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  1. Aquarius

    Question #4984: past live Egypt

    Most likely not, as women don't have enough physical strength to be "warriors".
  2. Aquarius

    Babies, Lies Told to Women

    You've no idea how much this angers me about today's parents. I want to slap them so hard for being so moronic with their children. I'm just venting.
  3. Aquarius

    Babies, Lies Told to Women

    For me it's gonna be homeschooling. I'm already setting up my life in such a way that I can work from home. Artificial intelligence will also help extremely. I follow Aristotele's quote:"Give me a child until he is 7 and I will show you the man". That's one of my main goals in life.
  4. Aquarius

    Babies, Lies Told to Women

    Absolutely beautiful and very needed post. Thank you HPS Lydia :)
  5. Aquarius

    New Rituals & Schedule Now Live: HPS Maxine's Ritual & Lord Balaam's Ritual

    The ultra orthodox are literally the worst, their communities are so closed that even police can't intervene on them. There is a book by a jewess called "orthodox", where she describes what kind of hell it is to live with the ultra orthodox jews, she recounted how a father once killed his son...
  6. Aquarius

    Question #4948: I think I have arthrosis. Answer, please.

    If you are sedentary then you really are destroying your body. Some bodies are different and the destructive effects of being sedentary will start earlier. You need to do sport, a lot of sport, since you're still 12 I suggest you start gymnastics, as it's gonna strengthen all of your body, and...
  7. Aquarius

    О материальном благополучии/about material wealth

    If you have no talent for anything, then develop one. It takes time and work for that, don't get discouraged, ask the Gods to show you where to develop materially in your life.
  8. Aquarius

    О материальном благополучии/about material wealth

    Be very mindful that the material part of life is also extremely important. Remember as Thoth said: As above, so below. You will not advance that much if you don't also work on your material life. I made your mistake years ago, it only lead to bad results in life. Don't sacrifice your material...
  9. Aquarius

    Black satanist

    If they have jewish dna, then they are not Gentiles, it's as simple as that.
  10. Aquarius

    Thread on tips and help for satanist teenagers

    All is good except being open about beliefs, don't even give the option, nobody should be open about our Satanist ideals unless you're an adult. No need for wine and honey as offerings, offer the Gods your help rather than things they don't need. No need to read the enochian keys, they are...
  11. Aquarius

    May Hagenti be angry with me for this?

    The Gods don't have petty emotions like humans do. They're more understanding than simple humans.
  12. Aquarius

    New Rituals & Schedule Now Live: HPS Maxine's Ritual & Lord Balaam's Ritual

    This day will go in history. In the future, the young students of Satanism will know about HPS Maxine Dietrich and how she saved our world by bringing Satan back to us. Hail HPS Maxine Dietrich!!!
  13. Aquarius

    I try to.

    I try to.
  14. Aquarius

    Uniting Our Russian Communities [орумы Joy of Satan Russia были обновлены! - 17 июня 2024]

    I've read that jews said that: "Slavic people cannot be bent, they can only be destroyed." That's not nothing.
  15. Aquarius

    Are you eating real food? - Nutrition and shedding light on eating healthy

    To slow the fermentation of the milk, put it in the fridge. If you want to make it sour more fast then leave it where it's warm. The more you leave it, the more fermented it will be, and it will still be fine to drink.
  16. Aquarius

    Feeling Overwhelmed in Life? / Accomplishing Goals

    It's mostly mental, you need to learn how to relax your mind. It would be the same for me, but you just need to learn how empty your mind of that "pressure".
  17. Aquarius

    For Our People: The Joy of Satan

    Onwards to victory!
  18. Aquarius

    How I Became A Spiritual Satanist: About My Studies Of Other Religions

    What are you on about? Marxism is communism, Karl Marx was the literal son of a rabbi and was best friends of Moses Hess, another insane rabbi. Marxism is the literal opposite of National Socialism and Spiritual Satanism. Because of Marxism, 50 + million people died. Marxism is the doctrine...
  19. Aquarius

    Question #4892: What workings I can do to make my cat come back home

    In that case the dog has already reincarnated and could already be with a loving family.
  20. Aquarius

    The Cost Of Winning

    These kind of posts are what we need more often. Grounding, inducing to do more in life.
  21. Aquarius

    Debunking the jewish lies about the sun

    It varies based on the individual needs and wants. I don't mind being in the sun for hours, I like it. Someone more pale wouldn't last long out there and probably doesn't even want to.
  22. Aquarius

    It's not the case for me. If anything I've read that it's positive to train both lower body and...

    It's not the case for me. If anything I've read that it's positive to train both lower body and upper body in the same day.
  23. Aquarius

    Debunking the jewish lies about the sun

    There's a difference between sunbathing 10-15 minutes a day for health reasons, and staying in the sun all day long. I also know a farmer who's skin resembles a brown leather jacket because he's always out in the sun. haha
  24. Aquarius

    Il sole - Esposizione delle bugie ebraiche sul sole

    Se guidando con il sole non ci vedi una cippa, usa gli occhiali. Il buon senso non si toglie mai. Io avevo problemi a guidare senza occhiali da sole, poi li ho tolti e sensibilizzato i miei occhi alla luce del sole.
  25. Aquarius

    Are you eating real food? - Nutrition and shedding light on eating healthy

    When milk come out of the cow it's not thick it's the same consistency of normal milk. If you let it wait, the milk does become more cream like and more acidic and is perfectly fine and healthy to eat,
  26. Aquarius

    Are you eating real food? - Nutrition and shedding light on eating healthy

    My Brother, raw milk doesn't spoil, it becomes fermented milk, it's slightly more acidic but it's great for health, I might even add that it's even healthier than when it's not fermented! Pasteurized milk spoils because it has no bacteria in it, while raw milk ferments and will still be...
  27. Aquarius

    My philosohpy for working out is to do the hardest things first. It's easy to start with the ego...

    My philosohpy for working out is to do the hardest things first. It's easy to start with the ego pumping workouts like pushups and bicep curls, much more difficult and humbling to start with the most "hated" workouts. I do not allow myself to work my upper body if I haven't worked my lower...
  28. Aquarius

    Debunking the jewish lies about the sun

    Instead of using sunscreen, try and build a solar callus, sunbathe as long as possible without getting burned, and for the rest of the day you could use long sleeve clothing, if that's not too odd. You can also heal your skin real well with tallow or coconut oil.
  29. Aquarius

    Debunking the jewish lies about the sun

    Summer is arriving soon, and with Summer also comes the jewish driven propaganda about how dangerous and nefarious the sun is. The sun is all but dangerous, it is actually the bringer of life and we would't survive without it. The media attacks the sun saying that it is dangerous to be under...
  30. Aquarius

    Il sole - Esposizione delle bugie ebraiche sul sole

    Arrivata l'estate possiamo cominciare a sentire tutti gli avvertimenti relativi al sole e su come questo sia pericoloso e di come dobbiamo evitarlo. Tutte queste sono menzogne ebraiche e propaganda contro il sole. Il sole è colui che ci da la vita e permette l'esistenza su questo pianeta...
  31. Aquarius

    Growing in discipline

    Reminds me of the quote by Benjamin Franklin: "Some people die at 25 and aren't buried until 75"
  32. Aquarius

    Are you eating real food? - Nutrition and shedding light on eating healthy

    In today's world it's common to be ignorant about food, we tend to just eat whatever we eat while we grow up and never to question what we're eating. This post is hopefully a wake up call to those who have no idea what they're eating and have no idea what it means to really eat good food...
  33. Aquarius

    Aiuto ho problemi con vista

    Quello che dici tu è valido, è fatto per allenare i muscoli degli occhi. La magia è sempre da abbinare alla vita fisica, le malattie si possono curare totalmente con la magia ma ciò richiede molta più energia. Infatti spesso quando si fanno incantesimi per guarire, l'energia e gli Dei ti...
  34. Aquarius

    Aiuto ho problemi con vista

    C'è molta gente che ha fatto la chirurgia, dopo averla fatta la vista è migliorata, solo per poi deteriorarsi e avere problemi e dolore agli occhi. Hai presente la sensazione di avere qualcosa negli occhi e non riuscire a toglierlo? C'è gente che dopo la l'iniziale guarigione ha quel problema...
  35. Aquarius

    Aiuto ho problemi con vista

    Non ti consiglierei la chirurgia, siamo al punto in cui sappiamo che curare la propria vista è possibile in metodi naturali. Non sono un esperto e ho sempre avuto la vista perfetta ma ecco quello che so per curare la propria vista: -Luce infrarossa, comprati una di quelle lampade a infrarossi e...
  36. Aquarius

    3 Body Problem series on Netflix

    I don't know how you can stand watching that multicultural piece of crap that barely has a white person in it. I preferred watching the Chinese series for a couple of episodes, but got bored.
  37. Aquarius

    Joy of Satan History Restored: Groups Archive Now LIVE!

    Absolutely wonderful, but there's something I don't get, are the old forum posts also restored? The ones from josministries.prophpbb.com?
  38. Aquarius

    I am idiot, Has anyone upgraded their intelligence?

    don't start programming if you don't need it in the future. Learn things useful for yourself.
  39. Aquarius

    Question: Is it good to stay up all night to do rituals, meditation and other spiritual works?

    Try a few days of doing this, and you will crash. Sleep deprivation is extremely unhealthy, and is something that if done for many years can reduce your lifespan. You need to find more time to meditate throughout the day
  40. Aquarius


    After the latest vaccine shitshow, I wouldn't give my children any vaccines at all.
  41. Aquarius

    About Iceland

    If you're a mediterranean, I deeply believe that you're not gonna magically reincarnate as a nordic with silky blonde hair. I believe you should just learn to accept yourself.
  42. Aquarius

    Question #4776: Hollywood

    Hollywood is an absolutely fucked up place, it's absolutely twisted. It could look normal from outside eyes, but the more you look into it and the more you notice patterns that are absolutely sick and rotten. Most famous people you know have sold their souls to the jews in exchange for fame...
  43. Aquarius

    About Iceland

    You're gonna reincarnate as you are already, what you are now is what you're gonna be. Also, your reasons for moving seem unrealistic and wishy washy. How are you gonna sustain yourself? Are you educated for certain jobs? Did you know Iceland barely has jobs for its population?
  44. Aquarius

    Updates: New JoS Guardian, JoS Donors System, Site Updates, Outreach etc

    Congratulations JG Karnonnos! Very important times ahead.
  45. Aquarius

    Waka Waka We’re All Africa-Shakira

    Actually we Whites were basically everywhere in the world. There's signs of our civilizations literally in all continents.
  46. Aquarius

    Svegliarsi presto la mattina per meditare

    Se ti svegli presto devi anche andare a dormire presto. L'ideale sono 8 ore di dormita, se non sai quante ore servono a te comincia con 8 ore, e cambia in base ai tuoi bisogni.
  47. Aquarius

    Anyone ever read this about human mutilation done by aliens? Here's an article I read and was pondering over

    The x-files plot, while a lot is fantasy, has some very true elements. The main extraterrestrial plot has very real things in it.
  48. Aquarius

    Anyone ever read this about human mutilation done by aliens? Here's an article I read and was pondering over

    The truth is actually pretty horrifying. The USA government, or rather the "deepstate" part of it made a treaty with the nefarious E.Ts in which the E.Ts give them super advanced technology and the E.Ts can abduct people all over the world. Truth is people get abducted everywhere, and...
  49. Aquarius

    Astarte's Ethics: Now Live

    These hymns are of divine beauty. One day I hope to have them beatifully framed and arranged on my walls.
  50. Aquarius

    Question #4676: sex with a joy

    That doesn't happen.
  51. Aquarius

    Question #4608: how do jews profit from war?

    Watch the movie "lord of war".
  52. Aquarius

    Eclipse Faked?

    Project blue beam is most likely gonna be used to simulate an alien invasion, not something natural like an eclipse.
  53. Aquarius

    I look like a 14-year-old boy.

    Literally yes.
  54. Aquarius

    Happy New Satanic Year: 2024

    Absolutely powerful. Hail Satan!
  55. Aquarius

    I look like a 14-year-old boy.

    The cosmetic industry is literally a scam built on making women feel like shit if they don't buy overpriced chemical poisons that ruin their health. Everything you see in cosmetic stores is literally a scam. The magnitude of such scam is as big as the holocaust. It's hard to believe that...
  56. Aquarius

    I look like a 14-year-old boy.

    This is cancer advice, literally. Sunscreen is linked to skin cancer, not the sun. It's jewish propaganda against the sun. Yes, you can burn yourself, but that's why you should build a solar callus before it becomes very hot, so that you won't burn yourself when it's too hot. Ideally go sun...
  57. Aquarius

    Microfratture piede - Consigli yoga e allenamento

    Qualsiasi esercizio che non vada ad aggravare o farti male al piede.
  58. Aquarius

    Is satanism polytheisticic

    We are polystheistic, just like the old and original pagan religions. Satan is the most powerful of our Gods, but there's other Gods too.
  59. Aquarius

    Epiphyseal dysplasia?

    Most physical problems can be healed by doing specific strength work on the related body parts. I would suggest a good physical therapist like the ones of upright health.
  60. Aquarius

    Happy Beltane, Hail Baalzebul!

    Happy Beltane Brothers and Sisters :)
  61. Aquarius

    Lack of drive, binge eating, low testosterone.

    You really can't lump honey with coke and other sugars.
  62. Aquarius

    Lack of drive, binge eating, low testosterone.

    As for frying, I can agree that too much could become unhealthy, but It's not like I'm speaking of deep frying, and the oil with which you fry is still the main culprit of health. As for honey, I'm gonna go with old age wisdom about it rather than the university educated kid's: "ItS jUsT...
  63. Aquarius

    Lack of drive, binge eating, low testosterone.

    Stop the super dopamine inducing activities like binge eating and endless social media scrolling, these are habits. If you lack testosterone start doing a lot of leg work, high rep squats are gonna be great for that. Aim to be able to do 500 at a time, not kidding, it's gonna take you around...
  64. Aquarius

    Stoicism (looking for a book)

    The meditations of Marcus Aurelius
  65. Aquarius

    Question #4544: What should I do about my half Jewish best friend who's like family to me?

    Same, I used to be friends with a jew when I was a kid, no matter what, he would always backstab one way or another.
  66. Aquarius

    Question #4531: is the loch ness monster real?

    I think the original photographer admitted that it was a tree branch.
  67. Aquarius

    Question #4530: hp hc deep voice

    HP Hooded Cobra right now:
  68. Aquarius

    Question #4510: A friend of mine is Furry, Otherkin and Wikka

    It's a degenerate nevertheless and it would be good for you to cut ties.
  69. Aquarius


    He is not gonna be mad at you, but you are self destroying yourself.
  70. Aquarius

    Do animals have souls?

    You don't change species nor race when reincarnating.
  71. Aquarius

    Magnesio colloidale - è sicuro?

    Non è plastica ma roba vegetale.
  72. Aquarius

    Do animals have souls?

    That's not possible.
  73. Aquarius

    Do animals have souls?

    Most likely yes, as that's his race.
  74. Aquarius

    Do I really have to start over?!

    No need, just start back at the day you missed.
  75. Aquarius

    Magnesio colloidale - è sicuro?

    Arriva in capsule, non devi metterlo nell'acqua. Lo ingoi e basta. Che non si dissolve è normale. Non ti so dire in quanto si decalcifica.
  76. Aquarius


    We learn from our mistakes, it's great that you acknowledged your mistakes :)
  77. Aquarius


    Ricorda anche di buttarti in gioco, non la Troverai se rimani sempre in casa. Lo dico in generale :)
  78. Aquarius

    Caution Regarding Divinatory Readings

    Look at the thread in which we're posting and the situation that is occurring. I'm not creating rules, a person has been prohibited from doing casual readings on the forums and a caution has been released, it's pretty obvious that JoS is taking a more serious stance on this kind of thing...
  79. Aquarius

    Caution Regarding Divinatory Readings

    Rules do change, and the JoS is changing. In the past we even approved posts by retards and jews, doesn't mean we should keep doing that. JoS is going towards a more quality approach, and things of this nature like the tarot thread must be approved before creating it.
  80. Aquarius

    Caution Regarding Divinatory Readings

    JG or not, I'm a subordinate to them, and if something here is a rule by a higher up, I'm allowed to tell people what they can or cannot do.
  81. Aquarius

    Caution Regarding Divinatory Readings

    You had no right to start that thread, you didn't ask permission to any superior. If you're behaving like this, then I seriously doubt your emotional maturity to conduct tarot readings. Also your signature now makes us understand the emotional maturity that you possess, like a kid who's toy was...
  82. Aquarius

    Procreate is a must, Spiritual Satanists need to marry and have children and raise them in this path

    These are mere fantasies of yours. You are not god and nobody enslaved our Gods.
  83. Aquarius

    Question #4493: whereis stormblood, brightspace, shadowcat?

    Brightspace didn't like the new forums, for some reason he was upset about it, so left the forum. Shadowcat is regularly posting.
  84. Aquarius

    Procreate is a must, Spiritual Satanists need to marry and have children and raise them in this path

    Makes no sense whatsoever. All healthy people who can, should reproduce, your "superiority" claims are absurd and out of touch with reality. Also the part about the astral is false, you are probably new, in this case I suggest you to read the whole www.joyofSatan.org
  85. Aquarius

    Can you grant wishes out of body?

    No, you need to work on it. Start with getting in a heavy trance, you're young, it should be easier. Then when you can enter a heavy trance, you can practice astral projection.
  86. Aquarius

    Mythological Races

    I think you missed that there are White people with an olive tan.
  87. Aquarius

    My Life May Be in Danger

    Bind her for 40 days and evaluate if you want to curse her afterwards. Nothing serious is gonna happen to you regardless, you are protected by the Gods.
  88. Aquarius

    Mythological Races

    How do you even come up with the idea that Asmodeus is mixed race, only to the say that his parents are of the same race. You must be dreaming.
  89. Aquarius


  90. Aquarius

    RTR Ritual Schedule April 14th to April 30th [SCHEDULE FINISHED]

    If you want to be a savior, instead of trying to promote pacifism curse israel so that it may completely fall on its knees.
  91. Aquarius

    Procreate is a must, Spiritual Satanists need to marry and have children and raise them in this path

    You are extremely lucky to have been born to SS parents. You must not at all feel insecure about this.
  92. Aquarius

    Struggling to not talk shit about jews

    Analyze yourself, why do you want to speak about them? Do you feel it's gonna have a positive output? Is there a specific end that your mind is after?
  93. Aquarius

    need solutions

    There was enough blood for me to sign with my own finger. lol
  94. Aquarius

    Question #4416: Do you have proof that I'm the best in the world?

    You're not the best. What have you done to become the best? Also, to become the best you should become as Satan, which won't happen anytime soon. You may become the best at something, but what is that something?
  95. Aquarius

    Senso di insoddisfazione

    Consulta il calendario per i giorni favorevoli alla liberazione dell'anima.
  96. Aquarius

    Senso di insoddisfazione

    Ti consiglio di fare un lavoro con munka e ansuz per rimuovere tutti gli ostacoli che ti impediscono di attirare tanti soldi. 90 giorni almeno dato che è una cosa molto fondamentale per la vita. Dopo quello incantesimi per denaro a manetta.
  97. Aquarius

    Magnesio colloidale - è sicuro?

    Non ci fai uno shampoo, lo applichi sulla pelle. Basta che mischi acqua e fiocchi di magnesio in una bottiglietta d'acqua finchè non si sciolgono più, poi applichi sulla pelle quando vuoi.
  98. Aquarius

    Question #4370: Career Life (Please Help - Important)

    One must be an idiot to spend money on that stuff.
  99. Aquarius

    Magnesio colloidale - è sicuro?

    La taurina non è che un integratore pieno di benefici. Ciò che crea dipendenza nelle bevande come la redbull sono il tantissimo zucchero e la caffeina. Ne puoi prendere come vuoi, io prendevo 3 a mattina e 3 a sera, ti fa dormire molto bene e rilassa molto il corpo. Un altro modo per ottenere...
  100. Aquarius

    Question #4370: Career Life (Please Help - Important)

    My drawing the line is that this kind of "art" is for degenerates, why would someone buy that? Who in the right mind would buy that?
  101. Aquarius

    Question #4410: Cant slice my finger.

    You should be able now.
  102. Aquarius

    Magnesio colloidale - è sicuro?

    Magnesio bisglicinato Novoma. L'ho provato e mi sembra ottimo. https://www.amazon.it/NOVOMA-Magnesio-Bisglicinato-Biodisponibilit%C3%A0-Stanchezza/dp/B07DFTD7BW
  103. Aquarius

    Attacchi del nemico dopo RTR

    Una cosa che negli anni ho notato nelle persone meno serie e più suscettibile a vivere nell'illusione, è che non usano quasi mai il nome Satana, sempre altri nomi come Lucifero. Satana è il nome più alto che c'è, è significa eterna verità. Ora, non sto dicendo che tu sei tale, però con questi...
  104. Aquarius

    Question #4410: Cant slice my finger.

    Don't use a scab wound. Do as NakedPluto said, very quickly prick your finger and blood will come out. If not, get a shaving razor, that's gonna be very easy to cut with. Don't use the scab wound, contrary to what others say, it does matter how you get the blood. This is a dedication of your...
  105. Aquarius

    Question #4370: Career Life (Please Help - Important)

    It does not need to be a stepping stone, a stepping stone could just be to draw normal anime characters, not hentai.
  106. Aquarius

    Let Us Save The Goddamn World!

    Start with yourself and the rtrs. With your advancement so will come what you need to do.
  107. Aquarius

    Attacchi del nemico dopo RTR

    Nel senso che nel tuo ultimo messaggio hai esposto che non sei assolutamente avanzato.
  108. Aquarius

    Question #4370: Career Life (Please Help - Important)

    You are speaking as if making hentai is a rigged field where you can make valuable content. You are being delusional here. The end user of hentai is a mentally damaged person, and since you're offering a service it means that the people buying it will be adult losers with a damaged mind...
  109. Aquarius

    Attacchi del nemico dopo RTR

    Parlando di persone avanzate...
  110. Aquarius

    Attacchi del nemico dopo RTR

    Ciao papercutspain, leggi questo sermone: https://www.ancient-forums.com/index.php?threads/succubi-incubi-cowardly-bunk.93101/ Non sei particolarmente avanzato da quello che fai dedurre, quindi al 99% non hai una succube e sei auto influenzato. Non vederlo come affronto all'ego. Quella pagina...
  111. Aquarius

    Satanic magic and partner find

    Don't be ridiculous, you're literally at the start of your life.
  112. Aquarius

    Davy Jones and the Hearth of the Depths.

    Could Yahr Hahr me some kind of mantra or word in an ancient language? :p
  113. Aquarius

    Question #4365: Работа [Work]

    You need to charge more then, or make a business out of it with employees of your own.
  114. Aquarius

    Does a man ask the woman out?

    All men should just find the confidence to go to a random women and do small talk, it's really not that difficult.
  115. Aquarius

    Question #4370: Career Life (Please Help - Important)

    You want to make a living through degeneracy and ruining other people's psiche.
  116. Aquarius

    What did Hitler do in Antarctica?

    Hitler was Pharaoh Ramses II in a previous life.
  117. Aquarius


    Ibs is fixed by having a proper diet that has fermented food in it. I've heard of many people fixing ibs with homemade kefir made with raw milk. I wouldn't do a colonoscopy before having tried everything at my disposal. Even homemade bone broth is excellent.
  118. Aquarius

    Video Demonstration: Pyrokinesis by a Qigong Master

    I don't think they will.
  119. Aquarius

    Video Demonstration: Pyrokinesis by a Qigong Master

    He passed away 3 years ago.
  120. Aquarius

    A girl is hitting on me, but I think it's best to keep my distance.

    It's respectable for you to walk away, since you're not white.
  121. Aquarius

    What did Hitler do in Antarctica?

    It seems that there's a lot of our old history under Antarctica. There's also what looks like pyramids there, and they're visible on google earth.
  122. Aquarius

    Fair Treatment Of Knowledge

    Funnily enough, if I was to live only once, I would want for my life to count and make great accomplishments, not drown in degeneracy.
  123. Aquarius

    Rosemary's Baby - Jews and Our Babies

    Yes they do, and they keep doing it. Just look at the Epstein and Diddy scandal. Also, one thing rich jews love doing is scaring kids to death and then killing them so that their blood is full of adrenochrome and they drink it and get high off that. Keep in mind most of hollywood that is very...
  124. Aquarius

    Music is a really important part for understanding how the Mind & Universe Works.

    Welcome back Brother. I always hoped everything was going great for you.
  125. Aquarius

    Tips on how to avoid reincarnation?

    Yours was just imagination. People in Duat are free to speak to you as they want.
  126. Aquarius

    Satanism and social life

    Just go do stuff. Join a book club, go to a fitness course, whatever your mind can immagine.
  127. Aquarius

    Satanism and social life

    By simply going out.
  128. Aquarius

    Is it possible to blot the runes?

    No because the runes that we know draw their power from their original counterparts. But nobody other than very highly initiated people know about the original forms, even top ranking jews don't know about them, so they can't destroy their power.
  129. Aquarius

    About Trance — An Alternate Approach [MEDITATION]

    Buy yourself ear plugs, the kind people use at the gun range. Or those anti noise headphones workers use in noisy workplaces.
  130. Aquarius

    How to lose weight?

    This is absolutely true. Start actually eating real food and cut the processed junk, and you're gonna lose the weight.
  131. Aquarius

    Videogame for us?

    Why not check it out yourself?
  132. Aquarius

    Blacks and Anger: Deprogramming the Degenerate Mentality

    Gosh, that's all they eat lol Even the the african immigrants here in Italy are always at the local kfc lol
  133. Aquarius

    Tips on how to avoid reincarnation?

    I believe you've been here enough to understand that you shouldn't believe in everything these charlatans write in their books.
  134. Aquarius

    Benefits of Negatives?

    It's not gonna bring you anywhere. You like it because you know(consciously or subconsciously) it's a way for you to be stagnating and not putting effort into developing yourself.
  135. Aquarius

    Gaming via Telekinesis

    There is virtually no need for any brain chip. Not even to "train spirituality". A brain chip and spirituality are two total opposites that don't mix well.
  136. Aquarius

    The problem with black jos

    And Whitecloud is at it again, provoking animosity between races. Nobody says blacks are inferior, nobody says that the white race is superior, that's just you being a hateful brat and projecting your insecurities. And it's not whitewashing if it's just history. Lemuria was ours, Atlantis...
  137. Aquarius

    Merkaba > Computer rotto & richiesta consigli sulla magia sessuale/ meditazione con sesso

    Gearshift non è uno la cui opinione spirituale è da prendere in considerazione, solo da tenere questo a mente. Non è praticante, legge solo e commenta.
  138. Aquarius

    Earning fiat and paying taxes versus building communities with crypto

    We live in a society with rules. Crypto is still something not everyone is familiar with and many people will be turned off by the idea of paying with crypto. paying taxes is one type of evil of today's world. You pay them either way if you work as an employee or as a business.
  139. Aquarius

    Merkaba > Computer rotto & richiesta consigli sulla magia sessuale/ meditazione con sesso

    Ricorda che se la tua anima non è totalmente purificata, la merkaba andrà ad alimentare qualsiasi negatività in essa.
  140. Aquarius

    Katt Williams exposing black Hollywood

    He managed to escape unfortunately, they did get his properties but not himself.
  141. Aquarius

    Avrei bisogno di onorare Astaroth

  142. Aquarius

    Astarte: Eternal Queen and Mother / Spring Equinox

    You have been hurt in the past and grew up in a society lacking love. Do cleaning workings and free your soul, you will understand love. Also ask help to Mother Inanna,
  143. Aquarius


    I remember a post of HPS Maxine where she had a conversation with Satan and asked her where did the information from the book:"Introduction to hermetics" came from, and Satan answered "Me".
  144. Aquarius

    Question #4306: Extra terrestrial claims

    Such extraordinary claims are being claimed by governments worldwide every couple of months. You think it's just us in this universe?
  145. Aquarius

    Avrei bisogno di onorare Astaroth

    Puoi fare il suo rituale. Un altra cosa positiva sarebbe non chiamarla Astaroth, dato che è un nome corrotto. Da quello che so preferisce Astarte, o Inanna o Isis.
  146. Aquarius

    Attacchi del nemico dopo RTR

    Pulizia anima e aura di protezione dopo gli RTR sono fondamentali.
  147. Aquarius

    Tailbone bending to the right.

    Find yourself a good kinesiologist.
  148. Aquarius

    Ukraine and Organ Harvesting

    Our SS in Ukraine are fearing for their lives anyways since the Ukrainian army has been recruiting every healthy male available and soon will make it mandatory to enlist if you've not been called yet. Stupid idiots think that saving Ukraine is worth dying for, their patriotism is their...
  149. Aquarius

    IBS and Malabsorption

    No such thing as lactose intollerance, just bad products. With raw milk, lactose intollerance doesn't exist, as the enzymes provide all the support to digest it.
  150. Aquarius

    IBS and Malabsorption

    Cut what doesn't work and add what works. One suggestion, if milk is pasteurized, the no matter how grass fed or organic it is, it's not the real deal. Milk should only be drank raw. Also bone broth can help you a lot, the kind that is jelly when cold. You can get free bones from butchers if...
  151. Aquarius

    Astarte: Eternal Queen and Mother / Spring Equinox

    Love this sermon, thank you High Priestess.
  152. Aquarius

    Idealism VS Objectivity in Satanism?

    Gattaca is some kind of utopian nightmare based of the false idea that "Nazis" only wanted blue eyed people with blonde hair. Which is totally false.
  153. Aquarius

    Idealism VS Objectivity in Satanism?

    Most people, even when exposed to the truth, simply won't care about it. Not everyone is made for the path. Even when we're gonna have the next golden age, there will be people who won't participate in truth. Eugenics will fix most problems in the future, and those that have life altering...
  154. Aquarius

    Crypto for Europe?

  155. Aquarius

    Rituale del matrimonio

    Idealmente Il matrimonio Satanico non si dovrebbe fare se non siete stati insieme giá per un po di anni(almeno 4). Questo semplicemente per sapere che a lungo termine funzionate e che poi non fate casini che vi portano a divorziare.
  156. Aquarius

    i love him, but i don’t love him sexually. help?

    Your problem is the addiction to porn, porn is extremely mentally stimulating, sex won't come even close to the kind of stimulation you get from porn. If you want a healthy and happy sex life you must abstain from porn and deprogram yourself from it.
  157. Aquarius

    Rituale del matrimonio

    Uno di voi due può incaricarsi di fare la parte del sacerdote.
  158. Aquarius

    Genuine v Artificial LGB Things Thread

    I'll come back to this later, maybe I wasn't too rational minded when I wrote that.
  159. Aquarius

    Genuine v Artificial LGB Things Thread

    Reminds me of the old "third sex" drama. Perhaps I'm wrong, but I don't see a need for a thread for gay people.
  160. Aquarius

    Genuine v Artificial LGB Things Thread

    There is literally no point in creating an identity on being gay, you're not special or anything like that. Or even creating a post just for gays, makes no sense to me and just looks like a "hey, we're different and special!".
  161. Aquarius

    Bullying, Physical Abuse (for students etc)

    The one time a guy started picking on me in high school, I clearly told him that if he continues then it would get bad for the both of us. From that day he actually started liking me lol
  162. Aquarius

    Obsessing Over Physical Looks; Personality

    This is not true. No white souls reincarnate in black mixed bodies. Mixed people most likely have the soul of a black person.
  163. Aquarius

    Leadership for Blacks

    HPS Maxine didn't want to be a leader, she said it herself, but the circumstances led her to become one, there was no other way.
  164. Aquarius

    My Dreams Have Stopped.

    You do indeed dream, you just don't remember them. A method that works 100% to remember them is to set your allarm a couple hours before you normally wake up, then immediately go to sleep. It's also very easy to control the dreams with this method.
  165. Aquarius

    Could Castrate a cat affect his/her soul?

    It doesn't create any bad karma.
  166. Aquarius

    Also doesn't explain finding money on the street. Such situations exist, but they're not...

    Also doesn't explain finding money on the street. Such situations exist, but they're not recurring, and are unique.
  167. Aquarius

    Money is the indirect byproduct of the value you give to the world. Chasing money won't lead...

    Money is the indirect byproduct of the value you give to the world. Chasing money won't lead you to money. Bring value to people. Focus on this and money will come.
  168. Aquarius

    Something is bothering me lately

    There's a book called "Release your breaks", I think it may help you a lot.
  169. Aquarius

    Question #4189: Blood donation

    Donating blood is actually healthy.
  170. Aquarius


  171. Aquarius

    Michael Jackson and jews

    A very informative twitter thread
  172. Aquarius

    Question #4189: Blood donation

    I personally wouldn't donate my sperm for the reasons you listed.
  173. Aquarius

    Question #4189: Blood donation

    It wouldn't. If it was like that, then jews could not get blood transfusions, which they get. Some also get them from kids, to make themselves live longer.
  174. Aquarius

    Question #4189: Blood donation

    It's good for you and society. If you ever need blood for any reason, they're gonna use blood from someone who generously donated it.
  175. Aquarius

    Muscle strength

    From what i've read, it seem people have a bad long term experience with it. Low reps high weight, I've heard a lot of bad experiences, seems like people will get a lot of aches and pains and problems. Remember that a man that can do a pushup with a lot of weight on his back, can outperform...
  176. Aquarius

    Question #4178: Which Religion are we, as Satanist...

    We are *Drumrolls*......... Satanists.
  177. Aquarius

    Problems in anyway? Call Me At :(+1)666-COBRA'S-FAULT

    The gta san andreas gif is hilarious😹
  178. Aquarius

    Crypto and taxes

    Sorry, I can't catch what you're trying to tell me.
  179. Aquarius

    Crypto and taxes

    The question is not wrong, but asking in a general forum where people all over the world will be answering is counter productive. Tax regulations are different in each country, so it should've been limited to the italian forum in your case.
  180. Aquarius

    Good books on hypnosis

    Hypnosis is literally just go into a trance and affirm whatever you want to change of yourself. Sigmund Freud is the most disgusting jew from which you can find knowledge,
  181. Aquarius

    Question #4154: Excessive swearing and crude language

    Very simply your mind became accustomed to this, and now it's a mental habit that you have to break consciously.
  182. Aquarius

    Question #4157: Risk of another war in Eastern Europe

    An rtr won't help you I'm afraid.
  183. Aquarius

    Obsessing Over Physical Looks; Personality

    As JG Blitzkreig said, bodybuilding trends are also terrible especially for young people. For example, for (((some reason))), sam sulek gets promoted A LOT on youtube, he's a 21 yo gentile kid who is on steroids, this boy is gonna die before he reaches 35 but is extremely loved by the community...
  184. Aquarius

    NATO Psychos Proclaim Ukraine WILL join NATO ,Imminently starting WW3

    It's not really important, what is important is their blood, which is mobile and not confined to a territory, but they don't understand that and go genocide themselves in name of "patriotism". Patriotism is not gonna feed their kids when the dads have proudly died in war serving the jewish...
  185. Aquarius

    Learn Any Language & Improve Your Grammar

    The best way to learn a language is immersing yourself in it. One good method is the natural method, which is not about methodical grammar learning but actually speaking the language. Pimsleur and assimil are great resources.
  186. Aquarius

    Life is a War: Fitness as a concept of preparing for War

    Your first reply is literal gibberish. How do you even equate running in the morning with cycling, or even say that only professional athletes need it?
  187. Aquarius

    Question #4137: Do Gods Cry?

    I don't think the Gods, especially Azazel, cried for you. Don't take this the wrong way though.
  188. Aquarius

    Fitness from a Satanic Point of View

    Remember that like everything, it can after a while look like a chore, but you can make it fun, like trying different positions, exercises ecc The beautiful thing about our body is you can train it in many many ways and also without tools. You can just for example press your palms together, and...
  189. Aquarius

    Life is a War: Fitness as a concept of preparing for War

    If you don't want to be "attacked", which is just me saying not to take you seriously, then act like a decent person and post coherent posts, not gibberish.
  190. Aquarius

    Life is a War: Fitness as a concept of preparing for War

    I'm not an expert at running, when I run I usually just push myself if I want more and never ever stop until I'm done. As for the weather, when it's raining it's great because it makes me fresher, when it's hot I just run in shorts(also keep in mind I run in sandals, not "normal" shoes. When...
  191. Aquarius

    Life is a War: Fitness as a concept of preparing for War

    Movement is a literal necessity. Better blood flow means better qi flow.
  192. Aquarius

    Life is a War: Fitness as a concept of preparing for War

    Perhaps if your replies were more respectful and coherent, then you would be treated as someone worthy to have a discussion with. But the way you pose yourself is that of a troll, so until then, you will be treated as such.
  193. Aquarius

    Life is a War: Fitness as a concept of preparing for War

    This guy Ethan is not one to take very seriously.
  194. Aquarius

    IBS and Malabsorption

    For tcm you can try booking an appointment with Brother CentralForce.
  195. Aquarius

    Life is a War: Fitness as a concept of preparing for War

    I was yet to hear that people run at 6 am to become cyclists. The things that you learn every day!
  196. Aquarius

    Life is a War: Fitness as a concept of preparing for War

    Life can be compared to a literal war. We don't know what life has in store in our individual lives. We don't know who we're gonna meet, the situations we're gonna be in. The majority of the population is totally vulnerable to the unexpected. But we SS have the gift of having been reminded of...
  197. Aquarius

    IBS and Malabsorption

    You need to add fermented foods in your diet, like homemade kefir, kombucha, fermented veggies ecc
  198. Aquarius

    Focusing Your Mind on Your Goals; Avoiding Brain Pollution

    If you keep this behaviour up you will have a zombie teenager full of mental problems down the line. Take your responsability as a parent. An 8 year old shouldn't even have an ipad. I don't want to offend you, but I believe that parents who give their kid so much access to the internet have...

Al Jilwah: Chapter IV

"It is my desire that all my followers unite in a bond of unity, lest those who are without prevail against them." - Satan