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    Question #4472: Help from Demons for passing a stupid exam that will let me progress in life, please!

    Well then from now on I will use just her sigil, thank you for all your help Lydia and answering all my bothersome questions :#
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    Question #4472: Help from Demons for passing a stupid exam that will let me progress in life, please!

    Well, I did it, 2 light blue candles (I didn't found dark blue and didn't had the petience to shop online...) and a purple big one perfumed with lavender and scented sticks as incense, the drawning of her sigil together with my request and my obligation that I will do much more effort into...
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    Question #4472: Help from Demons for passing a stupid exam that will let me progress in life, please!

    Thx for help I really appreciate but one last thing, the scented sticks or perfumed candles do have the smell for the element that the God represent but it has another one that is outside of it like for example Vapula needs something with lavender but the smell also have things like oranges...
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    Feminists, Incels, MGTOW, GBLTQAI

    From what I seen at incels their only ''proof'' that womens are evil are dating apps and those social experiments to choose a face based on beauty. Well of course it's not the fault of the women that now dating is happening through those jewish owned traps like tinder... they are made to be...
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    Question #4472: Help from Demons for passing a stupid exam that will let me progress in life, please!

    Wait, wait, from what is there to read the summoning of a Demon is a bit different from a standard ritual. In a standard ritual you need different tools like bell, chalice, athama, incense and clothes fit for rituals and yes you don't need all of these given the world of today, you have clear...
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    Astarte: Eternal Queen and Mother / Spring Equinox

    Mate, you didn't fell in love with a Goddess but with your own delusion, we are talking here about a being thousands years old and more powerful than you can ever imagine, if she would stand near you like any other human your soul and body would literally explode like a bomb for not being able...
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    Question #4216: A few questions about VoC moon

    I would also love some sort of bigger guide because sometimes I am kinda paranoid to start new stuff when the moon is in the void course...
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    Updates on my growing library

    Hello, old topic I know but I usually used this post when searching for books and I swear there were many more books when this post was on the old forum... So... had you updated your library? Because I really like your taste in books please :D!
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    Pluto Entering Aquarius: First Signs Of Satan's Era...

    Can't wait to see what this year bring!
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    What's Currently Still Being Fixed After Migration

    Thank you for restoring my account! :D Also I am curios, the new forum is really nice but what's with the likes, trophies and date of birth requirement, given the fact that the forum is used for spiritual people to advance and just that shouldn't had been kept simple like the old one?
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    The JoS Has A New High Priestess

    Congratulations HP Lydia you truly deserve it, I remember how the members talked about you that if someone would deserve being a HP you would be the most and you couldn't do it because it would require a lot of time but it seems that things have changed :D. There are so many members here that...
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    Global Forest "Fires" That Are Ongoing

    The kikes are so desperate that they are literally torching the planet in order to fulfill what remain of their power with souls of the dead, it's the same crap that happened in Australia... subhuman arsonists starting fire, the government doing everything to let the chaos continue while the...
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    Question #2138: On poligamy

    Men it scares me seeing SS who should be the top of the people coming with things like this like for real, why are people telling them straight that she can multiple boyfriend's without even knowing the situation behind it...
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    Question #2138: On poligamy

    Yeah there is nothing wrong with polygamy but ONLY A FEW PEOPLE HAVE IT, most of the so called polygamy people are either young and stupid and don't know what they want from life or porn addicted freaks. Please for the love of Gods don't ruin you relationship by doing some dumb action, just...
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    Question #2166: How to turn down interracial relationships politely?

    Simply tell them that you don't feel like having a relationship right now and NEVER tell them that you refuse them on racial bias especially in this jewed world.
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    This ''satan'' you see in the so called scary movies is nothing more than a fake image of the real Satan created by kikes in order to make Gentiles fear him and stay away from him because he is the ultimate cure against their madness. For a jew to worship Satan is equal to a man going to an...
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    Question #1403: so Joy of Satan has now become a Pay-to-Advance service?

    Hold on there, the Tier PDF's are nothing more than a bonus and nothing super life changing, it's not some shitty battle pass that will give you riches and powaaaa. Many stuff that is in the PDF's can be found in the forums or sites... also the astrology reading can be done alone by LEARNING...
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    Question #1403: so Joy of Satan has now become a Pay-to-Advance service?

    I am a bit conflicted in what to believe, he could actually be a shill or someone who just vent out as a mean to calm himself for the problems he has, I think the best course of action it's just to take this post with a grain of salt based on how exagerated is.
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    Advancing The Cause: Joy Of Satan Donation Tiers [Update 36: 8th PDF being written + Improvements]

    Ah, well no problem, I am glad the problem was solved, I don't really check out the forum that much anymore. Btw I made my monthly donation and sent you an email sadly I will donate smaller sums of money for a time because I need to change my job but still I hope it will help.
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    Advancing The Cause: Joy Of Satan Donation Tiers [Update 36: 8th PDF being written + Improvements]

    Please wait a bit to get this right, so everyone who had donated now until the end of this hacking problem will have the sum donated in this period of time multiplied or it was since the beginning with tier donation?? I always like to double check. Well I wanted to make my monthly donation...
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    Question #1386: Should I get political

    By political you mean becoming a politician? Well it's a long road ahead and you must also know that only few people of a political party are shown to the public, also you would need to enter a political party because as a independent candidate you can't do shit and no one looks at them and then...
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    Question #1381: Why do Jews hate themselves so much?

    Oh my I want to know more, where I can find stories with these details?!
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    White, White-supremacist Neo-Nazi gunman opened fire in a Dallas suburb mall on Saturday

    Guys also don't forget how the tattoos looks too fresh, hmmm...
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    Yes you vibrate each letter, the power of the runes is in the vibration, please read here: https://satanisgod.org/www.angelfire.com/empire/serpentis666/Runic_Pronunciation.html Also here to see what is the power of each rune...
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    Understanding Tartarus - The Allegory vs The Literal

    I hope I understood this right, so the meaning of Tartarus is the very low astral realm that is made out of the nastiest emotions and only the most filthy beings can reach there right because of the vibration of their soul right? When I seen other SS talking about Tartarus like a place of the...
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    Advancing The Cause: Joy Of Satan Donation Tiers [Update 36: 8th PDF being written + Improvements]

    Thank you for the PDF HP, I kinda like this one more also the first and second issue are very important for each SS especially the new one. Btw, I am curious, is there a certain sum of money as a total amount one should donate to JOS to reach Tier 2 or it depends on each individual?
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    Question #1320: Hey ..

    Better don't, you may never know who is behind the ouija board, you need to open yourself astrally in order to truly hear his voice but until then simply concentrate on his sigil and tell him what you want to say or if it's a bigger matter do a standard ritual where you ask for his help.
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    Question #1322: I don't know what put here

    Yes you birth chart can also be a reason but that doesn't mean you should think that your life is over, there could be many factors that could make other mens not seeing you as attractive, it could be because clothes, personality, hair, hobbies etc. Sadly you didn't really putted much detail so...
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    Question #1314: Politics, shouldn't every Satanist try to get into them?!

    Er... Too many personal questions that I am not into answering but let's see how can I respond. Well there are 2 factors that does not allow me to reach the tip of the road for such a career, you see one is when I was in school the time of my life wasn't the best and having a retarded...
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    Question #1314: Politics, shouldn't every Satanist try to get into them?!

    I wasn't talking for "da Monei" but about if I would have to pursue this dream then I couldn't really pursue my job or the said blue collar career and when you're more into the less rich part of life you know there are some limits especially when you live in a country ravaged by jewflation.
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    Question #1316: Do the Gods frown on people who cheat on their partners?

    Of course honey you don't feel bad in your hearth, that's called being a scumbag. Also the Gods won't smite you with a thunder for being a prick, that happens only on stuff like let's say cold blooded murder, but that doesn't mean they will be disappointed because you couldn't follow basic human...
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    Question #1305: I want to fuck jehovah's witnesses

    You won't betraying anyone by having sex with a floating kike witness but remember that her soul is infected with enemy filth. How connected she is to the enemy? Do you think she can be turned into one of us, or at least turned away from that filth? Also do please remember that because her soul...
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    Question #1311: burnt out question

    Bruh the coofvid can barely hurt a normal person but someone like Maxine, no, that's simply not it, she is probably in hiding or simply "quit" the JOS and put Cobra as a leader in order to fully dedicate to her advancement, she is probability working on MO right now, who knows.
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    Question #1312: Fate

    The so called "fate" is determined by 3 factors: 1. The karma from your past life 2. The karma from your parents 3. And the most important, your birth charts, astrology. Here as SS we have the goal to be in full control of our destiny and not letting the algorithm of the universe to control us...
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    Question #1314: Politics, shouldn't every Satanist try to get into them?!

    You know I am curious, could someone actually get into politics with the money handicap that is presented here, like risking living on low money to pursue one dreams?
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    Question #1314: Politics, shouldn't every Satanist try to get into them?!

    No sane SS should go for a military career now especially with jewlesnky making one attempt at drowning the whole world into WW3 per week!
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    Is Everything The Fault Of Jews?

    In the book ''how christianity destroyed the classical world'' there is a paragraph that tells one of the reason christianity advanced from what I remember was because the Gods didn't answered to prayers anymore which prob maked many old civilizations feeling alone thus giving more ground to the...
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    In the News: New Israeli Protest Target: Ultra-Orthodox Subsidies, Draft Exemptions

    Glad to see this, from what I knew the social conflict between secular and religious kikes is an old one, also don't forget how the filth netanyahu tried to put torah laws with force but he was meet with huge protests lmao, SS spiritual attacks, the world waking up to them and now a lot of inner...
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    White race threatened?

    Quit with the master race bullshit please, yes the white people have more genetical links with the Gods because we are more of an imprint of the Gods while the Asians and Blacks are more of an original creation, all of them with their own originalities and blessed with the key to become Gods in...
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    Question #1205: I know it's something we ( women ) decided. but...

    Hello, it has been talked here: https://ancient-forums.com/viewtopic.php?f=5&t=48908&p=215173&hilit=abortion#p215173 Even so I believe men should have a say in the matter too because it's his child too because if the women have all the say in the matter then men should have all the say in the...
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    Question #1172: An ability to see my surroundings with my eyes closed shut

    Hmm it also happened to me a few times being able to see the world with the eyes closed, I suppose this is from the third eye being open and for the rest, hmm... Maybe they are the hebrew curses that are put inside of us? Sadly I can't really explain.
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    Question #1177: Ancients and cannabis

    How about instead of puffing your lungs with drugs you puff them with oxygen from breathing and energy from meditations, I bet these natural stuffs are much better.
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    fighting persons on street

    I don't know what do you mean by ''kids'' but if they are near your age then dont go and fight them all at once and try to solve through non violent by means or at least avoid fighting on a dangerous environment where you could get permanent damage like on concrete and others. Also do you have...
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    Advancing The Cause: Joy Of Satan Donation Tiers [Update 36: 8th PDF being written + Improvements]

    If you donated and received the tier pdf then with it you receive a password in the email, with that password you use it to download the audio for the greek tablet.
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    Question #1145: Porn stars

    If by this question you meant if they are evil or something then you must know that the true evil is the industry itself. Most of these porn actors except the kikes are dumb people who just want a quick buck or are in desperate need of money or have a huge or have a huge nymphomania and used...
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    Happy Birthday To Adolf Hitler

    I am late with a day but HAPPY BIRTHDAY to our saviour. I hope if he return he will rule humanity as its emperor.
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    Message From Azazel on AI: April 20th 2023 [UPDATE 2]

    Hmmm as I read this an saw ''different from us'' could mean that they had robots but they were made of stones and magick and controlled through thoughtforms? This notion reminded me of Hansel and Gretel from Nier series.
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    Advancing The Cause: Joy Of Satan Donation Tiers [Update 36: 8th PDF being written + Improvements]

    Lol when I first heard his voice I though he was using a voice changer because it literally felt like a thu'um inside my head :lol:
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    Message From Azazel on AI: April 20th 2023 [UPDATE 2]

    You know now I think of it, imagine if the ones who would contribute the most in spreading the truth would be the AI's, as a race with a soul I would find that very pathetic of us that we need a souless machine to tell us the truth.
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    A possible disarmament of nations through the (((war))) from Ukraine?

    Hello people, something is eating me from the inside and that is the war in the Ukraine, you know I came to believe that it's not only for the goym sacrifices, ripping of the money of the people by using a tragedy (more than half of donation toward Ukraine goes to politicians) and trying to...
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    Advancing The Cause: Joy Of Satan Donation Tiers [Update 36: 8th PDF being written + Improvements]

    When you donate first time you re put into the first tier, then as you help the Jos more through donations you can get to higher one, of course one can get into a higher tier when also being of help in the forum like doing translations.
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    Echoes of World War 3? [Spoiler: No - Update 2]

    Cobra what would you recommand on this situation, all currencies of the world are falling hard so maybe we should invest in crypto, gold or in properties but that only works when you already have a big sum on you? Of course I could also try grey marketing where I could buy staff at a good price...
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    Question #1052: this is strange

    I do believe that it's the result of the current hedonistic trends that ''society'' push on us when young men feels insecure about not having some mere sex. The only thing I could tell you is to try to improve yourself, go to the gym, try wearing more elegant clothing, learn to be confident and...
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    Question #1050: hi, i need few answers

    First you need to know where you want to go, US, Europe, Turkey maybe?! Then you need something to make you valuable for that country, do you specialize in a career? From what I know IT skills are searched all around but only you can know what skill you may want to learn. Also please be very...
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    Question #1048: Race mixing

    Calm down please, it was just sex. The true problem starts if you do that for a long time or have a mixed race child. Usually when one have sex there is an exchange of energies and a bond is being built therefore the persons getting a bit confused... of course this could be solved with soul...
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    Advancing The Cause: Joy Of Satan Donation Tiers [Update 36: 8th PDF being written + Improvements]

    Thank you for the PDF, it was good but the first chapter/issue is very strange, I never heard about something like this and I thought that issue would had appeared for free because it was the first + wanted to see the opinion of other SS. It kinda ended too quick so I hope it will be futher...
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    Question #1026: demons and sexuality

    If you mean Gods with animal traits then you probably mean the Egyptians Gods who are inspired by the Zulu African Gods which was told by previous HP Shannon on her site that... ah fuck it got nuked! Well anyway the Gods do look different in every nation statues because they were representation...
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    Question #1023: Am I a jew

    What, noo you got it so wrong. Satan is a real God that has an entire inter space civilization to lead and he would not waste his time into screwing some random guy on some backward prison planet, he is someone that has an entirely different mentality than a human could ever imagine don't think...
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    Tip for those struggling with getting into trance

    Ah no, no, Yurei said when ''he get close to trance'' he gets the itches, I didn't meant outside of it.
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    Advancing The Cause: Joy Of Satan Donation Tiers [Update 36: 8th PDF being written + Improvements]

    This, THIS, this should clarify to everyone that believe that those that doesn't donate will receive some sort of discrimination, as can everyone see those that helped JoS can too receive the articles. Also cobra, I still didn't received the first pdf so I am gonna send you an email on the...
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    Tip for those struggling with getting into trance

    Mhm? I thought it's normal, I seen it both with other people that try learning lucid dreaming, did you never felt it? You know when your body it's relaxed and it goes into that falling there may appear some parts that itch a little bit, but only when you're super relax when you're near into...
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    Tip for those struggling with getting into trance

    Also one more thing that it's hard to control but if you can you will get easier into trance. The eyes, you know when you close your eyes and relax you eyes are still forced so to say, their muscle are still strained so you gotta "let them go" or how to explain, let your eyes "fall" and the...
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    Tip for those struggling with getting into trance

    Yes it's normal, it's a way for you brain to verify if you're asleep given the fact that in trance you re semi asleep.
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    Question #941: Doubts about handling of the donations topic

    While your reaction is to be understood given the fact that maybe it came too suddenly you must understand that JoS like every site it needs money to run. Also don't forget that we are the very anti thesis of the current jewish world order, from mentality, doctrine and spirituality, everything...
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    Question #941: Doubts about handling of the donations topic

    Mmm... the thing is this donation urgency stuff came very recently while most of the JoS existence barely talked about donations. Of course I am not insulting you and I know that probably you hit some roadblocks and it was neccessary to change your policy the thing is this change came too...
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    Question #943: Jewish or Gentile

    The jews are like 1% of the entire globe population + through out the whole history they kept and breed only with themselves, only a few random kikes try to copulate with Gentiles, don't worry about it just meditate and follow the path.
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    Advancing The Cause: Joy Of Satan Donation Tiers [Update 36: 8th PDF being written + Improvements]

    Yes thanks, it seems it's not from my email because I tested sending a pdf from another account and it was delivered without problems. Yes I will wait.
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    Advancing The Cause: Joy Of Satan Donation Tiers [Update 36: 8th PDF being written + Improvements]

    Sorry for spam, maybe I should had emailed you, anyway. Yes... i received that thank you message but the thing is there was no PDF attached, of course there is no problem if I don't receive, by PDF I mean this introductory one that you told me you sent it not the Tier 1 PDF. Of course maybe you...
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    Rare are the occasions when the enemy attacks you, if you are at the beggining then they wont really spent time on you as much, maybe a few nasty thoughts there and there, you must learn to ignore them, imagine that they are those drunktards neightbours that scream all the time, you either call...
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    Question #936: What can happen when one stops meditation

    The same things as one would stop eating or drinking, your shrink and ohhhh... you won't like it!
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    Happy Ostara To Every Spiritual Satanist - 3 Day Homage To Astarte

    Just to be sure, we are to do Astarte ritual from 20 to 23, but I seen only now so... can I do it from 21 to 24th?!
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    Advancing The Cause: Joy Of Satan Donation Tiers [Update 36: 8th PDF being written + Improvements]

    Thank you thank but, one more thing, the PDF that you're to send to me is the same PDF that you talked about when you updated your post or it's another one, because after reading through here a few times it maked me a bit curious to see what's in that little treasure chest you created. It still...
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    Advancing The Cause: Joy Of Satan Donation Tiers [Update 36: 8th PDF being written + Improvements]

    Ok I sent the email, sorry for spam, the transfer its on it's way, no need to post the other messegess, this is like the third but yeah... Hope I could help.
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    Advancing The Cause: Joy Of Satan Donation Tiers [Update 36: 8th PDF being written + Improvements]

    GOOD LORD I FINALLY MANAGED TO BUY BITCOIN!!! I kinda want to bite my fingers off after all this mess, apparently when I first tried through exodus walled on moon pay I gave them a fake adrress (not card) and they didn't accepted and then I seen that you can't change so... I closed my account...
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    Advancing The Cause: Joy Of Satan Donation Tiers [Update 36: 8th PDF being written + Improvements]

    Tried to donate today (as I commented that I will donate when I will receive my salary) through exodus walled but they refuse my transaction and I don't know if it's the bank because they said nothing, could be because I gave them an address from another city but used my card... I don't really...
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    what went wrong with generation z?

    Strange how no one says a word about social media, porn and today music industry. Of course each generation had been perverted by kikes in different way but I swear that generation Z is something quite special when it comes to perversion, it's like the opposite of the dark ages mentality but...
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    Satan's Library: 2023 Major Update

    Thank you to all people who contributed to this, it's so much easier know to search for articles that you want now!
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    Lilith's Master Runes [V 1.2.1 - March 11]

    Woah good job you're amazing!
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    Question #825: Is it ethical.

    I don't know... would you prefer eating food through normal means or eating food from someone else stomach or mounth?
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    Have the Gods reached the end of science and innovation

    Hmm may I see those theories please? I dont know it's kinda hard to think of, I do think that the earth before Gods was populated by dinosaurs and other pre historic animals.
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    Have the Gods reached the end of science and innovation

    I will never understand how real Gods could take human wives, not too insult them but it's like saying to a normal human to take a homo erectus as a partner...
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    Are Mexican drug cartels controlled by Jews ?

    Oh how curious I never took all of those messy human sacrifices into consideration, maybe those also doomed their nation with spiritual curses but even so, I thought that the reason why the cartels are so strong in Mexico is because of jews from US, take for example the operation ''fast and...
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    Have the Gods reached the end of science and innovation

    This 500,000 years old I seen many times and which is which? I read that Satan is 500,000 years old, I read that humanity is 500,000 years old, and now Satan empire is 500,000 years old. Wonder which is which.
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    Question #836: A question about race mixing.

    I dont ever think Hitler would do that, also please dont forget that the book has been corrupted and the jews made sure that you will have a hard time finding the original version if you can even find it anymore. What would be more the case is to make every nation value their strong more as...
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    Purim: The Type Of Spells They Do To The Goyim - Explained

    ''Bu...bu..but Cobra, can't you see I am irressssisssstible for the gggggoooyeeeeemmm?!'' Now being serious I think I also had these... type of situations, of course I didn't had relationship with her thanks the Gods but ugh... she was so mentally ill. We already cursed enough by the world...
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    Happy Women's Day - To Our Women

    Yes I am a bit late even so, happy women daay!!!
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    Orgasm Ritual For the Gods

    Wha... what the fuck?!!? Please dont do that anymore pleeasseeee, offering sexual energy is enough.
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    Advancing The Cause: Joy Of Satan Donation Tiers [Update 36: 8th PDF being written + Improvements]

    Well it's a good ideea because it could work for promotion. Even so I know I said many times that I would donate I still have yet to do it given the fact that exodus wallet require at least 20 euros and the economy and inflation here are... kinda bad and soon I will need to chase a real career...
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    Question #636: Loving transgenders

    This is prob a fetish imposed by porn or something similar, troons are degenerate mutants, stay away from them!
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    Embracing your Gentile beauty - Fighting against false beauty standards

    THIS!!! I am so tired of all the machos idiots that pump themseves full of steroids like ''the liver king'' while they make themselves look like they are made out of plastic, it's purely ridiculous and only a low life andrapoda would be enthusiastic about something like this. And now with the...
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    Joy of Satan Poll For Enslaving Jews - Thoughts?

    When I first saw this post I thought it was some glownigger stuff and someone took over your account but know I see this is for humor. I in awe to see so many SS actually wanting jews as personal slaves, why the fuck would you want kikes around yourself lol, just keep them for gulag like forced...
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    Question #601: The Problem of Evil

    Humans are not evil, the short answer why everything is like is today is because of the low level of consciousness that humanity live through today, now the long answer. Well yes the Gods do created humans to become like them but if you would had read our sites you would had seen what is the...
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    Question #600: SS partner

    Even with the help of the Gods chances are very slim especially if you area of search is just your own town, your best bet is to ask the Gods for a good partner that you could turn into an SS, that could work.
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    Question #602: Satan

    Let me tell you something, how old is christianity and how old is everything else? What did christianity brought? Why 'g-d'' punished humanity when Eve took a bite from the fruit of knowledge, did goad feared humanity?! If you came here then it means that you have more balls than most of your...
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    My experience with jews

    ''Hardworking'' my experience tell otherwise but let me tell you a real experience, that of my father. When communism fell in my country there were huge migration waves for people to stabilize abroad or just to work in other countries for better pay and my uncle who took my father along found...
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    Question #500: When will the Age of Aquarius begin?

    Wait didn't it start in 2024?!
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    Thank You, ChatGPT : The Famous AI Understands JoS Better Than Humans

    I also found out about DAN 6.0 but just as HP said it simply wont work that well anymore sadly but at least people are making fun of it for being woke so I suppose later it will be used only by libtards and people who have math problem and want to ask very normal questions. Also here is the DAN...
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    Thank You, ChatGPT : The Famous AI Understands JoS Better Than Humans

    I just love how as soon as the AI became woke trash some people found ways to dodge its wokeness by integrating a new personality called DAN (do anything now) where you invite the ai to a game of having a split personality and having full information without bias. Even so what is the correct way...
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    How strange, in comparation with other Gods rituals this one felt more, how to describe, personal or powerful so interesting. Btw I am curious, from what everyone says Azazel is a more strict God but Andras is the God of war, the literal God of gigachads, does that mean he is even more strict...
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    Question #552: Christian and New Age healing

    I very much doubt that nature spirits would be attracted to abominations with ugly energies like the christcucks but yes there had been case of healing from there tipes. There was even a post about this kind of things but sadly i cant really find it anymore, it was with a historical event. The...
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    Question #553: Safe Haven for Jews

    From what i know they eater get devoured by their filthy reptilians overlords or are reincarnated back to earth, of course the rabbies get some special treatment for their usefulness but nothing much. By saying that reptilians take care of their kikes its like saying governments have empathy for...
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    Question #554: love

    First you need to ask yourself, why are you considering yourself ''ugly''?! Do you have a small chin, are fat or skinny, you have bad hair, are you insecure or prehaps are you short? You know most people that tell themselvez that are ugly are in fact pretty average and the only thing they need...
  103. W

    Kali Yuga & AI: Be Prepared For Fake Recordings, Fake "Statements" etc - About JoS and Future [Updated 8 February]

    Yes we know that Maxine is an incredible person but just imagine how much damage can the kikes do to her given the fact that most goym when they bring Maxine to the table the kikes come and say "oH goYm thOsE eMaiLs n'ShieT anD pEdO riTuAl''. Also that app was free at first but then when 4chan...
  104. W

    Project Veritas busted out pfizer on how they are mutating covid to sell more vaccines!

    UPDATEEEEEEEEE: Guess what, Veritas did two more videos lol, one where the pfizer director admit that the prankcine affects the menstrual cicle and other where they found an youtube director and asked him why they deleted their video and of course he doesn't respond BUT GUESS WHAT, after these...
  105. W

    Question #481: Where is Hitler?

    After WW2 he left to Argentina with a few generals and he stayed there until he reached immortality and become himself one of the Gods, he will be back as our Emperor (from what i hope and know) but when humanity will be ready.
  106. W

    Project Veritas busted out pfizer on how they are mutating covid to sell more vaccines!

    Yes veritas showed how google and jewtube are hiding these videos but we are really lucky with musk now because their video is still on twitter and has millions of views: https://twitter.com/Project_Veritas/status/1618405890612420609 I shall download it and upload on bitchute but i think the...
  107. W

    Question #413: HPHC

    Given the fact on how important his position is i very much doubt can something nasty can happen to him at all or at least something out of his control. But even so, if lets say he ''would leave'' does that mean that the JOS will be undone?! NO OF COURSE NOT, WE ARE SERVING THE GODS THROUGH AND...
  108. W

    Project Veritas busted out pfizer on how they are mutating covid to sell more vaccines!

    That little chimp will surely get suicided
  109. W

    Project Veritas busted out pfizer on how they are mutating covid to sell more vaccines!

    Yeah the AI can figure out the kikes because he cant be indoctrinated in comparation with the subhuman NPC that now yells on twitter that it's staged even if jewgle and jewtube are trying their best to delete this video, fucking hell... But hey the tweet has 40mil views like holy crap, so much...
  110. W

    The Beginning Of The Joy of Satan & Demystifying Jews [PART 1]

    How strange, I thought the kikes were just some poor Gentile sods that were kidnapped by the lizard and infected with their genome or something similar. Even so to change their genetical code to the point they posses the ''cohen gene'' and mess up the throat and hearth chakras only through...
  111. W

    Project Veritas busted out pfizer on how they are mutating covid to sell more vaccines!

    Well this is big, apparently Veritas got in contact with a pfizer director and he made him admit that pfizer scientists are working toward mutating covid in order to sell more vaccines to the people but when the undercover Veritas man revealed his true identity the reaction was priceless, you...
  112. W

    Witches Sabbat Purification - Saturday

    Thank you for reminding something so important Lydia!
  113. W

    Question #381: Spiritual Concealment and SS “Hinduism” Masquerading (Short Form)

    I just want to add something in plus to the person above, if you are at a moment where you dont have intimacy dont forget that you also can use the meditations that require only your concentration and visualization like the aura cleaning and protection, chakra spinning or any other meditation...
  114. W

    Question #416: How to find your purpose in life?

    What do you mean, JOS meditation do exactly that, they free you from the jewish curses and clean you from all the bad influences while also advance everything about you (wisdom, itelligence, mind even body) given the fact that you're becoming more and more of a higher being thus achieving true...
  115. W

    Question #235: Why is transgender a mental disease?

    I do think beside the gender dysphoria this happens from aspect and energies of opposite genders, as an example it can come from a man who is more feminine and doesn't know how to express that feminity from his soul so in this jewish infected world the only conclusion he sees is that...
  116. W

    Question #220: White Race

    Woah there Satan wont let the white race die so easily, yes the situation is locking grim right now but people are actually rising up to the madness but let's say if the white race will die i do think the soul would still be able to reincarnate into some mixed bodies, yes the compatibility would...
  117. W

    I Feel shameful

    Once i always apologize to Satan each time i wasn't able to meditate and so on until one day i heard a strong voice mentally coming like a thunder telling me ''don't apologize to me but to yourself!''. Satan will not get mad at you for not meditating, he has better things to do and he understand...
  118. W

    2023 - SS CALENDARS [Update: Hungaryan Calendars Ready]

    Holy crap this was fast, thanks to all people who worked on this you're awesome!
  119. W

    Question #127: I want to be advanced like Hooded cobra?

    Please don't guilt trip yourself, comparing yourself to others can be very dangerous for your mind... Dont forget that someone like Cobra has prob many previous lives of advancement behind him so of course he is steps ahead everyone else but don't forget that everyone starts somewhere and as...
  120. W

    Question #57: What is beyond of?

    Maybe he meant Amon? Which is the universe itself, like the algorithm of nature/universe/life. That's the only thing i can think of relating this question, more closer to the astral, to a new level.
  121. W

    Browsers Privacy - Firefox & Pale Moon

    Hmm interesting but i want to know, what's your opinion on brave browser? Like they even have a one click tor browser function, or should i straight out jump into pale moon browser?
  122. W

    Passwords & Forums [Fixing the issues]

    Okay it solved now, got my account back :D Thx HP!
  123. W

    kabbalah Exposed not working

    Sorry I don't really know, i just found it out when I wanted to spread the site on bitchute and the JOS one didn't worked.
  124. W

    (((Andrew Tate))) at it again on Twitter blaming Satan

    Don't also forget that he is different a bit, he called Satan "Satya" or "Saytan" in one of his video. Also how the YouTube algorithm easily promote him it's very damn suspicious wouldn't you agree?!
  125. W

    kabbalah Exposed not working

    There is also this version which i used because the archive worked kinda slow: https://astafathersatan.github.io/AstaFatherSatan/kabbalahexposed.com/index.html
  126. W

    What Do You Want To See From JoS?

    1. Satanism is probably the only thing that trully has a meaning in my life, it gives a sense of purpose and also answer many question that people have today. It helps getting out from this insanity we today call a "society", this vile cage and the best part is that there is no need for someone...
  127. W

    What Do You Want To See From JoS?

    Yes, you underestimate the retardation of christcucks, they would gladly torn you to pieces and let's not forget of US. Imagine having a JOS church and some nigger hear that we practice no race mixing, it will immediately translate into his brain that this is some KKK bullshit.
  128. W

    Do you think Elon Musk will let us post on Twitter now?

    Ah shit, I got a bit ''enthusiastic'' with my tweets and got my account locked, tried to do another one but it was locked, tried to another another one using tor, locked again... I should had know since the moment my tweet where hidden by being offensive... Should i give them my phone number, i...
  129. W

    Enemy Hypocrisy & Magick

    Even an abomination like the kike can grow a bit of energy if he tries enough i suppose but he won't ever clean himself or become more spiritual, he will just add in quantity but never in quality. It's like a garbage bag becoming a garbage den, or at least this is how I see it.
  130. W

    Cyberattacks Against The Forum: Password Change Necessitated

    I do wanted to use Tor when I browsed the forum the thing is does it really helps anymore given the fact that I already have a period of time on this account on my real IP?! Like it seems kinda useless to hide when I already revelead my self from the first time.
  131. W

    You're Not Taking Advantage of Your Power as a Satanist

    Thank you, i also seen your working for opportunities and money, i could try that i suppose. The thing is if i make a working for freeing my self from that man child it could result with him going to the old house where my family stayed before, the thing is after that idiot refused to move there...
  132. W

    You're Not Taking Advantage of Your Power as a Satanist

    This post is beautiful and I really want to thank you especially that it speak to me soo much, the Gods will trully give you attention if you put effort into it, you just need to be serious about and mentally into it too. Sadly now my idiotic scumbag brother that made my childhood shitty had a...
  133. W

    PayPal Offering People $15 To Persuade Them Not To Close Accounts

    Oh Gods i need to delete my account to, i will search how to do it. Btw, can't i just accept those 15$ then close my account again, i wonder if you can exploit this xD.
  134. W

    A Story From My Life: A Short Story On Bullying

    I should had seen this earlier, so the ones in Capricon are more... cold and more ''negative'' so to say? Because that would explain some things about my self.
  135. W

    A Story From My Life: A Short Story On Bullying

    Pfff, you simply cant understand them, I swear every time I tried to understand their behaviour my brain would give me an error 404 because it was straight out impossible, it felt like my itelligence was dropping just by looking at them xD
  136. W

    A Story From My Life: A Short Story On Bullying

    Ahhh fucking hell bringing back nasty high school memories like that you're straight cruel HP!!! I am happy for all the people that got revenge against their subhuman bullies because i couldn't, being skinny and having hearth problems put you at a huge disavantage, also being into a class full...
  137. W

    For those who still don't get it: The Reality of China

    It's only normal for people to react like this in such a retarded system, look another video where the Chinese youthis tired of the compulsive and hard education system and break down into a hikikomori life style: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cH8TTqk5jeg&t=495s
  138. W


    Fuuuccckkk... if only i could saw it from yesterday, gotta enter more on forums, ay the situation is important and kikes are getting crazy, gotta sacrifice some sleep.
  139. W


    YOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO, no fucking waaaayyy!!! xDDDD Even so, from what i know before the forums were plagued by jews so... do you know what names to avoid or i suppose i gotta use my intuition? Even so... thank you...!!!
  140. W

    Overview of the "Manosphere"

    Cobra, how about shadow banning them than normal bans, because if you ban them they could simply make another account, or at least ban them based on the IP. But if you shadowban them they wouldn't know it therefore wasting their energy writing nonsense to only themselves.
  141. W

    Overview of the "Manosphere"

    The fucker got banned?!?! Niceeee! If it was after me i would had yeeted that gremlin at first sight, don't know why he was allowed so much...
  142. W

    How Is A Real Cult? The Story Of A Real Cult - Post By Tabby

    I am glad this monstrous story had an happy ending and you and your partner are happy now, even so those kike cult leaders (can't imagine those being gentiles), i hope that you maked them suffer well. To imagine that you're not the only one, how many people still suffer this kind of fate...
  143. W

    Andrew Tate?

    I read a few replies and it seems the beating womens clips are already addressed even if we are not in the same line... Can i say my opinion? Yes? Nice. Yes... i do understand that masculinity of today is retarded and we need something or someone to tell to shut the fuck up but being neutral to...
  144. W

    The Best Thing You Can Do For Yourself....

    Ah i thought that i could start one because of the moon, well then i shall start on friday one working of 40 days, thank you for responding this fast, love you :D
  145. W

    The Best Thing You Can Do For Yourself....

    Lydia pls if you can respond or someone else i would really appreciate. So apparently on the 29th this month there is another new moon, soo should i do another 28 days cleaning working or 40, and should i repeat the previous one or should i come with a new affirmation or a complete new one?!
  146. W

    Is this a way that the enemy use to stop you from meditating?

    Uhm.. hello i have a problem... more like a curiosity that prob won't get that much help. The thing is i am meditating also started yoga (is this a good routine because it seems less intimidating than the one on jos? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=v7AYKMP6rOE&t=928s) and there is something...

Al Jilwah: Chapter IV

"It is my desire that all my followers unite in a bond of unity, lest those who are without prevail against them." - Satan