light


    Yes!! I was waiting for Azazel's ritual like crazy!! I am very happy to remove all curses from him and to send them all back to the jews!! :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: I also felt a very good energy at some point. I am very happy. I remember when I was a kid, Apollo was my favorite Olympian...
  186. Yagami Light

    Being magically affected by a non-SS BITCH

    And the main problem is not really about "doing more" but about the subconscious beliefs I have about myself.
  187. Yagami Light

    Being magically affected by a non-SS BITCH

    I never stopped my meditations Fuchs. Do not be mistaken to think that I was affected by her because I stopped my meditations. I just need to do more. I never stopped my aura of protection. But I agree with the rest of your message about her being a "spiritually retarded person" (nice metaphor)...
  188. Yagami Light

    Being magically affected by a non-SS BITCH

    Why do you keep responding to Smite? Isn't it obvious that he thinks he knows best and doesn't listen to reason? What's the point of trying to converse with someone like that?
  189. Yagami Light

    Being magically affected by a non-SS BITCH

    Once more, thank you again to those who have responded. I'm now discovering new things that I need to solve with myself, foremost, and then with her. :P VoiceofEnki, thank you very much for your suggestions. I would have never thought of the detaching method. It is also true that my emotions...
  190. Yagami Light

    Being magically affected by a non-SS BITCH

    You need to read HP Maxine's sermons about this issue. It has been said many times that cleaning the aura does burn off the karmic seeds. I would advise you to read more of the information on joyofSatan.org , as well as here in the forums. Also, don't call people stupid just because you...
  191. Yagami Light

    Being magically affected by a non-SS BITCH

    I know it because I felt it both times. The more you meditate, the more you will be able to feel/know things "out of nowhere". That's our intuition. Also, a person being a bitch has nothing to do with spiritual power. Also, I think you have the wrong idea about karma in your mind. It has...
  192. Yagami Light

    Being magically affected by a non-SS BITCH

    Hey Smite. As Blitzkreig said, it was a shocking situation for me. Also, she has many maaaany issues (inferiority complex, low self-confidence, anger issues etc) and she gets mad at people for small to no reason (because she took something personally, she thinks everyone is out to get her etc)...
  193. Yagami Light

    Being magically affected by a non-SS BITCH

    No, she's not psychic like that. If she could and saw our Gods, she would have become an SS already.
  194. Yagami Light

    About Your First Saturn Return [Updated - How To Manage This And The Good News]

    For me personally and other people I know, during the Saturn return we all felt like we wanted to do more and were dissatisfied with our current situation, but obstacles kept happening, preventing us from acting. I personally, during and after my Saturn return, I've started to question what's...
  195. Yagami Light

    Being magically affected by a non-SS BITCH

    Eveyone thank you for your responses. For those suggesting me to remind her of our Gods, or that I should let her know about her power, I did so yesterday, in a time when we were chill and having fun. I told her that when she's angry she's creating accidents for others, and that I had this x...
  196. Yagami Light

    Being magically affected by a non-SS BITCH

    In the end, I think I just don't want to accept that I am susceptible to another person's spiritual abilities- and someone who isn't even an SS and doesn't meditate to advance their souls. I hate feeling so spiritually inferior and vulnerable to someone who's not one of us and who was born with...
  197. Yagami Light

    Being magically affected by a non-SS BITCH

    Hey, thank you for responding! I am actually doing Inanna's protection, posted by Voice of Enki and Lydia. I am doing the first half of the protection due to time constraints, but I never had a problem before with it. There is no doubt that being angry at someone is basically directing...
  198. Yagami Light

    Being magically affected by a non-SS BITCH

    Hello. :evil: To make a long story short, I know someone from whom I can't "escape" because of family relations (she's not related to me but to my sibling). That BITCH has a million issues of low self-confidence, misunderstanding others all the time, taking things personally etc etc. In...
  199. Yagami Light

    What do you want?

    Why must the need of others go against my own needs? Also, doing a job you don’t like means you will not perform as good, and depending on how much you dislike the job, you may be hating each day there. That doesn't sound like a satanic world to me. However, it goes without saying that...

Al Jilwah: Chapter IV

"It is my desire that all my followers unite in a bond of unity, lest those who are without prevail against them." - Satan