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  1. ForVery

    Books about money

    Can you recommend me some books about money?
  2. ForVery

    Short question about astral projection...

    Thank you. I tried last night for the first time and failed. My body felt paralyzed and after a few minutes I started to feel extreme fear, like there was someone else in the room. I was hearing all sorts of strange sounds and my name being called out by a nasty, bizarre voice. When this...
  3. ForVery

    Short question about astral projection...

    Thank you very much, but ( sorry ) I still don't understand... So will I see this as a dream or does it in front of closed eyes? I look like an idiot... :roll:
  4. ForVery

    Short question about astral projection...

    With other words, is like visualization? No like the light when i close my eyes?
  5. ForVery

    Elementi Naturali e Colori nei Sogni

    Fuoco blu, please answer at my question from here: https://ancient-forums.com/viewtopic.php?f=3&t=75832 Please
  6. ForVery

    My soul is very weak

    Off-topic question, Blitz: Please answer at my question here: https://ancient-forums.com/viewtopic.php?f=3&t=75832
  7. ForVery

    Short question about astral projection...

    Please help me...
  8. ForVery

    Short question about astral projection...

    When astral projecting, do you ''see'' all the action in front of your closed eyes or as visualization ( as in aura clearing meditation ) ? Thank you...
  9. ForVery


    Litha is on 21th June, not 26th June.
  10. ForVery

    Was Hitler a vegetarian?

    Use the search function. We're not going to sit around looking for you... :roll:
  11. ForVery

    "Book of Thoth" in which the God inscribed all of the secrets of the universe

    ''Adamu'', no biblic Adam...Adam was corrupted from sumerian Adamu
  12. ForVery

    High heels, makeup, and masculinity

    It's clear that Jack is looking for a fight.
  13. ForVery

    Psychic Vampirism

    Right. How can you know light if you don't experience darkness? It also requires hate. Without hatred we would not destroy the enemy. These are basic emotions that are important for survival.
  14. ForVery

    Reminders for New Members (part 2)

    Good post :D
  15. ForVery

    Regarding Cancer

    https://ancient-forums.com/viewtopic.php?p=85410#p85410 BTW, any disease can be cured...
  16. ForVery

    Can we make it official?

    HP. said you can do Satan and Astarte Rituals anytime. It doesn't need to be mentioned in the program. Do it whenever you want.
  17. ForVery

    How to sing rtr?

    https://ancient-forums.com/viewtopic.php?f=24&t=60932 :D
  18. ForVery

    Pimple. Help me

    Thanks guys
  19. ForVery

    Pimple. Help me

    You can help me?
  20. ForVery

    Pimple. Help me

    I've got a pimple on my face and in a week's time I might be going to France and I honestly wouldn't want others to see me with pimples. What should I do?
  21. ForVery

    Pure Lust / Sex Rune Working

    You're quite right. I didn't stray from the forums for nothing. I'd rather meditate and talk to the gods than have it happen that way.
  22. ForVery

    Statue per meditare?

    Usateli. Non è un problema.
  23. ForVery

    Power numbers

    As Stormblood said, 8 is a number of Venus. About 12, it's the double of 6, so it's a Saturn number, just like 11. There's a reason the Jews use the numbers 6, 7, 11 and 12 so much. https://ancient-forums.com/viewtopic.php?f=3&t=60628&p=268237&hilit=Numerology#p268237
  24. ForVery

    40 day FRTR Challenge Dec 31st

    I'm in! Three Days and we'll give the bastards a shot! Hail Satan!
  25. ForVery

    Dedicating today

    Congrats and welcome !
  26. ForVery

    Positive/negative rune use

    Also, 108 isn't necessarily bad, it's only related to Saturn and is half of 216, so it's an incomplete number, so it's good in black magic works. Your affirmation and focus determine the manner of the rune, which can be positive or negative. As I said, if you are focused and have strong...
  27. ForVery

    Yahoo Group Archive (By Edward Lonsa) ( V.Important)

    How can I see the db.3 files, because they are on my phone and I don't have a computer and I would really like to see the Advanced Meditation section... Can someone make them as pdf. or any other way.... At least half of that section..please....
  28. ForVery

    I am Jewish ?

    Thank you, Hp
  29. ForVery

    I am Jewish ?

    Am I Jewish? My grandfather was half Gypsy, but he didn't look Jewish. I'm from Romania. I love Satan and I did the dedication ritual. And as far as I know my family was/is honest. I really don't want to believe I could be Jewish and I really want to cry. My skin color is light brown, black...
  30. ForVery

    Mantras Question ?

    1.Can the mantra SaTaNaMa be vibrated without T as a stronger Z? Does it diminish the effect ? 2. In SURYA and SATANAMA/SATANAS mantra does it matter if I vibrate S like S in SOWILO ( like a snake ) ?
  31. ForVery

    Site of hatha yoga trust worthy

    Lydia's Yoga: a. https://www.ancient-forums.com/viewtopi ... =3&t=47239 b. https://www.ancient-forums.com/viewtopi ... =3&t=55544 c. https://www.ancient-forums.com/viewtopi ... =3&t=55467 d. https://www.ancient-forums.com/viewtopi ... =3&t=55821 8. How Exercising (And Lydia's Chakra Yoga) Can...
  32. ForVery

    New term

    Please, if you are a Gentile, stop using drugs, do incessant cleaning, and cleaning related workings to regain sanity.
  33. ForVery

    Black magic

  34. ForVery

    Burning throat

    Brother, I thought you left... I haven't seen you active in a month. I'm glad you're back.
  35. ForVery


    Thank you, Siatris Ioholo.
  36. ForVery

    Can gods change their forms?

    Yes, gods can do that, but it's not like they become dogs or dragons in a second. They can change their human appearance, not animal. Siatris are right.
  37. ForVery


    Thank you, Lydia
  38. ForVery

    Question about calendar and year

    Yes, but you are dedicated ?
  39. ForVery


    Hi! I would like to make a spell for Intelligence ( with the rune Mannaz ) but I have to wait until the moon is in Virgo. So I have the questions: 1. Can I absorb yellow energy for intellect even if Mercury is in Leo? 2. Can I do this with the mantra AIM SARASWATI? ( with Mercury in Leo ? ) 3...
  40. ForVery

    Basic question about vibration.

    Vibrating mantras / runes out loud is more effective than vibrating in whispers, but yes, you can also vibrate in whispers.
  41. ForVery

    Please to delete/block my account HP

    Thank you
  42. ForVery

    Please to delete/block my account HP

    Ok. Thank.
  43. ForVery

    Please to delete/block my account HP

    Too many reasons ... I'll stay in the SS just because I don't want to lose my (small) progress.
  44. ForVery

    Please to delete/block my account HP

    Thanks for the motivational message. I didn't plan to leave the SS. I wanted to leave the forums and just look at the important announcements. I really don't think I should stay here. Ever since I came here, I've been acting like an idiot. I made idiot posts and I was, again, an idiot. I don't...
  45. ForVery

    Lions Gate Portal

  46. ForVery

    Please to delete/block my account HP

    Please to delete/block my account HP. Thank you !
  47. ForVery

    Russian officials want to ban yoga in the country

    Yes, you are right. I don't think he could ban yoga. I just wanted to make this post to show how desperate jews are.
  48. ForVery

    Interruzioni durante comunicazione telepatica

    Probabilmente era colpa del nemico. Dovresti purificare la tua aura e i chakra (puoi usare la runa Ansuz, il mantra Vrim, Vishuddhi, ecc.) Inoltre costruisce una forte aura di protezione. Buona fortuna! Congratulazioni per essere in grado di comunicare con Satana.
  49. ForVery

    Russian officials want to ban yoga in the country

    Russian officials want to ban yoga in the country _________ Officials in downtown Nizhnevartovsk have announced they will ban all yoga classes from private and municipal facilities as part of a crackdown on "religious cults." According to the Moscow Times, the owners of two of the city's...
  50. ForVery

    40 Day Challenge! (August 1st)

    This is the 111 post of you. :D
  51. ForVery

    my favorite spell

    :lol: :lol:
  52. ForVery

    My Satanic Artwork

    RAUM: - https://ibb.co/QQBDY6B THOTH: - https://ibb.co/6bDvy2t AZAZEL: - https://ibb.co/RpfnSt5 SATAN ( Sculpture ) - https://ibb.co/MSLkCnq ZEUS: - https://ibb.co/31v3Wy2 BASTET: - https://ibb.co/0fGJ6tb ANUBIS: - https://ibb.co/JCpYr25 ___ Hail to all Gods of Hell !
  53. ForVery

    40 Day Challenge! (August 1st)

    I use RAUM meditation for RTR ( energy raising )
  54. ForVery

    Request for meditation program

    Hail Satan ! Hail Azazel ! Hail Baal-Zevulon !
  55. ForVery

    40 Day Challenge! (August 1st)

    I can to do RAUM MEDITATION ? Is more good for me.
  56. ForVery

    Would doing the rtr everyday with only 1-3 vibrations, or doing the rtr once a week with all 9 be more powerful?

    It takes about 20 minutes to do an RTR with 9 repetitions per letter. Seriously now ... Be more eager to do this every day.
  57. ForVery

    How To do a Reverse Torah Ritual

    And when I think about how many RAUM Meditations and 666 Meditations I did before starting RTR ... I will also do KY and RAUM Meditation. :roll:
  58. ForVery

    how i can contact with father satan

    You are still not spiritually open enough ... Meditate, meditate, meditate. Open your chakras and do RTR, as Shanti Sananda said. Be persevering and you will succeed. You also have to be in a trance when you want to communicate with the Gods.
  59. ForVery

    Vibrating/pronouncing planetary square mantras

    See this page ( Romanian JoS ) Here is the pronuncion in english: http://bucurialuisatan.com/pronuntia-mantrelor-patratelor-cabalistice-ale-planetelor/
  60. ForVery

    Ten most powerful Jewish and gentile occultists of all time

    I can't say that Adolf Hitler was an occultist, but he developed spiritually and reached MO and I think he would be one of the strongest people to have lived on earth in the last 200 years.
  61. ForVery

    Help ? Meditation Experiences

    Thank you. I'm pretty sure it wasn't my imagination ... I was about to fall off the bed. I'll try what you suggested.
  62. ForVery

    Question of Saturn and Jupiter

    Saturn-Taurus: -Most often there are problems in life that revolve around material possessions and money, more than in the case of ordinary people. Poverty can deeply affect these people, leaving lasting scars, so much so that even if they end up with a comfortable income later in life, they can...
  63. ForVery

    Using Moon Position...

    Yes, the phases of the moon influence everything you want to do. For example, you don't want to do a job for money when the moon is waning or in an unfavorable sign, just as you don't want to do a job to get rid of the extra pounds when the moon is rising.
  64. ForVery

    40 Day Challenge! (August 1st)

    I'm in !
  65. ForVery


    I have nothing to do with this, but I would like you to ignore each other, because otherwise you will not solve anything. You also have no way of knowing that he is a Jew. You didn't see him physically to say that. I learned on my own. I politely ask you both not to argue here anymore, because...
  66. ForVery

    how i can contact with father satan

    * On His sigil
  67. ForVery

    Remember who we are !

    Remember who we are _________ There's a lot of fear and concern here, but none of that is going to help us. In threat of danger you already recognize it in the logical perspective, and then there it is ladies and gentlemen fear is now exempt of all usefulness time to move up. I felt despair of...
  68. ForVery

    my favorite spell

    Maybe, but see the post of Crevice.
  69. ForVery

    Finally coming back, I need a help/recap

    The new RTR is Shattering Spiritual Protection of Jewish: This is : https://web.archive.org/web/20210622174911id_/https://wizardly-sinoussi-cbec44.netlify.app/ More details: https://www.ancient-forums.com/viewtopic.php?f=24&t=57248&p=254788&hilit=Shattering+Jewish+Soul+Protection#p254788
  70. ForVery

    I need help about my uncle

    This is serious ... I think it's either delusional or too closed-minded to be aware of this christian stupidity. You'd better avoid him or tie him up to stop him from doing what he's doing.
  71. ForVery

    Is there a way to improve health?

    Try to take natural supplements with vitamins and minerals. I think it would be necessary to eat healthier foods that have a higher protein intake. You could also do the work of improving health. (by Lydia) As for depression medications, I think they were to blame for the spiritual decline...
  72. ForVery

    how i can contact with father satan

    You simply have to meditate on His seal. Visualize it in your mind for a few minutes and talk to Satan. He will hear you. Success !
  73. ForVery

    My introduction

    Welcome on this forum !
  74. ForVery

    Request for meditation program

    Schedule: https://satanisgod.org/hp_hooded_cobra_40_day_meditation_program.pdf Welcome ! First of all, you should do the Dedication Ritual (if you did NOT do it). A meditation program should include Aura Cleansing, Aura Protection,Kundalini Yoga / Hatha Yoga, and Chakra Meditation. Do the...
  75. ForVery

    my favorite spell

    He is a troll...
  76. ForVery

    Help ? Meditation Experiences

    Thank you ! I do RTR.
  77. ForVery

    Voice in my head that won't go away.

    Surely the voice in your head isn't a God / Goddess of Satan. The gods do NOT make us behave harmful and definitely do NOT discourage us from meditating. When you meditate and do RTR, the Gods are proud of you. Stay strong and cleanse your aura. Also protect yourself and do Hatha Yoga /...
  78. ForVery

    Help ? Meditation Experiences

    Meditation experiences Greetings! Lately, as I was meditating, I began to see (while my eyes were closed) something resembling some eyes looking at me. What do those eyes mean? Also, 2-3 days ago, as in the previous case, I saw, while cleaning my aura, a figure similar to a gray ET. What happens...
  79. ForVery

    Question about race

  80. ForVery

    Question about race

    I think that Aryan= white
  81. ForVery

    Broken toe

    Work on chakras !
  82. ForVery

    Full Aura Cleaning Methods

    Yes !
  83. ForVery

    Question about race

    Thank you!
  84. ForVery


    Yes. And I believe that. Of course, I don't mean that when you throw yourself in front of a car, you heal instantly. I mean minor injuries
  85. ForVery


    Thank Przebiśnieg !
  86. ForVery

    Science of Epicur

  87. ForVery

    Question about race

    https://ibb.co/kc2GMx2 ( From a TV series ) What race am I? I know I'm Aryan, but what kind of Aryan race do I mean? (Italian, German ...) The image below shows a character from a TV series. I look like him in terms of skin color (+ I have really dark black hair and brown eyes) Please help. :|
  88. ForVery

    New and have questions.

    Welcome ! :D Dedication ritual is very important. Through him you get rid of the misery of the enemy in your life and enter under the protection of Satan the Father. It's like a new beginning. Most people did not have certain special experiences when performing the dedication ritual (they...
  89. ForVery


  90. ForVery

    Science of Epicur

    And meditation ?
  91. ForVery


    Thank to all !
  92. ForVery

    Exercise for Electrokinesis?

  93. ForVery


    Thank you ! I love Azazel ! :D
  94. ForVery


    Greetings! I decided to gather in this post as many details about numbers and their meanings. _____ α. 1- It is the number of creation. It can be associated with the Aether. It represents the force of the Universe. β. 2- It is one of the sacred numbers of Satan and is symbolic for the satanic...
  95. ForVery

    i can't live anymore

  96. ForVery


    Hail SATAN ! Hail GODS ! :D
  97. ForVery

    Magic Work for Expand your Awareness

    Magic Work for Expand your Awareness ________________________ Start: Rising moon. Do not start this work if the Moon is in Scorpio or Capricorn. Do this work for 40, 80 or 90 days. Steps: 1. Perform an energy rising meditation, preferably 666 Meditation or RAUM Meditation. 2. Vibrate the KENAZ...
  98. ForVery


    No. Is OK.
  99. ForVery

    Coerenza nella meditazione

    https://web.archive.org/web/20160422203150/https://dawn666blacksun.angelfire.com/Hphoodedcobra666vol1.pdf ( english )
  100. ForVery


    I did this post to honor Azazel. Today I managed (finally) to feel his pleasant energy. I was meditating on his seal. I said a few words to him, hoping he could hear me, and in a few seconds I felt a beautiful energy; it was incredible. The first time something like this happened. It seems that...
  101. ForVery

    Why Kechari Mudra Phase 4 is not recomended?.

    My body is like this,all the body. My joints are weak,my spine hurts so much every day. When is was little like 9 years old a native american lookalike hitted me to ground,and now my teeth looks like a Jew,but it was not like this. I looked exactle as that Alexandre the Great Statue,and...
  102. ForVery

    Using a Satanic Rosary

    Is there a more detailed post about the number of repetitions? I think it would be useful.
  103. ForVery

    Good Evening

    Welcome !
  104. ForVery

    Full Aura Cleaning Methods

    I think you should continue to cleanse the aura and chakras by visualization. It takes me 10 minutes. Try cleansing yourself from the ritual of returning curses:https://www.joyofsatan.org/www.angelfire.com/empire/serpentis666/Returning_Curses.html
  105. ForVery


    Do magic square of Mercury. Repeat the mantra of Gemini sign. And this: https://ancient-forums.com/viewtopic.php?f=5&t=57159&p=259647#p259647
  106. ForVery


    How to find your Guardian Demon https://ancient-forums.com/viewtopic.php?f=3&t=41191&p=266558&hilit=Find+your+guardian+demon#p266558
  107. ForVery

    Broken toe

    1. Perfect Health Working by Lydia START: Full Moon in Virgo, waxing or full moon in Sagittarius, Aquarius, Taurus or Leo. Start and do in the planetary hours of Sun, Mercury, Venus or Jupiter. Never start this during the Void of Course moon. Waxing moon is for increasing health, waning moon is...
  108. ForVery

    Goddess Leraje - testimonial & sigils

    I'm happy for you ! :D Hail Satan ! Hail Lerajie ! Hail Seshat !
  109. ForVery

    Using a Satanic Rosary

    111 beads
  110. ForVery

    Meditation guides

    Welcome ! Read this: 1. New Satanists - Getting Started Towards Spiritual Power: https://www.ancient-forums.com/viewtopic.php?f=3&t=41352 2. Persevering: https://www.ancient-forums.com/viewtopic.php?f=3&t=25904&p=117056#p117056 3. Void Meditation...
  111. ForVery

    Using a Satanic Rosary

    Really ?! :o
  112. ForVery

    Mistakes to avoid when drinking water

    Henu, here I was referring to light physical exercises, such as a warm-up or a 10-15 minute run. I wasn't referring to intense exercise.
  113. ForVery

    Becoming one with GD

  114. ForVery

    Help me

    Kids and Teens for Satan: https://www.joyofsatan.org/www.angelfire.com/empire/serpentis666/Kids.html
  115. ForVery

    Using a Satanic Rosary

    1. The rosary does not have to be as in the picture. You only need 108 beads. 2. It doesn't matter what material the beads are made of. It is important to have two different rosaries.
  116. ForVery

    Problemi Saturno natale

    It would be very helpful to have a few posts that explain, for example, how some meditations work, to understand that everyone can experience differently and so on; motivational posts are also important. I'll put some here: 1. New Satanists - Getting Started Towards Spiritual Power...
  117. ForVery

    How to Invoke Thought Forms ?

    Thought Forms: https://www.joyofsatan.org/www.angelfire.com/empire/serpentis666/Thoughtform.html Evocation and Invocation: https://www.joyofsatan.org/www.angelfire.com/empire/serpentis666/Evocation.html ______ I don't think you should invoke a thought form. Suppose you want to create a thought...
  118. ForVery


  119. ForVery

    question about third eye

    https://youtu.be/kRtzenjkZTc Joy of Satan Romania
  120. ForVery

    My Daily Routine

    My schedule is like this: - Aura of Protection - Aura Cleansing - Chakra Opening - Energy absorption in the Chakra - RTR - Kundalini Yoga - SATANAMA meditation on chakras
  121. ForVery


    Read this post: https://www.ancient-forums.com/viewtopic.php?f=3&t=59918
  122. ForVery

    What to do with a potential heel injury?

    Presopuncture: http://pointfinder.org/alpha.html
  123. ForVery

    question about third eye

  124. ForVery

    question about third eye

  125. ForVery

    Chakra Question

    Thank you! ☺
  126. ForVery

    Mistakes to avoid when drinking water

    Mistakes to avoid when drinking water ___________ Water is essential for a good lifestyle, but when consumed incorrectly, it can harm the body and lead to some unwanted diseases. ____ 1. Drink water when you standing - Specialists recommend drinking water while sitting. When we drink it...
  127. ForVery

    Coerenza nella meditazione

    Ciao ! Ho trovato un'ottima applicazione di traduzione italiana. Non conosco molto bene l'italiano (poche parole | frasi lo so) ma con questa applicazione riesco a tradurre abbastanza bene.
  128. ForVery

    Healing crystals and water

    OK man. There's no point in arguing. This forum is for spiritual development. Stay as you please. Please stop communicating. I ignore you, you ignore me.
  129. ForVery

    Chakra Question

    Thank all !
  130. ForVery

    Chakra Question

    The mantra for hearth chakra is AUM .
  131. ForVery

    Chakra Question

    Thank OAL. I have reached the opening of the solar plexus chakra. I asked this question because I just felt a sense of relief and peace. In the chakras I feel vibrations and a little pressure. I think they're opening up. When I meditate on a chakra I inhale energy from its color, then when I...
  132. ForVery

    Traduzioni Sermoni ed Articoli del Forum

    Ciao ! ☺ Capisco. Quando avrò tempo, tradurrò i sermoni. Lavoro solo di notte. Durante il giorno ho più tempo per la meditazione, le traduzioni e il sonno e proverò.
  133. ForVery

    Sui malati di mente e sui loro casi ( Parte 2 ) [ Trad ]

    Sui malati di mente e sui loro casi. [Parte 2] ____________ Le apparenze spirituali e ciò che è etichettato come questi termini, sebbene siano sulla stessa "linea" nel figurato, sono stati estremamente opposti di confronto tra esperienze spirituali e questi disturbi. Dovrebbero essere divisi in...
  134. ForVery

    Sui malati di mente e sui loro casi [ Trad ]

    Sui malati di mente e sui loro casi ____________ Nel corso degli anni, in JoS (e in tutto lo "spazio alternativo"), ma anche nel mondo reale, ci sono state parecchie persone che hanno avuto malattie mentali. La malattia mentale è come una malattia fisica e come loro, alcune possono essere...
  135. ForVery

    Traduzioni Sermoni ed Articoli del Forum

  136. ForVery

    Chakra Question

    How do you feel when you open your throat chakra, heart chakra, solar plexus chakra and sacral chakra?
  137. ForVery

    Healing crystals and water

    Do you think I'm insulting you for no reason? Ever since you came here, you've been just stupid. I think 4 people told you to take your profile picture down. You insulted others and took HPHC. I'll do this to you until you're done with your nonsense. You have the attitude of a Jewish clown who...
  138. ForVery

    Coerenza nella meditazione

    Ciao ! Uso Google Traduttore. Penso che potrei essere d'aiuto, visto il numero esiguo di sermoni.
  139. ForVery

    German Translations Thread

    Bine . Scuze că am văzut mesajul așa târziu. Voi incerca să îl contactez pe HPHC.
  140. ForVery

    Healing crystals and water

    Present ! Aquarius and I called you a worm.
  141. ForVery

    L' Universo

    So che molte persone hanno molte domande sulla scienza, l'universo e la vita. Inserisco queste informazioni perché potrebbero interessare. Molti anni fa, quando ho finito l'università, la mia specializzazione era in fisica. Il Satanismo sostiene il progresso della scienza. L'umanità non è...
  142. ForVery

    Coerenza nella meditazione

    Coerenza nella meditazione _______________ Questo è più per i nuovi membri ma anche per chiunque voglia leggere. Sentiamo sempre su parole o frasi come "Sii persistente" o "Paziente" o "coerenza" ma quando si tratta di applicandoli nella nostra vita, allora le cose possono diventare davvero...
  143. ForVery

    Question, please!

    Thank you !
  144. ForVery

    Question, please!

    Ok! Thanks !
  145. ForVery

    Question, please!

    Thank you ! I have another question: How can I strengthen my relationship with Satan and the Gods? How did you do that?
  146. ForVery

    Question, please!

    Thanks !
  147. ForVery

    Question, please!

    Thank you ! I stumbled upon that post by mistake. We were looking for something about runes when we noticed point 9. I've been trying to communicate with Satan for almost four days, but I don't feel anything. I'm about to open the solar chakra. I thought the Gods and Father Satan were angry with...
  148. ForVery

    Healing crystals and water

    Man, did you read the forum rules? You are not allowed to expose your appearance. What's so hard to understand? I'm fed up with fools like you who think they can't be cursed. Are you at least protecting the aura?
  149. ForVery

    Question, please!

    Link of post: https://www.ancient-forums.com/viewtopic.php?f=3&t=56807 I found the post above while looking for a rune explanation. I read point 9. Some of you know that I haven't practiced SS for almost a month. There he said that Satan leaves us if we leave him. Dumped me ? When I returned, I...
  150. ForVery

    my opinion about this forum.

    Are you stupid or are you pretending? Do you know that some new members will read your shitty post and be misled? Do you know that you violated the forum rules? Leave the SS if you think so, but stop aberration. I think you're a scared Jew who wants to fool new people. * You're crazy. I think...
  151. ForVery

    Domanda sulle razze

    Ciao ! Non importa di che razza sei. È importante non essere ebreo. Gli dei non sono orientati per nazionalità (per esempio: anche un italiano è bianco se lo confrontiamo con un inglese, spagnolo, greco, svedese...) ma per razza. Tutti, tranne gli ebrei, possono essere SS. Quindi non importa...
  152. ForVery

    Vaacum Moon

    I've been looking for a long time how I can find out the vacuum course of the Moon on my own, without the help of technology. I will try to explain as simply as possible in this article. The moon constantly makes appearances with other planets, in various zodiac signs. Given that the Moon...
  153. ForVery

    Science of Hedonism

    If we report Charmes's post, it would be deleted ? I find it disrespectful to the clergy.
  154. ForVery

    Love Spell

    If you do not have a love life than you need to do the first meditation on this page https://web.archive.org/web/20170301125 ... -Power.htm In other words.. Vibrate MUU-NNN-YYYYAHHH-KKKAHHH 108 times and than engulf yourself in white-gold light like the sun and than affirm the following: "I...
  155. ForVery

    The color of the soul and aura.

    The soul is made of light. Write on JoS. And the aura has a changing color. (according to the circumstances of the day) Put your hand on a white sheet and go in a trance. You can see the color.
  156. ForVery

    Which yoga do I do? And how can I learn about them?

    Falun Dafa https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=j67p_198xYI https://en.falundafa.org/falun-dafa-video-audio.html https://en.falundafa.org/falun-dafa-books.html Kundalini Yoga: www.pinklotus.org Lydia's Yoga: https://www.ancient-forums.com/viewtopic.php?f=3&t=57115&hilit=Yoga...
  157. ForVery

    Question to HP

    Perfect Health Working by Lydia START: Full Moon in Virgo, waxing or full moon in Sagittarius, Aquarius, Taurus or Leo. Start and do in the planetary hours of Sun, Mercury, Venus or Jupiter. Never start this during the Void of Course moon. Waxing moon is for increasing health, waning moon is...
  158. ForVery

    Question to HP

  159. ForVery


    have many considerations about poverty, that is a plague for Humanity and is caused by the jews and their actions on mass mind. I am really fed up of this plague for Satanists and Gentiles. Those are the main points to work on and better your situation. I would like to make an extensive list to...
  160. ForVery

    Science of Hedonism

    What the hell do you have with HPHC?It helped a lot. Without he, forums would not exist.
  161. ForVery

    Should I try to learn Hindi or Sanskrit?

    Better not. You would waste a lot of time and the Vedas, as far as I remember from HP are made with Jewish lies (except Rig Veda) Meditate!
  162. ForVery

    Does this whole wishing on a shooting star works?

    No. :lol: LOL! You can absorb energy from a star but not put a wish under a shooting star.
  163. ForVery

    Question to HP

    Welcome ! You are new and you expect to have clairvoyance, telepathy ... You have to work on your soul, open your chakras, empower them and then the powers of the mind. Read about the empowerment meditation (did you do the dedication ritual?) And start. The 40-day program follows. Easy, isn't it?
  164. ForVery

    Slyscorpio astrology reading

    Sorry to ask, but what did Shael do? Was he an infiltrator?
  165. ForVery

    Runes affirmation

    Suppose you want to use the Sowilo rune for protection. You will vibrate it by a multiple of 16. (number of this rune) At the end, you will repeat a statement like this: - The energies of the Sowilo rune protect me from any harmful energy and any negativity. ___ You do the same with any rune...
  166. ForVery

    German Translations Thread

    Ok. Nu stiam ca e tradus.
  167. ForVery

    German Translations Thread

    Creștinismul Expus am inceput.
  168. ForVery

    German Translations Thread

    Am început de acum. Voi termina dacă voi face câte două ore pe zi , cât de curând.
  169. ForVery

    Romanian Translation Thread

    Da. Moartea Albă a Islamului voi incerca să o traduc cât de curand, pentru că nu am prea mult timp liber momentat dar lucrez la acestea..
  170. ForVery

    Polish Translation Thread

    Więc zacznę tłumaczenia, umieszczę je tutaj i zamieszczę na tej stronie? I myślę, że mógłbym dodać do tłumaczeń paradoks epikurejski: „Bóg chce powstrzymać zło, ale nie może? Wtedy nie jest wszechmocny. Czy Bóg może powstrzymać zło, ale czy nie chce? Wtedy on sam jest zły. Czy Bóg może chcieć...
  171. ForVery

    German Translations Thread

    I think it's a good idea. However, I would like a guide on how to upload translations here.
  172. ForVery

    Romanian Translation Thread

    Aș putea să traduc predicile în română și să postez pe firul acesta, iar tu doar să-l copii si să-l postezi. Ce zici ?
  173. ForVery

    Please state how you want to help here

    I want to do thissex.
  174. ForVery

    Tips for a happy life

    9 tips for a happy life _____________ Life can be hard, but it is not hostile to us. The reverse is true. Regardless of difficulties (Jews, deprivation, disease) life is the most wonderful gift. What would it be like not to live at all? Would it be better to be just dust, just as the ideology...
  175. ForVery

    Polish Translation Thread

    DOBRZE. Za kilka dni zacznę pracować nad sekcją odsłoniętego chrześcijaństwa.
  176. ForVery

    Polish Translation Thread

    Oczywiście. Pomogę jak mogę.
  177. ForVery

    Polish Translation Thread

    I can translate into Polish
  178. ForVery

    German Translations Thread

    If the materials in German (my native language) are translated I could translate into Polish or Russian (I was pretty good at these) ☺
  179. ForVery


    Did you make me an earthworm?
  180. ForVery

    German Translations Thread

    I am ready to help with this. How can I start?
  181. ForVery

    German Translations Thread

    HP, Are translations posted here, on this topic / thread or by e-mail?
  182. ForVery

    My Beta died and it's my fault.

    All animals have a soul and reincarnate in the animal of the previous life. That is, the fish becomes fish again. HPS Maxine even said. Now, I'm sorry about your fish ... Try asking the gods to reincarnate it so you can find it again or ask a familiar.
  183. ForVery


    Thanks Aldrick. What I wanted to do sounds better in my native language ...
  184. ForVery

    Having some issues

    Also, try to make the planetary square of Jupiter or the Sun (don't forget the statements when you do that) as well as the liberation of the soul. You could also do Yoga and connect with nature. Take a walk, smell the flowers, be grounded. Try to raise your energy daily (Meditation 666) and...
  185. ForVery

    Having some issues

    You don't feel guilty for so long. You're stuck. Forget. Before you fall asleep, visualize Satan's seal, ask for forgiveness, and tell him how you feel. After that start doing RTR, opening the soul but especially the Aura Protection and cleansing the aura. Good luck!
  186. ForVery

    Your Personal Liberty And Hating "Me"

    Thanks, HP. You are the best the most developed person known, after HP Maxine. You have done a lot for us and thank you.
  187. ForVery


    Because you are attacking people for no reason, are deluded, and your behavior violates both basic respect towards Satan here and Satanists in the group. And because to add to this, you promote jewish garbage you bring from jewish enemy dens. If you want to be a Spiritual Satanist, then learn...
  188. ForVery


    In case you are a Jew, which I think you should, you should leave this place. HP. HC. and other powerful members are more advanced than anyone here and you're going to get burned. Many here are very capable spiritually and combined with RTR will be bad. If you are NOT a Jew, then stay here but...
  189. ForVery


    For AoP I do SOWILO 54 times and more in the evening BJORK + statements and visualization of the satanic blue light. Thanks.
  190. ForVery


    Why did I start seeing the numbers 22:22 and 11:11. It's the next day I've been watching them. Did I understand that 11 and 22 have to do with the Jews? Is it some kind of attack or what ? :? :?
  191. ForVery


    Satan, true God You created us, Immortal Deity And from your DNA you gave us You freed our spirit Kundalini you gave. And a long time ago, When enemies have You saved the people You restored freedom. And now, this time After this war When I was close to death You gave us knowledge like Thoth...
  192. ForVery

    Kaballah Exposed in Romanian

    Salut ! Mă bucur că ai reușit asta pentru camarazi noștrii din România. Apropo, forumul este foarte ordonat și are informatii bune. Thomas face o treaba excelenta. Hail Satan !
  193. ForVery

    A few questions.

    Welcome ! You should read JoS first. Reread it twice. Be sure and convinced that your heart wants to be here. (as Ninn Rick said [thanks]). Start the dedication ritual whenever you want (as soon as possible). Mercury is related to education, teaching and intelligence. So it doesn't matter much...

Al Jilwah: Chapter IV

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