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  1. OhNoItsMook

    Babies, Lies Told to Women

    I possess many concerns regarding the way children are currently being raised by most people in the world. The extent of brainwashing they have undergone as a result of negligence by their "parents" surrendering them to technology and brain pollution instead of properly raising them, is beyond...
  2. OhNoItsMook

    About Joy of Satan Social Media

    Was I in the art room as well? Hahaha. The JoS does indeed feel like an academy of sorts, with the vast amount of information and everyone constantly learning, regardless of level, and those specializing in certain activities assisting others with their knowledge. Hope the dream comes true someday.
  3. OhNoItsMook

    Forum Badges: Explained

    I think what's most interesting about these badges, is that we learn that bearers of a badge possess particular skills that we might not have known about them before. It's pretty badass when you find out someone you interacted with once or twice, was actually behind a major project or something...
  4. OhNoItsMook

    Very Demonic Artworks

    Interesting. Can I ask which blending layer modes did you utilize to achieve the metallic textures? Did you use any gradient maps for the atmosphere, or blurred watercolor brushes for the bokeh effect?
  5. OhNoItsMook

    Group & Teamwork First: How The Gods Work With Us

    It is imperative for us to impart our knowledge and skills to our communities, in order to fill specialized roles of what we individually excel in. The concept of giving before one can receive, is something that has helped me realize the importance of assisting others with our abilities, and in...
  6. OhNoItsMook

    NEW GOD RITUALS LIVE: Lilith, Anubis, Furfur

    I have an inquiry regarding some of the wording in Furfur's ritual. The ritual refers to Furfur as "Lord Furfur", and "Son of Demeter". It was to my understanding for many years that Furfur was female, so the wording caught me a little by surprise. Would she not be Lady Furfur, Daughter of...
  7. OhNoItsMook

    Doubt & Disbelief: Spiritual Satanism

    I can definitely relate to this. For an amount of years, when signs from the Gods were shown to me, I kept trying to think of a "rational explanation" for it, or that it was just a scientifically-explainable coincidence. It was only after some undeniably clear, miraculously improbable...
  8. OhNoItsMook

    Question #4370: Career Life (Please Help - Important)

    The general point of opposition here is that pornography is filled with corrupting fetishes that destroy the mind, as we already know, but an intriguing concept of thought is that nudity, in itself, is not actually inherently sexual. That is why the statue of Venus or other old works of art by...
  9. OhNoItsMook

    Question #4370: Career Life (Please Help - Important)

    You're right. Sometimes nudity is okay for anatomical practice and if one keeps it to themselves, but I understand what you mean. Perhaps I've been doing this for too long, and I've deluded myself into making excuses to justify the ways I've come to think about it. It might be time for me to...
  10. OhNoItsMook

    Question #4370: Career Life (Please Help - Important)

    Oh, that wasn't what I intended to convey. My mistake for wording it as though I seek to glorify it, or attempt to equate it to morally higher professions. I guess I was trying to encourage and cater to the original poster's goal of making it a living, and exaggerated a little bit. I...
  11. OhNoItsMook

    Question #4370: Career Life (Please Help - Important)

    If you'd like to incorporate a thorough cleaning method, I would strongly suggest HPS Lydia's Deep Cleaning, performed on a Friday night, or on a Saturday. This comes in accordance to the Sabbatical cycles as described in this post by HP HoodedCobra. I believe that if you were to vibrate...
  12. OhNoItsMook

    Question #4370: Career Life (Please Help - Important)

    The yearly SS Calendar created by Lydia and the team behind it, provide immense insight regarding everything in regards to astrological timing, power dates, and the like. Mercury rules communications and I believe publishing as well, so try and time it when it's in a favorable phase. But you...
  13. OhNoItsMook

    Write Down Your Problems

    Why do I feel a specific sense of sadness or futility when those whom I care about, refuse to help themselves, or refuse to acknowledge my efforts to assist them? I love people, even the godless, i.e., normal members of modern society. I converse and interact with people daily, learning of...
  14. OhNoItsMook

    Changing The Course Of Life With Magick As A Spiritual Satanist

    It's like if someone pops a Mars square for fitness goals but doesn't exercise at all, and expects to end up in perfect shape just like that. Or Venus for artistic goals, but doesn't even try to draw. Magic is kind of like water, in the sense that it must flow and be properly directed somewhere...
  15. OhNoItsMook

    Habits: "Old Dogs, New Tricks" - Defeating Resistance

    Discipline, and the understanding that something is necessary for your advancement and growth. Often times, it's the level of ability and power we realize we have developed after habitually performing particular tasks over a long period of time, from which we derive a sense of fulfillment, and...
  16. OhNoItsMook

    Feeling inferior for being mixed.

    Being mixed race does not necessarily limit your capabilities as an individual, or the heights you're able to reach as a human being, especially not as an SS. It is our personal efforts to improve our inner world and strive for the achievements we set for ourselves, that determines our success...
  17. OhNoItsMook

    Problems in anyway? Call Me At :(+1)666-COBRA'S-FAULT

    I laughed as well as soon as I saw it, heard it in my mind as well. "Ah shiieeet, here we go again"
  18. OhNoItsMook

    How to Draw (and use our mind powers for it)

    Hey existentialcrisis, thank you for the recommendation. I have not heard of that book, but it sounds like it possesses some incredible methods. Despite not having read the book myself, what you describe sounds somewhat similar to a procedure I forged for myself, which consists of partially...
  19. OhNoItsMook

    How to Draw (and use our mind powers for it)

    Thank you again, Afodo. I do hope that this appears in the library for my contribution to be immortalized. I am indeed doing better now; I was working on releasing books and all sorts of hectic stuff. I would love to, but since I have a very unique art style, I'll have to wait to post my art...
  20. OhNoItsMook

    How to Draw (and use our mind powers for it)

    Greetings, fellow artists and those aspiring. After 6 months or so of ridiculous life circumstances, I have now returned to deliver to you the final, conclusive update of this thread! That doesn't mean I will never provide art advice again, or that I will not create more threads in this...
  21. OhNoItsMook

    Journaling, Writing to Yourself

    Oh, I had never thought of that. That's a great idea. I was always under the impression that everything had to be kept, but this makes total sense. I'm grateful for the advice, and I shall incorporate such methods when applicable.
  22. OhNoItsMook

    Journaling, Writing to Yourself

    I used to write down my thoughts as well as my dreams, and experienced all of the benefits mentioned in this thread. I am also an obsessive daydreamer and spend at least 2 hours every day only thinking and pondering about things. I would like to try writing my thoughts down again, but there was...
  23. OhNoItsMook

    People In Our Life: Cases To Avoid

    What I've personally discovered is that as we spiritually advance, the quality of the people whom we attract also rises. Of course we still live on this planet with plenty of people who don't do shit for themselves or others around them, and often encounter worthless or straight up harmful...
  24. OhNoItsMook

    Fitness from a Satanic Point of View

    You have my utmost respect and gratitude for this highly inspirational post, Aquarius. I perform exercise regularly as a way to strengthen my body against my sedentary lifestyle with illustrations and the like, but I also have experience in martial arts. There are many smaller muscles that...
  25. OhNoItsMook

    My SS Art Thread

    For regular people, not us. I do Nauthiz x10 after every Hatha and Kundalini yoga session for discipline, and I wish I had started doing so when I was at your stage. Being able to establish a foundational form of discipline from the very beginning, is paramount to consistency and rapid...
  26. OhNoItsMook

    My SS Art Thread

    Your proportions are impressive for a novice, especially after only having practiced portraits about 4 times. I commend your courage to have overcome your difficulties regarding the reception of critique, in particular. This is a hurdle for many people in the beginning. We have two voices in...
  27. OhNoItsMook


    Some technical inquiries; I used to possess the ability to delete my own posts. Not that I've ever done it, but the option was available to me. There would be an X button at the top right of my post, and it presumably would have allowed me to remove it. However, this option is no longer there...
  28. OhNoItsMook


    OMG WTF my signature is MASSIVE. Yo, mods, please decline this! Holy SHIT!
  29. OhNoItsMook


    Since this forum layout is similar to other forums I have used, it isn't too much of a difference to me. Although in a way, the outdated style of the old forums kind of had its own unique feeling as a result, but I'm sure I'll become used to its current appearance. One thing I particularly...
  30. OhNoItsMook

    Joy of Satan CALENDARS for 2024 NOW LIVE!

    My utmost gratitude to all who contribute to creating the SS Calendars. These have personally served as an indispensable form of assistance towards my goals and personal development, over the years. I would never have been aware of many important and astrologically favorable dates without your...
  31. OhNoItsMook

    Happy Yule!!

    Greetings, Lightning-Wings. This is awesome. I am strongly impressed by the vertical composition and coloring, the festive atmosphere, and of course the Satanic symbolism! You might not know it yourself, but your illustrations possess a real sense of soul, in the sense that the feelings that...
  32. OhNoItsMook


    This is an awesome idea! I hope this can inspire people to bring forth their creative abilities. Although I personally can't afford to show my art publicly, I still hope to see everybody else's artwork. I'd like to imagine how the art posted by users here will inspire others to draw something...
  33. OhNoItsMook

    Some drawing for an old SS story I did

    Your knowledge of perspective, composition and detail is very impressive, as well as the structure of the armor, weapons and drone. I've never been able to do machinery and mechanism all that well, myself. The Satanic symbolism and general message just perfects it overall. I'd love to see you...
  34. OhNoItsMook

    Black magic cheater revenge working

    Respectful greetings, Fuchs, I hate to comment but, may I ask you if this is the same woman from back when a girl whom you were together with, kissed a black guy in front of you at a party? And she is now having sex with camel riders, despite claiming she's had the best sex with you out of...
  35. OhNoItsMook

    Mexican Grey Skeletons: Yes, Aliens Exist.

    Is this the same case that was brought up back in this thread, after which the verdict fell in this one? In any case, it's indeed pretty casual information for us, and with the other knowledge we have, seeing some of the statements made by skeptics are simply funny. If the case from 2017 was...
  36. OhNoItsMook

    Self Knowledge And Other People

    When first coming to Spiritual Satanism, we often feel pressured to resort to the mountains for a while because of the dangers of being discovered, and the rejection of modern teachings. But after you've developed the immense levels of insight from self-discovery, reflection, and wisdom that our...
  37. OhNoItsMook


    Thank you very much. From my perception of the energies from this particular ritual, it seems to bestow the will to take action, and bring to us our goals and desires through such, no matter how far they may be. It is a very encouraging sensation. Hail Lord Marbas! Also, I do not know why...
  38. OhNoItsMook

    Why is Japan so resistant

    On top of the others' points, I'll provide some insight as someone with personal experience, too. Although mostly true, I personally think it's not looking good at the moment as a result of the influx of foreigners coming here after the country reopened for travel again. The younger...
  39. OhNoItsMook

    Advancing The Cause: Joy Of Satan Donation Tiers [Update 36: 8th PDF being written + Improvements]

    I think you may have just given me a legendary weapon with this. My vibrations seriously resonate from me like I'm a washing machine on max setting, now. I have never experienced this extent of resonance before from using runes, in all my years of being an SS. You have provided me with awareness...
  40. OhNoItsMook

    The Heroes That Are Needed

    Nothing ever happens in your life without you putting effort into making it happen. Even if something were spoonfed to you, you'd lose it just as fast as you got it. Your manga isn't gonna draw itself, your snake won't rise with your Starbucks diet, no personal goals of any true, lasting value...
  41. OhNoItsMook

    Regarding Cheating, Relationships

    My gratitude, Blitzkreig. You always possess the insightful knowledge and the stance to convey such, in an orderly, educative manner to any form of inquiry. I guess it truly would be dangerous for both individuals in the addressed hypothetical circumstances. One wouldn't want to give the abuser...
  42. OhNoItsMook

    Regarding Cheating, Relationships

    This might sound kind of fucked up, but it is something I have been wondering about. I wish to initially clarify that I do not intend to justify cheating/adultery at all, and am merely pondering upon the potential breach of ethic and moral code behind the following hypothetical situation. What...
  43. OhNoItsMook

    How to Draw (and use our mind powers for it)

    Greetings, everyone! Over the past few weeks of working my ass off with my own illustrative abilities for 8-10 hours every day (this tends to happen when crunching deadlines are involved), I have come to a fantastic realization. This thread is called "How to Draw", NOT just the Fundamentals of...
  44. OhNoItsMook

    As a Satanist, your Natal Chart is just your starting point

    Essentially, Natal Charts are like base stats of a character. That's how I've always perceived it. For example, you might have high base STR (strong Mars/Fire) but low INT (weak Mercury/Air), etc. but you can still increase and balance all stats with the proper work and attribution of points...
  45. OhNoItsMook

    Magick, Meditation & Your Destiny

    Elements, and planets/signs contributing to the influence of such. Someone with a lot of fire will naturally possess success in black magick, and someone with a lot of water may succeed in love spells and anything emotional. If you're lacking the power to manifest magick of a particular...
  46. OhNoItsMook

    Keeping Promises To The Gods

    I think you're totally correct to ponder upon this. While there are indeed some cases that deserve the delivering of justice, sometimes in the form of ending the life of the target, most people generally either actually learn from their mistakes (rather rare, admittedly), or dig their own...
  47. OhNoItsMook

    Keeping Promises To The Gods

    Many years ago, I performed a death spell on someone. Nailed a puppet and everything; did more than necessary. The extent of energy, focus and intent I spilled into it, overloaded it way beyond the possibility of failure, and it absolutely would have been 100% chance to succeed. But "someone"...
  48. OhNoItsMook

    Lesser Demons and Minor Deities

    The same way you found your first one, but you feel a similar connection with another. You can ask for confirmation and watch for signs and coincidences, or directly communicate with them if you're able to. They will make it very clear to you in a way that you can personally understand, so how...
  49. OhNoItsMook

    Lesser Demons and Minor Deities

    You can definitely have more than one GD. A long time ago, I asked the same question here once regarding if it was possible or not. I myself turned out to have more than one. There are some other members as well, but it would indeed seem most of us have only one, as you mentioned. They...
  50. OhNoItsMook

    How to Draw (and use our mind powers for it)

    Wow!! I am so happy and honored to receive such kind words from you, Lydia. You've always been an inspiration to me, yourself. You've no idea how glad I was to receive this comment from you! If anything, there's actually much, much more I would love to teach openly here, things I would wish to...
  51. OhNoItsMook

    As I Sat On Top Of Ruins: Let Us Prove Ourselves

    Yes, there's a terrible sense of isolation in our country. It pains me to see people staring at the ground and avoiding eye contact by default. People are raised to be subservient and to shut up, never question anything, しょうがない, and willingly drown themselves in delusional escapes. It's not a...
  52. OhNoItsMook

    Celebrating 2 Years of Expansion and Progress (List Updated)

    WOOOOOO let's gooooo!! Thanks for mentioning me. I was wondering where I was, in that list! Can't wait to continue translating once we have WebWord up again. Always happy to perform impactful deeds. My gratitude goes to the rest of us, too, named or unnamed, and their immense contributions to...
  53. OhNoItsMook

    How to Draw (and use our mind powers for it)

    Thank you very much, everybody! I hope everyone's able to learn a lot from my writings here, and that we will all be able to improve our illustrative abilities together, myself included. I actually learn a lot from teaching this kind of material, solely because it urges me to recall the memories...
  54. OhNoItsMook

    How to Draw (and use our mind powers for it)

    Alright, so... Towards the end of the main post, I mentioned I may have forgotten one or two fundamentals. Surely enough, I did, and in the following post, I am going to elaborate upon another fundamental that is important when constructing the human body (and potentially animals). (Hidden...
  55. OhNoItsMook

    How to Draw (and use our mind powers for it)

    Wow!! I'm super happy to see you coming here as the one who initially inspired me to contribute this to the forums! I have gained a lot of learning from several previous threads you have made, so when I saw you in my notifications, I was a little nervous, lol. I'm glad I was able to...
  56. OhNoItsMook

    Ancient Chinese Soccer/Football - Cuju/Tsu-Chu/Kemari

    It's so interesting knowing how many of the origins of even what we consider Western sports or ideas, actually often tend to possess roots in the East. I don't often visit the Asian forums (despite being Asian lol), but the information that you had provided me in another post, and the amount of...
  57. OhNoItsMook

    How to Draw (and use our mind powers for it)

    Prelude Powerofjustice's recent thread regarding the concept of giving and taking, has allowed me to come to the realization that I have very much held back from providing the knowledge I possess in my area of expertise, to the forums for many years. However, with the recent creation of this...
  58. OhNoItsMook

    You Must Give Before You Can Receive

    Thank you so much for having discovered this kind of information pertaining to our racial history. I'm terrible at researching this kind of thing, so I am strongly grateful for your efforts. All of Asian history has always seemed super incomplete to me, especially Southeast Asia given their...
  59. OhNoItsMook


    Thank you!We will do our best to enlighten our people with Spiritual Satanism from this side of the world. ありがとうございます!こちらから一生懸命でこの社会の若人を霊的なサタニズムで命を助けます。 今はまだまだメンバーの数が低いかもしれませんが、時間が経ってとだんだん増えてきます。 Naharajaの言った通り、日本人に合ってるアプローチについてまだ見つけるべきなことですが、ここで一緒に考えれれば良いのです。...
  60. OhNoItsMook


    こんにちは、Nagarajaさん!いつも日本語フォーラムで頑張って翻訳してくれて感謝します。 そうですね、日本人は目立つことがあまり好きではないみたいですが、そういうゴス系な人達が一般の人より自分の性格を表す自信がある気がします。で、社会の普通の考え方を反対することで、霊的なサタニズムにも興味がある可能性が一般の人より高いと思います。若人はこの国の希望ですが、今の彼らは少し迷っています。 私はゴスロリのサークルに入って彼女達をJoSジャパンに紹介してみようか笑...
  61. OhNoItsMook


    Go ahead, hahaha. Restoring humanity through the spirit of RPG games!
  62. OhNoItsMook


    "May you help me among them, too" was the breakthrough for me, personally. I had always felt like whenever I do our blessing rituals, the rest of us other than myself receive the most obvious, blatant experiences, except me. That was until this ritual, thanks to this specific line. I have...
  63. OhNoItsMook


    初めまして、Mです。 まずは、日本国民ですが、日本人ではないため色々な文法の間違いや、わかりづらいところがあるかもしれません。あとは、うっかり失礼な話し方で書いてしまうと許していただければ嬉しいんですが… 今このフォーラムに書いている理由は、日本で霊的なサタニズムを広げることが望んでいます。...
  64. OhNoItsMook

    People Of All Lines Of Work Are Accepted In The Joy Of Satan

    Highly relatable. I hope that the one you speak of has fought her issues off by now for the benefit of her advancement. Interestingly enough, I personally believe that even in the oddest jobs, we are still able to use our specialized field in some way for our knowledge to reach the people in our...
  65. OhNoItsMook

    Embracing your Gentile beauty - Fighting against false beauty standards

    Thank you for addressing this; I was about to do it. Did you know that recently, many girls in Korea receive plastic surgery to commemorate graduation? Even just to minor extents like eyelids, is completely commonplace for young girls. Not to mention there's a recent surge in underage idol...
  66. OhNoItsMook

    People Of All Lines Of Work Are Accepted In The Joy Of Satan

    Thank you. Personally, I do something in the shadows that is somewhat scorned by a number of people, so in the past I had received some sense of guilt regarding what I specialize in, or if it even positively contributes to society at all. At some points I even thought I was potentially...
  67. OhNoItsMook

    A Closer Look at Numerology

    We should be the ones thanking you for these kinds of insightful, in-depth posts. What completes this all even more is how it would seem I posted my original comment at 11:08, lol. Much gratitude for all the information you provide us.
  68. OhNoItsMook

    The Deeper Meaning behind "Hatha" Yoga

    Love it. There's a legend that goes, that a large school of koi swam up a waterfall. Most of them either turned back or were overpowered. However, among the last that persevered, the final one that managed to reach the apex, transformed into a golden dragon. Through Satanic eyes, the story...
  69. OhNoItsMook

    Artificial Intelligence (AI)- Do Gods Have AI? [Updated 26th Jan 2023]

    AI will never replace what humans are capable of, at least in regards to the creative department. Coming from the artistic industry, there are a lot of artists (I'm personally speaking from the digital illustration/painting branch) who are becoming increasingly discouraged with the...
  70. OhNoItsMook

    Specificity with Workings and Affirmations

    Thank you for the detailed breakdown. This will truly help people understand the methodology behind affirmations, and consequently increase their effectiveness and efficiency. I have some questions, though: 1. How do we know how much energy a working requires to manifest, or how much we are...
  71. OhNoItsMook

    The Real Origin Of Hatred Towards Women: Rabbis Talk

    Yep. Don't forget that this is unfortunately not just a problem in the West, because what might be surprising to some people, is that there is still actually a lot of separation of "worth" and a whole bunch of expectations between males and females here in Japan. This country isn't jew-free...
  72. OhNoItsMook


    I have a strong feeling it refers to what the people quoted in this post were discussing. The underlying messages and concepts behind many of these kinds of writings, can be rather fascinating when contemplated upon and understood. Happy Yule and Winter Solstice!
  73. OhNoItsMook

    How To Communicate With The Gods As A Newcomer Satanist

    Greetings. I have sometimes heard from you regarding time expenditure and its restraints we face when performing our SS duties on top of our daily lives. Therefore, I'd like to hopefully assist in answering your inquiry based on some of my own consistent personal experience. On normal days (no...
  74. OhNoItsMook

    Mantras & Words Of Power: How To Do Them Properly

    When using a word of power, what has personally worked for me in amplifying the strength of the energy output and results, is to fully recall the desire and intent I possessed to initially decide to start the working to begin with. Desire precedes action, and as such, remembering why we desire...
  75. OhNoItsMook

    What Do You Want To See From JoS?

    Satanism has granted me forms of knowledge that have essentially changed the course of my life for the best. Upon proper and consistent application of such knowledge, I have come to attain greater capabilities and extents of insight, judgment, reflection, and most importantly, individuality...
  76. OhNoItsMook

    You're Not Taking Advantage of Your Power as a Satanist

    It's a truly interesting phenomenon observing life itself around us change in our favor, isn't it. To me, meditation feels like tuning our very existence to higher, refined levels of vibration (actually, I think that's straight up what it is), and as a result, the way the universe's energies...
  77. OhNoItsMook

    You're Not Taking Advantage of Your Power as a Satanist

    Very true. We're basically playing on 4x EXP and receiving secret guidance from the "Admins", but of course we still have to put in the actual work to train, grind and advance. Not doing anything with all this, is an unfathomable waste of our powers and privileges.
  78. OhNoItsMook

    Walking Into Enlightenment

    Thank you for the enlightening post. May I ask what you mean by calming down one's desire? It was to my understanding that, through empowerment and meditation, that it is precisely our desire which fuels the manifestation of what we wish to obtain in our personal lives. Is there perhaps a...
  79. OhNoItsMook

    A Story From My Life: A Short Story On Bullying

    Had no idea so many people had such difficult childhoods, consisting of physical abuse and bullying (either at home or at school). I was raised quite well off in a wealthy institution, so I lived a very sheltered life; I've never experienced physical altercations with anybody. I somewhat fear...
  80. OhNoItsMook

    All about the Immune System and how to Improve it

    Incredible. I must've forgotten to respond, but I've formed a working for Saturn on the 29th (which is a Saturday after all) based on the highly valuable information you have provided me. The concepts of yin and yang and material body in this context were a bit of a mystery to me, but I have now...
  81. OhNoItsMook

    How Is A Real Cult? The Story Of A Real Cult - Post By Tabby

    Thanks for providing. Hours of it every day for 2 months sounds like a grueling process, especially considering the emotional toll it must've taken for both of you to be reminded of such experiences. I hope most of it would have been healed by now, and if anything, I hope you do not blame...
  82. OhNoItsMook

    How Is A Real Cult? The Story Of A Real Cult - Post By Tabby

    Utterly appalling. It is of even greater concern that there must be even more to this story if you had to leave certain things out. Unimaginable. I had no idea you and Jrvan had this kind of thing behind you. It should make me consider myself extremely fortunate for having simply waltzed into...
  83. OhNoItsMook

    Movies, games, series

    Do you mean to ask if a particular genre of games is mainly intended for a specific race? If so, JRPGs are actually not that popular in Japan; it's "social games" like on the phone and gacha that are most popular with us. Like, the type where you log in, spend daily stamina, consume daily...
  84. OhNoItsMook

    The Four Paths To Spiritual Satanism

    I think I'm mostly the 3rd and some of the 2nd. As a little kid, I never had much interest in religion, and instead possessed some form of natural connection towards polytheism, despite always having been brought up in pisslamic countries. As young as 7, I rejected everything around me, and...
  85. OhNoItsMook

    Sun Square Thread! + additional information

    Amazing post with great detail. I'll make very precise usage of it. Silly question, but are digital things counted as "material affairs"? For example, digital art, cryptocurrency, or selling digital products. They're not exactly tangible, so I was wondering. Also, while luck and fame can...
  86. OhNoItsMook

    Spiritual Support Thread - Never Give Up!

    You used Quote incorrectly and the image didn't appear, but I found it anyway. Yes, how you think of yourself is actually amplified even further by the fact that SS have more powerful minds, and our thoughts have greater effects upon reality and manifestations. Among the important lines on the...
  87. OhNoItsMook

    How To Be A Man? - It's Actually Rather Simple [Update: Working Out?]

    It's true, and there's a strong spiritual aspect to being physically fit that some of us might be forgetting about. As quoted from the 'Demons and Bioelectricity' page from the JoS (https://satanisgod.org/www.angelfire.com/empire/serpentis666/energy.html): "The more powerful your own energy...
  88. OhNoItsMook

    Joy of Satan Sites & Translations: STEADILY UPWARDS! - UPDATES, NEW SITES, CONTACT US [22nd August Progress 2022!]

    Where may I contact you? I may not be able to work consistently, due to other large demanding projects in my normal life, but I may be able to check & rectify any software-translated text you produce through the translation program. Only just once every so often, though, but I hope I may be...
  89. OhNoItsMook

    Fostering The Satanic Mentality: Your Actions and The Gods

    That's it. This is the information I believe many, many people would strongly benefit from, when thought of deeply during serious reflection. When you know you must bring yourself to action in order to bring about the best things for yourself, "but" something is keeping you back from actually...
  90. OhNoItsMook

    Numerology - "The Core Meanings Of Basic Numbers" 1-10

    That's crazy! It's true I've been on the RTRs daily for years, but I always concluded that seeing that number was the enemy trying to get back at me, or something. Because like HPHC mentioned, it often appears when I face some foul luck at the time. Well, it always appears anyway, but it's 100%...
  91. OhNoItsMook

    Numerology - "The Core Meanings Of Basic Numbers" 1-10

    Thank you for the amazing, clarifying post, and much gratitude to Lord Beelzebul and Azazel for this knowledge. It is an interesting occurrence that I managed to understand most of the mystical meanings behind the majority of these numbers. I, however, have a question regarding potentially not...
  92. OhNoItsMook

    Spiritual Support Thread - Never Give Up!

    Since you've already asked twice, I'll help. The answers to these particular questions can actually be found throughout the forums, but it's possible you weren't able to find them. Numbers of power often tie into planetary energies, and the effects borne from vibrating a mantra at such...
  93. OhNoItsMook

    Spiritual Support Thread - Never Give Up!

    Aaaaahahahahaha! I TOLD you! Fuck, that's classic. Let me guess, Trusted + FBT? You oughta watch yo ass before they be comin' fo dat ass. My reason to detach from the person in my case was cause they turned out to be muslim, but that's only the most recent one. I did a detachment working...
  94. OhNoItsMook

    Spiritual Support Thread - Never Give Up!

    You're welcome, good thing it's been working. Remember, when learning anything, apply a Satanic point of view and knowledge to filter and extract the most precise and true information. A lot of yoga practitioners focus excessively on the third eye when it's just an extension of the 6th, so...
  95. OhNoItsMook

    Spiritual Support Thread - Never Give Up!

    This thread created by our legendary Lydia was what corrected and evolved my yoga routines (especially how to do Kundalini Yoga thanks to the accompanied video): https://www.ancient-forums.com/viewtopic.php?f=5&t=56153&sid=3900b66e8ea4e286b7b4e57255678f35 The video mostly shows the correct...
  96. OhNoItsMook

    Spiritual Support Thread - Never Give Up!

    I may be wrong, but I've experienced to an extent that the strength and cleanliness of one's own soul can affect the type of people you attract in life as well as connect with on a deeper level. It strongly sounds like the kinds of people we encounter and interact with are vastly different...
  97. OhNoItsMook

    All about the Immune System and how to Improve it

    I appreciate the in-depth and informational response. The issue at the time was incidental, and hasn't come back, fortunately. Recently, however, I have experienced psychological symptoms that may be attributed to an excess in Yin, I believe. Some issues in concentration and the inability to...
  98. OhNoItsMook

    Spiritual Support Thread - Never Give Up!

    Glad to hear things have been working out for you. Has it been the same for the social anxiety? Even though correct procedures for meditation are laid out on the JoS, how each and every person experiences their effects and resonates with them, can be very individual. If you wish to apply...
  99. OhNoItsMook

    Spiritual Support Thread - Never Give Up!

    I am relatively certain that you are already aware, but we're supposed to be different people "out there". Even though you may be inclined to educate others about the truth and assist them, it is of utmost importance you keep Satanism separate from your identity in the outside world. It is...
  100. OhNoItsMook


    Fuck's sake. And to think I actually provided full-on art advice for this ugly son of a bitch. My 3rd eye must suck ass if I couldn't even see through this kind of bullshit, I swear. Guess I know that now, lmao.
  101. OhNoItsMook

    Kumusta! Greetings! Filipino for Satan here! A Case for Filipino Satanism and True Philippine Religion

    Wow, that is very interesting to hear. The word "Tuhan" in Indonesian means god, but I have only ever heard it used in reference to their islamic thoughtform. I had no idea there was an actual Pagan god of which the name truly originated; I've always wondered who the Gods of the Southeast Asian...
  102. OhNoItsMook

    Kumusta! Greetings! Filipino for Satan here! A Case for Filipino Satanism and True Philippine Religion

    Incredible. I am so glad to hear more about the fact that Southeast Asia has been severely corrupted by Islam and Catholicism; it's something that is not spoken of very often, it seems. Islam in Indonesia is so forced and toxic, that they'll make up excuses to attack you in any way. Not to...
  103. OhNoItsMook

    All about the Immune System and how to Improve it

    What about stomachaches? Since the solar chakra is around the area, would a stomachache indicate deficiency in Yang, or perhaps even an excess of it? Considering one eats/lives fine and the nine yards but still gets a killer stomachache out of nowhere. Bound me to bed for like a week...
  104. OhNoItsMook


    I have only empowered it to the extent of being able to sense energy generally and comprehensive ability; no sight yet. I can still greatly feel energy from Kundalini yoga and rune workings, or even when meditating upon a Demon's sigil. I always expected to feel energy automatically, but you...
  105. OhNoItsMook


    It sounds like everyone is receiving very positive, tangible energy sensations from doing this ritual, and even feeling closer to Astarte herself. I'm so happy to hear that for those of us. But why can't I feel anything at all? I simply commit to the duty of performing the ritual, visualizing...
  106. OhNoItsMook

    RUSSIA INVADES UKRAINE WITH MILITARY - War At Almost Certain Possibility

    Thank you for bringing this kind of information to light. You mentioned that bordering countries could potentially be affected. Japan and South Korea border Russia too, even though it's in the other direction... should we be vigilant, as well? Can't help but be at least a little bit concerned.
  107. OhNoItsMook

    Respectful Disagreements, Ethics when arguing.

    What I personally find particularly shocking, is when such arguments escalate into causing one party to relinquish their affiliation with Spiritual Satanism overall. How are you going to "leave" when you've pledged yourself to lifetimes of perfecting your soul? I understand that among the...
  108. OhNoItsMook

    Satanic Existence - The Path of Satya & Life

    If I understand correctly, this refers to the type of people who completely isolate themselves from everybody, relying solely upon themselves with the illusion that others only serve as hindrances to one's own life. Humans being lifeforms that thrive in civilization and require others to grow...
  109. OhNoItsMook

    Some Questions About Planetary Squares Answered

    Yeah, I forgot an affirmation for my material Jupiter square. I'm already halfway in. I didn't see that piece of text, as I went off of the Satan's Magickal Squares pdf and ctrl+F'd straight down to Jupiter. If I make an affirmation now, it should still be fine, right? From what I'm guessing...
  110. OhNoItsMook

    About The Astral

    I've tried to move the flame's imprint closer, but it just expands and loses its form into a blurry dot, like when you maximally zoom into a photo and it becomes indistinguishably pixellated. I'm sure this'll probably improve with consistency, though. It sounds a lot like the merging astral...
  111. OhNoItsMook

    About The Astral

    I'm really happy about how much everyone has contributed to this thread. It's really interesting to hear about the knowledge and experiences from people regarding astral projection, allowing me to incorporate everything into my learning and understanding of the subject. It's strongly...
  112. OhNoItsMook

    About The Astral

    Considering the knowledge I have gained regarding Astral Projection from Robert Bruce's Treatise on it, and his book Astral Dynamics, I've consistently tried projection for about 2 months now. Inspired by other members who have written extensively on Astral Projection, some of who are present in...
  113. OhNoItsMook

    Movies, games, series

    Hahaha, when it comes to Visual Novels, I'm totally a dead end. Many years ago, I used to play them a lot, but only those of a particular nature. Queue laugh track If you've played Steins;Gate, I assume you've watched the anime adaptation, too? In terms of sci-fi anime, have you watched...
  114. OhNoItsMook

    The Strength to Carry Through Difficult Tasks?

    My gratitude goes to you, Blitzkreig, Stormblood. Not only have I gained new forms of knowledge, I have also already received strong and powerful results from this particular working. I hadn't thought of adding Sowilo, but thanks to what you said, the effects have become even stronger. It is...
  115. OhNoItsMook

    Necronomicon Meditations For The Year

    I have never done the Necronomicon Meditations nor a single Planetary square, so I feel incredibly grateful for Blackdragon666 and Ol Argedco Luciftias for the information regarding the Necronomicon meditations and Jupiter square, respectively. I would never have realised these crucial dates...
  116. OhNoItsMook

    Movies, games, series

    Damn, that's crazy. A close friend of mine recommended that game to me a year ago. I didn't recognise it for what it was, until I looked it up again (I know it as Kimi to Kanojo to Kanojo no Koi). I'm really gonna have to go through it. The pink haired girl, Aoi, reminds me of Super Sonico, lol...
  117. OhNoItsMook

    The Strength to Carry Through Difficult Tasks?

    Just two runes? Alright. It's interesting to hear that runes can also be used for shorter timeframes; I didn't know that. I'll definitely try. It seems Mars is coming in on the 24th, a few days after the Sun moves onto another sign. I have 20 days until the Sun leaves Capricorn. If I start the...
  118. OhNoItsMook

    The Strength to Carry Through Difficult Tasks?

    Hi. I have an inquiry regarding potential methods I may utilise in order to persevere in fulfilling long-term challenges. Specifically runes, mantras, planetary squares and the like, that may help in establishing strong, lasting endurance when faced with demanding energy expenditure, and lengthy...
  119. OhNoItsMook

    Why did the Vikings worship the Norse Gods (Odin/Satan) but raped women in every village they pillaged?

    You truly do that? I had known that you put extensive effort into helping people by expressing the knowledge you possess regarding a particular topic, but to specifically question as to how you may be able to offer your knowledge to people in your spare time, truly displays the extent of...
  120. OhNoItsMook

    SATAN'S DAY RITUAL - 23rd to 29th Of December - Happy Yule Wishes!

    For this, you do not need to search for information outside the JoS at all. It seems you already heed the possibility of corrupted information, so why not keep within these grounds? Most, if not all, pronunciations of the runes have been included in the Runic Kabalah Audio CD. It's the 2nd .zip...
  121. OhNoItsMook

    Movies, games, series

    No, I haven't heard of that one before! It definitely seems like something I would like. I'm glad to know we have similar interests when it comes to these kinds of games, lol. I'm sure you've already played Doki Doki Literature Club? It's more of a visual novel rather than an RPG, but very well...
  122. OhNoItsMook

    Movies, games, series

    Wow, that's awesome! I've also heard of Yume Nikki a lot before. The Dream Diary. I had no idea it also had a manga! Time to experience both, now. Have you heard of The Witch's House? It seems to be similarly well-known, and it too has been recommended to me before. I have yet to play it...
  123. OhNoItsMook

    Movies, games, series

    If you guys like Omori, I strongly recommend the LISA trilogy. The order is LISA -> LISA: The Painful -> LISA: The Joyful. I would happily like to admit that these games broke my heart and that I still remember everything years later. The first game is about a girl, Lisa, who suffers incredible...
  124. OhNoItsMook

    Question for you all

    I've been seriously and consistently attempting astral projection ever since NakedPluto shared their experiences of visiting other dimensions, which sounded incredibly interesting to me. I've ramped up Kundalini Yoga every day too, in admiration for BlackDragon666. I read through the whole...
  125. OhNoItsMook

    A drawing of myself with seig heil

    No, no, no... what are you doing?! The "tracking" isn't the point, it's the curses people can incite it with. Even others who see it can sense an off-putting energy about it, I know I'm not the only one. A while ago, there was another user who carved a poem from her Incubus, into a stone, and...
  126. OhNoItsMook

    Attacks On Forum / Group - And Spiritual Warfare

    Yeah, exactly. For me, it resurfaced memories associated with incredible anger, mistreatment, or embarrassment. Or, I would suddenly think of some really stupid shit that I said, did, or felt years ago, and feel the very same things all over. This occurs in the middle of anything unrelated, so...
  127. OhNoItsMook

    #CancelCulture, CancelXianity

    This is a brilliant way to turn it to our advantage. Next, do the same thing about islam as well, for all the same things. They do the same crimes but variably worse. Especially women's rights and going as far as imprisoning or even executing homosexuals. I see girls praising others wearing the...
  128. OhNoItsMook

    Yurei: Japanese ghosts. Please advise.

    Yuurei are the same as ghosts but it's the Japanese word for it, it generally goes further than simply a spirit and more of having a hostile intention, like a grudge... yeah. However, you said they're not hostile, and you do not even fear them. I have some experience, as I have lived in Japan...
  129. OhNoItsMook

    JOY OF SATAN Website Update is LIVE!

    I express my utmost gratitude and sincerest respect for the deeds of HP Hooded Cobra, Lydia, Soaring Eagle, and everyone who has contributed to this project. With your efforts, everyone is able to grow and benefit, and you deserve due acknowledgment for such.
  130. OhNoItsMook

    Should We Save Everyone? A lesson learned?

    Holy shit, that's one of my favorite songs! I heard it again in my mind just 2 days ago, now to see it here of all places. Each time I hear that song, these lyrics in particular, stand out to me the most in how sombrely they represent a strikingly large part of humanity: "And now the weak that...
  131. OhNoItsMook

    Race mixing

    Here's what I'm wondering. Sorry if it's potentially slightly retarded. To what extent does "mixing" go? I'm aware that having kids with someone of another race, is fucking gross and constitutes direct sacrilege of the Gods' intentions for the human races. But what about just sex, and only...
  132. OhNoItsMook

    JoS Websites Editorial Check Thread

    During the King & Queen meditation, apparently we're supposed to speak Chinese while vibrating RAUM and AUM - "1. Vibrate 'RAUM' -- RAH誘U柚M into your solar chakra 108 times - "3. Vibrate 'AUM' -- AH誘U柚M into your pineal gland 108 times. [Be=froe (*before) doing this, try to locate your pineal...
  133. OhNoItsMook

    What is the best way to kill myself painlessly

    Lmao, based. Seriously, though... every post I've seen by the OP has had this strange feeling of confusion and despondence, to me. If someone is that lost, normally, I'd tell them the same as you had told him. In my psychology, one can do upon themselves as they wish, whether it be perseverant...
  134. OhNoItsMook

    Automate Chakra Empowerment

    Wow, that's quite interesting to hear. Now that I've worked on the chakras for so long, I do believe it's time to incorporate meditations focusing on other areas of the soul. It's reassuring to hear that you've done the same as I have, and that I can follow your advice, as a result. I greatly...
  135. OhNoItsMook

    Automate Chakra Empowerment

    I've done the full chakra meditation for over a year straight, daily. Twice a day, except for the past few weeks, when it's been just once a day. It takes the longest in my meditation schedule, and I'm wondering just when it'll be enough until they start absorbing energy on their own. It'd be...
  136. OhNoItsMook

    Vaccinated people spreading their mutagens to others, people getting sick

    My mutual residents are receiving the vaccine. If it is indeed true that the unvaccinated, can become sick from being near those who are vaccinated, what should I do? I wouldn't even want to be at the dinner table anymore. Even though I've built strong spiritual defense up until now, and...
  137. OhNoItsMook


    Thanks for the anticipated schedule. Is "Returning" a typo? I could've sworn we're Reversing their energies raised from blood sacrifice, not... returning them. That makes it sound like...
  138. OhNoItsMook

    Yoga - the highest form

    Thank you so much, everyone. This thread has allowed me to receive the reassurance I needed, in response to the concerns I had in my original post. I shall maintain persistence in yoga! I'm glad to hear that I at least have the ability to feel the energy buzz, because lying down for 15...
  139. OhNoItsMook

    Yoga - the highest form

    I have been doing Hatha Yoga for as long as I can remember, at least a year, once or twice every day. But I still can't touch my toes, or reach a full split on the ground. I'm not sure why, and I'm relatively fit. I'm worried that somehow the effects of yoga aren't reaching me as much as it...
  140. OhNoItsMook

    Movies, games, series

    Yeah, I'd say so. It's incredibly fun in my opinion, with a lovely story with huge, beautiful environments and immersive atmosphere, music and the gameplay is very relaxed until you get to the Adventure Rank 45+ / 50+ dungeons. Story wise in our SS viewpoint, it gets interesting, though... and...
  141. OhNoItsMook

    The Goddess Astarte & Happy Ostara

    Wow. This brings even more meaning to the working that I've been doing, vibrating the name Inanna. The Sumerian story also allowed me to learn something new about her, and I bear intense respect for her. Hail Astarte! Happy Ostara.
  142. OhNoItsMook

    Scorched Earth Pt.2 Endgame - Doing the RTR is Literally Life or Death

    So, we know that our duty is to meditate and to perform RTRs, when it comes to saving ourselves against these impending disasters. It also helps to know that those of us who are serious about what we have to do, are protected by the gods. But what's going to happen to the people who we hold...
  143. OhNoItsMook

    Love story I heard in a dream

    What a coincidence. Around last week, I, too, had an incredibly vivid dream. Usually, my dreams are a myriad of nonsense that I forget a few hours later, but this one dream is one that I believe will stay with me, like a few other very special ones I've remembered clearly for years. It was so...
  144. OhNoItsMook

    Are you addicted? Subtle Addictions

    Sugar's definitely an important mention in this one. One might be surprised by how much sugar something has even if it isn't literally composed of actual sugar cubes. For example, you want pancakes for breakfast? Syrup and honey has a 1:1 carbohydrate to sugar ratio. That means in a 250g bottle...
  145. OhNoItsMook

    The mind: focus and concentration

    That's baffling. Children are already very susceptible to influence, yet things like this are introduced to their minds at such crucial periods of their psychological development. Furthermore, if many people are raised to accept this form of deterioration from a young age, it'd create a...
  146. OhNoItsMook

    The mind: focus and concentration

    You don't have ADHD. No one does. I know, I was officially "diagnosed" with it as a kid too, as were many others in the world. The creator of ADHD, admitted that it was fake as he lay dying. Interesting to think what all that medication against "ADHD" really did to me and everybody else, then...
  147. OhNoItsMook

    How to develop your relationship with your Guardian Demon

    Is it possible for one to be put under the guidance of a different GD, after a period of time? My GD took me under her wing on the day I dedicated, but it was only a few months after that when I discovered who she was, and began to form a bond. Throughout the years, she has helped me immensely...
  148. OhNoItsMook

    About Advanced Members And Our Community

    I've been with jos for about 5 years, but I don't make many posts since I tend to be a quiet listener. For me, I believe the main reason for my infrequent posting, is that I only talk when I have a lot of personal experience and knowledge in the topic of a particular thread, as I intend my...
  149. OhNoItsMook

    Are white men naturally attracted to asian women or is it brainwashing?

    Oh, finally. My kind of topic. I'm going to blast everything I know into this, in order to answer you as best as I can, based on my own experiences and knowledge. I hope people may read everything and that I can provide insight on this whole thing. I tend to get vulgar when expressive, so I'd...
  150. OhNoItsMook

    About Upcoming Joy of Satan Website Updates: Demons Section

    Tfw I've accidentally been using her corrupted name the whole time.....
  151. OhNoItsMook

    Forums/Sites May Go Down Anytime Now - Ritual Schedule Extended to 9th of January

    Yeah. I remember years ago, on the old Yahoo groups there was a post by someone who was looking for people to join his group chat for "satanists" on a messenger app. Me being stupid as fuck at the time and also embarrassingly naive actually joined it for like 1 day to see what it was like. Had a...
  152. OhNoItsMook

    Entire Joy of Satan Mass Backup + Misc

    You've contributed to the advancement of many members, including myself. I wanna let you know that. Maybe when this is all over and you're safe and sound, you could get in touch with everybody again.
  153. OhNoItsMook

    Spiritual Warfare Schedule: 25th of December / 3rd Of January

    I've asked this before, but it makes me wonder each time the Race Awakening ritual is on the schedule. I'm Asian. Do we not have a Race Awakening ritual? For this schedule, do I only do the Final RTR + Killing Tetragrammaton, and Wealth?
  154. OhNoItsMook

    New RTR’s making immediate progress?

    I've got to be thankful for your advice here. I've tried cleaning more seriously after you told me, and things have been going very well for me since. I know, right? For me, I get drowsy after a while. The ensuing silence is rather relaxing, too. I feel like it can be an excellent thing to do...
  155. OhNoItsMook

    New RTR’s making immediate progress?

    Personally for me, since doing the new RTR add-on, I had never experienced attacks as hard as the ones recently. However, I do feel somehow more perceptive of assistance from the Gods in my personal life, which is amazing.
  156. OhNoItsMook

    ENDING THE VEIL - First Ritual Schedule - 11 to 22 December 2020

    Is this veil the same matrix thing that prevents the Gods from getting in touch with us? Or am I mistaken? Will destroying this thing gradually open up all humans to the influence of the Gods, and their presence in our lives?
  157. OhNoItsMook

    Traditional art or digital?

    I absolutely agree that this is a difficult method of reliable income, and it sucks that it can be hard to simultaneously love a hobby AND maintain a sustainable financial balance from it. But I hope to encourage you with one statement: You can devise whatever style you wish, and the right...
  158. OhNoItsMook

    ENDING THE VEIL - First Ritual Schedule - 11 to 22 December 2020

    So this destroys the channel they've used to manifest all the suffering in this world. I intend to do this ritual addition digitally, with a paint program. For now, would it be fine to use the image to blot out the letters and triangle with a paint tool, just like the Final RTR? I express my...
  159. OhNoItsMook

    Base: Yoga, Repressed Anger

    Thank you so much. Over the past years, I've had a lot of resentment that this'll hopefully resolve. I'm sure there's many others here who will benefit from this, too. I appreciate the effort you've expended into putting this together.
  160. OhNoItsMook

    Traditional art or digital?

    I apologise if I didn't seem clear enough in my first response, but my intention was to encourage the exact opposite of what you said, which I marked in bold. I'd also like to apologise in advance as I'll try to utilise more brash vocabulary in hopes of conveying my point more directly... You...
  161. OhNoItsMook

    Traditional art or digital?

    A friend of mine does strictly traditional art, and in a photorealistic style, which is the opposite of me. This friend has managed to sell large paintings at expeditions for nearly a thousand dollars each, several times, so there are always people who are enthusiastic enough about something to...
  162. OhNoItsMook

    Using Runic Magic on Xians

    Your love working most likely 'succeeded', but Gebo is the rune of sacrifice and giving, and putting in the effort to initiate. When you mention that you hadn't approached her, that's where it may have manifested in an unexpected way. I'm assuming the circumstances and situation worked out, but...
  163. OhNoItsMook


    I used to indulge in porn and prostitution a shit ton for years, and I've paid the price for it (literally). When it comes to the question of whether or not prostitution is good or bad, I've always felt that it's a yes and no depending on the circumstances. We know sexual frustration is never...
  164. OhNoItsMook

    Thank you my Lord

    Really happy for you. I personally have not had an intense breakthrough like that; for me, my things have slowly unbound over long periods of time, as opposed to suddenly. Of course, we all experience Satan's freedom differently as individuals.
  165. OhNoItsMook

    Reverse Torah Ritual Schedule - November 16 / December 5

    Thanks for the post. The three Serpent-related RTRs in a row kind of depleted my energy, but it's okay for me knowing it's all well spent. I'll continue to do as much as I can.
  166. OhNoItsMook

    Building A Fast Track Relationship With Satan

    When it comes to numbers, I see the number 42 about 20 times a day. I fucking hate it. Mentioned it once in the Yahoo groups, but I forgot how the responses went. I know it's an enemy number, so it annoys me how I see it all the time. I even leave it out when I have to count something (41...
  167. OhNoItsMook

    Spiritual Warfare Schedule - September 14 / October 3 [Updated With Pics]

    I have a question regarding the Wealth and Prosperity ritual. We know the affirmation says: "All the members of the Joy of Satan Ministries, Dedicated to Lord Satan by blood, advancing in this Spiritual Path, are now growing in material wealth and power, and are permanently protected and...
  168. OhNoItsMook

    Magnum Opus Levels Explained

    What do we do after we've established the creation of the male elixir and the nectar of the 6th chakra/pineal gland? After the preliminary Magnum Opus steps listed at the JoS meditation section.
  169. OhNoItsMook

    Why water people can actually be very strong

    Fire is my strongest element, water is my second by only a little, and air is my weakest. This makes me a very emotional individual, but recently I've invoked the air element and it has helped me stabilize. I feel like it's really weird having two of the opposite elements being my strongest...
  170. OhNoItsMook

    Important Easter Week

    I used to do 1-2 full Final RTRs a day, but these days I've pushed myself to exert maximum strength for important times like these, and discovered that I can at least quadruple that amount. I managed to do 8 yesterday, and 7 today. It motivated me more than it tired me, though I did sleep 1-2...

Al Jilwah: Chapter IV

"It is my desire that all my followers unite in a bond of unity, lest those who are without prevail against them." - Satan