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  1. The Alchemist7 [JG]

    Webword Fixed

    Greetings everyone. With the homepage update webword suffered a minor issue which has been fixed for the vast majority of the websites. Please let me know if you still have any issues with the webword (please also let know everyone in your teams that is not tagged in the short list below of this...
  2. The Alchemist7 [JG]

    Artificial Intelligence: Thinking Positive & Without Fear

    I would expect the enemy will certainly attempt to use AI to further control humans and limit their freedoms in case they do not pledge to the policies they are planning. A major problem is that past a point of implemented control tactics, they will be very difficult to reverse but hopefully...
  3. The Alchemist7 [JG]

    6 Million is a lie. So how many Jews died in the holoco$t?

    I consider based on the information I came across over the years, most of the "holocaust evidence" with executions and all of that was made up in the following years after the war, because US, USSR, UK and France occupied Germany and therefore they had all the freedom to do whatever they wanted...
  4. The Alchemist7 [JG]

    The Truth About the Palestine-Israel War

    The website where the image is from seems to be a jewish website. They try to "defend" themselves of course but realistically there is nothing incorrect in that map. I don't think even for a second that when Israel was established it had the same territory in Palestine as it has today
  5. The Alchemist7 [JG]

    6 Million is a lie. So how many Jews died in the holoco$t?

    I have done some research on this matter a few years ago and based on the information I could find, the total number of jews that died in WW2 is in the range of tens of thousands, I don't recall seeing any credible figure over 100.000, but somewhere in the range 40.000 - 65.000 if I remember...
  6. The Alchemist7 [JG]

    Ask me anything here

    Hello. @Blitzkreig [JG] is in charge of JoS Wiki and might answer this better than me. In my opinion it could be translated as time goes after most of the JoS content and sites have been translated.
  7. The Alchemist7 [JG]

    Ask me anything here

    Greetings. This forum is mostly English but most languages that JoS is being translated into will have individual subforums where all the content will be in those languages exclusively. But if you refer to forum features and settings I don't think these will be translated though
  8. The Alchemist7 [JG]

    Translators Still Active - Please Reply Here

    Greetings. If you are interested willing to join translating, please announce your interest in this topic: https://www.ancient-forums.com/index.php?threads/traduzioni-sermoni-ed-articoli-del-forum.12838/ The moderators AgniSarp and PinnOchio are going to guide you from there.
  9. The Alchemist7 [JG]

    Ancient Romanian Culture?

    I know I said something inaccurate and out of "emotions" rather than facts. Reality however is that all nations on Earth have their own defects and flaws, as much as they have qualities an and other positive elements.
  10. The Alchemist7 [JG]

    To Polish members - discord group (warning)

    It goes without saying that real life meetings are very dangerous especially when meeting with strangers on the internet, it should be common sense by now especially after obvious past negative experiences with imposters claiming to be what they are not in Discord servers. Please do not engage...
  11. The Alchemist7 [JG]

    Take care @Egon We hope you hear soon from you again

    Take care @Egon We hope you hear soon from you again
  12. The Alchemist7 [JG]

    Translators Still Active - Please Reply Here

    Greetings everyone. There are works being done to create a badging system on the forums where the members will have a badge corresponding to their role in the community, which includes the Translators. For all translators that are still around and active, please reply to this thread to show...
  13. The Alchemist7 [JG]

    German Translations Thread

    Hello. Is this the book you are referring to? https://www.nationalists.org/pdf/hitler/hitlers-table-talk-roper.pdf It seems to be a revealing book about the enemy although JoS material will always have more priority over any external content, and there is always endless JoS Material to...
  14. The Alchemist7 [JG]

    JoS logo template for translators

    Hello, thanks for the image, although I have all the pentagrams with "Joy of Satan" written in all languages we have been working on
  15. The Alchemist7 [JG]

    Should we translate everything, really?

    Greetings. We did consider this before. Thanks for the idea, it would be a good opportunity to expand Exposing Christianity with extra knowledge. Hello. You can ask anything you need help with in the main Joy of Satan website or you can use the Ask Satan service. You may email HP Hooded Cobra...
  16. The Alchemist7 [JG]

    Chinese Translation Thread

    Greetings. Thanks a lot for joining in, I will check in the following day and reply
  17. The Alchemist7 [JG]

    Happy New Satanic Year: 2024

    Thank you for the powerful message High Priest! This year onward will be pivotal for Joy of Satan.
  18. The Alchemist7 [JG]

    Happy Beltane, Hail Baalzebul!

    Hail Baalzebul! Happy Beltane and Happy New Satanic Year Everyone!
  19. The Alchemist7 [JG]


    I think this is quite an over-simplified view over the matter. In order for all wealth and all debt to add to 0, one of the following should apply: 1. Wealth and debt are fixed and "equivalent" so to say - i.e. the debt is the equal negative value of the wealth, so they can add up to 0 - like 10...
  20. The Alchemist7 [JG]

    Greek Translation Thread

    "ΕΝΗΜΕΡΩΣΕΙΣ - 18/Ιούλιος/2023" should be "ΕΝΗΜΕΡΩΣΕΙΣ - 22 Φεβρουαρίου 2024" and should redirect to https://www.satanisgod.org/Updates.html I see the point in directing that to the English site updates but those updates should be implemented in all the other sites as well. "Εκθέτοντας τον...
  21. The Alchemist7 [JG]

    Greek Translation Thread

    Hello. I saw the message now, will update shortly.
  22. The Alchemist7 [JG]


    Not necessarily. But it depends what you mean by exploiting people. Do you mean overworking them? Or forcing people to work over the hours with no extra pay? Businessmen trying to pay people as little as possible while trying to have them work as much as possible is common worldwide. It seems to...
  23. The Alchemist7 [JG]

    Mythological Races

    I highly doubt any of the Gods are mixed race. For first because race-mixing is an anomaly that no living beings engage into naturally and also I think this information that the Demons had kids with human females is most likely outdated and inaccurate. It might have been an alegory but...
  24. The Alchemist7 [JG]

    Is everything really that bad or am I winding myself up?

    The Russian nation is definitely not going to die. Even after many years or race-mixing in most White nations, it would still take decades for an entire country to be "eradicated" racially by race mixing. I am confident this issue will naturally become more and more addressed as time goes and as...
  25. The Alchemist7 [JG]

    The Truth About the Palestine-Israel War

    With the Hamas "invasion" of Israel it is very possible that something is shady there given the overwhelming control Israel had inside Gaza already. If Israel really wanted, they could march in Gaza and flatten Hamas completely. Also for Palestinians is virtually impossible to fight Israel...
  26. The Alchemist7 [JG]

    Question #4427: With the experience of Emptiness meditations, it seems that my states of consciousness are beginning to acquire clearer boundaries

    I don't think there is anything wrong with you for experiencing this, for sure. However the choice of words may not have been the best as it is quite difficult to understand what you mean. Trance will have a direct implication on how you "switch" from a state of consciousness to another while...
  27. The Alchemist7 [JG]

    Lithuanian Translation Thread

    Greetings. Thanks a lot for the interest to join, please email me at [email protected]
  28. The Alchemist7 [JG]

    Thomas LeRoy?

    Extremely few people in Earth nowadays are still somewhat connected to the ancient civilizations by means of verifiable information of maybe even physical knowledge from the time. Most people on youtube and related and very deluded about Satanism and about religion in general. In my opinion...
  29. The Alchemist7 [JG]

    There is something missing on this forum...

    Hello. Research is indeed extremely important for any serious organization in general and JoS is certainly no different. Whilst JoS is a "young" community in terms of average age of the members and spiritual experience, research is being carried out and displayed whenever a sermon is being...
  30. The Alchemist7 [JG]

    thoughts on the following people

    I have some opinions that I find "relevant" about some of the personalities. 1. Andrew Tate I really don't understand why is this person so "popular" or "trending" so to say. I haven't watched him closely or constantly so I am not exactly sure what is his activity but as far as I know I don't...
  31. The Alchemist7 [JG]

    Question about plasma balls

    I don't think the energy that you could stimulate or alter inside a plasma globe, which is simply of electric nature akin to bulbs or other electric objects but with a different way of conducting electricity, is the same as the energy you can generate by vibration or breathing exercises etc. The...
  32. The Alchemist7 [JG]

    Question about plasma balls

    I think if measuring how "advanced" you are getting is what you are interested in, in my personal opinion this just comes with time and daily meditation. The results will manifest on long term and will be subtle to the point that you will likely not notice any major changes straight away. Is the...
  33. The Alchemist7 [JG]

    Question about plasma balls

    This doesn't look like something you can "quantify" so to say, but is just a visual intensity which you might be able to manipulate by simply breathing in energy and directing it into your hands (or "breath" it straight into your hands). Is not a good marker of how "advanced" you are if this is...
  34. The Alchemist7 [JG]

    Work from the Shadows

    To be honest I would say this depends on the context at least a little bit. For example if you get into an argument with a christian in a place where hundreds or even thousands of people are likely to reach that discussion (it can easily happen in places like Youtube or Quora), I think it is...
  35. The Alchemist7 [JG]

    Question #4312: Zoned out during a mantra for Sun Square working

    I see the next Sunday, 31st of March is also favorable for Sun Squares. I would say to stop the current one and start a new one on Sunday during the Sun hour, is the safest option.
  36. The Alchemist7 [JG]

    Stay or leave university - please help!

    As everyone said above the most logical thing to do is to finish the degree and get the diploma. Do you want to pursue a career around geology or are there other reasons for studying a geology degree? Do you like geology or is it just the domain you felt the most attracted to compared to all the...
  37. The Alchemist7 [JG]

    Stages of Opus Mangum. Step 1

    Maybe he was just curious of how it works. The Magnum Opus will be bigger than just 3 steps, but what I believe is that yes most likely nobody will attempt Magnum Opus on their own. When someone gets to that level their JG will most likely assist and guide them on all steps.
  38. The Alchemist7 [JG]

    Planet Location

    I am not sure to tell whether that platform is accurate but I remember before we had the JoS calendars I always used to check Lunarium if I wanted to start a square or a working related to a specific planet. https://www.lunarium.co.uk/planets/hours/ I see the site has a different interface now...
  39. The Alchemist7 [JG]

    Greek Translation Thread

    Thanks. No worries at all this will get done soon together with the homepage update. I have the translated Greek pentagram that I will add then, there are just some minor issues at the moment with the platform used for that but it should get fixed soon.
  40. The Alchemist7 [JG]

    Greek Translation Thread

    Hello. Is that the correct content list with the correct order and number of articles?
  41. The Alchemist7 [JG]

    Polish Translation Thread

    Greetings. Yes definitely, please send me an email on [email protected]
  42. The Alchemist7 [JG]

    Question #4283: Can you not reincarnate if you do not have children?

    No, reincarnation is not tied to having offspring in the previous life. Reincarnation is simply the soul entering into a new body (whilst physical birth) whenever the "right time" comes naturally.
  43. The Alchemist7 [JG]

    Question #4287: More questions about angels

    Hello. As everything else, the entire jewish religious system has been created out of pagan ancient systems. Most people seem to trace a line and think "this is jewish, that is gentile", in reality many if not most things that are considered "jewish" nowadays have been gentile thousands of years...
  44. The Alchemist7 [JG]

    Demons and Angels

    Hello. I don't think such an article was ever posted, but I remembered this passage that was included in several articles about the Gods: In the same way the Greeks and Romans may have worshiped their divinities, fondly believing them to be good. But the Christian Scriptures declare that all...
  45. The Alchemist7 [JG]

    Thoughts on Activism?

    Real life activism I would say is dangerous and impractical indeed as there is a minimal number of people you can reach while also remaining somehow "safe", whereas of the internet you can easily reach thousands of people, remain anonymous and also without having to develop speech skills, which...
  46. The Alchemist7 [JG]

    Question about our Gods manifesting the universe

    As said for some people "karma" can have a very powerful influence, and many evil acts can backfire onto them naturally. But this is not the same for all people. For example many jews have escaped any form of justice physically as they were still living after committing endless crimes against...
  47. The Alchemist7 [JG]

    Question about our Gods manifesting the universe

    Hello. The Universe is dominated by natural laws but it is so immense, I believe that there are endless areas in the Universe that are completely different to what we humans understand to be around us (and we don't even understand a lot), where the "laws" may come across to us as impossible or...
  48. The Alchemist7 [JG]

    Stumped at my options.

    This is very harsh on their end and not even justified unless your job has a central importance in the overall process. Normally (wherever I worked before for example), if you had to take some time off for your needs the employer would never have anything against it. But if you are in United...
  49. The Alchemist7 [JG]

    UK Population to Increase to 70m by 2026 due to immigration

    It is well known that George Soros has been a major funder of the mass immigration in Europe. Endless boats popping out of nowhere bringing hundreds of thousands of ”refugees” in Europe over the years are the result of his and other ”philanthropists” efforts and financial contributions.
  50. The Alchemist7 [JG]

    Question About Donation

    It depends where you buy Crypto from. If you buy from a seller/private person all that will appear in the banks' history is the person's name (that they will send you themselves together with the payment instructions), and then the transfer of those coins to JoS is completely separate from the...
  51. The Alchemist7 [JG]

    UK Population to Increase to 70m by 2026 due to immigration

    As far as I read UK planned to become like Australia in the sense that people will be allowed to move in the country permanently only if they are being employed by a UK company and meet certain criteria but it seems this only applies to Europeans for the most part as immigrants are still being...
  52. The Alchemist7 [JG]

    Greek Translation Thread

    Hello. The homepage update will surely be finished in the very close future, there was an issue with the platform used for this for a few sites but that will get sorted shortly.
  53. The Alchemist7 [JG]

    What are best jobs for us?

    People will have different affinities. Being a Spiritual Satanist does not imply that you must become something specifically, but that can become the best version of yourself, and during this journey most people will figure out what careers they want to have. The more you discover and elaborate...
  54. The Alchemist7 [JG]

    Lilith sigil?

    I doubt that Sigil (or any Sigil) is of Lilith. Being stated that Lilith only appears to who She wants, most likely there was never a Sigil of Lilith.
  55. The Alchemist7 [JG]

    My parents are bad people

    If by this you mean to "break legal and familial bonds" with them as your parents and grandparents, I think this is most likely not possible but it depends on the law where you live. However you do not need to do any of this. Is a lot better to focus on your path, career, advancement and keep a...
  56. The Alchemist7 [JG]

    NATO Psychos Proclaim Ukraine WILL join NATO ,Imminently starting WW3

    Indeed it seems Ukraine contains a lot of territories that historically were always of all the neighboring countries. It will be interesting to see if Ukraine will still remain an intact state after the ”war” is over. As far as I have read Rothschild bought the entire external debt of Ukraine so...
  57. The Alchemist7 [JG]

    Is Matias a Jewish surname?

    I don't think any of these are of jewish origins, especially not Ramos and Santos that seem to be from Spanish/Portuguese descent. And Matias, if it does have any jewish ties, it sounds a lot like a gentile name that has been hijacked or taken by the jews.
  58. The Alchemist7 [JG]

    About using magic for this

    You need to think of what is realistically possible to happen. In order to attract someone, you need to be interacting with them, to be around them, to establish connection and communication with them, this is where a square or a working can help you tremendously and build upon what you have...
  59. The Alchemist7 [JG]

    I received a good wish, meant in a bad way. I don’t know how to feel.

    Was the argument religion related? In this case is best to avoid such discussions altogether if possible. This depends a lot on what kind parents one has and the kind of discussions going. Many people (be it even one's parents) can be so deluded and irrational that is very difficult to remain...
  60. The Alchemist7 [JG]

    Question #4052: How bad are Jews ButtFu***ng America

    "Gay identity" is not necessarily a distraction but I think all these initiatives related to all kind of "sexual orientations" (not referring to gays but in general everything that falls in the "LGBTQ+" story) are designed to make people as weak as possible, either by convincing the most...
  61. The Alchemist7 [JG]

    Question #4045: Political Question: What exactly is a "liberal"?

    "Liberalism" might have started as a positive concept focused on freedom but the jews hijacked this by monopolizing most aspects of existence, but since the direction they want to push the world into is a direction of tight control and coercion, they have infiltrated most modern political...
  62. The Alchemist7 [JG]

    Nepali Translation Thread

    Hello. Thanks for returning, I have emailed
  63. The Alchemist7 [JG]

    Nepali Translation Thread

    Hello. Thanks for coming back. I have emailed with the details
  64. The Alchemist7 [JG]

    Practical martial arts

    In my opinion the best fighting techniques are those that are as close as possible to real life situations, so you can know exactly how to react to what situation. I wouldn't necessarily say that a specific martial art or fighting technique is the best, but a combination of techniques that are...
  65. The Alchemist7 [JG]

    Ma pensée concernant YHWH, Diable d'Israël/Canaan.

    La plupart des chrétiens eux-mêmes ne comprennent pas le concept de "trinité" des dieux chrétiens. J'ai vu des interviews de prêtres qui avaient des points de vue différents à ce sujet, certains disant que la trinité chrétienne représente une "entité", d'autres qu'elle représente trois entités...
  66. The Alchemist7 [JG]

    Concerning drawing energy

    When you do it in the Sun as you say, you feel the energy a lot better as it is a lot more pregnant and powerful. But if you don't have access to sunlight to facilitate this, you should nonetheless try to feel the energy around you, even if a lot weaker, to get a concrete sensation from it. You...
  67. The Alchemist7 [JG]

    Ma pensée concernant YHWH, Diable d'Israël/Canaan.

    Une forme-pensée est, comme le nom indique, une forme d'énergie créée mentalement par des personnes qui disposent des informations nécessaires pour le faire. https://joyofsatan.fr/www.angelfire.com/empire/serpentis666/Creating_Elementals.html Si l'on étend ce phénomène à des milliards de...
  68. The Alchemist7 [JG]

    Ma pensée concernant YHWH, Diable d'Israël/Canaan.

    Bonjour Pivoine. Ce qui doit être compris est que la plupart des informations écrites dans la bible ne se sont jamais produites dans la réalité. La raison pour laquelle "dieu" est en fait une "forme-pensée" est que des milliards de personnes croient en son existence, et que les juifs utilisent...
  69. The Alchemist7 [JG]

    Sanat Kumar

    Allah is simply the muslim "version" of the judeo-abrahamic "god", a thoughtform and nothing else. There is no relation to Satan whatsoever, other than the stolen allegories that are attributed to "god"/"allah". Then the six-pointed star is also a pagan symbol that was stolen. The entire jewish...
  70. The Alchemist7 [JG]

    A quick guide to being healthy and wealth - Q3659

    Great article @Stormblood. Definitely a lot of great advice on multiple levels. Just wanted to add that alcohol is very toxic for the liver and affects the body in many ways. A diseased liver after years of abusing alcohol will lead to cirrhosis and other chronic diseases. Knowing people who...
  71. The Alchemist7 [JG]

    A New War?

    In Nazi Germany the Rothschild bankers at the time (the precursors of the current Rothschild bankers) were chased and arrested, because the leadership knew very well the truth about what was going on. I think this is the goal, to bring humanity to a point where everyone not only that is fully...
  72. The Alchemist7 [JG]

    Astrology is Nonsense

    In my opinion astrology is a science, not very different from other sciences that are well established such as physics, astronomy, mathematics etc (ironically, of which we know quite some information about but our general scientific knowledge is still very limited as a civilization currently)...
  73. The Alchemist7 [JG]


    Greetings @AsmodeusLucifer Thanks for your interest. We can definitely get this started, please send me an email on [email protected] to discuss this
  74. The Alchemist7 [JG]

    Pluto Entering Aquarius: First Signs Of Satan's Era...

    It seems the jews tried to pull the plug on humanity's future a few times before, without succeeding. Once it was last century where they would have planned to conquer the entire Europe militarily with Soviet Russia, while they also had full control over US so with US, Russia, Europe and...
  75. The Alchemist7 [JG]

    To what extent can non-Satanists advance without facing danger?

    Hello. This has been discussed to some extent in this thread https://ancient-forums.com/index.php?threads/advanced-brothers-and-sisters-which-meditations-of-ours-i-can-offer-to-do-for-non-dedicated.93035/ The above includes what meditations might be safer for outsiders to perform.
  76. The Alchemist7 [JG]

    Religion makes people longer

    That sounds like a very strange study to say the least, but studies on jews in general are not in any way relevant or determining regarding humans or groups of humans because the jews are "different", a different "species" of humans. However longevity or life expetancy depends on a lot more...
  77. The Alchemist7 [JG]

    The Science Behind Kundalini Yoga

    Thank you for the article, JG Power of Justice. Hopefully as time goes, a lot more spiritual knowledge will be researched and explained scientifically (whether by ourselves or others).
  78. The Alchemist7 [JG]

    Mongolian Translation Thread

    Thanks @Jax911, I saved the files. About the template, I am not exactly sure of the template for the Final RTRs but the HTML of this page can be easily be edited: https://old.josrituals.org/tspaintableb.html To only change the text and rituals from English to Mongolian and then save it. This...
  79. The Alchemist7 [JG]

    Europe needs nationalism.

    There seem to be a nationalist "insurrection" in Europe for a year or so now. There are many parties in most European countries that, at least at a declarative state, are claiming to be anti-globalism. anti-immigration and related, and this is most likely a manifestation of the general...
  80. The Alchemist7 [JG]

    Kundalini-Project - Kundalini-Browse, Kundalini-Notes, Kundalini-Message, Kundalini-WordChange

    Congratulations @BrightSpace666, great to see this project making considerable progress. It is also a good push for other members to start considering Linux as their choice of Operating System as Windows is compromised as most of us know.
  81. The Alchemist7 [JG]


    The new forum looks amazing. It is very professional and loaded with features yet everything is easy to figure out. Congratulations to all the migration work done and for selecting this format to be the new home of the forums.
  82. The Alchemist7 [JG]

    Arabic Translationss

    Greetings. Yes Arabic definitely needs translators. We have around 60 articles translated by @blackwizard which I am yet to add to the site and there is still a lot of work to do further. Please email me as well on [email protected]
  83. The Alchemist7 [JG]

    Advanced brothers and sisters. Which meditations of ours I can offer to do for non-dedicated

    Great thinking! Nobody should ever be expected to become a Satanist out of blind faith or by simply "believing" in the spiritual knowledge that is written on JoS. However you completely ignore the other implications of Spiritual Satanism. Beside spiritual practices, there is also a historical...
  84. The Alchemist7 [JG]

    Will we at least live for more than 150 or 200 years?

    The question is whether the human body is physically able to live 200 years naturally. I doubt it is possible without a form of intervention because aging is a permanent and ever going process that very slow however but can be severely enhanced by stress or constant consuming of alcohol and...
  85. The Alchemist7 [JG]

    Buying crypto without ID verification/picture of yourself?

    I've always been buying from Local Monero which is also listed inside Henu the Great's link. I have never shown my ID to anybody. I wrote a guide on how to use Local Monero without providing ID and anonymously to a decent extent. https://ancient-forums.com/viewtopic.php?f=3&t=83548
  86. The Alchemist7 [JG]

    Advanced brothers and sisters. Which meditations of ours I can offer to do for non-dedicated

    Some meditations such as trance (I mean the basic state of trance or maximum a deeper relaxation where you don't feel your body anymore, and not more advanced trance states where you can for example see glimpses from your past lives or program your subconscious mind), void meditation, a few very...
  87. The Alchemist7 [JG]

    Happy New Year - 2024!

    Happy new year everyone. May you all be blessed with accomplishments, health and and general success in all your plans.
  88. The Alchemist7 [JG]

    Joy of Satan CALENDARS for 2024 NOW LIVE!

    Surely one of the most useful tools for any Satanist. Congratulations to everyone involved.
  89. The Alchemist7 [JG]

    How much should we love animals?

    There have been numerous cases where pets sacrificed themselves to save their owners from potential death, that's all I have to add for those who think that pet animals are only a burden or demanding beings.
  90. The Alchemist7 [JG]

    About skipping

    I don't think the energy is that strict for day to day meditation based on my experience. I think meditation works in the same way like physical training. If you "build" day by day by day then advancement will be a lot faster, a day skipped won't "reset" the entire energy and progress built in...
  91. The Alchemist7 [JG]

    Afrikaans Translations Thread

    Hello. Please email me those translations on [email protected] Currently I don't know of an active Afrikaans member that can review the translations but this shouldn't be an impediment as someone will come at some point in the future if we will manage to spread JoS among the...
  92. The Alchemist7 [JG]

    Satan Lucifer Poseidon – Lord of the Seas

    Thank you for the sermon HPS Lydia. The Electric blue or ”Demonic blue” as we call it sometimes being one of Satan's colors, the bioluminescence created by marine life being a very similar nuance of blue and created by enzymes called Luciferase, the fact that historically and etymologically...
  93. The Alchemist7 [JG]

    Happy Yule!

    Happy Yule! May everyone have a great new year ahead.
  94. The Alchemist7 [JG]

    JoS Projects : New JOS Site Annoucement [https://jos-projects.com]

    Hello. Yes sorry for the delay, I've been going through all the emails now so I will definitely reach to yours if I haven't already
  95. The Alchemist7 [JG]

    Greek Translation Thread

    Greetings Hellenic SS. Yes this is certainly welcomed. You can translate the site and send the translations to me on [email protected] There are 2 Greek members currently translating JoS into Greek, Prometheus and Akis, we are working on the sites as time allows. If you would be...
  96. The Alchemist7 [JG]

    JoS Projects : New JOS Site Annoucement [https://jos-projects.com]

    Congratulations JG BlackOnyx and to everyone involved. This will be so important on multiple levels and will certainly facilitate a lot of work that many members were performing manually or without the necessary software.
  97. The Alchemist7 [JG]

    JoS Wiki : New JOS Site Annoucement [https://joswiki.org/]

    Congratulations to everyone involved in the project. Hopefully this will be helpful for members that find the main sites difficult to navigate, or those who are generally used to the typical Wikipedia structure of organizing information.
  98. The Alchemist7 [JG]

    Joy of Satan NEW Guardians: Announcement

    Congratulations to every Guardian for giving in all their talent, skills and knowledge to bring JoS where it is today and of course, to maintain a permanent and stable growth in global reach and power. Congratulations to High Priestess Lydia for her decades-old efforts and contributions to...
  99. The Alchemist7 [JG]

    THE NEW JOY OF SATAN WEBSITE LAYOUT IS NOW LIVE! [Update 2 - Changelog 15/Dec/2023]

    It is difficult to think of a design that would improve the aesthetics and insert a mode modern feel to the site without jeopardizing the tradition and simplicity behind it, and I think we can generally agree this design does it perfectly, and certainly the choice of images was great and very...
  100. The Alchemist7 [JG]

    Joy of Satan Philippines

    So this would mean that this is not something we can use on a wide scale (for all JoS sites for example)? I thought initially that it is a platform owned by a large company where our otherwise noticeable presence will not disturb too much.
  101. The Alchemist7 [JG]

    Recrutamento de Tradutores para Alegria de Satan

    Hello. Yes email me if anything is needed and we will look into what else needs to be translated. [email protected]
  102. The Alchemist7 [JG]

    Are physical laws the same in other galaxies as in ours?

    That is it yes. I knew about it being called ”photographic memory” but didn't remember it when writing the above message. Void meditation actually gets easier and easier once you start doing it correctly after a few days - couple weeks. Have you tried to keep your mind empty by focusing your...
  103. The Alchemist7 [JG]

    Are physical laws the same in other galaxies as in ours?

    I also think just as @Stormblood said that "physical laws" are present and uniform in the entire universe, however humanity has a very limited and narrow understanding of these laws (due to being very limited and "narrow" beings ourselves due to lack of spiritual knowledge which would open...
  104. The Alchemist7 [JG]

    Joy of Satan Philippines

    Hello. Sorry for the late response. Can you please share with me as well this progress tracking website? We might find it helpful. Also with Filipino there isn't a lot of good quality automated translating software so translating more slowly and gradually seem to be the only way. Resorting to...
  105. The Alchemist7 [JG]

    About attractiveness / attraction

    Indeed as Henu said you would need to think well for an affirmation depending on what you need. I don't have a lot of experience with such workings as the ones you need but I think the affirmation you posted is a good one. I would replace "in the best & positive way for me" with "the most...
  106. The Alchemist7 [JG]

    Long COVID patients with brain changes?

    Hello/Salut I've read a lot back then that the covid vaccines, especially the mRNA ones, are going to affect the body to the point where people can have vaccine-related conditions years later and since the "pandemic" has been completely swept under the rug, nobody is going to investigate the...
  107. The Alchemist7 [JG]

    About attractiveness / attraction

    Hello. If you want to become more attractive and charismatic, the way you are describing is overly simplistic I would say. Attractiveness and charisma are personality traits that humans develop after years of social interactions, maturation, taking on various responsibilities, taking on leading...
  108. The Alchemist7 [JG]

    The Truth About the Palestine-Israel War

    Thanks for the extra great information, this provide a lot more context and clarity. I am wondering if Hamas is jewish controlled because it was only to be expected that if Hamas will launch a massive attack on Israel, they could only retaliate and kill a lot more civilians back, so Hamas did...
  109. The Alchemist7 [JG]

    Joy of Satan Philippines

    Greetings Voimir. I hope you are strong and healthy. I great to see that you are returning to translations and that you care about the project. Out of everyone you quoted, I see only Wildfire is still active on the forums, hopefully he can reply back and update us on whether he can continue or...
  110. The Alchemist7 [JG]

    Thank you HoodedCobra⚡

    Hello. What will most likely happen as far as I know at the moment is that the site will have all the bugs fixed and the translations of the site will carry on, however I am not sure if the "format" of the language will remain the same, including whether the website could be edited with webword...
  111. The Alchemist7 [JG]

    about nibiru

    The question would be whether Nibiru was real? Currently it is considered a hypothetical planet that might have existed between Mars and Jupiter, or beyond Neptune according to different sources, which would have been destroyed by an advanced extra-terrestrial war and its destruction gave birth...
  112. The Alchemist7 [JG]

    Thank you HoodedCobra⚡

    A saying goes that "Equality exists only in mathematics". People are "equal" only in jewish-ruled places, with the jews being the most equal. If you have this belief then I wonder where you are coming from. Spine had all his powers removed due to his ill and toxic intentions, actions and...
  113. The Alchemist7 [JG]

    The Truth About the Palestine-Israel War

    Indeed they have very evil plans towards Palestinians. I might post a second part of this topic. Hello. Thanks, I will check as soon as time allows.
  114. The Alchemist7 [JG]

    The Truth About the Palestine-Israel War

    There are some facts in general that many people are not aware of regarding the situation in Gaza and Israel. The first obvious fact when looking at the situation between Palestinians and Israel is that this war has been dating back decades, at least since Israel was established in 1948 with...
  115. The Alchemist7 [JG]

    About Guardian Demons

    Thank you for the article HPS Lydia. This is very welcomed and needed at his time on the forums to clarify misconceptions, confusion or questions that many newer members probably have.
  116. The Alchemist7 [JG]

    Translators for the SS Calendar!

    Hello. Essentially "alchemists" were those who were spiritually elevated, those who still had the knowledge of the "alchemy of the soul" so to say, which is the knowledge to advance one's soul spiritually, that many people still practiced in utmost secrecy as to not get persecuted and killed by...
  117. The Alchemist7 [JG]

    The JoS Has A New High Priestess

    Congratulations High Priestess Lydia! Great to see the Clergy being consolidated formally and officially with someone very deserving after all the work and time invested in growing JoS, especially after having "high priests/esses" that went unnoticed for years and years. I wish HPS Lydia...
  118. The Alchemist7 [JG]

    Portuguese Translation Thread

    Greetings. Thank you for your contributions. It might have been best to write the message in English so everyone can read (in case they are interested), I will add your message translated below: ””Hello, I'm a new member. I really appreciate being accepted. I'm a pagan, NS and I translate...
  119. The Alchemist7 [JG]

    Translators for the SS Calendar!

    I have read the entire thread. I see you have a quality of telling people exactly what you think, which is great but it is clear that you need to carefully balance how you express your thoughts into your replies depending on the context, otherwise this quality of being direct and telling people...
  120. The Alchemist7 [JG]

    Filipino Translation Thread

    Hello. Sorry for the late reply. There is a Filipino website that is currently under translation, more at the beginning stages. If you have time and are still willing to translate please email me [email protected]
  121. The Alchemist7 [JG]


    Hello. Please email me for this on [email protected] As for the ball of light cleaning meditation, there is that one that @Korpi posted above from JG Lydia which is very detailed in cleaning parts of the soul in a more targeted manner, I've also been doing a "lighter" version of this...
  122. The Alchemist7 [JG]

    Hindi Translation Thread

    Hello, I emailed you.
  123. The Alchemist7 [JG]

    Polish Translation Thread

    Hello. I will email you shortly to discuss. Thanks a lot
  124. The Alchemist7 [JG]

    Humanity Will Understand: But We Know Now

    Thanks for the Heads up Egon. @Satanism Korea 666 if you can read this, please email me on [email protected] And we will definitely start this. We had a member before who offered translaring in Korean but I haven't heard from them ever since.
  125. The Alchemist7 [JG]

    Romanian Translation Thread

    Salutări. Din câte știu se lucreaza asupra forumului si administratorul se ocupa de asta. Nu cred ca forumul are o problema anume dar cel mai probabil va fi relansat imediat ce lucrarile necesare vor fi finalizate.
  126. The Alchemist7 [JG]

    Kurdish Translation Thread

    This topic is to announce that a member has offered to translate JoS in Kurdish and surely in the future this thread can be used in this regard if ever needed.
  127. The Alchemist7 [JG]

    Does it happen to you too? Is it normal?

    Hello. How the Gods will help varies greatly for every person. It depends a lot how open and receptive one is, for direct communication or if this is not possible, for signs similar to what you described. But I consider that generally yes, if one is not yet able to communicate with the Gods...
  128. The Alchemist7 [JG]

    Kundalini-Tool Major Update - 3.0

    It seems more and more clear that the origin of your "depression" is from a combination of toxic habits and a strange deliberate intention of self-sabotage and not a real inner or outside problem or event causing this. You are not in any way "useless" but you really seem to try hard to convince...
  129. The Alchemist7 [JG]

    Greek Translation Thread

    Can you please email me on [email protected] There is now another translator and we can further work together on this. I will also help to insert Greek images on the website
  130. The Alchemist7 [JG]

    Greek Translation Thread

    Hello. Is anyone still active in translating in Greek? I haven't heard back at least from PromitheusS88 and OphidianBlade in ages. @Yagami Light I am not sure if you have been translating as well?
  131. The Alchemist7 [JG]

    Chinese Translation Thread

    Hello. I will deliver your comment to the translators in case they haven't seen it already. Thanks a lot for your input
  132. The Alchemist7 [JG]


    Big congratulations to all contributors. The page looks amazing and is very well-thought and functional in all aspects it provides.
  133. The Alchemist7 [JG]

    Joy of Satan Websites Offline Archive Updated

    Greetings. Sorry for the delayed answer. Unfortunately the archive contains one or a few files that don't allow it to be compressed in a zip/rar file, which makes it next to impossible to upload it anywhere else other than mega. It is also a bit outdated compared to the new content that has been...
  134. The Alchemist7 [JG]

    Celebrating 2 Years of Expansion and Progress (List Updated)

    Hello. Please email me on [email protected] I knew certainly I won't be aware of all translators there are and have been, but it doesn't mean that those who translated in the past or in the shadow have to go unnoticed. Reaching to me through the forum or email is the only way to...
  135. The Alchemist7 [JG]

    Celebrating 2 Years of Expansion and Progress (List Updated)

    Hello yes please send me an email to [email protected] and I will put you in contact with the Spanish team
  136. The Alchemist7 [JG]

    Celebrating 2 Years of Expansion and Progress (List Updated)

    Hello. Yes I realized the information is not 100% accurate. At least couple websites are older than displayed there, but one of them existed as a different website that was taken down. I might correct that wheb possible and update
  137. The Alchemist7 [JG]

    Romanian Translation Thread

    Salutări. Adresa de email pe care ai furnizat-o mai este valabilă? Am încercat să-ți trimitem email și se pare că a fost ștearsă de protonmail
  138. The Alchemist7 [JG]

    Celebrating 2 Years of Expansion and Progress (List Updated)

    Hello the Chinese JoS site works currently, it can be accessed here: https://joschina.org If you wish to get involved in translations please email me on [email protected] if possible. If not we will manage this over the forum and with the help of the other Chinese translators.
  139. The Alchemist7 [JG]

    Celebrating 2 Years of Expansion and Progress (List Updated)

    List updated As mentioned, if someone has actively and consistently translated but does not appear in the above list, please do email me!
  140. The Alchemist7 [JG]

    Romanian Translation Thread

    Salutări, mulțumim pentru implicare. Materialul Joy of Satan este tradus de mulți ani (precum și majoritatea celorlalte site-uri), dar tot există și alte materiale importante de tradus în română. Dacă ești interesat o să te contactăm pe email
  141. The Alchemist7 [JG]

    Serbo-Croatian Translation Thread

    Hello. I was about to do this ages ago but I am not able to login anymore on that account from where Kabbalah Exposed was created. When I try to login I get endless chaptchas and then it simply says that I cannot login at that time. I think the reason is because the algorithm detected my...
  142. The Alchemist7 [JG]

    Celebrating 2 Years of Expansion and Progress (List Updated)

    Thanks everyone for the powerful replies. Absolutely yes, the list will be updated with all translators that had a considerable contribution. I do apologize for not being able to reach to all communities prior to posting the celebration post.
  143. The Alchemist7 [JG]

    Persian Translation Thread

    Hello. Thanks a lot for caring. Yes sure if you have a new protonmail address then please email me on [email protected]
  144. The Alchemist7 [JG]

    Celebrating 2 Years of Expansion and Progress (List Updated)

    Greetings everyone. Today, 11 of June 2023, we celebrate exactly 2 years of tremendous progress accomplished across tens of multi-lingual Joy of Satan translated websites, thanks to the hard work of dozens and dozens of dedicated and serious Satanists, without whom none of this would have been...
  145. The Alchemist7 [JG]

    Spanish Translations Thread

    No worries. The other 2 rituals PDF: Bendición Comunitaria Para Todo Satanista Espiritual: RITUAL Para Satanistas Espirituales: https://mega.nz/file/4c5EybAC#8vjDomJEpZTO4wKV3Mc_i8AbEzwGcy_4tsFJXqq1nwg Bendiciones Para Empleo, Seguridad Financiera y Protección RITUAL Para Satanistas...
  146. The Alchemist7 [JG]

    New - Joy Of Satan Newsletter

    This is a great endeavour. JoS can definitely have a monthly newsletter that will comprise the best sermons and replies from all members posted on the previous month from a variety of subjects, structured in a nicely made PDF with maybe a pre-set number of pages that can resemble a format...
  147. The Alchemist7 [JG]

    Building Castles in the Air

    Advancing spiritually will naturally increase your value as a person and will enhance what you can do. You can consider this as a starting point, together with staying close to the forum and assisting the new members. Empowering your mind, judgmenent, gaining experience, knowledge, this is the...

Al Jilwah: Chapter IV

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