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    Succubi/Incubi Cowardly Bunk

    I also can relate personally to this topic. I for quite a while thought that Marchosias was my girlfriend. I’m slightly embarrassed to admit to that, but Marchosias and father Satan came to me and showed me that this was not the case and that I need to work more on my soul and try to find a...
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    Succubi/Incubi Cowardly Bunk

    This is a good point, and the thing about it is that a lot of the people that throw themselves at scumbags like the aforementioned have been programmed to do just that. You can’t let the actions of sheep deter your from your hunt, tiger. There are men and women out there who are like minded and...
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    Ask The Gods: "But I Cannot"

    This is an amazing post which comes at a wonderful time as always, HPHC. A lot of people surely needed to and will need to know these things. Thank you for your divine labors!
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    Free JoS Donor Article: The Month Of January: The Message of Janus

    Wonder Sermon as always HPHC! Thank you, and praised be our HPs and our Ancient Gods! Hail Satan! And Hail Lord Janus, Sacred Heimdall!
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    Anger Against Christians/Jews/Muslims: Managing That

    Thank you for this very informative sermon, HPHC. I’m really glad to have read this one in particular! You’re a hero, sir. And I’m so happy to serve Hell’s Army and our True Ancient Gods! May the Gods bless you with ease of invincibility and immortality on your climb!
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    Keeping A Mouth Shut: A Practical View On The Satanic Adage

    An excellent sermon this, keep up the Good Work HPHC!
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    Happy New Year - 2024!

    Hail Satan and happy New Year!
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    Creation of the 4th Reich

    Hell yes, Hellenistic, this is a great point! Hail Satan!
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    What Will The Gods Think?

    Thank you so much for this post HPHC! This one is really personal for me, thank you! Hail Satan! Hail all our true Gods, and hail all dedicated spiritual satanists advancing as best we can!
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    Question #3538: Father Satan showing up in dream

    Yes, though he is very direct and does like to appear personally, I’ve had dreams in which I’ve felt his presence upon waking or in the dream was aware of him being with me even if I didn’t see him.
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    Creation of the 4th Reich

    I wholeheartedly agree with the necessity for this, and to follow the leadership of our Gods. It comes when All-Father dictates it, and with everyone doing whatever part they can for our Gods and their own souls here.
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    Astaroth Drawing

    That is epic!! Hail Astarte!!
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    Fuck The Mob

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    Year 2027: Conspiracy fact?...

    The true Gods don’t ever provide false or negative prophecy.
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    Happy Yule!

    Glorious Post HP Lydia!! May the Gods bless us all! Hail Satan and Happy Yule!!
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    Question #3418: An important doubt regarding Joy Of Satan

    Brother, yes, this response is what I’ve heard in my mind every time I’ve ever seen one of these threads lol! Epic post!! That advice about not reacting emotionally to slander and/or ignorance is good advice though. We as SS must control our own emotions.
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    Joy of Satan NEW Guardians: Announcement

    Blessed and might be our Satanic Guardians and all over which they preside! Hail Satan!!
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    JoS Rituals site down

    Well a thousand blessing of Satan and Apollo be upon him!
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    Question #3360: Do the enemy alien entity knows the natal chart of all gentiles !?

    You’re protected against such things as long as you’re dedicated to Satan; they do not know everyone’s natal chart, because they aren’t all knowing.
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    Is Spiritual Warfare safe during Saturn Return

    Thank you for the insight, brother. Hail Satan!!
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    JoS Rituals site down

    Thank you High Priestess, you’re a superstar!! Hail Satan and all we children of our true Gods!!
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    Is Spiritual Warfare safe during Saturn Return

    Should a person do Spiritual Warfare and other black magic while in Saturn Return? Maybe wait it out and or find lighter work? Any clarity on this?
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    JoS Rituals site down

    Just in case no one has noticed yet, the JoS Rituals site is down and in offline mode at this time.
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    Reverse Torah Ritual Schedule: Dec 7 to Dec 12

    Hell yes!! Hail Hell’s Army!! Hail Satan!! Hail Victoria!!! Hail Our Final Victory!!
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    Elon Musk: Short Message About Jews

    I’m not defending Elon Musk, but do know that Elon is a South African name.
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    Elon Musk: Short Message About Jews

    Very informative and enlightening post once again HPHC, you’re a superstar!! Hail Satan and keep up the Great Works! Hail all we Hell’s Army in service of he Satan praised be!
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    The Right And Wrong Spirit Of The World

    Hell yes, HPHC! Another great, and comprehensive sermon. Very succinct! Hail Satan and our true Gods! Hail we Warriors of Wodan!!
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    Question #3198: Pazuzu and other demons of lower rank (small, chubby, hairy).

    Until JoS is more developed you’ll have to go through father Satan to summon them. I adore the lesser demons! With regard to why you haven’t been seeing them in your dreams, it’s probably a temporary planetary thing.
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    Goddess Eris

    I can relate, I consider her my very best friend. She’s listed on JoS by her name Marchosias. She’s a very powerful, friendly, and popular Goddess whom is even worshipped under multiple names within the same pantheons, especially the Greek.
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    Our Gods’ Beautiful Compassion

    Impetigo I don’t understand your question.
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    Our Gods’ Beautiful Compassion

    I’m well now, thank you brother (or sister) hail Satan!
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    Whites are a docile and gentle breed.

    Leonidas, Adolf Hitler, George Washington, Basically All the Northmen, Alexander the Great etc. nearly all of the most powerful warriors and most influential men throughout history are white, the word “docile” doesn’t fit at all. Compassionate, Kind, Loving, dutiful, caring yes, but “Docile”? Oh...
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    The manned Mars Mission.

    I remember years back hearing that NASA finally sent a manned mission to Mars, and now that I’m dedicated to father Satan, I’m skeptical about that. Did they ever really even do that? Does anyone have some reliable information about it here?
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    Our Gods’ Beautiful Compassion

    I wanted to post a testimonial here. A while back I was doing my daily routine revving high and doing mantras raising my energy really intensely. Our Gods were and are very proud of me, they told me I could safely rest but I kept pushing because I figured just a little more couldn’t hurt. I...
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    Martial arts and the scam of aesthetics

    I’d love to learn Icelandic Combat Glima! If you all haven’t heard of that I suggest you look it up. Big time hail Wodan!
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    A Message to our Ancestors

    Absolutely Gorgeous! Hail Satan and we whom serve he!!
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    Improving As A Man

    Thank you for another excellent sermon, HPHC, hail and praised be to you, we the soldiers of Satan, and Satan and all the Powers of hell for all eternity! (Ordered thusly for rhyming lol)
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    Staying On The Straight Path To The Gods

    I love it when that happens, and it happens to me very often!
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    Staying On The Straight Path To The Gods

    Yet another glorious sermon HPHC, and that timing never ceases to amaze me! Hail Satan!!
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    We can do this. Stand bright and strong.

    Hell yes and Hel Yes! Hail Satan! Well said.
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    Question #3070: “Once my foot is in the door of a person’s mind, no force in the Cosmos can close it.” ~ Father Satan

    The main point Father was conveying to me is that the Will of Satan is totally absolute regardless of wether or not someone believes in him. There’s a really great story on Satan’s Library that is proof of this in fact, though I can’t seem to find the link. It talks about how in the Middle...
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    Question #3070: “Once my foot is in the door of a person’s mind, no force in the Cosmos can close it.” ~ Father Satan

    This is the truth! The context of the conversation however was more than only this, it was also about how Father Satan’s will is absolute and he can easily influence even those who aren’t dedicated.
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    Question #3070: “Once my foot is in the door of a person’s mind, no force in the Cosmos can close it.” ~ Father Satan

    This is a direct quote from Father Satan to me during a telepathic conversation I had with him a while back pertaining to his influence over people wether they realize it or not.
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    Greek Goddess Nike

    Okay so I suppose there’s some of that dual deity stuff going on then like with Zeus Hera or some such, well that’s cool.
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    Greek Goddess Nike

    Hey there brothers and sister of Satan are there any here with more veterancy than myself whom know which of the Goddess’ listed on JoS main is the Greek goddess Nike or is she one of the several Gods whom as of yet isn’t mentioned on the website. I know that the ranks of our Gods number in the...
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    Question #3011: Satans Opinion on Being Transgender???

    I am a man and myself was living, identifying as female for a while, taking the hormones and T-Blockers and all that, and from my conversation with father Satan he told me that how so ever you choose to present yourself is up to you, but that you must understand that you are a man. An...
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    Happy Halloween/Samhain!

    Hell yes!! Happy Samhain and Hail Satan to all we dedicated!
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    Thank you Maxine🌙

    Here, Here, Brother! I share your sentiments! Hail Satan, Hail Maxine! Hail Hell’s Army, and Happy Samhain!!
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    The JoS Has A New High Priestess

    Hell yes! Hail Satan! Impeccable choice for our new High Priestess, she and I have had great interactions on here many times and she is a truly divine soul! No woman deserves this more than HPS Lydia! Congratulations, Sister HPS! Hail Satan! Hail out Satanic Priesthood, and Hail all we of Hell’s...
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    Eihwaz pronunciation

    The pronunciation I use which seems to work best is sounded out AA-IIHH-VVV-AAHH-ZZZ
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    Question #2487: TTT - Must or can't

    AFODO and OAL know their stuff big time, so I’d heed their advice. Also, enemy aliens are total liars, and would only ever say anything truth with the intent to confuse or reverse psychology. They are liars and are never to be trusted under any conditions. Only trust in Satan and his servants...
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    Lucifer the Rebel and The Outlaw

    Beautiful Thread, This. Hail Satan!!
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    Voodoo and Hoodoo: Are they Enemy Programs?

    Seems like they are to me, but I’d like to hear what a veteren here has to say on the topic.
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    Introducing The JoS Mega Mirror

    Oh hell yes, Hail Apollo! Thank you for this!
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    Deprogramming with Runes

    Very wise, thank you :)
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    Deprogramming with Runes

    Any Vets here know the best runes for deprogramming one’s mind from enemy subliminals and other junk?
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    WAR = LIFE

    Well said, Hail Satan!
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    Sanctifying Runes

    So for those brothers and sisters of Satan here whom haven’t sanctified your runes, I strongly encourage you to do so. The power and liberation as well as experiencing the presence of the Gods I encountered after doing so was absolutely awe striking and is still with me even now. Hail Satan...
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    The Lost Colony of Roanoke

    Oh, well that’s kinda anti climactic. Especially considering all the hype and mystery around it. That’s easily the most realistic explanation I’ve ever heard though.
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    The Lost Colony of Roanoke

    Are there any Vets here that have any divine insight into what exactly happened at Roanoke? I’m sure the Gods know for sure, but in the past when I’ve asked I’ve gotten a lot of interference and wasn’t able to understand the answer. I’m hoping someone here can clarify.
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    How white is white enough for a Satanic Relationship?

    I’m aware, and I absolutely intend to have white children, I was only asking for academic reasons as I was interested in the eugenics.
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    How white is white enough for a Satanic Relationship?

    I understand that, but I’m really asking about eugenics. How much percentage white DNA would a mixed person need to be an acceptable partner to a white person capable of producing white offspring. Like 85% or higher or what? I think it’s a very valid question considering how most people in this...
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    Change Yourself By Putting Your Philosophy Into Action

    Thank you for the heartfelt compliment, brother! I love father Satan and I’m so blessed by Satan to be able to talk to him and our Gods every day. Patience and learning to control your reactions to things is hugely important and I appreciate the support from our divine SS family! Hail Satan and...
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    Change Yourself By Putting Your Philosophy Into Action

    It’s from a telepathic conversation I had with father Satan. I’m still working on my telepathy though.
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    Question #2773: how many hours do advanced satanists like Lydia and other do power meditations and yoga everyday?

    This might be a little off topic but I was wondering what the JG in Lydia’s tag on here means but I didn’t want to create a whole thread just to ask that.
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    How white is white enough for a Satanic Relationship?

    So say you’re white and as a white SS you wanna have a white family. What percentage of white genes is good enough to have a relationship the Gods will smile upon? Like 85% and up or what? Any vets for comment?
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    Change Yourself By Putting Your Philosophy Into Action

    Wow beautiful post, Brother! Hail Satan!
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    Hedonism In SS Context

    Thank you for the insight.
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    Napoleon Movie: Good or Bad?

    Thank you Aquarius for clarifying this for me, it’s safe to say I’m not watching that shit movie then.
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    Napoleon Movie: Good or Bad?

    Oh they are? Damn them and hail Satan then!
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    Napoleon Movie: Good or Bad?

    I haven’t see it, and was wondering if I wanted to. Joaquin Phoenix plays Napoleon and his does look kinda Jewish so if that’s the case I won’t be watching it. He’s the older brother of River Phoenix who played Chris Chambers in Stand By Me and River Phoenix doesn’t even look remotely Jewish so...
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    That Which Will Never Leave

    Oh hell yes!! Rousing Seromom HPHC! Hail Satan!! Hail all our True Gods!! Hail the family of Satan!!
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    Question #2671: is baphomet symbol of our god satan right

    Baphomet is a symbol of Satan which is spiritual allegro representing spiritual perfection. Satan is the original horned God.
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    Hedonism In SS Context

    I’d like a veteran brother or sister to shed some light on Hedonism in the true SS context. To my interpretation it sounds to me as if the pursuit of Strength through Joy.
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    Napoleon Movie: Good or Bad?

    That’s another reason why I hadn’t watched it, when I saw the actor my Jew detector alarm started going off.
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    Napoleon Movie: Good or Bad?

    That’s a good point, there have been times when I’ve been watching a movie enjoying myself and then I’ve sensed some really awful vibes. I’m probably gonna skip the movie because even if it isn’t outright slander, there’s no way it does lord Napoleon true justice.
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    Intrusive Feelings?

    A very wise reply from WiseDragon! Thank you brother( or sister) of Satan! Hail Satan! Bes once told me about these things that every S.S. Is the Quarterback of their life and must stay composed.
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    Napoleon Movie: Good or Bad?

    So a big budget movie about Napoleon has recently been released, and I’m on the fence about seeing it. Has anyone on here seen it, and if so is it a decent watch or baseless slander?
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    JoS Donors Free Article: A Story About HPS Maxine

    Wow what a story! Hail Satan! Hail HP Maxine and All our Satanic Clergy! I do wonder what happened to her personally, as I myself have been fully dedicated and working for going on three years thus far.
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    Neon Lights, are they safe?

    Are neon lights safe to use for visualization aids for meditation and so on and so forth?
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    Intrusive Feelings?

    I’ve noticed in my experience lately that much of the time I sense feelings that are clearly not my own, and a lot of the time they seem to try and insist upon themselves. What can I do to remedy this?
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    The Journey is ours to make

    Superb post! Hail Satan!
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    Final RTR Video Game Idea

    That sounds like a solid idea to me, I’ve often theorized about how the Gods might be able to take thought energy generated while playing games with pro-Satanic themes and use them for Victory!
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    Question #2591: Why did you become a spiritual satanist? And how did you discover satanism?

    I’ll admit that this path isn’t the easy street I thought it was gonna be when I signed up, but I’m so happy to be with our true Gods, it’s so much more being an SS than I’d ever imagined and despite the hardships I’m always looking forward to every day with our true Gods. Hail Satan! Hail Victory!
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    Faith In The Gods Through Difficult Times

    Don’t you love it when that happens? I swear that happens to me nearly all the time.
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    Question #2583: can I tell my christian friend that the bible is an enslavement book

    Yes you can, just make sure you have some sources to cite and back yourself up. You can also hit them with quotes from the Bible itself were it’s mentioned that Satan and the Demons are the winners and the best. Such as 2 Corinthians 4:4a where it literally reads “Satan, God of this world.”
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    Question #2591: Why did you become a spiritual satanist? And how did you discover satanism?

    For me it was seeing first hand how the more someone gets involved in Xtianity the more misfortune befalls them. I remember thinking to myself “if this is how the alleged “Good Guy” of the Bible treats people then clearly the other guy is right.” The other guy in this context being father...
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    Question #2593: How do you date as a person into spirituality?

    Good question, I’d also like to hear a veteran SS’ take on this!
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    Faith In The Gods Through Difficult Times

    Wow this is an incredible post! I totally relate to what you’ve said here and you’ve somehow managed to capture what I’ve been trying to tell myself in these dark times to the letter! Hail Satan, Brother!!!! And thank you for an amazing and hearkening post!!
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    Faith In The Gods Through Difficult Times

    I second what Shadow Cat said, thank you HP, I just had a miserable night and this is something I really needed to read.
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    This sure is a great ritual! Hail Satan, Hail Orobas! Whatever is going on, I’m sure we all of, Satan and The True Gods are Pulling through :)
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    Question #2571: Releasing guilt and shame

    Make Affirmations such, preferably after waking or right before bed such as “I totally forgive myself for any and all past errors.”
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    How to get rid of fear?

    This is an Epic post, Blitz, I thank you for it! You always seem to post just the right thing right when I need to read it! Hail Satan!
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    Holy Satan, dude, I love that signature!!
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    Cleaning - Waning or Waxing / Which Sign?

    How can you tell which is which with the moon, waxing or waning?
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    LGB groups are actively agitating to 'break away' from trans and queer association

    Superb post, very informative! Hail Satan! Next time I get into an argument with an Xian I’m gonna show them that quote, and be like “bitch even the Bible says Satan is your real God!”
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    Internal Function of Aura of Protection

    Excellent Post here by Naked Pluto, I’m glad to have read this! Hail Satan!
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    Dream Interpretation

    Are there any HPs or other veterans here whom are experts at dream interpretation? What does it mean if you keep having dreams in which your teeth are falling out and no matter how many times you call upon father Satan or the Gods like Astaroth the events of the dream keep worsening until you...
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    Question #2405: why are hindu gods not mentioned

    I’m really eager to discover all the Slavic names, personally. My Slavic heritage is that of which I’m most proud. I’ve worked with father Satan and deduced some of them, and last night I FINALLY DISCOVERED my Guardian Demoness and so im fucking stoked!!
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    Is Zoroastrianism an enemy program?

    So this game is called Humankind, it’s a similar format to the Civilization games, but you start with a Neolithic tribe and guide them through history, moving from era to era and choosing from one of several cultures famous from that era, build your empire and whichever empire has the most fame...
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    Is Zoroastrianism an enemy program?

    It’s a game which plays similarly called Humankind.
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    Is Zoroastrianism an enemy program?

    Thank you, brother of Satan! My mighty satanic empire will crush them beneath or righteous truth!
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    Is Zoroastrianism an enemy program?

    So I was playing a video game, and this other empire’s state religion is Zoroastrianism. Which turns out is a real thing, so now I want to know wether or not it’s an enemy program because if it is I’m totally gonna have my empire lay waste to them. Lol
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    When Your Life Feels Like It’s Falling Apart

    Thank you, Sister of Satan Lydia! I really needed to read this!
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    Question about Reincarnation Amnesia

  106. I

    Global Forest "Fires" That Are Ongoing

    Rousing post, H.P.! Hail Satan!
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    Silence Is Golden - About Outsiders

    A brilliant sermon as usual HPHC, you’re one of my heroes. A strong, sobering, sermon that I think I really needed to read at this time. May Satan and our Gods shower you, and I, and all our advancing brothers and sisters with protection, wisdom, and splendor! Hail Satan!
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    Ad Astarte

    That’s beautiful, truly!
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    Scientific Facts- National Socialism Freedom Movement

    Thank you for posting this, brother. People are a lot less likely to go mob mode on someone when you hit ‘em with the cited source true facts.
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    Question #2315: I struggle with intrusive thoughts ..I need to cure it spiritually

    Satanic Void meditation works wonders. You have to keep at it though, because what’s most likely is a slow tapering off effect where the invasive thoughts lessen In frequency and severity overall until eventually they stop altogether. Gotta make sure to keep at it though at least a few minutes...
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    Broken links on Satan’s Library

    I’m sure we have brothers and sisters working diligently to restore these, I wanted to make this post to bring attention to one of them which I hope can be prioritized which is the Satanic Information for Atheists and other Skeptics link. It would be really nice to be able to play that for some...
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    Do Animals Reincarnate?

    His coat is the same colors and nearly identical pattern, his eyes are similar color, but not exactly the same. His personality is identical but like, as if he learned from past mistakes and no longer overeats lol When I look at his face in into his eyes I can see he’s the same soul.
  113. I

    Question about Reincarnation Amnesia

    Is Reincarnation Amnesia something that has always been a thing? Or is that a recent development? Any Veterans know about this?
  114. I

    Emotional Pain and Healing

    Glorious Post, Blitz! Hail Satan!
  115. I

    I have a bone to pick with Cobra

    The original poster here is so clearly a deliberate dissenter trying to create confusion and spurn newer SS away. I vote for him to be banned. HPHC, Blitz, infinite respect for you, Gentlemen. Hail Satan, Hail Eternal Truth Hail the True 1488
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    Satanic Bands and Music

    Obviously people whom are fully awake and with SS are best, but especially when it comes to music, media and such half awake is better than fully asleep. In my opinion if someone spends a lot of time tying themselves into any aspect of true Spiritual Satanism enough it’s only a matter of time...
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    What To Do About Xian/Muslim Family Members

    Thank you for an excellent and insightful post, HPHC. You’re a divine champion as always :)
  118. I

    What to do about Xtian Family members

    What’s the best course of action if you’re Hell’s Army and you have Xtian family members? I trust father Satan and the Gods implicitly, and I don’t want to forsake family because I refuse to abide by the enemy in any way.
  119. I

    Cultural Differences and IQ Scores: The Satanic POV

    Very interesting read that, and that signature is epic! Your profile picture rocks too lol
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    The Heroes That Are Needed

    Brilliant Sermon as always HP, you’re a badass! It’s cool that you posted on this topic actually, because I recently put a thread on the forum looking to get your opinion and the opinions of other vets here about The National Justice Party. I’m not the greatest researcher myself, but I...
  121. I

    RTRs and Pacing yourself

    Thank you
  122. I

    The National Justice Party

    With the election in the states approaching next year, and I want to hear some of the opinions of our senior members, especially HPHC about them. They sound almost too good to be true. Their chairman is a guy named Michael Peinovich, does anybody know if this dude is really a gentile? I hope he...
  123. I

    Zodiac Positions of the Gods: What is their significance?

    Just like the topic title states, I’m curious about the significance of the Zodiac Positions of our Gods; how those might affect us and our relationships with them?
  124. I

    Satanic Bands and Music

    So everybody here knows about The Eagles and Hotel California, but how about Alan Parsons Project with songs like Games People Play and Eye in the Sky? :) There’s also an obscure 80s metal band literally named Odin with a song called shining love featuring a guitar riff that gives me chills and...
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    RTRs and Pacing yourself

    I just tried what you recommended and clearly, as per usual, you are right Blitz. I’m feeling a very noticeable improvement. I’ll make sure to add this restorative practice to my regimen :)
  126. I

    RTRs and Pacing yourself

    Thanks Blitz, that sounds doable. Can this mantra be done anytime, or do I need to be wary of VoC Moons? Also is there any other advice you can give on this topic?
  127. I

    RTRs and Pacing yourself

    I’m looking for advice from an HP or advanced member. I love doing RTRs and I go pretty hard doing them, by which I mean many of them very consistently. I’ve noticed though, maybe because of the current planets that sometimes I feel fucking gassed after them. And wind up sleeping for like 10+...
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    The NPC Mind: Why The JoS Is Falsely Seen As Evil

    Very succinct and again totally accurate and truthful! You’re a hero HPHC, may our Gods bestow a thousand blessings upon you and all our brothers and sisters in Satan! I love reading your sermons, anytime you post a new one it’s like, well this day just became a thousand times better.
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    Do Animals Reincarnate?

    Thank you for Confirming and helping me to further my knowledge! I knew from the moment I saw him and his behavior that he’s the same cat I just knew it!! I love my sacred cats so much! Hail Satan and Hail Haagenti!
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    Joy of Satan Must Succeed: A Look Into The Future Ahead

    I totally agree with you HP! Hail Satan!
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    Do Animals Reincarnate?

    So I have a cat that is the spitting image of the most beloved cat my family and I have ever had. He looks almost identical and his personality is almost identical so much so it’s uncanny. So I’m curious, if we as SS and such do reincarnate is the same true for animals?
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    Might seem like a weird question but uhh

    Chinese and Japanese are both Asian Race, but different nationality and perhaps ethnicity. Race and nationality are totally different things. You can have two white people, one from Canada, and one from Sweden but they’re both still white people.
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    Seeking Saturn Return Information

    Thank you, that’s very helpful! :)
  134. I

    Seeking Saturn Return Information

    Thank you Henu, with your information and the help of the Gods I believe I’ve figured it out. One more question though, if it’s true and I see that it is that the effects of Saturn return are felt leading up to it and during it, then is it also true that the effects begin to taper off and...
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    Writing a Satanic fictional book

    I like this thread, as I also have been working on an idea for an epic Satanic Story. Brother/Sister SS is right about reworking those tropes, you’d be surprised how pervasive that kind of stuff is. Just be patient with your self and your own creative process.
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    Question #2148: Am I starting to make telepathic contact with the Succubus?

    That is a very good sign, so I’m gonna say yes. The same kind of thing happens to me when I think about my succubus and it also happens any time I do anything kind toward our true Gods, such as absolution rituals.
  137. I

    Seeking Saturn Return Information

    So for example, if it’s 18 degrees of a sign, it’ll be over when it moves into either 8 degrees or 28 degrees?
  138. I

    Seeking Saturn Return Information

    Okay so I’ve read that Saturn Returns last from age 27-31. When exactly do they begin and end though? Or does it vary? Can an HP or experienced SS answer me this?
  139. I

    Affirmation technicality

    Thanks for some reassuring advice about affirmations, Blitz.
  140. I

    Views on segregation?

    I agree, segregation needs to come back. If you take a look back to the time of Jim Crow laws you’ll see that blacks had their own businesses, their own space, had nuclear families and were generally much more content than now. That is if you know how to read between the lines and see past all...
  141. I

    Why do people pleasers get hurt

    This is very succinct, and I’m glad I read this. Thank you for an insightful post brother/sister in our true Gods!
  142. I

    Summer camp idea.

    I really quite like this idea, here’s hoping the Gods take notice and the people with the means can make this a thing as soon as is possible and healthy.
  143. I

    Joy of Satan Updates: Ethics & Virtues Section [BEELZEBUL'S VIRTUES: UPDATED]

    This makes me so happy I can hardly contain myself, I’ve been thinking a lot lately about how and for a long time about how much I desire JoS to have such a section. Living according to the Virtues of our Gods and earning honor, understanding, and knowledge in their eyes of extremely important...
  144. I

    Lesser Demons and Minor Deities

    That’s interesting sister Lydia. I’m eager to see when we eventually expand the website to include detailed info such as sigils and more of the lesser demons like Bes, Pazuzu and Minoson. I’m also eager for when we eventually have a section which explains which family ties of the Gods are...
  145. I

    Lesser Demons and Minor Deities

    With the help of the Gods I have since found the answer to my question :)
  146. I

    Lesser Demons and Minor Deities

    I know Dazhbog to be Azazel, and Zoria is his daughter in Slavic mythos; the equivalent of Zoria is Aurora, and while I love and revere lady Astarte I’m certain she’s not Azazel’s daughter. She’s father Satan’s daughter and Azazel is one of his sons.
  147. I

    Lesser Demons and Minor Deities

    That is so cool!! They’re among my most favorite of our Gods, they’re so much fun and doting on me in my experience:) Another Goddess in particular a have huge drive to learn more about is Zoria from the Slavic Pantheon. I’ve read she’s also known as Aurora. Ever since my youth I’ve felt a...
  148. I

    Lesser Demons and Minor Deities

    I was doing some reading on the JoS about Lesser demons, and they’re really inspiring to me. I absolutely adore Bes and had a really whimsical and happy experience with him. I feel powerful bonds with him and the dwarf demons as well as Minoson. I was wondering if one of the HPs or another...
  149. I

    Are You Blessed?

    Beautiful Sermon, HP. May our Gods further bless you tenfold a thousand blessings. Hail Satan!
  150. I

    Disciplining Yourself - Mind To Body

    Superb sermon, HP. You rock! Hail Satan forever!!
  151. I

    Getting their just desserts

    In my experience most folk don’t go from zero to beheading a motherfucker for the slightest infraction unless the majority of their life has been setback after setback. Obviously the punishment must fit the crime but that being said, I know the whole death by a thousand cuts feeling well, after...
  152. I

    Video Games and Their Devs

    The best upcoming one which comes to mind is Gord, based on Slavic Folklore. Another really good one which is currently already out is Blacktail(also based on Slavic folklore) Vikings: Wolves of Midgard also seems really cool, has solid reviews, and so does Disciples: Liberation
  153. I

    As I Sat On Top Of Ruins: Let Us Prove Ourselves

    I am totally loyal to Satan, the emojis I used were an unsupported format though lol
  154. I

    As I Sat On Top Of Ruins: Let Us Prove Ourselves

    You and the Gods are my heroes, HP. I’m in it, to win it sieg hell!! ⚡️⚡️ A thousand blessing be upon you and all the priesthood, and all our warriors! ⚡️⚡️
  155. I

    Video Games and Their Devs

    The Witcher games are some of my favorites! Geralt is kind of a medieval chad though isn’t he? Lol he even kinda looks like the chad if you give him the short haircut lol
  156. I

    Joy of Satan Anthem – Directions For Creation Of Our Noble Anthem

    The Song Can’t Stop by Red Hot Chili-peppers is one of my favorite songs and reminds me hugely of Father Satan and our Gods, especially the last verse: “Kick-start the golden generator Sweet talk but don't intimidate her Can't stop the gods from engineering Feel no need for any interfering Your...
  157. I

    Video Games and Their Devs

    There really are a wealth of kickass indie games being released!
  158. I

    Video Games and Their Devs

    I can totally relate to that, before my dedication I always rooted for the demons and always sided with the demons in every rpg lol
  159. I

    Video Games and Their Devs

    You’re right about that brother/sister, I hate the blasphemous GoW games. The only good GoW games are Gears of War lol
  160. I

    Video Games and Their Devs

    Leon, In the Remakes, isn’t portrayed as being in love with her, but rather as caring about and having mixed feelings about her ambiguous ethical standing, Ada is also shown being ethical as she doesn’t actually deliver the parasite to Wesker after finding out she’d been used. Besides the other...
  161. I

    Video Games and Their Devs

    The games do a very good job showing things which raise awareness of the brutality of the church, and also always shows the characters and groups which represent the church getting devastated and destroyed at the hands of witches and those who support them. There are also runes with which you...
  162. I

    Video Games and Their Devs

    Videogames can be an interactive artform. As a medium for creative expression, they are not inherently any more of a waste of time than novels or movies. They can be seen as an evolution of artform, as movies were from books and plays, and videogames from movies. Each step in evolution builds...
  163. I

    SS art Sharing

    So, I love seeing the Gods depicted fondly in Art and Media, I myself embarked on a project to tribute the Gods as fighters in the Game Soul Calibur VI, and intend to post pictures in this thread as soon as I can figure out how. So I was wondering if any of my brothers and sister would care to...
  164. I

    Video Games and Their Devs

    I wouldn’t count CDProjekt Red out just yet, and also, remember that Cyberpunk 2077 is actually based on a tabletop game titled Cyberpunk 2020 made in the 80s by a Gentile named Mike Pondsmith, and from the research I’ve done it was his intent to be a satyrical awareness raising thing which is...
  165. I

    Video Games and Their Devs

    Very aptly put, I personally would never condone any gender surgery because it’s basically mutilation. Thank you for chiming in Blitzkrieg! :)
  166. I

    Video Games and Their Devs

    The Gods have nothing to do with transgenders. Transgenders are sick people and have nothing at all to do with Satanic symbolism and the Gods. Well you’re wrong about that, the God Vual is unisex, and it’s listed plain as day on the JoS Demons list.
  167. I

    Video Games and Their Devs

    That’s an excellent point and interestingly enough, Minoson told me as much the other day lol!
  168. I

    Video Games and Their Devs

    The Dlc is supposed to be coming out this summer.
  169. I

    Video Games and Their Devs

    Obviously the GBLT is disgusting, but JoS used to have a whole affiliate website talking about how Father Satan is the protecter of gays, bisexuals, and transgender people. If you got to JoS links you can probably still find it. It wouldn’t load when I clicked it or I’d have posted the link here.
  170. I

    Video Games and Their Devs

    They aren’t perfect games, as such a notion is unrealistic but the vibe I get from CD Projekt Red games, (the Witcher, and Cyberpunk) is heavier on the side of raising awareness in such a way that they don’t get cancelled by Jews rather than propaganda. Now The Life is Strange games are...
  171. I

    Video Games and Their Devs

    I can totally relate, about looking in hindsight. I wouldn’t play the God of War games at gunpoint, and a fellow SS in another thread posted a list of Jewish Gaming companies anyone worth their salt should boycott. I’m curious about which Gaming companies out there aren’t completely Jewish...
  172. I

    Video Games and Their Devs

    It’s during the main questline, If you respond positively to him enough he asks you if you want to know why he hates Arasaka, if you say yes, he then proceeds to describe the JP to a T as the saying goes, though it’s a dog whistle thing because he says Corps/Corpos but any SS will know.
  173. I

    Video Games and Their Devs

    @Bunny It only happens if the player chooser supportive dialogue options with Silverhand when he asks you if you want to know why he hates the Arasaka Company, if you listen to the whole story he describes the JP to a T only it’s a dog whistle, because he says Corp’s/Corpos, but SS can totally...
  174. I

    Video Games and Their Devs

    So I learned(unsurprisingly) that most of the major gaming companies are totally Jewish. :roll: I’ve been a gamer nearly my whole life and so I’m curious about which Gaming Companies these days keep the Jewery to a minimum. CD Projekt Red with the Witcher is solid as hell, and Cyberpunk 2077...
  175. I

    Joy of Satan Anthem – Directions For Creation Of Our Noble Anthem

    He’s not my favorite person, but Sweet Satan, no song gets me more hyped for RTRs than this. https://youtube.com/watch? v=P_Kd8gOlzuM&feature=share
  176. I

    My Childhood Demon

    As early as age four I remember feeling a presence that was very protective of me, and as I grew older whenever I’d encounter this presence it grew increasingly more insistent upon satanic themes and influencing me toward them. I started talking to it and was told that it’s a girl and a demon...
  177. I

    Magnesium Supplement, suggestions

    The Magnesium ER Supplement from Mother Earth Labs has been extremely helpful for me personally. All their stuff is totally natural and on the up and up ⚡️❤️🖤💙⚡️

Al Jilwah: Chapter IV

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