Spiritual Warfare Schedule: March 12th to March 23rd 2022

Greetings to all of our Satanic Family,

Below you will find the most recent schedule. Events have been unfolding as they have been. It has been stated that while the Gods handle the situation of the world, we are to handle part of both, but stay focused on ourselves.

So far, during the tragedy of war, I have not received any bad news that we have lost anyone in the conflict, yet, there have been a few of ours who have been displaced or had to undergo difficulties. They are, as far as I have been communicated to, safe.

Most have been in a good situation or at least nothing extremely negatively affecting. That is great news within the rest of this whole enemy charade.

In regards to both our Ukrainian and Russian SS, be aware that there might also be internet cut-outs. Meditations or workings can be kept downloaded, or you might be able to access from a VPN in the case of Nation-wide internet lockdown. While this might be idle threats, the false justification for these actions already exists.

The best thing to do in general, is to have memorized your own meditations.

We will of course take any measures necessary to keep JoS up and going. Through the twists of fate, this place will exist so that you can have a spiritual home.

I know how hard it is during these times where many might have to leave their own house even. But your spiritual house will not leave you, it will be with you forever if you want it to.

Then all else, will be rebuilt with time.

One very frequent question I have been mailed with, is on if people should flee specific countries of interest which might be in the immediate vincity of Russia or similar. The answer to this would be either yes [if your Nation is a high danger target], but judge your threat level and see if the Nation is under threat. Have a plan to be ready to go away ready if necessary.

Lastly, a few people have filled me with happiness and sadness at the same time. While we have no shortage of brave individuals, you must understand, that the life of a spiritual person is valuable. It has been many lifetimes since something like the Joy of Satan existed. One must understand where they stand and what spiritual opportunity this is, to grow in this lifetime.

For anyone to lose their life during these things, despite of an act of heroism, will impede one's progress as one will have to reincarnate instantly again. One must therefore be always focused to remain alive - despite the twists of life which are in many cases not avoidable events of fate. Do your utmost to stay alive despite of your course of choice.

Let Putin and the rest of the kikes fight their own wars in this case, and let them quarrel with each other to bits. Imagine, if only people knew the Truth, that they are being rallied to fight their very own blood family or cousin, would they do this? They would not. The enemy has the power the people give to them by their ignorance.

People should fight for and wage wars only to defend what is real, what includes them, what is there for them. To defend their livelihood and freedom. That is a first war that people are told to fight over not much. It can be seen also in the performance of soldiers. Can either side truly say that they are defending, let's say, a Nation or a State that cared for them?

We are literally headed for demographic disaster in many Nations, and they tell you it's a good thing. All this world's possible curses, they have called "good and progressive". Then they tell people to go kill themselves on top of it, over nonsensical points.

One would be happy to die for a honorable leader, but these people have no honor. To die in the service of one's own existential enemy is utterly nonsensical. Do not do this. This is the height of achievement for the enemy, who always boasts on how they make Gentiles kill each other through agitations that meant nothing in the end.

We seemingly forgot that the same "Governmental Structures" are literally instigating our genocide, and things like a forced Great Reset. Therefore, to kill and to fight is for what? For more of this to happen?

Let the "Governments" fight their own "wars", since they have stopped caring about people a long time ago. They have no answers to anything anymore.

They literally tell people on the first problem that the solution is to merely replace the people of a Nation with a foreign people, yet somehow speak of "Patriotism" when it's about waging bullshit energy crisis wars, that effectively lead nowhere as these wars bring and intensify these given crises as it have never occurred. Where is the "Patriotism" in any of this?

It is also not a coincidence, that two rather sane culturally Nations, such as Russia and Ukraine are in the epicenter of this. One would even ask themselves if the fact that some laws of life were better in these Nations, and people were still more reasonable in their existence, is the cause. And they would be right, as the enemy targets Nations like this for destruction and subversion.

The only factor one could respect here is one's Nation and one's People, yet, consider the fact that these people who now wage these wars are all meeting yearly in Israel and pray below this cursed wall. Then ask yourself, does all of this happen, or will result if victorious, for something better for one's people?

Chances are you will answer no here no matter how hard you think. This is how you understand you are being conned by jews. In a world where 0.9 reproductive rate of the population is called "progress", these "Nations" also have the nerve to ask people to go kill themselves to protect literally nothing.

This clown world however will not be the case forever.

Through these events, global reform is going to come. The enemy believes that these reforms will better reflect their system or what they have in mind, but that is exactly what they cannot comprehend. In a way, they are walking inside an unavoidable and fated trap that will have the opposite manifestation, from which they cannot escape.

It is very difficult to be so right now based on observable data, but I am very optimistic for the long term future. On a higher level, they are in desperation. All this fear and all these necessities were meant to keep people "in place", but nobody is going back to sleep again.

Many people will be experiencing the necessary shakes from these events, and want to permanently detach from the sleeper system, and then reform it. But look what this took to have this effect to get people thinking... That should never have been the case, but we have been sleeping for a long time as a world.

It is this short term future we are currently going through right now that is worrisome - here it will be extremely important for every soul and person of our side to make a full adoption of our system and apply everything they can. These times are to be used as advantage to grow yourself, and make the most out of your life.

The Schedule, as it should be obvious, will be focused on primarily offsetting the enemy's blood sacrifice during this time [one of the reason why wage senseless wars without a point], but also we will return to do Father Satan's Ritual again. We will all need His love and protection.

Below is the Schedule:

*Note - the Bold days are the Equinox. This is a very powerful date, and one should put good effort in the rituals for this day.

12. FRTR, Satan's Ritual, Curse Israel Ritual
13. FRTR, Satan's Ritual, Curse Israel Ritual
14. FRTR, Satan's Ritual, Curse Israel Ritual
15. FRTR, Satan's Ritual, Reversing Enemy Blood Sacrifice
16. FRTR, Satan's Ritual, Reversing Enemy Blood Sacrifice
17. FRTR, Satan's Ritual, Reversing Enemy Blood Sacrifice
18. FRTR, Satan's Ritual, Reversing Enemy Blood Sacrifice
19. FRTR, Satan's Ritual, JoS Protection
20. FRTR, Satan's Ritual, JoS Protection*
21. FRTR, Satan's Ritual, JoS Protection*
22. FRTR, Satan's Ritual, JoS Protection
23. FRTR, Satan's Ritual, JoS Protection

Links to the Rituals:

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Reversing Enemy Blood Sacrifice: https://www.satanslibrary.org/Rtrs/Reve ... itual.html
FRTR: https://www.satanslibrary.org/tspaintableb.html
JoS Protection Ritual: https://www.satanslibrary.org/JOS_Protection.html
Updated RUNES Page: https://satanisgod.org/www.angelfire.co ... /Odin.html
Soaring Eagle 666 [JG] wrote:
Sun Mar 13, 2022 2:32 am
Backup Links for All These RTRs
I uploaded all these RTRs to 666pages.com until the main sites are back up.


Final RTR 3-in-1: http://666pages.com/tspaintableb.html
Satan's Absolution Ritual: http://666pages.com/SoaringEagle666/Sat ... Runes.html
Curse Israel: http://666pages.com/CurseIsraelRitual.html
Reversing Enemy Blood Sacrifice: http://666pages.com/Reverse195Ritual.html
JoS Protection Ritual: http://666pages.com/JOS_Protection_Runes.html

And remember the Tor site in case 666pages goes down. Just install the Tor browser to access it.