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  1. Maxis Orientis

    In Memoriam: Japanese & Asian Axis Heroes

    I know they had articles concerning Japan, as this link is mostly concerning the European theater. But yes, it is still useful for people wanting know the truth about WW2, and how the "heros and villians" as taught today are flip-flopped.
  2. Maxis Orientis

    Philippines: Achievements of the Marcos regime

    Exactly. Also, add Prince Gong and Yuan Shikai to that list, Yuan Shikai was the short-lived Hongxian Emperor, during the latter days of the Qing dynasty, the Imperial government, via Prince Gong, implemented the "Self-Strengthening" Movement, which was a Taoist movement that was based off of...
  3. Maxis Orientis

    Jews Caught In Underground Tunnels In New York City

    Well, kikes just being kikes, but this is certainly RTR fuel right here, HEAVY RTR artillery fuel. They often say, when you begin a detoxing/pest-removing process, they all come out from their hiding nests.......yuck to see but its the beginning of the end of them "BUT BUT BUT....THOSE ARE NOT...
  4. Maxis Orientis


    Well, this requires some further-digging and research. The thing-is, all ancient religions (in their purest forms) are Satanic, however the readily-available versions for the most part, corrupted. Therefore, it is quite "impossible" without meditating for guidance and wisdom from Satan, your GDs...
  5. Maxis Orientis

    Proud of my country taking action

    That's awesome to hear! I went ham on the RTRs, and around the same time, many of the Asian countries, one by one, from Japan, to Mongolia, to South Korea, to Philippines, all started dropping their vax passport requirements, and all that time I thought that I was contributing nothing. Hope one...
  6. Maxis Orientis

    Question #3642: First religion

    All religious, outside of the Abrahamic trash, and in their purest forms, are Satanic. You can see how in every advanced civilization, they didn't just have "One Buddhism" or "One Hinduism", every God or Goddess had their own groups of followers. I think HPHC mentioned before, and brought up...
  7. Maxis Orientis

    Biokinesis and Race Preservation of Indo-Aryans and other Sub-races

    I absolutely fucking hate that "Latino/Hispanic" term and always suspected that in its original form, was referring to the White people of Roman Empire (or former Roman Empire thereof). I have Filipino familiars going around telling people they're "Latinos", give themselves that broccoli haircut...
  8. Maxis Orientis

    Satan in Chinese and Japanese

    @Egon This is awesome, thanks for this and I appreciate your contribution to help out the Oriental SS, I haven't been online for a while and this is my first time trying out the new forum's UI, I don't know why my "Maxis Orientis" account wasn't transferred, and all my posts under the Maxis...
  9. Maxis Orientis

    Satan, Lillith, Baalzebul, Azazel and Thoth in Chinese/East Asian mythology & Happy Upcoming Mid-Autumn Festival

    It's been a pleasure, and an awesome journey with the Gods. Keep it, and spread it around to any newcomers from China or of Chinese/East Asian descent, the Asians need their time to shine.
  10. Maxis Orientis

    Satan, Lillith, Baalzebul, Azazel and Thoth in Chinese/East Asian mythology & Happy Upcoming Mid-Autumn Festival

    Indeed! I see you took my suggestion for your signature, looks awesome! Now you're Inner Warrior and Chinese patriotism is really showing!
  11. Maxis Orientis

    Satan, Lillith, Baalzebul, Azazel and Thoth in Chinese/East Asian mythology & Happy Upcoming Mid-Autumn Festival

    Actually, now re-checking the page on Azazel, Beelzebub is Azazel's grandfather, and Azazel took a human wife, so it's not really a far-fetched possibility that Chinese could possibly trace some relation to Azazel, and why Azazel (or Yellow Emperor) is so deeply involved in Chinese astrology and...
  12. Maxis Orientis

    Satan, Lillith, Baalzebul, Azazel and Thoth in Chinese/East Asian mythology & Happy Upcoming Mid-Autumn Festival

    Wishing East Asians and Southeast Asians a Happy Upcoming Mid-Autumn Festival aka the "Mooncake Festival"! Much mystery surrounds the spiritual Truth of this beautiful festival. So for months, me and dedicated Chinese long-time SS @STanBlank have been delving deep into the Satanic origins of...
  13. Maxis Orientis

    Why do 'neo nazis' get so much hate online and in real life?

    There is no such thing as "freedom without consequences" or "freedom without responsibility". "Free speech" means the government can't necessarily arrest you for praising Hitler. But this doesn't cover private businesses, nor won't it stop people from harassing you and coming after you. Even if...
  14. Maxis Orientis

    About the races of the gods

    Correct, the Gods are lovers of culture and often-not appear according to the various cultures. Yes you banked it on the Chinese and Japanese one, as I'm actually about to upload a post soon on Satan, Lillith, Azazel, Baal Zebul and Thoth's role in Chinese religion, no surprise - they all appear...
  15. Maxis Orientis

    Image uploads sites to recommend (for visuals in my upcoming posts)?

    Hello SS community, So I haven't posted in a while, but don't mistake this for non-activity, I'll also be migrating to a new account (explanation at the end). Recently, I been working with a long-time dedicated Chinese SS (@STanBlank) in helping recover and post information about the Satanic...
  16. Maxis Orientis

    Global Forest "Fires" That Are Ongoing

    I'm not a fan of Q-Anon or anything (controlled opposition), but I hear that they have space tech that they use to start these "wildfires". I noticed how I believe it was a couple summers ago, culminating to last summer, food distribution centers were the ones mostly being effected by...
  17. Maxis Orientis

    What To Do About Xian/Muslim Family Members

    I've noticed this rhetoric amongst the extremist Christians, and I'm talking about the "really, really dedicated ones", how they've practically cut ties with their family just for being "too Gentile". One minute they'll complain that the libtards are destroying the family unit, and the next...
  18. Maxis Orientis

    How many Chinese are there here?

    Vietnamese have origins in Southern China, and at one point, Vietnam was under Chinese influence, and used the Chinese alphabet for their language before the Catholics and communists forced Latin onto them. If anything, Vietnamese culture blossomed due to their importation of Chinese tradition...
  19. Maxis Orientis

    How many Chinese are there here?

    Good grief, on the Christianity part, the situation within Taiwan's political founding was a lot worse given that the founder of the Republic of China was a Christian cuck (Sun Yat Sen), who joined the Soviets, the Kuomintang was a Jewish-funded "nationalist" army, overthrow both the Qing...
  20. Maxis Orientis

    As I Sat On Top Of Ruins: Let Us Prove Ourselves

    I remember Japan sending politicians to the Philippines to "apologize", as well as other Asian countries. Japan has nothing to apologize for, what they did during World War II was honorable to the Asiatic race. I've spoken to people from other Asiatic nations, who even surprisingly agreed with...
  21. Maxis Orientis

    Philippines: Achievements of the Marcos regime

    You indeed do, bring up a great point, as I took a place on South Asian history. I gotta say, India is growing, and getting better, and at least it isn't bullying its neighbors as bad Red China is. I hope India can grow to become a superpower that Southeast Asian can lean on against the Red...
  22. Maxis Orientis

    Buddhist monks found guilty of raping a 13 year old boy

    Agreed, all of the great spiritual titles of history have been hijacked. Even Buddha itself is Pagan origin, as I believe the Bon practitioners also used that title. The way it became corrupted is simply the Asian version of how the Greek Pagan term Christ was hijacked for the failed rabbi...
  23. Maxis Orientis

    Buddhist monks found guilty of raping a 13 year old boy

    I understand, I'm an overseas Asian too. If Russia ever does collapse thanks to Vladimir JEwtin, I do hope that Buryatia, Kalmykia and Tuvia can join the Khalkha Mongols of Outer Mongolia for Greater Mongolia. Great luck to your health and the Mongolian translation of JoS! Gosh, I hope they...
  24. Maxis Orientis

    Buddhist monks found guilty of raping a 13 year old boy

    Good grief! Buddhism really is an enemy religion! Come to think, the world thinks Buddhism is such a benevolent religion, which may seem to present itself "at the surface". Someone mentioned in my other post, that Buddhism is pretty much a "nephew" of Judaism and Christianity! I'm really...
  25. Maxis Orientis

    As I Sat On Top Of Ruins: Let Us Prove Ourselves

    I can imagine this is the feeling a Bon practitioner would get when visiting the ruins of the ancient Kingdom of Zhangzhung, a lost Tibetan Bon kingdom barely even visible today even in ruins, destroyed by the Buddhists after the Buddhist "Tibetan Empire" consolidated control over the other...
  26. Maxis Orientis

    Philippine mythology: Bathala/Bakunawa = Lucifer (light)/Satan (dark) = Yin/Yang

    I got no doubt, as a matter of fact, this is a even better explanation than the one I gave! Thank you for this!
  27. Maxis Orientis

    US Secretary of State Backstabs Taiwan, Sells Out to Red China

    https://news.yahoo.com/blinken-says-us-doesn-t-022403399.html Yep, didn't I call it? Although the Death of Communism website pretty-much already exposed much of our elite in the U.S., as having sold out to the red beast. In one of my early posts, I can't recall which - I suspected that the U.S...
  28. Maxis Orientis

    NATO quasi-state "Kosovo" trying to create a conflict for over a year!

    I heard about that Kosovo issue, how the Kosovars have been going around destroying, raping, looting and pillaging Serb communities and localities in that region. Literally the entire "let's support Kosovo independence" is just another sugar-coated for "let's murder Serbs"! Communist China...
  29. Maxis Orientis

    Philippines: Achievements of the Marcos regime

    There is a lot of mystery, controversy and even lies surrounding the Philippine president known in history as Ferdinand Marcos Sr. Mainstream media points him as being an evil dictator, but upon further delving into his biography, he could have - very well been the hope that the Philippines...
  30. Maxis Orientis

    Celebrating 2 Years of Expansion and Progress (List Updated)

    In the case of many of the East Asian and Southeast Asian countries, all we have to do is go through all the ancient temples, take down the pictures of Mao, get rid of the Buddhist teachings, and replace them all with images of the Gods, known in Chinese mythology as the "Shen" or "Celestial...
  31. Maxis Orientis

    Relations Between Spiritual Satanists: Clarifying The Subject

    In my opinion, the minute Christians surrounded Trump and took over all of the Trump camps and campaigns, is when Trump fell. I like the man himself, but I can't stand his supporters for the most part, with the exception of the JoS. Mike Pence was the worst choice for a running mate. Unlike...
  32. Maxis Orientis

    Philippine mythology: Bathala/Bakunawa = Lucifer (light)/Satan (dark) = Yin/Yang

    Due to the slander against Bakunawa, I will refrain from using most "Bakunawa artwork" I find online since they all are defamatory nonsense that portrays Bakunawa as an "evil moon/man eater" or whatever. Throughout all Pagan mythologies, one will find stories of "Gods going to war...
  33. Maxis Orientis

    Haitians standing up to gangs!

    Although I try to keep my posts Asian-oriented, but I thought to share some good news my Black SS brethren would ought to know. As everyone knows, Haiti has been getting terrorized by gang groups, because that's what Jews do to poor countries, the criminals will live like kings, seems like...
  34. Maxis Orientis

    Russia: Christians shut down Tengrist temple and persecution of other Pagans (edited for errors as of 6/11)

    Speaking of Russia, in relation to Mongols and Tengrists, there was a Buryat-Russian general by the name of Grigrory Semyonov, Cossack leader in the Transbaikal region supported by Japan - he exposed the Jewish agenda in Russia by handing out copies of the Protocols of the Elders of Zion to...
  35. Maxis Orientis

    Happy Philippine Independence Day! Upcoming posts for the week

    June 12 is Philippine Independence Day. I'd like to wish our Filipino SS members, be it in the Philippines or abroad, a Happy Independence Day! As my cyber gift towards our Filipino community, I'm going to be posting Philippine-oriented topics the next couple days. It is a reminder, there is...
  36. Maxis Orientis

    North Korea: Suicide is now national treason...let's blame local goy-vernors!

    Firstly, no - I'm not advocating suicide. But just exposing another day of communist utopia in East Asia, put the blame on local governors if people commit suicide, for the issues communists created themselves! I wanna make a little note about North Korea. I'm just about boiling irritated of...
  37. Maxis Orientis

    Age of Delusions: Kali Before Age Of Aquarius - Woman Marries AI Bot [Updated]

    Hmmmmmmmm........I don't know why, but there's that movie this reminds me of, that came out in 1999......but no goy, it's just "entertainment". Everything going on with AI is literally going the direction that Morpheus described to Neo in "the Construct", where humans became ultra-irresponsible...
  38. Maxis Orientis

    Joy of Satan Anthem – Directions For Creation Of Our Noble Anthem

    Thanks for this! I'm not Mongolian, but we do have a Mongolian member, @Jax911.
  39. Maxis Orientis

    Russia: Christians shut down Tengrist temple and persecution of other Pagans (edited for errors as of 6/11)

    Thanks for responding! I've seen your account before in old posts, but didn't know if you were still around, the Mongols of Inner Mongolia in China can surely use your help! Yeah, I don't doubt Tengrism is Satanic, it's one of the Great Satanic religions of Asia before shit Buddhists and...
  40. Maxis Orientis

    Question #1562: Ancient Civilization were full of Semetic Gods.

    Good grief, this just comes to show LITERALLY how much the Kikes stole and perverted! Having studied Jewish theology (as well as Christian theology), none of their culture "made sense" or seemed "original". Especially names ending with "el". About the Ashkenazi, I always felt that the entire...
  41. Maxis Orientis

    Looks like China is engaging in more fakery - Environmental concerns in view

    Good grief. With China having territorial ambitions in the South China Sea and Taiwan Straits, it becomes more imperative now an always for the people of Asia to start waking up. If not, then this will be the fate of the entire Orient. The issue is, with the ultra-enslavement of the people...
  42. Maxis Orientis

    Russia: Christians shut down Tengrist temple and persecution of other Pagans (edited for errors as of 6/11)

    Most welcome! I didn't even know they had Vedic groups in Russia, other than our JoS members in that country, I'm glad the people of India caught on and rose up against Krishnaite persecution instead of just blindly seeing Russia as an "ally" just because of money reasons (that's...quite the...
  43. Maxis Orientis

    Russia: Christians shut down Tengrist temple and persecution of other Pagans (edited for errors as of 6/11)

    Firstly, this post about a situation in Russia isn't pertaining to what's going on there in the now (2023), this incident was back in 2002 at the turn of the millennium, but it still bears importance to the issue of Pagans being persecuted. Although most "Paganism" being supported out there is...
  44. Maxis Orientis

    A closer look at the effectiveness of enemy methods

    One of the largest lies I've seen across Christian apologetic groups is that "Christians are the most persecuted minority in the world". Tell that to the millions of Falun Gong, Buddhists, Bon religion practitioners killed under the Maoist regime, all to the point where the majority who...
  45. Maxis Orientis

    Joy of Satan Anthem – Directions For Creation Of Our Noble Anthem

    Surprisingly, I'm not that bad at it, I don't know if I'm at a point to be producing records or anything. The issue is, I'd have to travel all the way to Mongolia if I wanted a shot at it, as here in the U.S., there barely exists any Mongolian singing schools, at least not any that I know of...
  46. Maxis Orientis

    The Devil Is Your Friend

    I notice how everything extremist Christians praise is "being of the Devil" is 100% humanity, things like personal success, wealth, health, well-being and self-esteem, or teaching the importance of mental well-being to "get closer to God", in so much to the point whenever the less extreme...
  47. Maxis Orientis

    blasphemy compulsion

    Thanks, I found them, they were named "Invasive" rather than "Intrusive" Thoughts, they're broken links sadly. But I'm sure there's plenty of info I can find, since JoS is rather large and this is an ever-growing forum. Oh man as for the entire "Am I a Jew" BS, that too - also plays hand in...
  48. Maxis Orientis

    "Terrifying Buddhist monsters" - Slander Against Our Demons

    As someone who used to think Buddhism was great, what I've come to realize from the content on Joy of Satan is that Tibetan Buddhism is only "great" and "interesting" via all the fancy temples and structures, because it stole from the ancient Bon religion, much no-less than one can "awe" at all...
  49. Maxis Orientis

    blasphemy compulsion

    I'm not a teenager, but in the sense of my "level" per say - I'm still an infant, and I too, deal with extreme intrusive thoughts and compulsions. Do you happened to have a link to HP Maxine's sermons on instrusive thoughts?
  50. Maxis Orientis


    Yeah I also hate how they blaspheme Enlil's name when they perform rituals sacrifice during natural disasters, a mockery against Enlil's association with the Sky and Weather, and further more - I take extremely personally since Enlil is the Forefather of the Asiatic people, known as Tian in...
  51. Maxis Orientis

    Joy of Satan Anthem – Directions For Creation Of Our Noble Anthem

    I wonder if Mongolian throat-singing would be considered acceptable for Beelzebub, coupled in with a morin khuur (basically a Mongolian violin/viola), tanggu (Chinese drum), since very war-like and definitely resonates with Beelzebub (as Tengri, Sky and War God of the Mongolic, Turkic and...
  52. Maxis Orientis

    Empire Of the Sun

    Yes, the Japanese Empire realized this and thus, it's how we became the "Empire of the Rising Sun". Like Hitler in Europe, the Japanese were up against Jewish interests in Asia, and attempting to recover Asia's Satanic past, unite the Asiatic races against the Jews. A large bulk of the...
  53. Maxis Orientis

    Are Mexican drug cartels controlled by Jews ?

    Do you happened to know of Miguel Lopez de Legazpi, Martin de Goiti and Juan de Salcedo (conquistadors of the Philippines) were Jews? "Historical records" claim Legazpi was a Basque (even if they were Gentiles they were still working for the church, the enemy). I'm doing some research and...
  54. Maxis Orientis

    "Animals don't have Souls" - christians

    They sure have better Souls than deranged extremist Christians!
  55. Maxis Orientis


    Ever since I shut off television, and started to be able to see through social media facades, I've literally learned to stop being jealous and envious towards people who fake their lives, or believing that I have to work a slavish 9 to 5 for a Jewish company my entire life to ever become a...
  56. Maxis Orientis

    asian satanic civilizations

    For China it looks like the Xia, Shang, Zhou and Han dynasties from what I've seen, the Warring States Era also had Pagan kingdoms and the Tang dynasty was where Buddhism was introduced, nonetheless it was still a Great Empire. The Srivijaya Empire of Malaysia and Majapahit Empire of modern-day...
  57. Maxis Orientis

    Is Chinese folk religion/Shenism legit or heavily corrupted?

    Yes, Shenism - at least in its pure and uncorrupted form, IS Satanism, literally Chinese Satanism and is pretty-much the parent religion of Shintoism, and Korean Shamanism. When one researches Chinese folk religion, you'll see them honoring Gods that literally bear our Demon's planets...
  58. Maxis Orientis

    How many Chinese are there here?

    I know this is an old post, I feel I still owe it to respond. Seems like Chinese Paganism is extremely suppressed, even by the so-called "democratic government" of Taiwan, as I've exposed the "Kuomintang" as being another Christian army, whose military wing was literally organized by the...
  59. Maxis Orientis

    Ancient Chinese Soccer/Football - Cuju/Tsu-Chu/Kemari

    With the internet and everything tightly-controlled in China, I highly doubt you'll learn anything except CCP-fed communist garbage. We have only 1 member in and from China, that is @STanBlank, so any question you have about the current China situation, you'll have to contact him. However, I am...
  60. Maxis Orientis

    Satanic Animal Symbology in Qing dynasty tradition

    This is a very short post, though an interesting one. Also, I'm quite aware that Satanists (or any decent human) are very cautious about animals, and if the idea of wearing feathers seems offensive or animal cruelty, then I will gladly take down this post (there is no sacrifice involved for...
  61. Maxis Orientis

    Iskedyul ng Ritwal ng ating Samahan : Mayo 28 - Hunyo 12 ni HP Hooded Cobra 666

    Wow damn, this is awesome, Filipino-language post for the Group Ritual! If it interests you, "SATANA" in native Filipino script is "ᜐᜆᜈ", I hope that renders on your computer, since it may not necessarily render on other people's computers. Or other various forms, "Satanama" (ᜐᜆᜈᜋ) and...
  62. Maxis Orientis

    SS Group Ritual Schedule: 28th of May - 12th of June

    I understand your situation! I recently graduated college too, won't specify what degree for privacy purposes obviously. It can be quite daunting, and I was lacking time to post valuable content for the Oriental forums, now I have some more time available! May the Philippines rise to power and...
  63. Maxis Orientis

    Three Types Of People AI Will Create

    I truly feel Japan is heading where where #2 and #3 are headed, and China is headed where well.....that "first" mentioned group. These are both AI superpowers of Asia, yet everytime Japan is mentioned in regards to AI invention and AI usage, it's always positive and its citizens benefit from it...
  64. Maxis Orientis

    Ancient Chinese Soccer/Football - Cuju/Tsu-Chu/Kemari

    Now that I think about it, since Shintoism is simply just Japan's adaptation of Shenism from China, "Shen" and "Shin" are both same root, both languages use the same character (神) perhaps it may explain why Japan is ultra-wealthy, free and so much better-off than some of the other Asiatic...
  65. Maxis Orientis


    I recall an experience where I took my computer to a repair shop, that guy's business was being blocked by construction and he clearly was not in the mood for it (who would be). He first came off as a shitty person, but he ended up being a really cool dude, even gave me a discount for my...
  66. Maxis Orientis

    Highs And Lows In Life

    I always felt like experiencing negativity was a natural part of life, even without the kikes - though they certainly do exploit all the "bads" of life, 'cuz that's what they do best and nothing more. I always questioned how past spiritual Gentile empires fell, even when being advanced, it was...
  67. Maxis Orientis

    Ancient Chinese Soccer/Football - Cuju/Tsu-Chu/Kemari

    That is so awesome! I have noticed that many words in Japanese have retained same characters as Chinese, even though if they are transliterated as something different. Perhaps I can contact one of the HPs about this, to add Tian and Ten to the list of Beelzebub's names on the JoS site. Man, I...
  68. Maxis Orientis

    You Must Give Before You Can Receive

    What I've also found out in my research is that the Imperial Chinese, Javanese and Japanese had discovered and led naval voyages many of the Southeast Asian nations prior to the European colonial powers - and established trading polities. Although it's obvious in a country like Vietnam, but...
  69. Maxis Orientis

    You Must Give Before You Can Receive

    You're most welcome. It's also Asian American Heritage Month here in the US, couldn't find a perfect time to open an account on the forums and begin the Asian revival - I just got that strong pulsating feeling to finally create an account and start posting this month! If there's a specific area...
  70. Maxis Orientis

    Question #1381: Why do Jews hate themselves so much?

    I always view the Judeo-Christian and Islamic religions as that "lone miserable person" that hates themselves, therefore, they want to make everyone else's lives miserable. It's literally a big hate cult and nothing more. I grew up in a Christian family but it was "regular Christianity" more-of...
  71. Maxis Orientis

    Question #1413: Which would be?

    Thank you so much, this wasn't even my question, but earlier, a Chinese person was trying to tell me that the Falun Gong and Bon wasn't Satanic or doubting that the Chinese emperors were Satanic. I sent him/her a lengthy email telling him/her off, whoever, person claims to be the translator for...
  72. Maxis Orientis

    How To Be A Fake "Sage": Go Into The Mountains, Be Worthless, And Use Leaves To Wipe Your Butt

    Honestly, I never quite understood the entire rhetoric being "running to the woods" among the so-called "spiritual community", yep - go meditate endlessly (towards no goal) and live in straw waddle and daub (literally cow shit and piss huts) while the enemy is the one that builds civilization...
  73. Maxis Orientis

    Before dedication ritual

    1). I did mine in a darkened room. 2). You do not need a sigil - though I had his sigil when I did it. I stress, it's not needed. 3). You can wear anything you like, so long as it's not offensive to Satan. Now, in an unfortunate case where it's the "only clothing" you got, ask the advanced...
  74. Maxis Orientis

    The Races of Mixed People - Cutting off the Bullshit

    Interestingly enough, even Native American religion it bears heavy similarities to the ancient Mongolian Tengrism, which is honored towards Beelzebub/Tengri. Native Americans building a tepee (not the best pic I admit) Tengrism:
  75. Maxis Orientis

    You Must Give Before You Can Receive

    When Japan started their so-called "evil conquest" of Asia, they helped the other Asians rise to positions of prominence and power. It's also out there that Japanese generals were nowhere near the "barbaric rapists" that jewish media portrayed them as. The high-ranking generals and elite of...
  76. Maxis Orientis

    You Must Give Before You Can Receive

    This is an excellent sermon. When I first explored JoS and the forums, I always complained and whine about how there "wasn't enough things for Asians" or how I felt the Oriental sub-forums was pathetic and lacking or why everything from China has to be poisoned (this effects Asians extremely...
  77. Maxis Orientis

    Ancient Chinese Soccer/Football - Cuju/Tsu-Chu/Kemari

    Felt awesome posting this today (at least at the time of submission), on Thor's day/Thursday (Beelzebub) or in Chinese Tian (天), who is mostly responsible for sports/athleticism AND the patron of the Asiatic race! When doing my research on Satanism and our Demons in Chinese mythology, I...
  78. Maxis Orientis

    Big Attack Against Our Main Sites - May 16/2023 [Update 3 - Main Sites Are Up , Forums 100% Safe, Translations ]

    I been feeling that they were going on an attack of some sort, I kept seeing enemy numbers in clocks, phone numbers and etc. Their bad energies just felt like they were ramping up. The enemy literally exists for no reason other than to spread chaos. Satan will emerge victorious! Hail Satan!
  79. Maxis Orientis

    The Races of Mixed People - Cutting off the Bullshit

    This is such a common experience, many Chinese have come to me with numerous stories of mistaking Mexicans as one of their own, even they basically are (the natives one at least). What pisses me off is I had Mexican cuck xian friends back in the day who clearly have Oriental features, who...
  80. Maxis Orientis

    The Root of Evil Modern Asian Xianity - The Taiping Rebellion

    My the Great Celestial Emperors bless you in spreading Satanism in Japan, and hopefully.....continue where your people left off, before the cowards nuked your country in 1945. After the fall of Yuan Shikai's government in China, Japan provided Asia the hope it needed, and it helped many...
  81. Maxis Orientis

    The Races of Mixed People - Cutting off the Bullshit

    Firstly I'll say, greetings, I'm a new forum member (not new in terms of JoS knowledge, been studying JoS for well over a year now). Anyways, on the topic, I seriously hate how they've managed to mask the true Asian origins of Native Americans, Mayans, Aztecs and etc. I'm sorry, but I can't...
  82. Maxis Orientis

    Communists Funded and Helped "Christian Nationalists" Overthrew Imperial China

    Part 1: Taiping Rebellion: Root of Evil Asian Christianity I was originally gonna name this "Christians overthrew Imperial China", but that's a bit misleading. I wanna clarify something, perhaps something I didn't mention in the past post for new SS, those not familiar with Chinese history...
  83. Maxis Orientis

    My Comprehensive Plan for Contributions to JoS

    Yes indeed, it is this very reason that I dedicated an account for the Chinese brethren, in addition to my own Asian country - I'm adopting more of a pan-Asian stance. I just keep feeling this pulsating urge to finally go for it! I guess upon seeing that JoS now had a Japanese website just...
  84. Maxis Orientis

    The Root of Evil Modern Asian Xianity - The Taiping Rebellion

    Thanks! Right now, working on exposing the "Chinese Revolution". Hope to get it uploaded today or early tomorrow. The people of China must rise, Rise With the Dragon......with Satanic New Year turning 2024, and in the Lunar New Year 2024 is the Year of the Dragon (though not until February 10...
  85. Maxis Orientis

    The Root of Evil Modern Asian Xianity - The Taiping Rebellion

    This will be my first post in a larger series I'll call "Exposing Asian Christianity". So in college, I took a course on Oriental history, a move I truly feel that Gods had their hand in it, and were trying to show me something overlooked about the so-called "nationalist" movements propped up...
  86. Maxis Orientis

    "Buddha" & Traditional Chinese religion vs. "Buddhism" - A Clarification

    In the Oriental forums, I've seen many questions in regards to Buddhism, as well as Taoism and Confucianism (which in of itself, isn't really a religion but a philosophy with bits of religions sprinkled into it). Ancient Taoism (at least in its original form) is Satanic, as explained by HP...
  87. Maxis Orientis

    My Comprehensive Plan for Contributions to JoS

    Greetings SS community. I am new to the forums, but I have been reading JoS material for well-over a year, and matching up my JoS knowledge with that of research on pre-Buddhist Traditional Chinese and other pre-cuck religions of the Orient. Man I can't wait to help out the Oriental community...

Al Jilwah: Chapter IV

"It is my desire that all my followers unite in a bond of unity, lest those who are without prevail against them." - Satan