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  1. SATchives

    I look like a 14-year-old boy.

    You can protect yourself with natural oils ballnut tree oil(A 2007 study published in the European Journal of Pharmaceutical Sciences showed that Ballnut tree oil provides a high UV protection level, equal to SPF 18 to 22.), moringa tree oil(high in vitamin e and other vitamins), raspberry seed...
  2. SATchives

    Controlling Over-Analyzing Mind; Strengthening Creative Mind

    Many who feel they have amphantasia, are this way because of the extreme disconnect beween feminine mind and the logical masculine mind. You can practice visualization all day but if you stay in the masculine logical side, you're visualization will always suffer this is why many feel it's...
  3. SATchives

    Controlling Over-Analyzing Mind; Strengthening Creative Mind

    Thank you HPS Lydia this post is amazing and needed so much by me right now.
  4. SATchives

    Incredible Advances in AI-Generated Music (And how we can utilize it...)

    Let me be more specific we need a place for trusted members only, not open to the public for sensitive things like this. this can be scraped by a bot, or like you said someone could make an account if we where to not only show it to members, I say this because there has been times in the past...
  5. SATchives

    Online Work for Satan

    I agree, I was thinking of hiring a musician on somewhere like fiverr(yes i know they are owned by the enemy) or elsewhere, giving them this and having them make it.
  6. SATchives

    Online Work for Satan

    Here is the above video fixed better quality and subtitles I am the one who removed the above video, not jewtube. Worked on making my twitter, but however, there are a lot of loop holes I have to find, I'm gonna get an anonymous number tomorrow, and there is a chance that they might require...
  7. SATchives

    RTR Ritual Schedule April 14th to April 30th [SCHEDULE FINISHED]

    I had the most amazing dream last night, one of fearlessness, triumphing over the enemy, and ascension to godhead with my Father. Stay strong Brothers and Sisters, Fear is of the enemy and they cannot do anything. Thank you for being tough on us, we all know it is out of love my Brother. I want...
  8. SATchives

    RTR Ritual Schedule April 14th to April 30th [SCHEDULE FINISHED]

    third day going strong, feels amazing. just friendly reminder, raising your energies is super important before your first ritual and between rituals. These runes below I have been working with lately, have made this schedule much less difficult, I feel Urutz, as "this energy of Urutz in a...
  9. SATchives

    The Grand Ritual [Schedule Concluded]

    This ritual is amazing, I'm going to do it again before bed, and multiple times everyday going forward. I feel so energized and pumped!
  10. SATchives

    The Grand Ritual [Schedule Concluded]

    just got home from work, getting on this and the schedule now.
  11. SATchives

    Online Work for Satan

    This Monday I have more things planned. I'm taking Satan's Day as my off day from my job going forward, and from now on I will be doing most of my online work on that day, and posting about what I am doing. Been playing around with suno.ai a lot lately and I think music video shorts, are one of...
  12. SATchives

    It Takes Actual Effort

    I made a music video based off this article. Hope you all like it, after finishing it i noticed some errors with the subtitles, I'll go in and fix it, but I wanted to share it with everyone first because I like this one.
  13. SATchives

    It Takes Actual Effort

    This is an amazing article to add to your daily read.
  14. SATchives

    Let Us Save The Goddamn World!

    LETS FUCKING SAVE THE WORLD! I am working towards this, each client I get is a small win, looking for a brick a mortar place right now instead of paying 30% commission to the building owner I'll have my own building. In the future I envision a Temple of Thoth, Temple of Hermes, Non-Secular...
  15. SATchives

    Incredible Advances in AI-Generated Music (And how we can utilize it...)

    I was purposely not sharing this, in the past proprietary tech has been shared, and some kike makes a call, and next week censorship / removed product. but now that cat's out of the bag everyone needs to utilize it. I did a lot of work complainging to the dev team about their censorship for...
  16. SATchives

    Question #4377: Serious before 30

    Yeah I came here young as well
  17. SATchives

    Online Work for Satan

    Yeah, thats the thought, I think out of all the comment sections I've seen in all my time doing online warfare this is the best one, 1 million views, 55k likes, I posted a few replies and comments, and will continue to do so daily.
  18. SATchives

    Question #4377: Serious before 30

    People can come to this path after 30, my father dedicated in his 50s, a friend of mine dedicated in her mid 30's and they are both still advancing. they might have more resistance to old habits, but it's never to late to get on the true path
  19. SATchives

    Question #4371: Cell phone buying advice

    Not true, if you are interested in security I would go with an unlocked google pixel 5 or higher, I don't know where you live but places like https://swappa.com/listings/google-pixel-5?carrier=unlocked you can get them reasonably. make sure it's not from verizon or At&t (you want to buy one that...
  20. SATchives

    What Today Needs!

    great channel video to post comments too, all comments are against the jews and xianity
  21. SATchives

    Online Work for Satan

    Much Like "What Today Needs" but with more than just posting links. A place for small project for Online Work, incase anyone wants to join me. I say small projects, because I still feel uncomfortable with this being out in the open / where enemy eyes can see and react. I'm currently downloading...
  22. SATchives

    Trance | Meditation Challenge 1

    I'm a bit late but I'll start with you all. Trance is one of my weakest areas.
  23. SATchives

    Journaling, Writing to Yourself

    Thank you Lydia, it's been in the back of my head to start journaling again. I have placed the journal right in front of my desk.
  24. SATchives

    Write Down Your Problems

    A guide on perhaps love, finding yourself, for those of us where love hurts too much, but still need love in our life, a guide to overcoming emotions, or a guide to being able to live with our mistakes and guilt a guide to forgiveness. something along those lines.
  25. SATchives

    Write Down Your Problems

    Yes a guide for basics would be wonderful, many I know like myself had difficulties visualizing, and it comes and goes. Sometimes it feels all the efforts I've put in the past are for nothing because of the cyclical nature of what I have experienced, I never have broken through to the place...
  26. SATchives

    Impossible to get over a person

    Words matter, Did*
  27. SATchives

    Impossible to get over a person

    Thank you all for sharing your stories with me, it's helping me go through something right now, and I realize I don't have it as bad as you guys do, It makes it more manageable.
  28. SATchives

    About The Power Of Us and The Enemy - Visiting/Gazing Into Other Worlds

    I just read this again and it really hit me in a different way, Thank you for your constant efforts, I'm striving to do more, and to use all the benefits given to me by the Gods to better myself daily.
  29. SATchives

    Fair Treatment Of Knowledge

    Whats the best way to ground yourself, I get to a place of love when it comes to women, and once I get to that place if things change or anything I'm an emotional mess, the opposite of what a Man should be, and I end up always hurting myself and my loved one. and it always ends badly. I don't...
  30. SATchives

    Fair Treatment Of Knowledge

    It's easy in this messed up world where parents where parents were never taught how to properly raise their children, where families are broken and you're entire environment is all garbage, for you to become 30 and not know how to deal with women, for some people like myself who are working on...
  31. SATchives

    Fair Treatment Of Knowledge

    Thank you for writing this Brother. This is what I needed.
  32. SATchives

    Satan And The Gods Can Heal You, But You Must Let Them

    Tweet 1: "Experiencing bliss or inner healing through meditation is a life-changing experience. Don't give up if you haven't felt it yet - it's possible! #meditation #innerhealing #bliss" Tweet 2: "Many people face stupid doubts and other issues caused by internal psychological damage...
  33. SATchives

    A.I Thread Post anything A.I related here.

    I've been playing around with A.I enough to have a general understanding of it and there are a lot of tutorials out there. Since it is advancing so Fast I want a thread to put the A.I i find useful, and a place for anyone to ask questions. LLM (large language model, the chatbot types) Open...
  34. SATchives

    Changing The Course Of Life With Magick As A Spiritual Satanist

    A.I generated Content for Online Work. 1/6: As humans, we desire quick fixes for problems. However, this mindset may cause us to overlook the need for effort and persistence in making fundamental changes #magick 2/6: Major life changes require significant effort & time. People avoid...
  35. SATchives

    Changing The Course Of Life With Magick As A Spiritual Satanist

    Thanks for the article, I ran this article though Offline A.I to generate some tweets, I'm just going to dump them below, and if you want to use them for Warfare feel free too, my goal is to do this, then create an X account after I get a lot of them done, and go through and post with links to...
  36. SATchives

    JoS Wiki : New JOS Site Annoucement [https://joswiki.org/]

    JG Blitzkreig thank you I appreicate everything you've done. All my thanks to everyone who worked on this, if you need any help just email me.
  37. SATchives

    Joy of Satan NEW Guardians: Announcement

    Congratulations Everyone! Well deserved. Hail Satan!!
  38. SATchives

    On Taking Care Of Youth, Children and Young Adults

    Even though I feel like I was abandoned a bit out of necessity at a young age, as I had no mother, and my father worked crazy hours, it all came together, but from this temporary abandonment (all my baby sitters where trash kike influenced evil shits) so I was left alone and did mostly fine...
  39. SATchives

    The JoS Has A New High Priestess

    Congratulations!!!! Looking forward to our future, thank you for all the work you've done and will do for us in the future, High Priestess Lydia!
  40. SATchives

    How to Integrate Science into Your Life [GUIDE]

    this is one of the best ai powered search engines for science literature, https://www.semanticscholar.org/ I really liked this article. I'm focused on two areas at the moment, online marketing, and holistic naturopathy physical therapy with Ayurveda assessment and balancing.
  41. SATchives

    Joy of Satan Updates: Ethics & Virtues Section [BEELZEBUL'S VIRTUES: UPDATED]

    amazing, I've gained a lot from just this page, I'm really looking forward to the rest, thank you so much my brother.
  42. SATchives

    Disciplining Yourself - Mind To Body

    this needs to be my main focus from now on.
  43. SATchives

    As I Sat On Top Of Ruins: Let Us Prove Ourselves

    Such a beautiful post. Never give up.
  44. SATchives

    Where to buy 35% Food-Grade Hydrogen Peroxide that doesn't cost over 70 or more $...?

    I believe international laws prevent selling 35% overseas. if you're country doesn't sell it It'll be hard to get it at that %, it's dangerous to make it yourself, but not overly complicated. There are multiple ways. I would not suggest making it, as I think you can try and find it in your...
  45. SATchives

    About night routine

    Just communicate with Satan and the Gods, customize it for yourself, be open and communicate with Satan and the Demons with your own words. Improve your visualization by taking a lot of time to just relaxing and attempting to form visualizations in your mind. treat it like a muscle and train...
  46. SATchives

    Question #1544: Satanic sins

    stupidity is the only sin in Satanism, doing whats wrong when you know what's right. being willfully ignorant. etc, Satan and the Demons simply want what's best for you and if you make mistakes just learn from them and move forward, this is not xianity by any means. which is why sins is not the...
  47. SATchives

    About night routine

    read some of Satanslibrary, clean your aura and chackras, do a yoga session, drink some chamomile tea, do some visualization training, do nightly affirmations, pray to the Gods, do an aura of protection, drink a big glass of water, clean up around your room /house a bit, make a to do list for...
  48. SATchives

    Question #1542: Coping with ritual schedules

    13-20 minutes for the FRTR, 10-30 min for the extra rituals. Most of the extra rituals even say "Vibrate these Runes in a short version [ie, do not draw the runic vibration on a very big breath, especially for those who are new and can't do that many vibrations]." Do what you can, I don't...
  49. SATchives

    SS Group Ritual Schedule: 28th of May - 12th of June

    You're a kike that shall be cursed for all eternity. the kikes days are numbered.
  50. SATchives

    My guardian

    This is a jew
  51. SATchives

    nonprofit which is against us tax funded animal testing

    https://www.whitecoatwaste.org/ for those who want to check this site out, they are the only group I know that has successfully gotten animal testing facilities shut down. learned about this group from this podcast. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=p3oC3kpKENQ if you want frtr fuel, listen to...
  52. SATchives


    in every moment do what is best for you, sounds easy, but there is always a part of yourself fighting against you, fight the bad change, stay true to yourself, Satan, and never fault.
  53. SATchives

    SS Group Ritual Schedule: 28th of May - 12th of June

    awesome, getting on this right away
  54. SATchives

    Big Attack Against Our Main Sites - May 16/2023 [Update 3 - Main Sites Are Up , Forums 100% Safe, Translations ]

    https://icedrive.net/s/2d4deDi6q9 Hopefully someone has the newest Satan's library backedup.
  55. SATchives

    Happy Birthday To Adolf Hitler

    Heil Hitler, Hail Satan and All Demons of Hell! stay strong friends and family of Satan
  56. SATchives

    Message From Azazel on AI: April 20th 2023 [UPDATE 2]

    Other than articles, I suppose the only real way to make an impact would be to make videos and talk to people in real life about this issue. flyers even. This isn't talking about the obvious continuing and doing spiritual warfare.
  57. SATchives

    Yoga: Focus, Breath

    Thank you I really needed this, yoga is an area of my life that needs a lot of work.
  58. SATchives

    Advancing The Cause: Joy Of Satan Donation Tiers [Update 36: 8th PDF being written + Improvements]

    Thank you for everything you do HP, I wish you the best in every way, I look forward to our future conversations.
  59. SATchives

    Spiritual Warfare Schedule: April 9th to April 20th 2023 [April 20th WHAT TO DO - Update]

    Joy of Satan Guardian, it's a rank for individuals who have proven themselves. refer to this post https://ancient-forums.com/viewtopic.php?f=24&t=66384
  60. SATchives

    Spiritual Warfare Schedule: April 9th to April 20th 2023 [April 20th WHAT TO DO - Update]

    happy Ēostre, Hail Astarte!! May the Queen of Heaven be forever exalted!!
  61. SATchives

    Better Privacy: Windows without spyware | A safer dejewgled android OS | Completely deleting your data on windows

    it's always going to be the safest to dual boot, have linux for our related content, and then use ameliorated or a windows you went in and got rid of the telemetry yourself, and still not use it for SS related stuff. Looks like they rebranded and changed their site and look, so I would be...
  62. SATchives

    Advancing The Cause: Joy Of Satan Donation Tiers [Update 36: 8th PDF being written + Improvements]

    I just want to state here for the record the pdf's have extremely useful information, and valuable information, not only are you going to be helping out the JoS when you donate but you are going to receive very well thought out and detailed pdf with some more advanced information.
  63. SATchives

    Happy Ostara To Every Spiritual Satanist - 3 Day Homage To Astarte

    Nice art, I got it, thanks, I've put it in the project folder and I'll use it when I get enough to remake the video, thank you
  64. SATchives

    Happy Ostara To Every Spiritual Satanist - 3 Day Homage To Astarte

    you can upload to imgbb.com and share the link here, if you don't want it on the site forever you can just set it to auto delete in the future, or you can set it to never delete.
  65. SATchives

    A HUGE Thank you to Queen Astarte!!

    Very beautiful painting, thanks for sharing your art!
  66. SATchives

    Happy Ostara To Every Spiritual Satanist - 3 Day Homage To Astarte

    thanks once I get a few more pictures together, remake the video
  67. SATchives

    Happy Ostara To Every Spiritual Satanist - 3 Day Homage To Astarte

    Does anyone have any art of Inanna/Aphrodite/Astarte Our Goddess that I can use in my second draft of my video?
  68. SATchives

    Contributing to JoS: Here's What You Can Do

    didn't check, just assumed there wasn't one. nicely done anyways.
  69. SATchives

    Happy Ostara To Every Spiritual Satanist - 3 Day Homage To Astarte

    let me know what you think, I should of added more pictures and frames but due to limited time this is the first draft, I'm sure i'll get better and make better videos in the future. https://odysee.com/@FearlessTruthVideos:b/finale:8b
  70. SATchives

    Contributing to JoS: Here's What You Can Do

    get it ssl certification so it's https:// not http
  71. SATchives

    Happy Ostara To Every Spiritual Satanist - 3 Day Homage To Astarte

    When saying ISIS, is the correct pronunciation Eye-sis or EE-sis? I've read that is was both accounts depending on the location in ancient times, I am making a video and want to make it perfect.
  72. SATchives

    Happy Ostara To Every Spiritual Satanist - 3 Day Homage To Astarte

    Not sure if it's just on my end but I noticed this on Astarte's advanced information page.
  73. SATchives

    Sun Square Thread! + additional information

    so next sunday seems like the time I will start a working for my sun, unfortunately it was still in pisces yesterday. I think this is perfect timing for me, I've done so many material workings lately and this will balance out things for me spiritually.
  74. SATchives

    Sun Square Thread! + additional information

    thanks for post.
  75. SATchives

    Chatgpt prompt engineering.

    So they've dialed back their censorship? that's interesting news, did not expect that.
  76. SATchives

    RE-Read-It Series: The Choice of The Satanic Healing Light |

    the software I was talking was for turning the articles into audio, and it's called descript I used it before and it seems to have improved, so I will be seeing if it will help me with the huge task of turning the articles into audio format that is at a high enough standard for the community...
  77. SATchives

    Question #909: this is for lydia or anyone else who knows about tarot

    I like the Robin Wood deck, but it might not be to your liking, youw have to look on youtube and see if it's for you. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ELobyAaTiPE here is it's basics, it's all white race, no jewish symbols, very pagan, and is also the same deck used in my favorite book, tarot...
  78. SATchives

    [Question] Seriously don't understand some of the criticisms towards my ideas.

  79. SATchives

    RE-Read-It Series: The Choice of The Satanic Healing Light |

    Soon I'll be making changes to how I do this series, with the new material added to Satan's Library, I need a better way to keep track of what I've recorded/re-read You can expect soon that I will add a recorded file audio of the article, and I will decide upon a better way to format and title...
  80. SATchives

    New member

    Moringa Oleifera oil is a natural anti-inflammatory, it has 32-36 anti-inflammatory compounds, these compounds take the inflammation out of my fathers knees, rub it on the area of arthritis and taking it internally will help. I can vouch for sulu organics brand of moringa oil I was also taught...
  81. SATchives

    Conclusions before the great storm - CHAPTER 11 – THE “CONSPIRACY THEORY” NOTION

    Interesting I thought he was a deluded xian gentile, could you share with us where he was elaborating that he was a kike
  82. SATchives

    Ghosts of the past - Music

    even if the production is the best, it's still really good and it does not disappoint, I like this one a lot, your vocals are amazing, thanks for sharing these!
  83. SATchives

    New member

    Welcome Brother, if I ever see your question and have an answer for you I'll do my best to help you out Here's a decent pdf with a meditation routine that includes the opening of the chakras and basics, you might already know of this, but incase you haven't come across it here it is...
  84. SATchives

    Ode to a storm - Music

    I really liked it, nicely done SapphireDragon, please make more when you can
  85. SATchives

    Satan's Library: 2023 Major Update

    Great work everyone, I'm very happy we got the documents from the old forums on to Satan's library.
  86. SATchives

    The Warrior's Song - Poem

    thank you for sharing this beautiful poem with us, 10/10
  87. SATchives

    Purim: The Type Of Spells They Do To The Goyim - Explained

    Thank you for this post, I've had this before, and I knew it was a kike and dodged her like a plague, she wasn't 'hot' though I don't see how any jew could be, no matter how much plastic they put on.
  88. SATchives

    🎀 My Tarot thread 🎀

    Did you dedicate? then yes you have a GD
  89. SATchives

    Re-Read-It Series: Equality, The Gods, And other Questions | End Of Law And Order In Modern Clown World - Gun Rights US

    https://www.evilbible.com/do-not-ignore-the-old-testament/what-would-jesus-do/ it really says Matthew 10: 34-36 34 Think not that I am come to send peace on earth: I came not to send peace, but a sword. 35 For I am come to set a man at variance against his father and the daughter against her...
  90. SATchives

    Can I meditate to RTR MP3?

    if you really want to truly memorize it, outside of doing the ritual in your free time, try to memorize the 72 RTR in chunks. write it down what you think comes next, and keep going until you get it right over and over, and until you can do all 72 without error, might take you a few months or a...
  91. SATchives

    Re-Read-It Series: Equality, The Gods, And other Questions | End Of Law And Order In Modern Clown World - Gun Rights US

    https://satanslibrary.org/English/End%20Of%20Law%20And%20Order%20In%20Modern%20Clown%20World%20Gun%20Rights%20In%20the%20US%20by%20HP%20Hoodedcobra666.pdf https://ancient-forums.com/viewtopic.php?p=128913#p128913 End Of Law And Order In Modern Clown World - Gun Rights In the US By High Priest...
  92. SATchives

    Blood sacrifice in Hinduism

    blood rituals are of the enemy. Pointless killings are evil, however they are killing the animal to eat it seems, still to say it's a ritual to for the Goddess Kali is sad, it paints it as if it's an offering to Her (i.e blood ritual), I could feel the sadness of that animal in the wiki page. It...
  93. SATchives

    Spiritual Satanism On I2P Thread

    great work, looking forward to checking it out.
  94. SATchives

    Better Privacy: Windows without spyware | A safer dejewgled android OS | Completely deleting your data on windows

    if you could find some research showing me proof that would be great, it's not that difficult to test incoming and out going packets on devices. using wireshark, I couldn't find anything, I couldn't find anything online of people reporting such either. grapheneOS wasn't made by the fbi from...
  95. SATchives

    Joy Of Satan - Ritual Schedule March 6 to March 17 [SECOND RITUAL UP]

    Awesome, I'm ready for this! Hail Satan!! I'll start these now.
  96. SATchives

    🎀 My Tarot thread 🎀

    Thank you, I found a suitable deck, I didn't see anything wrong with the robin wood deck.
  97. SATchives

    SS'ler İçin Tarot Desteleri

    Hediye için teşekkür ederim
  98. SATchives

    🎀 My Tarot thread 🎀

    I'm trying to find a beautiful but simple deck, without any kikery, have you stumbled across anything you might be able to recommend me? Also I'm looking for the back of the card to be symmetrical, so I cannot see if it's reversed before I flip it over, the last one I had was blue and red on the...
  99. SATchives

    Question #785: tarot and similar skills

    I taught myself tarot using the book ' Tarot Plain and Simple by Anthony Louis ' it was recommended to me by HPS Maxine Dietrich. Just reference the book until you start remembering the meanings, and as you continue to practice, your intuition for it and skill will increase. Also take a look at...
  100. SATchives

    Music thread

    https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ipFaubyDUT4 Medieval Celtic Music and Fantasy Celtic Music - 10 Hour No ads I've been listening to this lately. I really love this type of music.
  101. SATchives

    I declare I am truly Lucifer

    truly delusional. Ask Satan, seek help. sounds like you're on drugs or meds.
  102. SATchives

    Porn is jewish warfare and why you should quit

    try the link I posted, for whatever reason the link they posted had a /uit at the end bringing to a 404. the article falls in the same nofap misunderstanding that orgasm is bad, and is the result of messed up hormones, when in reality it's the foods we eat, and the xeno estrogen plastics that...
  103. SATchives

    Books I cannot find

    sent you an email. Hope it helps.
  104. SATchives

    Necronomicon Meditations

    I prefer using Sanskrit.
  105. SATchives

    Re-Read-It Series: Dealing With Astral Entities: On Dreams | Cashless and Automated Society

    https://satanslibrary.org/English/Dealing_With_Astral_Entities__On_Dreams-HP_HoodedCobra666.pdf Dealing with Astral Entities: On Dreams by HoodedCobra666 Feb 13, 2018 There is a lot of in-depth knowledge that can be shared on dreams, but because of the enemy's interest in this craft, and also...
  106. SATchives

    Dealing With The Extrenal World As A Spiritual Satanist

    all three of your questions are unrelated to the threads they are posted in. Make a new thread and ask, or go to the beginner questions thread and ask the question. All your questions can be answered by reading the https://JoyofSatan.org Satan and the Demons are flesh and blood Immortal...
  107. SATchives

    Dealing With The Extrenal World As A Spiritual Satanist

    This is delusional, read https://JoyofSatan.org in its entirety I have the intuition of you being a kike troll though.
  108. SATchives

    Porn is jewish warfare and why you should quit

    the /uit in the URL is bringing it to a 404 removing it brings you to the site. https://thuletide.wordpress.com/2020/04/14/pornography-and-nofap-everything-you-need-to-know/
  109. SATchives

    Question #757: confusion

    also the way the jews chakras tie them to the existence are different than ours. the reptilians and the jews do not have what we have, the gift Satan gave to us the ability to achieve Godhead. they may be able to reincarnate, but they are like parasitic roaches, you have to keep working towards...
  110. SATchives

    Re-Read-It Series: About Weed and Smoking | The Battle of Berlin by Joseph Goebbels

    https://satanslibrary.org/English/Nationalism_and_Socialism_by_Hermann_Goering.pdf the simplest way to think of it is that National Socialism is one word, socialism was a hijacked term by the marxist, but in reality at its root is social "relating to, devoted to, or characterized by friendly...
  111. SATchives

    Re-Read-It Series: About Weed and Smoking | The Battle of Berlin by Joseph Goebbels

    https://satanslibrary.org/English/About%20Weed%20and%20Smoking%20by%20HP%20Hoodedcobra666.pdf About Weed and Smoking Post by HP. Hoodedcobra666 I have stated many times that the wise person should abstain from these drugs, even weed in particular, though falsely and based on hearsay by many...
  112. SATchives

    How long does the entire RTR take, and do I have to say the whole thing?

    only focus on the most current RTR, the FRTR (final RTR) evilgoy.com > Final + Tetra + Shattering RTR [Dark Version] = https://satanslibrary.org/tspaintableb.html
  113. SATchives

    Re-Read-It Series: 2011, 2012 and 2013 Sermons of Satan Volume 1 (part 2)

    Thanks for the tip, what exact tool do you use, i've tried this on another app before and it didn't work.
  114. SATchives

    Re-Read-It Series: 2011, 2012 and 2013 Sermons of Satan Volume 1 (part 1)

    Thats a great idea to make a list. boycott china, buy local and for wholesale pick better options, for my business I can get every thing from india through india mart or local manufactures. when it comes to tech it's a bit more difficult as cobalt and others tech are produced in a monopoly style...
  115. SATchives

    Simple question regarding timing money workings.

    Thanks, for your feedback, this was what I was thinking as well. I'll give 45 a go
  116. SATchives

    Simple question regarding timing money workings.

    Can I get some advice, I want to do the spell #2 for 40 days, the 'one shot Necronomicon' during the hours of Jupiter today. Do you think there is more power in doing more than the 15 reps that the money spell pdf speaks of. Maybe 45 (numerology 9) reps? of each GIGGIMAGANPA / ZIKU I, or do...
  117. SATchives

    Simple question regarding timing money workings.

    I've always done 40 day workings, I haven't tried much else.
  118. SATchives

    Re-Read-It Series: Year Zero |

    It happened again, I really thought I put the second title in, strange.
  119. SATchives

    Advancing The Cause: Joy Of Satan Donation Tiers [Update 36: 8th PDF being written + Improvements]

    I fucking hate banks, they make everything worse. pieces of shit. think my money is their money and control it out of "safety" fuck off. pieces of shit can go fucking rot for eternity. FUCK BANKS. I hate these kikes so much.
  120. SATchives

    SS Testimonials

    thanks for sharing your testimonial, it's a very beautiful post.
  121. SATchives

    Re-Read-It Series: Year Zero |

    Year Zero "Some call it Marxism — I call it Judaism." – Rabbi S. Wise, The American Bulletin, May 5, 1935 "The Communist soul is the soul of Judaism. Hence it follows, that, just as in the Russian revolution the triumph of Communism was the triumph of Judaism.…" - A Program for the Jews and...
  122. SATchives

    Orgasm Ritual For the Gods

    agreed 100% be more respectful.
  123. SATchives

    Mocking of the Gods in Entertainment Industry

    Yeah it's disgusting, it's even more so than a decade ago, with almost 50% of the newer mangas/manhuas/manhwas and light novels, anime, tv shows and movies. It's 100% on purpose.
  124. SATchives

    Re-Read-It Series: 2011, 2012 and 2013 Sermons of Satan Volume 1 (part 1)

    https://web.archive.org/web/20090906164722/http://www.brighthub.com:80/education/languages/articles/47918.aspx In-case anything happens to archive.org. Sanskrit: Its Origin and Influence Article by Strong Mind (583 pts ) , published Aug 31, 2009 1 comment Sanskrit is considered one of the...
  125. SATchives

    Re-Read-It Series: 2011, 2012 and 2013 Sermons of Satan Volume 1 (part 1)

    great, glad you could find it Brother. I didn't have much luck with wayback machine that day, maybe I mis typed something.
  126. SATchives

    Re-Read-It Series: The Vatican Synagogue of Rome | Was The Ancient World Primitive?

    THE VATICAN SYNAGOGUE OF ROME. As written in the Jewish Origins of Christianity: "The Jews were in control of the later Roman Empire in the same way they control the world today, via control of the central key centers of the Nations. The Jews, using this power, created Christianity and...
  127. SATchives

    Having nightmares when pursuing my goals

    I have nightmares sometimes too, a lot of it has to do with me healing my subconscious and fixing issues. the advice HPS Maxine Dietrich gives with chamomile tea really does help make them less extreme, try finding a nice organic blend of chamomile tea, I use a brand from us-wellness.com origin...
  128. SATchives

    Your financial patterns are keeping you poor...

    https://kmymoney.org an opensource financial manager to help manager your finances and be organized.
  129. SATchives

    Don't Hesitate To Use The Internet Safely!

    oh very nice, i'll take a look at those, kodachi has a few bugs here and there, but it's not a killer for me. out of kali and parrot, my favorite was parrot, I loved the look and feel of everything, and you're right you can luks encrypt everything just fine with either. have you tried...
  130. SATchives

    Re-Read-It Series: Talking And Debating Robots [The NPC Paradigm]| |

    they are also complete thieves I remember many years ago they copied our pdf and called it joy of jewsus, and tried to steal all of our meditations and corrupt them, it severely backfired on them though (now deleted and got what they deserve) the more I advance the more I clearly see it's a...
  131. SATchives

    Don't Hesitate To Use The Internet Safely!

    I made a post recently there is a windows out there that has all the spyware removed. https://ameliorated.info/ you can test it yourself in a VirtualBox kali for pen testing not security really, but it is linux so it's definitely way better than standard windows. you need to encrypt your dns...
  132. SATchives

    Advancing The Cause: Joy Of Satan Donation Tiers [Update 36: 8th PDF being written + Improvements]

    the biggest issue with this method is every way either takes a real debit card with address details, or a social security number / ID. all bitcoin transactions are visible on the blockchain. it's very easy to just look at the donor address and follow all the payments back to the origin, and then...
  133. SATchives

    Question #682: I need advice

    Just do personalized standard ritual and be respectful, and perhaps offer a gift of some sort, a promise, energy or anything sincere. Have your heart in the right place and you won't go wrong.
  134. SATchives

    Re-Read-It Series: Talking And Debating Robots [The NPC Paradigm]| |

    apologies, "Understand the Gods and your Purpose" didn't get added to the title.
  135. SATchives

    Advancing The Cause: Joy Of Satan Donation Tiers [Update 36: 8th PDF being written + Improvements]

    So I checked it out I think trust wallet could be safe, especially if used with grapheneos, or a phone that's only wifi capable (no sim) it didn't ask me for my ID like most exchanges seem to do nowadays, and only a CC which i'll see if it accept cash prepaids cc later today
  136. SATchives

    Advancing The Cause: Joy Of Satan Donation Tiers [Update 36: 8th PDF being written + Improvements]

    fantastic thanks for sharing this, it reminded me of this platform, I was trying to figure the name of it last week as I had forgotten about it, it's an amazing p2p network
  137. SATchives

    Re-Read-It Series: Talking And Debating Robots [The NPC Paradigm]| |

    https://satanslibrary.org/English/talking_and_debating_roots_the_npc_paradigm_by_hp_HC.pdf Talking And Debating Robots [The NPC Paradigm] by HP. Hoodedcobra666 Oct 20, 2018 Seriously sometimes, you just get the Alt-right saying stuff like women are hyper emotional, or that Communists and...

Al Jilwah: Chapter IV

"It is my desire that all my followers unite in a bond of unity, lest those who are without prevail against them." - Satan