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  1. Bogow

    Why some houses are empty?

    The simple answer to this question is that we are all different and live individual and very different lives. If we delve a little deeper into the topic, then your map reflects exactly what path/experience your soul will go through in this incarnation. None of this is accidental. Your natal...
  2. Bogow

    The conditions of world war already exist, all it takes is a trigger.

    The survival part within us is certainly important in a purely biological sense. But as Satanists we move on and subject it all to our highest aspiration and control. In other words, you can program your aura to do what you want, and rid yourself of those unwanted, overly chaotic body/mind...
  3. Bogow

    The conditions of world war already exist, all it takes is a trigger.

    It doesn’t matter at all in what area your mind controls you. You must control it, this leads to mastery of the situation. For communication. Let's imagine a situation where you are going to a difficult interview where you will need to answer questions in order to get a new job. You come and a...
  4. Bogow

    The conditions of world war already exist, all it takes is a trigger.

    I will respond to your post, but not about what you want to hear. The reason why you are so interested and concerned about world events is not outside of you, but inside. In other words, your mind. The survival circuit of the psyche is accustomed to receiving information necessary for survival...
  5. Bogow

    How to be a better writer?

    Hello, first of all I recommend reading this topic where this question has already been raised: Imposter syndrome and writer’s block? Your writing skills have nothing to do with graphomania. Writing a lot does not always equal writing well. Read good authors, primarily ancient and other...
  6. Bogow

    Focalor / Lucifuge Rofocal Ritual Now LIVE!

    Thank you HP! The energy of Lucifuge is simply incredible, I remembered Him the day before you posted these rituals. At one time, quite a long time ago, Lucifuge helped me a lot and I am eternally grateful to him for that! Glory to the Gods of the Duat! ⚡ ⚡
  7. Bogow

    Saturn and Uranus, Authority and rebellion

    I like your post and I think you are generally correct regarding the interpretation of Saturn and Uranus aspects. In my understanding, these planets interact very tightly. Saturn-Jupiter represent the dual pair of constraint-expansion, or control and rights. In this sense, a pair of social...
  8. Bogow

    Reflections on the Age of Aquarius

    In this topic, I would like to put together several of my ideas and interpretations of the era of Aquarius and the difference in the order of the era of Pisces that we had until 2024. It is clear that we cannot look into the future with absolute clarity and predict things, but astrology controls...
  9. Bogow

    Creeds, beliefs and self-programming.

    In my last article, I looked at the issues of paradigms and thinking, as well as the connection of these concepts with how we manifest reality. The mental plane, in a broad sense, is our beliefs and programming of ourselves. In The Joy of Satan, great emphasis is placed on deprogramming the mind...
  10. Bogow

    What is your opinion on Neoplatonism?

    My opinion about Neo-Platonism is that it is basically pagan knowledge in itself. As the High Priest wrote, many ancient philosophers were magicians with a very high level of training, as well as advanced knowledge about the soul and the universe. The fact that modern (((historians))) very...
  11. Bogow

    Partition of Ukraine

    Let's start with the fact that I never cited Trump as an example and did not present the United States as something more anti-Jewish now than Russia, you yourself came up with this argument in your head to counter your arguments. Next, let's go over the facts. Have you ever been in Russia? Do...
  12. Bogow

    Partition of Ukraine

    At the top a typo, I meant Iran and not Israel. Although Putin is certainly supported by Israel. You can read about it on the site: https://www.deathofcommunism.com/en/ You do not need to look at how some country relates to others to solve which government and what it is characterized. This is...
  13. Bogow

    Partition of Ukraine

    Let's start with the fact that Putin is a jew and this is a fact that High Priestess Maxine pointed out. His mother's surname is Shalomova, this is not a Russian national surname. Further. All of Putin’s friends who, in one way or another, remain in power (and have held it) for almost 25 years...
  14. Bogow

    Partition of Ukraine

    To be honest - your answers look very alarming. Basically, most of the people answering in this thread were influenced by very disgusting examples of communist propaganda of the right/wrong division in politics. As if some of the modern politicians really stand for pro-human values, or even more...
  15. Bogow

    How to interpret Lilith in astrology

    Lilith (I prefer the name Black Moon) THIS IS NOT AN ASTEROID. This is a fictitious apogee point of the Lunar orbit, a projection of the maximum distance from the Lunar energy in a person’s chart. Fictitious points in astrology are called so because, unlike planets or asteroids, they are only...
  16. Bogow

    Happy New Satanic Year: 2024

    Russian subtitles, I hope this will work correctly for everyone.
  17. Bogow


    I don't like Guenon's work. His opinion that Satanism is a tradition of "counter-initiation" sends rays of deception into the minds of those who trust him. His division of traditions into “genuinely initiatory” and “counter” is extremely confusing; for example, he classifies esoteric Islam and...
  18. Bogow

    Mercury occult meaning

    The noosphere in the classical presentation is the “software” of our society. Social institutions and connections form relationships between people, society has an economy/science/culture within it - and all this needs information as glue, a body of knowledge that connects it all together. This...
  19. Bogow

    Mercury occult meaning

    For a long time I could not approach this text; first, the thought of studying the influence of the integral meaning of Mercury in occultism seemed extremely exciting to me. However, the more I thought about these things, the more and more difficult it became to wrap my mind around each aspect...
  20. Bogow

    Lack of drive, binge eating, low testosterone.

    I like Aquarius's advice above regarding squats, leg loading, walking and running should level out your natural testosterone to your personal normal. Activity is something that many people are deprived of due to homework and cramped urban conditions in many places on the planet, then it becomes...
  21. Bogow

    Four Tools/Elements of the Magician.

    The allegories of tarot cards are very extensive. In fact, based on the history of their appearance, which refers them back to the wisdom of ancient Egypt and initiatic knowledge that could have been preserved by initiates of antiquity, the Tarot is an extremely useful tool not only for fortune...
  22. Bogow

    Procreate is a must, Spiritual Satanists need to marry and have children and raise them in this path

    I like this topic and the fact that these questions are raised here, but I don’t like that people feel hostage to the situation, as if your destiny does not belong to you and you are doomed to loneliness. Believe me, this is not true. You can turn to the Gods with a request to help you find a...
  23. Bogow

    The Sins Of Israel & Iran War

    As far as I understand, these events are a "biblical apocalyptic reference" to the "battle of the end." Where the Persians (read Iran) and “Gog from the north” (Russia) unitely fight in the “battle of the end” with the Israeli people - in order to prevent the construction of the third Temple...
  24. Bogow

    Electional astrology for writing??

    Sorry, it turns out my last answer was not moderated. Firstly, you 100% have a ruler of the 3rd house. You need to look at which sign the cusp (beginning) of the 3rd house falls in and the planet that rules this sign will be the ruler of the house. For example, if your 3rd house falls in Aries...
  25. Bogow

    Jihadism, Al-Qaeda, ISIS... What is it really?

    What really exists and is important is that all the world's terrorist organizations are created by governments. In an interview with Yuri Bezmenov (I highly recommend watching it) which he gave lectures at US universities, he talks about how the KGB and other intelligence agencies created...
  26. Bogow

    Electional astrology for writing??

    Timing astrology (electional astrology) is the method of the most favorable time to start something. This can and should combine with each other the horary to the question of whether you should do this in principle, as the likelihood of developing a particular area. But so is the selection of...
  27. Bogow

    Participation in elections

    You must understand that nothing random happens at this level. In this case, the polarization of the electorate under the slogans of an “anti-Semitic” politician is a good opportunity to count how many real or fake anti-Semites there are in Poland. It's just statistics. By casting your voice...
  28. Bogow

    Write Down Your Problems

    Regarding suggestions for improving JoS. I have several ideas, I will try not to repeat the wonderful thoughts that have already been expressed here by other participants. 1) Explain the differences between different types of natal charts/ruling planets for spirituality and approach to...
  29. Bogow

    Write Down Your Problems

    Despite my efforts and work to spread information about JoS in Russia and other Russian-speaking countries, a certain amount of stupid slander and statements by random people aimed at discrediting me created a situation where I am forced to be “outside the law” in the eyes of the official...
  30. Bogow

    Fair Treatment Of Knowledge

    Just recently I watched a documentary about scientology. Their “church” practices exactly what HP writes about. Each subsequent “initiation level” is paid and depends on completing an endless number of trainings and additional materials, videos and books, which all need to be purchased for a lot...
  31. Bogow


    Your genetics determines your height. Your parents could be of average height, and through a generation (for example, from grandmothers and even great-great-grandmothers), some genes associated with short stature could be passed on to you. There is no curse in this. Another thing related to...
  32. Bogow

    Seeking a Reality Check

    Do yoga, aura of protection and program your aura every time to “my aura completely keeps me calm and safe” or in the way that you choose. Breathing exercises can also help; high-quality concentration on breathing oxygenates the brain and helps you stay more focused on specific tasks.
  33. Bogow

    Promoting JoS from Tiktok and Instagram

    I will share my experience here. It is important to understand that all social networks can be used to de-anonymize members of any groups and even those who like certain posts. This is part of the enemy's agenda as technological control. First of all, make sure that in your country you will...
  34. Bogow

    Deprogramming from atheism

    You do not need blind faith in the matter of spirituality and the existence of Gods. Occultism is practical knowledge and the ability to operate at the level of understanding the relationships between internal and external. There is no “wall” between your inner world and the world around you...
  35. Bogow

    Ukraine war digest 2024

    Thank you for such a detailed answer. Yes, I saw the plan of France and other NATO countries to enter into direct confrontation in case of unforeseen situations at the front. The funny thing about this is that these “emergency situations” are a completely controlled process. That is, Ukraine is...
  36. Bogow

    About a working to manifest a new home

    Break the task down into smaller components. For example, if the house you want costs 50 thousand dollars, calculate your income and what property you can sell in order to raise part of the required amount. In parallel with this, begin work of a spiritual nature on money magic, squares of...
  37. Bogow

    Theocracy - Monarchy/Aristocracy/Polity

    I think this is largely true. According to the Vedas, the best structure of the state implies that above the Kshatriyas (the military, royal and governing class of society), there are always Brahmans (the class of priests/magicians), which guarantees that the course of the state corresponds to...
  38. Bogow

    Astarte in Carthage: Honored by Gentiles, Assaulted by Jews

    Thank you for clarifying the issue of sacrifices in Carthage. Among “advanced” conspiracy theorists and historians, accusations of Satan and Satanists of sacrifices are often heard, as if following from the “historical continuity” of Carthage. These accusations are so loud that they obscure the...
  39. Bogow

    Ukraine war digest 2024

    In this post I would like to collect some facts and observations from more than two years of the Ukrainian war. This list is far from complete; in my opinion, it presents the most important things and news in the context of the forum, something that is probably not so easy to find in Western...
  40. Bogow

    Liberalism for the weak

    Please do not use Zhirinovsky as an example as something good for Russia or the world. He's a jew and a gangster. Study the biography of those you cite as an example before doing this, it will be more correct.
  41. Bogow

    About a working to manifest a new home

    The power of your spiritual works grows in proportion to your overall spiritual strength, knowledge and experience in magic. The more often you practice and get successful results, the more often this positive feedback is consolidated and gives you confidence (this is also related to the...
  42. Bogow

    Being attacked by an enemy coven

    Methods of spiritual warfare and confrontation with various aggressions in magic can be extremely different and differ from what exactly you can do, what spiritual knowledge you have and how much time you can devote to it. In fact, the main thing that any occult groups positioning themselves as...
  43. Bogow

    Who Will Do It?

    Thank you HP. The path to Divinity implies Divine responsibility, responsibility for oneself, for one’s life, loved ones, work, and the common good. When you realize that no one will do your part of the work, this may frighten someone or make them doubt their abilities, but for truly Faithful...
  44. Bogow

    Terrorist attack in Moscow with 100 people going to burn alive - Purim 23-24 March 2024

    You are right in this, in fact, a terrorist attack can be a pretext for introducing a whole canvas of various cruelties, ranging from new mobilization, closing borders, political control and control over the media, as well as in general justification and emotional reaction of people to direct...
  45. Bogow

    Ukraine and Organ Harvesting

    Unfortunately, you are right here. I have a lot of information about this, shocking and evil information. In the near future, I will probably write about this on the forum. Over time, the situation with the war is getting really worse.
  46. Bogow

    Changing The Course Of Life With Magick As A Spiritual Satanist

    Thanks HP, in many ways this reminds me of what you wrote recently about using a two-step path. Two legs and two arms, magic (impact on the unmanifested/astral field), and physical actions (impact on the manifested). Without one there will be no other, we cannot be only “astral”, we always need...
  47. Bogow

    Attention Astrologers My own astrology theory

    Inside a person, all chakras/parts of the soul complement each other in one way or another. Planets are divided into pairs. Sun/Moon, Mars/Venus, Saturn/Jupiter. Mercury (mind) unites and comprehends through itself different parts of consciousness and can correct certain parts with itself. Your...
  48. Bogow

    About the Moon void of course.

    These notes relate to my personal research into void Moon issues. Regarding the recommendation not to start anything important during the Moon without a course, this mainly concerns Horar. It is known that the start time of any business is considered the point of the Horary ascendant built on...
  49. Bogow

    Dividing, Categorizing and Relating

    An orderly mind is the path to an orderly life. With a lot of incoherent things around you, at best you simply lose focus on what is really important. Planning and concentration have to do with the positive aspects of Mercury and Saturn, this is where we create the concept and direction to...
  50. Bogow

    Paradigms - frames of thinking.

    Correct formation of thinking and the art of thinking is extremely important for an adequate perception of reality. The presence of cognitive distortions, prejudices, harmful programming and assumptions constrains our thinking and prevents us from seeing things clearly. Among other things, we...
  51. Bogow

    merging elements

    Chamomile correlates with the element of air because the flower itself has a more white color and a certain “light” vibe. The element of water for the seriousness of feelings in your case could work with other flowers and plants that have greater density.
  52. Bogow

    The Osiris Myth

    I believe that the Myth of Osiris, Set and Horus is understood too superficially, and sometimes not understood at all. Thanks to the help of our wise Gods teachers and for the benefit of the entire SS family, I am writing this article where I will try to understand some of the confusing elements...
  53. Bogow

    Explanation of Masonic degrees

    First of all, let's refresh our heads on what we know about the modern freemasons from JoS: https://satanslibrary.org/666BlackSun/Illuminati.html Let's pay special attention to this part: However, what exactly was freemasonry, what was it intended to be, before all this Jewish scam that it has...
  54. Bogow

    Tucker Putin Interview - United States, China and Russia

    As a native speaker of the language, I enjoyed the play on words and references that are given as “arguments” for the destruction of the White population of Ukraine and Russia. Regarding military affairs, all this simply looks like a hush-up and a fake game. Waste of time. While you are...
  55. Bogow

    Many people getting sick lately

    In addition to the main spiritual reasons (lack of normal protection and strong chakras), illnesses have recently really crossed all previously known limits. This applies primarily to the evolution of viruses, which, as we know, become stronger the harder we fight them. Every year the influenza...
  56. Bogow

    Astrology is Nonsense

    In order to prove to yourself (first of all) the truth of astrology, I suggest you think about what synastry is. Do a little test. Take 10, or better yet 20 couples who have been married for a long time. And analyze their relationship. Be sure that you will find all the descriptions from the...
  57. Bogow


    I've used a lot of crystals, worn amulets of certain stones, and generally gained some experience with these things. First of all, I want to confirm the HP Lydia words regarding the fact that stones emit their own energy. It started many years ago, I was having problems with the discipline to...
  58. Bogow

    What's your philosophy of Satya: Eternal Truth?

    Thank you for this post. It was during these Thoth rituals that I realized the importance of writing as an act of magic. Reasoning about important things allows you to follow the same path with your consciousness and reach some of the insights of others. Struggle is the path of destruction of...
  59. Bogow

    Imposter syndrome and writer’s block?

    This is a very interesting topic; in general, impostor syndrome, I believe, is part of not completely eradicated attitudes within the consciousness. It's something like a mental belief that you are not so good, that other people see you the same way and evaluate you the same way as you do...
  60. Bogow

    Yuga cycle

    These things, like many things in the Vedas, are related to codes. Indeed, many people try to look at the Sanskrit texts scientifically in an academic way, without realizing that the sages (Rishis) who wrote them were initiates of the highest caliber and training, and in other cases were Gods...
  61. Bogow


    Avoiding all topics related to the justification of using black magic on random people you don’t like, and the moral side of these issues. I mean that you are determined to do this and are aware that black magic can indeed cause serious harm. - You need to choose the right time to work...
  62. Bogow

    Necronomicon Deities

    Usually, the Sumerian Gods are the same Gods of all other ancient pagan cultures, having their own pseudonyms and myths in Sumerian and Akkadian sources. Due to the fact that these civilizations, in general, are very ancient, the Necronomicon literally means “the book of forgotten names,” that...
  63. Bogow

    Kanakadhara sanskrit mantra to wealth.

    https://sanskritdocuments.org/doc_devii/ashtalakshmi-108.html https://stotranidhi.com/en/stotras-list-english/ https://www.pandit.com/goddess-vijaya-lakshmi-names/
  64. Bogow

    Kanakadhara sanskrit mantra to wealth.

    Quite recently I came across a topic about this where General Yeager provided several options. You can also try to make a square of Venus (also Sanskrit) to attract a spiritually suitable partner for you. Especially if Venus is the ruler of the 7th house in your natal chart. I would not...
  65. Bogow

    Kanakadhara sanskrit mantra to wealth.

    Thank you, it’s variable of course, you would pick any to develop best result.
  66. Bogow

    About Trance — An Alternate Approach [MEDITATION]

    Thank you for the wonderful post! This teaching about the frequency ranges of the brain is amazing, but the ancient yogis knew about it. In the Nath tradition, the three rings of Kundalini are associated with waking (beta-alfa), dreaming (teta) and deep dreamless sleep (delta) waves...
  67. Bogow

    Migrant Apocalypse

    In my opinion, you underestimate the true importance and power of spiritual methods of protection and advancement that exist on JoS. Your physical struggle, the conditions in which you are (and will be in the future) are truly in your control and are a representation of the strength and context...
  68. Bogow

    Kanakadhara sanskrit mantra to wealth.

    This method is based on the practice of working with the Kanakadharas yantra and mantra. Goddess Kanakadhara is one of the titles of Lakshmi, and is a combination of Sanskrit words: "the stream (dhārā) of gold (kanaka)". As with the Lakshmi mantra, this money work must be started at the...
  69. Bogow

    The demotion,Maxine,and the slide show

    There are many groups or organizations that are jealous of JoS under various pretexts, trying to challenge the spiritual power of Demons or the Titles of Priests. I personally came across references to attempts to organize something like a “counter-frrt” on the part of random “magicians” and...
  70. Bogow

    Pluto Entering Aquarius: First Signs Of Satan's Era...

    Thank you🙏 As a person who has Pluto as the planet ruler of their chart, I can say that I have been waiting for this for the last 3 years. The first short transition of Pluto into Aquarius in the spring of 2023 was a feeling that “finally” everything was falling into place. Pluto is an...
  71. Bogow

    Celtic Symbol

    Like any true and powerful ancient symbol, Icovellavna(name of this pattern and weaving), has many interpretations and layers of interpretation accessible to the minds of initiates. Firstly, at the microcosmic level, our soul/body is a connection between “all worlds”, that is, the physical...
  72. Bogow

    Aspects through a sign?

    Thank you, its important for me.
  73. Bogow

    China creates a A brain virus that has a 100% kill rate.

    I want to write an answer in this post regarding epidemics, but in fact the information is much more frightening than it might seem at first glance. When we talk and think about medicine, specifically epidemics and everything else, the first thing that comes to our minds is the view of medicine...
  74. Bogow

    Aspects through a sign?

    I am interested in people's opinions here about such a phenomenon as a conjunction (or other aspects, but most strongly a conjunction) between two planets located in different signs. Let’s say someone has synastry with a person’s Mars in the first degrees of Taurus, and another’s Venus in the...
  75. Bogow

    A beautiful allegorical picture of Our Gods

    They are also 4 knights of the Tarot, whom the enemy in his “books” called the horsemen of the Apocalypse. Yes, they were right, but it will be an apocalypse for the deceitful jewish race and its servants. Astarte in this card appears as the Knight of Wands (Tree), Satan of Cups (Grail)...
  76. Bogow

    A beautiful allegorical picture of Our Gods

    This picture call “The Tribes of the Tuatha Dé Danan” by John Duncan. I consider this a great work that captures Our Gods. A little historical information about the Tuatha from wiki: Father Satan, in front, rides holding in his hands his Grail, the Chalice of Lucifer. The Beautiful Astarta...
  77. Bogow

    People In Our Life: Cases To Avoid

    What JoS’s research says is true, I myself have been convinced of this many times in my life. The "elixir" created from the Philosopher's Stone really has to do with regeneration in the literal sense, not just the figurative and mystical one. All at the same time. All layers. The microcosm in...
  78. Bogow

    How to train willpower?

    There are several special recommendations that have worked for me personally. Despite the fact that I have never been a particularly “weak-willed” person, the tasks that I set for myself required a greater amount of will than what I had, and so: 1 Try not drinking coffee and tea for 1 day/1...
  79. Bogow

    People In Our Life: Cases To Avoid

    What Hs666 wrote about duality and the lack of a “correct” view of the situation is in many ways very deep and truthful. You need to understand that in any case you act “from within” your own natal chart and your life situation, your experience in many things is only an approximation to the...
  80. Bogow

    Christianity and Islam Shall Be Cast Out

    Try to actually study and practically apply what you learn about spiritual Satanism, instead of just trying to communicate and find out for yourself. The peace of your soul inside you is what you receive outside anyway. Fill yourself with goodness so that you can share the goodness with others...
  81. Bogow

    Christianity and Islam Shall Be Cast Out

    I was reading some texts on a branch of tantric Buddhism, Vadjrayana, which literally translates as the diamond chariot or diamond path. Studying this, I realized some of the things that HP said in this sermon - the apologists of the Varjayana path, being the mystics of their time and powerful...
  82. Bogow

    Is "YHWH Sabaoth" just "Jove Sabazios"?

    I will not answer all the topics raised in this topic, although it certainly raises many interesting questions. I want to give one quote from Fulcanelli's book regarding the explanation of the allegory of Baphomet. This knowledge goes back to the Templars, who were known to be Satanists hiding...
  83. Bogow

    Stupidity and magic

    The amount of lies about this is literally overwhelming. You can buy or find in the public domain hundreds of descriptions of rituals and practical aspects of “black magic” and the like based on contact with “demons” and “devils”. Basically, of course, this is just a meme. A separate niche in...
  84. Bogow

    The Occult Meaning Of Christ(os)

    I have read Fulcanelli and other alchemical authors who hid (for their own safety) alchemical allegories within a сhristian setting. The problem, in my opinion, is mainly that in addition to something *deeper* and occult things, in addition there are all these dogmas that we are all aware of...
  85. Bogow

    Creation of the 4th Reich

    I have a few thoughts about this. As events in Palestine worsened, I was pleased to learn how much people actually know about the Jews and their crimes. Now I’m not talking about the Arab world, where every child knows what Jews are criminals / but at the same time they *pray* to the invisible...
  86. Bogow

    People In Our Life: Cases To Avoid

    I literally recognized my father in some points on this list; unfortunately, his natal chart painfully aspects some positions of mine, thereby causing multiple unpleasant things in our interactions throughout life. I tried for a long time to fix this instead of just taking a safe distance.
  87. Bogow

    Israel Does It Again: Europe & United States Under Threat Of Terror Attacks

    Also, i would add something about it since there is now an active “closure” of the Ukrainian case and pushing through peace negotiations on any terms. First of all, of course, these are demographic losses. When you read about the millions of people who died during the Second World War, you...
  88. Bogow

    Improving As A Man

    This is very powerful, thank HP for your instructions. What is also unusual is that this is not the first time I have noticed some synchronization of events and various inspirations in my life and the sermons that come out. The theme of being a man (perhaps due to the fact that Mars and the...
  89. Bogow

    November: Ancestors, Departed Loved Ones

    Thank you HPs. Quite recently, my grandfather passed away from this world; he was seriously ill in the last years of his life, and I believe that his departure was something like liberation from the suffering of old age. About a week after his death, I saw him in a trance, in the form of a young...
  90. Bogow

    Israel Does It Again: Europe & United States Under Threat Of Terror Attacks

    Since this topic is partially related to the Ukraine issue, I would like to tell all foreign SS some things that your news services do not want you to know in your countries. This is more about exposing the rosy narrative that has been pushed for almost two years about the “good guy Zelensky”...
  91. Bogow

    So Israel Went Boom Again

    Yes, its total true. The project "heaven jerusalim" is known and they write about him directly without hiding any facts. They built the largest synagogue in Europe in the city of Dnepr (formerly Dnepropetrovsk): https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Golden_Rose_Synagogue_(Dnipro). More of this...
  92. Bogow

    Hasidic Jews garbage collectors[video]

    This post is news and a reminder of what we are struggling with and why we should do it. Most of the SS (fortunately) have very rare contact with Jewish garbage in their lives. Here in Ukraine, even despite the war, they come every year on their "ra shoh hana" and turn the city Uman, which is...
  93. Bogow

    On Satanic Revenge Ethics 2 - Towards The Evil Types Of Andrapoda

    Thank you HP, this really allows me to better understand why I just want to ignore people who are too deluded even to understand what they are deluded about. Explaining would take more time (and energy) than any other activity. To pull someone out of the deep swamp in which he is, you need to...
  94. Bogow

    Artificial Intelligence (AI)- Do Gods Have AI? [Updated 26th Jan 2023]

    I don't think they are "really" surprised by the advent of technologies like AI. In some works of art (for example, the trilogy "Illuminatus!" R Wilson), the number 23 (the year 2023 has come) is openly called the Main number of the Illuminati, although it is quite an artistic and conspiracy...
  95. Bogow

    The Dedication Ritual: Path To Initiation

    How exactly should we practice in order to touch the "Dark" aspect of Satan in this context? I mean that the aspect of Light and Lucifer is practiced through power meditations, saturating the soul with the light and radiance of the chakras, the astral body, and so on.
  96. Bogow

    What Do You Want To See From JoS?

    It seems to me worthy of attention, it is partly already in other answers, but I'm going to expand on what was suggested a little. 1) Write detailed and quite valuable instructions for people who work in various political, public and municipal organizations - how exactly they should resist the...
  97. Bogow

    "I Know More Than You" & Denial - Team Spirit - Be Thankful

    I love this sermon & I feel this will help a lot of people who are confused. Thanks High Priest!
  98. Bogow


    Now Putin has introduced a "partial" mobilization and announced that another 300,000 Russians will be called up for a senseless massacre in Ukraine. It hurts me to watch such things, because I see it not on TV or via the Internet, but with my own eyes mostly. I am grateful to the Gods for...
  99. Bogow

    Pareto's law, antifragility, complex systems, etc.

    In this post, I would like to speak about some things that are present in the world, and are not obvious to those who have not really studied them. Like any serious scientific or professional knowledge, these things are deep enough and I do not pretend to have a final understanding and...
  100. Bogow

    Numerology - "The Core Meanings Of Basic Numbers" 1-10

    HP what can you say about the number 111? Even before my initiation, I used to often see this combination and came across rubbish information about "angel numbers" and the decoding of this number in the spirit of "materialization of intention", which did not impress me very much and aroused...
  101. Bogow

    The "Left Hand Path" And Ourselves

    I would like to express one of my guesses regarding the fundamental difference between LHP and RHP in the matter of initiation. In Spiritual Satanism, initiation concerns an oath to Father Satan and the forces of Hell, and also marks the process of cognition and development of the soul up to the...
  102. Bogow

    What To Do When You Make A Big Mistake As A Satanist?

    The biggest mistake what you may do - walk away from life thinking that there is no way out. My friend SS did this recently, I'm extremely concerned about it. Severe depression, thoughts that there is no way out - these are all difficult experiences that, in my opinion, are imposed by the enemy...
  103. Bogow

    Astrology for trading

    In this article, I want to systematize the knowledge about the use of planets and signs in trading. I am in the process of learning this branch of astrology and I am surprised how many obvious errors there are in those who teach this outside of the Satanic knowledge of astrology. First of all...
  104. Bogow

    Things We Know And Things We Dont - Russia/Ukraine Situation [March 8th - UPDATED - BIOLABS?]

    Please don't trust anything you see in the media without a very good reason. What we have now on the situation in Ukraine is a full-scale invasion of the armed forces in 4 directions with the use of aviation and heavy artillery. There are hundreds of amateur videos with captured equipment...
  105. Bogow

    RUSSIA INVADES UKRAINE WITH MILITARY - War At Almost Certain Possibility

    Thank You HP, i dont fear, i feel Powerful Gods care all time. As promised, I will attach a few videos that I personally do not doubt the authenticity (among other things, there are a lot of outright fakes) https://www.youtube.com/shorts/CqQzL0SB9pc...
  106. Bogow

    RUSSIA INVADES UKRAINE WITH MILITARY - War At Almost Certain Possibility

    With firsthand information (I literally heard the explosions today at 5am) I can say that people in Ukraine are in panic and confusion, and most likely the worst part of this invasion is expected at night. I had problems withdrawing money from ATMs and at gas stations. Unfortunately, we do not...
  107. Bogow

    About Russia/Ukraine War And Certain Events - 02/22/2022

    The situation is really tense. Every day, megatons of fake news are pouring from all sources (I don’t watch them, I just fix them) and panic is artificially pumped up specifically on people who have already been subjected to such suggestions as Covid before.
  108. Bogow

    Ancient Egypt parts of soul and bodies explanation

    Greetings to all Satanic brothers and sisters, in this topic I want to deal with all of the parts of the soul and their properties described in the texts of ancient Egypt, and I also ask those who are also versed in this issue to supplement this topic with their knowledge and information. KA -...
  109. Bogow

    The Ten Year Plan: Charter For The Next Decade Of The Joy Of Satan

    This is a very great plan, I am delighted with these goals! HAIL JOY OF SATAN!
  110. Bogow

    Was Napoleon a Satanic Leader of the 19th Century?

    Yes, I agree about the damage done by the revolution to the Catholic Church. But it is worth considering that the Jewish (((proletarian))) revolution in Russia also blew up churches and destroyed the class of Christian clerics. As for the real Freemasonry that made the revolution, could you...
  111. Bogow

    Was Napoleon a Satanic Leader of the 19th Century?

    I was interested in this question when I saw that one of the symbols that were used in the First Empire was the Eagle, which later, a century later, also used by Hitler in Third Reich. Even the name Reich is analogous to the Empire in German. Some more facts, this is the literal unification of...
  112. Bogow

    Questions about alchemy

    1) While studying various books about alchemy, I often saw "philosophical azoth", which is exactly different from ordinary nitrogen that we have in chemistry, and most likely related to spiritual alchemy, but what exactly is it? Reflecting on this question, for some reason I remembered...
  113. Bogow

    Your Personal Liberty And Hating "Me"

    Some time ago, I had extremely difficult suggestions in my head regarding the "non-existence of Gods and Satan." I did not specifically ask for any help in order to realize and convince my logical mind to love the Gods and Satan, no matter what thoughts come into my head. And later, when these...
  114. Bogow

    Jewish Freemason Jacques Attali publicly admitted Vaccine Genocide 2020 in 1981.In 2014 said WW3 will start in Ukraine.

    Unlike the ideological inspirer of this stupid "investigation" about me, I am not afraid of public or private discussion. Secondly, if you think that translation = stealing, then you really should check your IQ. The more often I see fallen people from different places trying to convict me of...
  115. Bogow

    Vortexes soul meditation

    I "accidentally" stumbled upon this method last summer when I was actively working with my watchtowers. I have found that evenly filling the columns with breaths with different spins stimulates and uplifts energy more powerfully. It turns out that the simultaneous control of two streams in total...
  116. Bogow

    Jewish Freemason Jacques Attali publicly admitted Vaccine Genocide 2020 in 1981.In 2014 said WW3 will start in Ukraine.

    Let's on more comments jewish skunk. It is probably very difficult for you to live with a two-digit iq, if you have REAL evidence that I am a jew, provide them, otherwise shut your mouth.
  117. Bogow

    Jewish Freemason Jacques Attali publicly admitted Vaccine Genocide 2020 in 1981.In 2014 said WW3 will start in Ukraine.

    I didn't really understand this moment, did he predict the war in 2014 before or after the introduction of troops into the Crimea? Nevertheless, their predictions work and the military situation is present at the moment - both the Russian Federation and Ukraine have pulled many troops to the...
  118. Bogow

    The Goddess Astarte & Happy Ostara

    Hail Astarte! Hail Duat Gods! I feel really powerful energy on this date.
  119. Bogow

    I dont know how write to HP Hooded Cobra

    Thanks HP. My comrade wrote to you in email. Too many words were spoken by Edward to discuss it publicly.
  120. Bogow

    I dont know how write to HP Hooded Cobra

    Greeting HP, i am SS member with 2018 and start internet activism in own Russian social network Vk. I and my friends translate English sermons to Russian and realise big popular group in this networks. We have positive response. ************** and ************** together have over 40k members...
  121. Bogow

    To Glory

    Its very powerful sermon, i feel goosebumps while reading this.
  122. Bogow

    Israel: Chinese Diplomat Found Dead - US Not Happy About Isreal and China Relationship

    I think these are the consequences of Mars entering Pisces: Pisces in Tarot are XVIII arcane Moon, exactly the same conspiracies, murder and spy games
  123. Bogow

    Meanwhile in Russia, enemy drops masks

    Translate: "Archpriest Alexey Chaplin: The main problem of modern Orthodoxy, and Russia is that we have forgotten how to be slaves. Christianity is a religion of conscious and voluntary slavery. Slave psychology is not some kind of hidden subtext, but the norm of attitude for the Orthodox...
  124. Bogow

    Russian Joy of Satan sites destroyed

    Hiel all Satanic people! In a last week our Russian site Joy of Satan has been blocked but has forbidden in Russian Federation information. The death of communism forum and mirror Joy of Satan destroyed too. Enemy is no sleep, and in Russian Federation passed the law of isolation Russian part...
  125. Bogow

    Mark of xianity

    Thanks HP! In second part of question i mean xianity mark in 666-chakra which can be seen with astral eyes. I working to my 666-chakra with RAUM vibration 216 times every day, and felt free from it, but my friend can seeing astral told me "You chakra have xianity mark does not matter" :/
  126. Bogow

    Mark of xianity

    Greeting all Satanic people! Orthodoxy east xian have baptismal ceremony over babies less 1 year, often at 4-8 weeks of life. Because of xian do in ritual jew black magick over babies in not conscious age, we think( not without reason) is blocked someone soul abilities and poisoned soul. And...

Al Jilwah: Chapter IV

"It is my desire that all my followers unite in a bond of unity, lest those who are without prevail against them." - Satan