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  1. DarkPagan666

    Focalor / Lucifuge Rofocal Ritual Now LIVE!

    Lucifius Focalor's ritual was extremely empowering and blissful. He is a very powerful Demon indeed. I have been longing for his ritual for a very long time. He have helped in the past with certain matters. My deepest gratitude to Him! He is truly an amazing Demon, a great Friend. Thank you, HP...
  2. DarkPagan666

    Question #4145: changing sexual attractions

    If you want to become more attracted to one thing over another, you should genuinely desire to let go of the thing you are trying to move past or overcome (if that is what you desire). Although, sexual attractions can be changed through programming the mind, as one example. You could repeat an...
  3. DarkPagan666

    Why The Joy of Satan Is Not A Political Organization

    It got me thinking of the saying, 'When you meditate, you improve yourself and the Universe as a whole.' Spirituality elevates our existence to higher planes, which fosters personal growth and improvement. Spirituality cultivates a compassionate, empathetic, and proactive approach to engaging...
  4. DarkPagan666

    Focusing Your Mind on Your Goals; Avoiding Brain Pollution

    It has been cautioned before against succumbing to the pollution of the mind, which merely acts as an impediment to progress; In our current era, wisdom is replaced by knowledge, and knowledge is replaced by information, and information is just chunks of data, i.e. fragments of information. I...
  5. DarkPagan666

    A Note About Psychiatric Drugs

    Historically, psychiatric treatment has been associated with practices such as institutionalization and forced interventions. Concerns STILL persist about the misuse of psychiatric care, which includes involuntary commitment, electroconvulsive therapy, and psychosurgery... to name a few. The...
  6. DarkPagan666

    Satanas vibration to the solar chakra

    To avoid any confusion, here's a correction: '...all the way to the Crown chakra and even into the Pineal Gland and the Third Eye.' I was a bit ahead of myself when I was writing that.
  7. DarkPagan666

    Satanas vibration to the solar chakra

    To anyone who wants to use SATANAS in the Chakras: S in the Base Chakra. A in the Sacral Chakra. T in the Solar Chakra. A in the Hearth Chakra. N in the Throat Chakra. A in the Sixth Chakra. S in the Crown Chakra. This generates a lot of energy and stimulates the Kundalini. All the letters of...
  8. DarkPagan666

    Satanas vibration to the solar chakra

    It is safe to vibrate 'Satanas' into all of the chakras; I've done this many times. Go ahead and try it out to feel how it goes for you.
  9. DarkPagan666

    Bloating Stomach Wife please advise

    Hello, EnkiUK. It is difficult to provide proper advice without knowing her diagnosis when she is in that state. Does your wife take any medication or supplements? The FODMAP diet and gluten-free diet are different approaches, but they may overlap in some cases. The FODMAP diet is often...
  10. DarkPagan666

    Achieving mastery in a particular area.

    The 10,000-hour rule is a generalization and not an absolute truth. Mastery in any field is influenced by various factors, and the number of hours needed can vary based on individual characteristics, the nature of the skill, inherent talent and attributes, and the learning environment. As for...
  11. DarkPagan666

    Pag may nanghaharass na kapitbahay tip

    Ang pag-unawa sa "oras ng panliligalig" ng isang kapitbahay sa pamamagitan ng kanilang astrological chart ay hindi kailangan, o kahit na naa-access para sa karamihan ng mga tao. Sa halip, isaalang-alang ang paglinang ng isang pare-pareho at matatag na Aura ng Proteksyon at panatilihing mataas...
  12. DarkPagan666

    Question #3881: Early pregnancy GERD medicine

    I strongly advise you to seek a second opinion from another medical doctor to further assess and address your situation. Dark blood or black stools can sometimes indicate bleeding in the upper gastrointestinal tract. This could be a serious side effect or an indication of an underlying issue...
  13. DarkPagan666

    Question #3879: saturn in ascendant

    If Capricorn is on your ascendant, it significantly shapes your personality, and Saturn's influence becomes prominent in your life. However, it's crucial to note that this influence need not be inherently negative. An example is someone I know with Capricorn rising and Saturn in Cancer. This...
  14. DarkPagan666

    Question #3877: Will estrangement from family cause karmic issues later on?

    Challenging family dynamics and strained relationships can have a lasting impact that transcends into subsequent lifetimes. Such familial hardships often stem from connections formed in past lives, resulting in karmic imprints that manifest as adverse circumstances in the present lifetime. This...
  15. DarkPagan666

    Question #3876: Does being aborted harm the soul or relate to karma?

    Lilith supports abortion for very good reasons. Women should have the right to make decisions about their own body and reproductive choices, and should have the autonomy to make decisions about whether to continue a pregnancy based on their individual circumstances. Women should be able to make...
  16. DarkPagan666

    Thoth's Power Ritual: NOW LIVE!!! [Jan 28th to Feb 5th 2024]

    I've never been filled with such pleasure and blissful high. I felt extreme bliss, and lighted up. It is by far the most powerful I've ever experienced! Thank you High Priest Hooded Cobra, and thank you Lord Thoth for the blessing and your gifts! Hail Thoth! Hail Satan!
  17. DarkPagan666

    A question about the square of the moon

    Svaha, as it is spiritual and directly empowers the chakra. As an example, use an affirmation like "My Third Eye is now empowered, open, and functioning, in a very beneficial way for me". The sentence can be customized as you see fit.
  18. DarkPagan666

    The Cannabis-Fruit/Vegetable Syndrome

    I have had issues with my replies as they keep jumping back to old drafts when I delete or move sentences whilst typing. Old sentences suddenly move or reappear inappropriately, so my reply above is not the one I intended to post. I apologize for any confusion. Although, the above certainly...
  19. DarkPagan666

    The Cannabis-Fruit/Vegetable Syndrome

    Neptune retrograde itself is not inherently negative, and neither is the planet Neptune. As highlighted by HPS Lydia, individuals with a Capricorn emphasis may sometimes feel excessively nervous, leading them to resort to Cannabis/Marijuana for relaxation. However, cultivating a basic meditation...
  20. DarkPagan666

    The Cannabis-Fruit/Vegetable Syndrome

    1) Rhinitis is usually a consequence due to an allergic reaction that causes an inflammation, called allergic rhinitis. In allergic rhinitis, the immune system overreacts to allergens such as pollen, dust mites, or pet dander, leading to inflammation of the nasal passages and the symptoms...
  21. DarkPagan666

    The Cannabis-Fruit/Vegetable Syndrome

    Note: Here's another cautionary warning about the harmful effects this drug can have on your body. It's strongly advised to avoid engaging in such activities, as they bring no positive outcomes in the end. Neptune rules over deception, addiction, allergies, and the unexplained. Its symbolism...
  22. DarkPagan666

    Question #3692: Astrology: Mercury square aspect to Uranus

    This is a great aspect to have, and no, you will not go insane. It gives intelligence and original thinking. The loose/medium/strong aspects are an indication of how strong of an impact the aspect will have upon your life. I am born with quite an unfortunate hard aspect, but it has turned out be...
  23. DarkPagan666

    Question #3693: How to understand?

    Hello, There are meditations which allow you to visualize and channel your Serpent energies upward through your seven major chakras. Engaging in this process enhances the energy connection between the chakras, which facilitates purification of negative residues and empowerment. One such...
  24. DarkPagan666

    Questions on Sacral Chakra workings

    Yes, it is a common occurrence. The frequency of such experiences varies individually, with some encountering it more frequently than others. However, over time, these occurrences tend to diminish. Each chakra governs specific facets of life, where their corresponding energetic imprints will be...
  25. DarkPagan666

    Question #3678: The situation in these countries.

    I am very concerned for our people and their future too, brother. Thank you for sharing! Definitely. Due to the pro-toleration propaganda in order to accept their abrahamic ilk, thanks to the Jews, much of our homes, lands, culture and identity have already been marauded and extirpated...
  26. DarkPagan666

    Question #3676: About Valac

    "Quote the scriptures to these deluded idiots. Here is just a few of many: Numbers 31:7 And they warred against the Midianites, as the LORD commanded Moses; and they slew all the males. 31:8 And they slew the kings of Midian, beside the rest of them that were slain; namely, Evi, and Rekem, and...
  27. DarkPagan666

    Question #3676: About Valac

    The Moabite pagan king you are referring to is likely Balak, not Balac. Balak is mentioned in the Bible, specifically in the Book of Numbers (Numbers 22-24). According to the biblical narrative, Balak was the king of Moab who sought the help of the prophet Balaam (the destroyer of people) to...
  28. DarkPagan666

    A few questions about vibration workings and the satanic rosary

    I'd recommend completing the 40 days, as you are on day 36. If you proceed with the work and complete it, regardless of miscounts, the outcome will likely manifest differently than originally intended. Keep in mind that the results may be lacking somehow. Consider writing down your experiences...
  29. DarkPagan666

    Question #3678: The situation in these countries.

    This is very sad and makes me feel so angry. I even saw that NY shut down a High School to shelter illegals, and the students had to resume classes virtually? I've seen countless videos recently of Germany, France, the Netherlands, and England, showing how they've been invaded by blacks and...
  30. DarkPagan666

    A few questions about vibration workings and the satanic rosary

    Correction: As long as you perform your vibrations within 36 hours, you are fine and good to continue your working.
  31. DarkPagan666

    A few questions about vibration workings and the satanic rosary

    As long as you complete your working within 36 hours, you are fine and good to continue. The number 108 is still effective to use when you are working on freeing the soul or other detachments. It's worth noting that Hindus heavily use it, and disturbances may occur from the astral. Another...
  32. DarkPagan666

    Question #3667: three digit number

    Why a three-digit number? 108 and 111 are good numbers to use, but for different purposes. It solely depends on the nature of your workings. Do you wish to detach/remove unhealthy habits or increase/improve something? Using a high number of repetitions daily for 40 days takes much discipline...
  33. DarkPagan666

    About trance

    Trance comes with the relaxation of the mind. To achieve this, you need to be in a relaxed state and free from disturbances. Controlled breathing exercises (power breaths) and meditating upon the Pineal gland can help achieve trance states, though the effectiveness varies individually and may...
  34. DarkPagan666

    About RTR

    The RTR's are unaffected by the Void of Course moons, as the RTR's were begun prior to a Void of Course moon. You can do the RTR's any time you wish, even if the moon is void.
  35. DarkPagan666

    Fitness from a Satanic Point of View

    Thank you for this inspiring post! I work a lot with elderly people who suffer from a wide range of different diseases, though, the common theme is stiffness, weakness, immobility and cognitive decline. Yoga and Fitness really provide great solutions as it influence the body to undergo important...
  36. DarkPagan666

    What's Currently Still Being Fixed After Migration

    In my view, the quoting system functions equally well compared to the old forum but serves a distinct approach that, to me, feels more intuitive and user-friendly.
  37. DarkPagan666

    What's Currently Still Being Fixed After Migration

    This quote only serves as a test for the quoting system to check some things.
  38. DarkPagan666

    Gaum? Ganesha?

    Gaum is usually used to stimulate the Pineal gland. Ganesha is the destroyer of obstacles, and is used to remove specific obstacles to pave the way for growth and tranformation in that area. The mantra is Aum Gaum Ganapataye Svaha/Nama depending on if you are working against spiritual or...
  39. DarkPagan666


    Read these three sites thoroughly: https://satanslibrary.org/ https://satanslibrary.org/ExposingChristianity/EXPOSING_CHRISTIANITY_MAIN.html https://www.joyofsatan.org/Satanism_Sanskrit.html
  40. DarkPagan666

    Jews Caught In Underground Tunnels In New York City

    The Israeli Government received multiple requests from Epstein Client Lawyers to help stop the 170 Name Epstein Associate List from being released. Why involve Israel? Because of this, and much more unimaginable grotesque things. Their fortune won't be promising this year, and with Neptune's...
  41. DarkPagan666

    Very grateful for any advice you may have

    It seems like you have some planetary aspects that influences you to be overly nervous along with a fragile mind. This could stem from karma. I have noted that Capricorns, Pisces, Libras and Virgos are prone to be a bit fragile when they are within unfortunate degrees. Or if Neptune is in a bad...
  42. DarkPagan666


    By not talking or sharing anything that will reveal your Satanic Identity. My partner knows about me being an SS, yet I never share or talk anything with him when it comes to Satanism, as he is without and will never understand. E.g. I never talk about the Jews and their schemes and agendas, the...
  43. DarkPagan666

    Jewish Underground Tunnel System Uncovered in New York ( Pedophile Human Trafficking Network ?)

    I've read about findings like this before. I remember an article that explained how they found a secret room in a synagogue where it looked like they practiced organ harvest, slaughter or other horrendous and atrocious acts as they found traces of human blood among other "things". Just as...
  44. DarkPagan666


    The new upgrade is awesome. While I've noticed some members encountering challenges with certain features, personally, I've found familiarity in the old features, just with a fresh approach. Truly great work!
  45. DarkPagan666

    About Forums Lagging & Update [Update 2: We Will Move The Forums]

    I have been wondering about what happened to the Forums. I definitely look forward to the upgrade and improvement. The JoS is really going through some transformations as of late, which is wonderful to see firsthand. This year, the Year of the Dragon, will be quite exciting!
  46. DarkPagan666

    Vibrational Medicine

    Thank you, I am glad you liked it :) Thank you! I am happy you liked it :) Thank you HPS Lydia :) I'm glad you liked it! :) Thank you, JG Power of Justice! That makes me very happy :) Thank you very much! Yes, delving into Nikola Tesla's work is amazing and a gamechanger ;)
  47. DarkPagan666

    Vibrational Medicine

    Thank you! That would be absolutely amazing! I truly hope that great scientists will re-explore Vibrational Medicine, making new strides and innovations that truly help people improve their well-being rather than solely treating their symptoms.
  48. DarkPagan666

    Vibrational Medicine

    Sorry for the late reply, I've been traveling. Yes, Vibrational Medicine has been explored for its potential in treating and potentially mitigating conditions like schizophrenia, psychosis, and other mental disorders. I am certain that vibrational medicine can positively influence mental health...
  49. DarkPagan666

    Vibrational Medicine

    Vibrational Medicine is a field that explores the impact of vibrations, frequencies, and energies on the human body's health and well-being. Nikola Tesla, although primarily known for his work in electricity and magnetism, also delved into concepts related to vibrations and frequencies that...
  50. DarkPagan666


    The God Set, is a most excellent and mystical Demon. I could feel his power an hour prior to doing his ritual. His ritual made me more open to the astral plane, and I almost astral projected after I was finished. I will do more of his ritual when I have the time. Thank you HP Hooded Cobra for...
  51. DarkPagan666

    Satan Lucifer Poseidon – Lord of the Seas

    A wonderful sermon, HPS Lydia :) The part above is so true. The more I learn about natural sciences and make spiritual progression, things fall into place and becomes very clear of how things in the universe operate and are intertwined. It is very fascinating!
  52. DarkPagan666

    Joy of Satan NEW Guardians: Announcement

    Heartiest congratulations to all new JGs :)
  53. DarkPagan666

    THE NEW JOY OF SATAN WEBSITE LAYOUT IS NOW LIVE! [Update 2 - Changelog 15/Dec/2023]

    The new outlook is truly beautiful! Although I kind of miss the introductory text on the front page, it is nonetheless intriguing and nice to look at (I guess I am just being nostalgic). It is easy to navigate through the pages, which is excellent! I love the glow up of the fonts when I point at...
  54. DarkPagan666

    AMON RA DEMON POWER RITUAL NOW LIVE! - Dec 2 to Dec 6 2023

    This was a most beautiful experience, His ritual touched me to tears. I felt a glowing pressure in my tailbone, and the energy radiated up my entire spine. I felt incredibly empowered, and still feel His blessing and power. Thank you HPHC! Hail Amon-Ra!
  55. DarkPagan666

    Question #3047: please advanced satanists share your meditation daily schedule

    I just want to add here: There are both negative and positive "karmic seeds" that is stored in the chakras for better or worse. This will unfold as an event in your present life when circumstances are in the right conditions, such as certain planetary alignments that matches these karmic seeds...
  56. DarkPagan666

    just venting here (long post)

    You seem to be stuck in a loop of focusing on the negatives. It seems like you're holding onto some frustration and hurt, and that's totally understandable. That rut of a mentality you are in now though, will ease and cease with time. I have been there. Sometimes, however, that mindset can hold...
  57. DarkPagan666

    Unable to fall in love

    Have you experienced your Saturn return yet? Sometimes, people won't experience a major love relationship before their first Saturn return. Certain areas in life will unfold and expand after the first Saturn return. This could be a reason as for why you do not fall that easily for anyone, since...
  58. DarkPagan666

    Elon Musk: Short Message About Jews

    I can't say that I am surprised. Musk constantly do work that somehow benefits the Jewish agenda, as he himself believes in a "one fits all system" (universal basic income, trans-humanism, one world government) i.e. a globalist system, communism. One can just look into the Jewish owned...
  59. DarkPagan666

    The Importance of Using Affirmations

    I don't know why or how, but there is missing a paragraph in my post, after the one quoted below. Considering the above, it is important to end your affirmations with a positive ending, or customize the present tense in way that it will manifest the energy in a positive manner. This positive...
  60. DarkPagan666

    The Importance of Using Affirmations

    This is a reminder to every new member, and to those of you who have yet to grasp the importance of how to use and direct energies in a safe manner; the very reason why affirmations are important. First, I’d like to mention, when you navigate and explore the forums seeking knowledge and...
  61. DarkPagan666

    Question #3141: sterilizing animals

    I do agree with the significance of the sacral chakra, and the soul of an animal. Animals are sacred, and their souls are precious. We connect with animals through the chakras. Many familiars, pets and domestic animals have been with us in a past life. Unfortunately, the majority of people lack...
  62. DarkPagan666

    Which chakra rules over teeth?

    Saturn rules over the teeth, bones and skin. Venus rules over the aesthetics here, though anomalies and deficiencies comes from a debilitated Saturn, thus base chakra. Work on your base chakra and properly align it. You can use "Laum" to empower it, and/or "Visuddhi" to deep clean it. If you...
  63. DarkPagan666


    Yes, I've e-mailed you. I'd like to mention that I'm quite occupied preparing for exams these days (I have 4 exams scheduled over the next three weeks). Therefore, there might be some delays in responding to messages.
  64. DarkPagan666

    Question #3197: Is Lady Gaga jewish?

    I can't describe how much that degenerate disgusts me. I recently saw the jew Zelensky made a deal with the kabbalistic jewess Marina Abramovic to rebuild the school and education system in Ukraine. Marina Abramovic is known for her performance "art" on "soul cooking" for those who are not aware.
  65. DarkPagan666

    Lucifer the Bearer of Light

    Thank you :)
  66. DarkPagan666

    Lucifer the Bearer of Light

    Thank you, HPS :)
  67. DarkPagan666

    Lucifer the Bearer of Light

    Thank you :)
  68. DarkPagan666

    Question #3141: sterilizing animals

    In regards to cats and sterilization, man-made causes usually cause cats to suffer a slow and agonizing death from hunger, cold and disease. Castration will prevent many cats from suffering and dying from hunger, cold, injuries and disease. Sterilization is an important factor in regulating the...
  69. DarkPagan666

    Spiritual Reset Day / Dopamine Detox Day

    I don't know how many times I've conversed with people who say there are too few hours in a day, yet they spend hours on the phone scrolling wasting their time. Exceptionally important post/sermon! People need to be more aware of this and get rid of their unproductive procrastination habit. If...
  70. DarkPagan666

    Lucifer the Bearer of Light

    The study of light is fundamental to various scientific fields, from optics and astronomy to quantum mechanics, as it plays a crucial role in understanding the universe, technology, and the behavior of matter at a fundamental level. “Luci” in Latin means Light, and “fer” means Bearing. Lucifer...
  71. DarkPagan666

    Question #3072: Square and Planetary mantra at same time?

    Yes, that is fine. The importance here is the intent and focus while performing spells/workings. However, you should space the workings out. For an example, when you are using Suryae to clean/empower the aura in the morning, you should wait at least an hour before performing the Sun Square. It...
  72. DarkPagan666

    Staying On The Straight Path To The Gods

    What a peculiar timing, I was just contemplating on many of the things you said in this beautiful sermon. Especially in the latter part shown above. Spiritual Satanism has brought me so many opportunities for growth in so many areas it would take a whole book to write about it all. Even then, I...
  73. DarkPagan666

    November: Ancestors, Departed Loved Ones

    This was a very beautiful and soothing sermon, thank you HPS Lydia! Today I lost a dear patient due to old age. She was very clear and sharp cognitive-wise. She was a very fun and interesting woman, and reminded me greatly of my grandmother. She had just finished her morning bath and wanted to...
  74. DarkPagan666

    Question #3005: Age of Pisces to age of Aquarius

    Pisces is ruled by Neptune, and co-ruled by Jupiter. Aquarius is ruled by Uranus and co-ruled by Saturn. The Age of Pisces was supposed to bring humanity spirituality, compassion, empathy and themes of sacrifice that will lead to spiritual transcendence. Neptune represents dreams, illusions...
  75. DarkPagan666

    Question #2999: North node in Scorpio

    The North Node in Scorpio doesn't imply a "bad" placement. The North Node represents the area of life where personal growth and progression are encouraged. Scorpio traits include transformation, deep emotional understanding, and intensity. That particular placement is not a sole explanation for...
  76. DarkPagan666

    New - Joy Of Satan Newsletter

    Correction on my reply: it is already great, and will continue to be great! The outlook of the Newsletters are beautiful ;)
  77. DarkPagan666

    New - Joy Of Satan Newsletter

    Larissa, your idea is fantastic! It promises to greatly support our members by enhancing dynamic learning and providing effortless navigation through various topics and their corresponding answers. While a similar approach exists primarily for sermons, I can attest for the immense amount of...
  78. DarkPagan666

    Happy Halloween/Samhain!

    Happy Samhain everyone! May the Gods bless you all :)
  79. DarkPagan666

    Question #2974: house spirits,the brownie

    How nice! Thank you for the acknowledgment :)
  80. DarkPagan666

    Question #2995: Fighting hypertnia

    Here are some suggestions that might help manage and lower high blood pressure: Focus on a balanced diet rich in fruits, vegetables, whole grains, and lean proteins. Limit salt intake, processed foods, and saturated fats. Engage in regular physical activity. This can include walking, jogging...
  81. DarkPagan666

    Question #2990: Spiritual or material planetary squares

    You can do both the material and spiritual squares with a positive affirmation to reinforce the positive qualities of the planet. The affirmation must be precise in the wording, using present tense. The squares may need to be repeated in order to strengthen its positive influence. Regarding the...
  82. DarkPagan666

    Question #2989: Retrograde planets

    Jupiter in retrograde, especially when exalted in the 6th house in Cancer, can bring about some nuanced effects. Jupiter in the 6th house typically relates to health, daily routines, service, and work environments. The exaltation of Jupiter can potentially amplify its positive attributes...
  83. DarkPagan666

    Question #2987: Are even non believers like atheist,agnostic or other non believers are affected by Jewish curses

    All individuals on Earth experience varying degrees of Jewish/Enemy influence, although not uniformly. This influence varies based on peoples' immersion in Abrahamic doctrines or adherence to ideologies conflicting with fundamental human nature. Many believe they possess absolute freedom, yet in...
  84. DarkPagan666

    Question #2988: Aquarius ascendant

    Having multiple planets in the 11th house, particularly in Sagittarius, can generally suggest a focus on friendships, social circles, aspirations, and goals. The Sagittarius influence can add an adventurous and philosophical approach to group dynamics and aspirations. Here's a brief breakdown of...
  85. DarkPagan666

    Question #2985: Few Questions from newbie

    The RTR's work to destroy the power, magick and influence the Jews and their ilk have upon this world. When this power is done with, a mass awakening will occur - ultimately leading to humankind's freedom. This will help people to truly improve and humankind will prosper once again into a new...
  86. DarkPagan666

    Why do both Pluto and Sun rule the same thing?

    Thank you :) May they bless you too!
  87. DarkPagan666

    Question #2982: Like stars moving quickly in the sky

    Well, I agree with Larissa here. I cannot really say what these are, but here are some possibilities that could explain such sightings... Meteors for one, also known as shooting stars, causes a streak of light as they burn up due to friction with the air. They often appear suddenly, move...
  88. DarkPagan666

    Question #2980: Can one do void meditation even for 20 minutes every day

    Absolutely, engaging in void meditation for 20 minutes every day can be extremely beneficial if you manage to do so. To those who wants to read more about the benefits of Void meditation: Void meditation, a form of meditation that involves focusing on emptiness or the void, aims to let go of...
  89. DarkPagan666

    Question #2979: Headache after doing aura cleaning

    Headaches or physical discomfort after activities such as aura cleaning or energy work can occur for various reasons: Release of Blocked Energy: During aura cleaning or energy work, there might be a release of blocked or stagnant energy from the body. This release can sometimes cause discomfort...
  90. DarkPagan666

    Question #2978: Does Satan love handicap people and why?

    Satan loves and takes care of his own. If you are handicapped and dedicated, He still very much cares about you. You can still meditate and do magick, and even practice Yoga within your personal limits. But, being handicapped is nothing to praise or promote, as it defies with the concept of...
  91. DarkPagan666

    Question #2977: Do many retrograde planets in natal charts cause delays and setbacks in life

    Retrograde planets at birth in the natal chart is different from the transiting/progressive planets. An example is: Natal Mercury is retrograde. That doesn't automatically mean Transiting/Progressive Mercury will be in retrograde motion at all times, but rather inevitably have their retrograde...
  92. DarkPagan666

    Question #2974: house spirits,the brownie

    House spirits, brownies, and spirits of the forest are elemental beings residing on the astral plane. These elementals are often perceived as friendly and benevolent beings, so-called protectors. They are associated with specific places or environments, and have specific characteristics and...
  93. DarkPagan666

    Question #2973: Insomnia and stress

    Experiencing physical symptoms coupled with anxiety can indeed be distressing, and it's not uncommon for the mind to exacerbate these symptoms. It's important to first recognize that what you're going through is valid and that stress and anxiety can significantly impact both your physical and...
  94. DarkPagan666

    Question #2972: sexual things

    It's completely okay to feel uncomfortable or uncertain about sexual experiences, especially if you've had limited exposure to such situations. It's important to recognize that there is no right or wrong timeline for when someone should engage in sexual activities or relationships. What matters...
  95. DarkPagan666

    Why do both Pluto and Sun rule the same thing?

    The use of the term "power" is nuanced and does not mean they bestow the same type of power, but rather signifies influence, strength, or a significant effect in an individual's life within their respective spheres of influence. The sun represents one's core identity, ego, vitality, and basic...
  96. DarkPagan666

    Question #2959: Jupiter at 15 degrees Leo

    Leo at 15 degrees signifies brute and chaotic energy, which can indeed attract challenging situations or 'hard luck.' Jupiter tempers this energy to some extent, but not entirely on its own. This means you need to do your part in mitigating the harshness of the energies. This is done through...
  97. DarkPagan666

    The JoS Has A New High Priestess

    This day's arrival was always inevitable ;) Your unwavering remarkableness has been constant, HPS Lydia! Heartiest congratulations, sister; you truly deserve it :D
  98. DarkPagan666


    Apologies for the delayed response; I've been quite occupied recently. If you are new and are not used to high amounts of energy, then I recommend to start low and gradually increase the repetitions as you acclimate and become capable of managing higher energy levels. Initially, aim for 3-5...
  99. DarkPagan666

    So Israel Went Boom Again

    Now that makes a lot of sense. Thank you for informing me!
  100. DarkPagan666

    So Israel Went Boom Again

    Several things about the war doesn't add up. It is definitely orchestrated and planned by the Jews to benefit Israel. Israel operate on advanced AI-surveillance technology, yet, Hamas militants somehow could cross the famous air-prison on paragliders like it was nothing? Where is the Israeli...
  101. DarkPagan666


    What a pleasant surprise :) No wonder I have felt drawn to his sigil lately. Looking forward for the new releases as well! The new JoS Ritual page looks absolutely magnificent, that is top quality work! Hail Lord Marbas!
  102. DarkPagan666


    That solely depends on your actions, but likely, no. When you are advanced enough to raise the Kundalini, you will be taught certain meditations that will keep your energies going. The electromagnetic field that the Kundalini generates alone will work as a powerful energy circuit that will keep...
  103. DarkPagan666

    Joy of Satan Website Updates - New Aesthetics

    This is an absolutely fantastic update! Wonderful work JG Soaring Eagle! :)
  104. DarkPagan666

    Joy Of Satan - Ritual Schedule March 6 to March 17 [SECOND RITUAL UP]

    This Ritual Schedule is one of the most powerful I have participated in thus far. It couldn't have arrived at a better date. Thank you so much for this HP Hooded Cobra! The new ritual you just gave out was truly heartfelt, it touched me to tears! I really envisioned all of my brothers and...
  105. DarkPagan666

    Question #629: How do I?

    When you quit nicotine, you will experience withdrawal symptoms and so-called 'junk-thoughts'. The 'junk-thoughts' will make up all sorts of excuses to continue negative habits. The important thing is to gather enough information as to know what you can expect from quitting. Knowledge is the...
  106. DarkPagan666

    Seeing purple

    When you activate the Third Eye, the Sixth, the Crown, and so on, you can see them when you close your eyes. That is a positive indication of that your meditations are working. As you progress you will learn to actually see the chakras when they are being focused upon and worked with. Very...
  107. DarkPagan666

    Mercury Working

    I found the thread, thank you! :) I knew I remembered that from somewhere. I had a strong hunch HP Hooded Cobra did mention it some time ago, I just didn't have enough time yesterday to find it. I've had my suspicion on planets co-ruling other chakras as well. Interesting! Here is the link to...
  108. DarkPagan666

    Mercury Working

    The connection between Venus and Mercury is that Venus is the uniting principle and Mercury is the principle of movement. If I remember correctly: The planet Mercury is sky blue and rules the Throat, co-rules the Heart. Venus is green and rules the Heart, co-rules the Throat. They interconnect...
  109. DarkPagan666

    Question #620: Mars will pass a stellium

    Keeping your energies high*
  110. DarkPagan666

    Question #620: Mars will pass a stellium

    A major life event will occur. It doesn't have to be all negative. Mars in the 4th gives much energy and vitality, especially since it will be aspecting your Sun. You may change your place of residence, as the 4th rules the home and all things domestic. The changes might be forceful and...
  111. DarkPagan666

    The Symbolism behind the Trine Nadi, Trishula, and the Iron Cross

    A very interesting read, Korpi! :) It is truly amazing how everything is so delicately connected. I like the way you use the colors, as it gives a unique signature/personality to your posts, and highlights your points. It also makes it fun and easy to read!
  112. DarkPagan666

    Saturn in Pisces - xtianity in crises 2023?

    The Jews loves to manifest biblical prophecies to make their creation more believable. Drugs can cause people to literally believe anything in the fantasy/clown world. Weaker individuals tend to suddenly join Xianity or other nonsensical beliefs when crisis occurs. It is because these...
  113. DarkPagan666

    Announcing New Joy of Satan Guardians / Positions

    Congratulations to Alchemist7 and Jrvan! :) I am very happy for you both!
  114. DarkPagan666


    A very empowering ritual indeed! Andras is a fantastic God! HAIL ANDRAS!!!
  115. DarkPagan666

    Project Veritas busted out pfizer on how they are mutating covid to sell more vaccines!

    I found and downloaded the video on Twitter where Jordan Walker talks about mutating Covid-19 variants to produce vaccines for future sales. I also downloaded the other (second listed) youtube video which still works.
  116. DarkPagan666

    do we know what will happen near "the end"

    In the end, many of us will have reached certain advancements to the point of ascension of the Kundalini. We, the dedicated, will ascend and meet the Gods on the higher realms. It will be too late for those without, as they have not worked on their mind and souls, and thus cannot meet the Gods...
  117. DarkPagan666

    How to understand the progress of the Kundalini process?

    As you progress with spirituality, your body will undergo changes and adaptations to the changes in your lifeforce. Your nervous system will also respond to alternations and adjust as time goes. These changes will often be seen in what you will experience as spasms, spontaneous...
  118. DarkPagan666

    Question #475: 3 planets in one house

    I do not think this is a Stellium, however, the Sun, Moon, and Mercury, all strengthens the affairs of your 2nd house. The Sun and Moon in Taurus along with Mercury in the 2nd gives you a gift for finances, the stock market, marketing and real estate. You can easily use your intelligence with...
  119. DarkPagan666

    A Closer Look at Numerology

    This was definitely an interesting read! Thank you for your keen perspectives and analytical skills, Korpi! Much appreciated :)
  120. DarkPagan666

    Receiving Gifts From The Gods - A Lesson In Gratitude

    A wonderful post, SapphireDragon! :) A few weeks ago some unexpected problems arose, which became a big obstacle for me. As this was something that was very personal to me, I decided to do a ritual to ask Father Satan for help. I really only expected a little guidance as that was what I asked...
  121. DarkPagan666

    What are vibrations?

    Hello! You can listen to the mp3 files on this webpage to get an initial idea: https://joyofsatan.org/www.angelfire.com/empire/serpentis666/Tuning.html Further you can listen to the mp3 files on this page: https://joyofsatan.org/www.angelfire.com/empire/serpentis666/Odin.html Further reading...
  122. DarkPagan666

    Im new here, who want to welcome me and learn me everthing?

    Welcome :) Read and study all of: www.JoyofSatan.com Begin a 40 days meditation program: https://satanslibrary.org/hp_hooded_cobra_40_day_meditation_program.pdf
  123. DarkPagan666

    Question #472: The malevolence of existence

    Satan is not only about teaching "just meditate and have a good aura bro". Satan is extremely much more than that, in which you are unable to fathom. There are cosmic differences in existence. Positive, neutral and negative. These are unavoidable and a natural law. Satan and the Gods are not...
  124. DarkPagan666

    Question #466: Sun in Aquarius and using the Sun mantra, Surya

    Yes, it is totally fine to use Surya to empower your soul/aura while the Sun is in Aquarius. There is no issue with this. Just remember that when you begin a working to improve/increase something you should avoid a Void of Course Moon, and ideally the Moon should be in a favorable sign and...
  125. DarkPagan666

    Question #464: Grey hair

    Venus rules skin, hair and cosmetics. You can perform a Venus square on this very Friday the 27th (January): https://joyofsatan.org/www.angelfire.com/empire/serpentis666/Venus_Square.html I guess both the spiritual and material helps in this endeavor. The Spiritual Venus square will aid and...
  126. DarkPagan666

    Question #470: Black magic

    Hello! You should learn the three steps of witchcraft, and get experienced with how you separate evoking energies from invoking energies. You seem to be inexperienced with how to separate these. It takes a bit practice, but you will get there pretty soon as you already are aware of the issue...
  127. DarkPagan666

    The Deeper Meaning behind "Hatha" Yoga

    Great post, Korpi! Many will benefit from this :)
  128. DarkPagan666

    Question #458: PLuto Conjuct my chart ruler Neptune

    It gives you two very different aspects to your personality and nature. You may appear as weak and impressionable, but underneath this you can be very strong and will fight to death. It is an excellent placement for meditation and witchcraft as you have an aptitude for magickal practice here...
  129. DarkPagan666

    Question #455: Visualisation

    1. Visualization is the practice of creating mental images/pictures in your mind. Some people are born with a gift for visualization, while other people need to do certain mental exercises to develop this skill. To master the skill of visualization you may want to repeat the exercises on a...
  130. DarkPagan666

    Question #405: Constantly feeling front solar chakra extension

    It is a good sign indicating an activation and opening of the chakra. The dominating attention towards that specific chakra comes from it being more active/open than the rest of them. Keep in mind some chakras are easier to open than others. You should continue on working more on the others as...
  131. DarkPagan666

    It may sound crazy but I want to be a guardian

    Although cowards and imbeciles, some of them do causes harm in one way or another. There was a person who kept harassing me several years ago...it did not end that well for him. Many of us have befriended Demons and lesser Demons who are very protective of us.
  132. DarkPagan666

    Question #372: Medical problem. Need help from men.

    I'm not really a medical doctor, so this is just some opinions on my behalf. The advice and recommendations from your medical doctor is above all here. Venous malformations of genitals are rare, but are easy to compress, they do not regress, and pose little risk of malignant degeneration...
  133. DarkPagan666

    It may sound crazy but I want to be a guardian

    Lydia, Blitzkreig, and the other Guardians have proven their worth, trust and loyalty to JoS and our SS Community. They use their knowledge and wisdom to provide logical, rational, beneficial and uplifting answers and recommendations. They provide sound advice to the JoS Community and contribute...
  134. DarkPagan666

    kabbalistic tree of life

    Very good! Studying is fine as long as the Jewish/Angelic crap is not applied. The pentagram is supposed to be upside down. The Jews changed the pentagram to stand up, urging the New Age followers to focus on the higher chakras, directing the energy out. This causes an imbalance in the soul. I...
  135. DarkPagan666

    Question #334: Chackra opening month

    Hello! :) The initial opening of the chakras should be done before further working on them. Here is a 40 days meditation program that is excellent! This can be customized later when you become more independent: https://satanslibrary.org/hp_hooded_cobra_40_day_meditation_program.pdf The most...
  136. DarkPagan666

    kabbalistic tree of life

    The pentagram symbolizes the five elements. If you refer to the nowadays classical kabbalistic tree of life, then keep in mind this is bombarded with Jewish Magick. It should not be practiced by any SS or Gentile. The Jews are using the five elements too.
  137. DarkPagan666

    Question #340: Clean the chakras or empowerment ?

    This is due to centuries of curses, thoughtforms, ill will, negative events and other negative circumstances that leaves negative impact on the soul. Some of the souls here are newer and therefore have less removal of negative energies to do. Serious advancement does not happen before until all...
  138. DarkPagan666

    Question #341: working with runes

    Hello! This is one way to do it, and will do its job well :) We tend to do workings in different manners, as we are individuals. Your method is very much valid!
  139. DarkPagan666

    Experiences With The Gods: Levels of Experiences

    Hello :) The Gods are extremely psychic. When you visualize their sigil and talks to them, they do hear us telepathically. We come here in a range of different levels psychically. Some SS need to do much work upon their soul before proper communication takes place (as can be seen in HPHC's...
  140. DarkPagan666

    Sexual Energies

    I am happy to help! Yes, when people slack on their meditations, this causes a reduction in the bioelectricity. The reduction of bioelectricity can manifest in sickness/illness of different kinds. After Valefor's ritual, I stepped up on my daily meditation program, an influence of Valefor. The...
  141. DarkPagan666

    Can the idea of "a person's message is their power" be abused?

    Yes, this is a classical tactic of the Jews. The Jews are using Public Figures to deceive the masses. The Jews influences these Public Figures with certain speeches that contains subliminals. The very same subliminals are also used where the masses can get their eyes on, such as television, the...
  142. DarkPagan666

    Question #321: How to correctly interpret golden yods?

    Now I am just going to make a few assumptions here. This may be very incorrect due to these assumptions: Likely, these events will occur after your first Saturn return, between the age 28-31. Pluto in Sagittarius in the 3rd house. Uranus in Aquarius in the 4th house. Jupiter in Cancer in the...
  143. DarkPagan666

    Question #331: Job Interview, but Mercury is retrograde.

    Mercury rules communication and things related to the mind. A job interview may experience different forms of misunderstandings related to communication, writings and documents of any sort. Things may not be fully communicated to one another, or not communicated properly. This can involve...
  144. DarkPagan666

    Question #323: love spell

    Saturn will be in conjunction to Venus on Friday the 27th of January, a time to perform the Venus Square. Can Saturn in this case negatively affect the Venus Square and bring misfortune to the nature of the working? This has never been clear to me.
  145. DarkPagan666

    Question #323: love spell

    The spell is insufficient, as spells/workings usually has to be repeated in a certain number of days: https://joyofsatan.org/hailtosatansvictory666.angelfire.com/Repeating_Magick.html Pluto has been aspecting Venus for a while, and has been in conjunction to Venus lately, this can cause an...
  146. DarkPagan666

    Can you I use SATANAMA to open and empower Third Eye?

    Wonderful to hear! Yes, this can be done as the working had begun under the Moons exalted sign, Taurus.
  147. DarkPagan666

    Sexual Energies

    Sex Magisk can be of advantage if you have a surplus of sexual energies. You can actually utilize this by doing sex magick to clean your chakras, empower your chakras, and open your chakras. You can either direct the sexual energy on the point of orgasm like a beam of white-gold light through...
  148. DarkPagan666

    About heaven and hell

    The concept of Hell comes from the Base chakra where the Kundalini resides. The Kundalini is extremely hot, like molten lead. The burning hell concept is based upon the fiery nature of the Kundalini. The Christians, or namely the Jews, have perverted and corrupted this into a place of torture...
  149. DarkPagan666

    Mercury in Aquarius and improvement working

    If you do the Material Square, this may give you a job in the area of technology and engineering so that you obtain first-hand and direct experience. You will be influenced to learn and grow into the field through actual experience in this case. However, you may still have to actually apply for...
  150. DarkPagan666

    Question #315: Can the ruler of a natal chart be eclipsed in importance by another planet?

    Your Mars ruler is secondary to none. However, your Saturn has great influence on your life due to the affairs of Capricorn, especially if your Saturn is part of the Capricorn stellium here. Your Saturn in the 10th house square to your Ascendant in Aries can make you very driven and ambitious...
  151. DarkPagan666

    Mercury in Aquarius and improvement working

    Mercury deals with the mind, mentality, intellect, intelligence, communications, writing, speech, coordination and manual dexterity. Mercury in Aquarius is a fixed sign with the unique ability to carry through projects. Aquarius rules progress; the development of things that becomes elevated...
  152. DarkPagan666

    Quadrato del Sator

    I am unaware of the origin and function of the Sator Square. The nature of the word Sator resembles the planet Saturn. Sator in the square can be rearranged into various anagrams pertaining Satan for one, and other meanings that is adaptable to the users of the Sator. SATOR: (nominative or...
  153. DarkPagan666

    Opening main chakras before Iron Shirt?

    Aikido, Tai Chi, Chi Kung, and ultimately Yoga are all practices to heighten the bioelectricity, improving its circulation and opening the Nadis points, which provides further understanding of the mastership and fusion of the five elements. The Iron Shirt (Chi Kung) refers to enabling the...
  154. DarkPagan666

    Experiences With The Gods: Levels of Experiences

    The path of advancement to the Gods are truly wonderful! A very interesting sermon, HP Hooded Cobra! Buer was very quick to guide me into cleaning and keep up a healthy spiritual hygiene very early on. Every day I just grow stronger and happier with Spiritual Satanism. It is truly the most...
  155. DarkPagan666

    Can you I use SATANAMA to open and empower Third Eye?

    Chandramase is directly connected to the Third Eye. The Moon Square is the best option in my opinion. Suryae is of the Sun and can generate much energy on the point of focus. You can breathe in white-gold light into your chakra, focus upon, and vibrate Suryae. Suryae helps to clean/purify the...
  156. DarkPagan666

    Can you I use SATANAMA to open and empower Third Eye?

    It is good for empowerment which helps to further open it. SATANAS can be vibrated into all of the chakras. You can use Surya and Chandramase in your Third Eye as well. You can also begin a Moon Square tomorrow on monday the 2nd of January (just to avoid confusion) to further empower your third...
  157. DarkPagan666

    Question #264: ic in scorpio

    Pluto rules your 4th house (IC). Look at the house your Pluto is in to see possible affairs that your family is going to interfere and may be much part of. Your early life may have been filled with intense experiences. The family may be of an intense nature and is powerful or dominating...
  158. DarkPagan666

    I'm Leaving for Good; My New Year's Resolution..

    Wow. Yet another member who fails to take the necessary precautions and responsibilites in their life and blame their own self-undoing upon others. What is the point of leaving the Forum with such a sob story anyway? You are not entitled to Blitzkreigs' or any other valuable members' help...
  159. DarkPagan666

    Question #285: What Happens when the Moons Nodes Flip in a Solar Return?

    A fated event will occur. Your SR North Node will be in conjunction with your Natal South Node. This means your Natal North Node will be in conjunction with your SR South Node in the 6th house. These also will be in opposite to each other. I am unaware of your Natal placement and the overall...
  160. DarkPagan666

    Question #288: Weird Question: What Astrological Signs and Placements cause Affinity for Sex Work?

    In addition, Virgo on the eight house cusp can also influence someone having a job and working with sex. 8th house rules sex and Virgo rules work. Using Karnonnos example: Virgo on the 6th house cusp with ruling Mercury placed in the 8th house is seen in many pornstars for one.
  161. DarkPagan666

    Forum member doing sex magick on my soulmate?

    I was unaware of that. Thank you for informing me! In that case, he is completely ignorant to say the least. Our Gods would never punish the White race or any Gentile races, and do not tolerate race mixing. That is the Enemy, period.
  162. DarkPagan666

    Forum member doing sex magick on my soulmate?

    Soulmates are not necessarily formed under Satan. This can be formed when certain individuals partner up through multiple lifetimes, forming an exceptionally strong bond i.e. equivalent to a soulmate. Some latinos are quite mixed and closer to white people. Though they still have darker...
  163. DarkPagan666

    Forum member doing sex magick on my soulmate?

    If your ex-friend is another dedicated Satanist, then take this up with Satan or Beelzebul to sort this out. One of your soulmates? As in plural? When did the person start doing sex magick on her? Mars rules strictly sex magick. Mars is currently in retrograde so sex magick can backfire and...
  164. DarkPagan666

    Dealing with human death - my experience/opinion

    Absolutely not. Death is stagnation. Darkness and light do not refer to literal death. Even the Death Stage in Magnum Opus do not refer to a literal death i.e. physical death. Accepting or embracing death is of Abrahamic teachings. Nothing else. When someone dies they depart from the physical...
  165. DarkPagan666

    Question #243: Why I don't have natural spiritual abilities?

    Pluto powerfully aspecting Mercury is excellent for focus and concentration. It comes from someone who has worked on their soul and mind in a past life. This aspect alone gives natural abilities for meditation, the spiritual and workings of magick. You have to practice this daily in order to...
  166. DarkPagan666

    Question #256: Nazi

    You don't have to conform and agree upon anything you don't want too. That is the reality. The most important thing here is to do as you already are saying. Keep on with your daily meditations, workings and studies. This is the most important. But, please know, being a Satanist is...
  167. DarkPagan666

    Question #249: Leo 25 Degrees

    There can be strengthening, neutral and offsetting influences here. With your Sun, Mercury and Jupiter placed in the same house here, this offsets violent and negative tendencies. Jupiter here helps to bring help and good will from others. This can also influence good will in you, along with the...
  168. DarkPagan666

    Question #206: Visualizing horrid things

    This could come from certain curses and thoughtforms that are stuck on your aura. The mind is also conditioned/programmed here with hang-ups to cause some setbacks. This needs deprogramming. The positive about this is that it can be fixed through numerous means. You can use the SATANAS...
  169. DarkPagan666

    What about AI?

    Change is inevitable. Pluto is going in 0 degrees in the fixed sign Aquarius, signifying changes that are long lasting. Pluto intensifies this as well. Pluto in 0 degrees in Aquarius conjunct both Altair and Giedi next year. Strange events will occur, along with a spark and rise of technology to...
  170. DarkPagan666

    Regarding the gods

    There is a whole planet called Du'at in the middle of the Orion belt where Satan and his Demons and Demonesses lives. Gods and Godesses that we yet have to hear about also lives there, and on other planets around their solar system as well as in other places of their galaxy. There is an...
  171. DarkPagan666

    Question #171: Ambiguous position of the Sun

    Check the exact degree of the sun. Then check your degrees on the 1st and 2nd house cusp. An example is the Sun being in 0'20"45. If the 2nd house cusp is placed in 0'21"00 degrees, then the Sun will be posited in the 1st house. If the 2nd house cusp is at 0'19"45, then your Sun is placed in the...
  172. DarkPagan666

    Question #198: What happens when an important angle conjuncts 15 degrees Leo in a Natal Chart?

    There can be misfortune and problems with any planet at 15 degrees. Your family member will definitely experience ill fated events that will unfold as the years pass. These can be seen in the Lunar returns, Solar returns and Quarter returns. How these manifest in your family members' life...
  173. DarkPagan666

    Question #200: True Node Conjuncts

    Tremendous energy will be directed towards the affairs of the house in which the planets are placed. Athletic ability and special talent in martial arts, along with leadership talent of high command. There is an aptitude for meditation and magickal practice of all kinds. Possible born sorcerer...
  174. DarkPagan666

    Question #239: bad degrees of south node

    The North Node indicates a destined path we take in life, also of fate. It also indicates something we should strive for and work for to improve things in our lives. The South Node is of fate, past life karma for better or for worse, and special abilites and gifts. Both opposite and balance...
  175. DarkPagan666

    Question #240: MC and 10th house at Libra

    MC in Libra favors good relations with people in high positions of all kinds. It gives tact in conversation, a diplomatic stance in business, and are highly cooperative, which helps to bring a pleasant work environment. MC in Libra influences also people to be unbiased in their decisions and...
  176. DarkPagan666

    Question #228: Scoliosis and kundalini

    Kundalini Yoga directly affects the spine in dynamic intervals, with dynamic movements. Hatha Yoga is more gentle with static postures. Hatha Yoga may therefore be the most ideal excercise in this case. When you continually stretch your spine in dynamic intervals, this will affect the entire...
  177. DarkPagan666

    Question #230: Sun in the 7th house, along with mercury

    To properly answer as I did not read the question properly (just woke up, sorry :roll: ): the Sun in Pisces in the 7th along with Mercury is not necessarily bad for relationships, but it can definitely attract someone who is dominating somehow. If Mercury here is also placed in the 7th, the...
  178. DarkPagan666

    Question #230: Sun in the 7th house, along with mercury

    Sun in Pisces influence a person to be idealistic, sensitive, caring, empathic and peace-loving. Sun and Mercury both makes one prone to being shy, indecisive, daydreaming and susceptible to other peoples' opinions, where the Pisces person can be dominated somehow. People with stronger opinions...
  179. DarkPagan666

    Deep Cleaning

    Read Maxine's writings below on this. My own experience: I used the Mantra for 40 days as a working earlier this year. In the middle of the working I begun to experience a pulsating sensation that went up and down through my main chakras. My chakras felt stronger and brighter, and I became more...
  180. DarkPagan666

    Question #159: People on the forums

    All people go through certain experiences that leaves an impact on the mind to a lesser or greater extent. People grow up under other peoples impressions, morals, social codes, religious and other types of conditioning that conflicts with who you are as a person. This can cause strife or deeper...
  181. DarkPagan666

    Question #147: My biggest personal problems

    You are missing my point. You have a dual-nature towards spirituality. You acknowledge its existence, but you do not grasp it or actually open yourself to it. You have an overly illusionary mind with escapist tendencies. You lack stability, discipline and structure to move onward with...
  182. DarkPagan666

    Question #147: My biggest personal problems

    You clearly have hang-ups in regards to opening your mind to spirituality, which is why you experiences setbacks or even backlashes in your advancement. Your mind and mentality seems stuck and 'stagnated' in a material mindset, preventing you from accessing trance states, feeling energy and to...
  183. DarkPagan666

    Question #147: My biggest personal problems

    Unfortunately, a mindset such as this can be influenced by planets placed in the 8th house of death, 12th house of suffering, especially when the planets and house cusps are placed in violent degrees such as 16, 17, 22 and so on. Other placements such as Venus in Scorpio or even Virgo in a...
  184. DarkPagan666

    Question #135: Spiritual/physical or both – Hearing loss?

    It really sounds like you have bad planetary placements, which can be really difficult to sublimate without any spiritual action. The lack of (non-present) air signs can manifest in hearing loss/deafness, vocal issues/mute, eyesight issues/blindness. Issues that deals with communication of all...
  185. DarkPagan666

    2023 - SS CALENDARS [Update: Hungaryan Calendars Ready]

    Excellent work Brothers and Sisters! :D Thank you so much!!
  186. DarkPagan666

    I can't open my 6th chakra

    The Sixth Chakra can be stubborn to open for some. You can try using Thaum to further activate and opening it. It is important to focusing upon the Chakra you are working with after vibration to help your mind in sensing it and to direct energy into the Chakra. Try to breathe in white-gold...
  187. DarkPagan666

    Aether: The Occult Element of Power

    I am very glad it shed some more insight! As that was and is my intention here.
  188. DarkPagan666

    Aether: The Occult Element of Power

    Thank you, Sunny!
  189. DarkPagan666

    Aether: The Occult Element of Power

    Thank you, Shadowcat! There are more depths to the understanding and knowledge to this, more will certainly be revealed in the future as we grow more in understanding and wisdom.
  190. DarkPagan666

    Aether: The Occult Element of Power

    Thank you :)
  191. DarkPagan666

    Aether: The Occult Element of Power

    I am glad! Thank you!
  192. DarkPagan666

    Aether: The Occult Element of Power

    Thank you. Some people have their upper chakras more active and stronger than the lower chakras, which may influence them to be more of Night Owls than Early Birds. This has to do with the planetary energies that rules the chakras, resonates better with them during the Night. Since you have...
  193. DarkPagan666


    Beautiful ritual and psalm! Happy Yule to everyone :) Hail Satan!!!
  194. DarkPagan666

    Astrology and Financial Significators

    Very informative and well educating post, Karnonnos! Thank you :) Thank you NakedPluto for the additional info and working. I've had success with Jera before, so that working will be very interesting to try!
  195. DarkPagan666

    Aether: The Occult Element of Power

    The first step in the non-visible spectrum of light is the black light. The black light is ultra-violet in color and is known as Akasha, Quintessence, or Aether/Ether. Aether is ubiquitous and is the occult element of psychic power. Ajna is the sixth chakra and ruled by the Moon. Sahasrara is...
  196. DarkPagan666

    Announcing the “Ask Satan” Service: Ask Private Questions Anonymously!

    Brilliant idea, JG Blitzkreig! Many SS will benefit from this one :)
  197. DarkPagan666

    Quitting coffee

    I apologize! :shock: I did not read your first sentence or the paragraph below by some strange reason! I read about your experience with weed and coffee, hence my reply.
  198. DarkPagan666

    Leniency and Tolerance on the Forums?

    Excellent said, Voice of Enki! People seem to neglect that not everything is equally comprehensible for all people in understanding our principles, morals, values, philosophy, the spiritual, the occult, meditation, witchcraft and the application of natural laws. I have seen many in the forums...

Al Jilwah: Chapter IV

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