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  • Recording Communications with the Gods


    It is a good habit for your own growth, as well as to pay respect to the efforts of the Gods, that one details any interactions with them. Remember, the Gods work in purposeful manners, and if the signs they give must be concise in order to not be confused, then this means the message is valuable and also should be reflected upon, both in that moment and later.

    Before asking a question to the Gods, I find it comforting to first ponder the question, so that I know my own question is good. This does not always need to be done, especially in cases where you may not even know how to explain something or have the time. Yet, by doing this, you lay the mental groundwork for them to better answer you. You do not need to be an expert on the subject, but doing prior thought is akin to a student attempting his homework, so at least the professor sees both an attempt was made and they can better point to areas of confusion.

    I have a document where I write my initial question, then under this is I put my thoughts and assumptions about the possible answer. Further, include other context like your feelings, people involved, what you had done in the past, and so on. In reality, anything can go here that is relevant, because you trying to map out the "scene" of the problem. Lastly, make sure to date this, even bolding the question, all of which is useful later when reflecting here.

    Now, open the sigil of the God, perhaps after doing their Ritual, and visualize and sense its energy to the best of your ability. I like to feel their energy a bit first, then begin to repeat your question to them. If you are nervous about this, pull their energy into your heart and throat chakras before or during any talking, which promotes for a desire to relate and communicate towards them, respectively. Further, pulling their energy into your 6th chakra can also promote for enhanced receptivity towards them.

    Afterwards, remain open for anything that appears as communications, such as thoughts in your head, or perhaps thinking about them right before or while looking at words or objects that pertain to your solution. In my experience, I had felt like objects in the environment were used to illustrate the answer to my problem. Not only was this unique to me, but it felt unique to that moment, too, as I would not think the same during a different time.

    This leads to the last point, which is to then record this as soon as you can before forgetting anything, again including as much detail as you can. As mentioned before, some details may not make sense later. Even if you are unsure, record what you observed and how you thought this related to your question's answer. In my experience, going with your first judgement, rather than overthinking it, is better. Maybe you asked your GD about what needs improvement and you saw a clock, then this made you think about the proper timing of your situation, and so on. Maybe you felt a sense of happiness or urgency from the God, so again you record this.

    Now, with all of this laid out in front of you, both a detailed question and answer, this can lead to further thoughts and developments based on the previous ones. Seeing themes and patterns should be easier. Relating this to your astrology chart can be an additional layer of analysis which can lead to further understanding of why the problem can exist. In the above example of timing, maybe you see a Neptunian influence in this area, which makes you further understand why you did not initially implement the Virgo element of timing, as Pisces opposes Virgo and can lead to a lack of specifity or structure.

    With this done, you now have a quality record of this event. If you later deal with this problem, which can be likely for major karma, this serves as something you can return to, or even the God themselves can use this to better communicate in later interactions, giving an impulse to recheck your notes and remember to implement your solutions, and so on.

    In conclusion, proper notetaking of both the questions and answers posed and received towards the Gods demonstrates and creates value as their student of them. This can be done in simple or advanced forms, plus combined with additional research or meditation to amplify the result.

    Thank you for reading.

    Additional Insight from HPS Maxine
    Ritual Tools and Their Uses
    "The Book of Shadows is also known as a Spellbook. Some people call it a Black Book. It is your own private journal of ritual and magickal workings, their outcome, what you did and when and how you did it, spirit communications, and manifestations, and the planets; anything that is relevant to your working. It is a private record you can keep and refer to in recording all of your ritual experiences and workings in detail. Do not confuse a Book of Shadows/Black Book/ Spellbook with a Grimoire. A Grimoire is a book that has spells and such already contained therein. A Grimoire is not a personal journal, and can be used by anyone. It is not personal. There are many grimoires available that are not only very dangerous, but are blasphemous to Satan and our Demons and should be avoided, as they were written by the enemy."
    NoFap: A Path of Growth or of Restriction?

    I don't know how the enemy manages to create and establish these factions so quickly and with such capacity. There is a market for everything but they use their social media I imagine to push things.

    But my own little thing I'm going with now is 'Semen Retention'. NOFAP. I believe another lie of the enemy was saying masturbation is healthy.

    Medically officially it's stated to not cause any harm and will be reabsorbed. It's actually a spiritual thing because the man uses a lot of energy to create semen. And it takes 74 days for a sperm cell to mature. So there will be more energy for the body and soul. Then a man will stop producing semen and can use that energy spiritually.

    That sexual thoughts cause genital congestion and drives the energy into the lower energy centers. When a man has pure thoughts his energy can flow up to the upper energetic centers and connect with Atman. (Bramacharia).

    And they state no dry orgasms either. Any orgasm even without the release of fluids is considered a loss of pranic energy which should be circulated to enhance the three bodies. (Physical, Mental and Spiritual). I've found I create pre-cum which although not semen is a sexual fluid. And in Taoism's Qigong it said to conserve sexual fluids.

    Semen is a mans brain and bone marrow.

    1. Chyle creates blood.
    2. Blood creates 3. Flesh. 4. Flesh to fat. 5. Bones to 6. Marrow, marrow creates 7. Semen.

    Intercourse between a man and a women they both give electric charges to each other. So no energy is lost. But masturbation is a total loss. No one ever gained energy from masturbating.

    With an ejaculation a man loses electricity, light, and life energy that were formed as the end product of digestion. Semen is thus the net sum, or end product of all life sustaining processes.

    The nectar of nectars. The supercharged fluid meant to create another human being. Semen is the essence of his energy, Prana and Vitality. The infusion of life energy embodied as light and electricity. (Vidyuth and Tejas).

    Semen Retention may be a marginal thing in society but I started on the 01 January 2024 and haven't has an ejaculation since. My red eyes are now white and clear. There is definitely a difference to the light in my eyes.

    I'm needing much less sleep. I'm still suffering a bit of fatigue from work but I think there is something in NOFAP. It's only been 4 months so still early days.

    I learn't that a mans gonads are critical to his mental and physical vitality. What frequent ejaculations do to a man is the equivalent to castration.

    I have written on this before. The basis of this is just a misunderstanding of the body, combined with sexual repression, and a poverty mindset regarding the body's energy.

    While it is generally true that the sexual fluids have these properties and that not losing them at exorbitant rates will make you feel better, we shouldn't go the opposite and totally repress our sexuality just to gain a bit of physical energy. Instead, you can work on your Martian and Venusian energies, which are responsible for a lot of what you are describing here, alongside other energies.

    The purpose of orgasms and the reason it holds power is because it relates to creation itself. Shown by Kenaz or Dagaz, sexual activity is a transformative combination of yin and yang which produces a new creation, either a child, or within the self it stimulates the kundalini or can be directed for advancement of areas of the soul.

    The enemy restricts this on purpose to hide this fact, making sexual activity seem dirty, despite its direct connection with advancement. When we work on the Kundalini, this will directly stimulate sexual energies and feelings because this is a natural expression of life.

    Therefore, what you should do is take a middle-ground approach based on your needs: If you are tired, then maybe hold off for that night, but if you feel sexual urges after 3-4 or whatever days of restriction, then this is fine to release.

    If you want to permanently increase your health, then do Sun and Mars style energy work or exercise. There are many exercises that work the lower back and nadis behind the legs which benefit the sexual organs and help the body restore the materials and energies you are trying to retain.

    Mars will be in Aries soon and you can definitely test this yourself. Mars Squares will give more sexual potency and power, therefore you do not need to behave like a crippled yogi who must cling to the last bit of sexual energy, which is the opposite of the power and prosperity this path holds for us.

    Besides Mars energies, we can also use runes like Uruz or Thurisaz to restore and improve these vital energies within us.
    I had been learning some things from the recent Moon Square. The Moon's energies are very interesting, as they pertain to sensations and feelings about life and death and how to nurture it. It is calming and helps us not just nurture others, but also calm ourselves. It creates "home" and safety, because it seeks to address vulnerabilities of life.

    The Moon's energies help us express our emotions, as this relates to our feelings. When we express ourselves, this helps us also to release or process what we are feeling. Being ultimately calming, the Moon can help us release just as much as it helps to grow, and we see how both the young and old require lunar-style care as they move in and out of life. The Moon's energies seem to help us transition the cycle of life and death, or movement between them, in that way.

    Through reflection on this, I had gained some newfound respect for women. Being the gender with the uterus and a nurturing mental state, the mother was always the one to bring about new life and care for it. The father is certainly involved in fueling this, but we also see women continuing life even without them. When humanity suffers loss of life, it is always the mother who is able to directly return lost souls back into this world through her womb.

    Sounds simple, but it is also clearly essential and something the enemy tries to attack directly. We see the population of "advanced" countries shrinking, and therefore we as SS can see how big of an issue this is. Without the births to at least gain a numerically equal population, perhaps the souls of the dead are unable to easily manifest back into these races. Imagine if a soul had died fighting in WW2 and was unable to reincarnate for a long time; this could possibly have consequences for them, or even the world who is losing out on their talents, and so on.

    Anyway, for more on the Moon, you can read more about Berkano, plus other JoS sources.
    Important Acupressure Points: Lung 7


    There are many acupoints, but not all are easy to apply, both medically, but also mechanically. Here we discuss points which are great for the average person to memorize and use on themselves as needed.


    Image Source: Mend Acupuncture

    Stimulating and opening the lungs
    , this point is great for the expulsion of pathogens. As energy is driven up and out of the body, this helps clear the head, throat, and nose, as well as move immune energy across the body (Penner, 2017).

    During times of cold or wind, our lungs are stressed and therefore upper respiratory illness manifests as a result of this exposure to the elements. By pushing this point and directing energy towards the immune processes, Lung 7 “treats first signs of cold/flu” (Schurtz, 2022).

    As getting sick disturbs not just our normal day, but also meditations and other spiritual activities, there is quite the benefit in using this point in a preventative manner. I use it often, usually right when I feel a tickle in my throat or slight congestion.

    Due to the lung's influence on water in the body, this point also opens water channels, also dispersing solid matter such as phlegm, even tumors (Penner, 2017). Here we see a great example of the air element's functions within the body.

    Key Benefits (Penner, 2017)
    • Circulates Immune Energy
    • Opens, Stimulates dispersing of Lung Qi
    • Removes pathogens and obstructions/blockages
    • Opens nose

    How to Use
    Use your thumb to hold the Lung 7 point on the opposite wrist, found proximal to the styloid process of radius (bump in wrist). You should feel a small notch, indicating the point (Schurtz, 2022). See the picture for a technique on how to find it.

    As always, your placement does not need to be exact, as long as part of your finger(s) touch the general area. Press with a comfortable pressure for 10-15 minutes, using your awareness to judge the influence on your body.

    Penner, J. (2017). Point: LU-7 (Lung-7).American Dragon. https://www.americandragon.com/Points/LU-7.html
    Schurtz, A. (2022, November 10). Lung 7: Broken Sequence. Mend Acupuncture. https://mendacupuncture.com/lung-7-broken-sequence/

    I am not a licensed practitioner and this information cannot be taken as official medical advice.
    Please make an appointment with Centralforce666 for professional medical consultation and treatment.
    Important Acupressure Points: Stomach (ST) 36
    There are many acupoints, but not all are easy to apply, both medically, but also mechanically. Here we discuss points which are great for the average person to memorize and use on themselves as needed.


    Left Image Source: Selby Acupuncture
    Right Image Source: Princeton Acupuncture & Oriental Medicine

    Benefiting the function of the stomach and spleen, all pathology can be treated through ST-36, earning it a title as a "Vitality and longevity point" (Penner, 2017).

    The reason one point can be so powerful is due to its action upon the stomach, where the stomach is the source of qi (energy) and blood (“The six fu-organs”, 2012) and this point stimulates gastric acid, "harmonizes the Spleen and Stomach", and "drains pathogenic influences from the Stomach" (Penner, 2017).

    In other words, by pressing this point and activating this meridian, you are directing more energy towards the stomach and spleen, which is then able to produce more vital energy as a result of enhanced digestive function.

    Key Benefits (Penner, 2017)

    • Fosters the Original Qi
    • Strengthens weak and deficient conditions
    • Resolves Dampness
    • Nourishes Blood
    • Nourishes Yin
    How to Use
    As seen in the left image, feel for the point between the bones. Notice how the measurement of "3 Cun" is listed between the femur's lateral epicondyle and the red dot.

    Cun is a TCM-specific measurement that is based on each person's body. 3 Cun is the length of space from between your 4 fingers, held together, measured from pinky tip to pointer tip (Mavros, 2002). This leads us to the right image, where we can see the individual has wrapped their hand around their knee to easily locate the point.

    As always, your placement does not need to be exact, as long as part of your finger(s) touch the general area. Press with a comfortable pressure for 10-15 minutes, using your awareness to judge the influence on your body.


    Penner, J. (2017). Point: St-36 (stomach-36). American Dragon. https://www.americandragon.com/Points/ST-36.html
    Mavros, S. (2002). Cun Measurements. TCM Student. https://www.tcmstudent.com/study_tools/Cun Measurements.html
    The six fu-organs. TCM Wiki. (2012, October 8). https://tcmwiki.com/wiki/the-six-fu-organs
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Al Jilwah: Chapter IV

"It is my desire that all my followers unite in a bond of unity, lest those who are without prevail against them." - Satan