TAKING OUR COUNTRIES BACK FROM THE CONSPIRACY: Time To Deliver Punishments - RTRS for Jan 20th to Jan 30th

For years the world has been enduring a situation that has seriously affected it. We watched our lives getting forcibly changed and "Governments" turning on attack mode against citizens over the claim that citizens were possibly or actually sick.

Anything logical has been off the window for the last 2 years. In regards to why this occurred, we know the real reasons all of this occurred. Many people called it a Conspiracy theory. Only those who lacked information believed otherwise.

Half the people are exiting this pandemic stressed and with psychological or financial damages, others are leaving it all behind in a deluded state of being literally shilled.

Many people have been scared and they were wondering again and again if the world is coming to an end. As I specified years ago, none of this was going to happen.

The last two years we have done monumental warfare against the enemy. Their downfall will accelerate. Even through all this hoaxing from Co-Vid, ballooning false scientific data, fear mongering, doing mass experimentation on human beings behaviorally or medically, they were feeling like they were Gods.

The Reverse Torah Rituals and our Rituals have clearly undermined this vermin to where it can no longer really act on it's full agenda. Their downfall will continue and further reactions from the vermin are necessary.

For those who have been seeing the News: you understand the tide is turning against them. The corrupted news and mind-washing can no longer maintain the false narrative together. This is only one example of how they will drown in the end. Soon, the planets will be seriously against them. Keep up the Reverse Torah Rituals!

The enemy vermin and it's cohorts have seriously explained their plans. Their plans are nothing else but to turn humanity into greys and fully enslave everyone. In Klaus Schwab's works there is nothing else illustrated but the reality that people will be turned into Greys.

Any advances of a Technological nature arising in the Age of Aquarius, they want to use to enslave mankind for no reason other than their own psychopathy. Like foolish fish, they are led through the bait on the hook the enemy is creating, pulling humanity along the side.

Now, it the time of revenge. As they have played their cards over the last years, our side has endured and waited, fighting against this. But now, it is time to take this situation to head,

Israel fared the worst of all Nations through the "Pandemic", increasingly getting infected like pests, genetically modifying their own like vegetables ad nauseum [Good news, we want this to continue, hopefully in the next Pandemic they will be administered with a lot of deadly things that they were preparing for other Gentiles], and hopelessly going after a vaccine that was nothing else but snake oil.

The "handling" of this pandemic was to never focus on any medicine, just their anticipated medical masturbation plan of mRNA editing therapies. Most of the damage that occurred, occurred because of this experiment that required a specific approach for them to pulled off.

Really, for the "Wise Nation" that has self proclaimed itself of "Ruling the earth", faring the worst was the awakening call for many retards including the Israeli "Chosen of God" that wanted to build this whole fraud only to later collapse on their own head.

If you are looking for the worst of the worst Nation in handling this weak disease, then that would be Israel. They rushed their own like the reptilian cattle they are and treated them as they know best. Needless to say, treating their own like this, one can imagine how they are going to treat others if they get their hands upon anyone.

Israel is a foolish and deceived Nation. Even their "Messiah" garbage is only just a general prophecy about the return of Spiritual Leaders that will arrive at the end of the Next Great Year [they will be reincarnations of older souls people], which is about 325 years from now.

This, Israel stole from Babylon, and they have since purporting the lie that they are the "People of God". There is not one thing this people hasn't stolen, including all the falsehood of claiming they are the "Chosen People". Anything that "chose" them is certainly not "God", but a defiled alien clique that wants to carry an already observable agenda.

According to Klaus's words, turning everyone into a borg, is going to have considerable difficulties of "popular acceptance" about itself. Klaus brags and envisions [he's shitting in diapers for now because he is too old] that him and the people around him will be some sort of extremely advanced cybernetic organism, that apparently will compellingly appear in contrast to humans as a God to a monkey.

Regardless Klaus for now still is wearing his diapers and hopes for the best, that he might be pumped with nanobots to survive like a vermin fearful of death, to hopefully outsmart the peasantry with his cybernetic new penis or something.

In the same manner this psychopathic people led humanity now during this crisis to the cliffs on every level, financially, spiritually and psychologically, only to attempt to benefit from this, they are doing so the same every chance they get.

While all of humanity is now attempting to build bridges with one another and try to maintain integrity in itself and communication with others, Israel is only repeating the same pattern of criminal mentality that they have repeated before, one based of sheer hatred and deadly turmoil.

Because of Israel's falsifications and fabrications, the last 2 years of human life have been literally wasted into the void of nothingness. That's only the tip of the iceberg.

Co-Vid should have humbled this worthless stolen Nation, but lo and behold, they are insisting on the same criminal mentality. As now information is rising that they are literally hoaxing and that no measures are no longer necessary, Israel's monstrosities are just gassing the pedal.

In fact, they instruct most of their slavers they have as politicians in quite a few Nations to only intensify the strangulation of the human populations.

And that is only their power after the recent slaps they got from Hitler, so one can imagine what Israel will do when they are left to stride into the "Messianic Era".

With the power they have now, they literally tried to drown humanity's soul and rights permanently, and they jack off publicly that they will install nanobots in your brain to control you, or that you need to be genetically modified because you're entirely shit.

To find out what they want to do if they get full power, we have to only refer to the works of their top Rabbis. You will get Communism and global genocide of the Gentiles. That's all there is to it.

Frequently, when jews were caught on these things, they always do a Scapegoat Ritual that is followed by forging historical lies, such as that those who punished them wanted to do these things instead.

For the average idiot, that should be confusing, but for us that know their occult secrets and rituals, everything is crystal clear.

They are nothing but a bunch of slaver reptiles and the dross of the earth, that has become very arrogant in the last hundred years since Hitler's last show up. Hitler didn't do 1% to them of what they claimed.

The next show up is going to be WAY DIFFERENT, but until then, they will be broken for all their cursing they have done to humanity by the reversal of their own attacks. This fall will be gradual and it is catching up on them.

They now admit their defeat and their deception to cut on damage from reaching them, but they more than likely, if one is to read the work of Klaus Schwab, are planning another hoax in the nearby future. Those who are called "Conspiracy Theorists" know this.

So long they are not stopped, their excessive influence will keep repeating on the same pattern, until they destroy and erode all of the Western Civilization but also the planet.

We literally had our world almost destroyed based on something that is literally a flu. For those who are still sleeping on this, maybe it's time to wake up now to it. People have compared this with the 9/11 [another jewish inside job], and they are right.

Vermin like Fauci and others are rejoicing in that they can escape unscathed from this situation of hoaxing us all for what will soon be two years. They are celebrating another hoax, and so long the Democratic party will be in power, except the shilling to continue again and again.

The "Democratic" party that used to protest the rights of the people, now "protests" anyone who doesn't throw the charter of medical applications and rights into the trash can. Times have changed for the "left" and "right wings". And anyone defending the Constitution now, is a "Domestic Terrorist".

"These are the real threats goy, believe this, and of course imagined Hitler because he still haunts the imagination of some Rabbi with late stage schizophrenia, oy veyyyy, do not mind about your Constitution and all this worthless things Goy, everything we do is justified, oy veyyy." -Average Jew in the United States

As everyone can see now, slowly the Truth is starting to look just a bit more..."self evident". That is because the brainwashing is starting to wane.

At the same rate, many who did wrong decisions during this social experiment are angry, and an ever smaller part of them will cling onto their false decisions and try to reason it out that everything they did was correct. The numbers aren't adding up, however.

Others, after getting like the 3rd or the 4th or the 20th dose, are understanding this junkie program that doesn't even functionally protect them is starting to smell like rotting meat. The lack of medical backing for any of these measures has become apparent by it's very own results.

Therefore, many people are now waking up to this. The force that was unjustly exacted on them is starting now to reflect itself as resistance.

It was not, and in certain Nations the freedom grabbing and destruction continues unabated, but not on all of them.

Others that are smelling the smoke already like Boris Johnson, are now playing the card: "Oy vey, we dindu nuffin, it was a lil mistake, we didn't follow Klaus Agenda, calm down Goyim, we will free you now from what we falsely imposed" and so on.

Everyday that science is allowed to speak we are feeling more and more retarded of what this world had heaped on it so that we can sell snake oil vaccine and cause mega-fake hype. Many leaders worldwide are coming to their senses, slowly but certainly. Others will intensify the insanity as it looks like, but for how long?

These psychopathic whores literally were telling you to lockdown, conditioning you for endless lockdowns as the "New Normal", told you to not visit your family for holidays, to hate your own family, to treat the people that took other medical decisions as cattle and second class citizens or with contempt, and they were having literal parties during the whole pandemic, traveling freely with forged certificates, and jewing you that this lower than the flu like virus was the end of the world.

Then some of them that had this vaccine were sitting on the same illness like you were, but they were shilling to you anyway. The amount of fault to accept of this was something we all have to accept globally. It was utterly insane to accept even 10% of anything that happened.

The Fauci vermin is a well known vermin that knows how to do things like this. Fourty years almost in the biz, he is confident that he can escape any and all justice or criticism. He feels after 40 years he'll lizard his way through this one too.

They robbed your freedoms, did take a dump on the Constitutions, and recruited the media to hoax and fear monger you 24/7. The claim was that this was for general public health, yet for some strange reasons most countries even if gorillions were printed, aren't exiting the pandemic with an updated and stronger medical provisions system.

Then, they printed 9 times the money of the Marshall Plan [reinstation money after WW2 to amend for war damages], and happily fed it to their own people for the most part. Yet, look what is happening in New York for example:

Where are the trillions we printed?

The average person in most Nations saw nothing of this. After this, they insisted on the lie as you were locked like cattle inside a house, with police beating your ass, and you being a scrutinized and persecuted citizen if you didn't follow with the popular talk.

Some countries in Europe have non stop protests, lockdowns that resemble imprisonment, and coercive measures that many cannot even comprehend in the sister continent of the United States. Ask people from Italy and you'll get a taste. Go further into Australia, and you'll see crazy things that are being prepared.

The Countries that didn't do all of the Jewish pack of "advice", are way better than those who enforced the "Jewish Great Reset Starter Pack" on the citizens. Sweden and even Britain are faring better and better.

Everyone else is faring worse and worse, with this disease even starting to really matter because the handling is THAT bad.

The degree of failure was decided by the degree of people listening to Israeli's, literally. The people that didn't listen to the lizards, went well, and the people that did, went straight into cataclysmic failure.

They career exterminated scientists, imprisoned people, and truly went as far as turd "leaders" of some Nations to literally create camps to lock the population inside. "For Co-Vid, goy".

We lived to see the exposure of Jewish psychopathy through all this, but we don't have to endure it forever. We must fight to be delivered from this once and for all.

To add insult to injury, Klaus's admitted artificial energy crisis was also combined with the pandemic, to turn many people financially on the cliffs. All of this is revealed to be fully unrelated to the medical situation. As Klaus explains in his book on the "Co-Vid", the hope of their lizard brains, was that every scourge this will bring will remain for a very long time.

They are fucking with everyone and they feel like they can get away with it. Therefore, now, as the time has arrived, the rampant punishment for these creatures is going to begin. The force of outcomes has stacked.

They deserve to be smitten with great spirit curses and many of them deserve spiritual retaliation.


Below the Schedule:

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