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  1. serpentwalker666

    Life is a disaster, trying to fix it one step at a time.

    Thank you for the kind words, I am humbled. May Father Satan guide you and lead you to greatness.
  2. serpentwalker666

    Life is a disaster, trying to fix it one step at a time.

    I see and understand what you mean. I have definitely pushed myself too far and had to reel back in some ways because of this. I have been working on gaining knowledge and forming my next steps towards generating income, I have done alot of reading and studying into many different methods. I...
  3. serpentwalker666

    Life is a disaster, trying to fix it one step at a time.

    I will look into coursea and a few others for certifications, as I agree that would be very helpful and a good idea. I am in the process of getting my partner approved for me being their caregiver, and for the time being I've been networking and looking into finding something part time, but I...
  4. serpentwalker666

    Life is a disaster, trying to fix it one step at a time.

    I also want to make sure to clarify. I have been actively trying to address all of this for upwards of 3 to 4 years now. And I have just reached a point where I am incredibly enraged, as it's like I haven't gotten far from where I've started. I've made considerable progress spiritually in this...
  5. serpentwalker666

    Life is a disaster, trying to fix it one step at a time.

    Hello. I will make this short, but basically as the title says I have just been uncertain of how to proceed at this point. I have looked into college, I cannot afford it or justify it as a career path at this point in my life as I'm at a point where I don't have enough money and I cannot work...
  6. serpentwalker666

    What if Hitler was actually a God sent in human form to advance the Satanic agenda.

    While he was not a God when he incarnated in Austria as Adolf, he was very advanced spiritually from previous life times. He was the Pharaoh Ramses II and so this all carried over. One at higher levels of advancement can be seen and sometimes confused as to what they are, as modern humans are...
  7. serpentwalker666

    About Translations: End Of 2024

    I only have language skills and proficiency in my native language which is English. Is there any real way to use AI to assist in translating if one is new to that completely or some sort of process to be helpful in a project such as this? I don't mean to sound foolish here. I love languages...
  8. serpentwalker666

    I Summoned Baal Zebul to help me make an important decision

    Baalzebul definitely heard you. Just make sure to take time to relax and you will receive a sign on what is the best decision for you to make. He will let you know.
  9. serpentwalker666

    Passing theory exam

    I found a driving instructor incredibly helpful when I first went to get my driver's license. I was very late to become a licensed driver as my parents and friends never were reliable in accompanying me as i learned to drive, they just weren't reliable unfortunately. If you can afford it...
  10. serpentwalker666

    Levels Of The Magnum Opus: Clarified

    Unlike our very fast paced world, the magnum opus is not a process that can be rushed. There is no fast way to achieve this. The magnum opus is the transformation of the human being into a higher, refined soul, and form. The time varies based on the person and their individual advancement. My...
  11. serpentwalker666

    For "god" So-Loved the World

    Basically it is as you say. Personally I feel Magestein was a half or quarter blooded jew, but i could be wrong. Maybe in the beginning he was just a regular gentile and the enemy bought him out, who knows. As for the third sex, Jake Carlson basically wrote much of this material and Magestein...
  12. serpentwalker666

    For "god" So-Loved the World

    Magestein was what you call a long term infiltrator, someone who works to gain trust and standing in an organization to then subvert and destroy it from within. He was not allowed to have much influence as his traitorous motives were noted by High Priestess Maxine and others over time...
  13. serpentwalker666

    New Rituals & Schedule Now Live: HPS Maxine's Ritual & Lord Balaam's Ritual

    Thank you High Priest Hooded Cobra for these holy rituals. I am truly beyond words with all of this. I was certain Maxine had ascended, but I am so happy to see this and know for absolute certainty. HAIL TO OUR DIVINE MOTHER MAXINE! HAIL TO THE GOD BALAAM!
  14. serpentwalker666

    Rune Dungeon (3D project)

    Awesome! I especially enjoy the floor, wall textures and the lighting used. It seems really "old school" in its texturing. The only thing I could mention I would like to see if you could, and this is only a suggestion as what you have done is awesome, is see if there's a way to make the 3D...
  15. serpentwalker666

    Do the gods use cell phones, tablets, etc?

    The Gods have highly advanced computer systems that make ours look primitive, but as for things like cellphones and tablets I haven't seen anything like that. I doubt it's even needed as other members have mentioned. The Gods have a great of deal technology though. Robotics, their own forms of...
  16. serpentwalker666

    About Joy of Satan Social Media

    This post and details regarding this is SO IMPORTANT. We must always keep in mind how to be the most ethical people for our community when we represent this to the world. Back some years ago the very behavior you describe seemed rather common place on the web in regards to those who would...
  17. serpentwalker666

    American Job Market in a Recession?

    This is right around what I've noticed myself as well. It's truthfully pretty concerning.
  18. serpentwalker666

    American Job Market in a Recession?

    Hello. I have been doing everything advised to me in my previous posts regarding working on my health, changing my diet and also job hunting for better employment as I recently left a very restrictive and toxic workplace. I ended up being screwed over in alot of ways lately, and have had one...
  19. serpentwalker666

    "Flaming" Aura

    The sensitivity takes time. Be patient and do your best to not rush this process. Sometimes even after years of chakra work the sensitivity and feeling is less some days then others. You will have periods of strong sensitivity over the years, and some times where it kind of levels out...
  20. serpentwalker666

    Cleaning Aura before Bedtime Keeping Me Up

    I would move your last aura cleaning for the day an hour before bed or sometime before you lay down to rest if it is overestimating. You could just clean with visualizing. But using solar mantras for cleaning is far more effective.
  21. serpentwalker666

    Joy of Satan History Restored: Groups Archive Now LIVE!

    I'm very happy to see this. I deeply thank you all who worked on restoring this. Hail Satan!
  22. serpentwalker666

    Why did the Vikings worship the Norse Gods (Odin/Satan) but raped women in every village they pillaged?

    Assassins Creed Odyssey had some fairly interesting plot choices and design decisions. Pythagoras with the staff of Hermes, immortality, the city of Atlantis and some other seeming subliminal nods made me feel someone who had a part in making those design choices was trying to leave a trail of...
  23. serpentwalker666

    Have you been able to create a friendship with a demon? I wish I was Valefor's friend

    You should greatly consider reaching and establishing contact and practicing communication with the Gods. They desire to guide humanity in all aspects. You know when it's real through practice and experience. As with telepathy it can be off at times and requires a great deal of practice. But...
  24. serpentwalker666

    Is post-mortem certain?

    Life is unfortunately full of various obstacles and degrees of suffering. Despite this, it is very beautiful and worthwhile. It is best for you to work on addressing and changing the problematic areas of your life instead of choosing suicide as a way to escape from this. I have learned this the...
  25. serpentwalker666

    "Flaming" Aura

    This is a sign your soul is activating and coming to from the entrophic state. It will take quite some time to get everything fully functioning, but just keep opening the chakras and keep moving forward with the practices.
  26. serpentwalker666

    Resource for OS Development.

    Some advice here. If you are dead set on using windows 7 regularly for all your computing needs, install Linux as your host machine and start using it through a hypervisor. That or just switch to Linux. It's up to you, but just daily driving windows 7 in 2024 is not a great decision.
  27. serpentwalker666

    Resource for OS Development.

    Yes I have had some ideas and so has another SS I discussed this with before. Unfortunately 9 10ths of my time is going towards just trying to fix chronic health issues and try to attain financial stability. It has been a life long struggle for me and I'm actually doing workings and advancing...
  28. serpentwalker666

    Resource for OS Development.

    I found these resources very useful in my self study of computer engineering and wanted to share with Satanists here who may be interested or would find them helpful. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Sites -...
  29. serpentwalker666

    Filing Formal Complaints To The Joy of Satan

    I find it a bit disheartening that this post even had to be made. It pretty much goes without saying to act in a respectful manner towards one's satanic family in regards to just about any interaction, especially towards clergy and those who contribute the most. As always Commander Cobra...
  30. serpentwalker666

    Gods' rituals, healing, Shared Global Consciousness.

    Thank you so much for this post. I have been doing the Gods rituals for a bit now to work on issues that are beyond my ability to fix, and just further connecting with them to grow. These rituals are like a lifeline, and I am beyond thankful to be living in a time where we can all connect...
  31. serpentwalker666

    Updates: New JoS Guardian, JoS Donors System, Site Updates, Outreach etc

    Congratulations to Joy of Satan Guardian Karnonnos! I wish you great blessings. I'm certain you will do very well in your service.
  32. serpentwalker666

    Life Long Suffering. Looking for a solution.

    Thank you, I will better look into adjusting my diet and researching everything. I appreciate the information on this.
  33. serpentwalker666

    Life Long Suffering. Looking for a solution.

    I appreciate the advice. I just get caught up in other things and then just neglect this, or eat very sparingly in a 2 to 3 day period unintentionally, just not paying attention to this as I should. I am working on rectifying this, as I know it is not healthy and definitely not helping me...
  34. serpentwalker666

    Life Long Suffering. Looking for a solution.

    Thank you my dear sister. I will try to be less hard on myself, in light on the circumstances I deal with. I won't give up. I understand, thank you so much. I will work with the Gods in finding a solution to all of this. May you receive great blessings from Father Satan and overcome all in...
  35. serpentwalker666

    Life Long Suffering. Looking for a solution.

    I will look into a Freeing the Soul working, perhaps this is something I need that will clear up some of this. It's a very valid theory. I have unfortunately not been able to consult Holistic doctors as of yet, I intend to just book an appointment with Centralforce when I can, as that will be...
  36. serpentwalker666

    Life Long Suffering. Looking for a solution.

    The results of the workings have made some improvement, but I still have very bad days and or weeks. Truthfully I am just very fearful of how unstable things are, as I desire to just make sure my wife and children both are better taken care of financially. I was at a point years ago where I...
  37. serpentwalker666

    Life Long Suffering. Looking for a solution.

    Hello my satanic family. I am going to make this short as I really don't know how else to describe this. My entire life I have dealt with inexplicable weakness, pain and fatigue that has affected everything in my life. I have went through the works in applying all of the knowledge and...
  38. serpentwalker666

    Spiritual Satanism: An Aristocratic Religion

    This is very true and such a great sermon. In the end whether man is a worm or something lesser.. or that of a divine essence is really man having to move forward to decide what one ultimately is. We have that power to choose, and the gods have blessed us with this godly spirit. May we partake...
  39. serpentwalker666

    About manifesting a car from my parents

    I'm sure Guardian Blitzkrieg is aware of this in it's entirety, he likely was just trying to put this lightly in a way that Jupiter would understand, as the OP would need to advance some before seeing the greater aspect of this, in that work is beautiful, meaningful, and truly a gift to have...
  40. serpentwalker666

    About manifesting a car from my parents

    i would listen to what people have already told you if I were you. Criminality is never okay and is like drinking from a poisoned cup. You may be fine currently, but this will catch up to you. The Gods see this and they do not look fondly on criminals. They want to re-establish natural order...
  41. serpentwalker666

    About manifesting a car from my parents

    You are a member who has been around here for some years, do not lower yourself to thinking criminality in any way, shape or form is justifiable just because of the corrupted state of our world. Satanism is about re-establishing natural order and not just extending and prolonging this corrupt...
  42. serpentwalker666

    The Matrix is...

    🤦‍♂️ cool story bro... Please make it make sense next time..
  43. serpentwalker666

    About manifesting a car from my parents

    Stop being a fucking worm and learn how to be a decent human being. Criminals are in a low echelon on the karmic and natural universal hierarchy, and all aspects of criminal behavior and action are noticed by the Gods, who find these sorts of things abominable and lowly. Judgement comes to...
  44. serpentwalker666

    Learning Respect and Freedom

    I used to do Qigong when I was younger, and it was very good for me as I seemed to have a talent for it. I will look into picking this back up since its been quite awhile. Thank you so much for your insight on this High Priestess Lydia. :)
  45. serpentwalker666

    Learning Respect and Freedom

    "What Cobra you mean you won't grab me a beer maaannn? I am The Seahorse King Luciferius Internicus the 5th, how dare you not respect muh godly power and rule!!11" In all seriousness though, great sermon. Hierarchy is very important to take into consideration and work towards bettering...
  46. serpentwalker666

    Question #2625: About gypsyes

    Africans are not like the gypsies. Many Africans are very hard working and decent people, many also do not possess the brainwashing mindset that has been forced into the African American communities in the United States. What you are not seeing here is all races have their people who are...
  47. serpentwalker666

    Managing Disease and Pain.

    I am very pleased to know this has been helpful, sometimes I doubt whether my posts are meaningful or of any substance. But seeing all of you take something from this makes me very happy to see. We Satanists got this and we will succeed in life despite anything that is in our way. Let us all...
  48. serpentwalker666

    NEW GOD RITUALS LIVE: Lilith, Anubis, Furfur

    Thank you for this High Priest Hooded Cobra. I am very happy we have the privilege of honoring Lilith with a ritual. I am very pleased to see this. Of course the same goes for Furfur, and Anubis, but it is always interesting to learn more about the Goddess Lilith. Hail Anubis, Furfur and the...
  49. serpentwalker666

    Please delete all my posts and comments and my account

    You should think long and hard about why you feel this way and why you think it is a good idea to walk away. What is out there contrary to us and touts itself as "Satanism" is just foolish garbage that advances no one spiritually and has no value for anyone in any way, shape or form. Regardless...
  50. serpentwalker666

    Anonymity & Security Advices

    My thoughts at this point are with how much everything is invasive, sandboxing an operating system in a virtual machine is often the best choice if one is very concerned about security. I have fiddled with Linux and OpenBSD for some years, but I am a bit in the middle when it comes to security...
  51. serpentwalker666

    Managing Disease and Pain.

    Many years of my life I have experienced nearly excruciating levels of physical pain from issues and all over pain in my entire body to the point a few times it has lead me to collapse, and unable to function. While I have made great progress in where I was, much needs fixed and it will take...
  52. serpentwalker666

    Happy New Satanic Year: 2024

    Happy new year to my entire satanic family. Happy new year to you, High Priest Hooded Cobra and also High Priestess Lydia. Hail Satan and let us move forward to greatness!
  53. serpentwalker666

    Mixed breeds are sad just to look at the photos.

    Please be mindful of the fact that those who have been born mixed are completely innocent in most cases and should not be made to feel inadequate and like less of a person. Yes the white race and all races being able to maintain itself is incredibly important. Yes, all the races need to...
  54. serpentwalker666

    Question #4554: summoning demons while intoxicated?

    Typically you want to summon and talk to the Gods clear headed. They prefer this and don't like their people having indulged in harmful substances and then trying to communicate and summon them. It definitely is seen as a bit rude and dishonorable. However, I do know from experience if one is...
  55. serpentwalker666

    Mercury occult meaning

    Very good post, thank you for sharing this with us, as it's very much something to read deeper into and ponder. One thing I would like to add though that I was curious on the Noosphere. Is it in any similar or has a relation to the stream of knowledge from the higher spheres? I wonder on this...
  56. serpentwalker666

    What banned science shows the detrimental effects of race-mixing?

    This is the case for many Slavic people and nothing to really worry about. From what I understand, in the past because of wars, conquest, genghis Kahn, etc. Slavs have an Asian look to certain groups. There is also Asian groups in general in Russia, this is also something to be aware of, so...
  57. serpentwalker666

    What banned science shows the detrimental effects of race-mixing?

    The problem is that the blood of the gods becomes deluded and the racial souls that are not mixed have less and less compatible bodies to reincarnate back into. Whites have become very under seige by this, and have become threatened as a race because of much mixing is being done currently in the...
  58. serpentwalker666

    Managing Deceit in the Workplace

    In this case of someone becoming that good, it's a good thing. That way they can grow experience and then just leave to start a business or pursuit other endeavors. Getting that good with something can help a person reach great heights in life from what I understand.
  59. serpentwalker666

    weird question

    It is a crime against nature and the universe to fuck animals when you are a human being. It is an ungodly, vile perversion of everything meaningful and beautiful about life and existence for people to consider or even engage in these things. In the same way you would put down a sick diseased...
  60. serpentwalker666

    Managing Deceit in the Workplace

    Truthfully I am just very angry, I have spend much of my life trying to get ahead and provide a better future for my children, my partner and help out my parents when I can. I am very limited physically in my strength, and I deal with alot of fatigue from the fibromyalgia. Thankfully though I...
  61. serpentwalker666

    Question #4547: The pulse quickens from the trance...

    You need to see a doctor and ask to have an EKG to rule out any underlying heart conditions. It could just be anxiety, but in the rare case of it being an arrhythmia you should go and have yourself looked over.
  62. serpentwalker666

    Managing Deceit in the Workplace

    Recently I have been pushed by the Gods and especially my Guardian Demon Andras to leave my workplace, as I was deceived by my boss and various people in management. I went there out of curiosity to be involved in electrical engineering and some IT work but I was strung along and the goal posts...
  63. serpentwalker666

    Domestic Violence.Physical/Verbal/Emotional/Psychological Abuse

    I also want to say, I am very sorry you have had to endure all of this. I know from experience just how hard these situations can be. It can feel like there is no escape, but this is just the mind and soul caught in the grips of desperation, this will fade as you are further from all of this...
  64. serpentwalker666

    Domestic Violence.Physical/Verbal/Emotional/Psychological Abuse

    You need to stay away from this woman and get out as soon as you can. I mean it. I'll give you some insight to put things into perspective here, I have dealt with various forms of abuse and varying degrees of violence and fighting over the years, from family, friends, close loved ones, even...
  65. serpentwalker666

    My Life May Be in Danger

    Besides in a spiritual sense. You need to combat this in a material sense. From legal means if necessary. Make sure to distance yourself. Cut ties as much as possible and make it clear to this person to leave you alone. If you have to do extra aura of protection workings on yourself and...
  66. serpentwalker666

    Lord Valefor's patronage days.

    May you have great success in healing. May all of this be a strong propelling motion forward for you. You got this Sister. Hail Valefor! Hail Satan!
  67. serpentwalker666

    Everyone Is a Terrorist And Hamas Nowadays

    I was mainly referring to the Reptilians as a species and how collectively unnatural they are, in the part you quoted. From what I saw they just went down a very horrific road as a species to be what they are currently. Which is what I described to a shortened extent. Everything you mention...
  68. serpentwalker666

    Everyone Is a Terrorist And Hamas Nowadays

    It never ceases to leave me enraged with just how evil and insane the jewish people are. These people are a literal virus and disease. I also see how the reptilians went the route they have as a species. i remember once I asked the Gods to show me what happened to the reptilians to make them...
  69. serpentwalker666

    RTR Ritual Schedule April 14th to April 30th [SCHEDULE FINISHED]

    I want to mention about what has already been stated by High Priest Hooded Cobra. We are going to be fine and pull through this and rise as beings as we continue to grow. Our people shall prevail and weather through the state of the world. I felt Satan and he appeared to me about an hour...
  70. serpentwalker666

    I've set up my own business and I hope it works out.

    May you be blessed in your endeavors and gain great wealth and success. May Satan bless you in this and guide you.
  71. serpentwalker666

    Thank you for your kind words. Just know we all struggle to varying degrees in life. Don't feel...

    Thank you for your kind words. Just know we all struggle to varying degrees in life. Don't feel alone in this. However we must always move forward and do our best to manage and improve. You'll do fine. It will be alright.
  72. serpentwalker666

    Out of all things to gamble with in life, do not gamble with your existence. If you are...

    Out of all things to gamble with in life, do not gamble with your existence. If you are struggling to a major degree, please do not hesitate to make a post and other members will do their best to help you through whatever you are going through. However, if you ever needed to, you can email me...
  73. serpentwalker666


    Acknowledge the fear and just do your best to calm yourself. Just talk to your Guardian Demon and voice your concerns, and ask them to watch over you closely during this. You will be fine. Just do your best to settle yourself. That can be very hard, as medical procedures and surgeries can be...
  74. serpentwalker666

    Write Down Your Problems

    Any other spiritual ways of handling serious "life destroying" circumstances like chronic illnesses that take a long time to heal, and managing how this affects one's ability to generate or even maintain a basic level of wealth needed for survival to prevent death or becoming destitute from...
  75. serpentwalker666

    Game Development as a Career?

    I appreciate everyone's thoughts on this, thank you all very much my satanic family. May Satan bring you all to great success and only the brightest of heights as beings. We will all reach the top my friends.
  76. serpentwalker666

    Game Development as a Career?

    The problem here is I have a decent amount of understanding of a few skill sets, but I am very limited on time because of my job and responsibilities with my family. I am kind of just racing to figure out how I can haul myself, my children and close loved ones out of generational poverty...
  77. serpentwalker666

    Binyamin Netanyahu is sick

    Good. Maybe if we are lucky that genocidal insane lizard can just keel over from health issues.
  78. serpentwalker666

    Game Development as a Career?

    Hello. Recently I have been brushing up on my system administration skills and technical knowledge in hopes of landing a decent IT job and leaving the manufacturing industry as it's much to demanding on my less then optimal health. I have been just really trying to see what I'd want to do with...
  79. serpentwalker666

    Deprogramming from atheism

    As we walk this path over the years, the reality of the Gods eventually becomes impossible to deny. The Gods make themselves known and bring to us what we need in life, as we work hard we are given much opportunity and great things unfold for us, both materially and spiritually. Satan guides us...
  80. serpentwalker666

    Revelation - My solo music project - New songs

    This is fucking glorious. I am a very picky person with metal, and most music. This is all very beautiful and amazing work. Keep it up. Please never quit. You have serious talent and will go extremely far. Heed the advice given to you. I can't wait to see how this goes! This is GLORIOUS!!!
  81. serpentwalker666

    Stay or leave university - please help!

    Many jobs are terrible. Yet many jobs are not. Looking at the ancients shows they each had a profession and role in society alongside their spiritual, intellectual and all around advancement. The beauty of labor within our civilizations is to be properly understood for what it is. Nothing...
  82. serpentwalker666

    Who Will Do It?

    This is all very true. I'm sure as we all advance and walk forward everything will come into place as we each play our part, bigger and smaller depending on the person. May the Gods and Goddesses guide our hands in this, so that we may become like them and as a result the world is eventually...
  83. serpentwalker666

    Question #4310: Karmic reasons of preterm birth, infant death + twins

    Some things just happen by chance. Alot of circumstances and patterns in life are karmic, but it is also important to note the universe is by its very nature chaotic and unpredictable at times. One may receive undeserved hardship, suffering that is completely separate from karmic patterns, or...
  84. serpentwalker666

    Fame & success of those dedicated to 😇 and 👽

    Empathy within reason. There is very cruel and low people out there despite being gentiles. It's important to see people as a case by case basis and really judge properly on if our energy or time would be a good investment. You'll also find many promising and beautiful souls, but who just need...
  85. serpentwalker666

    Stay or leave university - please help!

    Consult the Gods on the best path forward for you. However, I can share some of what I have had to deal with. I was late to the grind with many things. Took me a long time to even finish my high school equivalent education and college is out of my budget and I don't have the health to work and...
  86. serpentwalker666

    Fame & success of those dedicated to 😇 and 👽

    Lost is an understatement. Without the Joy of Satan we would have nothing meaningful that would return to this world. May the Gods eternally bless our satanic family, and may we all rise to great success and authority as the new spiritual caste in our world as it is gradually rectified.
  87. serpentwalker666


    Try not to read too much into it, you are experiencing your emotions resulting from having a break up with a partner. It takes time to heal from this, but you will be okay in time. Don't try to look into too many "signs" at this point in time until you collect yourself and better see what the...
  88. serpentwalker666

    Stumped at my options.

    Thank you for your insight on this. I agree and appreciate it my Brother. I will see what I can do to touch up my resume a bit more and highlight my skills. I am just a bit taken aback at how many companies act like they can do whatever they wish, here in the United States. I've been a...
  89. serpentwalker666

    Stumped at my options.

    Yes it's really fucked up and I'm very angry about all of this. I only get a small amount of hours of paid time off yearly. This doesn't even kick in for a few months, so I've got this job through a temp agency and was hired on to this company. It was my only choice unfortunately. The...
  90. serpentwalker666

    Stumped at my options.

    I wanted to tread back to this post and just way while I still don't have a solution to what I'm dealing with yet, I want to mention to remember to always confide in the gods when you are doing everything you need to be doing and they will let you know some ways forward for you in a multitude of...
  91. serpentwalker666

    Children and Stress

    I have similar issues in handling noise, and dealing with children, including my own. The advice I can give here is understand that sometimes this is a sign of a different issue, like burnout, sensory processing disorders, demanding job, or just in general being overwhelmed. What needs to be...
  92. serpentwalker666

    Problems in anyway? Call Me At :(+1)666-COBRA'S-FAULT

    It is because of you Commander Cobra that I am the man I am today. I will always bow in respect to great spiritually advanced souls such as yourself. It is only through grasping the light from the sun, that one will see the wisdom in moving towards it. Only by emulating the greater beings may...
  93. serpentwalker666

    Stumped at my options.

    I have been doing everything within my power on a physical and spiritual level to maintain stable employment while also working on my spiritual advancement, and studying and trying to look into better employment. Recently I have been hired on to a fairly decent manufacturing company, and they...
  94. serpentwalker666

    Road to Undeniable Wealth

    The reality here is there is many paths to wealth. This can be through perfecting one's skill set in their profession, careful investing over many years, and or starting your own business with a good plan that with ensure a decent or outstanding level of success. What can be helpful is to...
  95. serpentwalker666

    Ritual Schedule Feb 29 to March 15

    These schedules are a deep comfort for me.. For the past few years and after the enemy covid agenda especially, the situations the enemy has created have hit me very hard financially, I have had a very hard time staying afloat within this very turbulent and concerning job market, and watching...
  96. serpentwalker666

    What are best jobs for us?

    Focus on your talents and current capabilities along with trying to find employment that is not too many hours so you are not overworked and still have enough time to spiritually advance. One person may be gifted in the trades with manual labor, another may be made for more intellectual based...
  97. serpentwalker666

    "Ask The Gods"

    I apologize for re quoting this original post with the response. I have noticed some older posts just popping up and I made a mistake.
  98. serpentwalker666

    "Ask The Gods"

    Certain degrees of knowledge are only understood when at a certain level of advancement. This is why this response is often given to people who ask about advanced spiritual knowledge. Imagine if people just would openly talk about and explain in detail the 13 steps of the magnum opus and...
  99. serpentwalker666


    None of this has brought you bad luck, this is just superstitious nonsense. Focus on meditating so you can ground yourself and clean your aura and chakras. If the absinthe is hurting your mind this much, it is probably best to stop drinking it.
  100. serpentwalker666

    Magnum Opus

    Work deeply on cleaning your soul, your chakras and aura. Keep persistent in your practice for years to come, and focus on knocking down obstacles in your life whether they be material, physical, mental, or emotional. In time the path will become more clear in relation to where you are in the...
  101. serpentwalker666

    Magnum Opus

    You should be a bit more optimistic here, the odds are more in our favor as Spiritual Satanists then you realise. We have the means to walk towards the magnum opus, and if we are persistent and dedicated in our practice, to begin and get to a decent point with it. While true that some may not...
  102. serpentwalker666

    About Cold / Sickness / bones hurting

    The best thing to do is focus on your regular routine as best as you can despite the illness. You could adapt it to just chakra breathing and chakra spinning if you have to. As for the illness itself. Focus strongly on burning it out with soul cleaning. Sometimes this can drastically reduce...
  103. serpentwalker666

    Kundalini-Project - Kundalini-Browse, Kundalini-Notes, Kundalini-Message, Kundalini-WordChange

    For most people who aren't power users, I'd say this is complicated. I'm very familiar with Linux and BSD, and the Linux from scratch project. Maintaining and making a distro isn't for everyone. But you have a solid point, I understand. Personally, I think you are greatly underestimating how...
  104. serpentwalker666

    Kundalini-Project - Kundalini-Browse, Kundalini-Notes, Kundalini-Message, Kundalini-WordChange

    Truthfully all of this can be complicated and takes a great deal of effort and time depending on how many changes and difference are wanted between distros. The only real exception is when forking an existing distro and making that into a separate distribution with just the same package...
  105. serpentwalker666

    A Message To Those Who Give Us Courage: Keep Blossoming!

    Thank you for your kind words and deep understanding High Priest Hooded Cobra. When I was young i was very lost and in deep disarray, the Joy of Satan and you helped me gradually become the man I am today. I'm sure we can all relate and understand just how much we uplift and advance each other...
  106. serpentwalker666

    About Trance — An Alternate Approach [MEDITATION]

    The problem I have with this is that these states are very fleeting. I will enter into this "infinite void" so to say, and everything just starts flying past me. Machines, Languages, Mathematics, Planets, it's like I begin to encompass this level of infinity. Then when I try to grasp this and...
  107. serpentwalker666

    Pluto Entering Aquarius: First Signs Of Satan's Era...

    When it comes to artifical intelligence, cybernetics and robotics, would it be of benefit for Satanists interested in shifting this in a positive direction to just really push for understanding these technological developments and immersing themselves in them? I have always loved technology...
  108. serpentwalker666

    An Update on things.

    Feel free to email me Brother. Keep in mind i may not reply right away, but I'm open to discussion. While I know my circumstances don't offer much in terms of advice or what I can give, know as well that if you ever need my guidance on something I'll do my best.
  109. serpentwalker666

    An Update on things.

    Don't worry Sister, it is not derisory. I am here if you ever need me as always, an email, a recommendation on anything or advice. Thank you, I'm sure in time I'll have grown above this all. then the real happiness begins in being able to assist some of our family who go through similar...
  110. serpentwalker666

    An Update on things.

    Thank you. In regards to computer science, definitely take your time with this. I have used Linux and BSD for some years, the thing to keep in mind is there is so much to decide on in what path to take. I likely will go the route of programming once I get better with C++ and other similar...
  111. serpentwalker666

    An Update on things.

    I try to look at the positives of all this as well, thank you for highlighting this High Priestess Lydia. :) I will consult the Gods on what to do next from here, as like what you mention here with the wealth and health workings and their possible manifestations, is around the same approach...
  112. serpentwalker666

    An Update on things.

    This is true, I've just seen some unethical approaches and some bad business morals here. I'll see how things go, my manager seems to want to gain a bigger influence to create a better opportunity and workplace for his employees.
  113. serpentwalker666

    An Update on things.

    Thank you, I appreciate your kind words, I see this as a stepping stone in alot of ways until I am above all of this. I'll have to look into the planets, as I'm sure some of this contributes to what i experience, even though much of my struggling is from chronic illness and pain.
  114. serpentwalker666

    Static eletricity

    It's normal to feel this way sometimes. That and static electricity is normally stronger in some seasons and weather conditions. It's likely a combination of your meditations, the weather, and the temperature.
  115. serpentwalker666

    An Update on things.

    Hello, I wanted to say thank you all for the advice given these past few times I've posted. It's given me hope and made me at least hang on with the circumstances I'm dealing with. I've taken much of the advice given to me by Guardian Blitzkreig and other members. I've applied to like 30...
  116. serpentwalker666

    My wife cheated on me

    I have been both the cheater and cheated on at a few points in my life. So I feel it would be best if I try to give you some advice here. I've been on the receiving and the wrong end in terms of fucking up a few times in my life. Most relationships unless they are too far gone can be deeply...
  117. serpentwalker666

    Jews Caught In Underground Tunnels In New York City

    When the enemy is dealt with, the world will be free of this vile poison that is the Jew. It's wild how as a being this abomination is unable of having the capacity to see what a lowly, degenerative, force of entropy and dark evil they rest on as a race. They just embody nothing but the darkest...
  118. serpentwalker666

    Succubi/Incubi Cowardly Bunk

    Much of relationships in my life manifested in strange ways. However as for my partner and love, it manifested in a situation of love, along with codependency out of necessity at that time, where we had issues and obstacles that we needed eachother for to overcome, and where we both work on...
  119. serpentwalker666

    Keeping A Mouth Shut: A Practical View On The Satanic Adage

    Posts like this make me extremely grateful for my parents in just how truly blessed I was in some ways. Interestingly enough when i was young and foolish my parents both found out I was a Spiritual Satanist and they were shocked at first. But still accepted me just the same. My father is a...
  120. serpentwalker666

    Happy New Year - 2024!

    Happy new year to our entire Spiritual Satanist family. May we all succeed in our endeavors and make great progress this year. May Satan and the Gods fortify our efforts as we climb forever higher. May we be all blessed and happy, and the enemy shall sink to the lowest of depths and be...
  121. serpentwalker666

    Question #3562: can premature babies be full-fledged Satanists?

    Yes. I was very premature at birth and required incubation, blood transfusions and breathing tubes to survive. However something to note here is there is certainly limits. The case here I was, was a rather extreme case and I had lingering problems and issues for the majority of my life, so as...
  122. serpentwalker666

    Question #3533: how do you learn to slow your heart down?

    Get a doctor's appointment and mention this knocking sensation with your heart so you can be referred to a cardiologist and be checked for any issues with your heart. Stress this concern so you can get a proper appointment with a specialist. Underlying issues like an undiagnosed arrhythmia...
  123. serpentwalker666

    question about cigarettes (and smoking)

    I used to smoke cigars. Even in moderate use and a very occasional smoke, all tobacco use is harmful. It is a poison. It's bad for your physical health, kills you slowly and yes it impacts you spiritually. It is to be avoided. You are better off having healthy habits like drinking a cup of...
  124. serpentwalker666

    What Will The Gods Think?

    Thank you Commander Cobra for your guidance and support. May the Gods continue to bless you for all you do for our satanic family. May the Gods bless all our members, our Guardians, and High Priestess Lydia. Thank you all.
  125. serpentwalker666

    The new face of Joy of Satan

    It's unfortunately way worse in America. Everywhere you look currently. I hope the United States survives, but the condition of things is not looking good at all. The conditions and sights on a daily basis seen here are straight abhorrent. In regards to not just the multiculturalism, but the...
  126. serpentwalker666

    Fuck The Mob

    What is to be said to those who deeply desire to give more to the Joy of Satan and the Gods, but because of issues and obstacles, are unable to contribute their energy, time and money, outside of just participating in the regular ritual schedules and their spiritual advancment? I have been...
  127. serpentwalker666

    Kundalini-Project - Kundalini-Browse, Kundalini-Notes, Kundalini-Message, Kundalini-WordChange

    Look into DWM flexi patch for when you don't want to sit there and manually patch it or don't have the time. https://github.com/bakkeby/dwm-flexipatch
  128. serpentwalker666

    Kundalini-Project - Kundalini-Browse, Kundalini-Notes, Kundalini-Message, Kundalini-WordChange

    Can't wait to use this on OpenBSD with a nice riced DWM set up. 8-)
  129. serpentwalker666

    Happy Yule!

    Happy Yule to our entire Satanic Family. May the Gods guide us and help us grow in all our endeavors moving forward. May the Joy of Satan reach as many people as possible, and may we succeed in our mission. Hail Satan and all the Gods and Goddesses!
  130. serpentwalker666

    Online Safety & Chromebooks

    If you have the time and are willing to learn, some chromebooks can be modified with a bios flash in order to just run Linux on them to be more secure and with Linux you have endless choices of browsers and secure software. I have a chromebook I flashed to run Devuan Linux on an inserted SD...
  131. serpentwalker666

    Online Safety & Chromebooks

    Is there an email I could reach you? I wanted to share some thoughts I have in regards to a future project in the eventual future when I have the time.
  132. serpentwalker666

    Question #3430: Should we be proud of Rome?

    Rome was a shining example of what the white race could accomplish. You are not wrong. Mistakes such as having slavery were the case for many races and nations, this unfortunately occurred alot in many periods of history. From what I understand though. By even slavery standards the Roman's...
  133. serpentwalker666

    chronic illness, employment struggles, mental breakdown.

    To a certain extent my diet is not that great. It's a bit unbalanced. However, I've went through some periods in the past where even a very balanced diet didn't help me so much, and seemed to be just alot of time put into it to not really change the poor state of my overall health, which lead to...
  134. serpentwalker666

    chronic illness, employment struggles, mental breakdown.

    I wanted to thank everyone for your guidance and support. I have went over this post a few times now, and I am working on switching to a better job for dealing with these issues and circumstances, and will work with the sun and moon energies to combat the fatigue and pain. I appreciate you all...
  135. serpentwalker666

    STOP quoting whole posts.

    Same here. *waves hands from the crowd*
  136. serpentwalker666

    JoS Wiki : New JOS Site Annoucement [https://joswiki.org/]

    Awesome. This is so great to see. I like the layout and the way everything is arranged so nicely.
  137. serpentwalker666

    JoS Projects : New JOS Site Annoucement [https://jos-projects.com]

    This is simply amazing and a great project that will benefit the Joy of Satan in amazing ways. I am so happy to see this. Thank you all so much.
  138. serpentwalker666

    Joy of Satan NEW Guardians: Announcement

    Thank you all for your hard work and dedication. You are all very honorable and strong Satanists. Everything you do is strongly appreciated. :D I hope to one day join you as a Guardian, hopefully this day comes sooner than later. May the Gods all shine their light down upon you, and guide...
  139. serpentwalker666

    Question #3340: Authentic and legitimate testimonies of a partner relationship with a demon or demoness?

    Having a Demon or Demoness as a lover is a very gradual, deeply beautiful experience. They oftentimes can reach us at the soul in ways a human lover cannot. As a result the relations and discussions can be deeply enlightening and highlight where humanity is heading in terms of development...
  140. serpentwalker666

    Crystal Balls: Scrying, Spiritual Communication

    Can you please not quote the entire post? It was over 3 pages and I had to delete it all to reply to you. People already see the OP once, it doesn't need to be seen again to see what you are referring to. To answer, yes that can be normal. Different people have different experiences. You might...
  141. serpentwalker666

    Crystal Balls: Scrying, Spiritual Communication

    For some years now I've had a few strange scrying experiences whenever I try. Everything begins as clouds, then all the clouds just disappear in whatever I'm using to scry. The mirror often appears to gain a glow, and then begins to appear like a deep pool of water. After this, the visions...
  142. serpentwalker666

    Reverse Torah Ritual Schedule: Dec 7 to Dec 12

    This is a great schedule to see. I can't wait to begin in a couple days. Also, it seems so apparent to me just how much progress we have made with the Gods at our side in just wrecking the enemy. They are absolutely getting hammered beyond belief and failing at absolutely everything. It will...
  143. serpentwalker666

    Question #3318: I met a girl, but she turned out to be a zoophile.

    Inform the police. Then proceed to stay away from this person for good and cut all contact.
  144. serpentwalker666

    chronic illness, employment struggles, mental breakdown.

    I am definitely going to do this soon and decide on what working would be best to do first. Thank you so much for the advice. I'll stay positive and move forward with success in mind.
  145. serpentwalker666

    chronic illness, employment struggles, mental breakdown.

    Thank you. I'll have to try this out once I decide on what skill I would use for this. I'm sure this could prove very useful in the future.
  146. serpentwalker666

    chronic illness, employment struggles, mental breakdown.

    I am from a rather economically poor area of the United States. This also unfortunately affects alot of my job prospects in searching for fitting options, as I would either have to travel an hour into a city, or find a more local somewhat low paying job. Remote is an option, but these have...
  147. serpentwalker666

    chronic illness, employment struggles, mental breakdown.

    Thank you sister. I will be working on this and trying to find a better opportunity for income that doesn't take all of my energy and time, since doing that would solve much of the struggling I'm experiencing. I'll also invoke the sun and moons energy to help how I an feeling most days. I'm...
  148. serpentwalker666

    Question #3294: Black magick recommendation to get my non-white neighbors evicted/deported?

    Throwing insults back and forth is not the solution here. The solution is understanding this on a deeper level why the OP feels this way. People naturally desire at the soul and racial level to live in homogenous societies. Yes, minorities have been in many nations throughout history and while...
  149. serpentwalker666

    chronic illness, employment struggles, mental breakdown.

    Sometimes this just is karmic and occurs from what i understand. It can sometimes take some time to turn things in a different direction, especially if certain things are lifelong. Ideally no, I don't think anyone should have to deal with suffering like this. But I do know it will be okay and...
  150. serpentwalker666

    chronic illness, employment struggles, mental breakdown.

    I am familiar with programming languages. I just never have the time to really apply myself with coding or practice and gain it as a skill. I've read a few different software books and really got in deep to studying it though. I plan to continue once I'm able to. I've tinkered with Linux and...
  151. serpentwalker666

    chronic illness, employment struggles, mental breakdown.

    Once I get to a good point with a bit more time I'll definitely have to consider doing that. I appreciate your thoughts.
  152. serpentwalker666

    chronic illness, employment struggles, mental breakdown.

    Thank you so much for your amazing guidance Brother. I have read this over a few times already and I will try out using sun and moon energy for immediate relief when I feel this way. I am feeling a bit better today. I will continue to work on this and also try to find something a but easier...
  153. serpentwalker666

    chronic illness, employment struggles, mental breakdown.

    Hello my satanic family. I have been working for awhile now, and I have had chronic illness from the time I was very young. I have a disabled wife and two beautiful children. And I'm fighting like hell to just keep my head above water. I work until my literally hands bleed, yet I don't know...
  154. serpentwalker666

    About starting a career

    Thank you. Try out the Ask Satan Operator for making anonymous questions. I highly suggest this, as there's many members who have knowledge on a wide aspect of spiritual and material advancement, and who could likely better assist with doubts you may be experiencing. https://ask-satan.net/...
  155. serpentwalker666

    Studies show that family karma patterns are real

    This is very helpful to know. As I have a family I've formed. My wife and children. The extent issues have carried over in this world from generation to generation is staggering and deeply concerning. You can't even really find a bloodline of gentiles at this point that doesn't have issue...
  156. serpentwalker666

    Thank you HoodedCobra⚡

    Fuck you. To go as far as to act in the manner you have, to try to doxx High Priest Hooded Cobra, you need to just stay away. You came into the house of Satan, not to advance, but to just cause issues and be an infiltrator. There is no issues or things you were going through that can...
  157. serpentwalker666

    The Right And Wrong Spirit Of The World

    The jews as a species have just walked down the road of decay and embraced this fully, becoming an abomination. I remember one post you made a few years ago about how the jews have something seriously internally wrong with them to be the way they are, especially in studying them in depth. It's...
  158. serpentwalker666

    Thank you HoodedCobra⚡

    Wow, that is beyond disrespectful and retarded for people to behave in that manner. I can hardly believe there is people who think it's okay to act like that still, and as a result of their behavior and trying to make the Turkish community into their own cesspool.. only achieved nothing but...
  159. serpentwalker666

    Possible global blackout in 2024

    You're fine my friend, it happens. Also, refer to Jack's reply as he made a very good clarification about this post of his you quoted, I also apologized to him as i feel my reply was a bit too harsh in it's criticism.
  160. serpentwalker666

    Spiritual Reset Day / Dopamine Detox Day

    What you mention here High Priestess Lydia is so incredibly important. This transition into a digital society has been a great thing for humanity. But much of this still needs to be adapted to how humans are, and we need to adapt properly to this. It hasn't been a smooth transition as much of...
  161. serpentwalker666

    Possible global blackout in 2024

    Thank you Jack for your great reply on this with clarification. I apologize for being a little too harsh about this one post you made, as I otherwise have always read and enjoyed your posts.
  162. serpentwalker666

    Question #3161: could my succubus be my great-grandmother from 100 generations ago?

    No. It does not work in this way. Do not entertain these delusional thoughts.
  163. serpentwalker666

    What is the 4th step of the Mafnum Opus?

    The Magnum opus is final and last working of Satanism. Also the most important. Most people at their current level of advancement are not ready to move to the later steps of this. It's a very intense transformative process that takes time. Patience is required. From what I understand, the...
  164. serpentwalker666

    Question #3136: Jobs

    No need to hate work so hard that you begin to become blasphemous to Father Enki. Think before you speak, it harms only yourself when you act this way. The issue with humans working so much is the world being on the level of development it is currently. As humanity is on a low level of...
  165. serpentwalker666

    Guys this is my plan

    Things take time unfortunately. Years upon years for some things. Don't worry though. You have alot of time, and you'll do just fine. You are on the right path, all you have to do is walk it with patience and dedication.
  166. serpentwalker666

    Possible global blackout in 2024

    I agree with you. I would say these type of apocalyptic predictions are harmful and wholly negative. The enemy does this in full swing. Grey's will often telepathically project nuclear explosions, cataclysmic natural disasters, into the minds of people who encounter them. NONE of our own...
  167. serpentwalker666

    Question #3144: having sex with your aunt is okay?

    For the love of the Gods and everything meaningful in this world, please don't do this. Meditate. Work on yourself. This isn't okay, you shouldn't be thinking like this, it's very harmful and deadly. Go out and meet a girl who isn't blood related that you can pair with and are compatible with.
  168. serpentwalker666

    Possible global blackout in 2024

    This is likely not going to occur. Do not be too impressionable. As this is a rather extreme interpretation of what future events may hold. A prediction is just that. One possible future. Astral sight and premonitions are also open to input of the mind, to which what one sees may not be...
  169. serpentwalker666

    Guys this is my plan

    This gets easier to overcome with time. What I've learned from my own experience with this over the years is to listen closely and learn to debate in a healthy way. However in this case, most people replying to you are speaking from a point of experience. Once of the best things to do is take...
  170. serpentwalker666

    About starting a career

    This is a good point to start. https://www.joyofsatan.org/www.angelfire.com/empire/serpentis666/Money_Meditation.html You can also look into using runes like Fehu, and Odthal. https://satanisgod.org/www.angelfire.com/empire/serpentis666/Runic_Kabalah.html A sun square is also an option...
  171. serpentwalker666

    About starting a career

    I have been doing wealth workings for awhile. What I've found is this needs strongly coupled with physical action for them to be successful. A good example is, you want to be a millionaire. This money has to come from a compatible direction. You won't make this working for someone else, you'll...
  172. serpentwalker666

    Whites are a docile and gentle breed.

    MrBeast looks like he might have some jew blood to be honest.. also we whites are not "docille" like an obedient canine or something.. kind of a funny, odd word to use. Not really accurate though. You should look at history for how Whites act when they are pushed to defend themselves. Sure, now...
  173. serpentwalker666

    Question #3136: Jobs

    Work is a nature aspect of existence for all beings in this universe. In one form or another we must engage in this. What one job works for one person, won't be a good fit for another. Look into what you would like to do and go from there in pursuing it. Eventually if you work diligently enough...
  174. serpentwalker666

    Menial labor enjoyment / Doing mantras at work

    An update on this. I have read some of this book you recommended and looked into MJ Demarco. This information is practically invaluable, he offers alot of good financial information for the aspiring entrepreneur. If you haven't already, I consider you to write a post on this book you mention...
  175. serpentwalker666

    Insane costs of living in the US. whats the end look like?

    Unfortunately I don't think things will get better for quite some time. I've been doing back to back wealth workings for awhile with some success, but to be brutally honest. It's a miracle of Satan we are not all on the streets homeless, starving or dead. I've come so close in the past few...
  176. serpentwalker666

    Menial labor enjoyment / Doing mantras at work

    Thank you brother. I will check this out.
  177. serpentwalker666

    Why is Japan so resistant

    I get your point and agree to an extent. Just the way you went about It seems like you are vastly underestimating people. I have seen alot so far in my short life, and met many people of a rather average level of intelligence, with capabilities that are a bit on the higher end. Why I say not...
  178. serpentwalker666

    Can throat chakra be dark even if person is air dominant

    Keep working on your chakras and make sure you are doing chakra cleaning and aura cleaning daily. Over time your chakras will be brighter once enough negative energy is cleared, and the soul and chakras are functioning enough from consistent power meditations.
  179. serpentwalker666

    About Guardian Demons

    My guardian Demon was originally Gusion. Then as I became more open and was able to communicate and kept advancing, Andras then took this role over as my Guardian Demon. The Gods see and understand where we stand as beings and will have the right Demon or Demoness guide us in this path as a...
  180. serpentwalker666

    Why is Japan so resistant

    I don't meant be out of line here, but your views about 2 digit and 3 digit IQ people is very erroneous and a bit extreme. Viewing it in this manner, that people with 2 digit IQs are on this low of a level is not realistic, as IQ is just one aspect of intelligence. You will meet many people...
  181. serpentwalker666

    Menial labor enjoyment / Doing mantras at work

    Thank you for your kind words. Yes I am doing a bit better. I do want to mention, yes I am definitely taking Henus advice in regards to buisness. I've already been researching into gaining wealth through starting a buisness learning about assets, and doing wealth workings for some time now...
  182. serpentwalker666

    what EXACTLY happens in the exchange of energies and connection in sex?

    Work on all aspects of this. Wealth workings, decent job to bring money in, then looking into starting a buisness and eventually investing in various things like real estate, and other assets as you gain the capital for this. It can be a difficult road getting to any large amount of wealth...
  183. serpentwalker666

    Menial labor enjoyment / Doing mantras at work

    Thank you. May you be blessed in your endeavors as well.
  184. serpentwalker666

    Menial labor enjoyment / Doing mantras at work

    Unfortunately this is not feasible currently. I'm just getting on my feet. By sheer luck and the will of the gods I'm not homeless, and I'm capable of holding down a job now, as before I was too sick. So for now I can contend with this until I have a business plan that I can realistically...
  185. serpentwalker666

    Question #3057: I fear I sometimes may have Jewish ansestors

    As Henu explained, the practices simply are incompatible with jews, and that this jew blood can't be removed. A jew would just experience serious issues from trying to incorporate any satanic practices. It's a parasite incapable of adapting and changing. It's soul is different entirely from a...
  186. serpentwalker666

    what EXACTLY happens in the exchange of energies and connection in sex?

    Truthfully this situation doesn't sound like much to worry about. This woman is just somewhat sensitive to bioelectricity. As long as you both are of the same race and you both get along well, there's no harm in being with this person if she makes you happy. In this world we have to make due...
  187. serpentwalker666

    Menial labor enjoyment / Doing mantras at work

    Thank you so much for this. I ended up in an electronics factory. And for whatever reason I'm very good at what I do even though I hate my job. Good enough to get promoted twice in 5 months, good enough to where they can't even fire me even though I hate it here and am dying a little inside...
  188. serpentwalker666

    Question #3068: This is actually eating me up and I m dying slowly

    When you are ready to exact justice on this abomination, you can ask your Guardian Demon to assist you in guiding the energy and helping you see and feel when the offender is defeated and the energy from your working has run its course on them. This can take time depending how strong you are...
  189. serpentwalker666

    Question #3049: Lydia [HPS] on satanama manthra

    I'm curious as well for clarification on the correct pronunciation. Hopefully there is some audio somewhere for reference as I use this mantra daily in my meditation routine.
  190. serpentwalker666

    DEAD birds in my balcony. Need insight and suggestions.

    If you have a faulty power supply in your computer make sure to purchase a new one and replace it to troubleshoot as soon as possible. Faulty power supplies are a surefire way to destroy components, even catch fire and burn out electrical outlets, or worst case a fire in the home.. Do not...
  191. serpentwalker666

    We can do this. Stand bright and strong.

    Something that is important is to mindful of how things are in your currently life. The Gods are always here for us and guide us not only spiritually, but in all aspects. As we advance. Everything will become increasingly clear in what aspects of our existence we have to work on. Whether that...
  192. serpentwalker666

    A Lovecraftian nightmare (true story and massive victory)

    I stand by my point and you need to seriously work on yourself. Half of your posts are practically unhinged. I don't mean this to be rude, but this is the truth and it's very apparent when reading them. Please do a working for grounding yourself. And working on gaining stability in your mind.
  193. serpentwalker666

    Rick is afraid of talking about Israel and being cancelled

    While this show is very degenerate and not really of any suitable substance to share here, I have watched it on occasion and I remember this. The one joke here about Rick hating Israel and only when he's intoxicated, he shows his true feelings.. lol. It's absolutely horrific how this series...
  194. serpentwalker666

    The JoS Has A New High Priestess

    Congratulations to High Priestess Lydia! I am so happy and excited to see Lydia join the clergy! I cannot wait to see how this goes moving forward! Thank you High Priestess Lydia for your years of service prior to this. May the gods guide you to new heights
  195. serpentwalker666

    Question #2894: Moral issues

    That situation sounds kind of sketchy. Yeah, maybe he was telling the truth.. but based on his behavior how would you know? Like another member mentioned, it doesn't make a whole lot of sense to begin with for him to not have another person with him to help, considering he was supposedly an...
  196. serpentwalker666

    Accepting limitations to be overcome.

    I'm glad this is helpful. Yes indeed, it is very important. Sometimes we lose sight of how long overcoming certain deep obstacles with ourselves or external circumstances can take. While we can brute force things, this only works for so long and sometimes a step back to reflect on what we can...
  197. serpentwalker666

    How do I become official clergy of Satan?

    The only true satanic organization at this point is this one, the Joy of Satan. All others are infested with jews and alot of false and potentially harmful information. To become clergy, one has to show dedication to the satanic community. Someone has to be truly dedicated to this task and be...
  198. serpentwalker666

    On Taking Care Of Youth, Children and Young Adults

    Granted how fucked my life has been, I truly only want better for my children and raise them properly. I don't want them to spend endless days and nights sick with very hard to treat diseases, unable to hold down jobs, jump from one thing to another and be at the point where homelessness is...

Al Jilwah: Chapter IV

"It is my desire that all my followers unite in a bond of unity, lest those who are without prevail against them." - Satan